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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  May 14, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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of vaccination. hmmm. >> shannon: please join me midnight eastern at fox at night. what is driving it and what options do communities have now to try to turn things around. thank you so much for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this edition of "special report." "fox news primetime" hosted by brian kilmeade starts right now. >> brian: all right. shannon, thanks so much. we look forward to watching your show later on tonight. and good evening to everybody out there. this is "fox news primetime." >> brian: i'm brian kilmeade. tonight, americans are taking off their masks in most places. yesterday a day after being wrapped up like mummies with nancy pelosi and the big four president biden made the announcement we have been kind of waiting for. fully vaccinated americans no longer have to wear a mask indoors or outdoors. did the science change between wednesday meeting and thursday's announcement? probably not, comma. but either way, comma, the news was good. i take a breath.
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freedom-loving americans rejoice the changing guidelines and then there were people on the other chapels let me see what they were saying i'm sure they were happy. >> frankly, i was shocked by this announcement. i think they went from one extreme to the other. the mainly step that's missing here is how do we know that people are telling the truth? >> this is not a free for all that everybody -- you know, but i agree with dr. wen it is going to be very tenuous. >> i understand, you know, a right to privacy and right to freedom but i don't have a right to go my workplace unvaccinated i don't have a right to send my kids to go to school without becoming a vector for disease. has the debate gone too far. >> how sure are you because this sounds like a very big change. >> we're sure. >> brian: what planet are we on? she says she is sure. the news as i understand investigating republican lawmakers who ho have been right all along, right, that you have been vaccinated you don't need
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to wear a mask each if democrats give you a hard time. let me see what they are saying. >> yeah, when i'm talking to the tv am camera i'm not going to wear a mask. all of us have been immunized you are welcome to stay away if you like. >> you are telling people who have the vaccine who have immunity you are defying everything we know about immunity to tell people to wear masks who have been vaccinated. >> i also think it's a problem where you are telling people to get vaccines and yet people who have been vaccinated for months are wearing two masks. >> neanderthal thinking, right? it seems like the first time in a long time the federal government is trying to put freedom back into the hands of americans. >> what we're really doing is empowering individuals to make decisions about their open health. so, if you are vaccinated and you are making the decision to take off your maverick, then you have made the decision to get vaccinated and you are safe. if you are unvaccinated, then you have made the decision to take that risk. >> brian: we said that six months ago but i will take it now. that is, of course, unless you
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live in these states. not listening to cdc suddenly is new york, new jersey, california, north carolina, washington, massachusetts and hawaii. they have yet to lift their mask mandates why even michigan's gretchen whitmer who never met a lockdown she didn't like or want to implement is follow the science. and governors like new york's andrew cuomo don't care about the science or good policy, they care about control. they want to make it all about them. remember when cuomo had that brilliant statement about trashing the vaccine because president trump commissioned it? he has been wrong on the pandemic time and time again. >> we don't even think it's going to be as bad as it was in other he countries. we are fully coordinated. we are fully mobilized. we have been ahead of this from day one. from day one. why did this state do that with covid patients in nursing homes? it's because the state followed president trump's cdc guidance.
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so they should ask president trump. >> i have always followed cdc guidance and i think it makes sense. >> brian: i won't miss any of those press conferences. democrats and the media have been constantly wrong on the pandemic from the jump not only on lockdowns and restrictions but on its origins. remember how people were laughed at called racists and conspiracy theorists questioning were the covid vaccine came from a chinese lab. admission that covid could have escaped from wuhan institute of virology. a letter from 18 respected bilingses including dr. richard beck who i was referring to who worked with the researchers in wuhan writing this theories accidental release from a lab not a spillover both remain viable. so in english that means it's entire possible that this global pandemic killed millions 4,500,000 plus. a preventable disaster.
