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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 5, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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today, "europe session makes me uncomfortable, you could be her father." is there anything wrong with wishing her a happy birthday? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ musical it's "the five." >> jesse: hello, everybody, and jesse watters along with juan williams, dana perino, greg gutfeld and kennedy. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." big tech trying to permanently silence conservatives in america and control what you are allowed to see and hear, republicans are furious, threatening retaliation after facebook's oversight board upheld its indefinite ban on former president trump. they are warning, if it can happen to him it can happen to anybody. but this story is much bigger
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than one person, it's about tech oligarchs manipulating the political conversation and debate, republicans say it's time to take action. >> a sad day for america, sad day for facebook because i can tell you a number of members of congress are now looking at, do they break up facebook? >> we can't allow a corporation to do something that we don't allow the united states government to do and it's just contrary to our american values. >> congress needs to get up off its lazy butts and faces if you had on and both democrats and republicans understand something is wrong. >> jesse: the battle over big tech bias doesn't end there, florida governor ron desantis has been working on a bill that would fine social media companies for banning political candidates. and senator josh hawley is leading the charge to hold big tech accountable. >> i think big tech is just very arrogant, you are someone that's
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been censored unfairly or d platform, we are giving you the ability to sue big tech yourself. >> what we need is real competition, why do these companies get by with ignoring 75 million americans and trying to censor them? it's because i don't have any real competition and this is what we have monopoly laws for. it's to open up space bar competition. >> jesse: okay, let's begin with greg gutfeld who has his glasses on so i expect a very intellectual conversation, greg. what was your reaction when you saw that they have held it and they kicked it back to facebook? >> greg: i was deeply distraught, jesse. i went home and i cried. you know, i'm not surprised. look, i mean, you're going to get the argument, the predictable argument that this is a private company so it's not a speech issue. but in that argument you realize that ship has already sailed, we understand it, this isn't about going up to a street corner and
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shouting, all right? social media platforms are so huge that when you get kicked off it it's not like you can go start one, start a new one in your backyard, that would be like starting a phone company in the 1990s or 1980s because they won't use the telephone. so i think the people that are okay with this, it's pure partisanship, they are not conservatives of this isn't a problem, people laugh about media bias or bias in academia or bias in the entertainment industry, the left, the democrats and the people, they don't care because it doesn't affect them but one day it will affect them when they find out that they are not left-wing enough and i'm telling you, these social media platforms in places like google do control the narrative. if you ever try to search for a story that you are looking for specifically that had a conservative idea in it, good luck, because the algorithms do not help you and also i do think that, i think twitter really suffers from not having somebody like trump on there.
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it's like van halen losing david lee roth or maybe it's more like the sugar cubes, the band just collect, there's nothing interesting on twitter anymore, we have a trump-sized hole we needed to fill and i don't necessarily believe "from the desk of donald trump" is the right way to do it, it feels like a memo from your uncle, it was like this ongoing assessment of your daily life that i actually kind of miss. >> jesse: i wonder if you googled "from the desk of donald trump" you have to search really, really hard for that to pop up. dana perino, always good with predictions, the oversight committee sent it back, zuckerberg is going to have to figure this out and they didn't really like the indefinite ban but where do we go from here? what's going to happen next? >> jesse: we are kind of in status quo, right? they are back, go back and say, well, in your rules it doesn't
