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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 16, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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you will do great. i can't wait to see what you've got cook and because i know it will be great. thank you for joining us and i will see you every week. thank you for watching "fox news primetime." you can catch me tomorrow on fox & friends, cohosting. i will see you all then. tucker is next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." for five full years, the campaign for president into his term in the white house, donald trump said often that he wanted american troops to leave afghanistan. finally coming in his last months in office, trump seemed to act on this purity told aides he would pull the troops out. then on june 26th of last year "the new york times" stopped him from doing that. the times wrote a story saying the intel community had
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"concluded that the russian military intelligence unit secretly offered bounties to taliban linked militants for killing coalition forces in afghanistan." vladimir putin was murdering american soldiers. obviously, there was no leaving afghanistan now. and anyone suggesting leaving afghanistan would bow to vladimir putin. as a matter of principle, american troops had to stay in afghanistan. and they did stay peer they are still there today. official washington went berserk over "the new york times" story. though the piece contains no actual facts, cnn senior intelligence correspondent declared it richly reported. a rich tapestry of reporting. and the rest are there agreed with this. the times story was independently confirmed by many other outlets no one explain how independently confirmed. but they didn't need to because it was definitely true. we knew that. the story was real. the only question was, why hadn't donald trump attacked
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russia in retaliation for the killing of u.s. soldiers? the white house yet to authorize any steps in response to this gravely noted appeared suddenly it was clear who donald trump was really working for. >> we need to look at the real threat to u.s. troops and the risk that russia is putting a bounty on their heads, no matter what memos may have been ignored. what is the truth of the matter here? where do we have to focus? >> to say nothing about putting bounties on american troops. >> it is unbelievable, joanne. he is yet to say anything as the president of the united states about bounties on american troops. >> we have a president the fourth year as commander-in-chief doesn't understand what intel is? it is all leads until the explosion until the bombs go off in the attacks happen. this is something really, really scary about his fundamental lack of understanding about what the intelligence product is and
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does. >> tucker: how bad is it? donald trump doesn't even believe his own intelligence agencies. that is the lady who used to fleck jim bush and highly upset. that is really scary, she said. "the washington post" thought so. the post fact-checked or gave the president four pinocchio's and that is bad for the time of not believing blind quotes in "the new york times." the predictable rage avalanche followed "the daily beast" and declared it a scandal. and then adam schiff, the ranking member the intelligence committee reminded this country that unnamed sources and left-wing newspapers are the "gold standard" for what is true. >> he is inviting vladimir putin to washington all the while thes this credible allocation of russians putting a bounty on american heads. that to me is despicable. >> this is not a hoax. the fact the intelligence
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community is still looking for additional evidence doesn't make it a hoax. >> americans are outraged about what russia may be doing. the one person who isn't outraged is donald trump. it doesn't end up in the presidential daily brief if it is a hoax. the intelligence community does not only put folks in the daily brief but rather it is the gold standard. >> tucker: so it doesn't wind up in the president's daily brief, it is a hoax, obviously. it's not like we invaded iraq or anything. we wish we could tell you it was just democrats getting hysterical but lying in the conservatives are unfortunately bipartisan. then staff come at the tough guy republican represents a state of nebraska and said he wants to see those dastardly intelligent agents "in body bags" kill them, kill them all! liz cheney of wyoming by any measure twice the man ben sasse demanded to know what the
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president knew and when he knew it. what has been done in response to protect our forces and hold vladimir putin accountable, liz cheney asked. the cable news channel turned it up to 11. the house foreign affairs committee held hearings on it. "the new york times" story didn't simply because political problems for donald trump, though it did commit change the foreign policy of the united states government. there is professional windbag seth who got elected to the congressman of massachusetts telling you how important this is. >> now we learned that he was making this deal at the same time there were bounties on the heads of american troops. americans sons and daughters. we clearly need more oversight over what the president is doing in afghanistan. >> tucker: seth moulton speak slowly because he thinks slowly. but he's clear on one thing, we need more oversight over afghanistan. and the congressman got it.
