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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 19, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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just learned that former vice president, walter mondo has died. 93 years old. have a great evening. sean hannity stands five. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: and welcome to "hannity." and tonight, we are broadcasting from the always beautiful mar-a-lago in palm beach florida where just moments, the 45th president of the united states, donald j. trump will join us for his first sitdown television interview since leaving the white house. no topic is off-limits. no question is off the table. we will cover joe biden, the radical left of the future of the g.o.p. in 2022 and 2024. covid-19, the crisis on our southern border. the mob, the media, and everything in between.
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without a doubt, trump remains the most powerful force in american politics today. one donald trump talks, the world, the country listens. so tonight, we welcome the 45th president of the united states, donald trump. mr. president, good to see you. thanks for joining us. bigelow, thank you very much. >> sean: so, i know a lot of people that are around you every day. this is what they are all telling me. you are working as hard as you did when you were in the white house. except to play a little golf more. you are keeping an insane schedule seven days a week. you really don't stop. >> well, we are seeing a lot of good people. we are seeing a lot of republicans and a lot of good americans. in some cases great americans. and we are working very hard. a lot of things to do. i was involved in the business. i am more involved in the
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business. we will see what i do with respect to that. but the business is doing well and we are doing well. it has been five and a half years of investigations and hoaxes. i see something came out just yesterday about the russia, russia, russia. they hate to admit it -- >> sean: they were putting a bounty on that. >> mr. trump: it's a big bounty deal and now they say that it was a hoax, just like everything else. it is a sad thing. you get impeached for doing nothing wrong and then you get a second impeachment for doing nothing wrong. and so, it has been pretty wild when you think about it. and very unfair. so we are working very hard and i think you are going to see something that will start to take place in 2022. it will culminate in 24. you will see a lot of big things and great things for the republican party. all of the things that are going on.
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>> sean: let's start with joe biden. now, i get criticized, because i can show you tapes of him in 2016. i can show you tapes of him in 2012. to me, he looks extraordinarily weak, frail. i think it's very transparent he is struggling cognitively. he usually averages, we follow his schedule very closely. less than one event a day. what do you see how do you great him three months and? >> mr. trump: so, he is going to be 79 years old. that is not old. i know many people in their late 80s that are just as good as they were years ago. i spoke to one who is 92 years old. he said i feel better the na did 20 years ago. 78-79 is not old. but you know, look, i don't think it's even appropriate for me to comment on that. it sort of speaks for itself. i mean, people can make their own determination. i know that if it were me, it would be up and down going
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crazy. but i had an instance where on a slippery slippery ramp, a piece of steel, very steep and very long, no railings, no nothing and it was pouring at west point. and the last thing i want to do is go down because when gerald ford went down, it was not good. >> sean: [laughs] >> mr. trump: now, when biden went down, the press didn't cover it. >> sean: while, in fairness, his aide said that the wind might have blown him over. did the wind ever blow you over? >> mr. trump: air force one is a very big plane. usually what they try to do is shield with the wind. you know, when they park it, you can turn it at angles. you never have too much. i have never seen too much win. it can get a little windy, but not the kind of wind that blows you over. but if you look at mainstream media, or as you say lamestream,
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it would be the biggest story of the year. >> sean: let me ask you this perspective. there are many hospital actors on the stage. you've got a hostile regime in china. president xi come you dealt with him a lot. kim jong un, it looks like joe has already capitulated on that. now, you know them well enough. i'm sure they are studying joe biden. knowing what you know, the things that i wouldn't no, are you concerned about their perception of an american president that seems somewhat frail and weak? >> mr. trump: well, something is going on because they never did this with me, i can tell you. nobody was tougher on russia. and frankly, getting along with vladimir putin is a good thing. and i got along with him very well. the relationship was very good. but they never encircled ukraine and they never in taiwan, china, they never sent warships all
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over the place like they are doing now. it looks very serious what is going on in taiwan. and that is a long way away. that is 9,000 miles away there right next to it. that is like -- i mean, it's very close. so, now they are, something is going on in taiwan. something may be going on with ukraine. this never was a big subject when i was president. >> sean: it wasn't at all. >> mr. trump: as far as north korea is concerned, i have a great relationship with a certain man that's got great power over north korea. and you take a look at kim jong un and the relationship that i developed, that's a good thing, not a bad thing. getting along with president putin is a great thing. you know, we should be doing business with rush appeared we should be getting along with russia instead of forcing russia to go into the hands of china. the worst thing you could do is put china and russia together. and they get forced together. the russian hoax is very, very bad for the relationship that we
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would have with russia. but i got along well with him until the china virus or whatever you want to call it came in. but we made a great trade deal. our farmers are making more money than they have ever made. wheat prices are the highest. don't like they've ever been. they are doing great because china is doing so much. this is the trade deal that we made. but after covid, trey just didn't see that important to me and we did other things. but it was too bad. >> sean: was one of your signature issues from the first day, the day you came down the escalator, not having to deal with immigration. you instituted policies, stay in mexico policy. it worked. you built, i think by the end, almost 450 miles of new border wall. obviously, walls work. then, of course come you ended the practice of catch and release. now, we see the exact opposite. you have seen these images on tv. i say they are biden's cages.
