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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 27, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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your personal sacrifice as well. and sheriff gaylor, thank you for being with me this hour as well on "the faulkner focus". police in america, an important conversation that we have gotten started. you know i'm going to continue it. here is "outnumbered." -- i'm going to continue it. here is "outnumbered." begin with the news. special enjoy john kerry facing calls to resign and be investigated over the bombshell allegations. iranian foreign minister in leaked audio reported by the "new york times" claims that when kerry was secretary of state under president obama, he told him about more than 200 operations that israel carried out in syria against iranian targets. kerry is now accused of relaying sensitive information to the number one state sponsor of terrorism. you're watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, kayleigh mcenany, my co-host, fox
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nation host tomi lahren, charlie hurt, opinion editor and columnist for the "washington times" and fox news contributor as well. welcome. >> good morning. >> harris: john kerry calling the claims by the iran foreign minister unequivocally false. saying it never happened. but while kerry is secretary of state had legitimate meetings with sharif, like this one here. there are growing questions over what he may have told him as a private citizen after he left office and if he tried to undermined the trump administration. republicans are demanding answers. >> it would be a major foreign policy controversy for the country if it's true. not sure when he told them about it. after being secretary of state or during the negotiations? >> enough is enough. a red line that was crossed if
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this is true revealing secret information to one of america's most sworn enemies with the blood of thousands of american military members on hands. >> this is serious. to think this is someone that served the nation at high levels so to think he gave the information to an adversary is a tremendous concern for me. >> harris: kayleigh i want to come to you first because you were part of the last administration. you would recall what was said at the time when this played out about john kerry. take us there. >> kayleigh: yeah. president trump at the time was extremely troubled at the idea you could have a former secretary of state, part of the former administration, talking to an iranian
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counterpart. allegedly working against the interest that president trump trying to put forward to get out of the iran nuclear deal. a serious charge. one that could arguably have violated the logan act. by the way, the same act that joe biden if you look at peter strozk's note brought up the logan act with regard to michael flynn that was splittized and used against michael flynn. to point out another double standard, not just the legal difference but the way it's been reported. if this is true, harris, the "washington examiner" says this is the biggest scandal in 20 years that you would take the secrets from the ally and give them to a state sponsor of terror. why is this charge made in photograph 22 out of the 26 paragraphs in the "new york times." if you contrast it with the russia bounty story in the lead it is suggested that president trump knew there were bounties on the u.s. troops and did nothing about it. we know that was now based on a false present.
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one last point. if you take it to the press briefing room where jen psaki was asked precisely one question on this. the russia bounty story proliferated multiple briefings. took over the narrative and changed an election or could have influenced it where there was one question yesterday for jen psaki. wow! >> harris: charlie, i watch you in your virtual box and you are shaking your head and saying yes and all of that. why are you in such vocal agreement now with what kayleigh is saying? you don't sound surprised at all about john kerry. >> charlie: not at all. i come at this from having spent many years sitting in the same white house press briefing room on the other side as a reporter. it is appalling the way, the double standard here. not just among the democrats and john kerry and the people. but among the press. and the degree to wish the press itself has become so deeply politicized over the
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past, i think, since certainly probable before. but certainly since the obama administration. they have shirked all pretense of trying to be fair about these things. with the situation in particular, there is no doubt in my mind. this amounts to treason. >> harris: if it's true. >> charlie: it's not just john kerry sort of confusing president trump's, our elected leaders, duly elected leaders, his public, you know, foreign policy. it's not just sort of nibbling around the edges to cause sort of a storm. he was flatly undermining it. undermining it with an enemy that is hell-bent on destroying america. a crazed theocracy that wants to remove israel off the face of the map. these are people who -- and the money that john kerry and barack obama gave to the iranian government was spent to kill american soldiers, was
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spent to build bombs that killed innocent people in the middle east in terrorist attacks. that is where the money went to. the idea that john kerry is playing footsy is in bed with these people is so much worse than just the double standard and the fact it's treasonous. he is contributing to the death of people and the death of american principles; such as,, i don't know, religious freedom, which the theocrats despise. >> harris: general jack keane, four star and one of the stars here at fox news as a senior analyst, military analyst with was said earlier we don't know all the facts yet. and he is wanting to wait for for all of that, as we all should. but kayleigh's point are they covering it enough to let us know the transparency and the search for the facts? that would be a question i have. following up with what jean
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keane said, why is -- what general keane said, he is not surprised but in this instance he does know the past, though, and the relationship that john kerry had with zarif. that is important to note. tomi, i come to you for your thoughts. >> tomi: yeah. going off of that, there needs to be an investigation. we need to wait for the facts that come out on this. you know, the american people, what reassurance do they have there will be a legitimate investigation that it will be followed up? >> harris: we don't have the transparency. >> tomi: we don't. then the instances are piling up. you have the eric swalwell and his chinese spy and dianne feinstein and her long-time employee was a chinese spy. hunter biden, we are not hearing enough about that investigation. now you have john kerry, and all the people in democratic party or close to the white house or in the white house. we hear that there is supposed to be an investigation. there is one or two articles written.
