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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  April 23, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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that. >> bill: check it out here on fox and here on the fox news channel at 10:00 eastern time on sunday night. dana has a great program with president bush and his new book. check it out. have a great weekend. here is harris, bye-bye. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. derupt after the fatal police shooting of a black teenager in columbus, ohio. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". protestors taking to the streets in cities like columbus and outrage over the death of 16-year-old ma'khia bryant is growing. now democrats and mainstream media are facing criticism saying bryant was just being a kid when an officer shot and killed her as she was trying to
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stab another black girl with a knife. congresswoman tlaib tweeted this. we cannot be a society that justifies the killing of a child. tucker carlson says democrats don't seem to care that bryant was about to plunge a knife into another girl. >> just because someone is getting stabbed doesn't mean you have to stop it. racist. children have been stabbing their friends forever. get over it. let kids be kids. let them stab each other. >> harris: a neighbor who caught this incident on his own security camera above his garage door telling me exclusively on "the faulkner focus" yesterday that he has no doubt the officer did what he felt like he needed to do. >> he only had seconds to respond. from my point of view watching this unfortunately the whole scenario put him in a bad spot
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regardless of what the situation was. he could have either not fired and the young lady in pink could have got stabbed in the neck or been fatally injured. >> harris: joining me now former house oversight committee chair and fox news contributor jason chaffetz. great to see you. i want to unpack this from the politicians getting involved now. tlaib, the representative and basically saying oh, just let kids be kids. that's a paraphrase there. your reaction to her getting involved and what she had to say. >> well, this is the same congresswoman who advocates that there should be no incarceration, there should be open borders, there shouldn't be a police department. i don't think sending a social worker to that scene where you have somebody whose life is threatened, an officer has seconds to make a decision, a life or death decision, from my
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vantage point again based on the limited information that we have, we have to allow all of this information to play out. this is why they do thorough investigations. but it looks to me that officer had the most difficult choice that an officer can have. but something they face on a regular basis. that is a life or death situation. if this person didn't have a knife and wasn't about to stab another person, i don't think the person would have been shot. remember, there are something like 1500 or so, depends year to year, people who are stabbed and killed with a knife or a sharp object every year. it is a very real scenario that cops have to deal with on a regular basis unfortunately. >> harris: you know, before i talked with donovan brenson whose camera above his garage across the street captured this with audio. that's interesting, too, you can really hear some things that maybe are a little
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different than having a cop's camera on him can get up close rubbing against fabric and get muffled. this was much clearer. before that we didn't know what led up to this. one of the girls had locked the other one out of the house and there was a whole infraction going on his neighbor and wife watched but hoped would de-escalate at that point. there is so much more to this to come out but we are getting some details. if you press for it and look for it you can find them. the media continuing now, jason, to go after that officer. to rail against him. watch. >> i can't help but think what would happen if we had social workers present. if we had community based intervention presence? >> i remember fights in high school where a kid brought a pen knife or something to schools and teachers were able to diffuse that. they didn't have guns. >> they said the cop had no
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choice. my feeling is i don't know if that's true or not. shoot the gun in the air? tase a person, shoot them in the leg or the behind? stop them somehow? >> harris: your response to all that. >> they are so not based in reality. the fraternal order of police put out a statement yesterday saying there is no police department in the country that allows an officer to just simply shoot a gun in the air because what comes up comes down and you don't want somebody -- some innocent bystander to get hurt. i have heard sean hannity and others advocate there should be other types of perhaps non-lethal ways that they can deal with this. some have tasers, some don't. some other types of things that would disable a person. but the tools that that police officer was given and knowing that a young person -- a call comes across on the radio, they
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jump out of the car. i believe it happened in less than 30 seconds. >> harris: it was 9 seconds. >> the person has to make a life or death decision and i look at that and see that an officer saved a person's life. now, i wish the other person didn't die. but i also wish that she wasn't lunging at another person with a knife in her hand. that's what i see in the video. >> harris: you took on everybody who talked there including joy behar with the information from the fop. cops that i've been talking to say because of the distance, the taser might not have worked in that instance and you had nine seconds. how do we know clearly? the car pulls up and the trigger for the garage door camera starts right as it starts. face nateing. we'll move to this. critics mocking "new york
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times" columnist paul krugman for suggesting republicans made up stories about the rioting going on in american cities. reacting to a vair on the concerns of a gop voters with a tweet which read this way. you might think that it would be hard to obsess over the deficit when it was actually trump who blew up the deficit. but that would be assuming that republican voters know about that. in reality, given that many gop supporters believe that rampaging mobs burned and looted major cities, getting them to see facts about something as abstract as the deficit is a hopeless cause. all that on his twitter. one user responded this way. denying what happened last summer is extremely cruel to everyone affected and you don't have to be a gop supporter to observe reality. another writes are you denying the largest insurance pay-out for rioting on record? another. this is the most spectacular attempt at gas lighting i have
