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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  May 2, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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another round of applause. we will do another one of these next time in texas. thank you governors and also the great state of florida for hosting us. our wonderful audience. good night from florida. i will see you tomorrow night. [applause] mark: hello america t10 this is teeeleven we have senator josh holly and i want you to get to know him there is a fantastic book the tyranny of big tech it's a very important book coming out this coming week the tyranny of big tech. thank you for joining us. before we get into the
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book, what, how would you describe yourself politically? >> i am a conservative that is the easiest description of the constitutional lawyer for by background a religious liberty first attorney general for the state of missouri as a prosecutor have ast background so for all of those reasons i believe in the constitution i consider myself a constitutionalist first and foremost also a populist. there is a rich tradition rooted in our constitution that normal everyday americans who are the best citizens that can run the country or the government what we're fighting for today is to make sure it is normal everyday americans have a say in their government and that's what we are seeing with big tech. think tech wants to run the country and we cannot let them.
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mark: the left likes to say they are populistt. but they like centralized overarching ubiquitous government. briefly describe your idea of populism and their idea. >> you put it well the left idea of populism is to claim to speak in favor of the people but it is centralized power in the government and in big business that they can control. this is one of the interesting features of the airth rather woke corporations now that are allied with the left they went to put themselves into politics and project there power whether centralized they went our lives to be run by a handful of people in washingtonal and to work together and tell us what we are supposed to their lives i
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think is conservative populist we say no. who knows best about their life? the americans? people. who knows best about their families? what about the future? individuals do so when i think of conservative populism, it's the framers and founders where the constitution of we the people. who should be in charge of the government? the people. e decisions about her families? we should we as parents and citizens is the big difference between left and right. left believes in the power of government to centralized authorityy and experts. the left loves experts they think they are the expert. they want government by experts. we believe in the value and dignity and wisdom of normal everyday working americans. mark: the experts got a shutdowns and nursing home problems.
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senator hawley let's talk about january 6th. there has been a concerted effort that somehow you were involved to instigate incitement to the insurrection. you are a constitutionalist as you point out, and of course after all these electives come together and cast their vote it goes to thees t archivist and he or she sends it to congress to count where people can raise questions. that is the whole point of theha process and others have done exactly the same thing. explained to the american people without interruption what you did, what you are trying to do and white was constitutional. >> thank you mark. i believe in election integrity, believe we need to have a discussion in this country about election in integrity. to use the big corporations to
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believe states like georgia or my own where we have voter id. what the democrats want to do with big corporations get rid of election integrity laws and take over the election to centralized that power. i said on january 6th was i think we need to have a debate about election integrity in this country in a debate is what i asked for. during the election certification process. ascended her house member can raise an objection to anyct state. any senatorr house member to raise objection for both houses of congress. that is what i said before january 6 i would do with the state of pennsylvaniawi. if estate did not follow its own constitution in the way it did its balloting in the november election. a supreme court in pennsylvania a runaway partisan supreme court
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intervened in the election and intervened in the counting of ballots even justice thomas at the us supreme court said what happened in pennsylvania was something he thought the us supreme court should be looking at and reviewing and i agree with that which is why objected to the state of pennsylvania to force a debate in the united states senate. you pointed out this is what the law prevents the democrats have donee it in three of the last presidential elections every time a republican has one day objected to 11 differentre states. that is their right to do under the law. i objected to pennsylvania. i think we needed to have a debate on election integrity we need to have one now in this country. i will not apologize for that. mark: you shouldn't. you are talking aboutbo article two, section one, clause to the state legislatures are responsible for the election
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system in every state. in pennsylvania what took place is the supreme court of pennsylvania five / two democratic elected court was radical like the court in florida in 2000 and change election laws. the secretary of state changed electionla laws. all statewide elected democrats with a republican legislature. they didn't change those laws to help donald trump to help republicans. it was a power grab. it was raised with the united states supreme court. i don't know what happened to look like three justices wanted to take it up and the other six did notit u that a legitimate challenge brought to the united states supreme court to be resolved with election cases ultimately is not even the supreme court. the united states congress that resolves under the constitutional system. the idea that you raise it then they claim you cited in
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insurrection from a party that beat the president twice and sought to remove him from office, glad you had an opportunity to speak to that. now we will talk about your book which is fabulous. the tyranny of big tech. you begin by saying. conservatives, sewe didn't like monopolies from the industrial revolution and mission at lake them now. because they smother liberty and individuality. explain what you mean. >> our framers had it right. look back to the founders they hated monopoly. they were deeply suspicious and associated with aristocracy. if you have concentratedu power that means the self-appointed experts try to run then show. the elites tell everybody else what to do.
