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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  April 25, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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up to. this there are tens of millions of us who know this is garbage we're surrendering this country, hell no. this is "life, liberty and levin." >> good evening welcome to next revolution, i am steve hilton. the deceitful dud duds in white house out did themselves this week, here is harris on police reform. >> the work is long overdue, america has a long history, of systemic racism. >> it is long overdue, not least because last year you blocked it in the senate. with having republican senator
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tim scott's name on it instead of yours, she blocked with the senate filibuster, that we're now told is a racist relic of jim crow eexcept who kamala harris use its to kill police reform. not to be outdone. the other bumbling half spoke about the pain caused by racism. >> profound fear and trauma, the pain exhaustion that black and brown americans experience every day. steve: to be fair. as kamala harris pointed out, if anyone should know about fear, it is joe biden. the architect of the 1994 crime bill that destroyed black families and communities, joe biden the anti-racism campaigner
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for decade models kind of respectful dialogue we need to heal our racial wounds. >> you cannot go to a 7-eleven, or a dunkin' donut, unless you have a slight indian accent. >> kids who are just as bright and just as talented at white kids. >> if you have a problem figuring out you are for me or trump, then you ain't black. >> who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice looking guy. steve: what changed joe biden? perhaps he did meet clean black people, who knows. the real point biden wanted to make is now how anti-racist he is now, but how racist you are. >> it was a murder in the full light of day. and it ripped the blinders off
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for the whole world to see, the systemic racism. steve: systemic rate implement we hear a lot about that from democrats this day. we see less of that not more, america is less racist all of the time, and least racist nation on earth. i agree with that, we should work to keep our racial progress growing, if you take term systec racism literally. if you want to see a system thas undermine idea of equal opportunity it is a system that is controlled by democrats. the biggest, most wide spread example of systemic racism in this country is the public
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school system. in places where highest concentration of black peoples, like california, where there is equivalent of a 4 year achievement gap between black and white students and seattle, they have stopped reports the data, it is so wide. new york city two-thirds of white students in 3 to 8 are proficient in math compared to 36%. this all devastating in its own right for those kids in those schools now, but beyond that, it will have a devastating impact for the rest of their leavings, success in high school is tied to lifetime earning and criminal behavior, studies have shown a much made of higher coronavirus
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death rate among black americans, rightly so it was horrible, it did not happen because the virus is racist. it is because black people in this country are on average on wrong side of the income and education gap that leads to worse health outcomes, why do kids have so much worse outcomes in schools, those schools like those in new york city are places with poor attendance. and they are public schools, totally controlled by the teachers unions who control the democrats, with their donations and activism, giving over 86 million to the democratic party since 1990. more than 24 times amount given to republicans. and the facts are clear.
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schools that are free of teacher union control, in the same places, with just as high proportioners of black kids have different outcomes. students from l.a. charter schools are far more likely to be eligible for state universities than their peers in union run schools. and seattle, 30 to 60 more days of learning. >> new york city, when chart irschool classes are in the same buildings as union-run classes, the kids in charter school did better, so yes there is systemic racism in this country, it is not democrats fighting it but democrats doing it with the corrupt embrace of the teacher unions and there is a solution but not democrats woke madness and wasteful spending, this is conservative ideas like school choice and parent powering, since pandemic there is a new
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energy behind school choice movement. we've seen bills pushing, to give parents more options,. it is happening because republicans lawmakers have been advocating for it we need the same name now in change -- change now in places where democrats have been in charge. but we need more foundation. at heart of so many issues we talk about is family. and parenting. barely mentioned in our political debates it has to change. as i say none of us is in a perfect position to lecture anyone else, we can help coach.
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what is more important is reconstruction of the american family, joining me now, tammy bruce. host fox news primetime. >> and janelle king. and corey deangeles. janelle. systemic racism. my argument, that to extent we have it, the system that does the most that disadvantage black people in this country is the public school system run by democrats. >> absolutely, what a great monologue, the democratic party needs to stop cast suspect racism on eye of america and focus on the being, called classism that it in their own
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party. think about it fighting school choice is a disguise for class ,you tell the students, that inclusion, and race-relations is something you should think about, and kids black and brown students are talking about across the street because they for a school that is failing. i belief -- free market principles are the best in your life. what will happen, force the other schools to have to come up, it will create a natural competition that will grow and help all schools, education is where it starts, when you limited this you heart the very -- hurt the very people that you think you are helping, you cross a huge problem.