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ever seen. estimates put by the way jason costs of those riots at about $1 billion possibly up to $2 billion. >> paul krugman lost his marbles a long time ago. the tweets say a lot about it. watch what happen night after night on video. officers hurt, injured, people were killed, businesses making insurance claims, businesses destroyed, police departments attacked. you famously had the cnn reporter saying in front of a fire that it's a mostly peaceful protest. it was just -- come on, you have to watch the video. you have to see what happened. there was a criminal element here. protesting in the united states is about as american as you can do. but when it turns to violence and you are firebombing things, molotov cocktails. shooting fireworks at police officers, hitting them,
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attacking them. breaking into federal buildings, come on. >> harris: why the narrative then? why not tell the truth? >> because i do believe that the far radical left has their hand in the pocket of the traditional media and they want to rewrite history. they just believe if they say it and say it and say it again that that's somehow a couple years from now, six months from now will become the truth as they see it. that republicans were just making all of this up. and i do think that going into the 2022 election and certainly 2024. law and order will be a major political issue on the ballot. >> harris: i remember officer doern trying to protect that small business pawnshop. he lost his life. all caught on camera when the protests in his city raged out of control. i'll let you go. thank you. a protest expected shortly in fact in north carolina following the shooting death of andrew brown, african-american man who fled his home when
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deputies showed up with a warrant. those deputies are now on administrative leave and local naacp chapter is asking for body cam of the incident to be released. >> people are feeling tired, frustrated and people want this to stop. and the only way it is going to stop is if we first have transparency. transparency brings about trust. >> harris: griff jenkins is live for us in elizabeth city, north carolina. griff, what are protestors asking for? we know they want the body cam footage. what else do they want? >> hi, they want that body camera footage to be released. it is complicated. they also want the deputies, if on the video seem to be breaking the law to be held accountable and want the sheriff to tell them what he knows about carrying out that warrant just two days ago.
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now, i say that the release of the video is complicated because the district attorney explained unlike other states here in north carolina that is not a matter of public record and that a court order has to be issued for it to be released to the press and public. he is working with the brown family to get a viewing of the video for them. now, the sheriff did release yesterday, harris, a video message on facebook along with a deputy sheriff addressing some of these issues saying that the deputies would be held accountable and the video is not being released. watch. >> there is body camera footage of the attempt to arrest mr. brown. the state bureau of investigation has this footage and can only be released by a judge. >> now last night we had some 300 protestors taking to the streets for more than four hours going from one end to the other of elizabeth city
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shutting down intersections, sitting and moving, all peaceful. not having confrontations with the police minus a few minor situations. but ultimately it is a process we'll see playing out not only here at lunch time but again this evening. we talked with one of the organizers, pastor daniel spence. here is a little of what he told me when they shut down the intersection behind me. listen. >> to me it makes no sense. if he wants to calm the city, one way to calm the city is give the family, citizens what they are looking for. we understand there is an investigation. we understand that you cannot convict anybody at this point. however, they need to hear something, they need to hear some information to ease the tension in the city right now. >> authorities confirm this morning, we found out that mr. brown has at least two
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outstanding drug felony cases and that's the part of the story we're continuing to follow. we expect at noontime this busy thoroughfare there will be protestors shutting it down. >> harris: i respect what that pastor said but to say that there won't be any peace unless the street gets what it wants is really complicated. as you pointed out in this case, maybe the valuable information he needs is for somebody simply to say it won't happen until a judge makes it happen with a bull horn out there to let people know. griff jenkins, thank you. lebron james taking major heat over his tweet showing the photo of that officer and remember the photograph had not been out yet. lebron james showed the photograph of the officer who shot ma'khia bryant as she was about to stab someone else. don't expect twitter to take any action on that. why the social media site says it is possible to -- impossible, rather, to evaluate
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what lebron said. and why some are again saying that is a double standard if you say you cannot evaluate his tweet and this. >> they want to pack the supreme court. eliminate election integrity. defund police, keep borders open and prohibit bebait in this very house. d.c. statehood is just the next step. >> harris: republicans ripping the d.c. statehood bill as another power grab by the left. however, one democrat fired back calling the g.o.p.'s arguments against d.c. statehood quote racist trash. senator ted cruz will join me next as the bill now heads to the senate. veteran homeowners. congratulations. chances are the home you bought has gone way up in value. that means you could have a lot more home equity than you think. use your va benefits to turn that equity into cash while rates are near all time lows.
