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tv   The Big Sunday Show  FOX News  May 9, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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life... doesn't stop for diabetes. be ready for every moment, with glucerna. it's the number one doctor recommended brand that is scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar. live every moment. glucerna. ♪ ♪ >> hello everyone i am currently along with leo terrell, rachel campos-duffy, welcome to "the big sunday show", here's what's on tap tonight. >> the biden administration contradicting itself on its enhanced unemployment benefit are to blame for not getting people back to work, to officials very different answers. what is the truth. >> rachel. >> we wish you a happy mother's
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day to all the moms across america but according to one squad member we should be saying happy breathing day. >> and charlie. >> the chinese rocket didn't turn out to be much of a scare yet nasa is still fuming at china is is another case of the biden of administration all talk and no action on china? >> dr. fauci change in its messaging again on that squaring the nation top infectious disease expert predicts mask wearing could become seasonal. listen. >> during certain seasonal periods when you have respiratory viruses like the flu people might actually elect to wear masks to diminish the likelihood that you'll spread the risks of ongoing diseases. carley: still confusion of why president biden is wearing a mask when he is vaccinated and so is everyone else around him, his covid response cord nader
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saying the president is just following cdc guidance. >> is it really necessary for a fully vaccinated person to wear a mask at a limited indoor gathering if everyone there is vaccinated? >> the cdc has given the guidance when you're with family and friends in small group she don't need a mask. >> whited president biden in a room full of vaccinated journalists, with everybody in that room vaccinated why does he need to wear a mask. >> the president will follow the cdc guidance. >> rachel dr. fauci made the case for wearing masks to avoid the flu, does that mean he believed the flu shot did not work, why else would he be advocating for wearing masks. >> is a great question but what you really hearing in this statement he is trying to make mask wearing a permanent future for american culture and life,
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seasonal will be a signal to businesses, airlines, et cetera that you should keep the mask mandate in place because businesses have the right to do that they want. this is very troubling, it's reaching a point where i believe this is about social control and submission, normalizing this, really frightens me and keeps people i isolated in fear and distrustful of each other, i am very concerned about children, there is no reason why our children should wear masks, if you have a first grade rich kindergarten, they know nothing different, they think all of this is normal and every single day i tell my kids, first of all i tell them take the mask of the second i see them after school, the second thing i say to them is this is not normal, it is not normal for the government to tell us to wear a mask when we know you are not in danger of transmitting it it's not normal
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to close our churches, our businesses, is not normal for the government to tell us to do any of these things and we need to make sure that we tell children this for young people what we seen over the last year, it seems normal for those of us on the panel we know this is an extraordinary government overreach and take over in this mask thing from dr. fauci scares me. carley: dr. fauci's opinion on mask wearing has changed over time, the top into the time machine and relive that evolution. >> right now at this moment there is no need to change anything on a day by day basis, it became clear that were in real trouble that was probably towards the middle to end of january, right now in the united states people should not be walking around with masks. >> putting a mask on yourself, if everybody does that were each protecting each other. carley: some people deem
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dr. fauci on this but i think he deserve some brief because it was a novel coronavirus, we were learning throughout the course in recent history to this whole thing but that's what he saying right now makes sense to you? leo: no, we could cut him slack a year end half ago but he has no credibility and honestly i don't listen to him, i do not follow him on fox we have great medical experts. here's the bottom line dr. fauci sound like a democratic operative, why the masks, it is very simple, it's a form of democratic control and must be pulling well, with the democrats believe that they keep the mask on they can pass legislation, they can keep people depended on the government but yet smart people like this panel, we look at texas, we look at red states and dr. fauci is telling a big lie it's a continuation of the democratic playbook to definitely keep people under control. if they see this as a gateway of the political strategy for 2022, it's going to feel because
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people do not believe that there following the science, one final point you hear the interview with jake tapper, joe biden is following the science, he is not because he does not need the mask, everybody is vaccinated, that is a lie, it's good to be a lawyer. >> charlie there is a lot of concern about the fact that the number of people that want to get vaccinated is slowing down and we want to reach herd immunity, should the president take up the mask to prove that you can start living normal life if you do get vaccinated? >> my goodness, i don't think there's any single individual in america who has done more to undermine the reliability and belief in these vaccines than joe biden because of exactly what you're talking about, wearing the masks when clearly the cdc guidelines say you don't need to wear, that interview with jake tapper was very
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strange, a doublespeak where he keeps saying that biden is abiding by the cdc guidelines even if you're looking at not a hearing to cdc guidelines there will be people come out of this it will be sad to see what the medical effects and health effects will be for children and adults who continue to wear masks all the time even after we reached herd immunity or they have been vaccinated or the most pressing threats by the pandemic have passed. carley: a reporter asked president biden why he is still wearing masks and take a listen to how he responded. watch. >> why do you choose to wear a mask so often when you're
