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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  May 2, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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biden's first 100 days. not me. not if you love this country, not if you believe in our capitalist system and in the american people. to see you next time on "life, liberty and levin". steve: good evening and welcome to the next revolution but i'm steve hilton and this is the home of positive populism, pro- america, profamily and pro- america. look at what we see in the past few weeks. age 13 is shot and killed in chicago, mckay o'brien, 816 shot and killed in columbus, ohio, anthony thompson, 17, shot and killed in knoxville, tennessee. these terrible stories have been used as fodder for the only debate the left seems to want these days, about race. we need to stop and think about what we are really seen. there is no conceivable reason for a 13 -year-old to be
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wandering the streets at 2:40 a.m. with a gun or for a 16 -year-old to be screaming and fighting in broad daylight armed with a knife and a 17 -year-old to hide a gun in his hoodie at school and none of this is a perfect parent in a position to judge but life is tough for many people. but there is something going terribly wrong in america and it's so deep and so personal and makes many people so uncomfortable that we ignore it and it's not going away and the problem is getting worse. the problem that crisis is the collapse of family in america. you see it in the stories and you see it in the numbers, where we once talked about divorce and family breakup but today families are not even being formed in the first place. our marriage rate is at the lowest ever recorded. nearly a quarter of american children live with one parent and no other adults. more than three times the rate and the rest of the world. in 201940% of children were born
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outside marriage. nearly half a million american children in foster care without either parent, half a million and you see the consequences all around us, not just those in gangs or mixed up in crime and disorder but in every day, everywhere collapse of civilized aggressive, rude, disrespected this disc behavior and kids addicted to screens and capable of forming healthy human relationships. it's a disaster. it's an economic disaster because we note that a stable family makes a huge difference for life chances and opportunities. if you're born in the bottom 20% of the income scale your chances of reaching the top 20% are four times higher if your parents stayed married. your chances of staying in the bottom 20% if your parents never marry is 50/50 but if you parents are married and dropped
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to just 70%. marriage makes a massive difference in keeping families stable. on average, if parents are married three quarters are still together by the time the child is 12 but if they are just living together it's only a quarter. the normalization of broken families is a social disaster to because substance abuse, mental illness and crime are all more common in disrupted families. this is not moralizing but it is the facts and the data and remember how we are told to follow that? not when it comes to the issue of family, it seems. no one wants to talk about it because family breakdown and families not being formed in the first place is so widespread that people don't want to seem judgmental but actually the liberal elite are judgmental and they look down their noses at the prioritization of stable families. even if it comes from obama when he dared talk about the importance of strong families he was slammed by the left. of course, not every child of
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married parents is guaranteed a perfect life but we have shown you the facts that married is statistically better for children, better for society than the alternative. a lot better. for decades the established and his put policies in the tax and welfare systems that undermine marriage and family stability and biden's recent bailout bill more than doubled payments to single parents and the elite reject all this by saying it's crazy to argue that people make these decisions based on financial incentives but if financial incentives make no difference why do they want subsidies for electric cars or solar panels or that all the other things they want more of? well, if you care about poverty, inequality, social mobility, crime, substance abuse, mental health as we have come handsomely established with the data you should want to see more stable families which means more marriage and so let's incentivize that for goodness sake. is there any more deserving of subsidies? as with so many things with the
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astonishment their furious opposition to policies that promote family stability. if the most in norma's hypocrisy because there is one part of our society where family stability is going up, not down and marriage rates are increasing not falling and yet, among the rich and educated and in fact there's another place marriage is increasing and gay and lesbian americans are getting married and i think that's great. it's a vote of confidence in one of the institutions conservatives most cherish and i've always been for marriage equality and i believe in marriage equality so much i even think straight people should get married if they want to raise a family. the marriage problem in america is not that gay people aren't getting married but because straight people aren't. we must rebuild the american family and that starts with marriage. raising a family is hard or as tim scott said this week parents do a heroic job but it's not a —- it is better for a child to
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be raised by two parents not one. the first we must end the insanity of incentivizing single parenthood. it's great to see a number of republican senators working on plans to do just that in one of them marsha blackburn will be here tonight. then we must positively encourage marriage like they do in other countries. in israel certain tax credits are only available to adults who are married. in japan couples can get over $5000 for getting married and in hungary which is recently become a world leader in profamily policy, new couples can get subsidized loans which are completely forgiven if they have three children together. and here senator josh hawley has a parents tax credit plan which gives married couples an extra $6000 a year. it will take more than financial incentives to rebuild the american family. one of the reasons marriage rates have collapsed in working-class communities is the destruction of steady jobs for men. we need to stop the college for all elitism and given another disastrous push by biden this week and divert, much of the
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money we currently put into higher education into skills based vocational training and boosting that with a huge untold success story of the trump administration, by the way, an effort led by a bunker trump was also behind the most profamily movement by any administration in decades. the trump administration's expansion of family leave. that is so important because research shows that stressful times like having a newborn in the house or when most breakups happen in family relationships, parenting is the most important thing we ever do and it's ridiculous that they are so little help and it doesn't need to be the nanny state, local community organizations, faith groups, they can play a much bigger role and democrats want government to play a much bigger role. just listen to this. this is from biden's domestic policy chief susan rice last week. quote, we want parents to be in the workforce, especially mothers. do you, susan rice?
