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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 3, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> emily: we begin with a fox news alert, a new report suggests the biden administration allowed a lot of powerful teachers union to help put the brakes on reopening schools. this is "outnumbered," i am emily compagno. here today, harris faulkner, kayleigh mcenany, host of "kennedy" on fox business, kennedy and in the virtual center see, karl rove. emails first reported by "the new york post" showed frequent communication between the american federation of teachers and top officials just days before the biden administration released at school reopening guidelines. in one email a teachers union official rights it would be great to see the insertion of the variation of the following. in the event of high community transmission results, a new update to these guidelines may be necessary. in at least two instances, language suggestions offered by the union were reportedly adopted nearly verbatim into the final text of the cdc document. the aft in a statement to
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fox news saying the aft represents the 1.7 million educators, health care professionals and public employees who spent the last 14 months serving on the front frot lines of the covid-19 pandemic. so naturally we've been in regular touch with the agency's setting policy that affects their work and lives including the cdc they had in fact, we contacted in 2020 during the trump administration and we had during the biden administration in 2021." but the republicans say the reports show the biden administration is putting politics ahead of science by consulting one of the largest donor groups. here is senator tom cotton a short time ago. >> we shouldn't have a politicized public health bureaucracy like the cdc answering at the beck and call of the teachers unions, we need kids back in school and back in real school, not sitting in the classroom doing a zoom session with teachers who are not in the classroom, we need kids in schools with their teachers now.
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>> emily: karl, welcome to you and i like to eat your thoughts on this to begin with, and emails that have now been published, we know that the aft called the cdc a "thought partner and that in those emails expressed that they were grateful for the cdc's "genuine desire to earn their confidence" and that it begs the question whether competence means donations. the afc and its affiliates have long been one of the most reliable and deep-pocketed donor constituencies of the democratic party, up to almost $20 million in donations in the 2020 election cycle, in fact the aft is ranked 27th out of 22,000 and contributors. your thoughts? >> let's come back to the money question. i thought it was disingenuous, how the aft responded. they are saying, first of all, we talked more to the trump administration in 2020 then we talked of the biden administration in 2021, maybe
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that's because the trump administration was in charge of this covid issue from february 2020 through january the 20th of 2021 and joe biden has only been in charge of this from january 20th through today. so there's a lot more time that they will be talking to the cdc and the second and more important point to my perspective as this, it's not just the cdc they are talking to, they have the white house included in these emails, including the office of public liaison. when i was in the white house i was in charge of that office, that's your outreach group, that the people that are talking to your allies out there to try to advance your agenda so let's not kid ourselves, this is not the teachers union talking to some career government employee at the cdc, they are including the biden white house in these discussions, subtly sending the message of the cdc, hey, we've got friends at 1600 pennsylvania avenue, you better be doing what we suggest,
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laying the predicate for us to have more schools that are not holding in person, in classroom instruction so i thought that was a particular move and you'll notice they glossed over it, they were just talking to the cdc, they were talking to the white house and using white house leverage to get from the cdc what they wanted. >> emily: that's exactly right, kayleigh and when pressed by jake tapper, he said multiple times, can you point for any scientific reason for students in the united states not to return to in person classes tomorrow? he could not or would not offer advice for an explanation. >> kayleigh: right, because there wasn't a scientific reason, there was a political reason and it was the influence of the teachers unions. i thought the biden administration follows the science, they passionately proclaimed that but in fact they have the teachers union dictating the science, this is extraordinary and i think this is a huge candle, we knew back
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in july when i stood at the white house podium that schools should be reopened, data showed us that, i set up multiple times as did president trump and others and here we are down the road, the teachers union is reviewing guidance, they actually have got to review the guidance they are at the cdc before it came out, if you listen very carefully to president biden and his words, he will say, we should probably reopen schools in the fall, he said that as recently as last week even though every teacher will have had an opportunity to be fully vaccinated and older children over the age of 16 as well. it is incredible and disproportionate impacts here falling on young working moms, we saw "the new york times" op-ed today, the biggest gender issue of our time will be working moms who cannot go back to work who have young children and are forced to stay home, they are going back to the workforce at a much lower rate than men and president biden you are directly responsible for that number and inequality gap
