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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 19, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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u.s. army stationed in fort bragg. what a moment for those parents. so special. i'm sure they would rather have him there, obviously, to accept for himself. they must be be so proud of everything is he doing. todd: we love what he is doing. good job sacred, connecticut right down the street. "fox & friends" comes up right now. it's mask off day. ♪ >> when i think of the climate crisis, i think jobs. >> president joe biden touted the idea that he was for the working class but that f-150 lightning that he got into today costs $70,000. >> house republicans defy speaker nancy pelosi by refusing to wear face masks. >> they are telling us if we are on the floor without a mask they are going to fine us. >> you are vaccinated, you not only cannot get significant disease you can't transmit. >> seven sheriff's deputies will not face criminal charges in the death of andrew brown. >> mr. brown's death, while
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tragic was justified. >> violence between israelis and hamas show nothing signs of abating. >> since this all began just about 9 days ago, 3750 rockets have been fired by hamas. >> sleeping with hookers but as youdidn't vote for trump. i feel like i'm in the twilight zone. ♪ ♪ steve: you are looking at the superdome there in the heart of new orleans where currently 75 degrees and going to be about 75 for a high. it's kind of a foggy day there this morning. they are going to have some showers throughout the day. it's that time of the year. the 19th day of may, 2021. welcome aboard wednesday's "fox & friends." ainsley: thank you for joining us. we saw the superdome lit up. but if we show it again in two hours it will not be. remember the last time we saw it was pink. that band was pink or red?
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brian: yeah. ainsley: as the sun comes up they turn it off. brian: i don't think the pelicans are going to be playing much. i would say this and the saints are months away. every time i see an arena now i think to myself soon it will be full of people. ainsley: we hope. so. brian: i look for the nba to gradually get people. i look at the size of the crowd in texas last night when they are playing against the yankees. more and more things are getting back to normal if you let them. ainsley: what was the size? was it full? brian: the rays don't regularly sell out on a regular basis. they seem to have about 40,000 people. ainsley: okay. brian: i will take that over 3,000 in yankee stadium. steve: progress, getting closer. all right, meanwhile, let's talk about the news. joe biden has a better yesterday. he went to the ford plant yesterday in dearborn, michigan. and he was using the fedor f-150 lightning which is electric vehicle which officially roll us out today. appeared used it to pitch his
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$2.3 trillion infrastructure package. it's interesting though that package includes $174 billion to spur the building of electric vehicles. but that amount of -- the amount they are going to spend on electric vehicles is actually more than the amount of money joe biden wants to propose to rebuild our bridges and our tunnels and things like that. actual infrastructure in the infrastructure bill. ainsley: they want to build these new ford trucks and they are saying they are going to be built by the union workers. they are going to spend $700 million to do it. create 300 new jobs. this is one of america's favorite trucks and they're electrifying it. he was out there in that parking lot or in that field or whatever it was. and he was driving, test driving it around. brian: it's amazing. he talked about some of the it make work projects solyndra and battery projects he did under president obama. the battery project ended up being bought by a chinese company. now you have a situation where he knows as president of the united states he is now the
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saudi arabia. we have our -- we have as much oil and gas, special natural gas as anybody in the world. what he is doing in saying we have got to go green is saying we no longer want to be number one there, we want to be dependent on china, why? because when it comes to this green technology, the rare earth elements needed to make it successful, most of them are located in this place called china. so if you want the copper, if you want the nickel, if you want the memo merles and cobalt and lithium, don't worry china is always there and we can buy it and depend on them in a pinch and depend on them in times of national security. you mean our number one enemy. how is this in our national interest to put america as susceptible and vulnerable as this? steve: he did say the united states needs to win the race with the electric vehicles against china. but then again, factored in climate change, factored in the europe and he said this yesterday. >> look at this plant. we're moving, we're working again. we are dreaming again. we are discovering again.
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we are leading the world again. the future of the auto industry is electric. there is no turning back. there is no question whether we will lead or we will fall behind in the race of the future or whether we will build these vehicles and the batteries that go in them here in the united states instead of relying on other countries. when i think the climate crisis, beyond the devastation of lives and lively hoods and health of our very planet, i think jobs. i think jobs when i think climate change. good paying union jobs. if we act to save the planet, we can create millions of good paying jobs. steve: one of the things he started in his comments he said my name is joe biden and i'm a car guy. and then he went off script real briefly and he said the uaw elected me for my first senate term. ainsley: rashida tlaib he got an
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earful from her. he was and iting on the tarmac. they stood there 8 minutes talking. she was complaining because he was supporting israel. so when he took the podium, he did praise her and the crowd and said thank you for being a fighter. i hope your grandmother in the west bank is doing well. brian: how weak do you look if you are the president of the united states getting berated by a congresswoman own party on the tarmac for the whole world to see. ainsley: instead of being strong of course i support ally they're our ally. he praised her in the crowd. we have gone from secure border to chaos. energy independence to gas lines at the pump. went from peace in the middle of a war we went to peace and now we are in the middle of a war in israel and how radical they are. he was praising detroit -- he said joe biden is praising detroit. but these are the very people who said defund the police, abolish ice, and abandon israel. brian: here is katie pavlich talking about all this big push to go green and spend
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$4 trillion than inflationary environment where everything is doubling in price including gas and oil which, by the way, benefits our enemies, in the middle east and in russia. listen to katie. >> president joe biden today and throughout his presidency and on the campaign trail touted the idea that he was for the working class. but that f-150 lightning that he got into today costs a minimum of $70,000 to purchase and buy. and who drives f-150s? the working class, the middle class. this idea now that the federal government is going to try and man administrate date or coerce private companies to not just sell these vehicles but for people to buy them is going to be very difficult considering the front end cost of that. on top of the gas shortage that we just saw. i'm not sure it's going to be an easy sell. brian: i just want to add one other thing because it plays into the big picture. while we are sitting there going green reluctantly and people are
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looking around really, i thought we were finally paying 1.90 for gas and now paying 3.50. he yesterday laying the ground work to green light the nord stream two to flow oil in western allies in nato. something donald trump stopped in its tracks. you got to be kidding me. i'm paying to put army in your countries to allow russia to invade and on crack pipe of oil. allow them to make more money and influence in your politics? donald trump saw the folly in this. he green lighted it yesterday. that is something keep in mind another pipeline he likes not the one we make. ainsley: criticized for this it's good for russia but not for us. at love republicans are asking to open up the keystone pipeline. brian: protect germany while they have the pub in their country. ainsley: house republicans in d.c. are rebelling against mask mandate. nancy pelosi said even if you are vaccinated you still have to wear the mask when you are in
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the house. there are about a dozen of these house republicans said we are sick of it we are tired of it marjorie taylor green was taking a selfie with others in congress and posted it on social media. and then another congress person came over and confronted them and asked them to be more respectful of members and the staff. brian mast who lost both of his legs in afghanistan who fought for our country in the army. he said i'm sick of it. i'm taking this off. i don't care if i'm being find. he will be fined $500 for the first time and if they continue to do this. the second offense is $2,500. that's deducted from their salary. listen to what he said. >> i think you are seeing confusion here in the house of representatives where they are telling you only to wear a mask basically where you are going to be aired on tv somewhere. in a committee hearing, on the floor of the house. that's very confusing. it doesn't make sense. you go into the meetings here people aren't wearing mask. speaker pelosi only wants it done where people can see you on
