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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  April 28, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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cocaine, just kidding. >> dana: he is like cocaine? >> i don't think it's real. >> dana: i don't know. >> bill: that's a good laugh. have a good day, happy 100. >> dana: we'll see who wins the bet tomorrow. >> harris: fox news alert. president biden apparently is looking to rally liberals in his party as he prepares to unveil another massive spending plan during his joint address to congress tonight. i'm harris faulkner. you are in "the faulkner focus". the president's american families plan would cost taxpayers nearly $2 trillion. including $200 billion for universal pre-school. we'll list some of the things in it now. more than $100 million for free community college for anyone for two years including dreamers, those people brought here as children by their parents illegally in the country and now they are here.
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we call them dreamers under the daca act. it also would provide paid family leave and paid sick leave. how will president biden pay for all of it? tax increases, a lot of them, like raising the top capital gains tax to nearly 40%. giving 80 billion to the i.r.s. to boost audits on high earners. texas senator ted cruz says joe biden is making it clear he does not care about bipartisanship. >> i think you can sum up the first 100 days of this presidency, and i think you can sum up the speech we'll hear tonight in three words. boring but radical. this is not a moderate agenda. this is not a unity agenda. this is a radical agenda. >> harris: gillian turner is on the story at the white house for us. gillian. >> so 6.1 trillion is what all together the biden administration wants to spend
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on the american jobs plan, families plan, and rescue plan. each one of these bills on its own is the most -- among the most expensive proposals ever put before congress. now in terms of what to expect looking at tonight there will be some major changes to normal joint session of congress address. the biden administration is putting in place extra tight precautions. you might remember yesterday even as the president rolled out the new looser mask mandate for outdoor he took great care to emphasize to americans we aren't out of the woods yet. here are the big things you'll see tonight. no designated survivor in the event of a catastrophe at the capitol. audience will be capped at 200 people. supreme court justice chief john roberts will represent the entire judicial branch. so far this morning the white house messaging in terms of the speech the president will go big, bold and transformational. take a listen. >> the american families plan is going to insure that kids
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acaos the country, families across the country get four years of additional education, universal pre-k. raising the top tax rates for 1% of americans. >> what you will hear the president say tonight is we really have a once in a generation opportunity right now to seize the moment, to make these investments, to really not only cree a ate jobs but create jobs for the long haul. >> the big ticket item for the president tonight is the american families plan, $the 200 billion for 3 and 4 yearly old have access to pre-k. 5 million children that are helped by this plan, families on average, the white house says, will save about $13,000 each. they will prioritize high-need areas and insure public pre-school is high quality and teachers will receive better training and higher wages.
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finally biden will push congress as we're hearing to really move and move quickly on his immigration plan. we know the centerpiece of his reform bill is getting a pathway to citizenship for those 11 1/2 million dreamers that the white house says are here in the united states. harris. >> harris: thank you very much. you gave a number that we hadn't added up totally. 6.1 trillion. that's a big number. good to see you. i want to bring in jason chaffetz. former house oversight committee chairman and fox news contributor. welcome today. first of all, you know, you are talking about so-called rescue plans for people. when you look at a price tag of $6.1 trillion, who exactly is joe biden as president rescuing who wants that as a bill to saddle the american people with? >> well remember, there is mandatory programmatic spending that is approaching 3 to 4 trillion a year. i don't think much of that is
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call you lateed into that. the promise of joe biden is a lie and the reality of joe biden are two totally different things. he promised to unite the country, to bring the country together. to work in a bipartisan way. he hasn't even had a conversation with kevin mccarthy and not sure he has met with mitch mcconnell the minority leader in the senate. he makes no pretense of trying to work and unite the country. the radical liberal left will cheer this and think it is wonderful. aoc is thinking he is doing better than expected. for those true centrists who decide elections and who thought gosh, joe biden will bring the country together, he is not. he is tearing us apart installing a radical agenda and pushing trillions of dollars faster than you can possibly imagine. >> harris: you keep using that word radical. now i want to get to this. a new cnn op-ed says joe biden