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we are seeing. >> emily: as "the new york times" posted, the biggest issue of gender equality in 2021 may well be whether pools returned to near normal in the fall. >> kennedy: yeah, and that is especially true for younger children in preschool and obviously preschools are not beholden by and large to the department of education and, you know, they have been following some of this guidance as well and they've been very sporadically opening and serving families and when it comes to families you don't hear about learning, you don't hear about parents, parents are left completely out of these discussions, it's really just about this massive power grab from the union and here they are writing the language for the cdc getting inserted into the recommendation so how instrumental was the aft in writing some of the covid relief legislation that gave schools $130 billion, up to $200 billion
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that you know, most of it doesn't even get to the schools for another three years. so yes, they donated $20 million to democratic campaigns in 2020 and that so they can look over politician's shoulders and write this legislation for them so it benefits them and when i say them i mean the teachers unions, i don't mean the teachers, it's not students, it's not those that are in most needs for services are vetted in schools, mental health and some of the food supplementation that is given to them on a daily basis from these public schools and they are the ones who are completely left out in the cold especially middle schoolers and high schoolers, they don't care if they ever come back, frankly. >> emily: and karl, we see that direct influence on legislation, even with the greater new york hospital association, writing that immunity clause for themselves that made it into new york's budget so back to the white house, how is it possible
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for them to maintain with a straight face that they are impervious to political influence and only following the science when here now it is laid out in black-and-white before our eyes? >> karl: well, kennedy touched on it, the american federation of teachers is one of the most powerful and generous political givers as you pointed out, they gave $19,903,000 in political contributions in the 2020 election cycle of virtually all of it to democratic candidates, virtually all of it, just a handful to republicans, think about this. if the school funding in the covid relief bill, not the measures that got passed last year, the biden administration straight party line vote, $129 million into public education funding, for every dollar in campaign contributions they got $6,481.26 in covid relief money.
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why is that important? the cdc in december said we need to remediate the effects of covid in all of our public schools up to $422 per each one of the 50 million plus students in our public schools which was roughly then $21 billion and that's assuming that you remediated the entire transportation system in schools which turns out to be far more expensive than remediating the classrooms themselves and protecting the students all they really needed was $21 million and kennedy is right, very little of that money gets spent this year out of the covid relief bill, the remediation money gets spent, the rest of it gets spent over the next decade, more money is spent in the last six years of the decade that is being spent this year in education including the remediation efforts so this is a big, giant, expensive gift to the teachers union and they got it in part because they gave a lot of political money and provide a lot of political
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muscle to democratic candidates, it's not pretty, imagine what would happen, fill in the blank if you did that for a republican group that came forward with money, you can imagine what the headlines would be in "the washington post" for "the new york times." >> harris: well, karl rove, i'm going to get in a quick word on that end i think we are going to move to what's happening with governor cuomo that's breaking right now about the thought of that being in the last six years, that spending, that would mean the children who really paid the highest priced educationally throughout the pandemic, some of them won't even be in school still, right? they will be in middle school and high school grades and they won't even get to benefit from that. >> karl: the biggest benefit to these children is to get them back in the classroom and the schools of thought budgets for that, they've got their annual budgets, get them back in the classroom and that to me is just amazing that the teachers union is trying to find yet another excuse to keep a generation of our young children from learning
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as a day showed and reaching the goals that they need in order to have a successful life, what is going to happen to this last year? they want to turn it into more than a lost year. >> harris: it's like senator cotton said in me, we were talking about how the teachers union basically just gave us homework to the white house and they put the thd along with the cdc into their new guidelines. i will move to this, fox news alert, you heard governor andrew cuomo announcing a short time ago that the beginning on may 19th, starting on may 19th, capacity restrictions in new york, new jersey and connecticut, that tri-state area will be lifted, that's wednesday, may 19th. it's governor cuomo stating capacity restrictions in the region will be lifted in places like retail stores, amusement parks, museums, theaters, restaurants and others and i would only imagine that would include if not all, in some part broadway which is so iconic in
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the city, we will see what happens there, governor cuomo said some restrictions will continue as part of what he calls a smart reopening program and then, because i have the transcript of his ongoing news conference right now i can tell you this, new york state will have different capacity rules and the rest of the tri-state coalition by keeping 6 feet of cdc social distance requirements as he goes on and talks about that indoor food and beverage, so on and so forth. so it still has qualifications on it if you live in one of these states, you have to pay attention but a little bit of change that governor cuomo is announcing, maybe one day he will also tell us within nursing home scandal, we are still waiting. just ahead, "the washington post," "the new york times" and nbc news all forced to retract an explosive story about rudy giuliani. we will come back, "outnumbered" on how the corrections draw.
