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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  April 30, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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pass. this goes on for a minute and a half with the giraffe smelling. >> dana: asking for their vaccine passport and they didn't take it with them on the bike ride. he had to convince him. the giraffe came up to me, me looking up at tyrus. here is harris. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. senator tim scott has hit back at the left while facing attacks for saying america is not a racist country. i'm harris faulkner. the controversy exposing two vastly different visions for america as the president is calling for an expansion of the federal government and rooting out what he calls systemic racism that plagues america and he is plowing ahead with massive tax and spending proposals as you know. the "wall street journal" now calling it cradle the grave big government saying president
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biden's latest plan rejects the old social contract of work for benefit. however, senator tim scott says more americans of all backgrounds will reject the controlling doctrine of the left and that democrats are fighting bigotry with more bigotry by calling him slurs like uncle tim. >> the hypocrisy needs to stop. i am a black man, i am proud to be black. i happen to be a conservative because i came to the conclusion a long time ago that conservative policies and principles is the way that we set people free. and what the democrats are selling is that you are not free to be yourself. you cannot disagree with the democrats. >> harris: meanwhile president biden is being asked about scott's assertion that america is not a racist country. >> president biden: no, i don't think the american people are racist but i think after 400
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years african-americans have been left in a position where they are so far behind the 8 ball in terms of education and health, in terms of opportunity. i don't think america is racist but i think the overhang from all of the jim crow and before that slavery have had a cost. we have to deal with it. >> harris: i want to bring in fox news political analyst and leslie marshall fox news contributor. biden and gop push competing visions for america. look, giano, not both visions can be perfect for the country. who is getting it right? >> senator scott in my view is getting it right and it exposes what we saw from the reaction of the race many that exists in the democratic party. truthfully speaking have said the greatest think that state
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never pulled is making believe that he didn't exist. i would argue the democrats have -- we're seeing echoes of it time and time again. white supremacy, uncle tim, uncle tom without the leaders saying stop it. stop. he is a black man and entitled to have his opinion. it happened to me many times. i've been called uncle tom today on my social media feed. this is something that has to stop. we need policies we need to bring back the trump era policies that wasn't about dependency. the lowest unemployment rates among hispanics at 3%. lowest for blacks at 5%. it was because people had the opportunity to work, not welfare programs. those are the programs that keep people moving appeared pushes this country forward. >> harris: i'm glad that you brought in a real quick personal experience because i think people of color today who maybe don't agree politically
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can say that we do share some of what we're seeing in social media right now. and leslie you and i follow each other on different platforms. i've been telling friends don't look at my feed right now. i don't say much of anything. what's in there right now is hate, leslie. why are we finding members of the left in particular going onto this issue in such a negative way? >> i think quite frankly. i'm not an african-american, i don't know what it is like. i get nervous when i see blue lights but i don't have that fear that i hear from my african-american friends, co-workers, colleagues and those people who talk to me ton radio or online. but i have to say what gionno is saying and tim scott is saying proves the point of what the president and some in my party are saying. those in my party aren't saying racism only exists within the republicans ranks but that it
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exists in america today and we have to erase that racism and work together to do that because the fact that in 2021 we're still hearing people like any person of color being called uncle tom or the n word as senator scott says he has. he has been pulled over seven times. it proves the point there is a problem with racism. when you look at the slogans on the t-shirts and january 6th and see the posts there is racism left or right. it's about a problem of racism that still exists in america today. >> harris: so what we're seeing among. i appreciate where you started there. your perspective is based on those you talked to. you don't make assumptions on any of us. not everybody else deals with it that way from your side of the aisle and there lies the rub, right? i will not be explained to
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about racism when i actually have felt in and know what the real thing feels like and what the manipulated thing feels like. liberal host joy behar gives us a little bit of a window inside of what i'm saying. she suggests senator scott doesn't know the meaning of systemic racism so she is going to try to explain it. let's watch. >> he does not seem to understand and a lot of them don't seem to understand the difference between a racist country and a systemic -- and systemic racism. maybe it is not a racist country. maybe the majority are not racist but we live in a country with systemic racism. we discussed it this week already about housing and education and all of the things that are important to people. >> harris: i just don't want to go too far afield here but let's remind everybody where she has been on the issue of
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race. she admitted wearing black face at halloween a number of years ago. she has had her own journey. is she hitting any notes that make sense to you in that? >> quickly to respond to leslie. leslie, i and tim scott and harris and others have agreed that racism does exist in the country. when joy says systemic racism says i agree it exists in the 94 crime bills. democratic policies continue to push. jim crow laws from the 1870s, 1964. we saw democratic policy pushed which marginalized americans. 94 crime bill. dodd-frank systemic racism. putting black banks out of business that blank folks depended on to get mortgages and loans which dodd-frank pushed those out of business. there are a number of elements i agree with.
