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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  May 16, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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pete: check this out, our man, will cain will host "fox & friends". you're ready. will: i'm ready except my promo picture. pete: have a great sunday. go to church. ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone. welcome to sunday morning futures. i'm maria bartiromo. today the new face of gop leadership. new york congresswoman elise stefanik on becoming the third highest member of house republicans and how her new role changes the game. plus joe biden's radical agenda, wyoming senator john barrasso takes us inside his meeting in the oval office. then breaking news this morning, seen only here from the man who
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cracked open the russia hoax on his upcoming comprehensive report on the origins of the coronavirus. congresswoman devin nunes on the letter he just sent to president biden calling for answers to an issue we have suspected over a year as peter navarro layed it out right here in april of 2020. peter: what we know is that the ground zero for this virus was within a few miles of that lab. it's simplest explanation and probably most likely. it's incumbent on china to prove it wasn't that lab. maria: coming up former secretary of state mike pompeo on what the state department knew and how the ccp is testing joe biden now. plus, violence in the middle east again. and whether the abraham accords are now in jeopardy with rockets firing at israel in another
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night of unrest in the middle east. all that and more and we look ahead on sunday morning futures. ♪ ♪ maria: and first this morning, the new face of gop leadership with house republicans reporting for new york congresswoman elise stefanik to replace liz cheney on friday. elise stefanik, fourth-term congresswoman from upstate new york joins me right now to discuss conferences and her own priorities. congresswoman, congratulations to you. so nice to have you here this morning. >> thank you so much, great to be with you, maria. maria: so tell us what the new role for you means for the house republicans and for the gop agenda. >> republicans are unified to expose radical agenda of joe biden and speaker pelosi.
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we want to focus on exposing the border crisis, national security crisis in the middle east because it's having an impact on everyday americans lives. our focus is on safely reopening the economy, getting people back to work rather than the incentive staying home from work. so we have a unified message that resonates with the american people across the country. republicans are unified despite what the media will tell you. maria: yeah, congresswoman, liz cheney has been focusing on january 6th, focusing on slamming president trump. she made these comments on wednesday. take a listen. i want to get your reaction to what we are hearing from her. here is liz cheney. liz: i think it is an indication of where the republican party is and i think that the party is in a place that we have to bring it back from and we have to get back to a position where we are a party that can fight for
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conservative principles and fight for substance. we cannot be dragged backward by the very dangerous lies of a former president. maria: congresswoman -- >> she's looking backwards and republicans are looking forward. we are unified and we are talking about conservative principles. president trump is an important voice in the republican party. we are working as one team and voters across america certainly voters in my district in upstate new york. we believe that president trump's results whether it's the economic growth, whether it was the historic accords in the middle east, whether it was being tough on china or the bipartisan coronavirus relief packages. these were significant results that helped everyday americans. we are focused on moving forward but also the stakes are so high. look at how radical joe biden and nancy pelosi's policies have been. joe biden promised bipartisanship, we have get to see any bipartisan legislation coming out of the oval office or
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the house. so i'm proud to represent the vast majority of republicans and that's why we needed to make a change of house conference chair. maria: yeah, these are the priorities. how will you be able to move the needle and actually fight the radical agenda? you are in the minority, you are just a few seats away from gaining a majority. will you be able to do it? are you expecting a free and fair election to enable you to do that next year? congresswoman: that's one of the really important issues, maria. when i go home to my district and as i talk to my colleagues, this is the case across the country. voters want to make sure they have faith in the election system which is why election integrity and security is a top priority for the american people and it should matter to you whether you're republican, democrat or independent. this is why you are seeing state legislatures like florida, like arizona taking action to address and strengthen their election systems. we need voter identification, we need chain of custody when it comes to the absentee ballots,
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signature verifications and what the democrats have put forward is a federal takeover to put them into power forever before the politician act hr1 which would be taxpayer funded campaigns and eliminate voter id and take us in a radical far-left direction. maria: yeah, it's pretty incredible that they have gotten as far as they have with hr1. it already passed the house and we have seen major league baseball, a couple of corporations come out and blast republicans for what we are seeing in terms of several states coming up with their own voting laws, legislation just recently including texas. there's also an audit going on in arizona which you've said you support that audit. congresswoman: i support the audit, transparency is important for the american people. and again, this should be a nonpartisan issue, republican, democrat and independent.