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will show his moderate radicalism tonight. what is that? >> it's total political spin. moderate radicalism. he wants to fundamentally transform this country, destroying jobs, destroying the energy sector. can you point -- the number one thing, let me put it this way. the number one thing that joe biden could point to being a success is something that donald trump started with the vaccination program. the other things are just wildly spending money as fast as he possibly can and want to institute it because they know for a limited amount of time they have the house, senate and presidency they don't need republicans. again the promise of joe biden and the reality are two totally different things but his agenda make no mistake is very radical. >> harris: and those centrists will go to the polls. mid-term elections are usually quite a challenge for a sitting president. they are making plans early
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based on what you just said. fierce criticism i want to talk about this "washington post" fact checker glen kessler is taking heat. he says he doesn't plan to keep a database of president biden's falsehoods beyond his first 100 days in office. kessler tweeted about it. we've been comparing biden 67 false miss leading claims and trump 501 claims. we counted 8,859 claims made by trump. it was a wild ride. critics pounced. also on twitter the biden presidency is over, rest easy. definitely no bias here. nothing to see here as they said in "star wars." jason, your thoughts. >> yeah, don't even need to keep track of it because we already know over the next three years he won't make any mistakes. look how infrequently joe biden
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actually speaks. it is rare to none that he actually comes up to the microphone and speaks. when he does he is reading a script unlike what donald trump was speaking off the cuff. i don't mind having fact checkers try to go out and point things out. but i have to tell you the agenda from some of these traditional media outlets is so biased, america knows it. they are liberal left wing newsletters at this point. >> harris: it is so true what you are saying just in terms of what we get to see now. i see it this way. keep showing us. give us that transparency to this biased media members. you know he what? we can believe them once they show us who they are. south carolina senator tim scott will be delivering republican's response to senator biden's address tonight and he will make the case the agenda will kill economic growth and be hard on taxpayers.
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jennifer joey ernst of iowa called scott the right voice at the right time. >> i do anticipate his message will focus on the gop and what we bring to americans and that is freedom and prosperity and economic growth. it is a voice of unity which is exactly something that the democrats have turned their back on. >> harris: so you started by saying what this is going to be tonight with joe biden will be boring and radical. that will be a huge departure from senator tim scott. he is not a boring guy and he is not radical. >> senator tim scott is the real deal and i think he has a magical moment to be able to show america what conservative values and conservative principles can do for this country and ultimately you have to do what margaret thatcher said. first you have to win the argument and then you can win the votes.
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i believe mitch mcconnell should step down as minority leader and put tim scott there. if you want to draw a contrast between chuck schumer, nancy pelosi and joe biden there is no better person to do that on a daily basis than senator tim scott. he lives it, he believes it and solutions like opportunity zones and the true leader of the republican party now in my mind. >> harris: you know where else tim scott collides with the liberal messaging, it's on police reform. he is planning to bring back the legislation that he had pitched to the senate, trying to bring that back in the middle of the conversation that the whole country is having about policing. what are your thoughts about him talking about that tonight? >> he should because he can speak from his heart. he has an actual bill. he told the democrats let's debate this. i will give you 20 plus amendments.
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let's go on the floor and votes it. democrats didn't want to bring it up. they don't want somebody like a senator tim scott going out and talking about real solutions. they want to paint republicans as this radical racist radical group out there. trying saying that to tim scott? you can't do it. it won't work. >> harris: jason chaffetz always great to see you. thank you. be sure to tune into our special coverage tonight of president biden's address hosted by bret baier and martha maccallum. that coverage will begin at 8:5 p.m. eastern right before the speech and have full analysis after the speech wraps. tune in. a high profile democratic strategist says wokeness is a big problem for democrats. why he says the party needs a reality check and no one is willing to speak up. he has a loud voice. wait until we get to that. plus the feds launching an investigation into the