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who made you the boss of every mother in america? according to recent research most mothers actually don't want to be in full-time work. they would rather be full-time parents or doing part-time work and the point is it should be their choice, not susan rice's choice. raising kids is contributing to the economy and that the most important work anyone can do. we should rewarded, not punish it and we are trying to make parents who stay at home second-class citizens and no, it doesn't mean women in the kitchen and men as breadwinners but a third of wise out earn their husbands. each family is different and they should decide but the democrats don't want parents to decide and they want naturalized childcare and all parents and all staff can work with government handouts to pay someone else to look after their children. the plan biden just announced is tried in canada and this was the result according to —- kids were worse off so we must fight the nightmare of the less
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industrialized factories childcare. there is a more conservative way in a more human way to help families. community based, marriage and parent coaching, nurse family partnership's were a nurse visits a families home regularly to help make sure everything is on track. we need to look at everything in this way. does that support or undermine families? people are picking up to the woke indoctrination going on in our public schools. but for even longer there's been an antifamily bias in the system and a moral ecology which devalues stable families. you don't see that so much and independent schools or those one by faith organizations. it's another reason to end the public a school monopoly and put power in the parents hands. these are all part of what the brookings institution calls the success sequence for stable families. getting at least a high school diploma, working and then marrying before having children. research by sociologists brad wilcox and wendy wang showed that only 3% of millennial's who did these three things are in poverty by the time they reach
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adult hood. we can teach this, promote this, but many find this message. finish high school, get a job, get married. family, parenting the way we raise our kids is the most important issue facing america and we barely talk about it. on the show we will talk about it. we will fight for the reconstruction of the american family in the next revolution we need. follow us on social media and share this message when we posted. joining me now as i mentioned tennessee senator, marsha blackburn. great to see you as always and particularly on this issue which i know and i was going to talk about it anyway and we were going to ask you to talk about a different topic but i learned you're working on exactly this so tell us what you are doing and why you think it's so important. >> kudos to you for that monologue. i so appreciate that. after president biden speech this week what he did was to rollout the biggest, radical,
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socialist takeover of your family. it is an antifamily plan. it is that mantra that the left has had for years. cradle to grave. but the government in there and, steve, it reminded me of that life of julia that barack obama had when he was president. how julia did not need anybody or anything except the federal government. everybody mock that and finally they took it down and so what does the biden and menstruation do? they are breaking it up in little pieces and sending it to us so yes, indeed, we are pushing back on this. senator mike lee and i are working to remove everything in the federal tax code that would be a marriage penalty and that would penalize marriage and that would penalize families and we think that that is an important step. you know, we have to realize
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conservative have to come to the table with something and put that on the table and when you look at the tax code many times would you see is that it is stacked against those families or, as you are talking about, things that would incentivize individuals to not be married and we want to make certain that marriage has a fighting chance and that families have a fighting chance and that mothers are able to have choices and options for how they want to organize their family and what the president rolled out was universal pre-k and said childcare would be there and would not cost you a dime and we all know that that is not true enemies that taxes will go up and one of the things that joe biden has said he will do is to
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repeal the trump tax cuts. what did that do for every american family? on average it was an extra $2000 in their pocket book every single year. steve: you really laid it out. what i'm really appreciating is your speaking about senator lee, the republic and party, your showing that you're getting behind josh holy is been great and you all have slightly different plans and i'm sure that that can all be complementary but they're coming from the same place which is boldly saying a strong family is the foundation of a strong country. >> well, absolutely. to have some options that are there and to say okay, this is what we can do with taxes. here are different alternatives. you talked about faith-based organizations. communities that come around families to help them in building those strong communities and people taking
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pride in their local community and people helping others and we have seen so many enriching, enduring, and encouraging stories this year during covid of neighbors stepping up to help neighbors and churches have always had such a strong encouraging position in communities to help families and to make certain that families had the opportunity to live their life and those families organizing their life in the way that is going to be best for their children and time and again we have seen stories and you touched on this, children need those families around them to develop those socialization skills and to push them forward
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for success later in life and one of the things that i always say that i want all children to have access to opportunity. i want all children to dream those big dreams and find ways to make those dreams come true. that means that we need to make certain that government does not conduct a radical takeover and put in place the life of julia and doing it one little piece at a time where they are taking away the freedoms of those moms and dads to make those decisions that are best for their families and for their children. steve: well said. senator, it reminds me of that we need an update about that promise famous ronald reagan quote, the most frightening words in the english lang which are i'm joe biden from the federal government and i'm here to help your family. he is that very clear tonight. >> yes. steve: great to see you.