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say you can have an indefinite ban, you have to either do it or not. so we are kind of right where we were, compared to, for example, twitter, which just said band, done, there is no discussion about it. so i think when it comes to washington, d.c., what will it do? it's great that you bring up the phone company and i think it's a really good point, you can't just cut off somebody's phone service because you don't like what they have to say, or even if you are crank calling people like we know somebody on this panel used to do all the time after school, and i try to myself and i was a very at it. you can't do that, but the way it's set up under the law they are not considered a utility. could they be, is at the direction to go? you could probably get to some bipartisan consensus, bernie sanders at one point said he didn't think this policy was a good one. he could see the principal danger here, so it's possible you could do that and in the meantime this is what's going to
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happen. tons of fund-raising from both sides, republicans and democrats figuring out a way to try to get people to donate money and still, i would imagine, a year from now, nothing has changed. >> jesse: kennedy, do you agree both parties are going to be distraught and whenever either one of them gets any power, they do nothing about it? >> kennedy: it will be interesting to see because this is one of the few issues where there actually is a great deal of bipartisan crossover. and i would be curious to see, i don't like i would like it but i'd be curious to see what senators josh hawley and elizabeth warren would come up with. if they got together to talk about their big tech grievances because i don't think they are too far apart from each other, they both talked about breaking up these companies. enter gregg's point, remember when google was threatening to essentially d platform the federalist? they would no longer be able to advertise the platform, that
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would've killed their business and facebook's oversight board is just a way for mark zuckerberg did not have to take your spots ability, so he's just delegating it to some other faceless blob so they don't really do anything and i also remember, for a while they were paying lip service to conservatives, they acknowledged that conservatives were being frozen out of at least, there platform and obviously that, you know, that was just for show, that's not happening anymore so if you are looking at the florida model, maybe you have to end qualified immunity for big tech companies. >> jesse: you mentioned the oversight board at facebook. i checked into it, look at who they staffed it with. former editor of "the guardian," former law clerk for justice stevens, former prime minister of sweden, social democrat. pakistani lawyer, indonesian journalist, former judge at the european court of human rights. i'm not disparaging these
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people, i just look at their little bios. but one, just buy that glance, i wouldn't call that maga country, would you? >> juan: they wanted somebody who knew about the industry, the face of experience to reach a logical decision. i thought it was a pretty good decision. let me just convert all of you, this is not about conservatives. not at all, this is about the truth. you can't yell "fire in a crowded theater and as president of the united states you can't yell "fraud" and say this is fraud, i lost an election when in fact you lost the election. >> juan: you can do that! you are wrong, juan, juan. >> juan: why can't you do that? let me tell you why you can't say that, let me tell you why,
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because he said it. he perpetrated a lie that lead to violence. that's what happened. >> greg: that is your opinion, juan. >> juan: i am telling you, you can -- >> greg: we are operating under your assumption, it's you and twitter, you and facebook. >> juan: what they will tell you is, the fact that he lied and the insurrection of the capital, it was what prompted them to say, we need to sanction donald trump. not conservatives >> greg: your opinions lead to violence, too. it's an opinion. >> juan: that is not true, it's not about opinion. it's about a fact. it was directly tied -- >> kennedy: what's happening in portland for ten months. >> juan: let me have a shot. i'm just telling you. truth is not about somehow it's republican, some how it's been democrat.