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joining us now a man who has been all over this story from the beginning. i watch him on sundays and host of the next revolution you know him. steve hilton. lara logan is here host of "lara logan has no agenda" on fox nation. getting ready for a new season to talk about this. first off to you, steve, you have been saying this. how significant is it that dr. barrick says it could have happened from that lab? >> it's huge deal because he, as you said, is almost the inventor of this whole gain of function technique for enhancing the transmissibility of viruses in the lab. so, the theory goes, we can learn how to prevent the next pandemic. that's the theory. he's the person who first did this. he worked with shi zhengli who runs the institute for many years on these kinds of projects. other significant thing that we saw this week was dr. fauci. for the first time was questioned directly on his role
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in funding this research, which, as you know, we have been laying out. we first laid out the paper trail on all of this in january of this year there is a long and clear public record of projects to enhance the transmissibility of bat coronavirus in the wuhan lab commissioned by dr. fauci's niaid. he was asked for the first time directly this week about that. and he lied to congress. he lied to rand paul, what he said when he denied that the nih or the niaid had ever supported gain of function in wuhan was a false statement. i don't think it's remotely possible that he didn't know what was going on in his own institute, particularly since this was one of the most controversial kinds of projects that he ever oversaw. it was actually shot down by the obama administration in 2014. it's inconceivable that he didn't know. the only explanation is that he lied. why did he lie? because he knows that the net is
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close and it's looking more and more likely that the pandemic did originate in that lab and the reason that it was in the lab was because of the research commissioned by dr. fauci. >> brian: lara, you have a great journalistic instinct. there is nobody that would have held you back for that question on the origin of the virus the next day after the sparring session between fauci and rand paul. but no one asked him. in fact, they called it a quaw non-theory. what's going on with the so-called other media outlets or mainstream media. >> you know what, brian, it's even worse than that because the very first thing that i did whether this pandemic started, was turn straight to sources that i have in the intelligence community and ask them about that lab. and they told me from day one that when the wuhan lab was built, it was built by china as a bioweapons facility. and the u.s. has been monitoring it from day one. and so i'm not saying that the
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virus was a bioweapon. i'm just letting you know that u.s. intelligence has been monitoring that lab from the first day that it was in operation. and they have known exactly what the purpose of that lab is. we were never told that, number one. number two, you know, they kept saying well it came from the bats or it came from the lab or it came from the bats. and it was all a big show. because the way they cultivate viruses inside these labs is to do it inside the bat. so, the bat is the perfect host because these creatures can have a gazillion different viruses and it doesn't kill them. and that is where they were giving this virus. it was gaining another function, which was to transmissibility from person-to-person but also the ability to be directed as a weapon. and so i couldn't report that back then because i would have literally been, you know, tarred and feathered. right? i mean hanged in the public square. and i had doctors sending me
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documents on this from the very beginning. people knew this from the start. the media were hand in hand with elected leaders and political operatives and they created an environment of silence and intimidation in this country where nobody dared question anything. it's outrageous. they censored the pandemic. steve, i have got to say kudos to you because i heard your reporting at that time and i was like holy guacamole listen to him go. you endid. you went back week after week after week and you followed it up and you were meticulous and you really did it at a time when you took great personal risks because nobody else wanted to do it back then. and there were some alex berenson, sharyl attkisson just recently tried to do it she was shut down by sinclaire for even trying to do it. that's what they do to us. we are supposed to live in the land of the free and believe in the first amendment. we may as well be living in communist china sometimes. >> brian: right. >> the way that they treat us.
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you are not even allowed to touch the subject. >> brian: steve, you got big blowback on this but your reporting was very solid they couldn't be land a go blow. for people watching at home it's not about pointing a finger, it's about stopping the next pandemic. if we don't know how this one started how do we stop the next one. the last half hour the doctor came out from the cdc and basically seems to be doing a little cya and says they did give money to the wuhan lab but they didn't know exactly what they did with it when they gave it to them. does that change anything? >> that's an outrageous statement and this is what really should make us all so suspicious because we can read the descriptions of the projects that were commissioned in great detail. not only the commissioning document but also the progress reports. the actual descriptions of what they did with that grant. the grant numbers tie together. it's all in the report. if someone -- if you follow me on twitter at steve hilton x straight after this show.
