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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  May 16, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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like to me as well as products that have become available. don't forget to check me out online. thank you for watching. i'm advocating for truth, justice and the american way. i'll see you next saturday night. ♪♪ mark: hello america i am mark levin this is life liberty and the bed, two great topics very important, the war against israel and the middle east and the war against her energy grid in the united states. we want to cover both topics thoroughly. but before we do i want to
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comment on what's taking place in israel i want you to imagine if you live in dallas, texas or houston or los angeles or new york or washington, d.c. or any of our major cities and we have forces right on our border on the border with mexico and quite frankly the border with canada firing thousands of missiles, many of which have been provided to the terrorist by the iranian regime from hamas and islamic jihad attempting to reach our cities and reaching some of our cities. imagine if there individuals within our country who are involved in programs, people trying to target the jewish citizens of this country or other citizens of this country just because of their faith, imagine they were burning down our synagogue, imagine they were going door to door in looking for the jews to attack and so forth. this is what's been going on in the state of israel, israel
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didn't fire missiles into the gaza strip into jerusalem and they did not file missiles at anybody, israel is under attack and the terrorist forces that are attacking israel are the same forces backed by the same old terrorist states. that's what israel is dealing with, what was the provocation, there was no provocation, a boss who is elected one turn in the palestinian authority is said to be the moderate he is actually terrorist he was elected in 2006 for a four-year term gone on for 17 years, there were supposed to be another election but it look like hamas is going to defeat them, he looked for a pretext to call off the election which is exactly what he did, he lied and he said the israelis were destroying parts of the mosque on the temple mount which they were not, riots broke out there, hamas decided to join in and what did they do they started
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firing missiles at the israelis. when our president says, president biden says the israelis have a right to defend themselves i think they do have a right to defend themselves, their sovereign country and you're not in a position to tell them whether they can defend themselves or not, the jewish people have been doing that for thousand years without advice from joe biden, that is number one but really bothers me about the biden administration yes all these israel haters throughout the state department starting at the secretary of state, he has them in national security council starting with the national security advisor, he has them all populated throughout his government and their talking about the palestinian terrorist in the israeli government and the israeli people in relative terms, they both need to tamp it down, they need to respect the law, we have terrorist attack in our closest ally, that is not how you treat an ally.
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by the way, in september 7 or 8 months ago, peace was breaking all over the middle east with israel, we had five arab states as i count sign peace deals with israel, on the south lawn of the white house when president trump was in office you had signing ceremonies for the prime minister of israel, now what you have at the first 100, 120 days of the biden administration you have war against the state of israel, biden does not have clean hands, like everything else is done to this country he attempted to reverse the trump policy and in doing so he's rooted our country, destroying our foreign-policy, and israel three main things that the biden administration did to reverse trump administration policy among other things restored u.s. funding to the palestinian authority despite its support for terrorism without any
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requirements. reinstated u.s. funding of the united nations agency that work with hamas to disseminate not see like anti-semitism and he announced that the u.s. intends to rejoin the human rights, what does the human rights council do, every working day tracking the state of israel. on top of that they talk about a two state solution over and over while missiles are flying into the state of israel. you might want to put that off a little while while were talking about was taking place in the state of israel. this is a thumbnail sketch as i see it and i spoke with the former ambassador to the united states from israel ron who is a close confidant of the prime minister of israel. >> mr. ambassador, how are you. >> all things considered, i'm okay but our country is under attack by hamas terrorist who are firing rockets from gaza and trying to wreak havoc throughout the country. mark: mr. ambassador this is not
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the first time hamas has done this, you've had relative peace for the past four years, yet a breakout of violence in jerusalem and you have hamas firing missiles, missiles that they probably got most of them from the iranian regime that has been funneling into the gaza strip, if i hear the prime minister correctly, the prime minister said we cannot put up with this, we cannot have cease-fires, maybe we will, maybe we won't but i've got to put into this and we got a target who's involved is that the position of the israeli government. >> any country would to restart security to our population we have hundreds, well over 1500 rockets that have already been fired and that number is increasing by the hour, no government would tolerate attacks against the civilian population so we have to do whatever we have to do to protect her civilians and the people of israel demand that,
