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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 22, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> i would be furious and i would have a with the principal and i would have to explain to my kids that this is just a story and bad things happen all the time. it's not like. >> harris: thank you for joining me. "outnumbered." "america report" is right now. we began here, critics going after the white house over a portrayal of the fatal police shooting of the 16-year-old in columbus, ohio. as you know that tip-top fears to protest and ignited further division. you are watching "america report." i am harris faulkner. your today is emily compagno, kayleigh mcenany, and in the virtual center seats, fox and friend cohost also host of the show. i'm going to kick it to you.
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>> good morning. thank you so much. as tensions remain high in columbus, ohio, the white house is weighing in on a police shooting and are now suggesting that the officer is responsible was a racially motivated attack, despite camera video showing her lunging at a girl with a knife. the press secretary says this. >> the killing of the 16-year-old michalak bryant is tragic, we know police violence impacts people like black men and boys experiencing higher, we are working to address systemic racism and implicit bias had on. >> emily: kayleigh, i would like to start with you. believe your own eyes, that was the prosecutor's final admonition in the derek chauvin trial and he writes that that should be the admonition governing a public response to
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this horrible tragedy. believe your own eyes, he writes. your thoughts? >> kayleigh: he went on to say that it was characterized as an illegitimate race shooting. when you stand at that podium your word carries weight and at this moment jumping to that conclusion was irresponsible, i remember taking the podium after the horrific george floyd video came out and we acknowledge that tragedy and said it was tragic and terrible, it was hard for president trump to watch. i also did this. i went on in the briefing saying, good hard worker generally do, cases of injustice and we must go after those, but the police officer who jumped in freezing water to save people. what about the police officer who saved a baby from choking? this is what our police officers do every day and you have a responsibility to acknowledge injustice when you see it, but
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when the facts are more complicated like in this case when the girl was yielding that knife, to not get ahead of the facts. not portrayed in a certain way. to demonize an individual before the facts are out is deeply irresponsible. >> emily: taking that point a step forward, that officer has nine seconds upon arriving to the scene and asking what is going on to see through a violent confrontation that culminated with a teenager lunging at another teenager and swinging that knife. the argument is, who speaks for that defenseless woman, the young woman in pink there was alive arguably because this law enforcement officer intervened? why can't the white house acknowledge all the countless lives that are saved every year by the intervention of law enforcement rather than kicking it aside and making it about race. >> all good questions.
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when i look at this and i say, wait a second, one is the last time i went to a police academy? i didn't. one is the last time i said, i'm about to get stabbed, come down here quick, wait it hasn't happened yet. everybody including outstanding basketball players who i will talk about feel as though they knew what happened, they knew the officer was wrong and there'll be something to pay for this including the ohio state student association who say they no longer want columbus at police on campus. they write to "the washington post," they put out tweets and they leave out the fact that there was a weapon in the woman's hand before she was shot! how do you read that out? this reeks of something saying, we need an investigation to see how this happened. you have to listen to the 911 call! the 911 call, come quick, i'm going to get stabbed, there is a
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knife so he comes quick and they're saying, why did you do that? that is what he was trained to do. i've talked to more officers in the last 24 hours and not one said the officer was wrong. i'm curious. i'm willing to say i don't know. why is everybody else not willing to say that including jen psaki? >> emily: kennedy, jen psaki joined a huge list of people who jumped in and made it about race. for example, valerie jarrett tweeted "a black teenage girl named ma'khia bryant was killed because a police officer decided to shoot her in order to break up a knife fight. demand accountability and fight for justice." to which there was a huge reaction to that on twitter, among them francis joseph who said, it's not a knife fight when one person lunges at another person who was unarmed.