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that in the aristocrats and their day. the framers enacted all of these laws limiting monopoly power as states could only grant monopolies and very few instances. and the whole constitution is meant to disperse power it doesn't gather in anyone's set off hands. no one can become so powerful to run the country that is what madison called faction another word for aristocracy. the founders did not want monopoly power anywhere. fast-forward to the industrial revolution we see monopolies growing up the railroads in us steel. what do the monopolies try to do? take over the government, project there power into the political sphere to override the will of the people.e. and we set a century ago conservatives and
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republicans, we will not be told by business people are no group of self-appointed experts will run this country. we enacted new is we will continue the founding tradition we will break them out. to recover the tradition of the american founders we need to cover the tradition of the republicans from one century ago we believe in liberty, not monopoly and we will not allow a small group of experts were woke corporations to run this country. mark: it's not like they really believe in free-market capitalism. >> they have been subsidized from day one. they were given a huge immunity blanket. most media corporations are or any sortouses of media or speech platform is subject s to lawsuits for libel
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of definition and otherr tort suits if somebody says something untrue you can go to court is somebody takes what you say without your approval you can go to court. the's tech platforms would be immune from suit in a vast majority of cases since the 19 nineties who gave them the special privilege? the federal government. the free market hasn't worked with big tech because the government put a big some on the scale in favor of these tech platforms. that's how facebook and google and twitter got so huge. they could take our information from us without our consent, track us all around the web, censor us, our comments and opinions
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and the speech of the sitting president of the united states like they did with president trump know legal accountability cannot see them or take them to court. because the federal government has given them special privileges and this is why p we seek monopoly power from big tech it is government interference made big tech i bi. i say it's time to break them up. it's time to get real competition and power back to the t people. mark: when we come back my question will be, if we defend free speech and andll censorship and the attack and politics with the massive in-kind contributions you write about this in your fantastic book , how exactly do we even convince republicans to do it? that's the question when we returned the tyranny of big tech. we will be right joint pain, swelling, tenderness...much better. my psoriasis, clearer... cosentyx works on all of this.
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. mark: welcome back america we senator hawley some of the's folks have been around now we have this young whippersnapper trying to stir the pot and shake things up and they don't like it. this much i know just from watching the senate all the jeers that conservatives and
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libertarian how they can forward to try to silence them. president trump gives republicans an opportunity to address this problem section 230 of which you speak. and they override his veto and lead the ove charge. is it because these people have been around - - around too long do they not understand? what is this about quick. >> i think a lot of folks in washington unfortunately a lot of people who call themselves conservatives don't really understand just how powerful big tech is. after the last election when big tech put together single-handedly the press that hunter biden story and then to the platform president trump and numerous other conservatives and shutdownes speech if you understand the power of the attack now then you will not going to. to your point, i think for so
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long many conservatives and republicans said it isn't that powerfulwe but if it is the result of the free market then it must be okay. but it's not. monopoly is almost never a result of the free market. founders were right anytime you get concentrated t power that usually means the government has interfered. concentrated power monopoly aristocracy is a political choice the result of policy. exactly what we have here. part of what we have to do, we have to g break up the power of the tech companies and the monopoliese government has interfered time and time again to help the's people and now they are suppressing conservative voices and trying to run our economy and government. and they will if we let them.
