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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  May 15, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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so rom bower wins preakness stakes no triple crown winner this year and that's how fox reports on saturday this 15*9 of may 2021 i'm jon scott thanks for watching, see you again. ♪ ♪ >> hello america i'm mark levin and this is "life, liberty & levin" two great guests topic are immigration, as well as the 1619 project. but before i get to them related to them, i've written a new book called american marxism. why did i write this book? i don't write books just to write books.
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i'm not on tv just to be on tv. i'm not on radio just to be on radio. i don't seek glory and i don't seek fame. i'm an activist at heart. since i was a young teenager -- for me it's about this country, it's about liberty. it's about constitutional conservatism. that's why i'm here every sunday, that's why i do my radio show every day and that's why i do levin tv and that's why i write books. we're an extraordinarily grave and dier situation right now. every principle and fundamental of the founding of this nation is under assault. and we are losing today. >>whether you look at the border or in our classrooms, the way our cops are treated, lack of law and order in so many areas in this country. the use of racism, the use of
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genderrism. being attacked in a thousand ways. and so that's why i've written this book american marxism american marxism doesn't that sound weird what does that mean? american marxism? what it means is very simple. these folks like to name themselveses, liberals, progressives, social activists, democratic socialists, they're embracing the fundamentals of marxism. not in every respect but in enough respects. what have they done in class warfare, all we hear from joe biden is the rich don't pay enough, and the poor don't get enough. what if that kind of class argument come from? does it come from the founders, no. does it come from any of the great enlightment thinkers, no where's it come from? it comes from karl marx. what about this argument about preston or presses my god when you look at the united states of america there's so many victims
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in this country. whether it is based on race -- or genitalia or income, now the environment the list so long it is infinite i can't name it and where does all of this come from these movements, these ideologies are spawned from marxism and many of them have the same purpose which is -- to attack the existing society, to attack the constitutional system, to attack the economic system and they found a home in the democrat party. the democrat party has gone over to the dark side and joe biden is over there with them. and we're losing our country one classroom at a time. one neighborhood at a time. one book at a time so that's the purpose of my book, american marxism. and we're going to discuss that down the road in more detail because i am at bottom an activist. i believe that you can't just sit become and talk about stuff
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or observe stuff. you've got to do something. and the whole point of american marxism is to try to galvanize you and american people who still love this country and rally us to a cause and i explain the various action it is that i think we should take. you know 12 years or so ago i wrote a book called liberty and tyranny and he came out almost exactly the same time coinciding with the rise of the tea party movement together we made a difference in this country. that's exactly what i'm hoping we can do right now. together -- you and i. can make a difference in this country. and take our country back not based on race. not because we're white supremacists, no. because we're red blooded americans all of us regardless of our skin color or anything else. and we cannot allow these markists and these marxist wannabes to destroy this country from within.
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that's what i'm talking about. we have a great guest to start the program tonight steven miller former senior advisor to president trump. now american first legal founder, steven miller how are you my friend? >> i'm doing great thank you for having me. mark: thanks for being here. let's talk about the border. nobody knows more about this than you, you've spent your entire career studying this subject. which is why you're constantly under attack by these marxist among others. first of all let's get something straight. help me in the american people with this. we don't care about the browning of america. this is nothing to do with the browning of america or race of any kind. what we care about is having a lawful immigration system, people assimilating into our system, it is the democrats obama used to talk about it. biden used to talk about the media talk about -- the browning of america. you and i and most americans don't even bring up race nothing to do with race.