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thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: alright, joining me now fox news contributor sara carter and author of always a soldier in host of the rob smith's problematic podcast, rob smith. rob, i want to get back to the beginning of how i got into this argument recently. i have always been a family policy something i've always focused on but the renewed interest in it from these terrible stories that we have been seen in these children are shot and killed in the question and you have been so vocal on this. the question is okay, fine, the left want to make it about race but no, it's about what is going on with the families of these people. speak to that now. you've been so powerful on that in the last few weeks. >> , absolutely. here's a little bit of information from the national institute of father. we know that children and fatherless households are more likely to be in poverty and more likely to develop alcohol abuse problem and they are more likely
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to not graduate from high school and more likely to have emotional issues, right? we note these issues happen with children that grow up in households without fathers so that is the first step. the think about it is we talk a lot about when you have awful tragedies like what happened to adam or what happened to michalak and when tragedies like this happen the conversations is always about the system and what about the police officers and what about that but what we don't find yourselves asking enough is what about the families and what is the lack of family structure that these kids were dealing with that would lead them to be and in adam toledo's case on the streets with a gun at 2:00 a.m. or in my-kaiah case, attacking someone with a knife. i know you had a good conversation and i will disagree with you and i say i don't know that there's any policy, any billion-dollar government
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policy, any amount of money that will be able to tell people or to legislate morality and to say that it is a good thing to have fathers in the household and that it is a good thing to have a strong family and we really need to start talking about culture and we really need to start talking more about community. steve: yeah, i agree. i think that is right. i think we reach for the policies because we want to do something but i think you're completely right, actually. it is the cultural drift away from families that is the underpinning all of this and let's talk about that another time. sarah, do you want to pick that up? that is the foundation here. >> i think rob brought up a big points. our children are our most precious commodity, steve, i know they are in my family. we have six children in our family that we love dearly and it is hard and it's hard to balance even when you have a full family unit and everybody is trying to work towards the
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same goals. it is tough. it's tough. but it is so worth it and at such a reward. one of the things i started looking at when i became a journalist early on in california and los angeles was the breakdown in the fabric of our communities. we had a police shooting, police officer was killed by a 15 -year-old and i remember this was years ago and almost two decades ago and when i started covering the stories i noticed the breakdown in the families, the breakdown within our communities, the break down within the education system and the fact that none of these communicated to one another and i think senator blackburn brought up a really great point and i do think that we can incentivize and give better incentives instead of crating a social welfare state we need to stand up to the violence in our communities like in los angeles and in chicago, and baltimore we need to fight for our children and fight for our children like my-kaiah bryant and we need to do what rob said, get back to the community and empower the committee to believe in
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themselves and that is the most important thing and that is what the biden administration is literally taking away from our society and creating a social lover system that will require people to be dependent on the government and not have any faith in themselves and that is the worst thing you can do. steve: exactly. it's such a big issue and were just scratching the surface here, rob. i want to come back but no more time this evening on it but let's promise that we will do that with you another time that cultural piece is so important. see you both and a bit. next up tonight, a lot going on in the world so is very lucky we have the perfect person to talk about it. president up's former national security adviser robert joins us live, next. ♪♪
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♪♪ steve: in a few short weeks the biden regime's foreign policy floundering his show just so successful president trump's foreign policy was. invited and we got china 13 taiwan, russia threatening your grade, i ran newly at bolden thanks to their stooge john kerry efforts and our rival and enemies obviously think biden is a joke or as they clearly took president trump seriously