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transparency is important and the audit was passed by the arizona state senate. the biden department of justice is trying to block that audit. that is unconstitutional from my perspective. our state's constitutionally are responsible for writing their state's elections law and the american people deserve to get the answers when it comes to the arizona audit. maria: i'm glad that you said that because the truth is that the media won't cover this and it's important that you see it as a priority and we will certainly cover all that is happening on the voting front. look, you have been hurled with hate ever this took place. they are trying attack -- the left is trying to attack your record saying that liz cheney is more conservative than you are. are you going to be able to withstand the attacks and hate being hurled at you? congresswoman: it's a great question, maria. i am used to the attacks as one of the number 1 most effective
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republican fighting back against the con constitution first impeachment sham against president trump. i was attacked from everyone, from hollywood, from the far left, from the entire democratic ecosystem and we stood up for the american people, the constitution, my district and the president. and ultimately, that was exposed as an unconstitutional impeachment sham. so i'm used to the attacks. the stakes are too important. i have a very thick skin and i'm focused on issues that matter to the american. for example, when i go to my district and talk to a small business, you see help wanted signs everywhere in this country right now. small businesses are desperate to fill jobs and yet the incentive that democrats have put forth is for people to stay out of work rather than going back to work. so i'm going to focus on the issues that matter. i'm happy to take the criticism from the editorial boards, the anti-trump, the lincoln project because they are out of touch with the hard-working american people. maria: i want to real quick run this soundbite of bill de
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blasio, the mayor of new york joined me last year to talk about the state of new york. we are talking about the border issues, the agents on the ground told me that all of the elicit narcotics coming into the country through the border, they reach places like new york in two days. i raised the crime statistics with the mayor and here is how he reacted. let's look. let's not even go into the issue of the bail reform law where you had to let all of these indicate mates out and crime did spike and we see that continuing so much that you had to get them back and put them back in jail because as soon as you let out, they went out and committed more crimes. >> again, maria, the city is as safest since the 1950's. maria: shootings are up 200%. shootings are up 200%. he said it's the safest city since the 1950's, congresswoman. congresswoman: crime is on the rise in new york state, it has
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been for the past year. look at the number of shootings. higher than any point in my lifetime and i was born in 1910's. look at the high number of retirements in the nypd, this is because of failed progressive values from de blasio and cuomo in new york city. you pointed out the bail reform law, that has led to an increase in crime and violence in new york state and needs to be fixed and this is impacting, you know, border issues are not just for border communities geographically along the border. every town, every city, every state in the state is impacted by the border crisis. maria: real quick, president trump supported you to get the third highest rank in the gop, how important is he to the party right now? congresswoman: he's critical to the party. he's the leader of the republican party. voters determine the leader of
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the republican party and they continue to look to president trump for his vision and he's going to be important part of us winning the back the house in 2022. maria: all right, we will leave it there. congrats again, congresswoman, we hope you come back. we will be watching the developments, elise stefanik. when we come back, congressman devin nunes is here. he broke the russia hoax wide open. he's here this morning on his investigations of the origins of covid-19. his explosive findings and his letter to president biden demanding answers when we come back. ♪ ♪ ♪ rtin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right.