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steve: right. tammy, congratulations on next week's gig. we'll be watching, your thoughts on when i just been talking about janelle. >> i agree. laying it out, there are details here, that because there is so much information and the left and democrats are always accusing every, spending every effort, pointing fingers at other, part of that effort is to keep you from having the realization that you had with the details and the facts of the matter why this occurring, they don't want you to look over at them, one thing, that is key, even barack obama killed this when me came in first as president are voucher systems, for the black families, those people of faith as well.
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vouchers for religious schooling for example. and those are you know, there is an argument on the left, you can't have that, that is wrong. but this also speaks to the nature of what is happening in black community if you are a family of faith, a person of faith it might be your first choice, that is what strikes as what is important to america, to all american families but certainly to families in the inner-city, when you look at the nature of coming together, and the community itself. but it also comes down to every single failure of the left. that everything they have done, from tax system, spending of money, where the money is spent. you get stuck in bad schools, because you have not as much employment in inner-cities because there is less tax base so your kids get punished.
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or both parentsa we have seen, no america, no matter your race, both parents have to work to make ends meet, or you have child care or latch key kids, you have less supervision of kids, then they get drawn, there are gangs, ms-13, illegal immigration taking over neighborhoods. changing this dynamic -- president trump was good at changing this dynamic for good jobs, and keeping young people off of the streets, it is a -- they own this issue. the democrats, control media, they control the narrative most often. and who is getting hurt first? as we've seen with the pandemic? america's children. steve: i am so glad you laid that out.
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it just backs up something that i often said, we talk about the issues, of racial injustice, there is racial injustice, there not equal opportunity, you know conservative ideas have the ideas, conservatives should embrace this fight and lead it. on policy agenda we're right, they are wrong; that is not just a political assertion. the facts are there to back it up, corey, you have been so informingtive to me about what has been happening in last few months on issue of school choice, which you focus on. tell us what has been going on in country, how we can and advance that cause. >> absolutely, in a way. although teacher union have done a lot of horrible things over last year by keeping schools close, and harming the children academically esocially, and mentally and physically, they have done a great thing in
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advancing school chip stocks are over playing their -- choice, they are over playing their hand by keeping schools closed for so long. if you look at support for school choice, nationwide polling. latest one, they found about 10% jump in support for educational freedom. latest real clear opinion research polling found about a 7% point jump in what i call funding students directly or people call school choice, and another poll, found jumps in support for all school choice over last year. 30 states have introduced bills to fund students, opposed to systems. then handful of others have passed bills. the teachers union have provided free advertising for school choice, it might be one of only silver linings of the pandemic.