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>> to imply that washington, d.c. has no representation is absolutely false. one of my house republicans colleagues said d.c. shouldn't be a state because the district doesn't have a landfill. with all the racist trash my colleagues have brought to this debate i can see why they're worried about having a place to put it. >> this is not about a balance of power but more power. >> there is a basic constitutional unfairness when you deny people the right to vote. >> here we are today pure power grab to give two democrat senators to district of columbia. >> my friends across the aisle complain it would lead to the addition of two democratic senators, so what? >> harris: well, did you hear some of those words on the house floor? democrats passed legislation to make washington, d.c. our 51st state. not one republican voted for the bill which faces an upwhen hill battle in the senate.
8:21 am
gop lawmakers call it the left's latest power grab saying democrats want to expand their ranks by adding to senators what would be a safely liberal state. ted cruz joins me now. i have to start with some of the incendiary comments made there. racist trash? what does that have to do with the argument? where are we going? >> well, unfortunately that is now the go-to attack for democrats. that they excuse anyone who disagrees with them on any issue is racist. they use inflammatory statements. they do it on issue after issue. it is their -- you know, people talk about playing the race card. it is the only card they have in their deck and their standard attack. d.c. statehood. the push is part of a broader effort. we have democratic control of the white house and both houses of congress and their number
8:22 am
one priority not covid, not vaccinations, not reopening jobs, not getting kids back in school. not doing anything substantive. their number one priority is they want to stay in power forever. so you look at what they are pushing. they are pushing d.c. statehood because they want two new democratic senator, hr1, the corrupt politicians act because they want to federalize elections and register millions of illegal aliens and felons to vote and keep democrats in power for the next 100 years and pack the u.s. supreme court and add four new left wing justice because they want to change the rules and maintain power. that's their priority and it is not what they should be doing. >> harris: you know, in case the public did not know or did not recognize with a mask on representative jones is also the person who was there for the roll-out of packing the court outside the supreme court about a week or so ago.
8:23 am
those remarks are getting a lot of heat today and i'm curious when it makes its way to the senate what really happens in terms of the rhetoric here? >> well, in terms of the substance, the chances of d.c. statehood or packing the court passing into law are zero if -- this is a big if -- if the senate filibuster rules remain the case. if it takes 60 votes to move forward, which has been the case in the senate for a long, long time, then both of those are dead on arrival. the democrats know that. that's why they want to change, blow up the senate rules, end the filibuster in order to change the fundamental election rules. it all comes down to really joe manchin and krysten sinema, the lone two democrats said they won't end the filibuster. if they end the filibuster they will make d.c. a state and pack the supreme court.