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tv. cdc issued guidelines. everybody ran around for the last year if the cdc said it then that's going to be the gospel that we follow. don't turn your back on that now that it allows freedom for everybody to go out there and unleash themselves back into the world. steve: right. so the double standard is the cdc, the federal government, medical department, essentially said okay, if you are indoors and you have been vaccinated you do not have to wear a mask. and to your point, ainsley, brian mast has been vaccinated that's why early in the conference he said i'm sick of it. i'm going to stop wearing it later today leader kevin mccarthy is going to be introducing a privilege motion on masks. the language is still being worked out. they are also trying to figure out what to do about proxy voting. they are saying, look, we are to the point where people can actually be in the house and vote on things, although nancy pelosi came out yesterday and said we're going to continue with the proxy voting through 3rd of july. making the 4th of july
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independence day, perhaps, for the house. here is drew penske talking about the hypocrisy of talking about the science but not following the science. >> follow the science, you are vaccinated. you not only cannot get significant squeeze you can't transmit. only people that have to worry are the ones who choose not to be vaccinated. it's not us wearing a mask after being vaccinated follow the science nothing. what nancy pelosi is doing now is hurting the country. nancy pelosi is wearing two masks outside last tuesday. now all of a sudden says you can take the mask off. all these state are taking the masks off, and she in congress, did i see that one lawmaker i didn't recognize him. is he actually wearing gloves. we learned four months ago you cannot get this virus from an object. it doesn't transfer. we have been wiping down our
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groceries for no reason. now she is told you don't have to wear a mask and she insisting on doing thvment this is retribution. i think that brian mast, who set up a mask contribution site where brian mast can be followed by the rest of the republican congress, five away from the majority, nobody should wear a of course that. if there is going to be a fine, support them. standing up for the country. not only is it wrong and uncomfortable and bad message. i think it's abuse of power by the speaker who is giving a lot of people out there, who like her, and i haven't met many but there are some reportedly, who say well, as long as nancy pelosi is wearing it, i don't think i should go out. i don't really think i should be back at work. i don't even think i should go grocery shopping without a mask on. you are wrong. why get vaccinated if you are going to walk around like nancy pelosi with a mask. steve: nancy pelosi is trying to make a point. brian: which is what? the wrong point? steve: her point is she says
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things will get back to normal if more republicans get vaccinated. brian: that's a stupid point. steve: i'm just reporting the fact, brian. the democrats say they're uncomfortable being in closed door settings without facial coverings until republicans. ainsley: that's fine they have a choice. wear the maverick. they say follow the science. everyone is follow the science and listening to cdc. they say if you can take your mask off inside and outside if you are vaccinated then you have a choice, america. if you chose to get vaccinated then you get to take off that mask. that's what the cdc says. brian: or if you choose not to get vaccinated or choose not to wear a mask. that's you. that's the same thing. if she said that she does not even -- she is not even paying attention. you are not in danger from republicans because you can't get it and you can't transfer it the likelihood of that hang is less than 1%. grow up. pay attention. this is what is so maddening about this past year. they -- one thing anthony fauci
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tells us it's all a big show. then we find out from nancy pelosi that she enjoys putting out the wrong message. let's talk about another wrong message. that's the woke culture in holiday. if you come out for president trump or you come out and done a movie in the past that might be looked at as unattractive today or not with the times, you are going to be canceled. when you are someone like kirstie alley who has made her money and had her fame been through the ups and downs. through all the ups and downs she had people stand by her until she came out for trump. here is a little from tucker carlson from "tucker carlson today" which aired on "tucker carlson tonight" of his interview with kirstie alley. >> you can be -- and sleeping with hookers, as long as apparently you didn't vote for trump. so -- i feel like i'm in the twilight zone a bit with the whole concept of it because, you know, an example is on twitter i had many celebrities followed me
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and now i think like 3 follow me. and i am going -- i'm the same person, you know, i'm the girl who voted for obama twice. >> right. >> could you like me when i voted for obama and now you are this? it made me have to re-think weirdly, my whole friendships. brian: that comment is not about hollywood. watching. if everybody watching right now has lost friendships or family members because of how voted for. ainsley: a lot of people who liked donald trump who supported him that are silent about it because they don't want the backlash. she has not been shy about it she came on fox after she tweeted out that she voted for trump and you should have read the comments. she said i'm used to be criticized for three things, she said for my weight, for being irrelevant, and for what was the third one, it was in scientology. and she said i have been criticized for 40 years, and i was prepared for this. but people stopped being her
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friend because she voted for trump, even though she voted for obama too. judd apropos pointed out shellie long was way funnier than you. my vote for biden cancels yours. she said she just got attacked after that. she is so sick of it she wants to be honest. steve: do you blame them? so that episode of "tucker carlson today" is going to be available starting at 4:00 eastern this afternoon on fox nation, good reason to try it out. go to fox if you have not yet. talking about the woke culture, that is very popular right now, a lot of people are suddenly speaking up because they are saying hey, this is a problem. here's joe rogan and dave chapelle, listen to both of these people, they are on the joe rogan experience, the podcast, and they had this to say about where america is heading with wokeness. >> you can never be woke enough.
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that's the problem. it keeps going further and further and further down the line. if you get to the point where you capitulate where you agree to all these demands, it will event actually get to straight white men are not allowed to talk. >> right. >> because it's your privilege to express yourself when other people of color have been silenced throughout history. we have just got to be nice to each other, man. and there is a lot of people that are taking advantage of this weirdness in our culture and then that becomes their thing. their thing is calling people out for their privilege, calling people out for their position. it you know, crazy times. >> no one can be woke enough. you know? i'm torn because i like a warrior for a good cause but i'm not really into tactics. you are not going to nag people into behaving. >> right. >> in a way that, you know, if you continue with this tone, even if you are right you will
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be hard to hear. steve: you can never be woke enough. ainsley: i like the comment just be nice. we have friends that voted in both directions and we are nice to them and civil and we respect whoever they voted for. many people go to the polls to vote for someone because of taxes. what do you call it bread and butter or milk and potatoes? it kitchen table issues. right. if you don't want higher taxes and you make at love money and you don't want the high taxes then maybe you are going to vote for this candidate. if it's more important for you to have free healthcare, maybe you vote for that that, whatever is your issue that's why we vote. steve: are you saying it's okay to have a different opinion? ainsley: exactly. steve: it's okay. brian: you are watching two people that did not vote for trump and aren't republicans and it's blowing up on them. joe rogan started as a comedian and marshall artist and ufc expert. he has this every man view. and his podcast, spotify, in order to put themselves on the
3:19 am
mark put themselves as a leader signed the number one guy for $100 million. he gets 11 million listeners on a regular basis doing what he wants as long as he wants and saying what he wants. explicatives included no. duration to it he has also been a victim. they have taken down his past episodes of gavin mcginnis, chris former breitbart news it. whatever his name is wanted to hear what he had to say. they have been taken down because of that you can't say joe rogan gets a chance to speak. he has already been hit. he came out and said something the other day with a pandemic, and he had to walk it back because he has got so much power and he got so much backlash. so, yeah. he is rich, he never has to work again. if spotify starts getting hit. their sponsors start getting hit and joe rogan makes more sense, are they going to come down and tell him not to say certain things. then people say he is not impervious. if you can go after joe rogan, nobody is safe.