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mark: this is even worse than standard oil at the turn of the last century. these companies with our unalienable rights freedom of speech goes right to the core of individual liberty. but then to shutdown speech now conservatives with the democratic party in the left doing exactly this they use our data we build businesses and communities and now they seize upon us and stick themselves on as the scarlet letter and censor us. they suspend us. they ban us. not as much to the left clearly as conservatives and they made donald trump a non- entity. but as you point out we've never seen a power like this
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ever. >> no. we haven't if you look back at a century the biggest monopolies in the country until now great railroads us dealer standard oil they were powerful with a lot of control over the economy and wages. but they cannot control speech or news or what we read or say to each other. they cannot control political speech. but these companies can google and facebook and twitter absolutely can and they want to and they are doing it actively. this last year brought that home if you look at the h hunter biden series of stories the new york post reported his investigation federally it turns out itig is true. but yet all of these companies get to gather you remember how quick it happened in the space of literallyt minutes is that google twitter decided they will not allow the story to be
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posted on their platforms which is saying for millions of americans who get their news to say they will never read it. and those of us who wanted to share it or comment we were not allowed that was an incredible intervention in our election at the height of a presidential election. they meant to do it. it wasn't accidental. this is what we have to stand up to. if the corporations will be in control either these woke experts or the people it's one of the other not both we have to make sure it is that people. mark: the book is "the tyranny of big tech" and almost didn't get published but it is out thereit now if you want to get it. it is on amazon preorder now it is on sale. senator, watch the big tech
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companies and those that disagree with the establishment or the democratic party and to post a comment that disagrees with doctor fauci will get deemed even if you are next. from stanford or oxfordt or yale or johns hopkins. if your viewpoint doesn't comport with the government stated viewpoint of the federal bureaucracy are likely to pay a price. they have third parties to help review. they are hacks. so we have a massive censorship machine going on. then a little parlor tries to start up they all collude and gett together they jump and cut them off don't make sales available and take them off their store and platform little parlor says apple what you want me to do? you cannot do this then you
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will not come back. this doesn't rub americans the wrong way even to put aside monopoly your business who are the's liberal left-wing bullies for anybody else to conduct their business? >> that is the bottom line it is anti- speech and anti- first amendment the reason why the left cheers them on, make no mistake they are they love the power these companies have. they love the power over speech facebook and twitter haveve they want them to censor more.
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and what they can achieve what they can never do with government because the first amendment would stand in the way thank goodness if government was trying to censor us and tell us what we could say. but then to make monopolies to do it, it is fine. the first amendment doesn't apply to facebook or google. so censor away the power of the corporations that is dangerous for free speech. we haven't talked about the dangers of competition. that's a huge danger to what the free market people believe in the into the basic democratic principles? think of it this way of the american people can't decide what we want to read or not or decide the news we want to see and talk about it together, if i'm not allowed to share what i want to share that you
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should read this new story if there is a sensor who can shut me down anytime i express a contrary view how will democracies survive? that's a challenge we face right now.oo mark: "the tyranny of big tech" we have more to cover. we will be right back just go for it, she ate most of it. you go ahead. on the first date? no way! well maybe just half. i'll take half of that then. oh, you want to play it like that. i'll take half of the half of the half. can't believe people live like that. new philadelphia cheesecake crumble, creamy cheesecake and graham crumbles in a personal serving because the last bite is not meant to be shared. - [announcer] welcome to intelligent indoor grilling with the ninja foodi in asmart xl just pick your protein, select your doneness, and let the grill monitor your food. it also turns into an air fryer. bring outdoor grilling flavors indoors with the grill that grills for you. when i'm on my hands and knees and i'm digging through the dirt. i feel something in me,