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we talk about it on the show. a couple of weeks later it seems to disappear. the american people don't get answers they deserve. frankly, a lot of people don't know they should care because the media is not doing its job. seek the truth in reporting. we have all discussed. we had president trump and his family and his administration called the russian assets for four-plus years. now you have someone likely could be iranian asset, the number one state sponsor of terror giving away secrets about one of the greatest allies in israel? and the media writes one or maybe two articles? this needs to be followed up on. this cannot be let go of. and president biden needs to answer for he. not only is it going on in the obama administration, which he was a part of, now it's going on in his administration. discussions of this. investigations. joe biden needs to answer for this. he needs to do another press conference. this is utterly ridiculous. >> harris: now you are asking for unicorns to walk. i don't know if we'll see all
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that, biden taking questions on this. i'm with you. i have questions, too. wouldn't it just be the thing for the administration that wants to do a deal now with iran. with iran trying to write parameters of that apparently, telling us what they want. that news conference, i would like to see the unicorn walk actually. emily? >> emily: who doesn't want to see a unicorn? yes -- >> just prance. >> emily: the largest question being of course who benefited from the leak? it's interesting to note up until now, zarif had political aspirations in iran and i wonder with the elections coming up in june how is given on the tape where him criticizing soleimani. and that figure who had is revered in the region. right? the most salients i got out of this, ted cruz made a point about the public accounting. and there hasn't been an accounting of kerry's cozy relationship with the
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adversary of all of ours and of all the allies. if the consistent relationship, if that is not denied, what then were the source, the discussions? what was the suggest of the conversations? it's interesting when general keane noted he is not surprised by the allegations. secretary pompeo said this guy has been undermining the foreign policy for years who is surprised by the allegations? that being said, i think the more transparency the bert and there are questions that need answers. >> harris: quickly, we have to make this quick. when have to scoot. i'm curious about what is gained with having conversations if they happen outside of your purview with a friendship with zarif? what is gained by that? something we're potentially missing? >> charlie: it's absolutely baffling. i have no idea. it's a colossal misreading of the 2020 election if joe biden
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and john kerry think that the reason that joe biden got so many votes in the last election was to get back to bed with iran. that is not what even democrats want the american government to do. >> harris: all right. we'll move on. again, we will await news of the investigation and what comes out of the whole thing with john kerry. calling for the transparency. maybe, just maybe a news conference of the question on this for the president of the united states. let's see if it happens. good call, tomi. just ahead, it could be the most significant update to the c.d.c. guidance since lockdowns began. the major announcement we expect to hear from the president of the united states on wearing masks outside. did you know you can go to to customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? really? i didn't-- aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete,
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is expected to announce this afternoon that it's okay not to wear a mask outdoors. that would arguably be the biggest update to the c.d.c. guidance since the pandemic started more than a year ago. anybody surprised by the finding? show of hands? charlie, i'll come to you. >> charlie: yeah, i guess the only surprise here is that they finally realized this. after all, joe biden is a guy, he wears a mask for zoom calls that tells you where he is coming from in the first place. and his grasp of the science. i don't know any rational science who thinks walking around outside requires a mask unless you sort of gotten in to this whole religious cult about wearing a mask everywhere you go and riding down the road in your car with a mask on. the damage to this, when you become that detached from the science and the logic and common sense is that it causes people to think okay, all of this, this whole debate hijacked by the politics. that is what undermines people's faith in seems like
9:17 am