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louisville police department as officers are quitting. they're leaving in droves, record numbers. police officials around the nation are sounding the alarm. we covered it yesterday in our police special. we'll go deeper today. >> our profession is dying, our community is suffering and there won't be anybody left to take this job. the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% percent of your home's value. with today's rates near all-time lows and home values at record highs, you can take out $50,000 or more and lower your payments by $600 a month. the newday 100 va loan. only from newday usa. i've got moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. ♪ things are getting clearer. ♪ ♪ i feel free to bare my skin yeah, that's all me. ♪
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>> the justice department is opening a civil investigation into the louisville jefferson county metro government and the louisville metro police department to see if they engage in a pattern or practice of violations of the constitution or federal law. >> harris: president biden's
8:18 am
d.o.j. launching an investigation into the louisville police department more than one year after the killing of breonna taylor but we're also learning the department is struggling already as it is. nearly 200 police officers have left. that happened in 2020. this year alone, 42 additional ones have either resigned or retired while the department only hired 26 new officers. do the math on that. wow. they're losing people fast. yesterday police in america i talked to law enforcement officials who gave me this warning. >> what is going on today, harris, is tragic. our profession is in a crisis. >> this is a dying profession. >> our profession is dying, community suffering and not anybody left to take this job. >> harris: power panel now, richard fowler fox news contributor. mercedes schlapp former white
8:19 am
house director of strategic communications. great to see you both. mercedes, i want to come to you. a dying profession. just the thought of that and where we are in this country with spiking homicide and violent crime rates in certain cities. what are your thoughts on it? >> it is incredibly troubling, harris. i think what you are seeing is the fact that because there has been a few of these bad apples in the police departments, that has impacted the great work that so many of these police officers do on a day-to-day basis engaging these communities. so what we have seen is when the far left and democrat run cities are talking about defunding the police or implementing police reforms that would remove immunity, or for instance cut the budgets like we've seen in new york city where may or bill deblasio cut about a billion dollars from the budget, then you will see an increase of retirements and then you are going to see
8:20 am
the cops feel demoralized and demonized and hurtful for all the country. >> harris: why not hold them accountable? the leadership and police forces as i learned from leadership on the show yesterday has to have the apparatus to be able to do that. so once they do that, don't we also have the capability of loving those law enforcement officers, men and women who live in our communities among us at the same time and supporting them so they don't want to leave? >> i think we actually can do both and here is how. we have to listen to community and policing. two years ago i spent time with the police department of alexandria, one thing police officers told me we would love to have more social workers on calls. we go to calls sometimes not equipped to deal with. when we go to calls of drug
8:21 am
overdoses we aren't mental health professionals and don't know how to deal with that. we need to have a conversation how to reform policing in the country. part is holding police accountable. how do we rebuild trust in community? making sure cops live in the communities where they serve and the other part is insuring we have real conversations like the one we're having now to break down the myths that exist and talking points on both sides. how to come to the middle and heal and make sure it works? >> harris: what in the world is your party going to do with congress people like tlaib. she is not interested in doing that. you have challenges in getting legislation on the hill. i was joined yesterday by a congresswoman and she said you have to have the conversation and get in there and fight but part of it is some of the room wants to get rid of the people in blue. and i don't know about either of you, but who wants to live in a society with no order? let me get to this. we're waiting for the release
8:22 am
of body camera footage at any moment from the fatal police shooting of andrew brown junior in elizabeth city, north carolina if a judge okays it. our own griff jenkins got an interview with the county sheriff today. watch part of that. >> i don't know of any law enforcement that gets up in the morning an thinks this is going to happen to them. it happened to the brown family and it happened to law enforcement. and they are devastated. i love every deputy that works here and i support them 100%. with that being said, whatever situation arises and how they take action in the moment they will be held accountable. >> harris: richard, i'm coming back to you. every single case is different. the law has to look at every single case differently.