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i mean, the media went nuts. donald trump is putting children in cages. it turns out joe biden and barack obama builds those cages and the images were from 2014, not 2018. my question is this. imagine, well, first of all, your overall take on how dangerous this is. a number two, imagine you if you are president and these are trus cages overflowing with kids in the middle of a pandemic that with a high positivity of covid, what you think the media, because there has been virtual silence on a lot of the aspects i would argue if it was a day care center you would be shut down and charged with child abuse. >> mr. trump: they would not stand for it. and they are playing it down as much as they can play it down. it's a horrible situation. it could destroy our country. people are pouring in. but you will see something as the months go by like you've never seen before. already it's like you have never seen before. there has never been anything like what has happened at our
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border. and people are coming in by the tens of thousands. they are walking in. all he had to do was leave it alone. if he had left it alone, we were setting the record positive numbers and people would have to come in illegally. and you know, the other thing that people don't talk about human trafficking and drugs. that's double, triple, and quadrupled. drugs are pouring in. all you had to do was leave it alone. stay in mexico is a big deal. you know, that wasn't easy to get. we went through court systems. we went through everything. the wall, get in the wall built. almost 500 miles. and completing it was very easy. that was going to be just routine. it would have been done routinely. the contracts were arty there. the material was there. it was going to be done very quickly. and we got delayed for two and a half years because we were sued by nancy pelosi in congress not to build the wall. we won all of the suits. we won every thing. and they don't finish the wall.
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fall is. if things that go with the law, technology that goes in the law and with the wall is. we had it down to a number that nobody could believe. and then all of a sudden, i hear, now here's something else. but i stuffed money going through three countries. and then you have mexico, where i have a great relationship with the president and he is actually a great guy. different philosophy, but a great guy. he put 28,000 free of charge, 28,000 soldiers on our border to stop people from coming in. and if you look at guatemala, honduras, el salvador, we were giving them $500 million a year, but they weren't letting us take back these incredible, whether it's ms-13, horrible people. gangsters, drug lords, horrible. they wouldn't let them come back. so, i stopped payment. i said, how much are we paying them? $500 million. that was very early on. as soon as i stopped payment, they called, we would love to have ms-13 back in our country. they wouldn't let us, if a plane was flying over, they would block the roadways.
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if buses came in, you wouldn't let them come into the country. so, we couldn't get anybody back. now we just bring them back. he ended that. now, what he is doing is they want to give billions, not 500 million. want to give billions and billions of dollars to these countries. i get along with all three of them with the top people come all three of them. but they are going to be taking in billions and billions of dollars. and what is going to happen is that money is going to go to people that didn't bring people into our country. they are sending us not their best people. they are sending us people that in many cases, not in all cases, are murderers, drug dealers, human traffickers, rapists, really bad people. they are sending people from prisons. most people are coming into our country. and of course, that is just common sense because all you have to do is take a look at what happened in the case of cuba. take a look at what happened in the case of other countries. but in three countries, you have really some unbelievably
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dangerous people coming into our country. they are not vetted. you talk about covid. you talk about all of -- that's one thing. but they are not vetted form a criminal sampling. so we have murderers and rapist coming into our country. they come in and just to finalize it, when people from yemen and the middle east coming in and they are coming in at numbers, now, they can't come in through the airports. they can't get on a plane. and we had the policy, we had a band, which was a good thing from dangerous countries. they are ending the ban. they have already ended it so that people can come in from dangerous countries. if you take a look at what is happening with the middle east, many people from the middle east are coming in to our southern border alongside of mexico. what they are doing is insane. they are going to destroy our country. >> sean: let me ask this. so joe biden has been in washington 50 years. he is the ultimate swamp creature. okay, let's look at georgia's law. they had 17 days of early in-person voting.