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it's the truth is the truth and somehow donald trump tells an ongoing lie that has threatened our democracy and people are saying, this is too threatening to us as a society and you should not use our platform to spread lies. right now you have liz cheney being forced out because she won't buy into the lie. this is crazy, what is going on with the republican party? >> jesse: no one can hear what you are saying but you are wrong because facebook actually band trump because it actually broke their protocol that you can't praise people who are committing violence because he called the people on the six patriots. it wasn't anything about fraud or anything like that, that was a technicality just of the
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audience knows the truth. >> juan: it was lie and that's what's happening to liz cheney right now. >> jesse: we've got to go, why are you, man? let's relax, buddy. kamala harris, very seriously. ♪ ♪ to celebrate salonpas day and our mission to improve people's lives through topical pain relief we invite you to try our powerful, long-lasting patch for muscle and joint pain, get your free sample at hisamitsu some say this is my greatest challenge ever. but i've seen centuries of this. with a companion that powers a digital world, traded with a touch. the gold standard, so to speak ;)
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vice president kamala harris claims she is finally taking things seriously when she is not blaming the surge of migrants on climate change. >> this is a priority for our nation and a role that i take very seriously. we are focused on addressing both the acute factors and the root causes of migration. there are the long-standing issues, the root causes and i am thinking of corruption, violence and poverty, the lack of economic opportunity, the lack of climate adaptation and climate resilience. the lack of good governance. >> kennedy: it's amazing because it's easy even when there is a lack of resilience, she's talking about corruption, violence and poverty as root causes, juan, these are not root causes, these are actually effects, you can sit around for years and stroke your chin and claim you are getting to the
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heart of the issues were by talking about root causes but she is not really talking about any root causes here. >> juan: i'm trying to understand and make sure i get what you're saying because it seems to me like she is 100% right. on the face of it, when people, you know, feel like they are not safe because of violence in their country, when they feel there is no future for their families, you know, why else would they decide they are going to walk 100 miles with an uncertain future and drag their children along with a backpack? those are desperate people. and of course when you have the environment degraded and people can't farm, people can't rely on a supply of food. >> kennedy: they are farming, lots of farming in the narco-terrorists are making sure there's plenty of farming because they are growing plenty of drugs and the governments are enriching themselves. go ahead. >> juan: what i was going to say is i think that what we see going on right now in places
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like venezuela, the level of violence in disruption, what i say, to me, this is pretty obvious. you have desperate people and she is speaking to a root cause and trying to allow, if we can make those places better and safer, it helps not only those people who are stay-at-home, it helps us as americans because oftentimes those are our neighbors. >> kennedy: they are our neighbors and they are in need and they are in very desperate situation, i will agree with you on that. the root causes the drug war. greg, vice president harris is visiting milwaukee, a lovely city to talk about infrastructure. when it's the immigration system that is crumbling. why is she so unserious about this issue? >> greg: i think we are kind of figuring out that she may not be a serious person at all. i think that they were counting on alerting her, she would be moving more quickly to take over the job and in the next year i don't think they are going to be able to do it, the issue here is
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why they talk about climate change in these root causes is because you can't fix it. not in your lifetime, they don't expect her to do anything but repeat these platitudes, these catchphrases that we've heard for years, the dems have two clubs in their golf bag to beat you with, race and climate. they don't have to rely on data so instead of they do come if you want to be harder on immigration, tougher on immigration you are a coldhearted bigot who hates the earth. that's what you do because then you don't have to actually talk about facts. remember the game 6 degrees of kevin bacon where you can link every actor to kevin bacon? great game, there are two pro games, 6 degrees of the climate apocalypse or 6 degrees of hitler. you are either going to get one of the other from a democrat. they are either going to try to link something to global warming or try to link something to white supremacy because they are scared to death of actual data.
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>> kennedy: when you are talking about actual crises, what's happening on the southern border, what's happening on the countries, the root causes and immediate surge are both crises come up with the vice president in charge of that, like we saw with the pandemic crisis. there was an urgency there, i need to get vaccines made, and quickly pass through the nba so you can save lives, that he meant that's the kind of urgency we need to see on the border, what will it take? >> dana: i would imagine, just to be very cynical, when their numbers at some point they realize it's going to hurt them in the election. that's probably when you might see something. the interesting thing about the climate thing is it is a global issue, they call it global climate change what what is the difference between the people who are fleeing the places where they are living in those places that are not having anybody try to flee?