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this disease originated there but because of china's duplicity and dishonesty from the beginning, we need to at least ask the question to see what the evidence says and china right now is not giving any evidence on that question at all. maria: well, that was senator tom cotton on this program back 2020 when the world knew very little, becoming the first u.s. lawmaker to go on the record on this program and suggest to covid-19 could have leaked from the wuhan lab of virology. here we are more than a year later, we still do not have the official confirmation on where the virus originated and president biden is in no rush to find out. he has yet to ask xi jinping anything about the coronavirus let alone admit that the pandemic started in china. kentucky senator rand paul confronted dr. anthony fauci about this in a hearing earlier this week. >> would you in front of this
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group categorically could not have occurred through passage of laboratory? doctor: i do not have any accounting of what the chinese may have done and i am fully in favor of any further investigation of what went on in china, however, i will repeat again, the nih and nid categorically has not funded gain of function research to be conducted in the wuhan institute of virology. >> you're fooling with mother nature here and allowing super viruses to be created with a 15% mortality is very dangerous and huge mistake to share this with china. maria: there you have it. now we have breaking news this morning. congressman devin nunes, intelligence committee, here to unveil a new report that he's worked on the origins to have coronavirus. he sent a letter last night to
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president biden -- on friday rather with 25 questions. congressman, great to see you this morning. thanks very much for joining us. give us a scope of your report. congressman: you played the comment of senator cotton from a year ago and -- here we are and we don't have answers. if you look at the evidence it's pretty clear that there wasn't some guy in wet market that ate a bat. it likely didn't come from there. there's zero evidence of that but there's building circumstantial evidence that, indeed, this did come from a lab and money flowed from the u.s. government through nonprofits that was actually supporting this type of research that was going on in china. and, look, why is this important? this is about bioweapons, this is about biowarfare. this is very concerning and i think what senator rand paul was -- was getting to is this really something that the u.s. wants to be involved in and moving forward from here, we have to
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know the answers to this sooner rather than later and the biden administration needs to get to the bottom of it. i think they are sitting on and suppressing a lot of intelligence that the american people should see in order to know how to move ahead over the coming next few years as china continues to gain control of the life science arena and life-science global economy and trying to move all the technology back to china while at the same time not answering basic questions about the origin of this virus. maria: this is such an important report that you are going to unveil this upcoming week. first of all, have you heard back from president biden yet on the letter you sent him friday night? congressman: to be fair, we just sent the letter. i'm not expecting that but what i believe and the american people will look at it, there's 25 questions that the united states government ought to be answering not just for house republicans on the intelligence committee who are trying to get to the bottom of this but for all of the american people and all of our allies around the
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globe who are still reeling from this virus. i mean, every day people are still dying and thank god most have vaccinated or contracted the virus and we are downhill viral in the united states. it's important to get the answers so we know how to move forward from here. maria: i want to ask you about some of the questions. i was really struck by one thing that i learned from your -- from your incredible study and coverage. we were doing the -- u.s. was doing gain of function research and then we heard from our diplomats in china who said to us, they raised concern that it could be weponized or lead to a pandemic in the united states. what does president obama do in 2014? he puts a pause on the research. he paused this research in the
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united states and then in 2017 in december, president trump's first year, somebody lifted the pause. now who lifted the pause on gain of function research? do we know that? walk us through that history. congressman: so what we know there was a -- there was a program that was started between the united states and the chinese government. the wuhan lab specifically and the university of north carolina. money was flowing through a nonprofit that was going into both of those. at the time here in the united states we thought that, oh, probably not a good idea that we convene and conduct that research here. so there was a pause put on it. now at the same time all of the research should have been stopped including in wuhan so it was not. the research likely continued for the next several years. i don't know who made the decision back in 2017, that's one of the questions we need to answer as to, you know, are we doing that in the united states today, should we be doing it in
7:21 am
the united states today. but was know one thing for sure, the chinese should not be doing it and if we had anything to do with the research, shame on us and the american people deserve the right to know. maria: all right, we will take a short break. i want to go back to this and talk about this history of function and why it was continuing even after obama put the pause in. stay with us, breaking news with devin nunes, we will be right back.