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every single county has a drop box. there are no drop boxes in delaware. there is no early voting in delaware. both states require voter i.d. so now he is saying to the people of georgia, this is 2.0. and i am listening to this and i am like what did ever do to make voting easier in your state? the answer is he did nothing. and then he is using this racial language in the process. what is your reaction to that? speak to my reaction is that the georgia bill is far too weak. we have to have signature verification. don't have it. went out to have signature verification? you want matching. you want matching signatures. they have many things that they didn't put in. look, what happened is the governor and others were afraid to be called racist, so they gave a very big bill and they were called space of racist anyway.
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what he did is so sad, he had a much stronger bill. now texas has got a very strong bill. but you have signature matching. all of the states that we won were properly run. look at, florida was properly run. ohio was properly run. south carolina was properly run. by the way, north carolina, democratic governor who won that some of that is always very tough to win. we won it very nicely. properly run. happened to have a democrat governor. >> sean: how does a guy who's state has formal restrictive voting laws get 200 corporations, hollywood stars, major league baseball, they all leave. and if you look at his history of racial rhetoric, he partnered with a former klansman to stop the integration of schools because he didn't want schools, his words, not mine, to become racial jungles.
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now, imagine if donald trump had ever said that, partnered with a former klansman, the reaction. to be to the democrats play a far tougher gained than republicans. the democrats have horrible policy. no borders, defund the police, sanctuary cities. i mean -- >> sean: by the way, defund the police -- >> mr. trump: well, now they don't want to give anything to the police. it is actually getting worse instead about it. you look at the crime rates in these democrat-run cities, i mean, they are going up by hundreds of, i don't know if you have seen what is going on in new york. i love new york. you see what is going on. the one i am stupid. you are smart. a middle income state, 15% on top of federal. all right, with got to take a break. sit tight. much more with president trump as we continue. we are in palm beach, florida. thanks for being with us. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> this fox news alert. i'm trace gallagher. word out of minnesota that the former vice president walter mondale has died. under jimmy carter from 1977 to 1981. he made a different kind of history by choosing the first female running mate on a major party ticket, geraldine ferraro. walter mondale was 93. the fate of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin now in the hands of jurors. they are deliberating if he is in any way responsible for the death of george floyd. during closing arguments, they claimed that he squeezed the life out of floyd by pinning his
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knee against his neck. the defense argued that floyd died of an underlying health condition and illegal drug use. i'm trace gallagher. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity," as we continue broadcasting from mar-a-lago palm beach, florida, as we are drawing for the hour. president trump is with us. let me go to this next question. i want to talk about the future. there is the trump agenda, the make america great agenda. i will sum it up. because i think this will define .22 and 2044. very simple, more liberty, more free, belief in the constitution. lower taxes. less bureaucracy. constitutional. you want secure borders, legal immigration, energy independence. you believe in law and order for every american. simple stuff. free and fair trade.
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what am i missing question must be too many other things. low taxes. you are going to have the biggest tax increase you have ever seen. pro-life, second amendment. so many different things that, look, we've got 75 million votes. it's more than any sitting president in history so far. the word was a fluke got sick to 5-66. here we got six. the first time in one. if you got 55-66, there is no way you would lose. it has never happened to another president. usually a second term, a president gets less votes. it has never happened in history. from 63-75, it never happened before. and all of these things are. these are popular things. but more important and popular some of everything for this country. they've got to rip apart the
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second amendment. they are doing things to this country that he would have said impossible. and i don't know if joe knows what is going on. i think you have a group of people that are sitting around the table just saying do this, do this, do this, and giving him these things and saying it is hard to believe. now, with got to take back the house in '22. we have a real chance. we were supposed to lose 25 seats. i got involved. i called 56 different districts and we ended up picking up 16 instead of losing. >> sean: all 27 toss-up races before the election were republican. all 20. >> mr. trump: and we didn't lose one seat. >> sean: okay, so here is my broader question. >> mr. trump: which has never happened before. >> sean: so i laid out the make america great again agenda, america first, make america great again, your agenda. free-market solutions for health care. >> mr. trump: yeah. >> sean: project team freezes.