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explain. >> yes that's a really great place to open. so in the last election president trump carried overwhelmingly texas border counties that were largely historic and latino. why is that? why is that? is it because latino voters living in border counties are racist? against latinos? i mean that's just madness. the reason is because, they oftentimes either immigrants themselves, children or grandchildren of immigrants see firsthand the extraordinarily deleterious consequences of large scale illegal migration. they see it in terms of the overwhelming of local schools, you have too many students per teacher assuming that schools, of course, are open. you have overwhelmed hospital capacity. you have depressed wages in the job market, you have criminal elements that are able to get through a porous board border
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spread dangerous gang activity in local communities. you have drug trafficking and drug smuggling that claim thousands of lives and impresses young people into a life of crime l. you also, of course, have the financial consequences. you have to have higher community taxes. higher sales taxings higher income taxes to pay for free government services given to people who came here illegally this is nothing to do with race or ethnicity and everything to do with a universal law of human nature that applies to every country in the world including mexico -- which is that the citizens of a nation want their boundaries, borders and territory upheld just like you have a lock on your door. just like you lock your car when you leave it. just like rich and powerful people build fences around their houses. the citizens of any country
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including our country black, white, brown, every color you can imagine are entitled to and what desperately to have security on their border as a basic right of living. mark: well said i'm a little perplexed stephen miller what you have just aspoused there have been official american policy for well over 100 years until up to now. until up until now. so has changed? have you you and i changed have american people changed or has the democrat party changed? you know there was a pugh report out in september. and i don't believe they're run by white supremacists but there was a pugh report that came out and they pointed out how immigration has under the utterd demographic political demographics in this country the political demographics of this country are we to believe stephen miller that nancy pelosi
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and chuck schumer and joe biden and the democrats are ignoring this that they're just acting out of when you have women trying to cross 30% of whom are raped. you have kids being stuffed into these buildings -- despite covid and so forth. what exactly is the democrat party about here? >> well, first of all, you really hit on i think the essential issue which is that what we're seeing with the new administration -- is unprecedented that word gets thrown around a lot unprecedented. in this case it's the textbook dictionary definition of unprecedented no american president not just in our lifetimes, but in the whole history of the nation has ever attempted what is now happening which is to not even attempt to secure the border. but, in fact, actively recruit and encourage people to cross illegally with the promise of
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unrestricted entry that is never been tried and it has never attempted before like wise what they're doing on interior of the country with i.c.e., massively unprecedentedly again reducing interior enforcement to almost nothing. just a handful of arrests per i.c.e. officer. that's all never been tried before. it has all never been done before and you have to ask yourself why? why, terrible for the my graduates you know you talk about the morality of this. like you, i am just so sick of having democrat politicians stand up on a high horse and or morality when their policies aren't only causing all of the harms i outlined here in america but are leading innocent migrants to get brutalized assaulted and raped and many of them have to come to the united states and work off their debt -- to their traffickers -- they're put into sex and they're
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put into labor trafficking. the most heinous times of abuse imaginable -- why would they do all of these horrible things? these immoral things the dispronorgs gnatly hurt my graduates and communities of color -- in this country. you have to ask why. but i do believe fundamentally the reason is because -- they believe that large scale illegal migration shifts the politics of this country towards the left on a variety of economic and social issues. and that is their fundamental overwhelming motivation and explains why a party that is recently the early 2000s -- was opposed to amnesty in many cases. and had many members opposed to migration has now become party of open borders and severed its ties completely with the historical labor movement in
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america which back in the 20th century understood that unfettered flows of low wage labor is bad for workers so yes i think that's the motivation, mark. mark: i would remind our viewers that nancy pelosi said just last week -- when she was confronted with a question -- about a special election in texas, that there's basically now two republicans and two republicans running in part thanks to endorsement by president trump in a special election. and she was asked about what does this foretell about 2022? and she said, well we're not that worried i'm paraphrasing because we have well i have a big turnout by hispanics and black voters. that is pretty much what she said. they see everything to the lens of race. i'll be right back.
