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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  April 8, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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we -- >> dana: looks like we. >> bill: friday is a day away. can't wait for that. we love thursday. >> dana: thursdays are great days. harris faulkner is up next. >> harris: the white house is getting called out on shocking allegations of child sex abuse at a migrant center inigation. i'm harris faulkner and you are in the "the faulkner focus". governor abbott says the white house has to close a san antonio facility. abbott says he is receiving tips that migrant children were sexually assaulted there and insufficient food amid other allegations of abuse. governor abbott says president biden's policies are fueling this horror.
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>> these problems are a byproduct of president biden's open border policies. this facility is a health and safety nightmare. the biden administration is now presiding over the abuse of children. to end this abuse the biden administration must immediately shut down this facility. >> harris: then there is this. an arizona border chief has released the photo showing 130 migrants at the border as the surge shows no sign of slowing down. in focus now. arizona attorney general, attorney general, thank you for being on the program. >> thank you for having me, harris. >> harris: i want to start off with what you need to do next in the state of texas because when you hear the governor, you two work in concert, i would
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imagine, together. you are the legal arm of that. what needs to be communicated, how is it being communicated to the white house? >> well, i think the governor of texas has done a great job. i think that he has tried to do something. there is a running joke when governor abbott does something some of the other governors will say the right thing a week later. i can only control what i can do. as you know i have multiple lawsuits right now. we have a hearing today in federal court trying to reinstitute the deportation policy. there is 1.2 million people here scheduled for deportation. biden administration halted that. we know the biden administration got rid of the public charge rule so people aren't getting childcare and medicare and other public health benefits that taxpayers are paying for. i think it is important to draw attention to these issues. what is happening on the border is a crisis right now but it is
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about to become a preventable tragedy. this is something the biden administration set in motion with all the various policies. they've eliminated the remain in mexico policy so they have encouraged people to come here and incentivized it and decriminalizing it and we know there are criminal gang member and middle eastern terrorists coming into our country. >> harris: there are facts with that now. this is not just a point of opinion that someone thought they could debate at one point from the administration. there are numbers and video and pictures. speaking of which new numbers from the h.h.s. and d.h.s. now, attorney general, are showing an eye-popping 20,000 plus child migrants in federal custody. nearly 19,000 unaccompanied children were encountered on the border in just march. that's a 100% increase from february. and the biden administration officials now report that 172,000 people in total attempted to cross the border in march and that's a 71%
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increase from february. most of them single adults. tell me what is happening to let that -- let those numbers increase so quickly. >> well, the biden administration has essentially signaled an open door. you mentioned the politics and everything else going on. i keep telling folks this isn't an issue of right versus left. it's an issue of right versus wrong. it may be in our front yard today but everyone's backyard tomorrow. you mentioned the number of 174,000 to put it in context. that's the entire population of a city like tempe that hosts the fiesta bowl every year. the size of syracuse, bigger than syracuse, new york. we're seeing the system overwhelmed and we know that along with people that are on the terrorist watch list that have come in i know there are folks from other middle eastern countries that have come in. it is unsustainable and there will be a tragedy at some point.
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look at the basic numbers. i know in a county a sheriff has a declaration in the hearing that more than 50% of the people that they have in custody now are repeaters. they've been charged with assault and robbery, felony drug charges that are being apprehended. so it's not just folks coming trying to find work. there are criminals and dangerous people coming into our country and this is going to affect us for generations if we don't stop this right now. >> harris: you know, it has been two weeks since vice president kamala harris was tapped to oversee the situation that's happening at the border. but the vice president has yet to hold a briefing or pay a visit to the border. the white house is getting defensive when asked about harris's other recent trips including a bakery in chicago on tuesday. let's watch and i'll get your response. >> the vice president was visiting chicago to talk about covid and the importance of
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communities getting the vaccine when it is available and accessible to them and so while she was there like many americans, she got a snack. i think she is allowed to do that. >> harris: before we go with you, let's hear from you u.n. ambassador nikki haley who unleashed on the vice president. >> kamala harris apparently she is the one in charge. this is the same person that encouraged 7,000 migrants to come to america. she referred to ice as the k.k.k. she is now in charge of this. she has been missing in action and god help us if she ever becomes president. if this is how she handles a crisis, i mean, i just can't imagine how she would run our country. >> harris: attorney general, your reaction. >> i guess marie antoinette wanted to eat cake and the vice president wants a snack. i have invited the vice president to come down here. she was a former state a.g. while i was a.g.