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just days after "the new york times" story both democrats and republicans on the health services committee voted overwhelmingly to amend the annual defense budget. they did this to prevent the president, any president from pulling troops out of afghanistan. that is the one thing the presidents are allowed to do. that amendment sponsored by jason who is a democrat and by liz cheney who is a republican. and it passed the committee by a vote of 45-11. it became law later in the year. after the senate overrode donald trump's veto. it seems to recall the only veto they overrode. so a new story with a swifter or more profound effect on this one did. by now, you have guessed the punch line. it was fake. "the new york times" was a lie. it was placed in the paper by neocons to subvert the democratic system and it did appear to once again impose their will on the country. the republicans don't want to stay in afghanistan for 20 years, they did and got their
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way because they lied. the so-called intel community is admitting this, they admit the story was not true and doing it for a specific reason. joe biden decided he wants out of afghanistan, but before we can withdraw the troops, we need new facts. you have to fix the story or you can't pull the troops out and the cia is happy to oblige. none of it is real. they can say that now. but what we can't do with stop attacking russia. so maybe russia didn't actually put bounties on our troops, but russia is still very bad. russia, not china, is our chief enemy. adam schiff hopefully reminded us of that yesterday. >> the intelligence community says they only have low to moderate confidence that it is an accurate story. so it looks as though in this case, trump might have had the right response, don't you say? >> well, i don't think trump had the right response and he didn't confront the russians on this. he didn't appear to take the
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issue very seriously. you know, it is my since the intelligence community believes that the russians did engage in this conduct but they don't have the requisite level of confidence and that conclusion to go forward with sanctions do much sanctions on that basis. >> tucker: so donald trump didn't take the hoax seriously enough and that is a sign of bad character. we don't know the russians did anything wrong, but we must come from russia over what we don't know they did anyway. so attack russia every day. if you don't know why we are doing it, they will know peer that is our new position. the biden administration yesterday declared a national emergency for no obvious reason. joe biden announced that russia had somehow taken maligned actions against u.s. interests. watch. >> today, in steps including several russian officials as a consequence of their actions. i have also signed an executive order authorizing new measures
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with sanctions to address harmful activities for the russians taken against interests. i was clear that we could not have gone further. but i chose not to do so. i chose to be proportionate. if russia continues to interfere with democracy i am prepared to take further actions to respond. >> tucker: say that tape for the future when you want a reminder of just how insane things got in the year 2021. that wasn't posturing. that wasn't they were bad. those are actions against a sovereign nation for empower with expelling diplomats, destroying their economy and threatening to back their enemies in a war, a real work too come not a war of words but where people get killed. we are doing all of those things. but the question is why are we doing that? that is the part nobody explains. they don't need to because vladimir putin is so unbelievably historically monstrously evil, you don't need
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a justification to go a war against him. a man that bad should be punished just for existing with nuclear weapons, if necessary. here is joe biden explain to vladimir putin has no soul. >> he said you know he doesn't have a soul. >> i did say that to him, i said and his responses we understand one another. that is how it came about. when president bush said i looked in his eyes and saw his soul. i said, i looked in his eyes and i don't think he had a soul. and he looked back and said we understand each other. >> so vladimir putin, you think he is a killer? >> i do. >> that is taking form, corn pop to a new level. you don't have a soul, daemon, human gargoyle. this is a head of state. who has over a thousand nuclear weapons aimed at us. why does our president talk about rush of this way? well, it is obvious.