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it's called attempted stabbing. lincoln was not in a gunfight with john wilkes booth. your reaction? >> it's kind of gross and cowardly to try and only abstract of the moment that the police officer shot her becausee girls and i think about the girl who was against the car who is being lunged at and essentially a murderous rage. what would've happened if that police officer had to the tape? what would have happened to the girl in pink? i look at this two ways, number one, if that were my daughter who was pinned against the car and this is going to sound confusing but i'm going to be honest, if that was my daughter, she's almost 16, if she were pinned against the car like the girl who was lunging at her with a knife to intent to hurt her or kill her, i would want to the police officer to do exactly what he did. if my daughter was ma'khia
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bryant i would feel differently, but i look and i think i'm a teenagers are being abandoned and failed because of the pandemic and i look at her and this girl has been failed so many times by her family and by schools and systems, one can only assume. that is part of the complex story that no one wants to touch on and it's really important. we have to ask ourselves, how are we failing these kids before they get to this point? >> emily: harris, kennedy asks such good questions and illustrates this is an issue that reduces or has been reduced to this oversimplification, produced simply about race. your thoughts? >> harris: you asked a previous question and i will hit that one first, why won't jen psaki or the administration look at this and just call balls and strikes until we know more
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about the game, because they're afraid. there cowardly ends in the face of the woke crowd, it's not that they don't know what the answer is spirit the answer is we wait for the facts. a child knows the answer. but what is the right answer when you are trying to use it to leverage for politics, congresswoman waters, and maybe even president biden because he is so before the verdict in the chauvin trial. maybe it's, were searching for the right answer in terms of letting this play out, but the narrative among those democrats who want to defund the police. i mean, politics as part of everything and that is what is so dirty and so hurtful in this whole thing. if you don't, if you can't be helpful, don't say anything, but you could be helpful by saying something like, tragedy for this
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child's family, imagine what they are going through. she's in foster care. that's another family that's been hurt in this tragedy as well. we have to wait for the facts and how did that 16-year-old get to the point where she thought her only option was to yield a knife. there are a lot of other questions. the neighbor who caught this from a different perspective so you get the impact of the nine seconds as they take down. we are done! it's quick. i've been talking to cops like brian, brian, i'm told there wasn't time for a taser to hit this accurately? there just wasn't a taser? and the distance was the other issue. so there's just so many more questions and then you have to interview this officer and see what his perspective was. it's too soon for the white house to weigh in, but
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they can't help themselves apparently. >> emily: kayleigh, i will give you the last final word to bring us home that as all americans are looking to the white house for leadership and americans are humans which means we are not fit into the singular boxes, what's your last piece of advice or statement to the white house? >> did that young girl stab in and is a young girl who would have died, would we have heard about this? no. would valerie jarrett be tweeting if this was a different scenario where the innocent young girl was a victim of stabbing? no. would we hear about this as a national news story, no because it's not the narrative that fits the left which is crime in the streets which has soared, talking about turner, these little babies who lost their lives and we've seen a doubling in shootings of innocent
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individuals among children in the last year. they have to mention the other side of this, tragically. if the innocent girl would've lost her life, this would be a story and jen psaki wouldn't be speaking about it from the podium. >> emily: thank you, kayleigh. fox news alert. the house approved a bill to make d.c. the 51st state in america. democrats call it a civil rights issue. republicans are calling it a wild power grab. more on this breaking news next. >> you have to wonder, other than a pure power grab, what's the real rationale for this? with mortgage rates low and home values high refiplus can help you lower your rate plus turn your home equity into an average of $50,000. money for security today. money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus from newday usa.