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we're both children of immigrants. she believes very strongly trying to prevent human trafficking. we know the cartels are exporting people. i invite once again the vice president to come down here and meet with law enforcement and myself. let's talk about this and try to address this issue instead of doing washington, d.c. does every time, which is kick the can down the road. we can't do that. >> harris: well, what you pointed out as we were going back and forth between texas and arizona, this is happening along the border. she was in california where there was actually a wall. and that would be the argument for the wall, i suppose, since she lived there and certainly didn't tear it down. now you get to see the areas more porous without that fenceline. i would imagine you want to see that, you know? if you will adjudicate anything about it. let's move to this. suspected ms-13 gang member was arrested in california after illegally crossing the border into the united states. this comes after two suspected
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yemeni terrorists were apprehended in the border in the past few months. you alluded to that. house minority leader mccarthy requested a classified briefing from the feds on the security threat. your reaction. >> this is a national security threat. regardless of what people think about the border issue, everyone needs to appreciate this isn't about border security, it is about national security. there are people literally on the terrorist watch list trying to get into this country. people that have gotten into this country on the terrorist watch list and people from assorted middle eastern countries apprehended. the sheriff of a county told us more than half the people have been charged with dangerous crimes. you have not only the terrorist threat, you have thousands of people with criminals records coming into the country right now and we know from what's going on at the border sometimes you'll get a rush of migrants like 100 people, border patrol has to go and
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apprehend them and process them. while they're doing it the cartels are literally driving trucks across the border where there is no wall. so once again joe biden has created this by decriminalizing and incentivizing it. i keep thinking about what william -- joe biden created this problem. the white house has to solve this problem right now or else someone will really get hurt and there will be a terrible tragedy in this country. >> harris: look, when the attorney general of arizona invites you to come to the border it is not like a light afternoon out for lunch. i want to know when she responds or her team responds and you guys get ready to make that happen. >> i will buy her a pastry if it will encourage her to come here. >> harris: thank you for being with me. >> thank you so much.
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>> harris: the masters tournament teeing off at augusta, georgia today despite the controversial new voting law which caused mlb to move the all-star game out of atlanta. the masters chairman says he won't go that far. >> there have been calls for boycotts and other punitive measures. unfortunately, those actions often impose the greatest burdens on the most vulnerable in our society. and in this case, that includes our friends and neighbors here in augusta who are the very focus of the positive difference we are trying to make. >> harris: steve harrigan is live in atlanta. >> the masters chairman making no direct criticism of georgia's voting law. the law used by major league baseball to move its all-star game out of the state of georgia. no such move for the masters. play opened up at 8:00 a.m.
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this morning. pga taking a similar line as well. they hold their championship in atlanta in september. both organizations saying they think it is better to stay and help local communities as opposed to simply picking up and walking away. a number of players have been asked about playing in georgia during this controversy. some were very careful about wading into political questions. here is rory mcilroy. >> i have to be respectful and somewhat careful about what i say. i'm not a citizen of this country. i certainly think all great countries and democracies are built on equal voting rights and everyone being able to get to the ballot boxes easily as possible. >> his competitor champ by racial expressed his own discomfort at georgia's law. >> i think a lot of people it's very disappointed to see that. as you can tell it really
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targets certain black communities and makes it harder for them to vote which to me is everybody's right to vote. so to see that was very shocking and obviously with mlb and what they did moving the all-star game was a big statement. >> augusta national and sponsors unveiled a new community center in augusta, georgia, at the start of the week. harris, back to you. >> harris: steve harrigan, thank you very much. meanwhile senator mitch mcconnell has more to say about companies criticizing georgia's new voting law. what he says they should have done at the very start of this. and this. >> this is perfect for them in terms of pushing their agenda especially to people on the far left side of this issue. it doesn't do anything to keep me or anyone else safe as a gun owner in this country. >> harris: president biden set to issue executive orders on gun control moments from now during this hour. will his actions only punish responsible