8:24 am
it is all about power and so much pressure on those two democratic senators. >> harris: i started with a two-prong power grab, d.c. statehood and filibuster. there could be more. we'll cover it when it happens. twitter won't say whether the controversial post by superstar in the nba lebron james violated its policies. in the tweet he later deleted lebron james posted a photograph, the only one we've seen of the police officer at the scene of ma'khia bryant's shooting who shot her with the caption you're next. #accountability. in a statement twitter says our teams do not evaluate deleted tweets as long as they are no longer on service. rendering it impossible. full disclosure, got it on my phone. you know the tweet is everywhere, you can google it. what are they talking about? >> well let me start actually by commending lebron james for
8:25 am
deleting the tweet. he shouldn't have sent it. it was grossly irresponsible to send it but i'm glad he deleted it. you open this segment by talking about the racial divisions in our country. they are real. they're raw and there are hundreds of years of history behind those tensions and when you have an officer-involved shooting i think everyone has an obligation to tamp down the rhetoric, not just immediately throw sticks of dynamite into the burning flame. in the instance in ohio in which lebron james was commenting, we've now seen the officer body cam where the woman who was shot was wielding a knife, was obviously violent and threatening the life of another young lady. the officer in that instance may well have saved that other young lady's life. we don't know. there needs to be an investigation. any time there is an officer-involved shooting there is an investigation it's right.
8:26 am
lebron james has 50 million followers on twit. when he targets a police officer some might read the tweet for violence against that officer. everyone reads that tweet as an invitation for this officer to be demonized. that's the wrong approach. the approach the left takes systematically. whenever everything happens the police officer is always in the wrong and the vast majority of law enforcement officers are good, honorable and risking their lives to keep us safe. are there bad apples, sure? the chauvin verdict was a jury of his peers convicting him for violating the law. what happened to george floyd was horrific and wrong and the system worked. but what lebron james was doing was not looking to the facts or the system but was instead unfairly targeting one individual officer for what may well have been saving the life of somebody else. >> harris: i'll see if lawmakers on the hill will relook at that section 230 that
8:27 am
protects some of these tech giants on social media. it didn't go anywhere last time. >> twitter is utterly arbitrary in how they handle this. that's really the whole point is. they have the power, they are the black box. you remember right before the election they took down the twitter feed of the "new york post." the newspaper with the fourth largest distribution in america. why? because they ran an article about hunter biden's laptop that was true. that we now know it was a true and accurate article and yet twitter says we have the power to shut down the press if we don't like what we're saying. it is completely unchecked power and it is the biggest threat we have to free speech and democracy in this country. >> harris: senator ted cruz, great to have you today. thank you. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: climate czar john kerry is now saying reducing carbon emissions to zero is not
8:28 am
even enough. the administration is pushing a climate agenda that could cost many, many, many people their jobs. power panel next. plus black lives matter protestors storm the oklahoma capitol furious over new republican laws on protesting. one of those gop lawmakers joins me next.
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use your va benefits to turn that equity into cash while rates are near all time lows. the newday100 va cash out loan lets you borrow $50,000 or more for home improvements or just put it in the bank. the newday100 va cash out loan. [shouting] >> my point was made. i will see you all soon. >> harris: black lives matter activists stormed the oklahoma state capitol yesterday. as you can see they got in. forcing the house of representatives into lockdown. the anger is over republican
8:34 am
bills which increase penalties for protestors who block traffic and also protect drivers who unintentionally hit the rioters blocking traffic with their cars. oklahoma state representative kevin west a republican joins me now. he was in the middle of all that. you could see everybody in the video there. what was it like to be there snow how shocked were you when they showed up? >> first off good morning, harris. it was absolutely a bit of a disruption. we have people come in all the time to the capitol and they are in the gallery. this particular group we were just starting to vote on a bill and they started chanting. i really couldn't hear exactly what they were chanting and then from there it started escalating. so basically what we did, we
8:35 am
exited the chamber and we had the highway patrol was there and they came in and escorted everybody out of the gallery. >> harris: we see that. i said they got in and clearly people come to the venue and can get in there but i meant they got to the floor, which how unusual is that? >> well, actually they did not get on the floor, they were in the gallery. the gallery is one floor above and so that's where guests and everybody come to watch the proceedings. and so once they started disrupting, we just shut things down until we could get everything under control to make sure everybody was safe and that we could conduct business. >> harris: state representative west, does this -- did it make a difference for them and their