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millions of israelis who had to run to bomb shelters and many had to sleep in bomb shelters because they have been bombarded by the missile attacks, what israel's policy is to restore security and we have to restore deterrence and what that means, we have to exact a high price and hamas and they have to understand they've made a big mistake by launching the rockets and they will think twice, three times in four times before they launch an attack in the future, that's how we can get a long-term. and we intend to do it, doesn't matter how much pressure is being brought to israel israel is going to go ahead, move forward, restore security and deterrence. mark: the reporting in the united states and the rest of the world is par for the course, israelis increasing attacks from gaza that those sites are increasing their military actions, they treat hamas and
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islamic jihad as terrorist groups, on equivalency with israel, israel is trying to hit as best as it can military targets in dense areas in the terrorist are aiming heavily on population centers, what to say to the media, they do this constantly that treat israel like a tree to tereus were attacking us. >> i think it's downright shameful, i asked the american people how would they like it for governments or the international media true equivalency between the united states of american al-qaeda or the united states of america and isis i think people in israel are disgusted by it, there is no moral equivalence between the terrorist organization and the democratic state of israel, not only that there's something even worse about the media's attitude, most of the media's attitude, 98% of the international media's attitude they are endangering civilians because again the terrorists play they not only target her civilians by hurling the
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missiles into is really population they tried to kill as many civilians, doesn't matter to them they want to kill as many as possible but they also embed their arsenals of rockets and missiles and weapons and bombs and drones they embedded in civilian areas so they use those as human shields and what they rely on, is a global or even worse, international media when they respond to their attacks and even if we do surgical strikes they will always be unintended casualty among the civilian population, we are not trying to harm them, were doing everything to keep the civilians among the palestinians out of harm's way hamas does everything to put them in harm's way but hamas is relying on international media that will put the blame on israel that would pressure the international community to move against israel and to stop israel to stop pressuring nesta do us all we have to do to fight terrorism if the international
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media in the united states or elsewhere around the world wants to keep civilians out of harm's way it's not that they shouldn't show all the pictures, it's because they should blame hamas if terrorist organizations can get away with it, though stop doing if they can they will continue to do it, it is not simple. >> it's so strange that everybody knows hamas is a terrorist organization supported by hezbollah and iran and the muslim brotherhood. everybody knows that they are there for the purpose of committing acts of terrorism and war against the israeli people, same with islamic jihad and everybody knows that the missiles were fired from the gaza strip into population areas and other areas in the state of israel and yet we have a media that reverses roles, why do you think that is is a because israel is capable of defending itself is not like 60 or 70
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years ago and hamas is made to look like a victim, what is a psychology do you think. >> is a very interesting question it could be laziness but it's an easy story to tell to where innocents are harmed to not make any moral distinction between a country that is doing everything to prevent innocents from being harmed to a terror organization that is trying to harm both israeli and palestinians, if israel were trying to kill palestinian civilians he would not have hundreds, you not have thousands you have tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands with the firepower that we have in the amount of emissions that we dropped even to this point we were trying to target palestinian civilians you have tens of thousand people dead the reason why you don't we don't want to do that but the media is very lazy about telling the story they want to paint israel as a goliath and paint the
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palestinians as david and i think it shameful, beyond that i don't know if it's united states but parts of the world, they don't like when jews defend themselves, in europe there used to jews being defenseless and powerless and the jewish people are going to be defenses against our enemy, those days are over and a lot of people are not used to that were a proud sovereign country and were going to defend ourselves as any other sovereign country, imagine if you thousands of missiles flying into american cities i would ask the american people what would you want your government to do, mind you america has fought wars, difficult wars thousands of miles away but we are fighting this war with their own people being rocketed back home we have millions of israelis in bomb shells, fever could people put themselves in the shoes of the people of israel then i think they will understand we are acting with enormous strength and hopefully they will back us as we do what we have to do to fight the terror organization and fight the terror network, beyond that i want to see separate about hamas
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everybody knows islamic jihad is backed by around most people sense of history goes back to brexit, islamic jihad is a subsidiary of the as ohmic republic of iran hamas is backed by iran but beyond that hamas is not just a terrorist organization they are a genocidal organization, they call for the murder of jews worldwide, that is in their charter, it is shameful for any self-respecting government in the world and certainly any democratic government in the world for the moral equivalent of the state of israel and hamas. mark: we'll be right back. ♪ the rx, crafted by lexus. lease the 2021 rx 350 for $439 a month for 36 months. experience amazing, at your lexus dealer. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients