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>> harris: president biden will issue executive orders this hour including a proposal to limit the production of so-called ghost guns. proposed regulation on stabilizing braces and a push to reduce gun violence in urban community. d.o.j. report on firearms tracking and the nomination of a new head of the a.t.f. gun rights activists say these steps will do more harm than good. >> everything they do with respect to the gun control issue is based around how do
8:19 am
you further restrict the right making it harder for good people. it's always a punishment for the good people. never anything designed to empower the good people to fight against bad people. >> harris: i want to bring in joey jones retired marine bomb technician and fox news contributor. great to have you on the program. we're minutes away from hearing the president on this issue. i just listed what will change. in your view what does it all mean for gun owners? >> i think the one thing we see here is that joe biden and the democrats in congress have very little support for the gun legislation they want to pass. so they are issuing executive orders in the knew answer of gun regulation. something the a.t.f. have struggled with. they've gone back and forth as recently as november and even in december they didn't know what they wanted to do with some of these things like the pistol brace. they have gone back and forth for years costing the industry millions of dollars, people jobs and causing people to be a
8:20 am
criminal one day and legal the next. i would like to take a minute and explain what this means. when we talk about the term ghost gun. part of the problem we allow democrats to own the narrative. in georgia we have a voting rights bill. we didn't message it until it passed. when we talk about a ghost gun what we're talking about is there a block of aluminum that all other parts of a gun will snap onto or fit onto. this block of aluminum can be hollowed out and drilled out to precision to hold the mechanism. you can buy a block of aluminum off the internet. if you have a drill press and jigs and all types of tools that cost thousands of dollars you can take that block of aluminum and turn it into a lower receiver of an a.r. if you can show me a criminal on the street that has thousands of dollars to turn
8:21 am
that block of aluminum into a gun i will show you someone who doesn't care about this executive order and will find a way to do it anyway. does this make us safe? no, it doesn't. does it give joe biden a little bit of meat on the bone to say he did something today? absolutely. this is all about scoring political points not making us safer. i'm not a gun rights activist number one. i'm a rights activist. i believe in my rights as a human being and american citizens. one is to defend my house and family and property. the best way to do it in 2021 the a gun. the most effective form of self-defense and what every criminal has in their hand. i'll be fair and say that in the article i read on joe biden's comments he will try to put more funding to the a.t.f. to enforce the laws we have and that's what we've been asking for. i hoefp -- hoefp hope he does that. it doesn't make the streets
8:22 am
safer about the ghost guns. to think it will make us safer is a misnomer. it's hobbyists who do that. >> harris: what it would take to put together a ghost gun. just the financial part of it and what a small part of the population it would be. >> if you can do it in 30 minutes, i can run a marathon. >> harris: our audience may not know everything about you. you are one of our war heroes and suffered an injury and i still think you can outrun me, my friend. senate minorly leader mitch mcconnell clarifying comments that businesses would face consequences getting too political after coca-cola and delta criticized new voting law. here is what he said about those remarks. >> i didn't say it very artfully yesterday. they're entitled to be involved in politics, they are. my principle complaint is they didn't read the darn bill.
8:23 am
the president of the united states called the bill jim crow exercise to suppress voter turnout presumably based on race. >> harris: the conversations about this and around this that i've been having on this program, senator kennedy from louisiana yesterday, they are red hot. but when you hear a leader on capitol hill, joey, say he knows the bill is not being read, what does that say to you? >> well, it gets to the root of this. there are my legislature failed to talk to the people about what it is attempting to do and why they created it. it is to force counties to be efficient and get the vote in on elections night.
8:24 am
people in georgia wanted to have that. they are forced through this legislation to fix it by the next election if you have to wait more than an hour. if you talk about companies. i'm very proud of georgia companies. unfortunately these companies aren't georgia companies anymore. why? they can go offshore like coca-cola and other places and be bought out by foreign countries that don't have to pay a ton in taxes. are the georgia companies anymore? no, they are owned and traded internationally. president trump tried to fight against that. i'm not too worried about companies owned partly in china and other places that don't like our election laws. i care about what people in georgia think. it will make our elections safer and more efficient. the ones who have read it know that. >> harris: thank you, my friend.
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squad member congresswoman ilhan omar is going after president biden after the secretary talked about starting border wall construction. pelosi is praising biden's reaction at the border. our panel panel reacts next. >> we're on a good path on the border under the leadership of president biden. we were in a very bad situation under the trump administration. refiplus can help you lower your rate plus turn your home equity into an average of $50,000. money for security today. money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus from newday usa.