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the democrats continue to push the policies and think it is for the benefit of african-americans. dependency is not for the benefit of them independence is. >> harris: well put. the culture wars are picking up. senate minority leaders and are trying to block a planned proposal which involkswagen the 1619 project. that's an effort to reframe america's history. mcconnell said this. americans do not need or want their tax dollars divert evidence from promoting the principles that unite our nation toward promoting radical ideologies meant to divide us. americans never decided our children should be taught that our country is inherently evil. what is your response, leslie? >> when i was growing up 20 minutes from plymouth, massachusetts and i would visit there every year for a field
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trip it was all kumbaya about thanksgiving, native americans and the pilgrims. i wasn't taught the massacres that took place and how the white people came to the united states and robbed and murdered native americans. that has been accurately represented. what i also didn't learn and what i think they want to do with the 1619 project, which many in the democrat party find some elements too radical, what i want and i think a lot of parents want regardless of their political leaning is to have accurate representation of history. for example, black contributions historically which aren't being taught today or the consequences and ramifications of slavery which also aren't being taught today in classrooms and textbooks. that needs to be changed. >> harris: let's not blanket with just one covering every school district and every school in america because you have many that have all types
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of diversity in our history being taught. i have by racial children. i have had more access to them during the pandemic. i can walk upstairs and fill in the back. if i didn't think it was right i would advocate what the truth is. that's what you are getting to. but the truth still has to be balanced. your last quick word on this. >> yeah, many historians have disagreed with the accuracy that is being depicted in the 1619 project. i have not done a thorough review of it. i'm sure a lot of folks haven't had that opportunity. there is a lot there. but the history of our country there has been abuses. we've seen slaveries and laws impacted folks from redlining housing, individual policies. we get all of that. i do agree with leslie's point we should know about some of the things that from african-americans have we done which we necessarily didn't coming up in school. the information should be
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accurate. it seems some is politically driven. agenda-driven project and that's where it becomes problematic for many americans. >> harris: i have had parents tell me as i let you both go if you lean too far in one direction and say america is an evil place inherently then the children who don't look like us feel less than based on an experience that they don't have with their peers of color. i mean, it is whack, it is out of balance in that sense. they are what, going to hate themselves because of history? we have to find a way to teach it all and i think parents have to play a big role in this. it is good to see you both. thank you. a deadly shoot-out reminding us of the dangers law enforcement officers face every single day. two sheriffs deputies and three others killed after a day-long stand-off at a home in north carolina. the sheriff says it began with
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a very ordinary call. >> a welfare check. you don't expect things to be like this. we do that every day, not just us but all law enforcement throughout the country do welfare checks to try to check on our citizens and make sure everything is okay. this one didn't turn out like that. >> harris: ambush. charles watson live for us in north carolina with the story. charles. >> the suspect is identified as 35-year-old isaac alton byrnes. he died at the scene of the police stand-off that lasted more than 13 hours. now, authorities in the county in north carolina say barnes is responsible for killing four people including his own mother
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identified as 1-year-old michelle legan. his stepfather and two deputies who responded to the scene identified as 25-year-old canine deputy logan fox and 36-year-old sergeant chris ward were officers at the sheriffs office. listen to how it all played out. >> at first we thought it was a teenager but it was an older gentleman killed his mother and father today. sheriff deputies responded to a welfare check. he ambushed them. >> so the sheriffs deputies responded to the suspect's home following reports that he and his family hadn't shown up for work and weren't answering their phones. when deputies arrived they went in the home and the suspect opened fire. prior to the deadly stand-off the sheriff said his office received calls from family members of barnes who were concerned that he might try and
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do something. the suspect reportedly had a large stockpile of weapons and sheriffs deputies were warned to be on the lookout. sadly today officers are mourning the loss of two of their own. the sheriff asking the public to help his officers and the entire department to get through this incredibly tough time and harris, it is not clear at the moment how the suspect died and it is not clear what his motive is. we do know investigators are combing through the scene to find answers. >> harris: charles watson, thank you very much. growing calls for an investigation now into climate envoy john kerry after allegations he shared sensitive information with iran. will the biden administration take action in this matter? plus one governor now is suing the biden administration after it canceled the independence day fireworks at one of america's most iconic monuments. find out who.