6:26 pm
although you will never get credit for that and the establishment media. let's take a quick world tour now with the man who is right by president trump's side, here with me former national security advisor robert o'brien. great to see you. i don't know, where to start. it's all reminding me when you saw this going on that you did not get the sense under president trump that these leaders thought that he was someone they could trifle with. >> no, they understood the president trump was following the same policy that was ronald reagan was paid we rebuild our military that event decimated under president obama with sequestration and projected strength across the world and we worked hard with our allies and we deterred our foes and saying they did not have the same sort of conduct of the bad actors but steve, weakness is provocative and the perception of american weakness even if we are not weak is very dangerous and that is something we have avoided
6:27 pm
studiously in the trump administration. steve: what do you make of john kerry's role? it was reported in first we had these reports that he was basically siding with iran rather than israel and then the reports that actually he had shared in oil companies before he was appointed the climate and he's just a ludicrous figure it seems to me. >> yeah, i can't imagine the white house is too happy with him and i am sure secretary kerry got a call from chief of staff who i am sure was less than amused by all of these reports and keep in mind in a time when secretary kerry was talking to his friend and good for them if they became good friends and see each other in person or talk over the phone but i never received a call from him and i'm glad i haven't but they would hold it american hostages and they are proxies in yemen were shooting missiles at our allies in saudi arabia and
6:28 pm
the uae were undermining our attempts to bring peace to palestine and the palestinians and the israelis american hostages had been held hostages the secretary kerry was supposed to have gotten out of of the first jcpoa and we are still being held in iran so i'm not sure what they would've been talking about and i'm certain the white house is not happy with these revelations. steve: just the last point of foreign policy, one of the phrases you see over and over again in the spin they put out on what they are doing is i'm with biden in america's back as if it went away under president trump but actually president trump and you, you directly engaged in all the big issues in a way that was incredibly clear. other countries may not always like but the idea that you were not engaged is ludicrous. >> well, look. we rebuild our alliances and the pacific like never before and we were never closer to japan and we brought india into the quad fold and in a meaningful way to confront china and we were never closer with australia but
6:29 pm
remember while weight was about to take over the free world 5g and get beijing with control and we stop that and we stopped nordstrom to for happening during her time in office and we got that and brought over 50 morgan hostages and removed the oregano proceed to jerusalem and the eternal capital of israel. we brokered the abraham accords, peace between israel and four of its arab neighbors and the list goes on. we convinced our nato allies to pay $400 billion in additional defense spending over ten years to deter the russians and the chinese and that has never happened. every american president in my lifetime his campaign on the idea that europe would pay its fair share and it never happened but it did under president trump and that got our european allies engaged and it was good for them and it was good for the american taxpayer. when you look at the record of a compliment that took place especially during the time i was working with president trump i think historians will look back and say this is the golden era of american diplomacy and american engagement in the world
6:30 pm
for the good of the world. steve: exactly. very well put. you should no, great to see you. i want to ask you another time that you are back in california and i want to ask you about how you see the future of the golden estate and there's a recall election that we will talk about that at another time but for the moment, robert o'brien, thank you very much. if you want to hear more about the craziness going on in california you can join me for my new podcast california rebel base. get it anywhere you get your podcast or at our website and the first episode is up now with new staggering details about the corruption going on in the golden estate. next up here tonight, democrats have said about the 911 style investigation into the january 6 riot but what about the pandemic and what about its origins and what about doctor apache's potential role? we see with a member of congress who sits on the special committee can give us an answer, that is next.