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>> harris: some big names in the mainstream media forced to retract an explosive story on rudy giuliani after reporting that the fbi was the target of a russia disinformation campaign, however many other news outlets didn't even cover their retraction. leaving rudy giuliani to treat this on saturday. "the washington post added this correction to their defamatory story about me. "the washington post" and the nyt must reveal their sources who lied and targeted an
9:19 am
american citizen." msnbc, cnn forgot to mention the correction today. karl rove, your reaction? >> the allegation was that the fbi had told rudy giuliani and another news organization that they were targets of russia disinformation, the correction says that the fbi planned to do so we've got a couple questions here, why, if the fbi was planning to come or did they not an second of all who went out and told all of these news organizations something that was inaccurate? we will probably never know the answer to the second, we are unlikely to know the answer to the first and i'd sure like to know why the fbi was thinking about doing it and decided not to do it. at least "the washington post" ran a retraction, correction, once you've smeared somebodies or reputation, once you put the disinformation out there it's awfully hard to remove it from the public psyche. >> harris: no doubt,
9:20 am
reputations are very, very hard to fix. you know, can eddie, i have a couple of questions. why did they believe it or a source and was it simply one source, was it not two or three? >> kennedy: it could have been both the michael's, they certainly have axes to grind with the former mayor of new york city as well as former president trump and just do the basic research, do your homework, if you're getting a tip like that that could be defamatory, making sure you do the vetting so you don't have to go back and correct and, you know, the most shameful thing about the cycle that we are in and the times that we are in, of course you want a big headline because you want clicks because that's how you make money and oftentimes the only revenue source and that's how journalism is so easily compromised. the problem is as karl pointed
9:21 am
out, the retraction gets maybe 1:30 second the coverage that initial headline gets. and that's probably being pretty generous. the former may or may be in deep yogurt, we don't know, be patient and see what happens and don't make stuff up because when something real happens people will not believe you. >> harris: it's so true. you know, kayleigh, having had to make a few clarifications in my journalism career, it's not always easy to have to do that, it really helps to work in the word "apologize for the error." it doesn't hurt you to admit that you are human, what does her days the retraction doesn't even get coverage. it is just, i dropped my shoe on the floor. >> kayleigh: there is an epidemic in american journalism, a single anonymous source that ends up being wrong, you see the
9:22 am
correction and you are right, the corrections barely get any coverage, rudy giuliani, what is so important to me as the american people are seeing, this axios poll that came out that said 92% of republicans believe that the media intentionally reports false stories and 79% independent, that is an extraordinary number, the research is the trust barometer. the journalism is at his lowest point of trust, there are consequences when you have explosive story like this causing damage to someone's reputation, the american public recognizes it and it leads to diminished trust which is important unfortunate for an important profession. >> harris: inside a courtroom, i'd imagine coming to make mistakes, everybody makes mistakes but how do they all get on the same sheets, do they all
9:23 am
have the same single source? it's confusing to me and why would that ever be enough? >> emily: to pick up where my colleagues left off, is not just the coverage but also the amplification and think about how many motions to dismiss our files are filed or motioned to move venues where the defense trial is arguing that the juror pool is tainted because of the coverage, imagine if that coverage was wrong in the jury pools never saw the correction and you're talking national media outlets. exactly. >> harris: all right, a boat cap sizes off the california coast and four people are dead. dozens of migrants are found crammed inside a house in texas. yet the president says his team is taking control of the search. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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>> harris: the president's assessment of how his administration is handling the migrant search seems to be at odds with what's actually happening on the ground. just yesterday i suspected smuggling boat capsized near san diego, four people died, dozens more were injured some of the boat broke into into pieces by the time rescue crews could get to it.