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covid-19 did not break the public school system, in a lot of ways it was already broken it just shined a light with the problem. that is a massive long existing pow --im between the teacher unions and the parents. steve: thank you so much. great to see you corey. >> janelle and tammy we'll see you later on. steve: joining me on, jd vantz . i would love you to take topic. when we talk about systemic racism. the democrat talk about it and we think about how to help those who have been left behind,
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including disproportionately black and latino families, i have argued it comes to the conservative ideals not just schooling but also family. it is an issue we don't discuss in political -- arena. >> yes, that is right. so often system of racism conversation is a distraction from the core questions of family break down of trade dislocation, loss of manufacturing jobs, the things that matter. and things that are ruling class are actively pushed. if you are focused on the systemic racism question, you are not focused on is the fact that a lot of problem that exist in poor latino and black community also exist in the poor
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white communities, the problem is how to rebuild the american family, partially a question of thousand rebuild american middle class. we talk about the shiny abstract political terms, we don't talk about the issues that will affect and improve lives of real people. steve: right. the beginning of every show, i say pro worker, pro family, pro community. some people hear that as a little bit trite. but you think about it, that is the foundation of decent life and american dream. on family question, talk to us about what you have seen in terms of efforts and i don't know whether it is community groups or faith groups, what is the hope that we can do something to reverse this tide of family break down that has
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been going on for so long. >> you know, one of the most dis, pointing parts of -- disappointing parts of biden administration, you look at an under appreciated part of what they are doing, they are actively pushing professional class family model on the rest of the country, you look at polling, and talking with people, working with middle class family and women they want to spend more time with their children, they want options, to spend more time with their kids at home when they are young. but biden administration has pushed a number of policies that made it easier for people to send their kids to corporate daycare and harder for people to spend time with their children when they are young there, is a weird way, whether the marriage penalty or a hidden preference in biden policy for corporate daycare, there is a refusal to actually help families using government policy, we're
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actively harming family with government policy. steve: so important. we -- i think part of the solution is for us to talk about. republicans have run away from this for so long. i would describe us as populists we want to talk about it. >> that is right. you see a lot happening, at the grassroots level among the faith community, people who are not political and talk about the question of fatherlesses innessd family break down. and there is a lot happening, we don't talk as much about it, they are so uncomfortable with
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this basic fact of life, if you have a mom and dad at home, you have a much better opportunity for future. steve: well said, jd we'll see you later. >> coming up, one of the biggest issues facing the nation, joining us is lisa booth to talk about it. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! all good (vo) nobody dreams in conventional thinking. it didn't get us to the moon. it doesn't ring the bell on wall street. or disrupt the status quo. t-mobile for business uses unconventional thinking
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steve: welcome back, if you want to understand how serious the left is in its seriousness to take over all power look at money and muscle they put behind their effort, an ad blitz under way funded bayous -- the usual cast of characters. >> the for the people act on the brink of becoming the law. a ban to dark money. >> in georgia they are trading y trying so silence our voices. steve: this is democrat big lie, they call it for the people act,
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but it takes power out of the people's hands, and gives it to the federal government. a massive brazen, frightening power grab to rig will routes in the democrat's favor forever, we have to fight back, someone that understands that fox news contributes on lisa boothe. you are there in miami, i saw this week, we had a great conversation be one thing that stuck with me, is you understanding how serious this is. the democrats power grab, hr 1. was they are trying to do with senate, supreme court and control of media. add this up, it is serious. >> they are marching us toward a country that looks like ventura, cuba or -- venezuela or cuba or
6:27 pm
china with one-party rule, you outline, things like hr1, court packs, and state hood for dc. they want two extra senators, you see what has been going on,. with the lockdowns, dictating if you can open, or not or if you have go to church or open your business or see your family on independent's day. this is not america. we have seen this effort this slander georgia's election law, and lying about it saying it is jim crow on steroids, calling it a voter suppression bill, this
6:28 pm
is expanding access to voting, to get to us hr-1, saying if georgia cannot be responsible weaker to federalize them, and nationalize them, put democrat in power. >> right. you have the corporate america lining up behind it, another frightening extension of the power grab. the sciences of -- silences of criticism. a tiny example that i noticed today left wing twitter mob was outraged senator rick scott from florida was invited on to abc news, sunday morning show with george stephanopolous because of something he said on january 6, he should not be given a platform, they want to silence him it frightening. >> you have democrat members of congress advocating things that look for truth and
6:29 pm
reconciliation committee, mandating when people can see and not see, getting networks off of the air, that is not america, people need to wake up. if they don't like language, they are trying to change it. we saw marianne web -- marion webster change the definition of sexual preference, and reporters trying to change what core packing means in america. if we live in a country where factsen to matter and everyone in unison lying to the american people that is a problem, that is what they did about georgia election law and it has min mupm of 17 day early mail in votings. and you know, doing things that expand voting allowing for anyone to request an absentee ballot for any reason, they
6:30 pm
don't tell you what hr -1 does, it gets rid of voter i.d. law that vast majority of americans support, that include minor teening way it since -- and also mandates ballot harvesting. and expanding election day to ten days, it allows democrats an easier opportunity to cheat in elections moving forward. steve: you are right. about all of this. the thing that i -- the two words i want to take from this brilliant ex -- expoing a, wake up. need to wake up. >> thank you. >> will coronavirus restriction ever end? the signs are not encouraging, details after the break.