3:20 am
comedians, how do you do your job if you are not questioning society? now if you question society, the wrong way, you can't get a job. you don't have a job. it's crazy what's happening right now. tea steve crazy times as they said in that clip. all right. it is about 20 minutes now after the top of the hour. ainsley: coming up, a brave fourth grader is going viral for pointing out the hypocrisy over the school's mask mandate. >> teachers take their mask off while they are yelling -- while they yell at us kids and that we need to pull ours up i asked my mom if there is a word for this. she said there is hypocrisy. [laughter] ainsley: he's 10 years old he is going to join us live coming up. steve: can he be president? ♪ ♪
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ainsley: today joe biden's supreme court commission meets for the very first time to begin studying the status of the court and issues surrounding it including packing the court. this as the high court gets ready to take on a major abortion case challenging roe v. wade. the judicial crisis network president carrie severino is a former clerk to justice thomas and joins us now. hey, carrie. >> hi, how are you doing. ainsley: i'm good. dobbs vs. women's health it bans abortion after 15 weeks. how significant is this case and what do you make of the timing of it? >> yeah. well, i think it's no surprise that as we are seeing an increase in the number of justices who are committed to a con -- interpreting the
3:26 am
constitution as it's written we are also going to see them bringing that then to cases like this abortion case. an opportunity for the court to correct a misconception of really roe v. wade and the planned parenthood vs. will caseyy case itself. assume you can't have any bans on abortion before viability. in fact, i think the court is going to clarify that that's not true. that's an expansion of what that president press tent has said. that's going to bring the united states back in to line with frankly most liberal democracies around the world. the average age which abortions is banned is 1 weeks at the end of the first trimester and mississippi's law is much more liberal than that, in fact of course. ainsley: commission, 36 members. are they laying the groundwork to pack the court? >> unfortunately, that looks like the entire purpose of this. i think really it's a sham commission. there is no point to this group. huge group of academics who have
3:27 am
been chosen apart from giving cover to the white house. joe biden has said he knows that packing the court is bad for the country. but he also knows that the deepest pockets on the left, the dark money groups are pushing for that court-packing even more so now that they see the court taking up some important issues. because nothing scares them more than an independent judiciary considering those questions. they want to control the court and this is their way of doing it i think this commission is really just a way to provide some kind of cover and say, oh, look, here is some deax really hand pick extremists but academics that we are going to be using to are respectability court packing plan. ainsley: all right, carrie, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks. ainsley: you are welcome. a brave fourth grader is going viral for pointing out hypocrisy over his school's mask mandate. he and his parents join us live next. >> teachers take their masks off while they yell at us kids and
3:28 am
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it would be cool to ride a horse on the moon. ♪ ♪ we made usaa insurance for veterans like martin. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa jillian: iraq says are fired at. under ground terror network. the nation stepping up attacks on terror targets after two
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foreign targets were killed by rockets. they have fired nearly 3800 rockets at israel. meanly three palestinians were killed during violent protests in the west bank. in jerusalem israeli forces fired tear gas and arrested multiple demonstrators. we will keep you updated. now to this, the hackers behind the colonial pipeline cyberattack reportedly received $90 million in bit coin from dozens of online victims. the group called darkside obtained the ransom payments over the past nine months before shutting down last week. the fbi confirmed the group was behind the pipeline attack causing major oil shortages across the nation. and hollywood is mourning the loss of beloved actor charles grodin, the star known for his role in the heart break kid. >> i think we have taken out enough out of this country. i believe it's time that we started to think about putting something back into this country. jillian: he also starred
3:33 am
opposite robert deniro in midnight run. grodin passed away yesterday at connecticut home after a battle with bone marrow cancer. he was 86 years old. that's a look at your headlines, brian, send it back to you. brian: all right, jillian, thank you so much. 28 minutes after the top of the hour. 10-year-old florida student events frustration to the local school board calling out the mask mandate says unfair to fourth graders and all kids like him. look. >> teachers take their mask off while they are yelling -- while they yell at us kids and that we need to pull ours up. i asked my mom if there is a word for this and she said there is hypocrisy. i know my teacher has asthma and everything, but i understand why it's hard for her to wear a of course that. i think she should have that choice. but i should, too. i have allergies and i feel really anxious with my face covered. but i'm not allowed to not wear a mask like her. all of this seems unfair and it doesn't make sense. brian: , how impressive is this
3:34 am
10-year-old john and his parents michael and erika join us now. john, that was so impressive. were you nervous? >> maybe just a little bit but no. i wanted to take a stand. >> what has the reaction been because i watched you on tucker's show last night what's the reaction from your friends, other fourth graders and kids in your school? do you feel as though they feel the same way as you? >> i haven't actually been in school yet, so i have been out of school for like one or two days now. so today i'm going back and i will see their actual reaction. brian: right. but they're not happy about wearing a mask either, are they? >> yeah. they are not happy. nowhere close to happy. brian: wow, i understand that, too. michael, i watched you being pulled out of that meeting you were telling me you went a few seconds over. what was your message.
3:35 am
what was your message to the school board. >> my message is simple the last couple months, personal choice, personal freedom. the parents know best. masks should be optional. folks vaccinate have had been taken care of. those who haven't been vaccinated and want to wear mask work and they protect people they think. they can wear their mask. and those that don't feel that a mask is necessary should have that option. so it's always been about choices. it seems like it's common sense to me. our numbers have been great here in the school, we have less than 2% positivity rate in our school district in terms of positive covid cases. mason hasn't had and daughter last hasn't had a case in their school in over 11 weeks. our county, for the month of march, averaged less than 5% positivity rate. we started asking questions in february, simple question: when do we go to mask optional? when does this end? they put this mask mandate in place with no real transparency
3:36 am
in terms of what's the objective evidence that we can look at in terms of when we come out of this mask mandate? brian: go ahead, erika. >> yeah, i was just going to add to that there has been no end in sight. brian: erica, they say that they're protecting your kids. we have a coronavirus. are they looking at the stats? the stats that show if a kid gets it, they are not going to suffer detrimentally or more detrimentally than they would the flu. we are still sending our kids to the flu for 200 years, right? >> yeah. yeah. i mean, it's crazy. as far as if they're looking at the science and data, you know, we don't really know, because they don't explain themselves. they don't get their justification for continuing with the mask mandates. i mean, in our state of florida, we have never had a state mask mandate, our local county lifted their mask mandates, i think, 11
3:37 am
month ago. so they're the last ones. our children are the last ones left in masks. >> trying to get back to normal here in the state of florida. that's happening everywhere other than our schools. punishing the children. brian: john, i know you have allergies and that makes it tough, but does it also affect the way you behave when you sit there and have something over your face you explain to me that people can't even recognize you. what is it like having it over your face all day? >> well, it's almost like, wait, who is this and who is that? it's like i don't recognize anyone until like -- oh, like hey, o, hey. can i take -- until they take their masks off. i'm like hey, o hey, who are you? i take my mask off. it's me john. hey, john. but like it's just the simple state of like do we even know any other people?
3:38 am
it's like -- we're just dehumanized. brian: wow, i'm going to read you -- tell me if this makes you feel better. this is what your county school district said. as has been the case since the district was one of the first school systems in the nation to successfully reopen for in person instruction in august. we continue to focus on protecting the health and safety of all student and staff. and john, what do you say it to the adults in your school, the supervisors and teachers that say they are just trying to keep you safe? >> i just honestly wonder like if you twice can't it put -- sunscreen on us, you have the authority to put us in a medical state? it's like you really have that much power? >> yeah, masks are medical devices. >> they are. >> in my children's school, they can't put sun block on my child without my permission.