vaccines which are good, wonderful and human inventions that save lives. that is why people are suspicious about these vaccines now. >> harris: i did a whole special on the shot, you know, just talking about just the facts about it. kayleigh, i recall -- i love that line -- i'm young enough to remember 2020. when former president trump was pushing a harder than anybody else on the planet that we know of in operation warp speed to deliver vaccinations. we were learning so much more science in that process. and people were waiting. they were, you know, some of them were excited to get the vaccinations. then the science didn't go with what they put themselves through with the vaccinations. the two shots. whatever they had to go through to get one. >> kayleigh: right. then we are told maybe we can be with our family. maybe you don't have to wear a mask. >> harris: dr. birx got caught with her family. remember that? you can't do it but she could.
9:18 am
>> kayleigh: i do remember that. but look, you are exactly right. operation warp speed delivered the vaccine in record time. we should have faith in the vaccine. i was trolling through twitter the other day and i was stunned by a picture i came across. the president has his oval office. but in the back there is a back private room where he worked. i see this picture of joe biden on one ends and the prime minister of japan on the other. they are ten feet apart. it appears that the vice president has a double mask on during lunch. they are both vaccinated. they are socially distanced, vaccinated and still wearing masks at lunch. it's an astonishing double standard. you have the president, you have president biden saying we may wear masks until 2022 despite the fact we'll have the vaccinations for 300 million americans by this summer? it makes no sense. and charlie is exactly right. totally undermine faith in the vaccine that president trump delivered in the record speed. >> harris: you know, tomi, i follow you on twitter. not everybody is on the same
9:19 am
page with this but listening to kayleigh just now if we could get to the 300 number, which is by the way most americans, like i have a couple of kids who are very young so they can't maybe get them young. but i mean that is enough for us to like come one fun things to do with the mask? like wear it as a hat i? don't want to get too light here but it could draw us forward quite a bit. >> tomi: the funnest thing you can do with a mask is watch it burn. i'm looking forward to that. i hate to burst joe biden's bubble but he doesn't have to allow me not to wear a mask outside. because i like many patriotic conservatives will dor not wear a mask outside because it makes no sense. i think everyone knows how we feel about the masks. if you follow me on twitter it's clear as day how i feel about the masks. at the end of the day, the mis-ced messages about the masks and the coronavirus, infringements, the social distancing the new normal, all the things. they are ever changing. the control maintains.
9:20 am
infringements maintain. the mandate maintain. at some point the american people and i hope that those who want to take the vaccine get the vaccine. i hope to get to a great number that and those who want it have it available to them. at some point, the americans need to say we have been doing this for a year now. we are heading to the summer months. biden saying maybe we can have a fourth of july. i don't need his permission to celebrate the 4th of july. but at some point we need to take a hard look at this and say at some point we will have to stop complying with the infringements. at some point we have to stand up to say it makes no sense anymore. this is not science and the health and safety. this is control. we have come to that point in nashville, and i hope it spreads across the country. the president doesn't get to tell you what you are wearing on your face outside. >> harris: i love nashville. shops i like to hit hard with my credit card. okay, emily? >> emily: really quickly. what is interesting about
9:21 am
this, we see the lifting of the restrictions and the tension between the local and the state governments and the federal government. so take the c.d.c. for example that just issued the guidelines a couple of days ago restricting the summer camp kids. they have to wear a mask at all times ins they are actively eating or -- actives ins they are actively eating or swimming and socially distance. if they are many in the little pod they can take them off. what is interesting we saw a lawsuit out of florida that is pending. five sets of the parents sued the school district. the school district were requiring the maskers for the kids inside the public schools and the parents pointed out look this is more strict than the state has issued. the state lifted restrictions. why have you? back to the c.d.c. guideline about the summer camp and the kids, they said subject to the local restrictions. for the viewers who watch as it unfolds where the tension lays and how the courts decide because they might have a final say, as tomi points out. people either refuse to comply or bring grievances to court. >> harris: you said something critical there.