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i will retweet those segments. you can see the documents on there. in 2017, for example, there was a progress report published in scientific paper that described how they enhanced the transmissibility of bat coronavirus to make them more infectious via at humerus pier tore system. in 2019, the project was renewed. dr. richard ebright, another one of the leading experts on this also signed that letter. he specifically said that that renewal in 2019, even closer to this outbreak, should never have been allowed. it should have been flagged for review. it was unequivocally gain of function research. and it's all described. so for them to say that they didn't know exactly what they were doing is, again, another lie. >> brian: right. just to -- i just got clarification. they said they gave money. they told them not to do this but they don't know if they did or not. lara, only 45 seconds, real quick. why do you believe the government isn't as curious. why do you believe the media isn't as curious. why don't you believe every
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scientist isn't as curious as we are of the origin of the virus that destroyed a planet? >> because it will prove that donald trump was right. and that people in his administration were right as well whether they said that it originated in china and it came out of that lab. and what they also don't want is anyone digging into gain of function research because don't forget, the obama administration banned gain of function research. because they deemed it so dangerous to humanity that it could not be done on u.s. soil. so, there are some very serious ethical questions about why this was farmed out to the chinese and, also, we realize during the pandemic that china produces, manufacturers all of our pharmaceuticals. we couldn't alienate china because we wouldn't have any drugs. we wouldn't have any covid tests. >> brian: or any masks. >> or any vaccines or any masks. now what they want to do is make us more dependent on china by moving to renewables where solar
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panels are made in china. i mean, you know, the degree to which they have leveraged the national security of this country to the chinese is really quite extraordinary. >> brian: right. >> a lot of it is tied up into the pandemic. because of the pandemic they had all those mail in drop off boxes with no chain of custody for thousands and thousands of ballots. so the pandemic in some ways is the gift that never stops giving. >> brian: was that the longest 45 seconds ever. i'm going to have to cut out karl rove though. if you don't book lara logan on sunday, i'm going to do it for you, steve. thank you so much. i'm anxious to move forward. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> brian: we have to take manufacturing out of china. i hope the whole country gets behind that movement. after a year of being forced to wear masks and sheltering in place and saying that they want to follow the science, some members of the media are having a hard time readjusting to a new maskless world. listen to this. >> i feel like i'm going to have to rewire myself so that when i see somebody out in the world
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who is not wearing a mask i don't instantly think you are a threat. [laughter] or you are selfish or you are a covid denier and you definitely haven't been vaccinated. i mean, we are going to have to rewire the way we look at each other. >> brian: not all of us. now they will have to find something else to make them feel morally superior to the average person like us. joining us right now pete hegseth anything but average but will cain well above average co-hosts of "fox & friends weekend" and they will warm up here and leave their a game with me and i'm going to soldier through the 8 hours over the weekend. first to you, pete. you have to rewire yourself to get used to wearing, not wearing a mask and not being fearful of other people? >> i actually rewired myself today, brian, i flew back to new jersey and i did not wear a mask the entire time in the airport. i made it all the way to the tsa screening point at the metal detector and then i finally had to put one on. until about 10 seconds went through took it off.
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no one said a peep. looked at me sideways. average americans are absolutely done with this. ultimately leftists who are obsessed with the virtue rag and diaper on their face obsessed with showing you how much better they're than you don't want to take it off. for the rest of us we have had it off at every possible scenario and it's time for everybody to do it. >> brian: will, first off, showing great respect to the show you shaved unlike pete. we will talk about that in the break. here's a quote from andrew cuomo, not so fast. we want to review the cdc. not ready to ease the mask mandates yet. new jersey's governor murphy we are not there yet. is he worried about someone walking into a hardware store, maybe they are not vaccinated. that means the hardware store owner is not protected. if the hardware store owner is vaccinated, will cain, is he protected. who is not paying attention here? >> will: paying attention to the science specifically. clearly your blue state governors who are enacting these laws, brian for other reasons to retain power, retain control.