3:39 am
they can't give them tylenol without my permission. >> except they can give us out masks if you don't have a mask. brian: right. john, i totally understand, i think you are speaking for a lot of fourth graders around the country that don't even have the freedom that florida has given you. but, michael, lastly, you wanted to say the same thing. and they hauled you out with security by saying i give my permission for my child not to wear a mask in school. what was that like having security put their hands on you and push you out the door? >> yeah. it was surreal. again, this just shows how out of touch our school board is it was a complete overreach. you can't even have an adult conversation with them and give them opposing view. you ask them to be accountable for their decision and they can't. they have the police remove me and then they told me i trespassed and now i think i'm going to be banned from future school board meetings. so their answer to this is let's silence and remove people who
3:40 am
don't agree with us. brian: john, i think adults have let you down. i think they let down all kids, students, around the country from the kindergartens all the way through the seniors in high school. high school. when you go to school today people are going to say john, thanks for speaking for all of us because stop protecting us. we can handle it. and that's what michael and erika are saying. thanks so much for telling your story. we are only saying goodbye for now. we hope to have you back and before this year ends they get rid of the mask. it's not okay to finish this year with masks. the stats say you are really almost no risk. so i appreciate it, guys, thanks for telling your family's story. >> great. thank you, brian. >> thank you, brian. brian: now he has got to go back to school. former ths officials are calling for secretary mayorkas officials including tom homan, he joins us next from. our friends at fox bet download
3:41 am
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3:45 am
ains we are hours away from opening statements in the murder trial of iowa college student mollie tibbetts. >> rivera was accuse much stabbing her to death while she was on a run in her own hometown. steve: scott county, iowa what we can expect as the trial gets underway today. ashley? >> hey, guys, good morning. as you said, the opening statements do start at 8:30 local time here at the scott county courthouse which is just behind me. over the past couple of days, monday and tuesday, that is. the jury selected 8 women and seven men for the jury pool. they were told they're going to
3:46 am
be showing them graphic images of the stab wounds of mollie tibbetts. they asked them if they were comfortable with that because that would be a part of the trial. 26-year-old christian rivera is an illegal immigrant in the u.s. from mexico. is he standing trial for murder one. after he confessed to police that he stabbed tibbetts to death and dumped her body in a cornfield. tibbetts went missing after she went for a run and didn't show up for work the next morning in hometown of brooklyn, iowa a hundred miles from davenport which is where we are and trial is going to take place. the state says they do have 18 to 20 witnesses who could possibly testify. some are speculating that this trial could go on for two weeks. others are saying they don't think it's going to take that long. ed the trial date has been changed many times most recently because of covid. but it was also moved from brooklyn, iowa to scott county because the pre-trial gained so much attention. as i said, i'm going to be here all day taking in everything from the trial and i will let you guys know what happens. back to you guys.
3:47 am
steve: thank you, ashley very much. brian: migrant crisis at the border growing every day but you wouldn't know it from dhs secretary mayorkas. >> the department of homeland security are working around the clock, seven days a week to ensure that we do not have a crisis at the border. >> the border is secure be the border is closed. >> the border remains closed. >> the border is closed. ainsley: now a few former dhs officials including next guest says enough is enough and calling for his removal. steve: the guy picture right is joining us right now, fox news contributor and former acting ice director tom homan. tom, good morning. >> good morning. >> well, it's a mess on our southern border. we know that but, this administration said you guys made it a mess. >> well, appreciate you playing the clips in the beginning because you got me all angry
3:48 am
again. [laughter] look, one of the reasons we are calling for this is we are sick and tired of the lies. to get up on national tv and lie to the american people. they say this is trump's fault. let me be clear, president trump gave the most secure border in my lifetime. fact. illegal immigration was down 78%. i'm sick of them saying president trump dismantled the program. they dismantled the program people apply for in central america. why did he do that? it didn't work. 90% didn't lose their case. can't claim asylum in their own country get to the united states step foot in the united states a child and not going to leave. you are going to be allowed to say and released within two days. they say the trump administration dismantled the trial beds in hhs. they did. why? they didn't need them because the border was secure. thousands of children weren't coming across the border every day. they're lying to the american people. they get up and brag well, we got this under control because
3:49 am
we want to present a picture that there is no crisis. so what do they do? they get real good at releasing people quickly so there doesn't appear to be overcrowding at the border patrol facilities at the same time what they're working on releasing people quickly that's just going to bring more people into the country if they think they are going to be released in a couple of days. you can't name one thing this administration has done or this secretary has done to slow the flow. to address the problem on the border in the thousands coming across every day. that's why we are calling for some action. ainsley: tom, if you break in a closed business, you go to jail. you are arrested. and they are saying the border is closed. so why are they letting these individuals come into this closed country and then they get a pass and you heard aoc yesterday even say that she doesn't want gang members deported. why? >> first of all, aoc is the least smart congresswoman in the history of congress. every time she opens her mouth about immigration she's wrong.
3:50 am
here's the facts of the case it's an open borders agenda. president biden made promises to win the progressive left like open borders agenda. he kept those promises by signing executive orders. and we have open borders. what's really irritating at the time we have record crossing that border unprecedented numbers crossing that border. more children have crossed thunder administration any time in the history of the united states border patrol. same time last month ice has the lowest number of removals in the history of the agency. thousand, less than 3,000. when i was third in command at ice ahead of ice removal operations we averaged 30,000 a month down to 3,000. record entries, lowest on record removals. it just doesn't make sense. this is incompetence at the highest level. steve: that's why you guys wrote the letter. tom homan thank you for joining us live. sorry we got you all hot and bothered this morning. >> all right. thanks for having me. steve: straight ahead. two college students are calling on their faith based college to
3:51 am
stand up against critical race theory at their college. the students warning against that indoctrination are going to join us live coming up next. ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ cious ice cream. but your stomach doesn't. that disagreement ends right now. lactaid ice cream is the creamy, real ice cream you love that will never mess with your stomach. lactaid ice cream. good night syra. night, drive safe. i love you. drive safe. ok buh bye mommy. you guys ready? you sure you got everything? drive safe. we all say it; chevy can help you do it.