6:24 pm
for who they want to take away your health care. >> sean: obamacare. which is terrible. and by the way, we did a good job with obamacare. i was given a choice very early on, because we had people voted against a couple of republicans. the republicans have to unify. the democrats, they may have bad policy, but you don't have a romney. you don't have these people over there. >> sean: lisa murkowski. >> mr. trump: lisa murkowski is a disaster. so much, the great highway they have been looking to build. so many different things. a train going into canada and ultimately the united states, the railroad. we have done so much for alaska. much more than that. i always say, never has anyone done so much for so little. >> sean: so, lay out what i have listed. cliffsnotes of what your agenda
6:25 pm
has been. pretty simple. so now we've got elections coming up. you are right, the tiniest margin they have in the house. >> mr. trump: well, nancy pelosi almost lost her job over it. she was supposed to be up to 30, 35, 40. she is up only a few seats right now. the districts having thousands and thousands of people, i was making calls getting congress reelected. i said to mccarthy through things. give me everyone they think is going to lose. give me everyone that you think is tied and everyone is going to win by a little bit. also, give me all of your new people, whether it's the new ones coming on our women. i called all of them and instead of, we won six. i mean, that's an incredible thing. >> sean: a week before i called him and he said he was very worried. >> mr. trump: i wasn't worried. 20,000 people on a call. you don't have to worry.
6:26 pm
>> sean: this one gets down to that was your agenda. you are right. you went up, what, 12-15000000 votes? second one in the first one. >> mr. trump: never happened before. >> sean: while, but my question is the ideas. there is one other sidebar, when i talk to people, they love the fact that donald trump fights. okay, he makes promises. he keeps them. he fights for these principles, as i mentioned. now the question is for 2022, we have the house. but then we have come a look at the states. florida, north carolina, georgia, new hampshire, wisconsin, ohio, arizona. these are the biggest bellwethers in what i would argue probably a precursor or a preview of coming attractions for 2024. my question is this. is this, should this now be the republican party agenda for much
6:27 pm
of anybody that wants to run to the house for the senate as they take this make america great agenda and fight for those things that you fought for in the four years you were president? >> mr. trump: if they want to win, yes. we have expanded the republican party. texas border, we have the biggest hispanic vote since, as the governor said to me, he called me up. great governor. he said since construction. i said you were talking about civil war, right? he said since the civil war. if you want to win and waiting big, you have to do that. you have to do it. let me just say i talk about the house. you want me stopping here. >> mr. trump: if i didn't get robbed in the senate, we would have lost at least 8 senators. if i didn't get involved, you would be 60-40 with the democrats leading. we just endorsed, as you know, sara, sarah huckabee sanders. she is going to do fantastically
6:28 pm
well. she is leading by a lot. we have endorsed a lot of senate candidates. brooks in alabama. he just went up 41 points. and it looks like he's -- >> sean: marco rubio. >> mr. trump: marco. many, many people. and i am not looking to reinvent the wheel. i am not looking to say we want super conservative. i also want them to win after the primaries. but i am out 128-2 when i endorsed people. 128-2. if you go back earlier than that, we are at a much even higher number. if we endorse, it would mean something, not just for the primaries, but the general election. we are great people running. we have some great people we will be announcing. we have tremendous people. if the republican party see one low taxes, less parentheses, energy, peace through strength, border
6:29 pm
security, legal immigration, fre and fair trade. if everyone ran on that agenda and made a promise to fight hard to implement that agenda, it seems to me based on the number of votes you got in 2020 that that would be a winning formula. my question is will you help them formulate that narrative? i don't think it is not complicated. the two is not complicated. it's common sense. it should be the party of common sense. when you people that can lead, that have a vision, that have personality. otherwise the talk is just, the clock is ticking. sean, we have much better policy. second amendment. by the way, regulation, you didn't mention regulation. you know, i cut taxes more than any president has ever cut taxes. but there was another thing. regulation. regulation i think was more important.