9:29 am
this as another suspected smuggling ring was busted up in houston with some 90 migrants found crammed inside of a house there and a news report shows ms-13 gangs are exploiting the border crisis. their members slipped surreptitiously into our country, hidden in the wings of thousands of mexican and central american migrants. despite all of it president biden seems to think his team has a handle on things. >> for example, a month ago we had thousands of young kids in custody in places they shouldn't be, controlled by the border patrol, we have now cut that down dramatically, 22,000 unaccompanied children in our country right now, that's our record. that sounds to most folks like our crisis. >> its way down now, we've now got control. >> harris: kayleigh mcenany. urgent action is what
9:30 am
president biden said he took. he sent fema down there, their specialty is dealing with disasters. >> kayleigh: that's exactly right, it's obvious to anyone watching that we have a disaster on our hands. his own dhs secretary just yesterday was basically forced to admit the number of children coming over is still high, their rosy topline messaging talking points are simply not working and they were warned about this, harris. the phenomenal editorial board piece that came out that said biden should stop lying about this crisis and start fixing it because he's been warned by none other than acting commissioner before taking office, if you rollback these policies and take the action you want to take, you are not going to have 2300 crossing today, you're going to have far more, 6,000 encounters a day, so he needs to stop lying and start fixing, hopefully that new york post editorial board piece that came out. >> harris: i want to double down with you for just a moment
9:31 am
because you were with the last administration and you know all these people, dhs acting secretary, also told me that the wordings were there all the way through the transition. matt, they wanted to make it clear that this is what was going to happen and that it was going to happen expeditiously. >> kayleigh: there's a reason that president trump, his final trip out of the white house as president was to the border. it was a warning sign, hey, if you rollback the policies and start building this wall you're going to have a crisis on your hands but they did it anyway, it's such a sad story to see about capsizing, people dying, we knew this would be the outcome but nevertheless they took that action publicly and privately that they should not have taken. >> harris: karl, why is there another reaction nationally to this that we know that we are a part of as americans, we have a heart for those that are suffering is kayleigh says, this
9:32 am
country was built on legal immigration so we understand the the desires to leave areas that don't celebrate end about freedom the way we do, people see these images and there is not, where are they on this? >> karl: i think the american people are believers in immigration. they understand, most of us are not that far removed from an immigrant. but they also, the american people understand the importance of secure borders and i couldn't agree more that the incoming administration ignored the fact that they spent six or seven or eight months talking about how bad the immigration policy of the previous administration wasn't how they would dismantle it, stop building the wall and be far more welcoming to those that were coming and remember, our opponent here is a sophisticated cartel or group of cartels who seized upon that to build in the image throughout the rest of the hemisphere under joe biden and joe biden got
9:33 am
elected, the barriers would be down and you could find your way to a better life in the u.s. and they said it people all you got to do is give us everything you have including your life, every bit of money you can cobble together and we will get you and your children north to the united states and they knew that by putting an emphasis on unaccompanied minors, children that that would overwhelm the system and allow them to sneak a lot more people through, we know what was happening, we knew it was coming and the president is engaged in words been shipped, its way down and what he means by that is it's not that we've got reduced dramatically the number of children coming across but taking them out of detention facilities and giving them over to the department of health and human services to take care of some of the numbers continue to be staggeringly large all across the border and it's this administration's fault and their act is not together. >> harris: but their politics apparently are together, where is congresswoman aoc on all of this, kennedy?