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mark: ambassador i've been reading reports and video of horrific things that have happened in towns where you have jews living next to air rooms, all israelis and other towns in israel where it so most likely set out-of-control synagogues put on fire, yet people removing their missiles from the door because they don't want to be identified by jews because your gangs roaming the streets, is this new sense of founding of
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israel it looks like it's a big problem. >> is something that's not happened for many decades and is very disturbing to the people of israel 20% of our citizens in our country are israeli arabs and we work very hard to ensure coexistence between jews and arabs within israel what happened a few nights ago and one is really town the very close to the airport in israel, we had basically an arab gang that went and burned cars, attacked jews, vandalize property in many of the residents were extremely frightened by what they saw because there was very little police have no police presence in israel, what happened the next day and the subsequent evening jews came from different parts of israel in order to protect the population and you had two different types of groups yeah jews who were coming to supplement the police force and defend those families
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because there were not enough police to do that job, yet other jews and a few young people, i can't tell you if it was a dozen or a couple of hundred but they started attacking arabs, not only in that city but other cities throughout israel, it is a terrible thing that happened, the prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu said this is totally unacceptable all visually and he is him, anyone who tries to take the law into their own hands is completely unacceptable whether a jew against an airborne arab against a jew and he's going to put in many more police forces in order to ensure that we have, there's a fundamental difference between what you're hearing from the jewish leadership in the country in the arab leadership of the country and that is very disturbing all the jewish leadership, the religious leadership in the political leadership across the political
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spectrum has not only not supported these attacks of jews against arabs but condemn them in the most forceful times most of the arab political readers for virtually all have been silent you have a few religious leaders in the arab sector that have come out and it's very important to hear their voice because we have to have leaders speaking clearly and forcefully condemning the fact, he cannot radicalism fanatics in any society and population the test of a society is how do you respond to those fanatics, israel we spit them out, we spit out the jews that would perpetrate these acts, that is not happening among the arabs and is very disturbing for people in israel as disturbing as these attacks from gaza, one other thing that's important to realize in the last year we've seen an increase of coexistence, a dramatic increase between jews and arabs and it's hard to believe that when you see the pictures coming out of israel we sign the abrahams accord useful jews and arabs coming together across the political spectrum in
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israel and use all during the covid crisis, the corona crisis in israel as we were trying to treat these patients that you had arabs and jews working together as doctors and nurses in hospitals and paramedics pictures that were shown throughout the world and it was a very good feeling of the possibility of coexistence and what happened in the last few days has said that back in a think there's hope among all the people in israel that we will get back to the path of coexistence, why we stand together to confront the terracing gaza who are attacking not just the jews but the arabs of israel we had an arab father and daughter from the same city who was killed in a rocket attack because hamas does not discriminate between jews and arabs, they're trying to kill all people of israel and we have to stand together and confront them. mark: is the goal of the israeli government right now to punish hamas islamic jihad leadership and so forth, is the goal to
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crush them in a way where they cannot stand up, is that even possible. >> it's possible for us to do that israel has the power to fully destroy hamas, that's a decision that the political leaders would have to make into decide what is the price of an operation and what do we do the day after, that's one of the reasons israel hasn't done it to this point, we have no desire to attack gaza we have no desire for any military operation we left gaza as you recall in 2005 israel pulled out all of the military forces, we pulled all the settlements, uprooted jews and jewish communities, we disinterred people in cemeteries and left gaza and handed the keys over to the palestinian leadership hamas took over the terror organization and they use that as a base to attack israel a base that is backed by iran. iran is sitting back watching this in their transistor the pot
5:23 pm
and they hope for as much violence as possible and those people in the international community that are drawing a moral equivalence between hamas and israel, they are benefiting iran, it's very dangerous and what needs to be done now is a responsible government in the world should be back in israel right to defend itself into push through all the political pressures that they've always come year after year every time there is grounds of violence people call for the international community to common and to stop it, we don't need to be stopped, were country that values life we were faced with an enemy to glorify death, what we need is the full backing of the international community for our right to defend ourselves if hamas sees that another palestinian groups and other countries throughout the world like iran see that they will lose this battle and they will be very careful about starting a new round of violence
5:24 pm
in the future. mark: when we come back mr. ambassador, you brought it up i want to ask you about iran iran's role in this and their role. we'll be right back.