6:30 pm
and you know who a big beneficiary that is? biden. because i cut so much. he used to take 20 years to get a highway up. now you can do it in a very short period of time. >> sean: let me take a break. i want to come back. there are a lot of issues involving warp speed, the vaccine, covid. why some states did well, some others did it. dr. fauci. will gets all about. more with president trump on the other side as we continue. more on the other side as "hannity" continues. ♪le ♪ plus an immediate cooling sensation for your throat. feel the clarity, and live claritin clear.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome back to "hannity" as we continue with president donald trump. we are in mar-a-lago. all right, so operation warp speed. we have been able, that has
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never happened before. 200 million doses now have gone out to americans. vaccinations. okay, that means a lot of lives are saved. you were criticized about the travel ban ten days after the first case of covid. about a year ago, dr. fauci was saying masks don't work. in march of last year, that is what he was saying. then you have cuomo and murphy signing these executive actions sending covid patience to nursing homes. now, in new york, you converted the navy hospital ship. you built the hospitals, manned the hospitals, provide all of the ventilators, masks, gloves, gowns, ventilators that everybody needed. 80% of those beds were never used. >> mr. trump: if they would have used this great massive hospital ship, all of the things that we did for them, you would
6:36 pm
have saved 16,000 lives, may be more than that. >> sean: why did operation warp speed work so well? was it that you were financially backing up these pharmaceutical companies that they would not experience massive losses question must be to two things. first of all we did a great job of getting gowns and masks and all of the different equipment. we were building equipment, complex equipment. getting out to the states we had practically nothing in this country and now it has been totally rebuilt. we did a great job. we get very little credit for the great job we have done. and then as you know, it should be up to the governor. some governors were fantastic. i could write a great book. some were less than fantastic and some were absolutely terrible. texas did a great job. i mean, i could go -- >> sean: most red states. >> mr. trump: is interesting, isn't it?
6:37 pm
they did a really great job. the most locked down country is michigan and michigan is the worst in the country. >> sean: how did you get warp speed? what was the mandate that pushed these companies to do something that had never been done before? >> mr. trump: i was told by dr. fauci and by many people the quickest you are going to have the vaccine is three years. and it could be five years. it could be longer than that and it could also not happen. and then i got involved. i said that's ridiculous. i got involved with the fda. they hate me so badly and i understand it. >> sean: give me a list of people that hate you. but you are okay with that. >> mr. trump: we are helping people. we are saving tens of millions of people with the vaccine. so, i pushed them. they had all of the statutory periods. they have to go a certain speed. if we had it done in less than e taken minimum three years. i don't think they ever would have had -- >> sean: didn't you back them up financially as well customers but to yes. but i did two things.
6:38 pm
i backed the companies that financially. pfizer didn't want to admit it. no, pfizer is really income okay? i will give you a little breaking news. pfizer is in with the fda and what the fda did with johnson & johnson is so stupid. you know, they all want me to do a commercial because a lot of our people don't want to take the vaccine. i don't know what that is exactly, republican. >> sean: you encourage people to take it. >> mr. trump: i encourage people to take it. i do. >> sean: would you get it? >> mr. trump: i had it and i took it, okay? so, here's the thing. they want me to do a commercial saying take the vaccine. and i think it is very important and i would certainly do it. but that i call them and i say let me ask you a question. you just did something. 6 people out of 8 million people, somebody said that tylenol, women's birth control will cause far more. 6 people. experienced some
6:39 pm
difficulty. six people. and it's too bad. it's terrible. but they posited. that is the worst thing they could have done from a public relations standpoint. they paused to the johnson & johnson vaccine. and it probably affects the other vaccines a little bit. but they posited. it has had a devastating impact. i said they want me to do a commercial, some commercial and then they do this pause. now, here is your breaking news, they love pfizer. they get along with pfizer so well. and pfizer, pfizer doesn't like me because i put them on prescription drugs. and it would mean if biden stays. it would mean we have the lowest crisis. we have the highest crisis in the world. i got it to be slightly lower. first time it has happened in 32 years. but here's the thing. 52 years. but here's the thing.