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clearly we are moving toward some larger confrontation with russia. why are we doing that, and what would it look like? doug macgregor has thought a lot about this and he's a retired colonel from senior advisor to the secretary of defense. we are happy to have him on tonight. thank you so much for coming on. first, white, and then what next? why the posturing and not just posturing that acts of aggression because that's what they are against russia. >> all sitting aside the monumental stupidity of challenging russia military power on russia's doorstep, something that i think the administration is privately trying to retreat from at this stage, i think there is a desperate attempt to frame russia in purely hostile terms in order to justify the massive defense budget our continued presence in europe, without understanding that we are now dealing with a great power. and this great power is not going to sit quietly while we
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interfere in its affairs. and if it feels threatened in eastern ukraine, the russians will go in without question, and they will crush their opponents. we have now figured that out, but we don't know what to do about it. so you are recycling all of these myths, all of this fiction that we were treated to over the last several years and the hopes of mobilizing anti-russian sentiment in the public. of course, that is not working. >> tucker: well, because it's untethered from reality. >> of course. >> tucker: excuse me, what core american interest is served by conflict with russia? >> precisely. and americans, first of all, let's be very clear. this is something president trump understood very clearly the four years in office. he understood it when he ran. americans are not interested in a war in the eastern hemisphere with anyone. we have had 20 years of reckless, pointless, endless war with no particular purpose and
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certainly, we have not benefited as strategically in any way. the bipartisan swamp has an fifth defense industry has. when a hub 45 for costars more than ever in history. so clearly some people have benefited from these ridiculous interventions that should have ended long ago. but the american people see no benefit in it. what with the american people support? and i think we know what that is, talk or appear they would support a restoration of law and order in our cities. they would support american military power on the southern border to stop this massive influx of people we don't need and can't afford to. as well as the criminality that that supports. we also would probably support action against the drug cartels in mexico, military action. but no one is interested in going to work. so this is a wasted effort. it is going to do nothing, but it is self satisfying commit a self justifying the swamp. >> tucker: my last question
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when sitting u.s. senators and i don't mean to pick on ben sasse of nebraska but stand up and call for the killing of government employees of russia and i want them in body bags, if is not a small thing, not like a cable glow we ate her thing. that's a policymakers thing. what does that have? >> first of all you are talking about people cocktail level of familiarity with real war. and i mean that. these people are fools. they don't know what they are talking about. none of them have the experience of real war. 30, 40 years ago you had people like bob dole, for god's sakes who sat in the senate and actually deemed war. he understood what it meant. most of the people that you have there now have no idea whatsoever and i include frankly many of the people being deployed to iraq and afghanista. because these are not words in a traditional sense. we have seen very little action. we have taken very low
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casualties. so there is no understanding what it means to fight a capable power like russia and unfortunately, this ignorance has led to this counterproductive and dangerous, frankly. these people should be publicly reprimanded for their stupid statement spirit because if something happens, it draws us in. the american republic will be furious and they will not be dragged into a war, it won't happen. >> tucker: i hope you are right. inc. you very much. >> sure. adam adam is a comedian who still spells honest and incisive jokes and he pays close attention to something about our new president of people haven't noticed. and he's next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: adam carolla is one of the very few funny comedians left in the united states. why? because he's honest and he's brave. if you want to be funny, you have to be both of those things. we had a very long, great conversation with adam carolla on "tucker carlson today" and he was part of it. >> tucker: how much of what they say, that woke people in
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charge, do they really mean? so like if you quote martin luther king martin luther king and announce u.s. white supremacist for doing that, which happens, i happen to know, do they really mean it when they say that? >> no, i can't believe -- certainly my don't think joe biden means anything. >> that is right. >> i don't think anything comes out of his mouth he means. you know, when he talked about jim crow 2.0 were talking about certain -- i heard him the other day stating certain nations are being pulled back on the certain states being pulled back into a jim crow where they will ask black people to count jelly beans before they can vote. it is insanity. it is reckless, it is your responsible. it is sort of insane. it is really sort of equivalent to your pilots being drunk. sort of like, he is not a bad guy. >> tucker: [laughter] >> he's flying an airplane.