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xfinity. it's a way better way to watch. >> if it is confirmed that roads around the lab were shut down for a number of days in mid-october, it is highly coincidental that there was a major shutdown of those roads at about the time when might have expected to virus to first get transmitted to humans. whatever the origins may have been. this would be another piece of circumstantial evidence that
7:25 am
there was some kind of accident or outbreak from those labs, not from the seafood market or anywhere else. that's why it's important to get to the bottom of the data. maria: okay, we are back with congressman devin nunes, you just heard senator tom cotton on this program in may 2020 raising the red flag on major road closures around the wuhan lab in wuhan, china in october of 2019. why would they close down the roads? no cell phone availability either. why is this important? he believed it could be a piece of circumstantial evidence and devin nunes, this is one of the notes that you have in the 25 questions for joe biden. talk to us about the fact that there was no cell phone whatsoever and road closures in october 2019 in wuhan, why is that important? congressman: what we have been working on is trying to piece together all of the evidence that we have to try to determine did this come from the wuhan lab, did it come from somewhere
7:26 am
else or did it come from some weird chinese dude eating a bat in wet market as socialists in the country try to perpetuate and media try to perpetuate that. but after a year of investigating and coming up with the 25 questions, there's clearly a lot of questions that involve a lot of circumstantial evidence. we have a lot of that that indicate that this originated in a lab. we have zero evidence that some dude ate a bat in a wet market. and i think that's important to know because what we are talking about here, is we are talking about very dangerous potential dangerous leaks and also future biological warfare which is -- which is really why the -- the concerns that i have also about why is the biden administration now taking u.s. technology that we developed, to develop a vaccine to the dangerous virus and now they are willing to spread this and allow the
7:27 am
chinese to have access to this technology? this is maddening. maria: yeah, i want to get to that because he's totally blowing off intellectual property rules from the vaccine makers even as china has been trying to steal the vaccine for over a year. i want to get back to the history of the gain of function and research and funding. we have put together the timeline based on what you are talking about in your letter. i want to understand better why it was that there was a pause put on this research in the united states, number 1, why it was that even though there was a pause in the united states, it was still being funded in wuhan from indirectly from the united states and number 3, why it is that the pause was lifted under the trump administration? did president trump have any idea that they were lifting the pause? this was december of 2017. so first take the question on the pause.
7:28 am
we had diplomats come back and tell u.s. officials, this kind of research, it can create a pandemic and it can be weponized, that's what they said? congressman: yeah, so that's all part of the circumstantial evidence case that we are building and i want to make sure that all the viewers understand out there what was lifted in '17 had nothing to do with wuhan. the challenge was that when it was banned here in the u.s. or put on pause, the wuhan research was continuing and likely with u.s. dollars that we still don't have an accounting for. so that research, i assume, the being conducted here in the united states today, but -- but the point here is when something wasn't allowed in the united states, it was actually going on in china. that's something that the american people deserve to know and whether taxpayer dollars were being used because this type of activity, this gain of function is really weponizing the virus and i'm sure there's a lot of people who say on one hand, well, it could weponized
7:29 am
the virus and on the other hand you can come up with cures, both are true. it can be so dangerous and so deadly and turned into a weapon. is that really something that we would want to be involved in or we would want taxpayer money to be involved in? maria: right, anthony fauci in his testimony was adamant said it was not true to rand paul. what was he doing, did he lie? congressman: we will see. my guess is that there was no money. they are playing word games here. as we know the u.s. institutions and the government agencies in the country have gotten really good at supporting democrat socialist networks that they want to support and clearly they wouldn't want it out there that obama created the program and sending taxpayer dollars to china. what was likely happening, it was being routed through a nonprofit and then routed into china. sound familiar? we have seen this before with the democratic party doing similar types of operations where they were funneling information to the media and
7:30 am
then funneling it back into the department of justice. it seems like of the same-old play call. maria: yeah, by the the way, the nonprofit was the eco health alliance run by peter who by the way tried to trash me on twitter that it's likely that it came from the lab, he's one of the people involved and he was on the wu team -- the who team, rather. congressman: we don't have accounting for all the money. i'm sure a lot of the money was being used for good research. should somebody like this allocating the money should be invested for the origins of the virus. not sure that would be appropriate. maria: one more question here. when the pause was lifted, was this done through a back door? did president trump understand that they were lifting the pause
7:31 am
on the research in the united states? congressman: we don't know that. we don't know what type of research is being done at this point and those are some of the questions that we are asking that need to be answered, what is being done in the united states. maria: okay, and you are also asking why he's allowing this waiver for intellectual property, the vaccine makers spent a decade and time and money coming up with a vaccine because of warp speed and they did it in ten months and now we are giving it away. congressman, great to see you. you are doing incredible work as usual. we will see you soon. thank you, sir. congressman: thank you. maria: coming up former secretary of state mike pompeo is next and reveal what trump's state department knew about the origins of the coronavirus and then biden's foreign policy leading america to a war in the middle east with the is rally-palestinian conflict reaching a fever pitch. his warning to the biden administration as rockets fly toward israel. we will be right back.