8:36 am
cause? are you relooking at the legislation that would address what happens when people are blocking streets in protests and unintentional drivers can't get out of the way or get them out of the way and end up hitting them? is what they did yesterday effective? >> well, any time that you are being disruptive i feel like that hurts your cause. the first amendment clearly establishs the right of free speech. the right to peaceably assembly, and also grants the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances. this actual bill, what it deals with is in riot situations, i went specifically into the existing riot laws that we have on the books, and expanded that just a little bit to include if
8:37 am
you are unlawfully blocking the road you can be charged with a misdemeanor that can be jail time and/or fine and then because of some events that happened in the tulsa area over the summer, i added in a part where if you are in a motor vehicle and caught in one of those situations, and you are in fear for your life, you can get out of that situation because what we found was what happened in tulsa, the district attorney chose to not prosecute the driver but he went after the people that were actually rioting in that situation. and what i found is that in oklahoma since we didn't have anything clearly defined, that was at the sole discretion of the district attorney. so basically what we did was we put in safeguards. it protects people who are
8:38 am
peacefully protesting and it also protects drivers if you are in fear for your life. very closely mirrors our self-defense act and just extends it to if you are in that type of a situation in your vehicle. >> harris: it's really interesting. it will be so fascinating to see if other states take a look at this, too, after the rioting and looting we saw last summer. it clearly protects those trying to peacefully protest. representative kevin west of the great state of oklahoma, thank you for being with me. >> thank you very much, harris, have a great day. >> harris: more climate preaching from the climate czar, john kerry. the reaction after the climate envoy and private jet frequent flier. he could fly any way he wants. he has tons of cash from all the ketchup. after what he said about going carbon neutral isn't enough.
8:39 am
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>> you said twice getting to net zero is going to be hard, really hard. and just remind everybody that will depend on whether or not we have some breakthrough technologies and breakthrough innovations, number one. even if we get to net zero, we still have to get carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. this is a bigger challenge than a lot of people have really grabbed onto yet. >> harris: you heard it right. net zero carbon emissions not enough as the biden white house wants to get america there by 2030, other climate proposals are at play. reduce u.s. emissions at least 50% by 2030. invest more than $170 billion in electric vehicles over the next eight years. republicans are questioning the costs in both money and jobs and still not clear whether
8:45 am
kerry will alter when his own lavish lifestyle of mega mansions and private jets while preaching the gospel of green living. that's the problem. but that he tells everybody else how to live. it is completely opposite of what he does. power panel now, radio show host richard fowler. former bush white house speech writer marc thiessen. marc, i come to you for your top line thoughts on this. >> first of all we'll get carbon out of the atmosphere we ought to stop this segment because we admit carbon as we speak. president biden has set a goal of reducing u.s. carbon emissions by 50% of 2005 levels in 10 years and zero net carbon emissions by 2050. john kerry says it is not good enough. if you want to just get to biden's goals we would have to destroy the u.s. economy. proof. last year during the covid lockdown when factories and
8:46 am
businesses closed and millions of americans locked in their homes we reduced our carbon emissions to 21% of 2005 levels. 30% short of biden's goal when the entire country was locked down. how will we get to the levels that he wants, which john kerry says aren't good enough? we would have to destroy the united states economy though do it in that period of time. so this is completely unrealistic. >> harris: i really appreciate that line of argument. that is fascinating. how can we be locked in my more than we were at the height of the pandemic? >> good to be here. good to see you, marc. i think this is going to be a very, very hard goal for america to reach. with that being said it doesn't mean we shouldn't be having a conversation about climate change. >> harris: a real conversation. >> george w. bush gave a speech
8:47 am
about how we deal with carbon emissions. did his administration do anything about it? no. he understood in 2000 that we have to have a conversation limiting the amount of carbon emissions we put out there. we only have one earth. if we destroy this one earth we can't create a new one. so it is not -- this shouldn't be a democrat or republican issue. but an american issue. we have to find a bipartisan solution to how we decrease carbon emissions and footprints. john kerry is not the best spokesperson. there are a lot of poor folks and folks in vulnerable communities who are really struggling and don't drive teslas and trying to figure out how to do this. we have to bring people along for the ride. >> harris: you just said that is not the right man to give the message and put it out there.