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>> so he drinks a little. you know what i mean? it is kind of that, you know what i mean? he doesn't want to kill anybody. yeah, i know but he's a drunk an airline pilot. that is what biden is doing. saying horrible, divisive things at breakneck speed apart from one another. and the politicians will figure it out. the corporations have figured it out. you know, the airlines, cola and all of that because they are raising this direction. i don't think they know what the end game is. and the end came is power. it is not, it is not prosperity. it is power. they will get more power. other people can go fight on the streets. they are going to go seize control of the power. and i do not, i do not believe, i don't believe a thing that
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biden says or kamala harris as. kamala harris, she is up there with biden in terms of does she believe what she says? one little interesting test to figure out whither they believe what they are saying is just go on youtube and see them saying exactly the opposite four years ago or two years ago or 18 years ago. you know what i mean? how could they believe what they are saying, you know what i mean? you know what is always interesting about a guy like biden, you know, he is 78 years old? >> yes. >> how many things in your life did you change 100 dated to graze on like after 50th birthday? you know what i mean? you believe what you believe? >> tucker: 550, you figure out where you are. most guys are probably 33 and a half or something. and you have kind of these kooky thoughts when you are younger in this belief system. but by the time you pass 40, you really settled in with your
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thoughts, whether believe with it or not, those are your thoughts. think about biden half of the age of 60, how many flip-flops and reverses of thought he has had? >> at the age of 70. >> or past the age of 70. does he believe it? no, he doesn't believe it. but we are now entering that new era of politics. >> what percentage of people who voted for biden and the polls show that he was in decline as an older man. do you think the people think about that a lot? do you think it matters? does anyone think it matters? >> they wanted to get rid of trump. and they one of the opposite. we wanted to go from disco to grunge music. you know? that is how we roll as a society. too much mirror balls and donna summers, spandex, cocaine. we will go right over here to a
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tattered sweater and a guy drinking a mickey's big mouth. and that is what we did. >> tucker: so you are not that funny unless you are really insightful. and honest. and adam carolla, the conversation on tucker carlson and how do you get it go to the episode is out monday, wednesday, and friday. well, the new ambassador for it to the united states, the person bringing our case to the world just attacked the united states to the rest of the world. despite the united states. she is representing us somehow. i will show you what she says. ♪ ♪
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out here, you're a landowner, a gardener, a landscaper and a hunter. that's why you need versatile, durable kubota equipment. >> tucker: we have talked a lot about identity politics on the show. not because we want to talk about an ugly subject. races is an ugly subject. there is a lot to say about it.
5:31 pm
that is a fact. obsessing over it gets you nowhere. the left is obsessed with tribalism dividing people in simple groups by what they look like, dehumanizing them and treating them not as individuals but members of a herd. and yet, suddenly the role in corporate america and certainly politics and the currency of the left and you see it from democrats all the time. what is shocking and really dispiriting is when you see it from republicans. we call that out because we should. these are the people that we should be pushing back and defending america from tribalism. so when they buy into a bit, it is bad. it is hard to believe this is happening. we want to give you an example. just yesterday spencer cox, the republican governor of utah was asked a question about a sponsorship program created by the utah jazz. the teen program gives out a scholarship to one of utah's university every time 18 wins a game. that is great. the part to believe that is illegal and totally immoral,
5:32 pm
that scholarship is given on the basis of skin color. kids with the wrong skin color no matter how disadvantaged they are or how qualified they are cannot get a scholarship because they are the wrong color. so a normal person puts gnomic pushback against it because it is racist, obviously, it shoulde illegal but spencer cox the governor of utah is totally fine with it, listen. speak with the utah jazz is excluding white children from consideration for their scholar. do you think this is racist, and what would you do to prevent the utah jazz from acting in this racist manner? >> welcome i don't think it is racist. in fact, i think it is in response unfortunately too difficult and racist injustice that has happened in our community for a long time. looking for ways to lift communities that have been historically and disproportionately impacted isn't racist at all.
5:33 pm
in fact, it is a great way to overcome racist. i'm really proud of the jazz and the great things they are doing there. >> tucker: look, there are a lot of dumb people in this country but the problem is when they are governor. spencer cox is really proud of this program. spencer cox thinks we've had a lot of racism in this country. that is true, by the way. how do we fix it? more racism here that is why spencer cox defending openly racist program. what do the voters think of that? we invited spencer cox on the show to explain but he had a conflict and couldn't come. we hope you will come soon. well, someone called linda thompson greenfield the u.s. ambassador to the united nations. she represents us before the world. she appeared recently before the u.n. human rights council. she didn't offer acknowledgment were announcer pronouns as the video we showed you last night. instead, she came out and said, this is an awful country. the u.s. is a bad place. watch this.