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mark: welcome back stephen miller founder of america stephen miller, the democrats are often schizophrenic. so in other words, we hear doubt that america is systemically racist. we hear that we have a dominant white privilege society all of this critical race theory crap
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may i say. regurgitated by media among others. it is taught to our children now. and if we were that kind of country, why would 42 million people south of the border want to come to the united states rather than 42 million people in the united states try to leave the united states? >> the -- [laughter] so well said the best measure of the kinds of freedom rights, dignity is afforded by a society is whether or not people are trying to leave believe in mask or arrive in mass. basic and look at the soviet union union a classic example people would do anything, anything to escape the soviet union and find a measure of freedom and human dignity. in the united states, we are the number one global destination for migration. and we have been for a very long time. the challenge that we have as a country then is to establish
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rules and conditions and to enforce laws governing who can and cannot enter. if you use position of the left, that every single person in the world who would stand to economically benefit from entering the u.s. should be allowed to enter the u.s., you would have to let in several billion people. you would seas to have a nation and border is not just a phenomenon from mexico and northern triangle as you know, i was at the white house for four years and what we saw working day and night on the border is that it had become a global phenomenon. smuggling and trafficking that works bring people from all over planet earth. from literally scores of countries into our border. it is unimaginable that right now the message that this administration is sent to the world, if you smuggle a child to
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our border, you will get in and that child will get in. that is outrageous. it is dangerous. it is anti-setcal to idea of sovereignty we are basically saying there's a loophole in our border so large that half of planet earth can fit through it. and think again as we talked earlier about the terrible human tragedy that democrats are inflicting. disproportionately again on people of color, on minority communities, on migrants. you know you think that you give 7,000 dollar check to a smuggler to get into the country that's all cash up front. you know how many times people cool to the country and they're basically forced into again labor or sex trafficking to pay off that debt? servitude of the worst kind imaginable this is what we're doing on the border of the greatest country in the world? that's why my organization america first legal is saying
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enough -- congress passed laws, president find those laws. the constitution says the executive must take care of those laws or faithfully execute it. we don't have a democracy anymore. if a president can come in and say, this whole section of law doesn't exist anymore. we're not a partisan organization. we are a nonpartisan organization. this isn't right or left. this is about the constitution of the united states and that's why we're suing the biden administration alongside texas, and great cam paxton to end catch and release policies on border not only violate law but they violate the administration's own covid regulations. additionally we're working behind the scenes. with several states that are filing lawsuits and that are ongoing right now to end the back door abolition of i.c.e. biden's memos basically curtailing most interior immigration enforcement that april saw the lowest ever
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interior removals it is an attempt to abolish i.c.e. by memo and almost a hundred percent of that reduction in enforcement is accomplished by freeing illegal immigrants who are facing separate criminal charges and convictions. that is reckless, that's immoral that has to be enjoying. >> do we know how many ms13 gang members are crossing border we don't do we? >> no. that is -- i'm so glad you raise that issue because -- that's one that keeps me up at night mark we saw the -- first hand so one of the things that when president trump came into office four years ago one of his first less noted executive orders was to dismantle organized crime networks that were crossing our border. but the center of that effort was ms-13 we remove thousands of ms-13 members from this country through partnerships with local law enforcement i.c.e., cvp, and
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federal law enforcement in general including fbi and we indicted many mississippi sp members what did we find? a very large percentage of those ms-13 members entered the country as unaccompany minors during the obama administration. so if you have a policy that says 17 or under get resettled you don't think criminal organizations will take advantage of that? that they're not going to smuggle criminal gang members and ms-13 gang members resettled at taxpayer expense in long island? and in cities all across the country -- you know again this is another area where our lawsuit is so important because if you end catch and release, then you end the ability of those gang members to get automatic entry into the country. and you can read more about that at af, af, and you can learn more about that lawsuit. i'll says one other thing that got away is a huge problem. when you redirect border patrol,
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just to focus on the humanitarian mission, because you're inviting in massive numbers of families and so border agents now are all doing that work, what happens? thousands get in undetected over a thousand illegal immigrants a day are being added to u.s. population, who never come into contact with border patrol. that is a public safety disaster -- and it is entirely because of discretionary policy choices. voluntary decisions. that joe biden has -- >> i guess we know why joe biden and kamala harris don't want to go to the southern border. we'll be right back. [ race light countdown ] ♪♪ ♪♪ when you save money with allstate you feel like you're winning. safe drivers save 40%
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welcome to fox news live i'm jon scott more violence in middle east and israel and palestinian continue their escalating conflict just a few hours ago a massive bra raj of rockets firing into the israeli city of tel-aviv. this latest attack comes after israel targeted a high-rise building in gaza that building housed several international media outlets including the associate the press. israel claims the group hamas was operating out of the structure but has not yet provided evidence to support that claim. meanwhile, ptd biden speaking to both israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and mahmoud abbas and president reiterated strong support for israel but express concerns on the growing number of civilian casualties.