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smuggling operation boat capsized off the coast to san diego this morning 27 people taken to the hospital with varying degrees of injuries officials believe everyone on board was accounted for that crews continue to search for other survivors. meanwhile colorado governor is extending the state wide mask mandate for loosening restrictions through the new executive order vaccinated people of ten or more can gather inside without wearing masks. the new order comes as daily infections in colorado level off and with 10 million residents fully vaccinated. now back to teeeleven for more news you can always log on to have a good night. a mark: where here with senator hawleyk. the bidenn administration, the
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democrats in congress are completely out of control massively increasing the size of governmentt, we've never seen anything like this in our history. spending.ficit and though law enforcement concerns me pushing critical race theory critical gender theoryy the borders are open by design. so many of our institutions are disparaged by the radical agenda and so many people crushed or closed down and institution as a result of the radical agenda. but yet, we thought i believe that the attack would be the answer to some of this. if you have big media and a brand-new technology where people can communicate we can challenge the ironfisted centralizedle government and here we have in kind
8:31 pm
contributions to the partyty that supports a state. i really do view these with zuckerberg spreading hundreds of millions of dollars to get the democratic vote. government shutting down hunter biden stories and others to intimidate people. were not talking about the clansmen or neo-nazi marxist are welcome apparently but you get the point. the federal electionel commission, sec, antitrust , are they all sitting on their hands quick. >> yes. they have been. that's part of the problem. the democrats bit are happy to have these companies out there doing their bidding. as long as they do their
8:32 pm
bidding and facebook continues to censor conservatives and promote democrats they are fine with it and will be content to slap the facebook on the wrist every now and then to know they will come down on them but just what they have done from the past election to suppress those news stories i think that is an in-kind contribution c i asked the federal election communication on - - commission to investigate and facebook and twitter contributed to the biting campaign for suppressing the hunter biden story we also saw big corporations not just big tech try to change election laws in the months before the last election. they say we are saving democracy going state-by-state to get election laws changed in a way they thought would favor democratic candidates. now you have these corporations like georgia and many other states who want to enact election integrity measures. it is unbelievable but also
8:33 pm
predictable because once again when you allow monopoly power to gather, every time and has happened in our history, the people who have the power try to use it to push their own agenda and their own politics. that is what the left is doing right now using monopolyy power to run over us and the american people and we cannot allow that to happen. mark: not the capitalist but the crony capitalist, led by big tech that clearly not just big tech they are signing petitionsou. you see what's happening with big government getting bigger than we could have imagined in fact attacking capitalism more than the chinese are. then you have federal agencies are not doing their jobs not even taking a a look at what these big corporations are doing.
8:34 pm
you said it's time for new politics is time for a new republican party. what do you have in mind? >> we need competition in our markets. you make a great point about corporatism versus capitalism. capitalism means free market and free competition you could start are business and have a shot if you are worker you can get and compete with other people and use your talents to the best of your ability for the best capitalism nest with the companies want they went corporatism they get handouts from government and special deals and the best trading policy they benefit with their sweetheart deals. they don't invest in the country they get all the benefits of taxpayers that is led by big tech that's what they want and as republicans we need to say enough.
8:35 pm
will not be ordered around by the corporatist anymore. this is the free market. this is a free market. we need to get back to free robust competition cut the monopolies down to size and get power back in the hands of the people that's what i mean by new politics. put the people back into control give the people essay and a voice. the way youin do that is take power away by making them play by the same rules as everybody else. mark: when we come back, the corporatist it is called communist china what will we do about it? the bookil is "the tyranny of big tech". we will be right back. ♪let's make lots of money♪ ♪you've got the brawn♪ ♪i've got the brains♪ ♪let's make lots of♪
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mark: will come back senator hawley the book is "the tyranny of big tech" first of all tyranny and big tech.