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mark: welcome to fox news lifetime jon scott another round hussein the attacks against hamas would continue at full
5:28 pm
force. just within the last hour president biden releasing a short message to celebrate the end of ramadan, he also had this to say. >> we also believe palestinians and is really equally deserve to live in safety and security and enjoy equal measure of freedom, prosperity and democracy. my administration is going to continue to engage palestinians and israelis and other regional partners to work towards sustaining,. >> i'm jon scott, now back to "life, liberty & levin". ♪ ♪. mark: pastor former ambassador to israel and confidant of the prime minister benjamin netanyahu, i brought up by ron, what is their role, even bigger than that you can see their efforts to get back into the
5:29 pm
iran deal in billions of dollars into the iranian economy president trump in his administration took a completely different position you want to choke them off economically and allow the people of iran who want to be free to have an opportunity to be free, it seems that we've taken a completely different path, what is your opinion. >> ironic the major source of instability and insecurity through out the middle east and iraq and syria and lebanon and yemen and gaza virtually anywhere you look in the middle east where there is terrorism instability, ironic behind it, israel believes it would be extremely dangerous to return to the nuclear deal with iran, we were very grateful that the previous administration made a decision to withdraw from the deal and restore sanction, a lot of people in washington are saying the reason why were returning to the nuclear deal with iran we have to prevent tehran from developing a bomb and they were closer today than they were then, i asked those
5:30 pm
people is there any country on the planet that has a greater interest in israel to prevent iran from developing a nuclear weapon, obviously not ironic isn't it regime and vows to destroy israel and works every day to destroy israel, if there was a deal on the table that would prevent iran from developing a nuclear weapon it would be the first country to support it, the reason why we oppose the deal in 2015 and why we oppose the return to the deal in 2021 deal does not do that, it paves iran's path to a nuclear arsenal, all the restriction the deal puts in place will be automatically removed in a few years so it makes absolutely no sense to return to a nuclear deal because it doesn't solve the problem of iran's nuclear weapon program, beyond that in 2015 when the international community removed all the sanctions against iran, money poured into iran i'm
5:31 pm
talking about hundreds of billions of dollars, if you remember whether there was 50 billion or 100 billion or $150 billion that is a small money of the deal the big deal was the ability of ironic to sell oil on the financial market and at some point about two and half years ago iran was selling 2.8 million barrels a day, because of the policies of the previous administration and took a strong stance against iran and they ratcheted up all the pressures in the sanction, iran was selling a few hundred thousand barrels a day that the two and a half men barrel a day difference in the price of 60 or $70 a barrel that means is starved the iranian regime of $150 million a day, four and half billion dollars a month, $50 billion a year, i would love to tell you when iran was getting all that money they were establishing the g.i. bill for returning members of the
5:32 pm
revolutionary guard what were they were doing is fueling their war machine in lebanon and syria and yemen fighting against america's arab ally and against the state of israel. it would be a huge mistake and for israel security, for the current administration, the biden of administration, they're saying they're gonna go back to get a longer and stronger deal, mark, that's not going to happen, they were built a set of cars, a full house by the previous administration and you don't trade in your cars and in-depth with a five hi and think you're gonna negotiate a better deal, all the pressure is on on iran the maximum pressure campaign was working those who say that it wasn't working they don't know what they're talking about. that maximum pressure campaign is working and it wasn't in place until 2019 because it took
5:33 pm
president trump a year end a half to withdraw from the deal, it was another year before america ended the waivers on the sale of iranian oil and iran was facing massive pressure for 18 months and collapsing their economy, it was starving them of the foreign reserves in their banking system but they had one hope and they had a hope that pretty soon a change in u.s. policy would save them, what i would employ the biden administration to do is to keep your foot on the gas, keep the pressure on iran, has worked in it will continue to work and if they do that they will make the middle east safer, we had peace a few months ago with four arab states, one of the reasons we were able to reach the piece deals the administration was forced onto iran and embracing the state of israel, the biden of administration continues the policy you will see the expansion of peace in the middle east.