9:22 am
that is responsibility for all of us as citizens. know the local ordinance so if someone tries to tell you something and it doesn't sound like it's based on the science or nuance from the c.d.c. you have been given the guidance. if it doesn't go with that, you have told us that we have a legal ground to stand on from the emily, the attorney. thank you. president biden expected to speak in the hour on the new mask guidelines. keep it here for that. tomorrow night, when he will make his first address before congress. up next, a broad daylight attack on the new york police detection. and the sort of thing is happening in the other cities as well. we'll get in to what we learn in the ""faulkner" focus last hour. police in america.
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>> harris: all right. we have breaking news. remember, we told you an jut date expected from the president of the united states and ahead of that the c.d.c., what we can and cannot do at this point. let's watch. >> allow you to safely get back to things you love to do. i'm optimistic that people will use the information to take personal responsibility to protect themselves.
9:26 am
and to protect others. i hope it will encourage people to get fully vaccinated. there are many situations fully vaccinated people don't need to wear a mask; particularly, if they're outside. if you're vaccinate and you want to attend a small outdoor gathering with people vaccinated or undied vaccinated or dine at an outdoor restaurant with friends from the multiple households the science shows if you are vaccinated you can do so safely unmasked. on the c.d.c. website we posted the examples of the numerous outdoor activities safe to do without a mass if i can you're fully vaccinated. generally for the vaccinated people outdoor activities are safe.
9:27 am
but we recommend them in packed stadiums and concerts where there is a decreased ability to maintain physical distance and many unvaccinated people may be present. we'll continue to recommend this until the vaccination is achieved. indoors, we have the unvaccinated people and their risk on the left where nothing has changed. risk is indicate and the masking is required. we show the risk for the vaccinated people on the right. given what we know about the covid-19 vaccine and the efficacy, it's also safe for those who are fully vaccinated to return to activities they love doing inside while wearing a mask. the guiding principles we release today and the illustrative examples compare safety of several activities if you're vaccinated or not.
9:28 am
as we data more data on the real world of the efficacy vaccine, masked, fully vaccinated people can safely attend worship service inside, go to the indoor restaurant or bar and even participate in an indoor exercise class. although the vaccines are extremely effective, we know that the virus spreads very well indoors. until more people are vaccinated and while we still have more than 50,000 cases a day, mask use indoors will provide extra protection. the examples today show that when you are fully vaccinated, you can return to many activities safely. and most of them outdoors and unmasked. and begin to get back to normal. and the more people who are vaccinated, the more steps we can take toward spending time with people we love doing the things we love to enjoy.
9:29 am
i hope the message is encouraged for you. it shows how powerful the vaccines are in the effort to end the pandemic. and why we are asking everyone to roll up the sleeves and get vaccinated. the science is clear. the covid-19 vaccine have been through many transparent, rigorous processes that continue to prove they are safe and effective. if you haven't already, please get vaccinated. in some communities you can find walk-up venues who have advance appointments or where appointments aren't even necessary. to see more details about what we release today, including the evidence and the science behind recommendations and to learn more about the activities you can safely do when you are fully vaccinated, please go to thank you. i'll turn it over to dr. fauci. >> harris: that is how you upstage the president of the united states. we heard it directly from the
9:30 am
c.d.c. director, dr. walensky. if you are fully vaccinated, time period of the two weeks beyond the second shot if you get a two-shot series or the single shot of johnson & johnson. two weeks beyond that point, you are considered fully vaccinated. she didn't say that today but we have reported it before. i did a special on it. what did you say? you can go outside. you don't need a mass if i can you're and people vaccinated or not. unless you are still in really crowded stadiums and arenas. she is still suggesting even without one, if you are close together and you might want to wear a mask. indoors, dr. walensky said something we think is important. it spreads well indoors. so if you are around people who are not vaccinated she highly recommends that everybody wear a mask in that situation. that is what i got out of it. but let's get the nuanced answers of those who have been saying much the same thing for quite some time. tomi lahren?