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steve: everybody is smiling at "fox & friends" today because it's going to be 85 degrees janice dean joins us right now with the "foxcast." janice: it's going to be lovely across the northeast. enjoy it we are watching texas, louisiana, parts of arkansas, where flooding is going to be a concern as well as severe weather parts of texas where we have severe thunderstorm watch in effect. large hail, damaging wind, even tornadoes, and then the flooding aspect of this, flash flooding concerns for much of the up towards oklahoma, arkansas, and louisiana, several flash flood warnings in effect where we have seen several inches of rain in a very short period of time. it doesn't take a tropical storm or hurricane potential for heavy flooding along the east do and that's what happens happening today through friday and even into saturday. there is a look at dealing with the worst of the rainfall for parts of texas, including the houston area towards lake charles. so this is the area we are going to be watching over the next
3:56 am
couple of days, steve. the rest of the country looks pretty good. especially the east coast where we are going to enjoy a warm-up over the next day or two. all right, steve, back to you. steve: thank you, j.d. meanwhile, moving on talk about the northern plains, two students from the university of northwestern saint paul, minnesota. are calling on faith based school to turn away from critical race theory by launching a petition to warn their community about what they say are deceptive concepts taught in the curriculum. joining us right now two of the people behind the petition university of northwestern saint paul student joshua and recent graduate haley cheda both are campus reform. >> good morning. >> good morning. steve: haley, start with you. petition calls for the university to turn away from the falsehood of critical race theory. explain what that means. >> as christian, we believe that
3:57 am
our primary call is to share the gospel and we firmly believe that critical race theory is unbiblical and it preaches a different gospel. we love our school and are deeply concerned that the integrity of it and the integrity of our faith be preserved. our letter followed a lot of private letters written by alumni and parent and current student also concerned but nothing really happened. steve: joshua, i think have you got something like 2300 signatures on the petition so far: says they don't agree with the petition but recognizes your right to. what exactly have you noticed in your classes that suggest that critical race theory is part of part of the curriculum. >> there has been a handful of classes where critical race theory and those ideas pushed directly been very discouraging to see. i have been part of some of
3:58 am
these classes, where ideas like white supremacy and white guilt and implicit bias has been taught and propagated as the truth. steve: ultimately, joshua, what you are saying in the petition is crt, critical race theory just does not line up with the value, judeo christian values taught at your school. so why are they doing it? >> i don't know. i think it's just a part of the cultural trend and it's sad to see but there is succumbing to those precious of culture. steve: haley, you recently graduated. have you noticed that it has gotten worse in the last year has this just been something going on on your campus for a while. >> i would say that it's definitely gotten worse in the last year. with just how some of the racial tensions have been heightened and it's really difficult. and as christians, everyone is -- we believe that everyone is created by god and we need to
3:59 am
act in that manner. and i don't believe that critical race theory reflects that and so it's really discouraging to see a christian school, you know, do this. it's happening at other schools secular schools at a joshua, you and haley both feel very strongly about this. but how many other kid on campus are politically aligned on your side. >> yeah, definitely been sizeable response on campus calling us racist, white supremacists, but there has been a positive response as well from students. there has been a couple who have really stuck with us and kind of helped us through. there has even been some faculty that have reached out to us and said hey, we agree with everything you guys are saying and we agree with everything in your letter. but if i speak out, i will lose my job. and that's really been sad to
4:00 am
see. steve: they are worried they would be canceled. >> yeah. >> yeah. steve: all right. well, we didn't cancel you, either of you. we wanted to hear your story. hayley and joshua good luck to both of you this summer. >> thank you. steve: 7:00 in new york city and this is hour two of "fox & friends." ♪' >> tension on the tarmac, president biden confronted by congresswoman rashida tlaib over u.s. support for israel. >> i tell you what, rashida, i admire your concern. >> not allow israel to purchase arms from us in the middle of the war. >> as the migrant search continues officials are calling for secretary mayorkas official. >> you can't name one thing the secretary has done to slow the flow. >> a fourth grader going viral for pointing out the hypocrisy of the school's mandate. >> it's dehumanizing. i wanted to take a stand. >> conservative activist taking
4:01 am
the fight to the woke corporations. >> america requires passengers to show i.d. to fly but attacks texas' popular voter i.d. law. >> quick question before you drive. >> no you can't not unless you get in front of the car as i step on it. [laughter] i'm only teasing. ♪ ♪ brian: this is what ainsley says every week. she belongs to the drinking class. [laughter] ainsley: well, sometimes. [laughter] steve: 5:00 somewhere. ainsley: i like that class of people though. they're a lot of fun. thanks so much for waking up with us. it is wednesday today, right? beautiful day here in new york. we are expecting highs of what did you say 85? 90? steve: 85 degrees. our friends down south are going to have a little bit of rain but we have been a long time coming for the warm weather. brian: in an hour and 40 minutes
4:02 am
see day two of the special we had with lee brice. you saw the bonfire last thursday and friday he went addressed the school and recording studio. unique school over in florida. then you will get a chance to hear the debut of a song he wrote two days prior that i think is guaranteed to be played at almost every wedding from here to eternity. do you remember when he sang boy on our show? this was his daughter kept asking him what about my song? ainsley: where is my song? brian: this is his answer. you will hear a little bit but i can't break copyright rules. ainsley: girls will dance with their daddies can remember butterfly kisses hottest song. brian: second hottest. steve: one of my daughters getting married in two months. auditioning for mary. ainsley: you should hire him to play at the wedding. [laughter] turning now to fox news alert.
4:03 am
israel firing more airstrikes into gaza after hamas said it launched rockets at israeli bases overnight. brian: conflict causing violent protests in jerusalem and the west bank. steve: so what are we doing here on this side of the trylch? rich edson is live it at our white house as the biden administration says it's working on a strategy to ease the unrest. okay, rich, we are ready for that. >> good morning, steve, ainsley and brian. that's right. you have got more rockets from gaza into israel. more strikes from israel into gaza there are diplomats working across the world to try to stop this. here at the white house the biden administration says they are engaged privately with. >> the best way to end an international conflict is typically not to debate it in public. our focus and our strategy here is to work through quiet, intensive diplomacy. >> more democrats are publicly calling for a cease-fire. house speaker nancy pelosi writes quote now after a week of hostilities, it has become even more apparent that a cease-fire is necessary.
4:04 am
there must be a serious effort on the part of both parties to end the violence and respect the rights of both the israeli and palestinian people. republicans say the administration should maintain support for israel. >> calls for a cease-fire are tantamount to propaganda. we cannot allow hamas to fire thousands of rockets and missiles into israel and to run back into its tunnels and run behind women and children and say oh, we need a cease-fire and support those calls for a cease-fire. >> yesterday congresswoman rashida tlaib a democrat from michigan confronted president biden before his visit to a ford plant. the "new york times" reports tlaib urged biden to stop as an aid says enabling israel amid its bombing campaign against flynnians. later the president offered her public praise. >> rashida tlaib -- where is rashida? i tell you what, rashida, i want to say to you that i admire your
4:05 am
concern for so many other people. you are a fighter and god thank you for being here. >> biden and other administration officials says israel has the right to defend itself. steve, ainsley, brian, back to you. brian: thanks a lot, rich, joe biden for the most part he has got a long 30 year relationship with benjamin netanyahu when he was working his way up to prime minister. barack obama hated him. they never got along and when benjamin netanyahu came here and campaigned against iranian deal that president obama was actually pushing. and now joe biden realizes his party has changed. debbie dingell has come out for the palestinians, ro khanna is calling for a cease-fire. talking from the palestinian. cori bush, bernie sanders, aoc, even chuck schumer a staunch supporter of israel has realized his party has changed as senator menendez and you heard nancy pelosi. things have certainly changed since joe biden broke in in the 1970s and talked to golden
4:06 am
about the dangers of fighting in the 1937 yom kippur war. former ambassador to the u.s. tweeted this i would not be surprised if joe biden is standing by benjamin netanyahu in order to say i stood by you now keep your mouth shut as i paraphrase while i sign and get back on the iran yap be deal. as if that will be the payback. steve: well, there is a story in the press this morning that says the white house is urging israel to hurry up with the bombing and stop it. white house officials noted that the international objections and emphasized that time is not on israel's side. the president was in dearborn, michigan yesterday for unveiling later today f-150 lightning. ainsley: is that white it was wrapped up. steve: that's why it was cam flowdged. today we will be seeing it. dearborn michigan has the largest population of arab americans. a number of people, demonstrations asking the people
4:07 am
to do more to rein in israel there is one thing that he is saying in filibuster, but there is other things. ainsley: i feel like is he trying to play both sides. steve: is he a politician. ainsley: trying to progressives and trying to please the moderate. it's a balancing act. brian: you shouldn't be a politician when it comes to foreign policy. it's what's in the best interest of the united states as a country. putting more pressure behind the scenes. why is it up to israel to speed it up? it was the hamas rockets that started this whole thing. they were sending 200 a day. now they are down to about 95. so now it's up to the stop from israel's perspective? should you just allow them to keep all their missiles in their arsenal and commanders in place? so they can do it again the next time they have a real estate dispute? steve: the white house can go ahead and ask israel to wind down. ainsley: how are they supposed to wind down when they're getting pelted with rockets? they have to defend themselves.