5:34 pm
mark: your 100% correct but the biden of administration which is 100% incorrect is ideologically driven and committed to this, many of the same people who were robbed in the initial negotiation and they are wedded to the steel for reasons that are incomprehensible to me but the people in the middle east, israelis, the gulf arab states, they want nothing to do with this and it seems our state department national security does. >> we know and we live in the region and the arab states we were the guinea pigs of the experiment in 2015 and the difference between 20212016, and 2016 there were? what would happen with this deal when iran changes in spots or stripes, they did it and made the problem much worse in the decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal and restore
5:35 pm
sanctions i said this many times when i was the sitting ambassador in washington that decision by president trump was the single most important decision any american president has made for the security in israel a decision to go back into the nuclear deal with iran would be terrible for israel for the arab states in the region in really bad for the chances of peace. mark: my best to you and your family and the people of israel and i will say this numeric and people stand behind israel whether or not our government does, god bless you, be well. >> israel is in the heart of a very dangerous region and were proud to be an ally and stand strong. mark: god bless you, we'll be right back. ♪
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michael: this is the story of two brothers. david: my grandfather, pinchas. michael: my great-great- grandfather, rachmaiel. gigi: pinky and rocky. simi: there was an uprising in poland. david: and then the family broke apart. michael: they scattered around in different places. gigi: they worked hard. simi: and built new lives.
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5:40 pm
also u.s. nuclear strategy foreign director, you have been warning like paul revere for years that the electrical grid is open to cyber attacks and other forms of attacks, we saw what happened to the colonial oil pipeline that shut down an enormous amount of energy all along the east coast in the southeast, it got me thinking we have an electrical grid that is vulnerable, please explain to the american people concisely what is the electrical grid and how does it work. >> the electrical grid comprises three major components there is an eastern grid which is the most important part 75% of the electricity of the united states is generated in the eastern grid and supports most of our population then there is the western grid in texas has its own independent grid, the way it works we have generators that
5:41 pm
generate electricity from hydroelectric plants to natural gas power to nuclear power plants these are transmitted over the power system that carries very high voltage power lines and these are step down into a distribution system by a series of transformers, extra high voltage transformers that could carry 500,000 volts for example and then a step down through a series of smaller transformers and you can see some of them on telephone poles outside of your house until it's down to 120 volts and it can be used in your house that's how the electric grid is established, integrate enormous machine and is controlled by supervisory control acquisition systems and a cyber attack and attack those and manipulate them so they are destroyed in transformers. and they cause the grid to collapse and you could end up having a nation wide blackout
5:42 pm
from sophisticated actor like russia or china using the equivalent nuclear cascading collapse, this isn't science fiction in the great northeast blackout of 2003 the whole event was started by a tree branch coming in contact with the grid and it cascaded failures through the whole northeastern grid putting 50 million americans in the dark for a better part of the day including new york city where people had to walk back home across the brooklyn bridge, that was an intelligent actor, it was the tree branch and part of the vulnerability of our electric grid and hasn't kept pace with demand and is constantly operating on the verge of failure. it wouldn't take much to start the dominoes falling to cause a massive nationwide blackout and catastrophic to the united states, and our adversaries have
5:43 pm
this in their military plans to do this sort of thing in the event of the war particularly the electric grid and then they would have to do battle with the u.s. army, navy or marines because even our military depends upon the civilian electric grid in order for power for their energy so they can project power to run the military bases. mark: it seems a feeding into the scenario because inviting the administration wants us to use almost exclusively electricity they want to get away from fossil fuel, they don't understand that many respects we need fossil fuel to create electricity. that said they would make narrower options for creating energy in this country, they would put more demand on the electrical grid. no one ask you this trillions
5:44 pm
and trillions of dollars in the first hundred days of the biden of administration they spent 4 trillion more than facts on inflation and prices enormous are you aware what money will go to protecting the electrical grid from our enemies? >> out of all of the hundreds and trillions of dollars only in a small fraction about 100 billion is being dedicated to modernizing the electric grid infrastructure, most of that is going to go into combating climate change by building windmills, solar of that sort of technology. i'm not aware of any of that money earmarked for cybersecurity or physical sabotage. small numbers of special forces teams can also attack transformers with high-powered rifles and take them out.
5:45 pm
it would not take that much money in order to protect herself against this threat to my knowledge, the biden administration has not dedicated any money to emp or cyber protection in the modernization plan yet, my colleagues have been urging them to do that publicly and privately. mark: when we come back, i want to ask you so what they knock out a few transformers, can we replace them, even to mother nature and certain things have happen, we lose electricity for three or four days and they get the wires back up and what does happen the successful attack to honor electrical grid, we'll be right back. (other money manager) how do your clients know that? (naj) because as a fiduciary, it's our responsibility to always put clients first. (other money manager) so you do it because you have to? (naj) no, we do it because it's the right thing to do.
