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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  April 26, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> bill: you tell us. >> dana: not to mention strong sweater game. walking the red carpet some green sweater. i don't know. it's a good monday. how did you rate yourself? >> bill: c. >> dana: he gets an a. "the faulkner focus" next and here is harris. >> harris: we begin here violence surging in some of our nation's largest cities and police are calling a war on cops. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". new york city is in trouble. at least 31 people were shot between friday and sunday including a retired nypd officer. now to that mass exodus of policemen and women. they are exiting off the job in record numbers. many blaming anti-police sentiment and the low morale it is causing. the president of the city's
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police sergeant's union is officers are being demonized and city leaders do nothing or make it worse. >> the truth of the matters is the members of the nypd no longer want to work under mayor deblasio or this city council and corey johnson or the failed leadership of the nypd. we are receiving no backing at all. we go to work every day as the bad guy to the people of the city of new york. the truth is we're the good people, the ones that are helping. >> harris: we're live in new york city. >> good morning to you. it is alarming the number of nypd officers walking away is soaring. take a look at these numbers. according to the department more than 5,300 officers either retired or handed in their retirement papers in 2020. that is a 75% jump from 2019. incredible. for the officers that are still
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working, the job is getting harder and harder. the nypd reports 31 people were injured in 28 shootings friday through sunday including a retired nypd officer shot in the torso three times. so far this year there have been 416 shooting victims, a 71% jump from this time last year. now because of the spike in violence coupled with the debate over police practices and anti-police climate, many other police departments including baltimore p.d. are now reporting the same mass exodus. >> did we not learn from 1980s new york, the awful policing, the 3,000 dead bodies every couple of years we would find for murders in the drug wars? do you have any idea how many black lives have been saved, how many black men and women are alive now precisely because of the effective policing implemented under the broken windows policies of rudy
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giuliani. i lived through it. guys. are we itching to go back to that? >> the nypd only had about 900 new recruits back in november. nearly 2,000 short of where we were in 2019. all because of budget cuts primarily pushed by the defunding the police movement. harris. >> harris: causing a layering effect on these officers. thank you very much. a retired nypd sergeant with this warning on the impact of anti-police sentiment. here is a quote. cops are forming a conga line down at the pension section and i don't blame them. nypd cops are looking for better jobs with other departments or even embarking on new careers, end of quote. i want to bring in randy sutton, former las vegas police lieutenant. a leader who can talk to us about what cops are facing.
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thank you for being with me. we have talked all pandemic about the pressure on police officers. first covid, the protesting that turned violent, so much going on. what has them leaving now? >> there is so much at play here, harris, thank you so much for having me on. just so that your viewers know that my organization is the wounded blue, the national assistance and support organization for injured and disabled officers. so we interact daily with law enforcement from around the country. big cities, small cities, small towns, villages, we interact with officers who are either injured physically or emotionally and psychologically. now, that's the area i want the talk about right now is the psychological and emotional injuries that are taking place because they are part and parcel of why cops are leaving at record levels. it isn't just nypd. it is quite literally every major city in the country.
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and i've been -- during our discussions previously, harris, i forecasted a criminal justice crisis. it is barreling toward us, a public safety crisis is coming towards us like a freight train and this is just the beginning. i don't want to sound like the sky is falling but the sky is falling. >> harris: wow. you don't want to sound like it but if it is happening you have to tell us. and imagine living in any place in the country where you didn't have the protection of police officers. trevon free, one of the directors of too distant strangers with this during his acceptance speech on national television last night. >> today the police will kill three people and tomorrow the police will kill three people and the day after that the
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police will kill three people because on average the police in america every day kill three people and those people happen to be disproportionately be black people. please don't be indifferent. please don't be indifferent to our pain. >> harris: randy, what is your reaction to that? >> i watched that with disgust. the reality is this. law enforcement officers are being shot, stabbed, beaten, attacked every single day. every single day there is a shooting of another police officer. sometimes there are multiple shootings. officers are being attacked on a level that is absolutely mind-boggling. last year, although the final figures aren't in yet, we're approaching probably over 60,000 -- you heard me correct -- 60,000 physical attacks on
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law enforcement officers in this country. an astounding number. there are only 900,000 officers to police this entire country. you look at the exodus rate of nypd and extrapolate that over the rest of the country and you are seeing a crisis in -- that is happening. when you look at the violence that is taking place. the figures you just talked about this last weekend in new york city, we usually hear that and we don't even blink an eye for chicago. but this is now happening in new york city which was once, in the very recent past, the safest large american city in the country. and the blame is so clear, harris. the blame is so clear that to me i cannot figure out why the voters of new york continue to
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allow themselves to be treated as literally guinea pigs on a social experiment that is literally leaving a wake of bodies in their wake. >> harris: i want to get to this. you are talking about political leadership that may be letting people down or at least challenging the situation. congresswoman maxine waters on saturday lashed out at critics who had ripped her for her incendiary rhetoric and suggested that people are angry at black people no matter what they do tweeting if we take a knee they're mad. if we speak up like i do they're mad. if we protest like martin luther king junior taught us to do they're mad. what is it they expect us to do when police keep killing us? before you speak i will say this. martin luther king junior never protested at 3:00 in the morning. he was a daytime leader. and what we saw unravel on our streets and turn violent.