9:31 am
>> tomi: again, i'm glad she is giving us permission. you know it's fine to issue guidance and totally fine. i think people want to hear from the c.d.c. and they want to hear the guidance. we need to get to the point in the country as well to listen to the guidance and people can have the personal responsibility and the personal choice to make health decisions for ourselves. if we feel good to wear a mask, and it makes us feel better and safe, wear a mask until your heart is content. one, two, three, four five. be fully vaccinated, sleep in a mask. i don't care. but what worries me about this is pushing people to get vaccinated and dangling the carrot in front of the face. you can live a normal life if you get vaccinated. i'm sorry but it makes my ears perk up and it makes me uncomfortable. i don't like to hear that. i don't like to dangle the carrot. personal decision. personal responsibility. get information and let people make decisions for themselves. >> harris: kayleigh? >> kayleigh: in the great state of florida i felt i was watching alternate universe
9:32 am
from the biden era c.d.c. telling us we are allowed to go to church now? president trump did a press conference many, many months ago. we're allowed to go to restaurant? in florida we never stopped going. there was a short period of time we didn't understand covid and it made sense to shut restaurants but as quickly as possible we reopened them and did so safely. wear masks in a dez late field? this is a basic common sense. this is acceptable and it shouldn't be a big announcement. with regard to the c.d.c. under president biden they had a rough time out of the gate with walensky telling us you can go back to school even without all the teachers vaccinated. then the teachers union and had an eruption and she walked it back saying speaking in the personal capacity. whatever that means. she said you can't get covid when you had the vaccine ever and she walked that back. so it's rough going out of the gate from the c.d.c. director walensky. >> it's hard, i imagine. she is not a politician.
9:33 am
she is just trying to tell us what she thinks is going on based on the science. it's complicated if somebody has an agenda. >> charlie: right. that is the great thing about the politicians. they have all the answers. they don't have some answers. they have all the answers. >> harris: they use all the words. >> charlie: exactly. the real problem here, i tell everybody, this is great to have the guidance from the c.d.c. great to have the c.d.c. she is promoting vaccine hesitancy, saying get a fully vaccinated and you still can't be inside without a mask. >> harris: ah! >> charlie: that promotes vaccine hesitancy. that is why so many people in america today -- >> harris: interesting. >> charlie: i love vaccine, i love medicine, i love science all that stuff. but if they are telling me it doesn't work well enough that i can ditch the mask as soon as i'm fully vaccinated i'm suspicious about that. >> harris: well, you know what? there is no zero point for risk in life. >> charlie: right. >> harris: everything has risk.
9:34 am
>> charlie: amen. >> harris: if you get vaccinated and you are north of 90%, then tomi, is right. it's guidance that you can take or not take. based on your own life experience. emily? >> emily: right. member the whole purpose of the lockdown -- remember, the whole lockdown in the begin is flatten the curve. >> harris: isn't it flat now? >> emily: it wasn't too -- right. it wasn't to eradicate actual infection. so it's an interesting data point we keep circling around and we seem to ignore. it's interesting she was pointing to and she kept pointing to the efficacy of the vaccine to underscore and demonstrate the point that you then need to wear a mask inside. she is lifting the restrictions. now you can go out inside wearing masks. most states are doing that to kayleigh's point. charlie's point, then what is different? to tommy point, this is an interesting question that races the issue of the enforcement. so if the guideline and the rule is you can go outside without a mass if i can you're vaccinated how do you check? how do you know?