8:23 am
north carolina has a law that says a judge has to decide when or if the body camera footage comes out. >> a couple of things here, first of our point on tlaib. i choose not to focus on here or marjorie taylor greene but looking at the parties coming across party lines to figure out how to create police reform in america. what's happening in north carolina, the problem with the slow release of this tape understanding that north carolina has rules is causing everybody to raise an eyebrow. a law, rule, but what i think when things take a long time to come up people raise eyebrows and where is the accountability and what is the sheriff's department trying the hide whether they are doing it or not and need to be fast to release the information so the public doesn't start to ask
8:24 am
more questions. p public is asking questions because the police department isn't fast enough? >> harris: the media would also like to be able to report the full story, not just from one party or one person who happened to see it in a room redacted, not redacted, whatever. we all wait for the process together and then we will have a ton of questions i would imagine. democratic strategist james carville says wokeness is hurting the democratic party. he told vox you ever get the sense that people in faculty lounges and fancy lounges that -- they use phrases like community of color. i don't know anyone who lives in a community of color. i know lots of white, black, brown people and they all live in neighborhoods. wokeness is a problem and everyone knows it. it is damaging to the party
8:25 am
brand. i will say this, too. he went on to make the point that plenty of democrats that he knows know exactly the fact this is but they won't speak up because they're afraid of being canceled by people in their own party. >> as a latina. it is clear there is a feminine and masculine speaking spanish and they don't like latin x. one of the things carville does is sends warning signals to the democratic party when they go too far. there is a major concern growing amongst americans of the mere fact that you have this faculty lounge talk of changing our language. where we need to use pronouns to know who we are and people are tired of being dictated. they don't want people to dictate to them. the elites to particular date to them what language they can or cannot use, how they have to
8:26 am
push through a very radical agenda whether it comes on the issue of gender and this critical race theory. i go back to richard's comments. we have to find common ground and have real conversations on a variety of these issues that are impacting our communities. but we can't feel that you have one side basically the very far leftists trying to say let's change the language, let's destroy the institutions that we know, let's actually blur the lines when it comes to talking about the individual and genders and create all this chaos and confusion and in the meantime also indoctrinate our children. that's why you are seeing more and more americans pushing back and why you are seeing how the republican is growing as a party of the working class and those who feel they have been silenced and bullied by the far left. >> harris: maybe we can just all get back to calling each other americans who live in neighborhoods.
8:27 am
it was surprising to hear that from james carville. i want to get a quick thought from you, richard. >> listen, where i will agree with mercedes is not about language but education. i want folks to know that when you say certain words it hurts black people and so we can have that conversation, don't silence the words but have a real conversation about the impacts of slavery and not say that we brought over workers from africa and treated them nicely. let's have a true conversation and throw the language to the wayside in my opinion. >> harris: all right. great to see you both. good discussion. add this to the can't make it up file. where this hunter biden will teach a class on fake news this fall. i'm perched. i'm so thirsty for this. i will need two glasses of water.
8:28 am
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>> harris: who is in the charge at the white house is what some people say they want to know after president biden cut off questions from reporters yesterday. watch. >> do you have any pre-conditions before meeting with vladimir putin? >> president biden: i'll discuss that all another day. >> will you make it faster for them to get the vaccines we'll get soon? india, they're suffering. >> president biden: i'm sorry, the last question i'll take and i'm in trouble. >> harris: one person tweeted who will biden get in trouble
8:34 am
with for taking press questions? he is the president. joining me now media and politics columnist for the hill joe concha. joe, why cut off the questions from the press there? >> it's interesting. i've seen some excuses going around social media saying he is basically echoing what ronald reagan used to say aides wanting him to get back to work. if you looked at the president's schedule this was the last item on his schedule publicly. the leader of the free world has trouble when he has to speak outside of scripted remarks. and his only press conference when he did have to speak in the press conference it was a joke in terms of the questions asked. not all but many. those statements he made then were littered with misstatements, lies when it came to the border. his handlers know this and i think what we'll see going forward for the next 3 1/2
8:35 am
years is the most risk averse, scripted and least transparent presidency of the modern tv era. >> harris: i boil that down to who is he going to be in trouble with? himself if he makes a mistake is what you are saying. he is wrapping himself. another role for hunter biden, the president's son will be a guest speaker during a course on fake news at tulane university this fall. the course is called media polarization and public policy impacts. it is not clear exactly what qualifications hunter biden has on the topic outside of the big tech censoring the "new york post" story about all the coverage on his laptop. so we've gone from hunter biden doing what he did previously to hunter biden as a media expert, really? >> yeah, experience apparently isn't a thing with hunter biden. he can get all these jobs. in ukraine he got a job with an energy company despite never working in energy.