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peaceful protestors dealing with insurgents among them. people who turned violent is not what we were taught that is protected peaceful speech and protesting in america. >> you're slightly right. maxine waters is -- words fail me when it comes down to describing her because when i watch her call for violence, i watch her actually tell people -- she has a massive audience of people. and she is a leader both politically and in the community, and she is telling people that they should confront and in essence attack other people because of their political views, whether it's because they are a republican and harris, when people get into physical confrontations,
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when she calls for people to confront people in restaurants, in public places, that leads to violent encounters. then these violent encounters can turn into deadly encounters and then she blames the police. >> harris: you know, we are in such a stuck place. we have to start to talk to each other. we have to. i appreciate the conversation that you always have on my program. good to see you, randy sutton. thank you very much. in fact in "the faulkner focus" we spend a lot of time on this. the conversation around police and policing obviously is getting more tense and even listening to randy sutton dangerous enough for them to leave their jobs. some are calling to defund police and officers facing vitriol. there is real anger and grief
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involved police involved shooting. tomorrow we'll spend the full hour on this urgent issue. you heard randy say we are know crisis mode now. i will talk with sheriffs and officers what they are facing every day. i'll ask lawmakers whether we'll see compromise in congress when it comes to reform legislation. and we'll take your questions. so go to fox news facebook page and submit your video question to our facebook or instagram and tune in tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern for something you will only see here. police in america. we'll move to this. elizabeth city, north carolina has declared a state of emergency as authorities could release body camera video of the police-involved shooting of a 42-year-old black man. we are live in elizabeth city for whatever happens there and this. >> i think we need to lean more aggressively forward and look at ways to try to relax some of
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the provisions that don't make as much sense anymore. probably the ones we should look at the hardest are things done outside. lifting mask ordinances outside. >> harris: and the cdc could soon give us the high sign and update its guidance on just that as a new study suggests our social distancing rules have been misguided from the very beginning. dr. marc siegel is in "the faulkner focus". stay close. so you only pay for what you need. thank you! hey, hey, no, no limu, no limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ pepto bismol coats and soothes your stomach for fast relief and get the same fast relief in a delightful chew with pepto bismol chews.