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vaccinated in around other people. >> i'm worried about you, that's a joke, why am i wearing a mask because i'm inside there's good policy to wear the mask, that's why, when i'm outside the problem is lots of times i walk away from this podium and i forget to put my mask on because i'm used to not wearing outside. >> it just seems at this point he is putting politics over science. rachel: what worries me were to come out of this pandemic more like chinese than americans and i think global is like joe biden are fine with that but i want to be america, i want freedom, the science says we don't have to worry mask it if you're vaccinated orthotic and i have had or if your child, for god sakes was be free let's be americans, this is ridiculous, i
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spoke with doctor atlas when i was hosting on "primetime" and he told me he is far more concerned about the fear, the neuroticism, the psychological impact of masking our children and he is of any spread of covid, for god sakes, democrats stop politicizing everything especially this pandemic. >> there is a significant level of fear involved after you were to been vaccinated, becomes a rational fear, it was somebody talking about this and made a joke same people used it to fight willie mammoths and now they're afraid to go outside while fully vaccinated without wearing a mask. what is the fear all about? and why should people be concerned about that? >> the fear is an illusion it's a mixed message, president biden sits in the most powerful position in the world, he is
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100% wrong but that carries influence in people who are debating whether or not they should take the vaccine, you have a mixed message, false message it puts people in doubt and the chances of getting the herd immunity will be diminished because of the mixed message, i'll keep saying it, it goes all about power they don't care about the science, they feel at the way to stay in control of the white house. >> there was something else to be worried about this weekend and that was the china rocket, the debris crashed into earth and now nasa is fuming but will china only get a slap on the wrist, we will answer that question when "the big sunday show" continues next. ♪ we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right,
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the hunt is on... beginning june 10th. ♪ ♪. charlie: will go back to "the big sunday show", china's debris they did in the india ocean near
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mall leaves after space experts weren't sure where it would land. now nasa is fuming, administrator bill nelson slamming beijing in a statement saying spacefaring nations must minimize the risk to people and property on earth every entry of space objects and maximize transparency regarding those operations, it is clear that china is failing to meet responsible standards regarding their space debris, carly, i was wondering do you feel like this was a huge success by humankind or a near miss. carley: that is such a meta- question, i would say thank you so much. mere miss, i want to say regarding the response, imagine what the response would have been if this would happen and president trump was in office,
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the tweets would be numerous and hilarious. the biden administration is clearly taking a much softer stance which will come as no surprise when he was on the campaign trail he said china should not be viewed as a competitor and they're not going to eat her lunch, remember that moment that he said that in 2019 informative fence secretary robert gates wrote the president biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades, if he underestimates china's desire to overthrow the united states as a number one superpower in the world he is absolutely wrong. were gonna have to wait and see how he handles china but if he does cozy up to them and give them a pass it'll be interesting to see the media's response because president trump was criticized for cozying up the dictators, will see if president biden has held to the same
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standard. charlie: is a great point in further proof president trump definitely broke the media. rachel, why does everything come from china break as soon as a hits here with the exception of covid? rachel: exactly, the chinese cannot be trusted we talked about this a little yesterday, it is time for us to stop treating them like a normal nation. regard to what carly said it's a great point but the question is why is joe biden so soft on china, i don't think it's his stupidity, i think is compromised if you look under biden's e-mails, the talk about the big guy in the 10% kickback, that is about joe biden, there is no question about that in my mind and when biden one china one, that's when we have a situation that were in where he soft on china and it's affecting everything, the story is huge about the u.s. documents that
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republicans are now subpoenaing showing collaboration between wuhan institute of urology, the lab there in the chinese military, remember dr. fauci we talked about was part of u.s. funding into that lab this is a huge story the media needs to step up and hold biden accountable because what china does affect america deeply. charlie: it is an important story i want you to listen to what newt gingrich said on "sunday morning features". >> you watch the next few weeks biden will do several things that are so pro chinese you be scratching your head wondering why he would do them. but there is a deep pro chinese faction in the biden administration and in the democratic party. charlie: doesn't concern you that literally nasa is tougher on china them biden and what exactly is this about, why does
2:19 pm