5:34 pm
>> of course when we raise issues of equity and justice at the global scale, we have to approach with humility. we have to acknowledge that we are an imperfect union and have been since the beginning. i have seen for myself how the original sin of slavery weaved white supremacy into our founding documents and principles. >> tucker: hard to believe that is real. remember, she is speaking to the human rights council. who is on the human rights council? countries like cuba, china, venezuela, saudi arabia, north korea. [laughter] those are the equity models that linda thomas-greenfield was speaking to. but she didn't stop there. she stepped up to al sharpton. reverend al sharpton, thank you for never backing down. you are a lifetime of activism which is an inspiration to us all. >> tucker: yell, al sharpton, thank you for attacking asian shopkeepers. pushing a guy to rate claims and
5:35 pm
ever paying taxes. the senior fellow at the hoover institution we are happy to have you on set. thank you for coming on. i don't know but this character can do as a u.n. ambassador rebutted a sprite don't like it isn't symbolic that someone is representing america. how do you react to that? >> i'm kind of disgusted, al sharpton is on record anti-semite, antiwhite, anti-mormon anti-any particular group except his own, she should know that. the thing is the beauty of the civil rights movement martin luther king did not trash the united states. he said, you people, being the white people, you created the declaration of the constitution, but you are not living up to it. you did, the civil war, the civil rights we have to accelerate that process. 650,000 people from a white people basically killed each other for slavery and they started a civil rights process. it was a perfect no.
5:36 pm
because tribal is a natural condition of humankind. what we are doing multiracial democracy, tucker has never been tried before. the romans, soviets, they have multiracial people but they kept them in check by the threat of death. they were autocratic. when we try to into '19th and up '20th century it does not work there. brazil is trying it not very well. india, hindu, government sector, it -- this is the only experiment that has been working that requires one thing. that all of us look at tribal identity as incidental and not essential to who they are and embrace, and americanism. >> tucker: that is right. >> if we don't do that, history will not say you are americans and you get to survive. we will go on 30 history. it is funny when she said this. what do these terms mean? does it mean in 2008 and 2012 when black americans registered at a higher racial than white
5:37 pm
americans and registered voters turned out at a higher rate than white voters or that more white voters voted for barack obama than john kerry? when he ran for president? think of the succession archives. south carolina. and lieutenant governor race, both candidates republican and democrat were african-american. you know, when you look at per capita income from it is not white people with the highest per capita income, it is asian-americans almost by $20,000. you can say there's a lot of things wrong with the united states but it is a fragile idea and would start out with constantly self reflective. we tear things apart, look, and advance. when you have people that do this anti-empirical than ever to find their terms. they never say white supremacy and i will show you. the founding documents, here is what is wrong with the declaration. they never do that. it is a bunch of platitudes and we all nod because we are afraid of the woke mob.
5:38 pm
>> tucker: so wise what you said appear this is a very fragile system that could easily break and these people are breaking it and that is true. i appreciate you coming on tonight as always, thank you. >> thank you. so it is friday and we try to fear of politics for a second to bring you something else that matters and this does matter, pentagon confirmed a new tape is authentic and it is the clearest evidence yet that ufos are totally real. what are they exactly? that is unknown. we will have that for you after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ learning is hard work. hard work requires character. learning begins in faith. it must move upwards toward the highest thing, unseen at the beginning - god. and freedom is essential to learning. its principles must be studied and defended. learning, character, faith, and freedom: these are the inseparable purposes of hillsdale college.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: we learned a lot about nancy pelosi during the brett kavanaugh hearing a few years ago. but the main thing we learned is that nancy pelosi believes all women. women don't lie about being abused. pelosi told us that again when a woman says it happened, it happened. so keeping that in mind it is worth hearing the details brought to light in a new biography of nancy pelosi
5:44 pm
written by susan page of "usa today." susan page is generally a mild liberal, but parts of the book are tough and very revealing. here is one. pelosi grew up in the city of baltimore. her father the democratic mayor. in 1953, pelosi's older brother was arrested and charged with gang rating young girls. the police say pelosi's brother and a group of other men had held the children ages 13-11 and a apartment in baltimore for a week and committed perverted practices on them which is awful. one of the young victims identified pelosi's brother who is 20 at the time and picked him out of out of a lineup. several of the other defendants in the case implicated as well. his family's own bodyguards that he was lying about his whereabouts during the crime. in the end, 14 men indicted for rape 13 convicted, guess who got off? nancy pelosi's brother. his father, the mayor set in the courtroom for the entire trial.