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it is rule of law and governance. that's a big difference. and obviously there are some countries that are going to be able to adapt as well, you're absolutely right in the administration missed this, no matter what we try to do we are not going to be able to solve a global problem, when china -- the other thing i want to point out very quickly as there is another huge crisis in el salvador and the administration kind of finds itself a little bit in between because what should they do? in el salvador, the strong man there has decided he is going to put his own equivalent of the supreme court, putting friends there that what he will get decisions that are more in his favor. and now the administration has said, an independent judiciary is very important. really? that's great and also hopefully that means that your idea of court packing on the left is going to be checked out the window. >> kennedy: that is a different form of court packing
2:22 pm
with the same result. so jessie, i'm just trying to tap into your mind, before the 2020 midterms, do you see this administration returning to a robust wall along the southern border and some of the migrant protection protocols reintroduced? >> jesse: may be about 25% just for window dressing. by kennedy, i think we are missing the point, it's not just climate change anymore, it's a new phrase, climate adaption and climate resilience. we are getting into the intersectionality phraseology now. juan, if it's really about the climate, is she going to argue that the sea levels are rising so high that coastal villages are fleeing to higher ground? because that's not happening and that would be a lie. or is she saying it's now 10 degrees hotter in guatemala and people are fleeing north to
2:23 pm
colder climates? also not happening but if it is just explain it like that. greg nailed it, climate change and racism is just a lazy deflection from having to actually argue on the substance. this whole thing was triggered by biden's policies and his rhetoric by promising amnesty and asylum and entitlements but we love cocaine in this country. it comes in through panama and they have the panamanian, the corridor, the biggest drug highway right up through panama, all through mexico into the drug cartels just wreak havoc and a lot of violence there destabilizes a very tender region and it's not just cocaine they are involved in, they are involved in avocados, tourism, people say on the left, i like my coffee fair trade. i don't want these big corporations involved in my coffee. who do you think controls your
2:24 pm
fair trade coffee? fair trade coffee is cartel coffee. that's exactly what it is. if you really want to do something it's not climate resilience, its cartel resilience. >> kennedy: that's a great point. we should have fair trade cocaine grown and manufactured in these united states. starbucks it is. up next, paying people not to work. how joe biden's agenda is crushing businesses. that's next. ♪ ♪
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this. joe biden wants to bail out struggling small businesses they can't find employees well at the same time paying americans not to go back to work. pico nation's restaurants for some of the first hit and worst hit, we can't get our economy back on track without helping hundreds of thousands of small businesses reopen and stay open and we can give the people of this nation of fighting chance again. >> greg: thanks to enhance federal unemployment benefit some americans are making more money by staying home and many small businesses say they haven't been able to find workers for jobs for months. my mom had an old saying, she said why buy the milk when you can get the cow for free, or is it why binocular cow when you can get the milk for free? either way joe biden is hosing down america for a lot of milk in the shape of dollars. nobody wants to binocular gal. >> dana: your mom is so wise.
2:30 pm
big fan of "the five." i will tell you, the fact that the law of supply and demand still applies to the biden administration is really coming through. on "america's newsroom," we interviewed business owner who cannot find workers, a third-generation restaurant owner can't find enough people and they've had to close early, they are not able to grow their business or keep the business if they have and this after trying to stay in business over the past year, so it's adding insult to injury, i think the governor of montana has done a really bold thing and smart thing and innovative, he said there are no longer going to do the enhanced unemployment benefits, they are going to do a $1200 payment if you come back to work but no more of the enhanced unemployment and i think that that can maybe work in montana, i don't know that it will work everywhere but it would actually help people be able to employ folks. the other thing i mentioned, greg is there was a job fair in
2:31 pm
atlantic city that wanted to hire 150 workers at the casino, 20 people showed up total, that was it. >> greg: that doesn't seem like much of a fair, dana. juan, dana does bring up a good point, it's about incentives, and disincentives and when you pay people when they are not working it's kind of a disincentive against work, would you agree? >> juan: i think everybody thinks unemployment benefits are a pretty good thing in america, greg, and the enhanced benefits we are talking about our $300. $300. we have some anecdotal stories about this but there's no statistical evidence that giving somebody $300 of enhanced unemployment is stopping them from going back to work, it's just, you know, timmy americans aren't lazy, i think that what we've got here is tens of millions of americans who didn't get the enhanced benefit who are
2:32 pm
already back to work so maybe we are talking about jobs, people have moved on, the economy is booming, new jobs are opening up, maybe a people are doing better. >> greg: what you think, kennedy? >> kennedy: the evidence that you have come of the business owners dana is talking about, 42% of them say it's impossible to find workers so if you think you're going to go out to have a great summer at your favorite bar and restaurant, you will but it's going to take two hours to get through lunch because there won't be enough servers and busboys and chefs to keep these businesses afloat so people do a very simple cost/benefit analysis, if i go out and look for a job i will bring home less money. if i sit home and accept this unemployment benefit from the various covid relief packages i will make more money. it's not condescending, it's not taking a dim view of human nature, it is basic economics and that is exactly what's happening.