biden want to cozy up with the chinese so bad. leo: you look at all the american corporations, look at our sports the democrat put profit over national security, that's what trump did, trump said to china our national security on america first, that's why they were imposed you're not going to get that forced from the biden administration because people like lebron james make plenty of money from china but they look at what's in our best security interest, we look at what's going on, we have to put our priorities first, our priority is national security, china is a threat to america, joe biden dozens here, president trump sought most americans thought, newt gingrich said on the program, the key is to make sure that we put national security at a profit of national security
2:20 pm
and individuals. charlie: i don't how much faith you have in republicans or anybody or politicians in washington taken your advice but i hope they do, senator joni ernst had this to say the communist party of china with efforts of the origin of the deadly coronavirus, the world deserves answers and that includes whether it originated from the wuhan institute overall a g, do you feel like the media is doing enough to get to the bottom of the vital story? carley: absolutely not. i guess the media does have to shine a light on this but china is a place where they are going to do everything from the truth not to come out which a lot of people criticize the world health organization that was basically good been cosponsored by the chinese communist party
2:21 pm
but to be fair to the world health organization and with understanding about the world health organization, very friendly to china, they are on china's disposal in getting information, what we do need to figure out how this virus was unleashed on the earth and i'm very, very concerned that were never going to be able to. rachel: i think we know where it came from. >> no doubt whether it came from the lab or not is an open question and the vital want to get to the bottom, let's move on something gravely dangerous to ridiculous, happy mother's day today moms across america but shouldn't it be happy birthing people's day, the squad members
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ask your doctor for a prescription. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at freestyle libre 2 dot u.s. ♪♪ rachel: welcome back to "the big sunday show", this is monday day and there may be a new woke term it's called working people, cori bush thinks that's a great term and she's coming under fire for using the term working people, take a look. >> i said before you today as a single mom, as a nurse, as an activist and a congresswoman and i'm committed to doing the absolute most to protect black mothers and black babies and to protect black birthing people and to save lives. [laughter]
2:27 pm
i'm going to start with carly on this one, what is this doing, let's talk about underlying as women, is this a reisinger gender and removing our femininity, they want to bring up terms doctors working people they want to take away breast-feeding which is a beautiful term and now it needs to be chest feeding which isn't quite as beautiful. what do you make of this and what are the consequences for us as women. >> it is so ridiculous but on the note of what she had to say i did wish you a happy mother's day earlier. >> he sent me a beautiful e-mail. >> i want to apologize because i used gender language and i don't want to offend you because estate truly does belong to you, look at all the beautiful souls that you brought into this world, you are a total
2:28 pm
inspiration and i adore you and all the other mommies out there, including my mom happy mother's day, getting back to the topic at hand i think conservatives kind of like when liberals do this because it's so ludicrous and james carville came out recently and said democrats have got to stop with the woke language because it's something that people can't wrap their head around, i'm around the same age as alexander acosta cortez and i had to read her tweets two and three times to understand what she is saying because there's so many terms in their, so much jargon i do not understand it is like a brain buster the cia video that went viral where she throws all the words in their that no one has ever heard of before. rachel: is a great point aoc is frightening women about having babies in general, your environmental terrorist if you do, it's not safe or good for the environment.
2:29 pm
just terrifying people about being moms but carly brings us a great point the republican party that really fought for women to have the right to vote, now there on the side of women for saving women's sports, saving gender and own identity in terms of the pronoun in words and everything else, is this an opportunity for the gop to show itself as a party of women? >> i think the gop is a party woman, look at the number of gop congresswomen that were elected in 2020. let me get to cori bush she is disgusting, she's trying to make this, everything is race with her, she should be talking about all-american, not just black american, black mothers, americans. in this idea of breathing people is insulting, they play the race card so much when no evidence and weaponize race war,
2:30 pm
everything is race, the trees are racist, the streets are racist, congresses races, everything is racist and what the gop needs to do is self-destruct because people are sick and tired are being accused of being racist and they use it without any supporting fact, they're gonna self-destruct, it's a matter of time. >> she did racialized that hearing which is about prenatal care which is a good thing to have everybody but you're right about that. cori bush did respond so charlie i'm going to play this, it's a tweet she said i testify in front of congress nearly losing both of my children during childbirth because doctors did not believe my pain republicans got more upset about me using gender inclusive language in my testimony then the fact that my baby nearly died, racism entrance phobia in america. that is your tweet, by the way
2:31 pm
if you see this hearing, people should pull up this testimony she gave us, she didn't mean to but she gave one of the most pro-life speeches i've ever heard on our floor, she absolutely did i'm sure she didn't intend to but it was beautiful, she talked about the humanity of her fetuses and everything else, what do you say to her response? >> it's only unfunny thing about the story is her response and why you would go and reach for something like that because she was being laughed at, everybody is laughing at her for her ridiculous term, reducing women to vending machines as if being a mom is about birthing, i've been around some really marvelous mothers, marvelous women, literally the strongest people i know on this planet are all women and they are a whole lot more than just brooding receptacles or whatever.