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6:36 pm
we stood almost alone against the blanket lockdown strategy but instead we advocated for protecting the vulnerable and those most at risk. we warned that the cure could be worse than the disease. well, stanford university's doctor —- who you may remember it was on her show last year summed it all up perfectly in an article last week. quote, governments and scientists rejected basic focused protection measures for the elderly and the ignored a thousandfold difference in the risk of death between the old and the young and the failure to export this fact about the virus led to the biggest public health fiasco in history. exactly, the biggest public health fiasco in history. when are we going to see accountability for this. it is not hindsight to say the lockdowns were cruel counterproductive disaster. the cdc, doctor andy foster, public experts of the data about the specific disease right from the beginning just like we all
6:37 pm
did but they pushed an old playbook for a different disease and any other fields if you screwed up in a gigantic way as doctor anthony fauci has and with such catastrophic consequences you would be facing an investigation at the very least but instead there is nothing, no attempt to find out why they got it so wrong, no attempt to learn lessons for next i'm speaking of which, for all we know our taxpayer dollars are right now in some lab in china or somewhere else funding yet more of the risky gain or function virus research that was most likely origin of this pandemic and the research the phone she commissioned at the wuhan institute of virologic, former cdc director robert redfield thinks that's what it's come from, media outlets in the washington post to "the wall street journal" have given way to that argument even cnn doctor gupta came around to the same conclusion. we laid out the evidence week after week and doctor anthony fauci, the nih refused to engage. the only official investigation
6:38 pm
into the pandemic origins is the utterly discredited who probe and this is not good enough, ludicrously pelosi and the democrats are demanding a 911 silent litigation into the capital riot but they are so deep in the cult of millions of times more deadly. all the investigative weight america can muster should now be applied to finding out how this pandemic started and why our public health bureaucracy made so many mistakes in its response. joining me now member of the house committee on the coronavirus crisis new york congresswoman nicole. great to see you, congresswoman. first of all, tell us what is this committee that you are —- what is it supposed to be doing? >> interestingly enough, as you mentioned, it is the democrats and not only create these committees but they are the ones who actually decide what our hearings will be about.
6:39 pm
this is a special subcommittee in which representative clybourn is the chair and scalise is the ranking member and we've only had one hearing or two hearings so far and one has been on the economy and the other has been just very generic but we haven't asked the right questions in terms of what we have been doing as numbers of congress to try to get to the bottom of the origins and as a matter fact on the foreign affairs committee we have questioned president biden's rejoining and as we are the number one funding of the who we really should be demanding accountability before entering and that is something with the foreign affairs committee as well but our president is doing whatever president trump did he wants to do the opposite and does not want to say these concessions or renegotiate to get either a better deal with the pairs accord or in this case demand answers in a thorough investigation. steve: exactly right.
6:40 pm
you are right. you have to —- because the democrats have the majority you got to go along with their political maneuvering here. if the republicans take back control in the midterms is it possible then to use committees like this one that you are on or others to actually have a proper investigation into those two things that i mentioned in the origins of the pandemic and the role potentially of fauci's research and the response and these lockdowns we need to question whether that was the right strategy. >> you are absolutely correct. we actually had doctor anthony fauci at one of our recent hearings and we brought up the hypocrisy of the democratic party and the double standard that has been used. the fact that my local restaurants in new york city can only operate at 50% meanwhile go to the southern border and you have facilities that were meant for 250 people that have 4000 individuals in it and the fact
6:41 pm
that if you are an american citizen coming from south america you have to take a covid test when you board the plane but yet when migrants cross illegally they have no covid testing and some even display symptoms and put in these facilities and then, of course, we talk about the president's failure that he wanted to reopen us within the first 100 days of the administration and now that has come and gone and you 50% of our schools are still not functioning properly within person learning. there is a lot going on here that we would like answers to but unfortunately i'm in the minority but we use that to show that there is a double standard. the fact that kids in my district can have athletics and we can have 12 kids plane ice hockey in new york city because of some rule, arbitrary friction that mayor de blasio has in place yet everywhere in the
6:42 pm
country they can play. steve: exactly. at least you're there making these points and that is something. let's hope that you can reverse the table and get answers and you got so many interesting questions. will anyone look at the fact that we've got all these different approaches around the country and that is the beauty of america with federalism and florida totally different approach to the lockdowns that we saw in new york and california with better results and will be learned something from that? i hope you will be there to lead the charge and you can come back and talk about it soon. great to see you. >> thank you. steve: coming up, the verdict is in. americans are sick and tired of constantly being bombarded with oak politics. rob smith is back with us after the break. and new ways for them to reach you... is what business is all about. it's what the united states postal service has always been about. so as your business changes, we're changing with it.