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>> this is the largest humanitarian issue on the southwest border going on right now when it comes to what the cartels are exploiting these people and children. >> we expect a leader, a true leader to do is take action. we see that we're putting lives at risk, citizens at risk, border patrol agents at risk. it is just a risk for everybody. >> this president doesn't care what is happening here. the sheriffs do and well company continue to stand up for the people and for america. >> harris: coming from all
8:21 am
different states they joined us on "the faulkner focus". sheriffs on the front lines of the border crisis sounding the alarm right here yesterday as communities warn about an uptick in crime that they can't live with. one woman in the texas rio grande valley caught this stunning video of her own of dozens of migrants hopping a fence and running through her back porch. casey stiegel is live at the border in laredo, texas. >> across all of the border patrol sectors, in fact, the number of unaccompanied minor apprehensions according to cbp data up 163% compared to the same time last fiscal year. single adult apprehensions are up by more than 200% across the entire southwest border. and once again check out this incredible ring surveillance video from a homeowner in
8:22 am
mission, texas, near mccall en. scores of migrants appear. they hop a fence and run in all different directions across the private property. way too close for comfort says bonnie fogg, who lives in that house. >> now my bubble is getting smaller because they are now coming into my backyard. they are coming to my front door. that's the part that everyone needs to understand. it is far beyond just a couple of people getting on a bus and heading north. >> this morning the white house released a statement saying the number of children being held in border patrol facilities has dropped 84% since last month's peak of more than 5700. that is true. however, what it did not mention was how the number in hhs custody just about doubled. so for now it seems to be a
8:23 am
matter of semantics really but we can tell you the data shows there are more than 23,000 migrant children in u.s. custody right now. harris. >> harris: it feels like every time we get a report from you that number pops by a substantial amount. real quickly the woman you talked with is talking about her bubble is getting small as people encroaching from a different country onto her property illegally. not just security. that's bad enough. it is covid-19. we have all been bubbles. that's unbelievable. >> they are afraid of the pandemic and we know that some of the migrants have tested positive for the virus at the holding facilities and when they've been processed. that is no doubt a big concern as well, harris. >> harris: casey stiegel, thank you so much. south dakota governor christie nome is suing the biden
8:24 am
administration for cancelling the fourth of july mount rushmore fireworks display. she is accusing the biden administration of abon donging the tradition without an explanation. she is asking a court to grant them a permit. pete hegseth is here. pete, so the governor has to get involved to get a conversation about a patriotic event in her state which is outside. >> i know. first of all, this is the same biden administration that has graciously told us we're allowed to hold maybe a fourth of july picnic, maybe without double masks on. so they still believe they are the ones that bestow our freedoms upon us. of course remember, harris this is where donald trump had a big fireworks celebration. there is receipt tribution.
8:25 am
here is a back slap. no end to what the federal government will do to try to extract revenge for things they don't like. this i think is actually an unholy case of covid 1619 if you will. this is -- they are using covid as a rationalization and saying because of tribal grievances, of mount rushmore itself, the idea it's stolen on indigenous land and we shouldn't celebrate fourth of july to begin with. wokeism and covid-19 to create rationale a bureaucrat would want. >> harris: wouldn't they have thought she would have -- representing all the citizens of her state? >> who elected her as governor.