2:32 pm
but it's all port enter part of a huge woke war on women, first you potentially the first woman governor of california will be bruce jenner and now were not allowed to say happy mother's day, it's kind of nuts. rachel: i'm going to ground whoever in my family that wishes me a happy burling day. >> i went through to much pain not to be called mom. >> after the jobs report the biden administration was contradicting itself on enhanced unemployment benefits to blame for not giving people back to work, you have to hear the two very different answers next on the big show. ♪ not everybody wants the same thing. that's why i go with liberty mutual
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leo: welcome back to "the big sunday show" you may remember joe biden spent his presidential campaign claiming he would remove the corruption of the white house. >> all this talk of the president about corruption comes from the corrupt president we've had in modern history, he's a definition of corruption and i'm not going to stand for. >> this is been the most corrupt administration of modern american history, the justice department under my administration will be totally independent of me. leo: republicans on capitol hill are scrutinizing biden for the federal ethics rules to allow union officials to serve in his or administration, he got a
2:38 pm
waiver with the top lobbyist for the american federation of government employees, now she communicates with the union in her role and biden's office personnel management, and celeste got a similar wager to allow her white house made in america office to communicate with her former employees the directors go of america and afl-cio, union involvement in the white house policymaking is becoming increasingly evident, just last week the white house defended the cdc working with the nation's second-largest teachers union on school reopening guidelines. >> 's long-standing best practice for the cdc to engage with organizations or groups that are going to be impacted by guidance and recommendation by the agency, does not either to get everything that they want or percentage of what they want. leo: the me ask you charlie, as a lawyer i always know to the
2:39 pm
conflict of interest with someone working with me before now is on the other side, do you see the union representatives working for these unions in the white house dealing with the people they used to work with, any conflict there? >> you think, maybe a little bit it's extreme very to listen to jen psaki downplay this, there is is people that are interested in the topic, and other not there lobbyist and they're making huge amount of money to lobby the government and they spend massive amounts of money paying politicians to get them elected so they do what they want and that is how america teachers federation managed to get into the white house and get into the cdc and help write the guidelines to shut down and keep school shut, it is absolutely extraordinary and i don't know
2:40 pm
whether democrats think it's no big deal because they agree with the teachers unions or they don't think it's bad to have money in politics, obviously it's a constitutional right for people, individuals to petition the government and that includes hiring people who are women lawyers, although that is great there is no problem but when you have the amount of money that you have in the teachers unions, putting pressure on an issue like this that is so vitally important to american families and they are so clearly more interested in children or american families and members that are forced to pay dues, that is a real conflict and that is not the way government is supposed to work. leo: i agree, 100%. let's go to rachel as a mother of nine and i'm a former schoolteacher and we notice how the teachers union is involved
2:41 pm
in developing cdc guidelines, what do you say as a mother, do you want the teachers unions to determine what the best medical approach for your kids to go to school, how do you see that? >> i barely trust the cdc and let alone the teachers unions to make these calls, it is ridiculous, this really shows so much corruption, charlie spoke so eloquently about the reverberation of these decisions on families in people's lives and businesses, when parents are stockholm doing zoom calls, those parents can go to work, it is so disruptive, kids are not learning were falling behind, minority kids and people from poor families are being hurt the most, kids with special needs have been hurt so badly and why because the teachers unions have basically extorted our government, paid off our politician, paid for scientific
2:42 pm
agencies, it is outrageous. leo: i agree with you it's amazing as a teacher i find it offensive for the unions to metal let me go to my partner in crime, the april job report came out on friday and let me show you the numbers, 266,000 jobs that were added and were expecting a most 970,000, almost a million and there is also a contradiction between the biden administration about the enhanced employment numbers. >> at this point there's nothing to the data that would suggest that that's a reason people are out of work, the number one reason now that people are going back to work is what you said fear were the kipling childcare or schools are closed there is some truth maybe it be in a disincentive and i see that in
2:43 pm
the introductions we talk to people. leo: carley kitty breakdown from ethanol might standpoint, can you tell us what are going on with these numbers a mixed message from the biden administration for a how do you see it. carley: the second guy was right, it is undeniable that the democrat policy is really hurting small businesses, it is true the reason the abled jobs report was so low one is because you cannot deny that it's the enhance unappointed benefits to put it plainly. the other reason i think that's what the woman in the soundbite said, she said childcare i may have misheard her but she said something and that's because some schools are still closed, why is that, because of democrat teachers unions making sure that teachers are still working from