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♪♪ steve: a new full conference exactly what these but saying here in the show that the majority of americans disapprove of america companies and sports teams pushing the woke agenda. according to new data from merritt 57% of adults say that they oppose companies using their platform to influence political and cultural change and 55% oppose professional sports teams, back with us rob smith. this is common sense. people don't want to hear this crap and they just want to watch sports and that is true and the thing with sports and their brands and just stop it. >> absolutely. look, i'm old enough to remember that you had to go to a cable news network when people want to politics but now it is everywhere. it is in our sports and it's on espn and it is everywhere we go in the thing about it is is that
6:49 pm
people are tuning out of this stuff in the ratings for the espn are down and oscars are down and sports are down and people are rejecting them at every turn and what i like is that the new companies that are saying we will get out of this woke culture and not talk about politics in the workplace and we will stick to just doing the work but people are just over woke culture and the thing about this is, steve, doesn't even matter if it is left or right but i think people are over politics influencing every aspect of their lives when they just want to be entertained. i just want to be entertained. steve: exactly. it's exhausting. you have fewer ratings going up and they are rejecting this. what do you think that we can do to influence more of this so that we can just sort of make it clear to these companies because you are right, you had a couple ceos at saint we will this in our workplace how do we get more of that? >> you vote with their rivals any vote with the ratings.
6:50 pm
ratings are going up because dana white said we will not do this and obviously he is going in the right direction but we have seen, like i'm telling you, the oscars went down, grammies went down and all these award shows and all these sport events go down to his people are tired of the politics. when people stop watching and these advertisers and the networks know that people are tuning out they will turn the politics down in the perhaps we can go back to getting entertained again because sometimes i don't even want to talk politics or watch politics. i just want to be entertained. steve: exactly. and not all these dreary movies that are virtue signaling. something that is fun and uplifting. there you go. rob, great to see you. coming up, i know what he was going to say about nomad land but will have to get his view on that. but in speech to congress this week was populist but i beg to differ. we tell you what it really was after the break when sara carter is back with us to break it all
6:51 pm
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6:56 pm
in the global economy, including china. steve: doesn't that sound familiar? part of that is the woke madness but biden went a bit maga but the whole thing was a fraud. biden promise unity and failed to give president trump any credit at all for the vaccine and of course his servants in the media dutifully recycled his lies. >> everybody understands that operation warp speed happened under joe biden. operation warp speed does not do anything to get a needle into the arm. steve: the big point is that biden ran as a moderate and now he's fronting a far left agenda. here he is earlier this week at a press conference. >> i'm sorry i will just last question i will take and i'm really going to be in trouble. steve: in trouble with who? president harris? susan rice? biden is a fake and abroad and his entire regime is structurally dishonest.
6:57 pm
as far as the media service cannot get enough. >> no he is not. every week populism is all about putting power in people's hands. it to take power away from people and puts it in the government hands it's not populism it is socialism. sarah carter is back with us what you make of it? [laughter] >> first i have to say you are absolutely right on every single point. he certainly didn't have the crowd that president trump had during the first joint session speech. barely over 26 million president trump was like 48 million people. so positive populism did not work for him.
6:58 pm
he had a lot of the same lines that president trump did have in his speech that remember he was accused in 1987 of actually lifting lines and mannerisms from the british labour party speech given in 1987. then there was accusations he plagiarized in law school and talked about that he was accused of that. this is just president joe biden and the fact the sad thing is the media believes the media just believe if they keep telling a lie then eventually it will come true and it won't. because we will keep holding them accountable and keep telling the truth american people are not stupid the american people see through these lies and of course operation warp speed with president trump worked so hard
6:59 pm
on it to ensure we would get a vaccine out so the matter how may times a stay at that doesn't make it true. >> with that specifically that as an outsider, the president trump would not take that bs from the bureaucracy to say take five years to get a vaccine. he said no. i want it now and we got it. with biden we would still be waiting. you have all the media reporting that he is just in love with the idea this big government agenda that is not what people voted for. >> no that is not what they voted for at all not for the big government agenda. in fact what is happening under the biden administration is a fundamental change that's what they want to change our society. social services in the welfare
7:00 pm
system to destroy the middle class. the middle class is what made this country. >> exactly. well said see you soon and next sunday for "the next revolution". >> [cheers and applause] and this is a special town hall. since the pandemic began republican governors have far outpaced those led by the democratic counterparts the lowest unemploymen


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