2:33 pm
and it's going to hurt small businesses and eventually middle income earners will have to pay more when wages go up unnaturally. >> greg: go to any restaurant to talk with anybody that manages there, tell you the same thing, they have employees that aren't coming back because some are actually making more money than they would if they were at the restaurant. >> jesse: do you remember luigi from my wedding? out in huntington, great spot, he is now short busboys, hostesses, bartenders and waiters going into the busiest weekend of the year, mother's day weekend because if you are working at his place you are taking home $1,000 a week but you could also get paid $800 to sit home on your couch and not work. people would rather sit home on their couch and not work, he saying and leave that extra $200 on the table and that's a huge problem, not only does it hurt the small business owners, the
2:34 pm
backbone of the u.s. economy but it hurts us, the consumer because restaurants aren't going to be operating at full capacity and that means you can get a reservation. one of the best things of the weekend is calling, hey, table for four at 6:00 p.m., they say yes, we can accommodate you, that is the best feeling ever. it's so satisfying, not the most satisfying but it's up there. what? >> greg: do you use your real name? me too i do and i check my food before it is served to me. he >> greg: all right, dr. fauci defending cdc mask guidelines that others are calling cruel. ♪ ♪ voiceover: riders. wanderers on the road of life. the journey is why they ride. when the road is all you need, there is no destination.
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♪ ♪ >> juan: cruel and irrational, that's what some experts are saying about the cdc's guidelines for kids going off to summer camp. according to the rules, masks must be worn at all times by everyone including vaccinated adults. the only exceptions are for eating and for swimming, children are not allowed to share toys and they must be at least 3 feet apart. dr. fauci admitting the guidelines are harsh but he's still defending them. >> i wouldn't call them excessive but they certainly are conservative. and i think what you're going to start to see is really in real time continually reevaluating that for its practicality because you're right, people look at that and they say, well, is that being a little bit too far right now? >> juan: kennedy, what you
2:40 pm
think, are these rational, he said conservative precautions for kids, should your kids get vaccinated? is not going to be the next step? >> kennedy: one harvard psychologist said this is essentially very harmful for children, is virtue signaling and i think the people making these rules don't have kids in summer camp and they also don't have small businesses and these are two areas where they are affecting people's lives, with such extreme, a much bigger concern at summer camp is lice. but we don't need federal mandates for that, they say you had to wear masks at all times unless you are having trouble breathing, you are unconscious or you are swimming, kids are either going to play dead or stay in the lake all summer, 700 kids died a year from drowning, only 277 from covid. all of those are tragic but let's be smart here, this is
2:41 pm
ridiculous. >> juan: shouldn't we spend time protecting kids and making sure as many people as possible are vaccinated including kids? >> jesse: sure, but i don't even think you believe what's coming out of your own mouth, do you realize how hot it gets in july around here? i walk outside, you walk outside, you live in the swamp down in d.c., you're sweating like an animal when you walk two blocks and you are walking. my daughters are going to be running at full speed, high noon, humidity off the charts and you want to put a mask around their face? they are going to be fainting during capture the flag and hitting their heads on a rock. is that what you want to? is that what you want, do you want my daughters hitting their heads on rocks, one? of course you don't, obviously this is ridiculous and fauci knows it's ridiculous and that's what he thinks it's going to get walked back next month for just
2:42 pm