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priceline works with top hotels, to save you up to 60%. these are all great. and when you get a big deal... you feel like a big deal. ♪♪ priceline. every trip is a big deal. steve: welcome back, you may be thinking that when pandemic ends the restriction ends, oh, no.
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the power crazed. it is happening all over the world, endless series of have lockdowns and bureaucratic restrictions, still going on, hawaii announced vaccine passports for inter island travel, and oregon they want to make masks permanent that does not make fence, dr. fauci said vaccinate people can still transfer the virus, if that is true, what is the point of the vaccine passports. you have to be vaccinated to stop infecting others, but once you do you have to wear a mask, because you can still infect others, dr. fauci is a joke. having confauci ignored science
6:37 pm
and data that showed most people were not at risk from this disease. pushed an old play book for a different disease, he never had a scientific justification for his deadly lockdown, now we can't find one to lift one. here he is last week. >> this will end for sure when we get the level of infection very low. steve: very low. what does that mean? matt ridley knows, in his latest article in u.k., looking similar to way authority kept pointless bureaucratic restrictions in place for 9 years. saying: that is what is
6:38 pm
happening now with the tire the- lockdowns and restrictions, we must fight back. here to help us, tammy bruce. to you. >> you know fauci, i call him flipper fauci. he said, if you are vaccinated, you still need to wear a mask, he said this week on abc, well you be probably hear from the cdc, a change in outdoor mask use. and he said because you know common sense would indicate it is a minuscule chance of getting the virus outside. now, i am wondering, just a week or two he explained why you
6:39 pm
would still need to wear a mask everywhere, including outside, something happened between last week and now that made it from you can spread the virus even if you are vaccinated to minuscule chance of having that happen. this is -- people lose trust in government in general this say bureaucrat now using his gut feeling, again, he sun elect -- is unelected he has some power and allowance to change or affect not just policy but the american frame of mind that is what he has an impact on. it is always negative. president trump was always looks to encourage people to be optimistic, not like we don't have problems, but there are ways out of them, cub -- you can
6:40 pm
be optimistic, they are realizing now, one in five americans don't want to go near the vaccine they are not sure why they should do it that now, is trouble for american business. and for getting over this. and i think they realize if -- there is no incentive for people to take the vaccine if nothing changes in society. steve: and quickly, what -- the republican governors, like ron desantis in the lead rejecting this, are but a tough fight with corporate america behind fauci. >> elections matter, get out there and vote, there are local elections, be heard, stand up and call people, if there is no march locally, make sure you talk to corporations, unthere are people on phones, they need
6:41 pm
to help from you, be careful about what you chasse to purchase, what airlines you choose, it sounds like a hippie plan for activism. but the fact of the matter of is, they think that american people are passive, pause it how we have responded -- because of how we have responded this far, there will be no response, they will notice, the oscars will notice a ratings crash, other award shows have films, have people, it happens there is a real world impact. but also, support for i think president trump's agenda and moving into future. steve: there you go. nicely put, thank you tammy, great to see you, remember, catch tammy of night next week, 7:00 p.m., fox news primetime. >> all right coming up, the left is obsessed with portrays republicans as a monolithic
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steve: welcome back on wednesday "new york times" published one of most astonishing prejudice pieces that i read, written by reported columnist, thomas edsel, how all republican voters are driven by racist and grief an, here is a bit:
6:48 pm
>> incredible, this shows how vital it is for left to try to entrench their narrative that the g.o.p. is just a bunch of angry white people, but if you look at reality it is the opposite. in 2020 and exit polls president trump increased the margin by 4 points, and according to democratic polls 10% of hispanic voters switched from clinton in 2016 to trump in 2020 that is a huge demographic shift. with trump, g.o.p. is becoming a new multiracial coalition, back with me now, jd vance and janelle king, you have chronicled this kind of
6:49 pm
prejudice directed against white working class people what do you make? >> well i think one thing that democratic ruling class is so uncomfortable with, is that fact that republican party is more of a working and middle class party, they want to think they are the party of the middle class, they can only dismiss the working and middle class people who are voting for republicans, they call them racists, so they can ignore them, instead of taking them seriously. steve: we have talked about it. majority of african-american vote for democrat, same with latino voters, but it is moving in that direction that is what is interesting. >> it is. you know, i heard in between the insults, the republican party,