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socially distance, and get vaccinated when it is your turn. >> please, until we're further along in this accelerating successful but still growing vaccination effort, please wash your hands, practice social distancing, wear a mask as recommended by the cdc. >> harris: there is the wash your hands. i wondered what happened to it. from the early days of the pandemic to today, health officials have stressed six feet of social distancing to help slow the spread of coronavirus but now researchers at m.i.t. are challenging that. their study finds the risk of exposure in indoors, they just looked at indoors is the same as six feet, 60 feet even when you wear a mask. it is time spent indoors that's key. and that quote, unquote, this
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emphasis on distancing has been really misplaced from the very beginning. dr. marc siegel professor at nyu langone and fox news medical contributor. most americans understand we're in a fluid situation here but facts are facts. what are the facts now and what do we do? >> listen, harris, i'm glad to see the study from m.i.t. it confirms something i've had a suspicion for a long time. the early models and masking and distance being is like the flu. it rides on a larger droplet and a lot harder to get. six feet of distancing like back in 1918 may work. what they found with this sars covid 2 virus it hangs in the air. we've seen it from other studies. hanging above you and in a room for a longer period of time. the longer you're in the room and the worse the ventilation is the more likely you are to
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get it. much more proper messaging and why schools should be open. other studies show that three feet of distance at school is the same as six feet of distance. that's the reason. >> harris: the director with the cdc wouldn't exactly explain the 3 versus 6 feet. you think they don't tell us because they don't think we're smart enough to understand. we got what you just said. look at this study. another one that really kind of challenges the norms that we see. it has to do with data that show a result that workers actually people who work outside the home and leave their home are actually safer than people who stay home all the time from covid-19. how is that possible? >> great study. in the first month of the pandemic businesses and restaurants and areas that were
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trying to stay open and got forced to be closed put in place restrictions. they put in place careful observation. they put in place masking guidelines. guess what happened with the lockdowns? everybody was sent home. you don't follow any of that at home. if you are a worker that can't go to the workplace. i want to add something. the new york city subway system found that people weren't spreading it on the subway the way we thought because it wasn't on the poles the way we thought. we learned fairly early on that 70% of the spread in new york was occurring from people at home and out of work. this confirms it. >> harris: university of chicago paper in case anybody wants to look at that study. we'll end here. encouraging numbers are coming from republican led states like texas and arizona that critics hit for easing coronavirus restrictions earlier than others. they report a lower average of new covid-19 cases over the past two weeks compared to democrat led states like
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michigan and pennsylvania. texas governor greg abbott tweeted this. texas had the fewest covid hospitalizations in the last 10 months. we were among the four lowest days for new cases. the seven day positivity rate has been below 6% for 42 days. great job. now dr. fauci said he could soon get updated guidance wearing masks outside. watch. >> if you are a vaccinated person, wearing a mask outdoors, i mean obviously the risk is minuscule. what i believe you'll be hearing with the country is going to be hearing soon is updated guidelines from the cdc. >> harris: your reaction. >> i think we've been through a year of depression and of fear and anxiety and i think opening up has a very positive impact on our psyche and i think we then take more precautions. it's why florida is working out
8:23 am
and texas is working out. overall positivity rate for covid-19 in the country is down to 3%. i think it's time to tloel away our masks outside and give incentives to people to take these vaccines. take the vaccine and a study shows 40% of people who take the vaccine are still afraid to move around. it's ridiculous. the vaccines work and we have to stop with all these superimposed regulations. florida is a studied example of what works when you open things up. it is working better than other states. same with texas. the northeast is not doing well comparatively. >> harris: new york city has a rate below 2% but that's a pocket within a larger corridor as you were so right to point out. doctor, you have been saying some of these things for a very, very long time. the studies are watching up with you now. thank you for the facts. appreciate your time. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: vice president kamala harris is getting criticized over her excuses for
8:24 am
not visiting the border as we get more disturbing video of smugglers using ropes to lower a mother and two small children down a 30-foot wall. the person catching them has to be very precise. don't drop those little babies. gop lawmakers accusing president biden of a bait and switch. campaigning on bipartisanship but now getting high praise from his party's far left for doing something else. >> we have got to get back to the basics in this country. we cannot sustain this ultraliberal left agenda that biden and nancy pelosi are trying to ram down americans' throats. it is unsustainable. ewday usa. newday lets you borrow 100% of your home's value. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you take out $50,000 or more. use it to improve your home or put cash in the bank. some of life's most important decisions are made right here
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8:30 am
as a socialist. >> harris: strong words from minority leader kevin mccarthy accusing president biden not living up to his promise to work across party lines. and he told chris wallace he has not met with or spoken with the president since he took office in january. and all of this as squad member alexandria ocasio-cortez is giving bid >> president biden has exceeded expectations that progressives had. i'll be frank. a lot of us expected a more conservative administration and i think that his not only what has ultimately come out, but the active invitation and willingness and collaboration with progressives in his first 100 days, or almost 100 days, has been very impressive.