9:34 am
i remember the white suit in the pictures, oh, my goodness and all of that, legitimately, there were children who were there at the border, there still are so where is she? has a heart change? >> kennedy: to her credit she is one of the few democrats who is actually pushing this administration that what they are doing is wrong and it is and when we see those pictures, of the boat capsizing off the coast, the cartels, no, she's got to do something, she's got a tweet from washington, i guess, the cartels are very much like the teachers union, they are all taking advantage of a crisis, enriching themselves, taking advantage of the most vulnerable and it really is about meeting their needs and their needs alone so you have several different things where government has utterly failed and, you know, the president can't just, it's not good, it's not a good life for the 22,000
9:35 am
kids who are still in detention facilities, they are still in cages and all you are doing is incentivizing more parents to send their kids unaccompanied with coyotes, it's incredibly dangerous and if you're saying you've got a handle on it you are not a serious person, i think kamala harris is the most unserious immigration person we've seen in the modern political era. >> harris: apparently where her data is being dedicated today is a national space council, interest income of the border is a crisis. fill in the blank. emily, really quick, take us home. >> emily: just a reminder that human smuggling is the second most lucrative illicit global operation from the northern trap demand more than tribal countries alone, revenues rise up to $2.3 billion so to kennedy's point, this has been going on forever in the government solution right now of ignoring it, lying about it and having their accomplishments will not work.
9:36 am
>> harris: well, kennedy, he reminded me, aoc and some of the other squad don't want to step on the administration i would guess because kamala harris can't find her way there, the president said he get there at some point. a jeopardy winner has had to deny using a racist gesture on the show. after critics attack them on social media. he says his gesture was totally misinterpreted. and we have some photos to back up his claims. ♪ ♪ that's next. the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% percent of your home's value. with today's rates near all-time lows and home values at record highs, you can take out $50,000 or more and lower your payments by $600 a month. the newday 100 va loan. only from newday usa.
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9:41 am
or maybe we'll go home and kiss your grandmother and wind up killing your grandmother. >> harris: oh, my goodness. that was governor cuomo in a news conference moments ago, remember we were talking about it, watching it for news, the governor also taking questions from fox news calling the investigation into the nursing home death political pay let's first stop here, karl rove, governor cuomo talking about killing grandparents, maybe he just should stop talking. >> karl: absolutely, that overshadowed what he wanted to do which was say the youthful and doubtful ought to go get vaccinated and instead will be talking about what he did earlier in the crisis by putting covid patience into nursing homes, thereby killing graham i and a lot of grandpas. so what he was thinking, i don't know, he wasn't thinking and also, look, why is it that, let
9:42 am
the investigation be conducted by the u.s. attorney district of new york go forward without comment, no need to call it political, that just causes people to say, well, that's what we'd expect from somebody that looks like he is guilty so better to simply say, i said what i'm to say about that and leave it alone rather than to characterize it as political. i'm very confident that the biden u.s. attorney's office is not treating this as a political investigation. i suspect that they are going out of their way to make sure that there's nothing political about it and certainly if by political we meant that it was a design to kill his political future i doubt that, too so you know, bad day for america is one's favorite democrat on the issue of covid. >> harris: you can say that more and more, kennedy warned us that these days are becoming when this scandal first broke, i want to get to this kennedy, i
9:43 am
will put it straight out to you, friendly as karl pointed out, you open the pandora's box on this and the flurry of questions, so now the governor of new york just moments ago asked about the nursing home scandal and he blamed former president trump. watch. >> governor, can we assume that you won't being making any conclusive decisions about your future regardless and instead you're going to wait until the impeachment inquiry is done? >> nursing homes is being looked at by the eastern district, that was a political investigation started by donald trump. who politicize not just covid but a politicized nursing homes and policies towards nursing homes and wanted to blame democratic governors like myself and mannish again and jersey and
9:44 am
pennsylvania, it was all our fault and his political department of justice started an investigation and they were a political department of justice, there's no doubt about that. so that's being done by the department of justice, and i have already told new yorkers where i am, i did nothing wrong and, period. and i'm not resigning and i'm doing my job every day. >> harris: kennedy? >> kennedy: new york lawmakers, democrats have called on him to resign as have two united states senators and also democrat members of congress. he's trying to say that it was donald trump's department that was investigating him, that started the investigation and that is continued and now there is an impeachment inquiry and the attorney general for the state of new york is investigating the nursing home
9:45 am