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for statehood and high gear and now the house has voted to pass it. it sets up a historic showdown in the senate because the filibuster is still in place. that's ramping up the democrats fight to end of the filibuster as you might imagine, which the g.o.p. sees as part of a wild power grab. senator kennedy told me last hour the effort to make d.c. a 51st state is unconstitutional, plain and simple. >> this issue was settled in 1790. our founders did not wants the seat of the federal government to be influenced by any particular states, so they created a district of columbia, a nonstate. i'm not especially worried about it. anybody who knows a law book from a j.crew catalog book knows it's the constitution. >> harris: brian kilmeade,
9:17 am
your thoughts? >> first of all, i did not know j.crew had a catalog. the final vote was pure party lines. as usual there is no way that should be done. this is done for one reason, not to give the constituents representation. it is to give democrats two more senate seats. that's it. the 700,000 people, it is clear, i'm not convinced it's the right direction. should the filibuster blow up, but i'll say this, evidently in this report we are doing the show when you're doing your show, but montero jones, they came out and said republicans don't want washington to be a state because there is not enough white people and it. it's amazing to me they find race and everything, they want to strengthen the record. i don't think this is a
9:18 am
black-and-white issue. this is a right and wrong issue and i'm amazed how race has to be in everything we discussed. >> harris: i don't know how they're going to have any friends, anywhere where serious matters are being discussed. >> brian: is a political advantage and that's it. >> harris: but in life, if you accuse everyone of being racist, where does that leave us? it's so incredibly sad and destructive because then when there is actual racism it's like the little boy who cried wolf! let me just stop. kennedy? >> kennedy: here's my problem with it, i unlike many people in this country, athletes and pond pendants, i love our flag and i love the states, i love the song, i don't want to change the flag or the song and also if you're concerned about people of color in policing right now, that's obviously a huge issue,
9:19 am
you're just introducing a new layer of police. that is not looking out for communities of color in washington, d.c., and also you can have people who live in residential districts vote in maryland. there are ways of doing this, but also what the senator was talking about is there is a part of the constitution that's carved out for d.c. it's not like hawaii was up for sale so we just snatched it at the dollar store. this is something that has its home in a constitutional not to so that's why they're talking about an amendment. >> kayleigh: that's exactly right, but look, making the swamp the 51st state is just an attempt to grab power, to make this a democratic stronghold, you look at the numbers in "the washington post," you had
9:20 am
reagan who won almost all 50 states, that he got 14% of the district of columbia. president trump got 5%. they know this is a democratic stronghold. it's also unconstitutional. the filibuster gets in the way, get rid of it. the clause has a special carve out, get rid of it. it's destructive, but another step of them destroying institutions, the filibuster or a power from state election. >> harris: you know, kayleigh, it makes me wonder even more which part of the party is in charge. you are right. jones -- i mean the squad isn't all women anymore. there are some far left members. i guess he is and they are aoc, but who is in charge here and who is capitulating? are moderates, is biden?
9:21 am
really, who's running the show and how much more is there to calm? emily? >> i think you'd be hard-pressed to find people to believe that, it seems that our memories are longer than his because now he's a mouthpiece for the far left. she brought up the filibuster, they said, it needs to be jettisoned because it's not a principle that the minority can stop the majority, but that's exactly why it was designed. there is a voice and a stronghold against the tyranny of majority. that's to protect the minority! it seems to me that this is such a shiny object that's distracting the entire country from the issues that need our attention while the democrats are patting themselves on the back for introducing legislation, i think people want their kids back in school.
9:22 am
people want their achievement gaps closed. there needs to be an element of success, their livelihood restored. they'll be playing themselves on the hill. >> harris: very well put. just ahead, lebron james igniting firestorm with a now deleted tweet, somebody tell this to go away! stop! critics say that tweet incited violence against the police officer involved in the ohio shooting of the black teenager. the backlash and lebron's response. no more tweeting! >> alleged consistently goes after attacks and demonizes police officers and they do so often before the facts are known. their immediate reaction is the police officer is in the wrong, the police officer is the villain. ♪ ♪
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>> harris: lebron james is taking heat for his reaction to the police shooting of the 16-year-old ma'khia bryant in columbus, ohio. lebron james tweeted a photo of the police officer who shot the black teenager with the caption "your next." and an hourglass, do you see the emoji? that generally means time is running out. james later deleted that tweet and acknowledge that emotions were running high. he offered his sympathies to the teenager's family and this, "i am so tired of seeing black people killed by police. i took the tweet down because it's being used to create more hate. this isn't about one officer it's about the entire system and they always use our words to create more racism. i'm so desperate for more accountability." ted cruz says this type of reaction is getting to be all
9:28 am
too common. >> this is a pattern where the left consistently goes after attacks and demonizes police officers and they do so often before the facts are known or before there is any evidence and in this instance, you are next could be interpreted by some as a call for violence. i think it was a grossly irresponsible message for lebron james to send out. >> harris: brian, in all of your years of coverage for sports and being involved, i'm curious to know your take on how this affects other athletes. to have lebron james come out and delete a tweet. what does that mean. why isn't the commissioner saying anything. if the fact is interpreted as violent and not helpful.