8:31 am
>> harris: well, she likes you, power panel tomi lahren fox nation home. kevin walling former campaign surrogates. tomi, basically biden is out performing for progressives. >> the fact that he is getting praise from alexandria ocasio-cortez is enough to make any american terrified. i don't care if you are on the right or left. kevin mccarthy is right. it is not only a bait and switch. during the presidential debates president trump accused joe biden of being a puppet for the far left and accused him of having a socialist manifesto and joe biden said i'm the leader of this party and i'm a moderate not a socialist. what do we have. hours within being in office he cancels pipelines, signs how many executive orders, gas prices going up. border crisis. court packing. end of the filibuster. green new deal on the horizon. this man might not be a social
8:32 am
lift himself but he is being controlled by socialists. all you have to do is listen to the praise for aoc, not me. take it from her. she is a self-proclaimed socialist and there is your answer. >> harris: you know, kevin, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell told him himself this is who biden is. he has known him for decades and never thought he would be moderate. he always knew this is who he is. the 74 million people who voted for former president trump, though, they have held out hope that biden was telling the truth when he said he was going to work his way bipartisanship to the middle. what do you say to those people? was he disingenuous? what's happening with this president. >> i think he campaigned during the last couple months as being the most progressive candidate ever in terms of the general election. he is delivering on those things that he campaigned on. during the election. i'll note his first oval office meeting with lawmakers was with
8:33 am
12 republican senators. >> harris: what came out of that, by the way? >> what came out of it >> harris: gave us an example of a branch lifted. >> what you are seeing now in terms of infrastructure. bipartisan bill in terms of infrastructure is i think what will be a real possibility and a signature for president biden. he made a calculation from the eight years of the obama administration he needed to go big with covid relief and when republicans signaled they weren't interested in increasing any of their allotment for that he wanted to do that single handedly with the democratic party. got it through and widely popular with the american people. hopefully with aoc giving him cover he can actually get something done on a bipartisan fashion. >> harris: i don't know why you need cover if you are this progressive. the "l. a. times" says that in biden's first 100 days uncle
8:34 am
joe biden combines progressive goals and a reassuring manner. one democratic strategist said you can't underestimate how comfortable uncle joe is for a lot of people. they give an old white guy the benefit of the doubt. tomi. >> this is why he was chosen. now leading up before coronavirus we had the democratic debates. you had a bunch of socialists on the sage trying to out socialist each other and joe biden who appeared to be a moderate. that's why he won the primaries and why he was their nominee. he was the most moderate among the bunch. the rest of them were talking about extreme environmental goals, green new deal. medicaid and medicare for all. all the things on their socialist agenda wish list biden said maybe i'll be the moderate. again we were fooled. the american people were fooled and why he won the primary and then he was being tugged by the far left. easy to say he is reassuring because he is an old white guy.
8:35 am
we haven't heard from this president. he has had one press conference that's it. he didn't answer all the questions of the american people really wanted to hear in that press conference anyway. it is easy to be reassuring when you hide in the basement or in the white house. come out, speak to the people and that includes his vice president kamala harris who still has not been to the border, still has not addressed the border. easy to be reassuring when you say nothing. >> harris: tomi and kevin, thank you. john kerry making sure everybody knows he used a scooter to get to the white house climate summit. just take a pause for a second. oh, okay. you have to take that in. is the photo op enough to quiet his critics? plus this. >> it's not going to be solved overnight. it is a complex issue. if this were easy it would have been handled years ago. >> harris: vice president kamala harris pointing the finger at the previous
8:36 am
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state of emergency has been declared elizabeth city, north carolina at the possible release of body cam footage of andrew brown junior. he was shot last week. one local leader is demanding answers from the sheriff himself. >> if you made a mistake, if you had a misthought in judgment and you should have asked for the release of that body camera from day one and you didn't do that, come out and tell the people that. >> harris: griff jenkins is live with the latest. >> we're outside of the sheriffs office here in this county. i want to show you over my shoulder here you can see the family has arrived with their attorneys led by benjamin crump. you remember him from the minneapolis situation as well as the harry reed representing
8:42 am
the family. what's significant now is under north carolina law, body worn video to be released to the public or press is pursuant to court order. however, it can be privately viewed by people with a direct connection to that video. in this case it involves the family of andrew brown junior as well as his attorneys. we aren't clear whether they've seen the video yet or whether they are going in. we know they'll hold a press conference and you see surrounding us all around here are protestors. there have been five straight nights of protests that have been entirely peaceful. no arrests whatsoever. but it is as you played that naacp local president keith rivers has been out among the protestors not only talking about wanting the sheriff to say what happened and talk to the people but also called for the resignation of sheriff. now the sheriff told fox news yesterday simply he would not resign and he is working and