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>> harris: the white house being pressed about the disturbing video of a terrified little boy pleading for help after he was abandoned in the desert by smugglers after he fell asleep. reporters asked press secretary jen psaki if the president had seen the video. >> i don't have any response from the president directly. what i can convey for any of us who have seen that video it is
8:31 am
heartbreaking and reminder how treacherous the journey is and reminder of how important an imperative it is we put in place reforms to our immigration system that we can make clear how dangerous this journey is and -- >> harris: power panel. marjorie clifton from the obama caffeine -- campaign and sean duffy. when i hear the words this program or that program talking about a crisis, i've never seen a program snap into place. usually have to do hiring and stuff. sean duffy, are they on the right or wrong track at the top to deal with the border? >> you can talk about new policy, harris, the bottom line is if you actually kept the trump policies in place you wouldn't have this mad rush to the border and that video is heartbreaking. it was one small glimpse into the tragedy of this policy of biden from bad cartels to our
8:32 am
border. not only do it endanger kids' safety and security by kids are being sold into sex slavery and servitude. the more people you bring into the country the less money you have to service americans, less jobs you have for americans. $30 trillion in debt. we don't have the money to fund all the new people coming into our country. none of the policy is humanitarian. this is about a power grab from joe biden. he will hurt migrant children so he can get more voters to have a democrat majority four years to come. >> harris: you know, marjorie, when you look at this it seems and you hear speaker of the house nancy pelosi saying that they've got a good track now. they are on a good path. this is today reality. what they are doing is looking down the road. >> well, this is a complex issue. we know this because immigration has been at the forefront of the last three or
8:33 am
four administrations in a big way and also because it is complex there isn't a simple, easy solution. a wall, doing things to our borders isn't going to necessarily solve the problem which has to do with happening in central america. >> harris: why does the wall work in central california. >> to flow coming from california, texas, arizona, any of the states is not going to end as is the smuggling that goes across the border. you have to look systemically where is it beginning? without involving that problem it will be a never ending whack-a-mole game that will never lead us to a solution. we have to look at holisticically. what is happening in central america that we can do to stop the influx. clearly these are families not necessarily wanting to leave their home countries but if any of us were in the situations they were in we would also be doing anything we could to help our children. >> harris: in all fairness these are not necessarily whole
8:34 am
families that are coming. we have thousands of unaccompanied minors. it is not to fair to say the whole family is coming. >> that's not what i said. >> harris: when you talk about walls the one in california worked. why they didn't tear it down when the a.g. was kamala harris. new york state is now providing covid relief for illegal workers up to 15,600 with prove of employment prior to the pandemic. up to $3200 even without proof of employment throughout the pandemic. >> you have to be kidding me. i was in new york. i'm in wisconsin now. the number of small businesses closed down and number of new yorkers in pain from the pandemic and bad policies from new york city and new york governor. the fact you will give illegal workers $15,000? that's more than americans have got from the stimulus packages that have come out during covid. again, our responsibility is to care for u.s. citizens.
8:35 am
new york should look out for new york citizens. when you look out for illegal immigrants at the expense of americans it's idiotic policy and why lee zeldin is in a great place as running for governor in new york. >> harris: is it fair to give that kind of money to illegals during the pandemic ahead of doing so as sean pointed out in equal measure to americans who are already here? >> i know that the fairness debate is always a challenging one. again, laorking at immigration is not just a simple black and white thing. you have to look holistically. they're giving money the people who are part of the workforce, who contribute to the tax system in lots of different way. playing property and employment tax and income tax and paying taxes on the goods they buy. they are part of our tax system. we have a broken system that says >> harris: why would you give them more than you give other
8:36 am
americans? >> they are giving workers that relief. so the issue is we need a system that allows people to become part of our american citizenship. right now we don't have something that works. that is what a lot of the come prehenceive bill, they're trying to address the needs we have for workers as well. >> harris: i'm confused. sean, i've seen some of the name -- numbers you have seen. i don't know if they're getting a check for $15,000 wholesale as what would happen for illegals. twitter rejecting the national archive. how the social media giant could impact the historical record of the trump presidency. and this. >> continuing to try to sell his massive spending packages pretending it is about emergency covid relief, infrastructure when in reality it's all been about the
8:37 am
socialist takeover of our economy and turning far left fantasies into this new nightmarish reality. >> harris: president biden is trying to sell his $2 trillion spending package to congress insisting he is open to negotiations with republicans. however, a group of key g.o.p. senators said the president has yet to fulfill his promise of bipartisanship. where is the unity? all this with rnc national spokesperson terrance dennard next.