get vaccinated, counselors get vaccinated, parents get vaccinated and you won't have "phantom of the opera" camp sessions with kids hitting their heads on rocks. >> juan: that was interesting. greg, all these attacks on fauci, who do we trust if we don't trust fauci on the virus? >> greg: he's not a leader, he's a bureaucrat, these guidelines for the camp are not harsh, they are antiscience, the three main guidelines are completely wrong, 3 feet apart, we've debunked that, services of toys, not being able to touch others toys? it's not spread on surfaces. all of this stuff is antiscience. what he's doing, he should read the room and maybe take some time off from tv, he's on tv more than i am on him and the
2:43 pm
more he says the last impact he. he needs to take his spots rather than pick every spot, he actually did "watter's world." the number one expert. you want to make a camp, send kids to a camp where they are deprogrammed after this year of suspended animation where you teach them how to make eye contact and how to chew with their mouths closed because you're going to have a lot of screwed up kids, you're going to need a camp that teaches them how to be human again. >> greg: all right, dana, what you think? >> dana: i am all for a camp to teach kids to chew with your mouth close, because that is one of my biggest pet peeves in the world. very rarely in my professional life have i ever wanted to just take something over. i almost desperately want to get down to the cdc and say i am in charge of communications now and
2:44 pm
everyone is going to listen to me and i'm going to use the white house voice i used to have, it's so frustrating. part of this also has to do with camps being worried about liability so maybe one other things, if you want kids to go to camp in the camp wants to open, work with your lawyers and figure out a way to have a waiver that says i've got my vaccine, my kids got that i see and available to them and we are not going to sue you if anybody comes out of here with covid, fine, everybody can go make their own decisions. i think this goes back to a lot of people being worried that they are going to get sued but if you have the vaccine it gives you the freedom to be able to say, breathe a bit easier now and that means no masks on kids so that they donate their heads on a rock. >> greg: we love jesse's kids. caitlyn jenner sitting down with sean hannity tonight for an exclusive interview. a special preview for you is up next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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>> dana: caitlyn jenner sitting down with sean hannity tonight for an exclusive interview after announcing she is running for governor of california. >> i want to take that same fight, that same spirit, go to sacramento, surround myself with some of the smartest people out there. i am an outsider, i understand that. the smartest people out there because now i'm in a race for solutions, i need to find solutions to be able to turn the state around. i absolutely love this state. i'm a fighter, always have been. >> dana: kennedy, i can't remember, were you in california the last time there was a recall? it can get pretty wild. >> kennedy: i hosted a game show called "who wants to be governor of california." it's going to be a very colorful cast of french characters but i think caitlyn jenner has a real chance here and she's running on a very smart platform and that is sort of rediscovering the california dream. everyone in california knows
2:50 pm
what that means, they live there for a reason and she's talking about limiting government, lowering taxes, ending the lock down, that will resonate with angry people. >> dana: greg, what will the left do now? >> greg: they are going to be quite confused, right? is much as i adore sean hannity and you know that i do, i am boycotting, sorry, girl-cotting caitlyn jenner's appearance because she ghosted me. she runs to sean as an intersectional cisgender male with an anxiety disorder i am offended. >> dana: well, jesse, [laughs] -- [laughter] >> jesse: does gutfeld really have a third nipple?
2:51 pm
i saw caitlyn's ad that came out and she's bringing herself as a compassionate disruptor. so, like a trump with empathy, i assume she has the same kind of populous vibe that the ex-president had a hand kennedy is right, it's all about rediscovering that california dream in california, the american dream and we will see if it sticks, i just can't wait to see the debate between caitlyn and gavin, that will be must-see tv. >> kennedy: are you going to pop some popcorn for that one? >> juan: with her as the focus of the media attention in this recall there is no threat whatsoever to gavin newsom. already most people in the state say they don't want to recall and his ratings are way above water at this moment.