2:44 pm
home and then put on top of that attacks raise the president biden is proposing on large corporations, what is that going to do, businesses are not going to take that on the chin they're gonna let people go, president biden says he's a champion of the middle class and wants to get people back to work but so far he's done a poor job of that. leo: quick point rachel do you see a contradiction between the two biden a administration, you're an impartial person, how do you see it. rachel: the fed guy is not an appointee of the biden administration, he's not an independent voice and the other person is part of the biden a administration, you tell me who you believe, better yet ask any small business owner around the corner from your house and they'll tell you the government is paying people so much money that people are making rational decisions not to go back to work because of her $16 an hour you're getting paid with all the
2:45 pm
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rachel: welcome back to "the big sunday show", elon musk snl despite outrage from the left the billionaire proved about space, cars, pot and o.j. simpson. >> i sometimes say strange things but that's how my brain works, anyone i offended i just want to say i reinvented electric cars and i'm sending people to mars in a rocketship did you think i was going to be a chill normal dude. i'm the first person without burgers to host snl or at least
2:50 pm
the first to admit it one time i smoked weed on, elon musk he only smokes weed on podcast, go from podcast to podcast lighting of joint, happened once it's like producing o.j. simpson to a murderer. that was one time. rachel: i think you did surprisingly well, i don't understand why were supposed to hate him, he's very eco-friendly. >> the problem with elon musk he's the biggest corporate welfare recipient in the history of welfare, but that said he does feel really cool stuff and does really cool things, he does think outside the box and he comes up with these inventions and green and all of it is
2:51 pm
massively underwritten by taxpayers to do the former tax credit and things like that which i have a problem with but if you're gonna do that, i wish we didn't but if you are it is neat to create something new and the fact that he's willing to do what other people aren't doing is the essence of humor, what he said in the little skit right there he is being somewhat funny because he's saying things that everybody is afraid to talk about these days because humor dies and woke left wing democrat politics. >> speaking of the left it became weirdly political rachel because some of the cast members came out in advance and said we don't like them, they criticize his decision of him hosting snl anna joe rogan actually
2:52 pm
supported him, we have that soundbite let's take a listen. carley: no one is woke enough, they can appreciate the fact that you're dealing with literally one of the most brilliant man that ever lived who is going to come to your show. >> i'm torn because i like a warrior for a good cause but i'm really into tactics, you're not gonna nag people into behaving, if you continue with this even if you're right it would be very hard to hear. rachel: dave chapelle says no one can be woken off, what are your thoughts. the woke snl members are probably not very funny and also so dumb it's like saying i don't want been franklin or albert einstein to see what they can do on snl, that's kind of funny or taken elon musk ingenious guy putting him on stage, let's see
2:53 pm
what happens, i was on the edge of my seat. i loved that he brought up yet as burgers disease, what a great way to normalize, we know were all different and bring different traits and talents to the table and elon musk is one of the most brilliant immigrants. carley: i thought that was really neat moment, the ratings are in and he did very well the ratings increase from last week to this week. miley cyrus also was one of the big winners. leo: i like miley, he can't be controlled by the left. what charlie said he thinks outside the bike under box, if you are not marching orders 100%, the left hates you, they simply hate you and it's impossible to please them there out to self-destruct each other but a body went off in these independent ways not going to be hurt economically.
2:54 pm
carley: i totally hear you there, charlie, he did move his business out of california, he moved to texas, that could be another reason why he got criticism because he made his liberal state look back, were going to leave it here, coming up for years have thought peter, paul and mary, mary's classic puff the magic dragon is about drugs, 50 years later the ministry is revealed, coming up next. ♪
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the legendary group peter paul and mary reveal the true meaning behind the lyrics of the hit song puff the magic dragon. in a new interview with fox news saying i think that poor puff was a victim of his time but when peter wrote the additional versus it was obviously about a little boy who grew up in no longer believed in path of boy coming-of-age at that time in which they gave you that window of interpretation. i have a surprise for all of you i performed that 20 years ago with peter and paul. this is great. you should've had the tape to play it. [laughter] >> who knew? [laughter] >> it is not about marijuana, charlie. >> it is one of the sweetest children songs ever written. the only people who thought
3:00 pm
this was about drugs is a bunch of people that were already smoking dope. >> i totally disagree. i think we're all still victims of sixties culture. >> we will play that tape one day. [laughter] "the fox report" with jon scott starts now. jon: washington has decided on the disappointing jobs report the biden demonstration says it shows the need for new investing. republicans a spending is slowing down the recovery. i am jon scott and this is "the fox report". jon:


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