8:26 am
>> harris: not the biden administration. >> it is why we have federalism and states to allow them to make their own decisions. if residents of south dakota don't like the way she handled max they don't have to vote for her again. she has been courageous in her stance. but listen, this is teddy roosevelt, abraham lincoln, washington and jefferson, two of which were slave owners, teddy roosevelt was an americanist who believed in not seeing shades of skin and pushing past that. it's too much and ultimately you know where we are in our culture right now. >> harris: the woke folk. 19 senate republicans calling for an investigation now, pete, into allegations that john kerry gave sensitive information to iran while he was secretary of state and they want him removed from the national security council while the investigation is underway.
8:27 am
he has a long history employing diplomacy against the best interests of the united states and allies. kerry has denied the claim. your take. >> long history is an understatement. look how he betrayed his fellow soldiers during the vietnam war. happy to give propaganda to the enemy at that point while wearing his own nation's uniform. it doesn't surprise me. he has been in bed with the iranians the entire time. why wouldn't he go behind the trump administration's back when he was secretary of state and make mention of sensitive information that serves his interest, not america's national security interest but john kerry's interests. and this was not -- this was found out because of leaked audio where the iranian foreign minister didn't know he was being taped and said we didn't know that it was israel that was in charge of those 200 strikes in syria. this is really damaging information from our allies to
8:28 am
our enemies absolutely john kerry should be suspended pending review and everybody who knows what he is all about knows this is probably true. >> harris: i will get to this. hunter biden gearing up for a speaking gig at tulane university this fall. the daily caller is reporting the president's son owns shares in a chinese equity firm even though president biden make this promise during the campaign. watch and listen. >> president biden: no one in my family will have an office in the white house, will sit in meetings as if they're a cabinet member, will have any business relationship with anyone that relates to a foreign corporation or foreign country. period. period. end of story. >> harris: do they not talk to each other he and hunter? >> he knows the media will cover for him as they always have. you could drive a truck through
8:29 am
the caveats of that statement and ultimately it's why are we surprised? joe biden has looked at us and said look at me, man, come on, man, i'm not a socialist. then on wednesday he delivered a socialist manifesto that makes the squad beyond proud. he sold out to china as evidence of the fact his son still is involved there. how could you allow a family member to be tied to the communist chinese, our biggest rival, enemy on the global stage? how in any way is that acceptable for the leader of the free world? they know the press won't press him on it. thank goodness folks like you do. it's the double standard that is the standard of the left. >> harris: pete hegseth. i'll watch you "fox & friends" weekend co-host and star extraordinaire and my friend. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: is this the right
8:30 am
message to send? awkward. 30 seconds when a fully vaccinated president cannot find his mask and he makes an announcement he is in trouble. plus senator tim scott firing back at racist attacks against him on social media following his response to president biden's address to congress. why senator scott says the attack will backfire big time. >> what we're seeing happen is this response from good-intentioned people who happen to be black, who happen to be hispanic or white or asian rising up and saying you won't tell me what to think. i'm going to decide that for myself. home values are high while rates are low. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. and you could take out $50,000 dollars or more. are you one of the millions of americans who experience occasional bloating,
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8:36 am
on uncle tom, the racial slur, was trending on twitter. it took twitter 11 hours to delete it. liberals tied him to racially charge slur uncle tom and the senator is predicting that will fire back at them. >> maybe they don't realize it or not. but at some point people get sick and tired of being sick and tired and start reacting as opposed to responding to the criticism and negativity. there is a coming backlash to this liberal oppression that is becoming front and center and they aren't even hiding their hands anymore. >> harris: joining me now former speech writer for george w. bush and "washington post" columnist marc thiessen and fox news contributor. great so see you. first of all is senator scott getting it right? do liberals have to be careful here? >> 100% he is getting it right.