6:50 pm
is open to everyone. that at everyone that is willing to fight for our constitutional rights and values, the party of freedom and american dream, and party of personal responsibility it is open to everyone. i think that we should continue to keep moving forward, you are right, people are waking up from all of hysteria. and they are realizing that they want to have freedom and take care of themselves and live a good life. steve: what do you think, jd, is happening national level with republican party. do you think the what we might call the establishment. the top of the party, understands this? appreciates it? >> well, i think they are starting to understand it, one thing that will necessarily have to happen as republican party
6:51 pm
becomes more working class party, itself ha do more to appeal and continue to appeal to the working class voters, then democrats become more of an elite party, with corporate america involving itself in the cultural war against the republicans. flip side of republicans, is to democrat are becoming party of big businesses, that is true. republican leader have to stop submitting to big business and start fighting back against them, on some of the culture war topics in georgia and north dakota. that big business seems to want to insert themselves into. steve: right. that is such an important point. a really big shift, great to have you both weigh in, jd and janelle thank you so much. steve: coming up. never too early to talk about next presidential election, when you have kamala heading to new
6:52 pm
hampshire. and. >> details. >> lisa is back to break it down, next. cell phone repair. did you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? just get a quote at really? i'll check that out. oh yeah. i think i might get a quote. not again! aah, come on rice. do your thing. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪♪ the thing about freedom is... freedom has no limits. there's no such thing as too many adventures... or too many unforgettable moments. there will never be too many stories to write...
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6:57 pm
about another run, and rumblings about ron desantis, nikki haley and president trump himself with many others. on democrat side, kamala harris, finally made a trip to a border state but it was new hampshire, i am sure that 58-miles there that we share with canada are a hotbed of illegal immigration. maybe. she was there for another reasons. maybe not much confidence with president biden making it to a 6 second term. last time she did a face plant with her campaign. >> she dropped out before iowa. she was not even a contender. it is obvious joe biden is not seeking reelection if he even finishes his first term, by the way opinion of vast majority of americans according to rasmussen, a poll they did last
6:58 pm
year, you have vice president meeting with the heads of state, and taking so solo calls with world leaders, she will likely be democratic can pay the for 2024 -- candidate for 2024, and a lot depends if president trump will run for reelection, i don't think that chris christie could run a gubernatorial race, i am being serious. serious. >> you are right. >> if president trump does not run does he throw his weight behind another republican candidate like ron desantis. steve: i think that you know is seems, back to our earlier conversation. the number one characteristic for standard bearer has to be will this person fight, will they really fight for the america we want to see continue again these threats. it seems that president trump is so far ahead, of anyone else on
6:59 pm
that number one factor, everything what i hear it is 100% he is going for it, can you see anyone beating him. >> i don't think that anyone could beat him if he decides to run, if he doesn't, then the feel is wide open -- field is wide open, something like 2016 with a ton of candidates, but i think that republican are hungry for people who stand up to what is going on. i think a lot of conservatives are disturbed with what they see, you see people like governor christie who people had high hopes for kowtowing to corporate america on transgender sports issue that leaves a bad taste in your mouth. i think that conservatives, after president trump who took no one's crap, they want someone like that. they can hold to the fire. i think i can say that on tv.
7:00 pm
steve: i tell my kids in america you can say that. a great summary, thank you. >> steve: join us next sunday. the next revolution will be televised. ♪ ♪ ♪ dana: when people hear the name george w. bush they think of his 8 years as president of united states, he has been busy in his post presidential years, writing books, working on important policy issues at george w. bush approximatel presidential city and painting, a lot of painting, inspired by similar hobby of british prime minister churchill, in 2014 he completed his first series, depictions of world leaders, followed


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