8:36 am
main qualification he road amtrak a lot and perfect for the job. him teaching a course on fake news is like -- there is a certain irony to this when you consider he is still blaming russian disinformation forwhat was on his laptop. no one is denying the contents in the emails. particular people seen on them. the state of our education system i now have to scratch off tulane as far as any school my kid will ever go to if i have to a the end professor hunter biden's class on fake news. i think they'll stay in state. >> harris: i'll be curious to see what he has to say. speaking of media, apparently stacey abrams wants to start as an editor. usa today is facing intense backlash for allowing the georgia democrat to
8:37 am
retroactively make some changes to her march 31st op-ed. the edits water down her support for boycotts. remember major league baseball pulled its all-star game out of atlanta days after the original piece ran and it strongly urges now against boycotts that wasn't there before. governor brian kemp tweeted this. i'm not surprised. pals in the national media cover their tracks. >> let's explain how this works, shall we? with news stories you could update them because there may be new information that comes to light that you therefore have to add to the story. you add an editor's note at the top or bottom of the page and you could update news stories. however, this is an op-ed, an opinion. it doesn't need any revisions or updates or modifications or in this case removal on some very key parts to it. particularly those that seem to
8:38 am
support boycotts in cobb county georgia that is costing businesses a majority of them owned by at least the population is a majority black 100 million dollar while major league baseball takes the all-star game to colorado. the media covering for stacey abrams whose claim to frame is losing the governor election by 55,000 votes and saying the election was stolen and there was voter suppression that changed 55,000 votes. the people, editors involved in this, if there was any accountability in this business and there really isn't anymore should take a permanent vacation. this is a fireable offense. we won't see that. that doesn't happen anymore. it is not a thing, harris. >> harris: wow. joe concha always great to have you on the program. thank you. maybe you recycle and maybe you drive a prius, if you are planning on having a baby vogue
8:39 am
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>> these things were so secret that they were all reported in the press at the time. so it is utter nonsense. it is really unfortunate that people continue to try to play politics with this. >> harris: secretary of state anthony blinken dismissing reports that john kerry revealed sensitive information about israeli military operations to iran back when john kerry was america's top diplomat under president obama. however, republicans are demanding an investigation into it. former secretary of state mike pompeo says biden's climate czar has a lot of explaining to do for what's going on right now. watch. >> it looks like from this reporting that it is confirmed what we already believed which was while i was briefing president trump kerry was briefing zarif on intelligence that related to israeli
8:45 am
operations. i hope that's not true. john kerry needs to come forward, secretary kerry needs to speak to the american people and explain why he was meeting with zarif. >> harris: i want to bring in now retired four star general jack keane, fox news senior strategic analyst. i've been watching and reading what you have been saying and a couple of things piqued my interest. one of them is you were not surprised by any of this because of the relationship, you say, that zarif and john kerry still potentially have to today. why do you say that? >> i think that really is issue and why the story still has legs to it. after all, this information was released by the foreign minister zarif of iran, which is a rogue state, hostile to the united states, and their leaders as a matter of due course are pathological liars
8:46 am
reflecting national policy. so why would we believe them in this story? and the story has been out there since 2017 in the public domain that israel has been attacking syria and finally in 2018 a number was released, the large number of 200. i think the reason is because of secretary kerry's behavior. as secretary of state from 12 to 16 and then after he maintained a close cozy relationship with the foreign minister of iran and what surprised many is that relationship, harris, continued when he was no longer secretary of state for the following four years under the trump administration where he met him several times. the trump administration accused him of colluding with iran that he was undermining the u.s. trump foreign policy and say wait out the trump
8:47 am
administration, wait for a new democratic administration. that is unprecedented in undermining foreign policy. take it on in a public domain if you don't agree with it but not with our adversaries. >> harris: you know, if you look at this what you are saying it wasn't like a simple let's grab coffee conversation potentially between two friends. this was information that could hurt us as a country. so what happens if it's true that he -- [inaudible] >> i agree. i think the closeness and familiarity is dangerous in itself and we already know that secretary kerry was undermining u.s. foreign policy, which i think is very irresponsible and quite reckless and certainly significantly unprecedented in doing something like that. but it is the nature of the relationship that gives this story a degree of credibility.
8:48 am
i think if it was the former secretary of state clinton, a defense hawk and punches our adversaries in the nose when she has the time, that would have no legs whatsoever. but it is this relationship that is causing the problem, i believe, for secretary kerry, yeah. >> harris: there has been a widespread blackout in the media coverage of this controversy. we know that because we're not seeing it. abc, cbs, nbc and msnbc had zero coverage both morning and evening news programs on monday. your quick thoughts on that and the problem with the american people not knowing more about this. >> well, i think it's a really unfortunate pattern that we've seen playing out for a long time now where the mainstream media has a bias towards an administration and as a result of it does not want to bring
8:49 am
forward stories that may be controversial or critical of that administration. we're seeing this played out right here again. it is one of the most significant movements i've seen in america that i find so disturbing because the free press used to be a free press and used to be very independent. and it delivered the goods at times for the american people. they have a right to probe our government, to probe our officials, to find out what is going on. and that's really testimony to what a great press is like and be critical when the time is required. and let the american people get exposed to that. that's the wonder of a free and open democracy. >> harris: general, you led so many in the u.s. military and you led and fought for our democracy, our way of life on those issues that you are talking about, that free and
8:50 am
open press. thank you for your service always. thanks for being on the program. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: president biden announcing new cdc guidelines now for less mask wearing outside even though he kept his on outside. so what is going on with that mixed messaging? and be be sure to tune in for "outnumbered", look, how he is taking it off. okay, we'll get into it. "outnumbered" top of the hour. lets you take out $50,000 or more, by letting you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. make the call while rates are still near all-time lows!