8:37 am
there will be a backlash. but the reality is democrats know the backlash is coming and they don't care. i'm a little less concerned about the twitter mob than i am the democrats in congress. if you look at what they are doing, they understand they have a limited window of opportunity to pass as much of their radical agenda as possible. a 50/50 senate, six vote majority in the house. they could lose both houses in less than 18 months and they have a two-part plan for dealing with this. the first part is pass as much government spending as you possibly can as quickly as you can and why they've ditched bipartisanship and planning to joe biden unveiling $600 trillion in his first 100 days unprecedented in american history and build a firewall against a backlash to republicans can't take back power. they want to pass hr1, bill to
8:38 am
make it harder for republicans to win back pour. they want to pack the supreme court. they know the backlash is coming. they don't to get as much done as they can and hard as possible to have republicans take back power and undo what they did. >> harris: building a firewall of power. it isn't just about the current policies. they are looking to indemnify themselves whether they are popular or not, which is really interesting. "new york post" op-ed says working class people of color say the riots that the lefties cheer. too much of the upper class of america is cock aoned from real list and the cavalier attitude makes sense. they're the party of wall street, silicon valley and upscale suburbs. the people who have to deal
8:39 am
with the consequences have to go somewhere else and they will. do the gop step up and take advantage of this how? >> first of all if you look at the last election president trump made gains with african-american voters and made gains with hispanic voters. a lot of the things that they're doing are pushing back against those communities. illegal immigration, the crisis at the border. legal immigrants hate illegal immigration. they are the ones who waited in line and followed the rules to come here and they see all the people cutting the line and coming over the border. they don't like that. the reality is that all of this spending and the damage it will do to the economy, we have the best black and hispanic unemployment rates in american history until the pandemic hit. if we can't improve those situations those voters won't vote for the democrats. >> harris: marc, i want to get to something and not make too light of it because it comes
8:40 am
down to a very important issue that this administration says it cares about is covid-19 and moving us forward. it was awkward yesterday for 30 seconds or more when a fully vaccinated president biden, who was outside, couldn't find his mask. watch this. ♪♪♪ >> president biden: i'm looking for my mask, i'm in trouble. >> harris: marc. >> first of all it was painful to watch but second of all why is he wearing a mask outside when just the other day he held a big event outside the white house announcing that you don't
8:41 am
have to wear a mask outside if you are fully vaccinated. same question is why did they limit people to only 200 people in the house chamber the other day when the cdc guidance says people who are fully vaccinated can be indoors together without masks and without social distancing. the answer is that they want the crisis. if joe biden stops wearing a mask, if the democrats if they have a normal address to joint session of congress, that signals the crisis is coming to an end. they don't want the crisis to end because the crisis is the pre-text for the $6 trillion in spending. they need to keep the crisis going in order to justify spending that the american people under normal circumstances never, never would support. so they will keep wearing masks because without the masks they don't get the $6 trillion in spending. >> harris: i go right back to your words. firewall of power and you wonder if this isn't a brick in that firewall that you are talking about.
8:42 am
>> very much so. it is all part of the hole. keep the crisis going, pass as much spending as you can and change the institutions of our country than in -- the only thing standing in their way is the filibuster and if manchin sticks to -- they can't change our institution. they can't pass hr1 or pack the courts or add states. one man is standing between us on the democrats building the firewall of power. >> harris: so ironic they have given all that power to one individual and keeping it for now. we'll see what it does. marc thiessen, thank you very much. well, it is time for the kentucky derby. churchill downs gearing up for the big race and all the
8:43 am
festivities this weekend. senior meteorologist janice dean is in louisville and you know she is rocking a hot hat. look at you. tell us what's happening on the ground, janice. >> this is the kentucky oaks day on friday before the big race on saturday and we all dressed in pink in breast cancer awareness so that's the goal today is to raise awareness and to raise money for breast cancer survivors and of course it's the fillies that race around the track today. a different feel because there is not as many people because of the pandemic that happened last year but i'll tell you, i spoke with so many folks just a few moments ago. they are so excited. it feels like some normalcy that's happening in the country in kentucky especially. i love the kentucky derby and been here many years in a row. the first year i've missed in four or five years last year and i had tears in my eyes when i saw the kentucky derby last
8:44 am
year and i wasn't part of it because i love it so much. yesterday i got to talk to bob baffert one of the greatest trainers of all time. justify a couple of years ago, triple crown winner. he showed me around his stables. his horse is medina spirit. we gave her some carrots, everybody likes a treat and he will be running tomorrow medina spirit in the kentucky derby and if she wins it would make him the most winning trainer in kentucky derby history. >> harris: her coat is so beautiful and shiny. what a beautiful horse eating baby carrot, good to see you. have fun. thanks for bringing us the news from there. we've heard all the calls from progressive democrats to defund the police. a new poll suggests law enforcement is actually more
8:45 am
popular than president biden. plus the u.s. military is beginning to withdrawal of our troops from afghanistan. remember, the president said 9/11, the day. well it is a process. that process has kicked off. while two former secretary of state are raising serious questions and concerns about the plan. all of this with retired marine bomb technician joey jones. stay close. my name is austin james. as a musician living with diabetes, fingersticks can be a real challenge. that's why i use the freestyle libre 14 day system. with a painless, onesecond scan i can check my glucose without fingersticks. now i'm managing my diabetes better and i've lowered my a1c from 8.2 to 6.7.