9:35 am
does it mean that the business and the local county will say since we can't double check and we don't know we'll make everyone wear a mask still? do we require vaccine passport? the questions that get raised when you talk about the knowledge of it that leads to the enforcement. i wonder how our government will navigate that? >> harris: wow! you know, i read an article recently that talked about the efficacy of the flu shot and in some cases it's rocking lower than 40%. we have vaccinations now that are more than double that. i have never heard that guideline to wear a mask in flu season. have you? >> charlie: if you and i had 90% odds where would we be? we'd both hitch a flight to vegas and stay there for a week. >> harris: then i would shop. you know i love to shop! moving on. up next, a brazen attack on a new york police detective in broad daylight. this sort of thing is happening in the other cities as well.
9:36 am
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the newday100 va cash out loan.
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>> harris: a fox news alert now. we have disturbing new video of an assault on a police detective in new york city. it happened yesterday in broad daylight. this detective in queens hit in the head with a stick. while processing a crime scene. a bronx man charged with assault in this. the detective endowment association posted the video on the twitter account with the caption. "welcome to n.y.c." even as the detectives investigate crimes they are attacked by the emboldened criminals who quickly realized there is no consequence for the law-breakers in the city. the d.e.a. is calling if for violence to be fully prosecuted as we look to file civil charges. this comes amid alarming rise of the officers leaving the force.
9:41 am
5300 last year. that is up 75% from 2019. listen to what the hartford county, maryland, told me in the "faulkner focus" police special last hour. >> we look at the incidents around the country, the false narrative against the great 100,000 men and women of the law enforcement who go out every day to make the community better. there is a single underlying factor. it's a failure of the individuals who obey lawful orders or submit to arrests. assisting arrest or fleeing from the ares. that is the one thing. how do we focus on the criminal behavior. >> harris: tomi, i come to you. >> tomi: this is what happens when you guidance from the white house and guidance from the organization b.l.m. and you have the top culture bowing down to the culture of b.l.m. and the message and the movement. this is what happens.
9:42 am
you embolden people who attack law enforcement and you embolden a war on cops. this is what happens. you put a giant target on the 800,000 sworn peace officers and demonize them as racists and make people believe that cops are out to get people of color. this is what happens. furthermore, the bogus bail reform movement and acts in places like new york city you see this. criminals that feel it's noble to attack officers that it's almost the civic duty to attack the officers. they know they will have the little to no consequences for attacking the officers. this culture is created. although i know this is a unicorn, president biden needs to address this in the speech to the nation and a press conference. he aided and abedded this activity and he needs to end it. >> harris: strong charges. charlie?
9:43 am
>> charlie: i couldn't agree more with tomi on that. you hear the people, responsible elected officials talking about abolishing the police or defunding the police. that is not, it's distraction. that is not everyone the goal. that is not going to happen anyway. i don't even think that is what they are going for. what they are going for is undermining respect for police everywhere. >> harris: why? >> charlie: they are radicalizing people to have disrespect. cops are walking down the street and they are heckled, openly heckled by the people walking down the street. who wants to become a cop in this environment? forever, we have had the special punishments for the people who attack police. not because they are attacking somebody wearing a blue uniform but because they are attacking the very people that we have deputized to go out and enforce our laws, enforce laws that the politicians, duly elected politicians put on the books. if you attack a cop. if you shoot a cop or you disrespect a cop you disrespect all of us who believe in equal justice under
9:44 am
law. there are special funment for the people. this is turning it all upside down where you have a cop, a hero cop who shoots somebody who is about to stab somebody with a lethal weapon. and saves a person's life. suddenly the cop turned in to a racist murder. >> harris: you are talking about columbus, ohio? >> charlie: yeah. >> harris: you know, the thing that boggled my mind about that, when people talk about the systemic racism and muddle that in the conversation, not saying that it hasn't existed in our history but we have to start from today. and take a page from the change that has been made and go forward. not paint everybody with the same brush. when you look at what happened in columbus, ohio, the police officer was protecting a black girl from another black girl. i mean it is like, how do we get racism out of that conversation? where is it coming from, kayleigh? >> kayleigh: yeah, it's
9:45 am
really interesting. to have the president of the united states, broad cost and demonize cop -- broad stroke and demonize the cops is wrong. that officer saved a girl's life. tragically if that girl would have stabbed another girl i don't think we would have heard about this incident because it would have been an incident of crime and not one of a police-involved shooting. it's tragic. there are facts left out of this. i was reading about the nypd and a local professor in new york john latournea said 95% of the officers don't fire the weapons in duty. you would be hard pressed to know that. people don't talk about it. we talk a lot about what are the police officers put on the line to protect us? i have talked before about the ambushes that happen in the wake of ferguson and the nypd shot in their car. months later two ferguson officers were shot in ambush style. thank goodness they survived. a year later you saw a deadly attack five officers were