4:08 am
steve: ainsley, that's the point i'm if to make. ainsley: sorry. i didn't mean to interrupt you. steve: israel plans to keep striking high value targets including commanders of hamas. now, you know, obviously, yesterday he was out to promote his green energy and his infrastructure and at one point he was in that vehicle 150 lightning that is cam flowdged. and he had a little joke, they say it was a joke when one of the reporters asked about this particular topic. here's the president. >> mr. president, can i ask you a quick question on israel before you drive. >> no, you can't. not unless you get in front of the car as i step on it. [laughter] i'm only teasing. steve: is he just joking. joe is a joker. ainsley: wasn't very funny though. brian: wants $2.3 billion to transition us to electric vehicle even though we are the number one gas and oil exporter in the world. he is trying to set up electric
4:09 am
charging stations at $173 billion across the country. does he understand that inflation what's happening right now here in the u.k.? does he understand that the price of almost everything we have has doubled since we took off jet fuel that pipeline still has another issue? and he has no sense of what happened with the jobs report last month 2 6,000 jobs when he needs 900,000 jobs to get us back on track? he has no problem asking for another 4 trillion? even though he has been in negotiations for two weeks with republicans who were at 600 billion tops. he never talks about bridges and tunnels and roads. he always talks about human infrastructure and green energy. this green push that's economically not viable. steve: well, and he was talking yesterday about the electric vehicles and with this $2.3 trillion infrastructure package that he is promoting, there actually would be more
4:10 am
money in it for electric vehicles than actual infrastructure like bridges and tunnels. things like that. ainsley: that's the production' concerns how expensive it is. steve: it's not infrastructure. ainsley: infrastructure and tax hikes. they want to switch at least 20% of our school buses to these electric vehicles. they want to spend $174 billion and it would replace 50,000 deville vehicles. but back to that comment he made to the reporter. if that were president trump that had said that. brian: oh me, guyness. ainsley: it would have been on every other network. brian: they wouldn't have run commercials. this the is first time he has only threatened a reporter. let's talk about something else. we are kind of celebrating the fact that cases are going down in all 50 state. celebrating the fact that the cdc came out last week and said if you have been vaccinated forget masks indoors and outdoors. there is some provisions to that. but we can't forget what's happening in the schools. and that is nothing. they are leaving k through 12 in
4:11 am
most schools with masks on unless you are in a private institution. and this for the kids is detrimental. you talk to these psychologists. you talk to these sociology justs they say for kids to sit there with this over their face is going to be a psychological damage let alone what is not happening in their homes from. one kid stood up and spoke out. he is a fourth grader 10 years old. that really stood out yesterday. i think he speaks for a lot of kids. ainsley: yeah. he was down in florida. this was that child that you interviewed in the last hour. he is speaking to the school board calling out their hypocrisy. listen to this. >> one teacher walks around with a clipboard full of referrals for any student whose mask isn't on properly. it makes me feel scared. that same teacher yells at us having our mask down to drink water while we are outside in line. she had her mask down the entire time while she was yelling at us. which makes me and all my friend very mad. this happens a lot. and it seems unfair teachers
4:12 am
take their mask off while they are -- while they yell at us kids and that we need to pull ours up. i asked my mom if there is a word for this. she said there is. hypocrisy. it a few weeks ago i ran into my teacher outside of school. she didn't even recognize me because she has never seen my face before. all of this seems unfair and it doesn't make sense. i miss seeing people's face. i miss the way things used to be. i'm scared they will never go back to normal. doesn't seem like something we should have to ask any other people for permission for. ainsley: bless his heart. teacher never seen his face. steve: he has seen her face because she takes mask breaks but he is not allowed to waiting for pickup in the morning. i think it's great that his mom is teaching sat words. ainsley: like hypocrisy. steve: exactly. after his speech martin county voted 4 to 1 to make masks
4:13 am
optional starting on june the 1st. and masks will also be optional for graduation and summer school. so that at least is progress. ainsley: june 1 sn s school gets out on june 3rd. steve: absolutely. school will be out so then they will start over. it's too late they say. he spoke with brian, along with his mom and dad who book ended him and talked a little more about that hypocrisy that his mom taught him about. >> it's almost like, wait, who's this and who is that? it's like i don't recognize anyone until like -- do we even know any other people? it's like -- we're just dehumanizing. it's just like you really have that much power? >> there has been no end in sight. they don't explain themselves. they dent get their justification for continuing
4:14 am
with the mask mandate. >> trying to get back to normal here in the state of florida. and that's happening everywhere other than our schools. why are we still punishing the children? >> i'm surprised it's happening down in florida. steve: they are in martin county, which is the county just north of palm beach on the east coast. brian: the numbers say there is really almost no danger for kid. if you stack it up for other things, every day life walking into there is always a little bit of a danger in this world whether it's a virus or it's a person or an animal attack, this is way low on the list. still overreacting sending the wrong messages debate is going to be at everyone's kitchen table should those gets get inoculated and vaccinated the numbers say there is really no reason for it. ainsley: a friend of mine who lives in florida, her school they didn't have to wear masks
4:15 am
the one telling me took her kids out of the original school because it was going to be a mask. had to wear mavericks and enrolled them in my other friend's school because she didn't want them to wear mask. brian: they don't talk and interact. it's detrimental. ainsley: it's sad that teachers haven't seen these kids' faces. steve: brian to your point whether or not the kids will get the vaccinations, i was having a talk with a fellow parent who has got kid who is just a teenager, and she has got a lot of concerns about the future because so much is unknown about the long-term health. monday landmark day 4 million young americans between the ages of 12 and 17 got the shot. ainsley: 4 million? brian: wow. steve: one day. brian: 15 minutes after the hour. jillian mele now has the news. jillian: that's right. good morning. dallas investigators expect additional charges for darian brown in the murder of cash. police may bump up the charges
4:16 am
once forensic data comes back. brown is being held on kidnapping and burglary charges after he was allegedly seen in home surveillance video taking the 4-year-old from his bed. he was sleeping next to his twin brother carter, cash was later found stabbed to death in the street. cps has since removed carter from the home. to extreme weather now. heavy rain and lightning taking over texas. flash flood watches are now in effect. severe weather outbreak starting on monday with several tornado across the home star state. part of louisiana seeing catastrophic flooding. more than 56,000 people are currently without power in louisiana and texas. in new hampshire they are earning $300 unemployment benefit in hopes of getting people back to work. instead, is you knew knew will reward people getting a job one time bonus up to $1,000. he joins governors in two other states ending the federal
4:17 am
unemployment benefit program. and did you see this take a look at your screen. new york city mayor instant people button down shirt and flat brimmed hat during a press briefing. many on social media comparing his look to it 30 rock. announcing the city's plan to give people a chance to win winnettes tickets covid-19. >> superman shirt. >> he likes props. shake shack? eating the burger. jillian: i wonder what's next? brian: do you know what i can't wait for us to sit there on the couch we haven't heard for bill de blasio in years. i would love that to be the conversation. ainsley: or cuomo. brian: that would be fantastic. a dream come true. thanks, jillian. meanwhile, straight ahead. president biden visits a michigan ford factory to pitch his massive spending plan as while still facing backlash from
4:18 am
thousands of workers laid off african selling the keystone pipeline. now, even more jobs are at risk as michigan's governor threatens to shut down another one. auto union manager joins us. ♪ who says you can't go home ♪ there is only one place ♪ from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
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4:22 am
>> one of the most consequential issues facing the world climate crisis. the future of the auto industry is electric. there is no turning back. the key part of electric vehicle is the battery. right now 80% of the manufacturing capacity of those batteries is done in china.