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i'm jon scott i'll be back tomorrow for an all new "fox report" at 6 p.m. eastern, now back to "life, liberty & levin." welcome back stephen miller the purpose of immigration historically has been to benefit the united states. to benefit the citizenry of the united states because the citizenry of the united states own the country. the purpose of immigration has been never know what foreign individuals want from the united states and to dangerous diction by putting their foot in the territory of the united states or what other countries one from the united states so we've now reached a point where it is actual federal biden administration democrat party policy that the interest is not the united states of the united states citizenry. the interest is foreign government an their citizenry what do you make of this?
4:29 pm
>> you have just cut to the core of the whole issue, mark. that's the center of everything. what does it mean to have a nation? and to be a citizen in that nation? it was the uncontested idea for almost our entire history that immigration policy and decisions about immigration policy were made to benefit the people already living here. especially those who are citizens of this country. does it make your life better? does it make your economy stronger? does it make your community safer? and that was the moral center of immigration policy. the left has completely abandoned and rejected that idea and now it is need of the foreign citizen living in the foreign country that are superimposed over the needs of
4:30 pm
the everyday american citizen including those who are struggling here's why this moral principle is so important. because what is happening right now is moral extortion. a lie is being told. a terrible lie by the left. that america is a systemically racist country and the only way to atone for its deep intrinsic irredeemable sense is to have functionally open borders an unlimited migration. that is the lie and the extortion is do not resist do not complain about uncontrolled unrestricted migration. and i will just say this point it is very important. if you are an immigrant to this country living here today -- and you have taken the oath of citizenship you've become naturalized you are a full member of our american family. you are a citizen now, our
4:31 pm
heritage is yours, our herself is yours. our culture is yours. as a u.s. citizen, so you were born somewhere else, you are entitled to the exact same protections at every other citizen. you are entitled to have your needs come first. you are entitled to have your border protected. you are entitled to send your kid to a safe school where they can learn and grow and thrive. you're entitled to have your tax dollars spent on your own community. so this is also, mark, about protecting immigrants living here today who are citizens in our country and understanding that as full citizen in america their rights are being violated too. and i would hope all proborder lawmakers would switch their rhetoric about immigration to get back to first principle and say that my duty as a lawmaker first and foremost it is to make sure that every citizen living here today, u.s. born, or
4:32 pm
foreign born -- has their jobs, their safety, their security, put before every other considerations. i don't to hear about amnesty. i don't to hear about tolerating illegal immigration. i only want to hear about policies. that make the lives and livelihoods better of the constituents i represent no matter where they came from. mark: stephen miller that seems to be those on the united states sued a majority of whom are hispanic american that also seems to be the attitude of democrat representatives who represent them like representative telling biden administration you're destroying our communities here. and has tried to take photo inform american people about what's going on -- listen, i want to thank you for everything you've been doing. i want to thank you for what you're doing today stephen miller we really appreciate it
4:33 pm
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visit to learn more. mark: welcome back america, the great guest professor peter wood the president of the national association of scholars. and he's written a tremendous book 1620 a critical response to the 1619 project. i've read this book and i recommend it to you very, very strongly. professor welcome and thank you for coming. >> well thank you so much for having me. >> now you seem very -- concerned about this 1619 project so let's walk through this if we can. what have occurred in 1619 that "the new york times" and the author of the project claim was actually the founding moment of the united states? >> english pirate ship brought 20 some we don't know exact
4:38 pm
number of enslaved africans to james in virginia that ship had intercepted a spanish slave ship in the caribbean taken most of the slaves and sold them in bermuda brought remainder up to jamestown where they traded them for provisions. according to "the new york times," that event was the beginning of slavery in what was going to become america. there's some problems with that which i can go into -- but basically "the new york times" claim was that event is the real beginning of america that the nation that was going to be was founded on the oppression of african slaves, the white supremacy, the emerged from that and the centuries that followed in which this attempt to extract labor and to oppress the rights of black people came
4:39 pm
founding ideas of who we are and everything else that followed. it's a matter of some interest to me is a scholar that the event has described didn't really take place what that happened was jamestown, virginia did not recognize slavery so it took these captives and treated them as indentured servants not maybe the best place to be in your life the prime of life. but in denture servant only serves few years of servitude and then it is set free and we know historically that that's exactly what happened to these captives. they were set free. they were not reduced to a lifetime of slavery if what called their position of indenture servitude slavery was certainly of a very mild form and nothing like the slavery that we normally think of when we're thinking of the slavery of the precivil war south.