4:16 pm
whatever it may control for political reasons. why the way on that rachel maddow clip as well. you are tempted to say this is a neurosis. you are tempted to say this is someone losing their mind but it's not they are not really afraid of covid. pete nailed it and conservatives say this phrase a lot virtue signaling but the mask truly became something that gave them the moral sportswriter that you described, brian. a mask to feel better with you. without that mandate they are losing more than the gawz over their face. they're losing their identity. rachel maddow is now a wandering search for how she can find a way to feel better than you. she will find it by the way. she will succeed. she will find another way. she just lost this one for now. >> brian: she wanted to tell trump's cdc that she is not listening but she can't because she likes joe biden so much. you guys are both parents of young kids. i want you to hear what anthony fauci said get a pen handy, this is what your kids should do whether it comes to masking. listen. >> when a child is outside and is not vaccinated and
4:17 pm
interacting with other people either in an outdoor or in an indoor setting, you want to make sure the child is masked. >> brian: make sure the child is masked. pete? you first. >> pete: anthony fauci is the last person i'm listening to right now. i just have -- three of my kids are in catholic school where they are still wearing masks i'm not kidding, brian. an hour ago i texased the principal in light of cdc guidance and the fact that all teachers are vaccinated when are they taking it off? i will sign a waiver, i don't care whatever you want. my other three kids have not worn a mask the entire year. it's never made sense the entire time. don't listen to a word of this. press your principals and superintendent are we going to follow the science or not? kids have never been vulnerable, take them off. >> brian: i will tell you when you are telling a kid to be quiet to put them on. telling them not to intrasht. telling him is he in trouble when you put that on. will, if you look at the stats and data, it's almost impossible for them to get it they
4:18 pm
almost -- be hospitalized there is no fatal unless there is underlying conditions there and people know if they have underlying conditions. follow the science, they should not be wearing masks. final thought? >> will: let me tie everything together here wonderful segment with steve hilton and lara logan that issue where covid originateside important. i disagree with one thing you said, brian. you said it's not about finger pointing and it is. this is why it matters with anthony fauci. those people who ask us to accept their word as gospel are the ones that are lying to us about their origins of covid. those people that potentially created it are asking for us to use them as a deliverance from this pandemic. we need to find out and we need to point fingers about where that came from. one last point to tie a ribbon on this more appropriately, a necktie on this. i not only shaved in respect, i put on the traditional male formal wear. i put on a necktie. >> brian: unbelievable. >> will: i got a hair cut. i don't know why you let him go first on every segment. >> brian: i know i apologize. if we weren't live i would start
4:19 pm
again and we would tape it again. you both were outstanding. pete, did you a great job on this show last week. pete, and then will, you will be here next week. >> pete: wrong it next week. >> brian: good luck this weekend. "fox & friends" 6 to 10:00 on saturday and sunday. meanwhile as i say goodbye to my buddies. straight ahead more friends, more information. meet the riot squad, journalists putting themselves in harm's way to accurately uncover unrest in america. why the left wing media is trying to put a target on their backs. i'm not kidding. first, the "new york times" out with an insider account of what working for pind is really like. it's a nightmare. karl rove straight up next. ♪ ♪ all day strong. germ proof your car with armor all disinfectant.
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temper, gets bogged down and details and decision-making anything but quick. portion of the story. let's top plain english here he would often snap. what emerges is a president with a short fuse. obsessed with getting the details right sometimes to a fault. mr. biden is gripped by a sense of urgency that leaves him prone to flares of impatience. joining us now someone who spent years in the white house karl rove fox news contributor. karl, what's your take away of this story that broke this afternoon? >> first of all, it's interesting to me because this was clearly a sanctioned story. that is to say the "new york times" said we want to talk about this and they said great, let us make a large number of people inside the white house available to you. so this is odd. i'm not certain i would would want to encourage this kind of a story and they clearly did. it does give a view behind the scenes of how this president makes decisions. i took away he is indecisive that he can't come to a conclusion about something. i was taken aback by one comment that his national security
4:26 pm
adviser jake suleman attributed to him he said that the president told him, quote: you can never give me too much detail. well, yes, you can you are the president. you don't need to know every little itsy bits is i thing your job is to set the vision and people understand how you will make decisions and describe where you want to go by describing a vision have you and come about decisions. it's not by getting every little thing absorbed by every little issue that comes forward. we had a guy who did that his name was jimmy carter. >> brian: right. that didn't turn out well. they say he does a socratic journey before making a decision and described as difficult by his advisers, his allies and our enemies. so he goes through a deliberative process maybe people might feel greater weight graduat gratified and assured. does speed matter. >> speed does matter but you do need to do this in a deliberative fashion. who we have seen is he is slow off the take on some things.