8:48 am
yeah. it is only a are -- good stuff. political affiliation -- [laughter] the political affiliation, which is yours. important now to major league baseball. they want to know how you vote. the league reportedly is asking just that on fan surveys now. it comes after mlb's popularity numbers tanked after it pulled out the all-star game from atlanta. the league says they started asking this question last year and excerpt from a statement reads this. the research has shown that a person's self-identified political affiliation impacts their views about the pandemic and therefore respondents views about returning to the bam park. since we're in the midst of the pandemic it is valuable information for our clubs to understand the views of their fans about attending games. yeah, but then they also find out how you vote. marc.
8:49 am
>> my mentor and friend charles krauthammer said baseball is a respite for politics. the only thing that should matter when you are at the ballpark is what team you route for, not the party you root for. can we please keep politics out of sports, please? >> harris: real quick follow to you, marc, forgive me richard i'm curious about this. is there a slippery slope in any of this? >> well sure. we are seeing it. major league baseball injected itself into the political debate over election laws. georgia expands voting. now they are asking our political affiliation. people taking knees and the rest of it. we have so few safe harbors we can go to these days from all the politics and division and i wish they would just keep
8:50 am
politics out of sports. >> harris: richard, quick thought. >> all i will say politics has always been in sports since the 1932 berlin olympics we've seen politics and sports collide whether with richard nixon and boxing. politics and supports have been connected. any idea they're not together is not understanding history. >> harris: would either of you say how you'll vote just to go to an mlb vote? you going to tell us how you vote on a survey at the game? >> i don't think mlb should ask that but i think politics are connected to sports. >> harris: it is not mandatory. a survey they would like for you to take if you're inclined to do so. thank you. memorial day tradition could be in jeopardy as one congressman accuses the biden administration of blocking an annual veterans motorcycle
8:51 am
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8:57 am
be in jeopardy this year, the pentagon has yet to approve a permit for the event and florida congressman is urging the biden administration to quit stalling. congressman mass joins me now, a 12 year army veteran himself. and national executive, and congressman i want to start with you first, what is the stall here? what is the problem? >> i think the stall flat out is covid, we are using it as a way to say we want everything in washington, d.c., to be locked down like it isn't so many other places, we are not unfamiliar to this but the reality of the situation is you have veterans, lost friends, lost limbs, lost eyesight, lost a host of other things, spent their time away from their families, the pentagon should be begging them to not just come into the parking lot but come into the building, to host them for this
8:58 am
memorial day. >> harris: you know, joe, i want to ask you what this tradition means, the congressman really laid it out for the sacrifice that's been made by now that we come out to another year of the pandemic and you think back last year they had a little bit of a semblance of one, feels like we are losing part of the freedom that at least we had then. but eventually if they don't do this. >> you're right, harris, and we are confident we can do this safely in a reasonable coordinated way, all we've been asking for from the pentagon for months now is a conversation, let them give us what their expectations are, what their concerns are, we have a professional team that's ready to answer all those concerns, we feel confident we can have a safe setting there for all of these veterans and many americans who support our veterans to come together for one day over memorial day weekend. >> harris: have you made a plea to the biden administration? i'd have to think they would
8:59 am
listen to the men and women who given everything to protect this country. >> sure, we are a nonpartisan organization, we work with whoever the american people elect and we have been working with the biden administration on other important endeavors such as encouraging veterans to get the vaccine. they really been very just mom on this, we can't get any in communication from the white house or the pentagon. >> harris: quickly, congressman mast, this is an outdoor event, you can't really do this event in anybody's house so really what is the covid concern here? you can ask for mass compliance, there's a whole bunch of things you can do, you know how to make the safe. it's outside undergoing really fast. >> let's put this into perspective, we are talking about probably 75-100 acres of outdoor parking lot and people that want to come for memorial day on motorcycles.
9:00 am
this is not provocative, this should be the simplest thing for the pentagon to go out there and approve end by the way, the people showing up are not averse to risks, i think we can make those decisions for ourselves to decide if we want to risk being outside during covid or getting on a motorcycle, we've made those decisions before. >> harris: congressman, thank you for your service and for being with us on "the faulkner focus" today and joe, good to see you as well and thank all of you for "the faulkner focus." "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: fox news alert, democrats and the mainstream media are being criticized for pushing a narrative about the fatal police shooting of 16-year-old ma'khia bryant in columbus, ohio. this new home security video


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