6:40 pm
pfizer and all of these drug companies just like me also. you know, i can be liked by everybody. but i won't be doing a good job. so i put favorite nations. because you have countries that pay a tiny fraction for the exact same pill made in the exact same factory that cans in the exact same box. the united states will pay whatever the price is of the lowest nation in the world, drug companies went crazy. they spent a lot of money and they did something else. >> sean: why are they charging us more? >> mr. trump: they got together with the fda and before the election, they knew we had the answer. before the election, they were saying we had the vaccine. it works 95%. they waited two days after the election. pfizer did that with the fda. now, the fda, a lot of bureaucrats and they have been there for a long time. and they will be there for a long time.
6:41 pm
but they were very slow. and they have been very slow. so, pfizer got together. and i'll tell you something. i think it is very suspect what they did with johnson & johnson. because the only people that are happy about that are pfizer and madrona. the only people that are happy about that, because what they did is a terrible terrible thing. the one i want to know what level you will have for the agenda, for the elections in 2022. and yet, i will ask you what your plans might be for 2024. we are with donald trump. ♪ ♪ their own safelite story. this couple loves camping adventures and their suv is always there with them. so when their windshield got a chip, they wanted it fixed fast. they drove to safelite autoglass for a guaranteed, same-day, in-shop repair. we repaired the chip before it could crack. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust, when you need it most.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: all right, as we continue from mar-a-lago, my exclusive interview with the 45th president of the united states, donald trump.
6:46 pm
i want to know this. what are your plans to help for 2022? we talked about the house in the states. are you thinking about running again for 2024? and if so, where are you in that process? >> mr. trump: we are going to help with the house. i think we have a really good chance. i'm working with everybody including kevin mccarthy. i'm taking back the house. i think we have a really good chance and doing it. likewise, the senate is going to be a little bit tougher. but the senate. i tell you that at least eight trans senators would have lost the race. i could name them but i don't want to embarrass them. but that includes mitch. he called me up. he said i need your help and i'm very popular in kentucky. i love kentucky. and they love me. and i helped him and he won by the most she has ever won by. so we are going to help in the senate. >> sean: marco rubio. i hear herschel's name.
6:47 pm
i hear lara trump's name mentioned a lot. i think you could win that race. ron johnson in wisconsin. >> mr. trump: ron johnson. >> sean: he has been a great senator. >> mr. trump: he is much more popular. >> sean: we don't know who is going to run in ohio. >> mr. trump: some good candidates in ohio. i think we have a real chance in the senate. i think we have a really, really good chance. >> sean: tell me how far are you willing to go? are you going to travel? are you to donna going to do ra? >> mr. trump: we would your rallies. all sorts of things. alabama is going to be a tremendous win. we have, look, almost everybody i endorse wins. we had a house seat in louisiana. it just happened. her husband died of covid. he was congressman elect. and she was fantastic. but a lot of people thought she might not get in the runoff. i endorse her.
6:48 pm
she has 65% of the vote. there was no runoff. it is very important that we have the right people. that means in the senate. it means in the house. it also means and governorships. because if you have a good governor. >> sean: state legislatures. >> mr. trump: you know, the legislatures, we have had a lot of great legislators. unfortunately, the courts refuse to listen even though it is in the constitution that they have to. >> sean: now the big question. two parts. what do you miss the most about being in the white house and how seriously are you considering ing again in 2024? >> mr. trump: i miss mostly helping people because i can directly help people. that's why i did it. now look, this has been very traumatic. i have a great life. great company, great business. no problems. and now, all i do is people go
6:49 pm
after you. it's vicious. it's horrible. but you know what? i love doing it because i help people and i have helped them more than any president with the cutting of taxes, with the regulations, you know how big right to try is? you don't have to travel to all sorts of different continents to try to get something? we have the greatest doctors. we can use their medicines now. if somebody is terminally ill, they can sign quickly the document. >> sean: what are you most proud of, though? >> mr. trump: a lot of things. i am very proud of the tax cuts. i hope they don't screw it up. we brought back a record. still not going to be as high as it was. it was 39%. it looks like it could be a 25%. i vote it down to 21. but i am very proud of that. i am very proud of the regulation. i am very proud of what i did for the military. i have rebuilt the military and i have added something called
6:50 pm
space for us. it is going to be so powerful, so important. think about it. i have added to the military. it hasn't happened since i guess 75 years since the air force. >> sean: record low unemployment. >> mr. trump: in the history of the world. we have the greatest economy in history. we have the greatest economy, the greatest job numbers. up to 160 million people. we were never even close to that. and if you think of it, i did it twice. because then the whole world went down. we have come back stronger than any other country in the world. you know, they use to hit me with germany, france, and this and that. no, they are doing terribly right now. they are all locked down. they are having riots on the streets. this country is coming back strong. it is very interesting. places like florida and texas and many others. i mean, i could name many others. i think in almost all cases, run by republicans.