4:27 pm
for example, weighs asked a question at this news conference about the cyberattack on colonial. and it -- rather than being, you know, definitive, here's what my view is. my view is, well, these are non-state actors and we are going to track them down and deal with them and they're headquartered in russia and we are talking to the russians and we are making it clear to them that we want to know we want their cooperation in finding and identifying these people or there will be consequences. instead, remember what happened? he went off on this sort of thing going to try to find ways to teach our children in schools to code. >> brian: terrible. >> army of cyber warriors in the future. i mean, sort of weird. >> brian: sort of weird and meticulous briefing before major policy events where he has to make a speech. a couple of things. have we paid the price already? when i think about the speed in which things are happening. i don't think he has acted quick off the pipeline. never really answered whether we paid a ransom. i don't think he has been quick in shutting down left flank very critical of him when it comes to
4:28 pm
the israeli palestinian situation. and has he been slow off the take overall? because some on the left are saying that he has done more than president obama? how do you evaluate him? >> well, i would have to break it into two things are there things that he has done that are far more left wing than president obama pursued? yes. you know, his original covid bill. the infrastructure bill. that he has proposed the $2 trillion american family plan, all these things are policies that are very left wing and far more progressive and far more transformational than his predecessor. but the things that are happening, the things that are happening in realtime whether it is the border, where he can't admit that it's a crisis and where he doesn't have a detailed plan or responses to cool things down there, the throne pipeline, you are absolutely right. it struck me that he was slow off the mark there. i mean, he was good in part because he inherited a good structure to get people
4:29 pm
vaccinated but think about how we are in a place today where two days or three days ago the administration was saying very different things with regard to masks than we're now being told today. i think that in part is because they aren't staying up with things as they're happening and looking ahead. and they aren't able to come to conclusion in a deliberative fashion quickly. >> brian: i think we will talk about this in a few days. there is about 24 people who cooperated with this story, active current staffers and former staffers, some quoting. i just wonder what the advantage is for the president to do this and what the wig picture is and we will talk to karl rove and others about that in the coming days. karl, thanks so much before going to happy hour stopping here first. >> i don't drink, man. that's not a happy hour for me. >> brian: sometimes you can just distance. dance you don't always have to drink. >> i'm norwegian you don't want to see us dance. >> brian: on behalf of italian and irish you don't want to see us dance either. thanks, karl.
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4:36 pm
actors. smearing blm. >> this tight-knit group has produced many of the viral videos of black lives matter protests over the past year. those images have represented create the false impression relentlessly driven home by fox news and politicians that the nationwide wave of protests that erupted after george floyd was killed was nothing but excuse for mindless rioting. brian brian here now are two of those journalists who risked their lives to bring us this footage and now being called out by the intercept shelby and mcginnis of the daily caller. what do you think of this account of how you are making things up and leaving things out. >> brian, i was really surprised, first of all, that the intercept would take the time to do a 25-minute sort of hit piece on me and richie and my co-worker jorge ventura because there are so many other
4:37 pm
actually important news stories going on, right? the border crisis, we have the situation with israel. >> brian: of course. >> there are some things that you could actually be reporting on and pushing the news. instead they chose to go through our personal instagram accounts and come up with this politically based narrative that really just fell apart if you watch the whole video and read the article that they wrote. >> brian: rich, real quick because i want to goat actual circumstances. your thoughts? this is video. you are not standing in front of video and telling what happened. you are telling people to look. >> exactly. at this point nothing really surprises me in terms of the way the media interprets the media we put out there. as video director at the daily caller my intention is to use the power of video to show everybody in america what's going on in terms of how our civil discourse is playing out on the streets. i don't expect everybody to agree with what they see, but it's video. so, i don't understand how you can refute that. >> brian: right.
4:38 pm
they are trying to say don't believe your eyes. this is not happening. because we are not showing it. well, we have chose to show it and they have a problem with that so they want to take down your credibility. here is some examples that i'm going to give you an opportunity to sound off on on intercept piece. shelby back in 2020 protest in philadelphia. they accuse you of being misleading focusing on the store being looted instead of the peaceful protest 30 minutes away. let's watch. >> the havingographers had to drive 30 minutes away from the protest by walter wallace's neighbors in west philadelphia to film retail center in another part of the city where there were no protesters, only looters taking advantage of the overwhelmed police force. >> brian: so we love the heart music in the background, were you trying to be deceptive? >> listen, brian, that video that they are showing where i am not speaking is when i was talking to the tucker carlson and i told tucker carlson that exact thing. i said that these protests were about 10 miles apart and it seems to me that these were
4:39 pm
opportunistic people so they basically used exactly what i said to the american public. >> brian: right. >> in that piece but then didn't say that i had said it. so, again, it's a joke. >> brian: they don't want to show the damage antifa does. they want to shoat grievance they are evidently rising up against. richard mcginnis had here is you, the intercept is pushing back the idea that you are holding back video evidence in kenosha that could hurt kyle rittenhouse in august of 2020 who is accused of kill two protesters and we saw this on video self-protection it seems in the kenosha riots, let's watch. >> mcginnis' phone which was in his left hand as he administered first aid with his right was in record mode at the time. that later prompted speculation online that mcginnis, who release nod video of the chase or the shooting might have withheld incriminating visual evidence to shield rittenhouse. >> brian: you hit the wrong button, right? that wasn't recording, correct?