scandal and, you know, for him to talk about sickness and kissing people and killing grandma's in one sentence? it's so sociopathic, it reminds me of o.j. writing a book called "if i did it," he truly has been completely consumed by the scandal of his own making, he was the one who directed nursing homes to take covid-positive patience, that was his edict, that was in place for two months, 15,000 people died, they tried to hack off the number that was at times a third of that so he could get a $4 million book deal, that guy has to go, he knows it. >> harris: when you hear governor cuomo invoke the name of donald j. trump, what's your reaction? >> kayleigh: that's all he has
9:46 am
left, blame the prior administration for a mistake that he made, this is an egomaniac totally drunk on power, harris, it's incredible to me that he says there's nothing to see here, nothing i did wrong in the nursing homes. if such was the case, why did you go to great lengths to conceal the number of people who died in nursing homes? we know they stopped a report from coming out, his aide set on a phone call the democrats, we didn't want those numbers coming up because of the doj investigation, they were still stonewalling long before the doj investigation originated so why does by conceal the numbers if there's nothing to see here, it doesn't make sense. >> harris: you know, emily, i want to go inside the actual legal case they are looking at and what you see as pertinent in all of this and should the governor as i said, stop talking at this point? because i would have to imagine that some of his words can be used against him, like "killing
9:47 am
grandma," what is he talking about? >> emily: i think the thoughtless rhetoric, the sort of casual, you and me rhetoric might have resonated in the beginning of the pandemic when it seemed like this emergent time and he was leading this daily presser and now it just rings hollow and disgusting, it's in such poor taste, this vernacular that is using, i wish he would stop talking. i think many new yorkers do not let him take his own grave, harris, what we are seeing here is him doubling down on the argument of why they actively conceal that information. whomever he said at the time, part of it was because it was a politically driven investigation by the doj and therefore he had no choice but to sort of withhold it and it was partly because of that ida had moved on to him, he said that's also why i have been in communication with my health department and other groups, we are seeing him repeat that argument here,
9:48 am
focusing on one investigation, there are at least two within the state and the fbi, investigating out only his nursing home decisions, withholding and information, fraud and corruption, whether he mixed personnel in addition to sexual harassment, multiple fires that his feet are torn right now and we are seeing all these investigations concurrently play out but yes, let them continue doubling down and in the long run we've seen enough that it is doubtful it will work. >> harris: look, i don't want to be to pollyannaish about politics in new york. i've lived in new jersey, i've never lived in new york but i would have to think even in a place that hires a lot of democrats or republicans are looking at this and saying, there an opportunity to come in with a strong candidate and at least get a conversation started about the gubernatorial seat? governor desantis just a few states away where a lot of many
9:49 am
new yorkers migrate to, is there a way to look, he's done it that way, he wouldn't be in this mess. i don't know, you are the brilliant strategist. >> karl: remember, the last time he was governor he got defeated in reelection by a relatively unknown state senator who went out and delivered a very focused and very deliberate campaign, pointed out the excesses of governor cuomo's time in office and basically making the argument that it was a time for change without required him to not only be able to take what andrew cuomo's father had done but also to lay out a vision of what he wanted from the empire state in the future of new york and whoever the republican candidate is going to be and there will be a republican candidate, their success will depend upon being able to do all those things. make a case against andrew cuomo's performance in office but also have very attractive, optimistic agenda
9:50 am
what they want to do for the future of new york state. >> harris: kennedy, bring us home. >> kennedy: i can't wait to see what happens, i think emily is right, keep going, keep talking, keep showing your true colors because at some point he's going to implode under the weight of his own hubris and his little brother at cnn, they are a couple of hacks and they are helping each other. >> harris: they can be on at the same time apparently anymore because chris cuomo has told us he can't be unbiased about his brother. i'm glad he told us, right, we probably never would've known. all right, breaking news coming from a news conference right now from new york governor andrew cuomo and as part of it was the restrictions that are being lifted, capacity restrictions in the tri-state area on may 19th and he said stuff like this. who are we targeting for the vaccine? the younger populations i have
9:51 am
doubts? may be a long haul syndrome, we don't even know what it is or maybe you go home, kiss grandma, and end up killing grandma. the man that is being looked at very closely at many different levels with the investigation. andrew cuomo, talked about killing grandma's nursing home scandal at the center of all that he faces. there are many other types of investigation. stay close to "outnumbered," this is breaking news. we went there, stay with us. it's the number one doctor recommended brand that is scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar. live every moment. glucerna. ♪ ♪ [sneezes] hey allergy muddlers. [sneezes] are your sneezes putting your friends in awkward positions?