6:51 pm
i think in all cases. but they have done so well. and look, i saw michigan. i would say there has been nothing as close other than for her husband who has had free run of the place. i don't think there has been any state more locked up than michigan. >> sean: are you running again in 2024? what are the odds? >> mr. trump: that's a long time. what are the odds? what, i've got tremendous numbers. nobody has ever gotten the numbers i got. no sitting president has come even close. there is more popularity now the end there was the day before the election. because they see how bad things are at the border. they see what is going on. the second amendment. their taxes are going up. regulations are going through the roof. jobs are going to go up. it was going to take a little while. but if they add all these regulations, the jobs are going to be gone. your energy independence is going to be. so, i say this.
6:52 pm
i am looking at it very seriously. beyond seriously. from a legal standpoint, i don't want to really talk about it yet. >> sean: may be a dead run and did win, what would you do differently >> mr. trump: when i came in, we were hit with phony russia, russia, russia investigation's. >> sean: that was three years of your presidency. >> mr. trump: i have been fighting off investigations for five years. i mean, really since almost the day that we came down. and they were corrupt. still have it. they were democrat-inspired investigations. russia, i remember, not too much time with you, but i think it is interesting. i haven't told it before. during the campaign in 2016, i was asked by one of our aides, sir, did you have anything to do with russia? i said, no.
6:53 pm
that would be it. then, a month later, some he was saying, what do you about russia? i said i don't know you are talking about. okay. then after three, four, five times, people would say, do you know anything about russia? i kept saying -- after three or four times, i said what is going on with russia? they created a phony deal. it was paid for by hillary, cricket hillary clinton. >> sean: a phony russian disinformation and they used it to spy on you as a candidate, your transition team, and while you were president. it is at the top of a pfizer warrant. verified. it was unverifiable and they knew it. >> mr. trump: 17 times. >> sean: they knew it right from the get-go. they know it before hand and they knew it certainly from christopher steele. >> mr. trump: it was a total fraud. and you know what it did? it hurt any possibility of
6:54 pm
dealing with russia. we could have had, look, they'll say oh, he loves russia. get along with russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. getting along with china is a good thing. the problem we had with china was covid. because nobody ever took out so much money from china. you know, you look at china, i was taking tens of billions of dollars of tariffs from china and our farmers were doing great. the reason they were doing great was because of the tariffs i was able to sign a great deal for our farmers. but getting along with these countries, getting along with kim jong un of north korea, when i came in, president obama said, the biggest problem we have a north korea. it's want to be a war. there is no war. we get along great. i like him. he likes me. there is nothing wrong with that. i got along great with president putin. i like him. he liked me. that's a good thing, not a bad thing. they made up this phony hoax just recently, which came out two days ago that was a total
6:55 pm
phony russian -- >> sean: it was a big deal on the campaign. >> mr. trump: but you know what it does cluster mark it keeps you away from these countries, from dealing economically. we could have made a lot of money. they have great natural resources. we could've made a lot of money and done great with jobs in every thing else. getting along with these countries is a good thing, not a bad thing. >> sean: if i were going to bat, there is probably a lineup now. sounds like you haven't lost any engagement. you have been very generous with your time. mr. president, thank you. and thank all of you for taking the time to be with us. now, we will close it out on the other side of "hannity," straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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the never it ending crisis at our southern border. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham takes it away. >> ♪ ♪ >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. is it safe to be black in america. ben carson has a response made by democratic leaders and raymond arroyo breaking news down how the biden administration used dr. fauci and hollywood to sell you on the vaccine. why the hard sell? "seen and unseen" has all the details. first a follow on from friday night that caused such a stir. reading, writing and inciting. that's the