4:23 am
steve: president biden pitching his massive spending plans about $4 trillion. this time at ford electric truck facility in michigan while still facing backlash from thousand of pipeline workers laid off over his canceled keystone pipeline on day one this as michigan's governor threatens to shut down another pipeline putting thousands more jobs at risk. scott lopez is the business manager of ua local 50 plumbers and team fitters and service mechanics and he joins us right now. good morning to you, scott. >> good morning, thank you for having me on. steve: so the president was talking about how the future is electric and we know he doesn't think the future is fossil fuels. what did you take from his pitch yesterday? >> the biggest thing i do here is represent nearly 1700 plumbers, fitters and service mechanics. we want to make sure we are on the cutting edge. we have to service some of the
4:24 am
industries that are here now. which refining company is here. i'm concerned about their future, especially with line 5. steve: right. line 5 is a pipeline in the great lakes that the governor of michigan has talked about, she want it shut down. and i guess there are two four mile stretches that passes under the great lakes but, scott, that pipeline, i read this morning, has been operating pretty safely for 70 years. it's not like it's suddenly going to explode although there have been problems. >> as far as i know, it's always been a safe and people bridge is the one that oversees that line. they do inspections on it almost on a regular basis enough to where that crude oil comes across mackinaw straits feed our
4:25 am
refinery and crucial for our industry and for the community that we live in. we definitely don't want to see line 5 shut down. we want to have toledo refining company stay open so that way we can go to work. steve: sure. what we saw last week is the impact of one single pipeline. when colonial closed down for a while because of that hack, that national security hack you know washington, d.c. is still out of gas, scott. >> that's why it's crucial to keep toledo refining company open. helps with not just our local economy but it also helps with the region. i mean their fuels that they produce that they refine actually reach all the way out to pittsburgh pittsburgh. steve: the president can talk about his plans for the future. but when you talk about america today, america still runs on coal and fossil fuels and
4:26 am
pipelines. that is just a reality. >> yes, at the toledo refining company their products are actually beyond just fuels. i mean, they are in our everyday products. i mean petroleum is in 80% of the daily usage that you have plastics and different materials. it's not just shutting down fossil fuel burning for vehicles. you are also touching different industries of products. steve: absolutely. well, your job is to try to find your members work so good luck to you. scott lopez thank you very much for joining us live today. >> thank you. thank you for having me on. steve: good luck. all right. 7:26 here in the east now. coming up, facebook is accused of censoring dialogue around covid using their so-called fact checkers to shut down posts by doctors, politicians and some in the media. that story is coming up straight ahead from "fox & friends." ♪ ♪
4:27 am
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ainsley: from gasoline to coffee the united states is seeing shortages on just about everything due to several factors including the pandemic and shipping container slowdowns. edward lawrence from our sister network fox business joins us live from a market in maryland with a firsthand look for us. hey, edward. >> hey, ainsley, yeah. to illustrate that, i'm at mom's organic market here the company says health and beauty splice supplements companies suppliers couldn't find the lid for those beauty supplies so they couldn't bring shortage. also spices here pap reek carrasco for example, the glass bottle was in short supply. it came from asia there was a bottleneck on the west coast. suppliers trying to scramble and find european suppliers for the glass bottles. it all cost time and money. listen. >> it's not say we don't have anything on our shelves, you know, you might have to be a little more flexible. >> we are starting to see those
4:32 am
price increases come through. so far we have been able to absorb those. >> now, the crunch is not just the u.s. opening but also the globe. you know about the simi conductor shortage that's limiting the number of cars that can be built. not the product itself in many cases it's the stuff that makes up the product or that the product is in that includes lumber, home depot, for example, says it's charging four times the normal price for lumber because of shortages, that's driven up their costs. so any home being built would cost more any addition to your home would also cost more. the price of melts are soaring as the rush to go green companies are opening up including the u.s. rare earth minerals drying up in order to make some of those green products. that brings us back to here. the concern is that this inflation we are seeing will continue for the rest of the year. the price of the stuff -- the price that we buy that is going to cost more to us as some companies like this try absorbing the cost but others just have to pass it on. ainsley?
4:33 am
ainsley: all right. thanks so much, edward. brian, over to you. brian: thanks, ainsley, over the past year big tech has been accused censoring dialogue including doctors, politicians and some in the media. last month facebook's independent fact checker flagged a journalist about the risks of kids wearing mask placing a disclaimer warning partially false information. really? our next guest calls this trend terrifying. biotech entrepreneur and vivek ramaswamy. welcome back. why is it that you find this so disturbing? >> look, i think that silicon valley monopoly on truth is actually the most concerning monopoly of all. look, science depends on dissent, free speech, open debate. yet in the name of science they are actually censoring those tools of the scientific method itself. i will tell you, this brian, if the last year teaches us
4:34 am
anything, if history teaches us anything, most of our ideas including about science will either be proven false or at least be modified at some point in time. and we only get there through actually allowing the marketplace of ideas to work. in fact, many of the things that we thought about covid-19 even a year ago, even six months ago have since been modified. facebook effectively getting in the way. brian: error? we had to wipe counsel all our groceries so it can be picked up from surfaces? whoops, that's a mistake. remember, don't wear masks because it doesn't matter, it gives you a false sense of security from dr. fauci? oops, that was a mistake, evidently. meanwhile, john tierney, a writer he has been fact checked by facebook. here's a quote from what he said. we gave up arguing with facebook. the science scienced back team never did identify inaccurate facts in the article. this exercise obviously wasn't been accuracy. the fact checkers were actually fact blockers. they don't have to pretend to find an error. they can smear is a journalist and blacklist a story by affixing a vegas label like
4:35 am
misleading or missing context. and they're the arbiter, you know, there is nowhere else to go. >> yeah. and this is a great example right there of science mass can a raiding as politics and the other way around politics mass can a raiding as science. this is really in my opinion politics all the way down. facebook and companies like them are really just effectively doing the bidding of the party that's in power today. they want to take down misinformation as defined by one end of the political spectrum. that's actually the heart of what's going on today is you have seen this trend even ramp up as democratic control of house and then the senate and then the white house is only expanded. and they are effectively taking down misinformation one side of the political spectrum. brian: scary thing is he then the know they're hurting themselves. less and less what they label and post. well, that's just facebook. who knows? this is politically oriented that fact might not be a fact it
4:36 am
might just back up what that -- what the democratic party wants. >> well, if we are losing truths in all of our institutions one by one. we have long lost trust in government. now we have lost trust in our private sector. and the sad part, brian, is that now we are actually as a people losing trust in science itself. that's the saddest part for me. actually true science is about dissent. it's about open debate. in the name of science, this new church of sciencism has actually put science up on the alter itself for sacrifice. brian: thanks so much. >> thank you. brian: meanwhile we reached out to facebook for a statement and did not hear back. vivek ramaswamy, make sure to get his book. brian: the army and navy now accused of going coke. iraq veteran rob smith sound off. play for a chance to win $10,000. all you need to do is predict six outcomes in the fox bet super 6 questions show. topics range from entertainment to sports. free to play.