4:40 pm
in any case slavery had already been in north america and south america before arrival of the -- this pirate ship. and that was partly because native americans as we know from both south america and north america were themselves engaged in enslaving each other and later on whites when they could capture them. slavery was, of course, something that was nearly universal in the human experience all around the world cultures, societies, held poem as captives and enslave them so it wasn't an invention of the people in jamestown in 1619. it wasn't invention of the english columnist in the new world spanish and portuguese have been enslaving both native americans and african captives well before this.
4:41 pm
slavery in what was going to become the united states had already been there for at least 100 years because the spanish had brought slaves to what is now florida and to georgia. so things are a bit more complicated than the times made out that their founding idea is that the united states became the inheriter of this original sin of slavery and that became the basis of all of our sort of focal institution our economy, our laws our very principle of freedom and equality were according to this -- reinterpretation of american history simply a smoke screen in order to make people feel justified in violating the natural rights of other people. so that's where i took off in writing a book about this. >> it seems awfully strange -- that "the new york times" and
4:42 pm
the and their project would pick 1619 as opposed to some other date, isn't it? and this is being now pushed into our school systems, i understand 3500 school systems are now using this. "the new york times" has intentionally preparing educational materials through this. so the argument would go 1776 not only wasn't the real event, the declaration of independence and really prior to 1776, 1760s, 1770s, 1775, and the revolution war really started but that the revolutionary war wasn't for independence they argue it was to enshrine slavery. we'll be right back. t have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops
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♪ ♪ welcome back professor peter wood president of the national association of scholars, excellent book 2008 a critical response to the 1619 project so my question professor is this, was the purpose of the revolution in 1776 to enshrine slavery because if it was after
4:47 pm
studying american revolution i must have missed it how do you respond to that? >> well i respond to it as a -- something that was just made up pretty much out of thin air. nicole hannah jones lead writer for 1619 project contributed first substantial essay to the 100-page magazine supplement where teams launched it, in it they have claims made as preposterous one was idea that american revolution spot by the columnist against england because they feared that english king was going to emancipate american slaves and end institution of slavery now there's nothing behind that we know why american revolution was fought if nothing else we have this -- handy document called the declaration of independence in which thomas jefferson laid out about 20 some reasons why the columnist should rebel it didn't
4:48 pm
occur to him that they should rebel because there was a fear that -- english were going to end slavery. why didn't they fear that? well they didn't fear it because it was never a prospect the english had indeed emancipated slaves in england in something called a summerset decision a few years earlier that no one believed that the emancipation of slaves was something that was going to be visited on the colonies in why not because slave trade was a major british enterprise. they were profiting immensely from taking slaves to caribbean the only complaint that north americans had about english slave trade was that english were bringing too many slaves to the new world. but in any case slavery was not a factor in that sense in the american revolution to some extent it could be a factor but then in opposite direction in that the a ligs movement had already gained adherence in new
4:49 pm
england and other parts of the colonies so that -- the british law was getting in waif that pursuit of freedom which was fundamental purple of the american revolution. freedom of conscience, freedom of political self-identity, the new world was seeking a way to emancipate itself from england and not seeking further ways to enslave or to mistreat people of african origin. you mention a moment ago that this is in our schools. i should add that what happened was that when "the new york times" launched 1619 project, it partnered with the pulitzer center, and the pulitzer center on last page of "the new york times" says -- bombshell release of this report declared that it has already signed up major school districts and teachers arntiond the
4:50 pm