8:40 pm
you getting any pushback yet from big tech or big tech support is about your book yet? >> absolutely we have seen them back in january. big tech and the corporate media tried to cancel the book. there was a twitter campaign and the twitter petition that said that corporate publishing you have to shut this down and cancel it. i'm grateful there are still independent businesses out thererat and publishing houses that will say we will not be canceled. we believe in free speech but they have been trying to shut me off and shut me up and shut me down literally for years and this is the latest example that i refuse to be canceled. i've used about down and to bow down to the mob and i will not start now. mark: may be they are getting
8:41 pm
information from the communist chinese they seem toto like. big tech and communist china make a lot of money apple makes a lot of money the corporatist make a lot of moneyhe about the georgia legislature and voter reform laws while communist chinese roundupp two.5 million in their concentration camps. sandhu, a lot don't do they completely lack a conscience? how do you do business of countries that have prison camps and assembly lines and are slaughtering people? how even think about doing business d with a country like that? >> the corporatist and big tech believe what is good for them is moral and right if they want to do it must be the right thing. the sameig basis they know how to run this country because whatever their views are and
8:42 pm
if you disagree you are backwards or retrograde whatever name you want that is the view what you are right about china. big tech benefits big time apple produces goods with critical supply chains. why? because it is cheap and profitable. they are willing to sell out american labor to take advantage of exploited labor and in some cases slave labor look at google and facebook they work overtime to get into china both google and facebook to censor americans speech and censor the news at the request of the chinese government if beijing would allow them to come in and operate. it is unbelievable but it goes to show what they really care about is their own power. these companies want power
8:43 pm
want to tell us what we can say and do while they build power around the globe. mark: it is so shocking they are not the adversary they are trying to overtake us they are trying to cut off significant geopoliticalut areas. military areas. withhold material from us they made it clear they intend to jump over us they have threatened us in the south china sea. destroyed hong kong, now they haveve their eyes on taiwan. the companies just keep playing along rolling along they are soth unpatriotic. not all of them but i think all that the fascist regimes countries would never do business with them. what has changed since 80 years ago and what is going on today quick.
8:44 pm
>> these companies don't see themselves as american companies they don't believe in america they are a globalist and they believe we should have a global b order. they believe in the global economic order whatever that and they want to be in charge of the global agenda and that is what they are committed to. look at facebook and google. they are nominally based in the united states but they see themselves as global citizenslvs the agenda is for global influence and power and at the end of the day we have to say listen. china is not our friend they are our enemy and they have to pick a side your with united states or not and with american democracy and allow people to rule to try the heavy-handed authoritarian with the political viewpoints they don't like that so we have to stand up to them.
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mark: "the tyranny of big tech" it will be on every major retail store in america. we will be right back. and needs a plan with a mobile hotspot. we cut to downtown, your sales rep lisa has to send some files, asap! so basically i can pick the right plan for each employee... yeah i should've just led with that... with at&t business... you can pick the best plan for each employee and only pay for the features they need.