4:40 pm
>> that's correct. i told robert as much in an hour long conversation on the phone. i told him that i was not recording at the time of the shooting. i told him that i cooperated fully with authorities and gave them all of the video that i had from that night. and, yet, he still posited this insane theory. shelby jorge and i always try to let our reporting speak for itself. we try not to engage in these twitter battles, once you accuse me of withholding evidence and nationally prominent homicide, i think that's a little bit over the line and that's why we decided to speak up. >> brian: the founder of intercept is glenn greenwald this is what he treated out. the intercept has fallen in manic phase with committees ter ration to raise funds leadership increasingly abandoning them to avoid losing their 5 o01 c status. level of recklessness and toxicity without limits. we did want to give you the opportunity to speak up and speak out. you can read the story. it's tedious. i appreciate how the courage you
4:41 pm
guys have shown and the stories you bring forward. thanks so much, guys. have great weekend. >> thank you. >> thanks. brian bribe coming up straight ahead, the owner of a bar and grill in tennessee was denied rereef money while women and racial minorities are getting big checks. his problem and it's a big one he was born white and male. it's the worst. i know people who are born the same way. we will talk with a small business owner and find out about his lawsuit straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ the lincoln family of luxury suvs. there's more to a yard than freshly cut grass. which is exactly why we built these mowers, to clear the way for stuff like this, right here. run with us, because the best yards are planted with real memories. search john deere mowers for more. we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right,
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we're invested in making our apps easy... give you personalized assistance around the clock. and we're committed to keeping our team and customers safe by working from home... ...and using precautions in store. see what we're up to at >> brian: welcome back. got news for you if you are a white man in america get in the back of the line. joe biden's restaurant fund minorities women and veterans relief money for the first 21 days of this. privileged white men apparently have to wait. i'm not kidding. some businesses are sounding the alarm claiming the policy discriminates based on race and gender. hello. tennessee restaurant owner antonio vitiello incensed. he is suing the administration and joins me live along with his attorney rick eisenberg. an taupeio, how has this
4:47 pm
pandemic treated your business? >> oh, man, it's been a rough time. we had to close pretty much the entire month of april last year and business has been completely slow after that. it started to come back this past summer but it's just been horrible. we have will a significant ross of income. >> brian: what was your reaction when you found out help was on the way? there is a fund out there to help restaurant owners like you? >> yeah, i was thrilled about it. and it was quite a significant amount of money that they told me during the application that i would qualify for only to fill out the application and get an email from them telling me that i didn't qualify for the first three weeks of the program because basically because i'm a white male. >> brian: they actually said those words? >> no, they didn't say those words. because you are not a priority group. you are not a minority or a female. >> brian: i want to bring you -- before i bring in rich, your attorney, i will bring you to the provision in the sba loan qualifications. it says small business
4:48 pm
revitalization says sba will accept applications for all eligible applicants but only process and fund priority group applications. rich, cut through the legalese, what does that mean? >> well, to be in the priority group you either have to be female or you have to be socially disadvantaged or do well as economically disadvantaged if you look in the law socially disadvantaged means that you have to be black, hispanic, native american or asian. so this is an explicit prioritization on the basis of race and this is something that our constitution simply does not permit. >> brian: can you imagine if it said by the way we are going to prioritize white people first? can you imagine the outrage? that's the point of your suit. you are taking a lawsuit. you are suing the sba and one woman in particular about this and her name is isabella callis. >> right. and she is the sba administrator. and when you sue the federal
4:49 pm
government, you usually sue the administrator. technique call. >> i'm going to grab something. >> brian: we had a little bit of a problem there. can we get rich back? he was explaining the lawsuit which was extremely important. this isabella is the executive in charge. and she the defendant in the suit. antonio, are are you with us? are you poet back now? >> i'm here, sir. you what the lawsuit say? >> the lawsuit says what we have here is explicit preference for people based upon gender and race. our law generally does not permit that. if there this case none of the very narrow exceptions are available. this is unconstitutional and we are asking the court to put this program on hold. >> brian: i will tell you what, are i hope you win. antonio, real quick, i don't think it helps you that you seem to be a conservative. you are selling things like defund the media, masks are
4:50 pm
1984. and socialism distancing. so, that really gets under their skin. >> my wife makes those so, yeah, definitely. >> brian: you have got to make a profit. i'm sure there are a lot of people that want to buy them. >> got to think outside the box. >> brian: there is country in this country and you deserve it and specially restaurant tiers have been through so many. keep fighting. thanks so much, guys. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> brian: coming up straight ahead. with new concerns about critical race theory being taught in america's schools, opponent tonight, parents are being asked if they know which books their children are being forced to read. recently retired nfl player successful podcaster benjamin watson a father of 7 with that story and so many more. ♪ ♪
4:51 pm
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you've been looking for when i'm on my hands and knees and i'm digging through the dirt. i feel something in me, like a fire, that's just growing. i feel kinder, when nature is so kind to me. find more ways to grow at >> brian: there's growing push back against critical race theory and things taught in schools.