5:45 pm
many people in baltimore remember that story. how could they forget it? they believe pelosi's brother walked free because of corrupt political influence by his political family. but nancy pelosi does not believe that. she believes those two little girls must have been lying, possibly for political reasons. the whole thing pelosi told susan page, so when fair that i thought somebody was trying to accuse him, my brother because they were trying to the search my father so another campaign for an 11-year-old girl, typical. it was racist too appeared as pelosi points out in the book her father was the first italian-american to be elected mayor of the city. pelosi believes her family was victimized by ethnic discrimination. nancy pelosi telling her brother was not a, he was a rosa parks a beautiful, lovely person. now, we can't say and we can't know the truth about what really
5:46 pm
happened. we can say nancy pelosi doesn't know the truth either. she just doesn't care. that is what she learned from the book. ♪ ♪ just a few days ago the pentagon confirmed that in 2019 video of the ufo sighting is actually real. it was a ufo. the video shows a pyramid shaped object flying over u.s. navy destroyer. this is the very first time the public has seen video from this incident. the ufo footage was linked to a filmmaker called jeremy korbel who joins us tonight to explain all of this. jeremy, thank you so much for coming on. tell us where this was shot. what are we looking at here? >> so i obtained and released videos and photographic evidence of uso ufos swarming our worship so the green fish and
5:47 pm
night vision from the uss russell. not just one pyramid shape but multiple, these were swarms and i release from mentor in journalism george and released from the uss omaha which looks like thermal imagery purity released three photos a day prior to mine. so we are trying to get this out to continue elevating the conversation because it is very important that we have it right now. >> tucker: you think? those are not weather balloons. those are clearly autonomous aircraft of some kind there are as you put swarming u.s. military craft. so there are two options. >> they are playing with impunity, tucker within airspace. they can outmaneuver, out perform anything that we seem to have. their mode of transportation seems magical to us. it is unbelievable. now, finally, we are having a rational, sober discussion about
5:48 pm
this because we don't know what these are. we don't know the nature of the technology. we need to find out who's operating them and also what the intent is appearance of it is an exciting time to be learning about ufos because now we are having a complete tipping point with the transparency. hopefully we will get more answers soon. >> tucker: this must have scared the crap out of u.s. military. their job is to defend but quickly, do you believe they sincerely don't know what these things are? >> they don't. we have the best military on planet earth, the greatest intelligence agencies. these are true unknowns. and they were swarming our military arsenals. they are seen over nuclear facilities. this is documented. we need to find out who is operating these vehicles. >> tucker: yeah my nicely put. jeremy corbell i appreciate you coming on tonight.