9:46 am
killed in dallas. nine injured. the deadliest attack on the law enforcement since 9/11 motivated by the antipolice. when people shout "pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon" and it can have lasting consequences. >> harris: i want to go to an interview last hour and emily, i'm control straight out. >> our profession is dying. in new york retirements are up 75%. on the recruitment side, the new jersey state trooper saw a 90% reduction of the application. the profession is dying. the community is suffering. not anybody left to take this job. >> harris: emily, your response? >> emily: right. the community suffering is the one in which the police officers live. it's the community that we all belong to. it's not an us or them. i respectfully disagree with one thing that kayleigh said. we would haven't heard about it if the police officer left bryant stab the other girl? i bet we would have. i bet then the story would have been that the police
9:47 am
officer was a dereliction of duty and that then we should have the counselors instead to deescalate the situations. in somehow the nine seconds that officer had to assess the situation and save that other girl's life. i have to point out as well in the last hour the police special, daniel, one of the first guest you had, former superintendent chief, he brought this up. we talk about the concept degrees, the d.o.j. investigation, everyone says yes, this is so important. representative omar wants more federal investigations in the local police departments. look at seattle where it's been going on for ten years this consent decree. what happened with it? in the decree working with the federal courts we hired 500 diverse, fresh, new officers that represented all different genders and shapes and sizes and everything. wasn't it good enough? wasn't it a step in the right direction? oh, no. with the defunding all of them were laid off.
9:48 am
you mentioned often former police chief, seattle police chief carmen best who resigned in the wake. so the irony here is the work that people say and advocate for that we should have the federal oversight and the investigation, all that does is result then in the work being undone when the people move in and defund. all the fires stoked by the democratic people and the influential and the leadership positions who continue to accept and advocate for the vilifycation of the police. it's not just about the attacks. this is about the murders. dying by suicide. to the v.p. point of the fraternal order of police, profession dying and with it the communities are dying, too. >> harris: so charlie, you know, one of the things that was really popping to the surface last hour is that you need everybody at the table. you need leadership at that table. if they are leaving like carmen best in seattle and some of the, the sheriff and
9:49 am
the leadership i had on my show and the law enforcement, if they are losing good people, how do you have the conversation in communities? >> charlie: yeah. what was so good about that, spending an hour on that topic is the fact that what gets lost in all of this? what gets lost in all of this is the fact that okay, maybe there are some things that need to be done. >> harris: yes. >> charlie: at the police departments to correct problems. there is literally not a single person in america you could find who isn't in favor of making whatever changes are necessary to make sure fewer people die at the police hands. everybody is like literally, that is a 100% political issue. as soon as you take it and wrench it through a racial lens and the political lens, it means that all of that just, that whole discussion evaporates and nothing positive happens. everybody just hates one another. >> harris: yeah. that is a really good point. you know, tomi, i will end
9:50 am
with you. just the idea that i had asked daniel, are the good cops willing to turn in the bad cops? he said there has to be an apparatus for them to be able to do that. if you are defunding, you are taking away the ways in which it happens there. had to be a compunction to do it. >> tomi: absolutely. but it should be known in police departments a bad apple is harmful to the entirety of the department and most harmful to the fellow officers that are serving with the bad apple. i think it can't be understated. further more, talking about this and the profession of an officer in joe gimaldi who does a great job to advocate for the police and what they are going through. remember police officers have to be largely silent on everything going on. >> harris: true. >> tomi: they deal with it dee in and day out and deal -- day in and day out and stressful jobs. they don't have support in the department as far as the mental health goes. we are heaped upon them they are racist monsters. i'll end with this. if you think an officer for
9:51 am
average of $60,000 goes on the street every day to satisfy pent-up racism, you are a moron and an idiot and you really need to understand the job of an officer out there to serve and protect. >> harris: all right. we'll move. cancel culture. is now coming after members of the trump white house? next. the open rebellion and the major publishing house against a book by the former vice president mike pence. veteran homeowners, i have 100 great reasons why you should use your va home loan benefit to take cash out of your home. the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% percent of your home's value. with today's rates near all-time lows and home values at record highs, you can take out $50,000 or more and lower your payments by $600 a month. the newday 100 va loan. only from newday usa. brushing only reaches 25% of your mouth.