country it went on to say that this was going to be turned into a curriculum a curriculum suitable with variations from every level of school from first grade through high school. so it has become and been heavily majoritied to teachers and to school districts and some like -- the buffalo school district the chicago school district, have jumped right in and said this is how we're now going tell american history. now, note that this is not just adding something to the way we teach history. it is meant to replace something. this is not telling the american history as we know it as the pursuit of independence and liberty and quality this is telling the history of america entirely through the lens of racial oppression. so the claims are made in this report that american prosperity every bit of it is founded on the slave trade and the plantation system. every bit of our prosperity has
4:51 pm
free market and some form of capitalism derived from plantation slavery. every bit of the freedom that has been won through emancipation through the civil rights movement, was a black only enterprise whites had no part of that. they're simply part of the systemic oppression. abraham lincoln is treated as someone who is motive in the civil war was not the emancipation of the slaves. but rather the idea that america should be a place where the whites and blacks should be kept separate and entertain the idea of even exiling the ex-slaves to some colony abroad. nicole hannah jones and her partners in this enterprise are telling the story that is -- factually untrue, anyone who does real american history knows that. and many of those have come forward to complain that times has been man handling history. it is a strange thing that a
4:52 pm
newspaper of all things would think that it has the intellectual authority to wipe away american history and replace it with something that is brand new. the brand new thing that was created brand new thing that was creating is not the product of scholarship or historians. eight of the ten major essays in the "times" product were the creation of journalist and people who were not historians at all. it proceeds without footnotes without any recognition of the history that was told before this. so we're in kind of -- effort to promote propaganda. mark: i would remind audience the same "new york times" and there have been self scholars who have written about this and i have written about it for most part covered up holocaust and jews exterminated same "new york times" that printed lies from
4:53 pm
walter durant man in moscow joseph stalin flunky and about the slaughter of the ukrainians at the handle of stalin so "new york times" has a pretty bad past when it comes to history and human rights. professor, i want to thank you very much outstanding book 1620 critical response to the 1619 project this is the book that should be in all of the schools in america. and good luck to you, sir. >> thank you so much. mark: we'll be right back. m so . houston. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck? yes, thank you, that was fast. sgt. houston never expected this to happen. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind. but that one call got her a tow and rental... ...paid her claim... ...and we even pulled a few strings. making it easy to make things right: that's what we're made for. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for.
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mark: this july 4, will we all be celebrating americans independence? i assume our democrat friends will be celebrating the 1619 project, not 1776, july 4,
4:58 pm
because they don't believe that was the founding of america. strange thing. i just had two guests, courageous men, because they went -- not because they went off to war, not because they are police officers. but because they have the gut to speak to millions of people and speak the truth. steven -- stephen miller and peter wood. that's what each of us need to do. we have to have the courage to exercise our free speech rights. we need to speak the truth. we need to know what the truth is. ideas have consequences. our candidates are righteous and great. it's interesting when you hear biden or pelosi or schumer or listen to some of the founders of black lives matter or antifa
4:59 pm
in the streets. when you watch cnn and msnbc and the people they bring on. do they speak to you? do they sounds like they are pro american? do they sounds like they are talking about the same america you live in? i want you to remember something. when people trash this country, they are trashing you. by you, i mean all of you. regardless of your race, religious, regardless of your ethnicity. regardless of your gender preference. they are trashing all of you. who is it they embrace ultimately? class warfare, oppressed and oppressor? these are foreign concepts. these are concepts imported into the united states from europe, from marxists. these are concepts taught to your children by tenured professors at our colleges and
5:00 pm
universities who are accountable to literally nobody. we can't allow that ideology. as long as i'm sitting here, have a microphone and have a breath to breathe, they won't. i hope you get your copy of "american marxism." i will see you next on "life, liberty & levin." [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world." there is blood in the water. that's the subject of tonight's watters word. biden is politically wounded 100 days in. the results of the decisions have begun to hurt the country. the summer will be a mess. biden kneecapped the


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