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8:56 am
except for likes crowded stadiums when one user tweeted "i am still going to wear a mask so people don't think i'm a republican" and another asked about the president, does he realize that he is sending a mixed message? fox nation host kat timpf joins me now, she always has big thoughts, that was big news yesterday, right? we've been waiting for the vaccination news and i'll be at the cdc director stepped on the president because she went first but then he didn't follow the directive. >> correct, he didn't follow the directive and it was mixed messaging which i guess is at least a step in the right direction because outdoor transmission, the science shows very rare, very difficult especially in situations where you're just going for a walk and you to of passed by people. certainly if you are vaccinated and i think that points to a larger problem which is that the focus on what the messaging should be is all too often politics plays too big of a role
8:57 am
in that. if you look i think the biggest examples would be florida, right, the way that democrats discussed the necessity for certain laws and restrictions, you'd think florida would be a mass grave right now, it isn't. or texas, they lifted their mask mandate which again, didn't make masks illegal, just lifted the mandate, there's been no uptick at all. i haven't seen democratic knowledge that or bring that into consideration which, it would be truly awful to think that anybody would continue economy-crushing restrictions or measures because they'd rather do that than admit a republican governor is anything less than a mass murderer. >> harris: wow. "vogue" magazine has a new piece out that questions whether having a baby in 2021 is "environmental vandalism?" , the author asks, is it possible to live a ecologically responsible life while adding another person to our
8:58 am
overstretched planet? can i get away with it if i just never landed drive, never get a dog and keep wearing the same three pairs of jeans for the rest of my life? why are they growing babies into this? >> i don't know although i have set in the past that i'm going to start using this excuse for why i don't have children because it sounds a lot nicer than the fact that parenting sounds hard and it makes me scared. but look, i live at the end, she concluded, she said "i hope my son might contribute to the future of humanity rather than destroy it." well, yeah, that is why everyone has kids, regardless of any environmental concerns, you are always taking a risk, you don't choose your kids, your kids are going to be who they are going to be so i just thought it was funny that it was presented as some sort of profound conclusion when i think it's actually completely, and not universal. >> harris: does that mean those of us, by the way, you
8:59 am
would be an amazing mother. >> maybe someday, thank you. >> harris: so much organization with this one. but i mean, i have apparently committed this crime of environmental vandalism a couple times now, i have two daughters, where are we supposed to take this? is this a new chapter in canceling us now because we are not environmentally friendly because we are moms or dads? >> it's right and it's interesting the way she approached it is i know i should be canceled for having a kid but i'm hoping my kid will add something to the world. you're not special, every apsley everyone who has a child is hoping, i don't think there's anyone saying i'm having a kid because i hope this child destroys the world. i think maybe in a comic book that could be a thing but that's not a thing in the real world so i don't really think that there's reasons to present it, i don't know if it's to put herself on a pedestal over other people who didn't consider those things. i think that's the only thing.
9:00 am
>> harris: maybe they just need more people involved, they are bringing in those under the age of five. kat timpf, it's always great to get your take on things, thank you for being with me and thank you for watching "the faulkner focus." "outnumbered" now. ♪ ♪ >> emily: we begin with a fox news alert, the media is under fire for largely ignoring the scandal serve involving biotin's climate envoy over disturbing claims that he shared intelligence with iran, the number one state sponsor of terrorism. he has denied the allegations but questions are building. i am emily compagno i'm here today, my cohost harris faulkner and kayleigh mcenany, and joining us on the couch the first time, john arnold and radio talk show host larry elder. leaked audio reported by "the new york times," ron's foreign


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