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>> harris: the white house has confirmed the military has begun its withdrawal from afghanistan. about two weeks after president biden announced that all u.s. troops will leave that country by september 11th. however, axios is reporting former secretary of state hillary clinton and condoleezza rice have told members of the house foreign affairs committee they're worried about the plan. with rice even suggesting the u.s. may need to send troops back into the region. joey jones is a retired marine bomb technician, has a lot of experience over there. fox nation host and fox news contributor as well. joey, so condoleezza rice and hillary clinton on the same page about this. why?
8:51 am
>> when two former secretaries that are part of administrations that had failed policies on the war in afghanistan when they agree i guess maybe you should take a second look and think maybe it is a good idea. the truth is the past four administrations have failed with our war on the middle east. we handled it like a talking point for an election and it changes our foreign policy. this is not a 20-year war. it is 10 two-year wars, the public popularity dictated so many decisions in this war in afghanistan and in iraq that there isn't a successful or failed strategy, just kicking the can down the road and why so many americans are ready to see it end. i want to make a distinctionment there is a difference between bringing all our troops home and ending the war. there isn't a war, a military operation that sometimes looks like war. my legs are evidence of that.
8:52 am
having troops in afghanistan is not like 100,000 troops and a surge. it does make us skeptical when war hawks are advocating for it. there is a difference between keeping intelligence and resources there and complete withdrawal for symbolic reasons. >> harris: and it's hard to figure out who is coming from which place because now it's happening. we have to watch it in realtime in action by 9/11. last quick thought. >> you know, we're not going to bring our troops home we'll move them somewhere else. if they leave afghanistan we'll have twice as many go somewhere else within a year to continue the operations. >> harris: within the region you think? >> absolutely. >> harris: okay. that makes a lot of sense. meanwhile an nbc news poll shows police and law enforcement are more popular than president biden with police getting a 58% total positivity rate, 8 points ahead of the president as 50%.
8:53 am
major league baseball has taken a big hit after moving the all-star game from atlanta over georgia's new voting law. that has more strict voting laws in colorado. the mlb came in at just 34% positivity. you don't think that will affect their ticket sales? let's talk about the president here. he gets so much positive coverage, so much more than police do in this country right now. people are vilifying them from the left. >> the tail wagging the dog. i'm a braves fan and go to braves game and i don't support the mlb. that's part of my life and i don't want an out of touch commissioner take it away from me. part of the problem using the polls americans don't always connect these things. tens of millions of americans that bought guns but voted for people that would restrict gun rights. they don't always connect the role it plays in their time to
8:54 am
the politicians running because they focus on a different issue. popularity, president biden is the president and got a tremendous amount of votes but not as popular as the police. all you see on tv are people condemning the police. people are happy to calling the police in their own lives but be upset with police when it makes national news. what needs to happen is for strategists or politicians to connect the national issues to people's lives and say listen, you call the police because you trust them. why would you not support politicians that will fund them and keep them operating and hold them accountable? >> harris: again, joey jones always making sense. they would have to put their political agendas down and pick up the agenda of the american people. that's exactly where they should be. it should go without saying it but you said it and it made a whole lot of sense. joey jones, great to see you on this friday. thank you for joining me. appreciate it. and thank you for watching "the faulkner focus". up next when it is high noon on
8:55 am
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>> we begin with the fox news alert. calls to defend police are ramping up all across the country. in north carolina, a heartbreaking loss this week as deputies gathered in a prayer circle to honor their fallen brothers. both killed in the line of duty. police say a suspected gunman shot them both before taking his own life. this is "outnumbered." i am emily compagno, kayleigh mcenany, tomi lahren, and buck sexton income intelligence researcher for the nypd. police in arizona are also dealing with the tragedy.


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