9:29 am
lebron james runs the league. he's more powerful the commissioner. to do whatever they want to do, that's how much power he has. i did a show with jim brown who in the 1960s, will chamberlain, muhammad ali, so many others and when athletes stood up and said enough, so i know he wanted michael jordan to stand up and speak out for the longest time and he says i'm not going to do that. i think people are saying, i think athletes think he should speak up, but take a breath, because if you go on twitter and threaten someone, i thought you get banned? i'm still waiting to read that hunter biden story. he came down and said, it does not do anyone good, my anger is
9:30 am
still here for what happens. i have my sympathy for that girl and her family. i think it's irresponsible. 50 million people. if you watch espn, they lead every "sportscenter" with athletes speaking out. there is no balance anywhere. they are down 40% on abc and 20% on espn and i think these things are related. people want a break. >> harris: kennedy? >> kennedy: i don't want to hear from lebron james because he's basically condoned of the uighurs in china and his actions on china have been utterly reprehensible. those are people who are being sterilized and slaughtered and put in concentration camps and to me that's an emotional issue. number two ago, he's not near one of the greatest lakers ever. you will never be kobe and i
9:31 am
would much rather hear from shaq o'neill because he was a cop and it would much rather hear from him, not only his high profile, but the love he has, but having warned the badge and knowing what he does about law enforcement. i don't know. lebron is getting old. >> harris: i'm always curious when i hear anyone of color say something like he tweeted. "they always use our words." who? who does he represent? we are not monolithic as african-americans, whatever you want to call us, we are not. we don't always think the same. in fact, we've seen protesting that's had no leadership on the ground since last summer! there is not anybody volunteering to speak up for the whole "black community" although there are many communities of
9:32 am
color. >> kayleigh: he said that because he's desperate to find a way to blame others for his heinous tweet a mistake. i agree with kennedy. i would rather hear from shaquille o'neal. that aside, lebron james had the audacity to mention accountability. i would like to see it for a leftist saying something inappropriate, for a moment, this is not some celebrity athlete from the left, lebron james. let's say his name was lebron trump and he was a right wing activists, he would be banned from twitter and he would lose his job, he would be relegated to the outskirts of society. there is one standard for the left and this makes it crystal clear with no retribution here from twitter for that tweet. >> harris: i want to lean on your legal acumen now because this has become a trend. congresswoman maxine waters and
9:33 am
her incendiary comments on the ground in minneapolis before a verdict in the derek chauvin case calling for protesters to stay on the streets and get more confrontational. this tweet, he thinks he can wipe away, even though most people have a snapshot. most people didn't believe it was him. has tweet is also incendiary. even if you don't take every word of it to mean violence, why did you put that hourglass emoji there? what is that about? how does the law look at stuff like this? forget about twitter. but you're not allowed to yell "fire" where there is no fire! that's not protected speech. >> emily: to answer your question, legally, all threats are taken seriously and if they are actionable, if the wheels
9:34 am
are put in motion, there is a criminal element, you can incite something without there being that horrible result that you called for and in the civil arena you have to have damages, but the larger conversation, why are some threats acceptable and some aren't? what does a threat become a real. if people are put in fear, that's a real impact and this point if i may, to kick kennedy's ball further, remember when the general manager of the rockets said i stand with hong kong. there was a firestorm. the owner of the rockets distanced themselves, they had to apologize, he resigned. there were high-profile athletes that tweeted apologies. the different reaction here as compared there was so mind-boggling and so ridiculous to see how money is the driving factor.