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♪♪ mark: we are with senator josh
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hawley, "the tyranny of big tech" is the book and it's a great book, i hope you go grab a copy. senator, you talk in your book mark: where with senator hawley. "the tyranny of big tech" is the book. what are the some things that we the people can do quick. >> number one we cannot allow big tech to tyrannize our homes. t t t the father of three small children one of the most important things parents can do is take control of those platforms, phones, computers and tablets and turn them off. don't let your kids beyondnd them k all the time. don't sit on them yourself. take back control every piece of your life is not social media or the tech platform. the more we live our lives off of the m devices and platforms, the less control they have overve us. we have to break them up. the day these are monopolies. we have to break them up. we have to do this
8:50 pm
politically. we have to insist we go after these big companies and break them up and restore competition. intel then back in the market and break up the power over our speech and lives and kids , we endanger an american democracy is in danger. we have to take back her family life and daily life and you cannot run my life i will not live online but also say we will make you play by the rules of free and fair competition. break it up. mark: there are smaller platforms we don't necessarily have 3 billion people out there. but you can contribute to their growth and support by searching them out on the internet t. but you are right it is a goal for government because as people attack our fundamentalur liberties, free speech, freedom of association
8:51 pm
on these platforms stealing our data becoming billionaires, tracking us , providing that information to god knows whom and treating us like we're in third grade and censoring us and suspendingng us banning a former president of the t united states and completely dehumanize him? who do the one - - who the hell do they think they are? who are these nerds? how do they get this power? billions of dollars in all this power? we gave it to them. 's and that your point? >> that's my point. we gave it to them we have to take it back and we can do it. we have to take back this power for the american people and for our constitution. mark: "the tyranny of big tech" a gutsy book very importantri f b i hope you get your copy it is that t v amazon or ay
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it also turns into an air fryer. bring outdoor grilling flavors indoors with the grill that grills for you. ♪♪ mark: precious few real patriots in dc, josh hawley is clearly one of them. but when i watch this 100 day speech that joe biden gave, it reminds me of these communist regimes where they have these phony states and five-year plan, hundred day speeches and so forth and as i listen to this man at ramble on about our faults and our imperfections and how he will fix us all and how he will save us from ourselves, i thought to myself my god, joy ms. donald trump. we have vaccines that save millions of people thanks to
8:57 pm
donald trump. we had a secure border thanks to donald trump. we had cheap energy thanks to donald trump. we low-inflation thanks to donald trump. he was promilitary, pro- law enforcement, profamily, pro- american worker and what else? he understood that america isn't made up of systemically racist people in america is made up of systemically fabulous people. men and women of all backgrounds and diversity and tens of millions of people all around the world who want to join us. donald trump understands the private sector and this may be where we get invention and growth and opportunities and jobs and it comes from we, the people, not from them, the government. i got to thinking and donald trump's first year of business, first year of business he had more business and private sector experience than joe biden, nancy pelosi, kamala harris and chuck
8:58 pm
schumer all combined. they have no private sector experience, not even, nowhere. you listen to the joe biden speech and you got to come to hate yourself, hate your fellow man but for government, more programs, were spending, more debt, more reduced regional wealth, more class warfare, more oppressed and oppressor but for government we are a very bad people and yet, you listen to joe biden and he's a bit schizophrenic and the one hand he says you are systemic they racist but on the other hand he says we, the people can do these things. we can do these things. his speech was written by a fifth-grader, i think. and not a very intelligent one, as a matter of fact. ladies and gentlemen, we are facing something we never faced before and certainly not at this level and that since the civil war. that is the enemy within. people who hate this country. you do not hear a single inspiring thing from joe biden about the american people and
8:59 pm
about our history and about our constitution and about our unalienable rights the words individual liberty never passed his lips, private property rightsworship, free-market capitalism never. not once. why? because the man has been in washington 50 years and the most of the people jumping up like clapping seals on the democratic side have been washington forever for the most part two. the fact of the matter is it is not just domestic but it's international. donald trump, i was thinking the first 100 days, joe biden, donald trump abraham accords, all the peas that was breaking out of the middle east, completely undermined by joe biden. joe biden is giving aid and comfort to the regime and to ron that wants nuclear missiles that can aim and hit our country. joe biden who has backed off on the communist chinese, he is a pushover as far as they are concerned. one enemy after the other, they are the ones were happy with joe
9:00 pm
biden's first 100 days. not me. not if you love this country, not if you believe in our capitalist system and in the american people. to see you next time on "life, liberty and levin". steve: good evening and welcome to the next revolution but i'm steve hilton and this is the home of positive populism, pro- america, profamily and pro- america. look at what we see in the past few weeks. age 13 is shot and killed in chicago, mckay o'brien, 816 shot and killed in columbus, ohio, anthony thompson, 17, shot and killed in knoxville, tennessee. these terrible stories have been used as fodder for the only debate the left seems to want these days, about race. we need to stop and think about what we are really seen. there is no conceivable reason
9:01 pm
for a 13 -year-old to


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