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9:56 am
>> emily: jeopardy contestant kelly donahue says he's truly horrified and denies being a racist. after twitter users and some past contacts and say you accuse him of using and allegedly white power hand gesture. he said he was signaling that he was a three-time winner as he was introduced as a returning champ. these pictures show that he did flash want to hand two fingers his first and second victories and then three after the third perry had it kennedy, what is cancel culture gone wild? >> kennedy: i don't know, man, people have to go back to work. when you have so much time on your hands, all you're doing is watching game shows looking for white power symbols, come on. you are tarnishing this guy's reputation and all he was doing is saying he had just won three shows in a row, shouldn't we be celebrating smart people who are not only intelligent, they are good at game shows, what is happened?
9:57 am
get life. >> emily: harris, jeopardy really has been such a beloved fixture. more than a game show, really a wonderful, intelligent place, but alex trebek really cherished and made a wonderful part of our culture. and what i see as so obviously a one, two, three celebration. last hour you had on "the faulkner focus" a gentleman who in his word said on what i was the only person of color in a cancel culture situation and i was canceled" and a year later he is still unemployed. your thoughts? >> harris: i don't know, i almost want to ask karl rove, this feels like the new mccarthyism. we hunting down people, he was winning. it but we can to even at anything anymore without putting certain things that ostracized
9:58 am
people on the other side of the issues. what in the world is happening and it does this make us want to become closer together and talk about stuff or are we teaching our kids that it's worth it to hang in there to really get into the nitty-gritty of the things that divide us? or something else going on here. >> karl: first of all, let me say, harris, you worked really hard to get kennedy to come out of her shell, so mild-mannered and laid-back. but look. we are impugning the motives of people we do not know like making claims like we just saw, this poor guy on jeopardy, it's part of a bigger and broader problem. we are as a society to the point where if we can find events we are going to take events, if we can belittle somebody's views without knowing what their views are, and if we can certainly use
9:59 am
our partisan talking points to go after somebody else, particularly what they've done to tim scott over the last couple years is abominable, these people on national television, national media outlets, saying outrageous things about tim scott simply because he happens to be an african-american man who does not agree with many on the left believe he ought to be thinking. they want to dictate to him what he believes that he's not going to take it, he's going to believe what he believes and explain it and articulate in a very powerful way, in the president's speech to the joint session and yet how he's been attacked in a deeply personal way ought to be offensive. >> emily: and kayleigh -- go ahead. >> kayleigh: yeah, i was going to say, echoing all of your comments, it's regrettable that we've gotten into a place, the worst of all people at all times, that's not a society i want to live in, you can choose
10:00 am
to see a three or a white power symbol. i am going to see the three until i see other evidence to the contrary. we've got to get to a place in society where we give people the benefit of the doubt. >> emily: thank you all.. >> sandra: president biden hitting the road this week's debacle week. this week he is in virginia to talk about school reopening spirit but is the pandemic and excuse for democrats to push their progressive wish list? where's the cdc as businesses try to figure out how to reopen. >> john: ari fleischer on why hillary clinton is thrilled by president biden's agenda. and withdrawing troops masked in a stand. plus joe piscopo on why some "snl" characters might not share s


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