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don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have an allergic reaction, a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, changes in vision, or diabetic retinopathy. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. taking trulicity with sulfonylurea or insulin raises low blood sugar risk. side effects include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration, and may worsen kidney problems. show your world what's truly inside. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. >> it is a perilous waters. we have relative peace in the middle east because of the trump policies with regard to iran. iran is weaker and poorer and less influential in two decades because we withdrew from the jcpoa and implemented sanctions and the biden administration, as much as they've done with domestic policy trying to prove
7:36 am
that trump was wrong when, in fact, the policy clearly shows that the trump administration was right would jeopardize the nuclear security. the biden administration should walk away. maria: okay. and that was former director of national intelligence john ratcliffe on this program back in march warning the biden administration that negotiating with iran could be deadly. jeopardized peace in the middle east, since then tensions have intensified. israel ramping up air strikes in gaza in response to hamas firing on jerusalem and tel aviv on monday. joining me right now former secretary of state mike pompeo who helped broker the deals between israel and four arab countries in the trump administration known as abraham accords. secretary, thank you very much for you're welcome work. good morning to you. great to see you this morning. mike: good morning, great to be with you this morning. maria: before we dive into the middle east, you heard john
7:37 am
ratcliffe predicting what is happening. when you were at the state department, what did you know about the origins of the coronavirus, sir? mike: maria, we worked to get every bit of evidence that we could. we tried to deliver this, the cdc tried to work with the chinese and they covered it up terribly. but every piece of evidence that we saw throughout the entire time suggested that this originated in the laboratory, at the wuhan institute of virology. i haven't seen a shred of evidence that suggest to the contrary. the evidence continues to accumulate despite the fact that the communist would not allow anybody to have access to the laboratory, the original materials, the doctors that were working there, the list of the cover-up efforts is staggering and the combination of the circumstantial evidence that we have combined with the intense effort to deny us information about that lab suggest to me strongly that this is where it originated. maria, as devin said, the risk
7:38 am
that something like this happens from that laboratory or another chinese laboratory is very real. they are operating and conducting activities that are inconsistent with the capacities to secure the facilities and the risk of bio-weapons and bioterror is emanating and real. maria: unbelievable. all the way when you were a congressman from kansas, before you were the secretary of state. real quick, one of the -- i want to move on, we have a lot to talk to you about. we discussed the story last week about story broken by australian journalist and she said that the u.s. state department obtained documents in may of 2020 revealing that chinese military scientists discussed the weaponization of sars coronavirus, 5 years before the pandemic showed up. what can you tell us? mike: maria, i can't say much about those particular documents but you recall back in january
7:39 am
of 2021. we released a set of now declassified information pieces to talk about the fact that we believe that there were doctors that came down with the symptoms from the virus back in 2019. the knowledge that the chinese communist party about human--human transition long before they admitted to the w.h.o. and the world. there's increasing evidence that the chinese communist party acted at least with reckless negligence and perhaps even worse. maria: should president trump and the state department been notified if they were lifting the pause on this gain of research funding in december of '17? mike: absolutely. i don't know when that happened. i don't know whose decision to hold congressman nunes were working to secure americans from this kind of virus happening again. i hope that we can get to the bottom of it. i'm confident that when we learn what happened here there were
7:40 am