9:35 am
when you have things like this, going back to that trial, remember the prosecution is so easy to say we support law enforcement and we don't support actions. that illustrates the fact that you can support both. you can take that human approach without vilifying all of law enforcement. speed 2% of law enforcement are former military and we are seeing growing number of people of color, racial minorities making up that. where do we go when we reach some sort of a balance there, how will lebron james characterize policing in america? if you can't make it about race. i want your last thought. >> brian: lebron james has to take a step back. they'll have to take a step back. on your point that you brought up, not only when the rockets owner came out and said, i support hong kong, china banned
9:36 am
the nba and he was critical of the gm, he called him ignorant, not understanding business. and then the nba cut a deal, we don't know the details, but to get back in china. they sold their soul for billions. >> harris: okay. we will move on. up next, critics accusing nbc and "the new york times," see, we were going to get to nbc. you're right! the leading coverage of the deadly police shooting of the 16-year-old, ma'khia bryant in columbus, ohio. weeks after lester holt called fairness overrated! the debate you don't want to mess is next. ♪ ♪ real piece of mind. refiplus from newday usa can make it happen.
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nbc news under fire for editing out a key part of the 911 call before the fatal police shooting of ma'khia bryant after she appeared to attack two girls with a knife. here's the expert they aired. >> officer nicholas riordan who joined the force in december 2019 was responding to a call. >> emily: here's the part they did not err. >> you're trying to fight us! at here now! >> is there a weapon? >> is there a weapon? >> we need a police officer here now. >> emily: while nbc did report he had a knife, they did not show it in the hands. this coming a few weeks after the anchor lester holt said, we don't need to hear both sides to define weird watch.
9:42 am
>> it's become clear that fairness is overrated. the idea that we should always give two sides equal weight and merit does not reflect the world we found ourselves in. the sunsets in the west is a fact and a contrary view does not deserve our time or attention. decisions to not give unsupported arguments equal time or not of dereliction responsibility or agenda. in fact, it's the opposite. >> emily: he says it's the opposite. it's not a dereliction of duty to ignore the other side. the dereliction occurs when you include it. here they are admitting the facts. your thoughts? >> kennedy: he's employing so many fallacies here. they should petition him for a $15 minimum wage. this is ridiculous. he's getting an example, an
9:43 am
objective example yet the problem is there's so much subjectivity in the way they report the news, so much subjectivity in the facts they choose to obstruct from certain stories. conflating the two not only disingenuous, it's completely dishonest. it's much harder work to present facts and to do an analysis and if you only have to do half of that work, that's an easy day. >> emily: the stakes here are really high. it's arguably life-and-death situation with law enforcement having targets on their back. this isn't just presenting two sides of an opinion of a policy. this is a really serious matter that nbc has done. >> harris: i like to know who people really are. what i do want to do is find out
9:44 am
facts to ways and he just showed us who he and his teams are, aren't you glad you know? mistakes, i make them, teams and part of make them, but when you go on the air and say that fairness is overrated and that you don't value the truth, that's basically what he's saying. there's a difference between gathering facts and reporting the whole truth which is why when i had the neighbor on last hour who got this from his garage camera, i didn't just dissect the new video that we had from his perspective, he and his wife could hear what was going on. that's part of the story we don't have. that's the facts with context. so they been arguing, they dropped expletives, tell me more about what you thought you saw, the camera had gone off yet. that is what triggered the camera, okay. there were things that a been out there.