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9:56 am
scores behind china, do politics threatened to a that? we will examine that issue. in john roberts, join us at the top of the hour for "america report." >> cancel cultural just keeps coming. hundreds of employees were signed in in-house petition demanding the company do no business with trump administration officials starting with a recently announced memoir by mike pence, according to "wall street journal" the potential urges the company not to treat the administration as a normal chapter in american history. they reportedly rejected the demands. i will start with you on this. your perspective? >> good for him. let me speak personally to vice president pence. you can't find a man of greater integrity than the former vice president. he would mention bible verses to
9:57 am
me or christian song lyrics, he's a wonderful person. he has a lot of substance to share. he lead a task force in a global pandemic and america deserves to hear from him. to the broader point, they're not afraid of what he will say. this is about eliminating and accounting the administration from those who are in the room. a lot of these employees want the accounting to be the distorting lens and they don't want to hear from the people in the room, but good for the ceo for standing up to the vice president. >> he has no squeaky clean record, we know he refuse the book, even one of the officers involved in the breonna taylor shootings, however three years ago vice president of education said simon and schuster is proud to participate, but the point is spreading the important message of having freedom to read
9:58 am
whatever you choose. they're not practicing what they preach. >> exactly. censorship is bad in any form, but when it's practiced by the media and the publishing business, when censorship is promoted by the media, it ceases to exist and without that, a free republic with an informed electorate. it's a threat to our very democracy. that's not an exaggeration. it does raise questions about, what are these people so afraid of? what is it about their prejudice about things that they want to close their eyes and make it all go away. whatever they do, they can't make the 73 million americans who voted for donald trump, they can't make them disappear and ignore them. at some point this country will not heal until people like that recognize that those people are
9:59 am
part of the country and we deserve to be heard and what better way to do that then through book publishing. >> if the argument against this is, what's a normal chapter in history, so in what world is publish normalcy? isn't that against the argument? >> it wasn't a normal time in history, the accomplishments of the administration are astonishing. i will tell you this, what are they scared of? they are scared of the truth. they want conservatives, those to sit down and shut up and they think if they control the narrative they won't allow us to tell the truth and inspire patriotism. conservatives, they sell a whole heck of a lot of books so if simon & schuster doesn't want to do it, i'm sure someone will pick up the slack and make a lot of money doing it.
10:00 am
>> indeed. thank you for joining us and now here is "america report." >> sandra: moments from now president biden is expected to announce new mask guidelines. the cdc changing its guidance, saying they no longer need to wear masks outdoors. one of the most significant updates and guidelines since they began. back to them. they are ready to react to the president's remarks. john? >> the spokesperson morgan ortagus said marsha blackburn of tennessee will react to the calls for john kerry to resign from his white house post over allegations he shared secrets with iran. we will talk about the border crisis with communications director alyssa fara, why there is a blame game going on inside the biden


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