mistakes on our side as well. i regret that. maria: okay, let me move on to the middle east because you brokered the incredible deals. you actually presented peace in the middle east to the biden administration. now we are seeing rockets flying in israel every day. president trump made the middle east safer by isolating iran. your thoughts on the policies that the biden administration are taking to try to get the u.s. back into the iran deal. are the abraham accords now in jeopardy? mike: i think the abraham accords would survive because it was good for the people of united emirates and but bahrain and israel. puts them at greater risk and friends and allies at greater risk. there is, maria, a direct line, a direct line between appeasement and war. we worked for four years to create peace and stability in the middle east and we made
7:41 am
clear to the palestinians, we will not underwrite you and send american taxpayer to palestinians while you're submitted to wiping israel to the face of the earth. handed billions of dollars to iranians in terms of absence of enforcement of sanctions, the iranians are underwriting the very terrorist who is are flying rockets into jerusalem and tel aviv. this is crazy and bad for our friend and partner israel. it's bad for the broader middle east and puts american lives at risk as well. the sets of policies are completely 180 degrees out of the things that we now know. maria, i will give you one more example. exactly the kind of thing that would happen if we moved the u.s. embassy to jerusalem, they said they'll be war, they'll be firing of rockets. well, we have moved the embassy, none of that happened. the administration refuse today allow israelis to do the things they need to do to defend themselves that's when you get conflict between israel and
7:42 am
palestinians. maria: we will show a graphic by president trump. israel's adversaries knew that the united states stood strong with israel and swift retribution if israel was attack. it's getting more violent and unstable because of biden's weakness is leading to attacks on our allies. you said it one month after the administration. these attacks are happening one month after the administration decided to send money, economic aid to palestinian authority including militant groups. ted cruz and marco rubio warned anthony blinken from doing this. tell me about that. iran is providing arms to hamas to fight israel as well. mike: maria, it's crazy.
7:43 am
you have u.s. diplomats sitting with leadership in viena trying to decide how many billions of dollars to give to that regime. what's that regime doing today that impacts people all across america? it is hosting al-qaeda. the folks who took down the tower in new york now almost 20 years ago, the senior operational leadership is sitting in tehran and americans are sitting in viena with the leaders in tehran. that iranian regime is underwriting the hamas terrorist, the palestinian jihad terrorist for firing rockets in tel aviv and jerusalem where many americans reside putting american lives at risk. the fact that this administration is so -- so wetted to this jcpoa, it's almost an article of faith for them and puts american lives at risk. it doesn't secure american freedom and it's bad for global stability and certainly for our friends and allies in the middle east. maria: secretary, real quick, your reaction to the open letter from 120 plus retired generals
7:44 am
and admirals, signed an open letter this week questioning the legitimacy of the 2021 presidential election, also biden's fitness to lead as we watch open borders where narcotics are coming in, killing our people, 90,000 overdoses largely due to fentanyl coming into the country. tell me about the letter from the retired generals, what did you make of that? mike: well, i know this. we have to figure out how to host secure election that is the american people have confidence in. that has to happen, maria. our republic depends on this. the democrat solution to this is something called hr1. they want to make sure that no american has to show an id to vote. that is crazy. they want to make sure your money, my money goes to candidates. this is not how you secure the elections. the way you do it is the way you see state legislatures across the country and working to build out secure systems, that's the right approach. maria: okay, all right. secretary, great to see you this
7:45 am
morning. we have many more questions for you on the border and on the pipeline, we will do it on another day. great to see you, secretary of state mike pompeo, we will be right back. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back, bad policy equals bad outcomes. in just 116 days bide on's policy have produced a crisis at the border, record i nation, the colonial pipeline being hacked by russians and peace in the middle east in jeopardy. china eyeing taiwan, just to name a few crisis and when asked if biden could handle all of this here is what jen psaki had to say. >> that's why we are made here for and when you walk in and you're the leader to have free world and you're overseeing a country that's in economic pandemic and you're prepare