9:45 am
that is the facts with context. that's the truth. apparently lester holt is only interested in getting part of the story. good luck with that! i don't want to see that. that's like watching something that doesn't have a whole script and it. what's the end of the movie? i don't know, lester holt cut it off after 42 minutes. >> emily: imagine if that was this network, why is it acceptable for them to manipulate the mainstream media of reality? >> brian: harris reference we all make mistakes, i checked my wikipedia and i haven't made any. >> harris: don't you tease me! you know i have one. [laughter] >> brian: i think it's interesting, lester holt said holding a knife and the other networks and yielding a knife which is more accurate. how about this, what if
9:46 am
lebron james read "the washington post" "the new york times" and the nbc and we did that out erroneously not knowing the whole story. that's the problem! what if they did know the whole problem! what if ohio state, what if they didn't know the whole story because they looked at these -- what they think is reliable. do you seal it on each other and then stores go up in flames? >> emily: that was part of the situation with "the washington post" which is the amplification was just as problematic and legally actionable. your thoughts? >> kayleigh: very good point. we moved into the hollywood athlete and here we are with the media committing journalistic malpractice, demonizing this office. the global elite are trying to play us all, divide us against
9:47 am
authority and institutions is ridiculous and it should be called out. >> emily: which we are doing here. hope your plans aren't set in stone because you may have to cancel them, so says the president. ♪ ♪y elt more energy in just two weeks! ( sighs wearily ) here, i'll take that! ( excited yell ) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one-gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health! ( abbot sonic )
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>> gearing up for a busy afternoon, the house passes a bill that would make dcs date. clinical panelist to weigh in and tom cotton who went to a rush to judgment and the police shooting of a ohio teenager and why he's slamming lebron james for that deleted tweet. joining us on joe biden's woke education agenda, is it undermining american academic competitiveness? joe concha and join john and me live for "america's newsroom" on the top of the hour. >> to celebrate our independence, with family and friends in small groups, we have more to do in the months of may and june. we all need to mask up until the number of cases goes down, till everyone has a chance to get their shot. >> harris: the
9:52 am
president warning americans that they need to cancel their fourth of july plans if not enough americans get vaccinated, this admitted more mass confusion as the director of the cdc seems to refuse to answer one we need to wear a mask. watch. >> you think that if you are outside and not close to people, you need to worry mask? >> this is a question we are looking at. we still have 57,000 cases yesterday, 733 deaths and so while were trying to scale it back, we have this message we still have hot spots in this country. >> harris: those numbers are still disturbing and i do understand the cause for concern. that's a lot of cases and one death is to money, 700 plus is a law. at the same time, so many more
9:53 am
americans who have been vaccinated that we do total cases. positive cases that we know about. we are making progress. >> kayleigh: we know how to treat covid, it's protecting the vulnerable and mitigating, but what the cdc director said, if you are outside and not around anyone, you have to worry mask? this is a party of science, this is -- it makes no sense and then joe biden talks about small outdoor gatherings, we might have to call them off when my former colleague said, i don't know what science he is reading, but it's fine to do outdoor gatherings now. a reminder, i'm pretty certain joe biden did small outdoor gatherings throughout the entire fall leading up to the campaign because i watch them. this is not science and it doesn't help any american who
9:54 am
gets these confusing mixed messages! >> harris: do know what else they're sure of because of warp speed deliver those vaccines, we're sure the president, the current one got a shot! one and two, fully vaccinated before he was in office. we are sure of that. kennedy? >> kennedy: the hot spot will be my grill. i'm going to make some ribeye and also some grilled peaches with vanilla bean ice cream on top and island mojitos because i know how you appreciate a good recipe. i will be gathering, i will be doing it responsibly. lb shaming people for things other than masks, probably for being topless at the limbo bar. >> harris: hilarious. here's what i will need to go to kennedy's house. emily? >> emily: i will definitely be there. i just watch the american
9:55 am
country music awards, the only one i watched, the guess they had were first responders. they were all vaccinated, socially distanced and wearing masks throughout the entire thing and i kept thinking come i felt bad for them that they were checking boxes to comply, to make sure we are all okay but it doesn't make sense. >> harris: i have to go fast. quick thought? >> brian: quick thought, kennedy never invites me over and it hurts to have done on national television. we don't need two masks, you have vaccinations, you can't carry the virus, the cdc director told us that already and then reprimanded for the truth. you're not looking looking for direction because we padded spirit >> harris: more more "america report" after this.
9:56 am
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>> just checked the schedule. i was curious where will lebron james bay? they play the dallas mavericks.
10:00 am
he probably won't be taught plaintiff he is hurt. i wonder if he is taking questions on the sideline? >> i doubt it. speak up maybe he will be tweeting. thanks for joining us everybody. it was good to see everyone on the channel. and now "america reports." >> john: harris, thank you so much. protests corrupting for a second straight night in ohio following the death of a police shooting of a 16-year-old girl holding a knife in her hand. the white house suggests systemic racism was at play. welcome to my thursday addition of "america reports." >> sandra: hi, john. after a police officer killed ma'khia bryant on thursday. john? >> john: body can video appears to show her lunging at another girl while wielding a knife. moments later, an officer opens fire killing her.


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