8:43 am
pushing to go through the legal process to have that body cam video worn by his deputies on wednesday morning is pushing to have it released. over the weekend he took to facebook and put out a message to the folks out here. here is some of what he had to say. take a look. >> north carolina state bureau of investigation to confirm for me the releasing of the video will not undermine their investigation. once i get that confirmation, our county will file a motion in court hopefully monday to have the footage released. we understand that the district attorney may also present his perspective on the issue to the judge. >> that has not been done. i will let you look one more time as you see the attorneys and family engaging both the media and the protestors out here. we should point out, harris,
8:44 am
earlier this morning a state of emergency was declared here in elizabeth city in head of anticipation of the public release of the video. over the weekend the mayor and city council voted unanimously to petition the court to release the body cam video. now while all of this is going on, seven deputies involved in the shooting death of brown have been placed on administrative leave and we confirm with the north carolina sheriff's association that those deputies are under an internal investigation as well. so we'll continue to monitor this to see exactly how benjamin crump will portray and characterize the video. he is privately allowed to view it. he is not an unbiased viewer. a vested interest and representing the family. harris. >> harris: and as journalists, that's why we await the tape. i want to point out from your reporting a judge must give the okay before the sheriff can release that footage.
8:45 am
we have known that. today was the day that would be for benjamin crump the attorney for the family to see it. we were told the family would also view it and griff from what i understand you said that hasn't happened yet and so the wider public hasn't seen it. journalists hasn't seen it. griff jenkins, thank you very much and we'll watch the news conference. if they announce anything like that, like a judge has put it forth and we will see the tape imminently we'll bring it to you. right now we'll move on. we're seeing disturbing new video of smugglers using a rope to lower a mother and her two small children over a 30-foot high section of the border wall as the crisis rages on. border officials brought them to safety. look at that. you have to be precise, save those lives. meanwhile the official, the
8:46 am
president has tasked with addressing the root causes of migration is pushing blame on former president trump. watch this. >> it's not going to be solved overnight. it is a complex issue. if this were easy it would have been handled years ago. this is about the western hemisphere. we are a neighbor in the western hemisphere and it is also about understanding that we have the capacity to actually get in there if we're consistent. part of the problem is that under the previous administration they pulled out essentially a lot of what had been the continuum of work. and it essentially came to a stand still. >> harris: vice president kamala harris is set to meet virtually with guatemala's president today and she says she is planning to visit the northern triangle in june. no word on when she may go to the border. she has mentioned covid-19 concerns as an obstacle to a visit but my next guest points
8:47 am
out vice president has managed the travel around the nation this past month. arizona republican congressman andy biggs is chairman of the house freedom caucus. your first thoughts reacting to -- a date in june, we know it's a crisis. >> my first reaction was that her statement that she made was pretty nonsensical and incoherent in some respects. reality is she took a trip to the wrong border. she went to the northern border but won't go to the southern border. i look at it and i say this problem, the immediate problem, could be resolved with four or five steps very quickly and in short order and then we could work on a longer-term solution to illegal immigration and legal immigration but she doesn't want to do any of those policies, harris. >> harris: so what you are talking about is to break it down into bite size nuggets for lack of a better phrase to
8:48 am
attack what is most prevalent and the problem right now. numbers of people coming across. when you say northern border just to point out you meant the trip to new hampshire last week. she didn't make it south but went north. new hampshire is beautiful this time of year. not going to solve the crisis. >> a beautiful state and beautiful country. >> harris: a fox news poll shows 56% of registered voters say the increase of migrants at our southern border is completely or mostly due to the president being elected. look at those numbers and by the way our fox polling as you know is a mix of as many people as we can get and i am curious to know what you think because those numbers are not good for joe biden. >> no, but i think the american people aren't fooled because harris, you know as well as i do one of the first things he did was eliminate the remain in mexico policy which i never met a border patrol agent who hasn't told me that was a very
8:49 am
effective program. he killed the 12 international agreements including with the northern triangle states that were actually working to bring operational control to the border. we were operationally in control. we still have illegal immigration. slightly ticked up but nothing like the massive surge we're seeing which long-time folks tell me has never been this bad. it is this president's policies and the american people know that. anybody who is watching knows that. there are those that are convinced everything belongs to donald trump good or bad, but this is reality, joe biden's bad policies. >> harris: you know, you point out what the president did in those first few days. title 42 which helped protect us from covid at the border by putting in stipulations and rules and regulations. the vice president says she is worried about covid-19. have they looked at title 42? just a question.