5:49 pm
i hope i see you soon. thank you. >> no problem, thank you. >> tucker: over cnn chief body building correspondent and a moral voice for the channel is angry that some people aren't wearing their masks, even though they say they are following the science. it is an amazing story. and we've got it for you next. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: chris cuomo has a rage problem or we don't know where it comes from. sometimes chris cuomo does get angry, okay, pretty darn angry. when he does, we pay attention. recently, he was very angry at people who had been vaccinated or had the coronavirus warhead antibodies who are immune from getting it apparently and not wearing masks. that. chris cuomo. watch. >> wanting to know when this could all end, but it is hard to see how attacking dr. fauci helps. it ends when they get our crap
5:55 pm
together. that is why it is baffling when senator ted cruz joining rand paul ditching his mask to walk the halls of congress. the cdc did guideline states clearly if you are vaccinated, you need to take percussions by wearing the mask. you can still get sick but not as sick but can still give it to somebody else. >> tucker: of course the cdc does not explain why a pier that is the question, why? tell us but no windows. but more to the point chris cuomo is met to say rand paul vaccinated is not wearing a mask. that is dangerous for reasons he does not explain. here is the best part. it wasn't it risk who almost who had the coronavirus, who is capable of transmitting it to other people, who was wandering around long island with no mask on? kind of typhoid mary of cable news? apparently! david saw it and came on our show to report what he saw. here it is. >> i just said, don't you have
5:56 pm
the coronavirus? shouldn't you be quarantined? and i think his next words were what the hell do you know about this? what do you know about the rules? i said you were not supposed to be out here. nobody had gloves on, nobody had masks on. >> tucker: [laughter] it is so awesome. matt welch is the host of the met walt show. probably the smartest guy on twitter if you go there. thank you so much for coming on. it is hard to resist. why is it people of a certain source attack others for doing the exact same thing they have themselves done? >> by the way, the smartest guy on twitter is a low bar. >> tucker: supreme court justice, i know. >> come obviously the range of hypocrisy with cuomo lecturing anything about covid should be obvious to anybody. but also the whole idea that you
5:57 pm
have to mask, the idea that you have to mask after getting a vaccine is so fundamentally insane from it is hard to wrap your mind around it. the cdc claims, your chance of being a breakthrough case have you getting covid after a vaccine is like .0008% or something like that. if your risk management philosophy is you have to mask with that kind of risk, how could you ever get behind the wheel of a car? much, much higher and the chance from dying from a lightning strike is about the same so how do you walk outside of your house? if this is what we are being told in the vaccine of course is what we are told to them assuming all of that, i guess we will wear masks forever. i guess that is the case because it is obvious that masking is not about covid and hasn't been about covid for a long time. it is really about a badge of honor may signifier like in a catholic church when you get baptized in cuomo is catholic they give you a white garment
5:58 pm
and a baby outward sign of christian dignity. for the religion of the mask cultus, the mask is an outward sign of wokeness, this religious symbol which means we will wear them forever. at least if they get their way. >> tucker: i would liken it to kim il-sung downtown pyongyang, obedient signifier. but yes, i'm following orders. matt walsh, it is great to see you. a man who does not follow orders. thank god. >> thank you. >> tucker: last night we brought you a sad story about toxic masculinity at cnn. old one has been there a long time and leaving. on her way out, a very sexist place. so some people at cnn took umbrage and try to defend cnn from discharge. the main defender was noted mansplain or dr. donna leman. a couple of things, i don't know
5:59 pm
everybody's salary. i just got there. >> you don't think it is a boys club? you are having lunch with zucker and i'm guessing she's not. >> i don't no, i called him up and said would you like to have lunch and she can do the same thing. [laughter] >> tucker: so we played that clip for you last time and you know who don lim and sounds like? like mr. rourke from the love vote. tonight can we get we are completely wrong obviously, mr. work was not on "the love vote but he was on fantasy island. i am mr. rourke, your host. welcome to fantasy island. >> tucker: that is don lemon, that is don lemon. standing right next to zucker, right next to him.
6:00 pm
it is perfect. sorry about the confusion. "fantasy island." not "love boat." spend it with the ones you love and we will see you monday. the weekend is here. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity" this friday night. we are tracking multiple stories governor desantis will join us with the latest smears. we will have on the radical far left democratic parties, the state power grab that would wreck the foundation of this great republic. and of course, radicals in charge of the week, the frail, the cognitive belief struggling, releasing joe biden pretty much, he is along for the ride. we have a full report tonight plus stay tuned a huge


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