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>> harris: getting word now phillip adams, a former nfl player, was identified as the gunman who killed five people in south carolina. a prominent doctor, his wife and two grandchildren and he shot and killed himself. it happened in rockville, south carolina. they have confirmed the identity. phillip adams played for six teams in six seasons and reportedly lives near rock hill and had been treated by the doctor who died today at one point. >> i'm not trying to punish
8:43 am
anybody but damn it, maybe because i come from a middle class neighborhood, i'm sick and tired of ordinary people being fleeced. these aren't republican bridges, or democratic power grid. think of the trans continental railroad. interstate highway system or space race. we are one nation united and connected. >> harris: president biden says he is still open to compromise with republicans on his $2 trillion spending bill even as senate democrats look to pass it without a single republican vote. he also defended raising the corporate tax rate to help pay for that plan. plus a group of 10 senate republicans who met with the president during coronavirus relief talks say they tried to work with the president and got rejected. in a joint statement those senators wrote this. the administration roundly dismissed our effort as inadequate to justify it's go
8:44 am
alone strategy. fewer than 24 hours of our meeting the democratic leader triggered reconciliation which precluded republican participation and allowed for the passage of the package without a single republican vote. the rnc national spokesperson joins me now. good to have you on the program. just your response first of all on the president saying yeah, of course he wants to work across the aisle. and then republicans saying we have all of these receipts of when you didn't do it. >> so glad to be with you today. let me tell you this. president joe biden is all talk and no action. when he says he wants to unify the country, he hasn't shown himself to do that. when he says he wants to work with republicans on passing things the proof is in the pudding. why won't he pick up the phone and talk to senator mcconnell or invite the senators and congressman over to his office
8:45 am
on how we can come together and actually get something done? senator mcconnell already said he was willing to do something with infrastructure and said there is an appetite to have a bipartisan piece of legislation that deals with infrastructure. when you have people like senator gillibrand treating everything is infrastructure, $2 trillion package together with only 7% actually going towards what we know as infrastructure, there is no way to start. if they are serious about it and if biden really wants to do something, come to the table and get something done for the american people. the $2 trillion is not his money or aoc's money or anybody else's money but the american people's money and we have to pay for this for generations. it makes more sense to have a bipartisan piece of legislation where we can come together and get something done that can actually not kill jobs but create jobs and keep our roads and bridges safe. >> harris: when the president says he doesn't want the ordinary person to be fleeced
8:46 am
when it comes to tax hikes. according to the tax foundation the top 10% of earners paid 71% of all income taxes. the top 25% paid 87% in 2018 after the trump tax changes. that means very little of the main population is actually as he would say getting fleeced. they aren't paying taxes at all. >> look, joe biden is only interested in playing class warfare and racial politics. i say class warfare. look at what he decided to do in the state of georgia. if he doesn't care or is concerned about the american people or the ordinary guy not getting fleeced, that's exactly what is happening to black small business owners in georgia now. they are getting fleeced by the democrats and mlb by moving the all-star game to colorado. he isn't talking about ordinary
8:47 am
people getting fleeced. he doesn't care about them. he doesn't cares about the vendors that can be benefiting in this economy by keeping schools closed and not opening our economy southeastern. this president is not showing up to be a leader. that's the problem. he is playing class warfare and it has to stop. >> harris: we started off with bipartisanship. you wonder far it would go if he actually reached across the aisle to push back on some of that criticism himself. i want to get to this. president biden with a futuristic look at the spending push. you talked about the infrastructure plan. let's watch together. >> let's watch it. >> president biden: what we're really doing is raising the bar on what we can imagine. imagine a world where you and
8:48 am
your family can travel coast to coast without a single tank of gas? we'll talk about commercial aircraft flying at subsonic speeds, so much is changing. we have got to lead it. >> harris: all right. now that we've been able to watch. your reaction. >> i had no idea what he is talking about. i think the average american right now looking at their kitchen table doesn't know what he is talking about. they're concerned about opening up our schools, making sure the gas prices are not high so they can drive to work and get back to normal. that's what we care about. talking about supersonic ships and planes. joe biden, let's talk about things that american people care about. keeping our taxes low, opening up our schools and businesses so that we can get back to work and respect and honor the dignity that comes with having a job. that's the real stimulus that american people want right now and the real action we want
8:49 am
right now. >> harris: harris dennard the spokesperson for the rnc. great to have you today. thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> harris: her message didn't land the way she hoped. democratic senator roasted for her definition of infrastructure. hint. it doesn't include roads and bridges. you heard paris going off on that. more to the story. tune in at the top of the hour to "outnumbered." with interest rates near record lows refiplus lets you refinance to save money every month. plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash. that's money for security today and money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus, it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa.