4:56 pm
some students being forced to identify their privilege. glen lowrey told us why he's pushing back. >> i'm weary of the narrative. the narrative that america is an a racist country. it's overly simplistic in the extreme. i'm weary of feeding these children. i'm talking about the 18-year-olds that come as freshman at brown university. we're supposed to be challenge them to think, not filling their heads with propaganda. >> brian: that was a little bit of the interview. tonight's guest is urging people to take action writing this. do you know what is happening to your kids in the classroom? what the they're being ought to? dads and moms, you have an active right to be a part of your kid's education. here with us, benjamin watson, super bowl winner. now the host of why, author of "under our skin."
4:57 pm
to listen and reads you'll learn a lot. thanks for joining us tonight. from looking over your shoulder and talking to your kids and interacting with them at this level in the pandemic with so many families at home, what are you noticing? >> specifically, you know, my assertions and my assessment of many of the things we're talking about, critical race theory is probably different than many of the viewers and kind of along those lines. the bigger point i think is that parents should be able to -- it's imperative that parents take control of their kids education. we need to know what they're learning. it's all right to learn. it's not the state's job to educate your kids. we've had our kids in private school, christian school. didn't matter. each time they have gone in and we looked at the curriculum. when there's something that didn't align with our values, we meet with the teachers. many teachers want that many parents feel like they can't engage.
4:58 pm
we're seeing no, you need to engage. not only that, it's your right to engage. >> brian: give me an example of something that alarmed you. >> my daughter came home. she was reading a graphic novel that had something to do with gender identity. whatever it is, if your kids have an issue, they learn that i of the sermon at home. so we're teaching our kids the truth at home. they're able to always identify counterfeit. so we went in, met with a teacher. the conversation was great. we were able to remove her from certain things but also wanted the right to teach them those things at home. there's an agenda going on. every school has it. that's fine. but as parents, we need to understand the real learning needs to happen within the four walls of our home. that's not only a burden but a responsibility that we have. it's difficult. we work in those sorts of things. we're raised in the next
4:59 pm
generation. more importantly of what they learned is how they think is what we teach them at home. >> do you worry that people are so critical of the country they're growing up not loving their country? >> i don't. this is something said a lot. i truly believe that we can criticize our country and love her just the same. we can love the fact that we were born here, want the country to be better because we call out certain things like racial injustice, whatever it may be, doesn't mean we hate the country. we can do both. quite frankly, that's where i am and that's what i believe so many americans are. they want us to be better. >> brian: what a great message to close the show. ben watson, great having you on. you've adjusted to life after football. you look like you're enjoying it. thanks. check out his podcast and buy his book. thanks, ben. meanwhile, an announcement for you. it is a book coming out this november. it's "the president and freedom
5:00 pm
fighter." how abraham lincoln and frederic douglas combined to save america's soul. there's still more to know. i hope you watch "fox and friends" over the weekend from 6:00 to 10:00 and listen to my show monday through friday and catch me back on monday on merchandise. will cain will be here. tucker carlson is next. cue the drums. >> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." there's stunning new video just out. shot by the u.s. navy off the coast of san diego. it shows an unidentified flying object descending from the school and disappearing into the pacific ocean. if you dismissed ufos as ridiculous, you'll want to see this tape. we'll show it to you in just a


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