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mark: why not replace transformers and what would happen if they knock out the electrical grid in this country. >> we don't have enough transformers to replace it takes 18 months to build one of them and we don't manufacture there to be brought over from overseas if we lost a few transformers, it would take a long time to recover and if we had a nationwide blackout that lasted a year the congressional commission which i served
5:50 pm
estimated that we could lose up to 90% of our population and societal collapse, because we can figure out to keep 330 million americans alive with no food and water for a year including water, immediately if you have a nationwide blackout, the water stops. this is the problem, this is an exponential threat unlike the allegations about climate change. mark: this attack on the colonial pipeline seems very strange that we are basically saying insider russia we know putin knows what's going on what you make of this. >> all of the alleged criminal groups work for russia's military intelligence or the spr which is the successor to kgb the russian mafia is a tool of
5:51 pm
russia, the kremlin is doing this and basically three weeks ago they told us they were going to do something like this, in the midst of the ukrainian crisis, who is an unofficial intimate of putin that runs sputnik had an interview where she announced a cyber war between the united states and russia was inevitable that russia was much better prepared to win such a war and she gave examples, they can blackout the whole united states, they can blackout florida harlem, they could do things selectively if they wanted. in war the united states to back off when it came to ukraine and get out of their way we've all been expecting russia, china, north korea to test the biden of administration. this is a test, it's an amazing
5:52 pm
coincidence about a cyber work is united states against the colonial pipeline, this is a demonstration by russia that they can do it and because cyber attacks are hard to attribute that they can get away with it. in the biden of administration does not want to admit it because they don't want to admit the profound strategic vulnerability. mark: i see two problems dealing with us in our own country there is pro-putin and pro-russian forces in our country and both parties for some strange reason and others who accuse the united states looking to commit acts of war colonialist and there's others that don't believe that we should have a strong military or spend money like this, they called them deal cons or hawks or what have you and the idea that we can protect the electrical grid to see what happened with the colonial pipeline in the idea that we
5:53 pm
have to pretend that putin doesn't know what's going on his own country when he is an ironfisted brass knuckles and he could decide with going on in these countries truly bizarre to me. here's my concern. the prior guess the ambassador from israel to the united states is pointed out were not stated behind israel and the chinese see this the russian see this in all of our enemy see this were not taking serious steps to protect the electrical grid are called at the country behind us. all of our enemy see this behavior from the biden administration and i think it provokes more dangerous circumstances, quickly, your thoughts. mark: i agree i think the only reason there hasn't been a major act of aggression russian dating ukraine or china going for taiwan is because our adversaries are waiting to see how far were going to fall in
5:54 pm
there waiting for the united states to hit rock bottom, how deep is divided administration going to cut the budget, how long are we going to neglect our grid, national security capabilities in a downward direction, some point in the biden of administration were gonna hit rock bottom and that's when they will strike. mark: i want to thank you for your courageous voice over the years peter, i hope people were listening to you, god bless you. >> thank you so much for having me. mark: we'll be right back. lexu. get 0.9% apr financing on the 2021 rx 350. experience amazing, at your lexus dealer.
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5:59 pm
radical left, and an administration that does not follow the laws of economics and on and on. we have a hell of a mess. we better change of house of representatives in two years, maybe take the senate in two years that would help. joe biden, throughout his career has been considered, i say this with respect, a relatively dumb man with a massive ego who is willing to to and say anything to promote himself and the legend of joe biden. this is what we're living through today, we have perhaps weakest president in certainly modern american history, a leader of the senate in chuck schumer, one of the most partisan, vicious politicians to walk the planet. in the house of representatives a speaker of the house, who is a nasty lady. that is the bottom line. she will do anything, anything
6:00 pm
to promote her party, time had politicians who care about this country and look out for this country, right now that -- democrats they care about power in their own party, in doing so they are undermining the country, internally and externaly, see you next time on "life, liberty and levin." >> welcome to the next revolution, i will stay good evening my fellow americans, first time i have been able to say those words, this is the week i became a u.s. citizen. a special lineup tonight, tammy bruce is here, lisa boothe. and for the first time. great dave porter, i am looking forward to, that let's get to it. these days the democrats and their mediaer


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