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♪ ♪ >> harris: a new war of words, republicans and democrats battling over what infrastructure actually means, mocking kirsten gillibrand for this tweet, child care is infrastructure, caregiving is infrastructure. senator ted cruz chimed in with this, "abortion is
8:55 am
infrastructure. gun control is infrastructure. whatever the left wants is infrastructure. only 5% of biden's infrastructure bill is roads and bridges. "unicorns are infrastructure, love is infrastructure, everything is infrastructure. love is nice, power panel, we are watching something about to happen at the white house with gun control, does the vice president and president one out. if that happens we will go to it, momentarily. he said you can use whatever words he wants. the key is we are looking at transportation and workforce. how we do light rails, these are things that are part of infrastructure because it's how we move and drive. other things, talking about child care and eldercare, a third of the workforce leaves the workforce because of those two things. do you want to count that as part of the workforce, i don't
8:56 am
care what you call it but there are things that influence how we live and work. >> this is not infrastructure, social spending and to call it something other than what it is is to misdirect the american people. let's build roads and bridges and broadband, all great things but don't try to salas on something we all agree on and say it's something else. total bogus. >> harris: good to have you both. i'm going to go now to the rose gardens. vice president kamala harris speaking and then the president. let's watch. >> vice president harris: more tragedy than we can bear. we aren't waiting for solutions, either, because the solutions exist. they already exist. people on both sides of the aisle want action. real people on both sides of the aisle want action. so all that is left is the will
8:57 am
and the courage to act. [applause] >> vice president harris: and president joe biden has the will and the courage to act. as a united states senator, joe biden took on the gun lobby not once but twice and he won. in 1993 he worked to pass the brady handgun violation prevention act. this law established a background check system and has kept more than 3 million firearms out of the hands of dangerous people. a year later, he worked to pass another law to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines for ten years.
8:58 am
and as vice president, joe biden led the obama-biden administration's efforts to reduce gun violence. in fact, we were just reminiscing that he and i talked back then about his work, because i was attorney general at the time of california, and his work resulted in nearly two dozen -- from narrowing the gun show loophole to expanding funding for mental health services. and as you will hear in a moment, president joe biden is a leader with great will come a great determination, and even greater empathy. he has seen the grief of all of those who have lost a loved one to gun violence. it is, for them, for all of us that he will never, ever give up on this site and it is now my great honor to introduce the president of the united states,
8:59 am
joe biden. [applause] >> president biden: thank you madam vice president, thank you very much. we are joined today by the attorney general merrick garland who i have asked to prioritize gun violence. it's also good to see the second gentleman who is here, and it's good to see the first lady, dr. jill biden, who cares deeply about this issue as well. and i look out there and i see so many members of congress who have led in this fight. so many of you who have never given up, so many of you who are absolutely determined to get this done. we've got a long way to go,
9:00 am
seems like we always have a long way to go. also today we are taking steps to confront not just the gun crisis but what is actually a public health crisis. nothing, nothing i'm about to recommend in any way impinges on the second amendment. their phony arguments suggesting that these are second amendment rights at stake, what we are talking about. but no amendment, no amendment to the constitution is absolute. you can't yell fire in a crowded movie theater and call it freedom of speech. in the very beginning you couldn't own any weapon you wanted to own. from the very beginning, the second amendment existed, certain people weren't allowed to have weapons so the idea is just bizarre to understand that some of the things we are recommending are contrary to the constitution. gun violence in this country is an epidemic. let me say it again: gun violence in this country is an epidemic. and it's an international


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