8:50 am
congressman from the great state of arizona, good to see you today, thank you. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: the numbers are in and i just mentioned a few of them feeding into this. those numbers for joe biden and the border issue. what a new fox poll now says about the president's overall approval rating as he nears the historic 100 day mark. reaction from radio and fox nation host jimmie fala next and tune into "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. excuse me ma'am, did you know that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? thank you! hey, hey, no, no, limu, no limu! only pay for what you need.
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8:56 am
lower than barack obama's 62, george bush's 63. fox radio host referencing another recent poll from abc news and the "washington post" in his tweet. biden is rocking the third lowest approval rating in history after 100 days. yes, it is better than trump's but biden doesn't have the entire media pretending see a russian asset because they're too busy pretending he is lucid. jimmie, host of fox across america joins me now. he always tweets and speaks his mind. jimmie, your thoughts. >> great to see you. my thoughts are i was nervous. every time someone talks about a tweet on tv it is because you are getting fired. the good news, harris, is biden has nowhere to go but up. bad news is he fell three times the last three times he took the stairs. this is a bad sign for him, harris. contrast the coverage of biden versus the coverage of trump. trump was at 45% with the media
8:57 am
doing everything they could to make people hate him. biden has been propped up. they've dedicated to making you like him and drawing a favorable contrast with trump but abandoned every one of his promises. he hasn't made any effort to unite the country. he has injected race into any part of our political discourse whether voter i.d. we have lost baseball. it is a bad situation. so i think -- if you are grading this presidency fair, he is doing a terrible job unless you are like chuck todd who said 53 is the new 60, which i'll be honest. as dumb political statements go i put todd at a 9 on a scale of 1 to aoc. >> harris: we showed her support for the president saying how he is exceeding the expectations of progressives. look, half the country doesn't think like her or maybe even more than that.
8:58 am
maybe half her party doesn't think like her. it won't help his numbers. john kerry getting ripped on twitter for posting a photo of himself zipping around d.c. on an electric scooter with the caption, high profile climate summit at the white house, low profile ride back to state. my electric vehicle isn't jealous. that drew tweets like this. flies in on a private jet. takes the scooter to prove haste green credentials. on his way to the airport to -to get on his private jet. >> it is embarrassing. the optics over the outcomes. create the optics. but pay no mind to the fact they engage in climate deals that don't hold the biggest polluter in the world accountable, china. more of john kerry just pandering. i really wish he would stick to doing what he does best, just
8:59 am
selling us out to iran. every time he attempts one of these stupid moves like getting on a plane forgetting to wear his mask and all the flights around the world on private jets. the reason nobody takes a lot of these initiatives seriously is because we know nine times out of ten the people implementing them aren't following them themselves. john kerry, i can't stand him. i only laugh. they wanted him to ride a bike like pete buttigieg did but they can't trust him to ride a bike safely anymore. he crashed the last time they put him on. true story. >> harris: oh my goodness. you always find a way to make us smile but you always come up with just a little nugget that sums it all up. optics overoutcome. the american public when it votes doesn't vote on what you look like on a scooter. they want their lives to get better. last quick thought. >> that's what i would say. a good example is the border. they would rather you would think there is not a crisis
9:00 am
than focus on addressing the problem. it drives me crazy and why i like talking to a pro like you and i appreciate a monday booking. most shows don't assume i'll be sober by monday to come up. you had faith and you were rewarded thank you. >> harris: you are very >> harris: we begin here. a growing number of police officers across the country are leaving their jobs amid what critics are calling a war on police. at least 31 people were shot between friday and sunday. 15 people injured on saturday night alone. the violent weekend comes as we learned of a third nypd officers leaving the forest for the number of officer retirement rose to 75% last year, compared with the previous year. more than 5300 cops calling it


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