7:49 am
today juggle multiple crisis at one time and that's exactly what we are doing at this moment. maria: okay, then, multiple crisis. my next guest had the opportunity to judge for hymn on thursday as one of 6 gop senators invited to meet with president biden face to face. john barrasso, third ranking member in the republican leadership. thank you very much for being here. >> thank you, maria. maria: can you tell us about your meeting in the white house? >> it was positive and it was about infrastructure. that was the topic and i will tell you why i believe that joe biden is interested in cutting a deal with republicans. we knew going in we were going to be plan b and plan a is still the big infrastructure deal that has very little to do with infrastructure, massive tax increases, massive spending. joe biden and the administration
7:50 am
realize that they cannot mouther the votes that they would need even using reconciliation to get a monstrous piece done. we were talking about hard infrastructure, physical infrastructure, roads, bridges, ports, waterways, the important things, airports, things that the american people think of as infrastructure and we used as the basis of that to build it. i had passed bipartisan 21 to nothing in the last congress. i voted for it and bernie sanders voted for it. maria, joe biden wants all those things but, of course, he wants a lot more and we told him we are willing to work with him on the things i mentioned but we are going to leave out subsidies for electric vehicles, the green bad deal, we will leave social climate justice and we will meet again on tuesday looking to get a solution. maria: i want to ask you about the upcoming tuesday meeting. i'm wondering if all of this is optics and try to get it through reconciliation anyway.
7:51 am
so stay with us. quick break and then more with john barrasso an the very important meetings he's having on the biden economic agenda. back in a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back, we are back with senator john barrasso. senate republican conference chairman and senator, real quick on biden's plan to raise taxes. is this all optics, he's meeting with you guys and trying to get it through reconciliation any way, does he have support on his side? >> he does not. we are not touching the tax cuts and job's act. it was so successful in stimulating our economy in 2017. we will meet and talk about different ways to pay for the legislation going forward to make sure that we have the core
7:55 am
infrastructure that the american people need. maria: so the bottom line is, some democrats are saying, i'm not agreeing to higher taxes unless the salt deduction is in there and bernie sanders is saying i'm not agreeing to anything if the salt deduction is in there. >> the democrats are divided thankfully for the benefit of the country because was know higher taxes will hurt the economy dramatically. i'm home in wyoming talking at a high school commencement today in wyoming and what i'm hearing all around wyoming is we can't hire people and costs are going up. gasoline, groceries because so much money has been sent out by this administration and we are paying people more to not work than to work. these are important key issues for our economy into the future. maria: absolutely. so happy you are doing that at the high school in wyoming. good for you. let me ask you about the colonial pipeline. talk about paying off, there was a ransom paid here and to know that the colonial pipeline
7:56 am
shutdown can create such havoc on -- in the northeast, that shows you how vulnerable we are. what are your thoughts on biden's policy of canceling the xl pipeline? >> we need more pipelines not fewer pipelines. pipelines are lifeline for our energy, for our economy and jobs and the administration has been asleep at the switch. if one pipeline goes down and causes this amount of panics and the long lines, it tells you vulnerable we are and not just as joe biden canceled the keystone pipeline, the secretary of interior go to north dakota to protest the dakota pipeline and you have john kerry going to new york telling wall street don't invest in pipelines because they are evil. this is how much the administration is against fossil fuels. they hate fossil fuels more than enemies. we are using more oil from
7:57 am
russia than alaska. we need more pipelines, not fewer. maria: you're from wyoming, will liz cheney get reelected? >> i expect to hear in the graduation today. we only have a 3-member delegation. we work closely together and we are all conservative and we are fighting an administration. we need to takers back the house and take back the senate. maria: all right.
7:58 am
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