2:52 pm
>> dana: maybe we will get gavin and caitlyn to be on gutfeld show. jesse watters. "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪ not my uncle, though. he's taking trulicity for his type 2 diabetes and now, he's really on his game. once-weekly trulicity lowers your a1c by helping your body release the insulin it's already making. most people reached an a1c under 7%. plus, trulicity can lower your risk of cardiovascular events. it can also help you lose up to 10 pounds. trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. it isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. it's not approved for use in children. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have an allergic reaction, a lump or swelling in your neck,
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♪ the things, you say ♪ ♪ your purple prose just gives you away ♪ ♪ ♪ you're unbelievable ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: time for one more thing. >> greg: the man with the golden gun the bond move. he had three nipples a play by christopher lee. let's do this greg's guessing game we will watch part of a video. i will stop it. and you need to guess which cup has a pile of dog food underneath it the left one or the right one. i think it has now stopped.
2:57 pm
all right, let's go around the horn here, jesse, left or right? >> jesse: left. >> greg: left. dana? >> dana: right. deputy gut rite? kennedy? >> kennedy: right. >> greg: juan? >> juan: right. >> greg: let's see. roll it a little food. ♪ oh no. ♪ oh no, no, no. >> greg: there you go, on the right. disturbing little animal. do you know that's a cat? did you know that's a cat? >> no. >> jesse: serves me right. i should never have gospel left. let's do the feeding frenzy. cinco de mayo edition. ♪ >> jesse: happy cinco de mayo, america. i got my burrito right here from some salt in union square i also got burrito insurance. whatever i drink on cinco de
2:58 pm
mayo and i drop my burrito, can i get a free burrito through door dash or cchula. door dash will send you a $20 coupon for a free burrito. i think this is good deal. again, do not feed this to your dog like this also like liz warren. unwrap it and then feed it dana? taken deign you know i love to read dana's book club love to read it started when i was a kid. i got this set of books. i have to recommend them. especially if you are a city dweller you have got to get these kids this book this is about roady the ranch dog by scott haines and this is just delightful to go through this book and see what is like to moo cows, the dog in the pickup. find them on his website. i thought -- yes, here. are oadie ranch i love them. great books. there is five of them.
2:59 pm
don't miss them. >> jesse: delightful, indeed. kennedy? >> kennedy: great elses, too. i have a big cancel special coming up tomorrow night on fox business 8:00 p.m. in the east. 5:00 in the west. cancel this featuring inside a guy canceled and fired for cracking his knuckles. it's going to be a wonderful extravagant zelle. cancel tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. >> dana: you shouldn't crack your number yous. >> jesse: i would cancel for that. >> juan: all right, juan, take us home. >> juan: you heard a barrel full of laughs what happens if you can't get out of the barrel? that's what happened? no laughing matter at all. look at 2-year-old dorian, he is trapped that wooden barrel. it was an antique that he was playing with while visiting his grandparents. his mom took dorian to the emergency room. the doctor did an x-ray of the barrel, then they used a power saw to create a hole in the
3:00 pm
bottom of the barrel so his legs could come through. once his legs were through they pulled him out the top that was a wonderful thing but no barrel of laughs. >> jesse: scraping the bottom of the barrel. >> dana: greg, stay away from those barrels. >> jesse: that is it for us. "special report" is up next with bret who has a former defense secretary on the show tonight, don't you. >> bret: robert gates not in a barrel. good evening, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. former president trump is calling his continued banishment from facebook a total disgrace and embarrassment to the country a facebook oversight board has upheld the social media giant's suspension of the former president's account putting the conflict between free enterprise and free speech on the front burner once again. correspondent gillian turner is here with details on this decision and the fallout from it. good evening, gillian. >> gillian: good evening to you, bret. facebook's oversight board verdict is in. president trump will


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