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>> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> i'm a woman of color. i'm a mom. i'm a cisgender millennial who has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety executive order. i'm intersectional but my exexistence is not a box checking exercise. i stand here today a proud first generation latina and officer at cia. i'm unapologetically me. steve: as we have told you the cia captured this attention earlier this month over what critics are calling woke recruitment propaganda. the army also took heat for a similar ad. brian: you are saying what about the navy? good question. now the navy is joining the efforts to be more inclusive as their acting secretary appoints a task force to promote diversity and equity in their policies. ainsley: here to react is army veteran and host of the podcast rob smith is problematic.
4:42 am
rob smith, good morning to you, rob. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning. so first it was the cia. then it was your branch. it was the army. and now it's the navy. how do you feel about this? >> well, look, let me tell you as a combat veteran with two tours in the middle east what the job of the military is. it is not to respect your pronouns. it is not to get woke. it is not to reflect the sjw whims of society at large. it is to protect the united states from our enemies. and i'm telling you, these enemies look at that cia ad. they look at that ridiculous u.s. army recruiting ad. they look at all of these things and look at all of this intersectionality sjw far left woke politics and they laugh at us. this stuff is not helping us at all. furthermore, what a lot of people tonight realize with the military in general is it is already one of the most diverse workplaces a lot of people are going to experience in their entire careers. in fact, before i went into business for myself, the only place that i ever had a black boss, in fact, multiple black
4:43 am
bosses was in the united states military. so, what i fear from all of this sjw far left woke critical race theory stuff is that it's going to divide soldiers instead of bringing them together and it's also going to make us look really stupid in front of our enemies that are watching every bit of this. steve: well, rob, it's problematic just like the name of your podcast. but, ultimately, i read the metrics and it sound like the cia recruitment video has actually worked because they have been having trouble finding people to join the cia. ultimately, i'm sure the cia is going look, that's the only reason we are doing this is predominantly to get more people to work for the agency. >> so my question is this, it's about quality or quantity. i'm really concerned about the type of people that would see that cia ad and think that, wow, going to the cia is a perfect
4:44 am
place for me to reflect my intersectionality and how inclusive and, you know, cisgender i am. it's a joke. okay? and, like i said, i fear for the types of people that are going to be attracted to the military and to the cia after watching ads like this. i have got to be completely honest. brian: that's true. i talked to two people in the cia and said the world is laughing at us, allies and enemies about what we are doing because this is how you recruiting. you could be all those things but do you fit the criteria of someone that's going to be effective in the cia? it's almost like a distraction from the type of candidate you need. ha what you do in your private time and sexuality has nothing to do with what type of worker you are going to be. >> you know; i wrote about my book "always a soldier." i'm a gay guy. i served in the military. it didn't matter. i was able to physically do everything i was able to do. i was a better shot than most of the guys in my platoon i served
4:45 am
very honorably overseas. this obsession with identity, this obsession with race and sexuality with gender, with intersectionality all these things do not help create a strong military. i really do think it does the opposite. like i said, i fear for the military, c a and these branches moving forward if this is the way that they're looking to attract people and these are the kinds of people that they are trying to attract. brian: all right, rob, thanks. ainsley: thank you, rob. >> thanks. ainsley: we did reach out to the navy and did not hear back. steve: which is problematic. ainsley: hand it over to jillian for headlines. jillian: north carolina deputies who shot and killed andrew brown jr. last month will not face charges. the district attorney announcing his decision saying brown, quote, recklessly drove his car towards officers. >> mr. brown's death, while tragic, was justified, because mr. brown's actions caused three
4:46 am
deputies to reasonably believe it was necessary to use deadly force. jillian: brown's family releasing a statement saying in part, quote. to say this shooting was justified is both an insult and a slap in the face. the family is now vowing to sue the sheriff's office. it comes after several body camera videos were released to the public for the first time. every parent's worst nightmare caught on camera. look at this. surveillance footage showing a man with a knife attempting to kidnap an -year-old girl at florida bus stop. thankfully, she was able to fight him off and run to safety. police tracked the man down and found his arm was actually covered are blue slime. the girl had been playing with. he was arrested and is now facing multiple charges. that is frightening. this just in, the eu will reopen its borders to fully vaccinated visitors and from countries deemed covid safe. this after nearly a year of closed borders with europe banning nonessential travel, ambassadors from the 27-member states made the decision moments
4:47 am
ago. their list of code safe countries will be finalized friday and the new measures could go into effect by next week. and watch this, the heart-warming moment a soldier's parents accept his college diploma on his behalf. [cheers and applause] wow. fellow graduates giving gabriel michael flow's parents a standing ovation at sacred heart university in connecticut. he was unable to attend the ceremony because is he currently stationed at fort bragg. we thank him for his service and they must be so proud. what a moment. steve: they helped get him there. that's great. very, very nice. brian: thanks, jillian. let's go over to janice dean. hey, janice. janice: good morning, yes. we are watching an area of low pressure that's bringing a lot of rain to areas that don't need to see it. texas, louisiana, arkansas, oklahoma, severe thunderstorm watch in effect for south texas,
4:48 am
just south of corpus christi. not only the heavy rain but we could see large hail damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. these are the flood advisories and quite a few flash flood warnings in effect for victoria, texas, south of san antonio, south of tyler, texas. these are areas where flooding is imminent, happening right now, and people need to be on alert. more people die because of flooding than any other weather phenomenon. and here is your severe threat for tonight because of the large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. unfortunately, more heavy rain in store for saturated ground across texas and louisiana. so this is going to be a big concern. i know we are showing a lot of headlines but your prayers are needed for folks in these regions, back to you, steve, ainsley and brian. steve: heavy weather is coming. j.d., thanks. brian: still ahead, we are going to talk to former new jersey governor chris christie who is considering running in 2024. says doesn't matter whether
4:49 am
donald trump runs or not. california will dropped cdc's guidelines and reopen in the middle of june. why wait? one restaurant owner says he can't afford to wait after a year of struggling. he joins us next. ♪ i have seen better days ♪ i've seen better days ♪ mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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ainsley: governor gavin newsom says california will adopt the cdc's indoor mask guidelines and reopen nearly a month from now on june 15th. but the delay is a cause of conservatorship for some of the business owners in that state. many of the business owners i should say. michael is the owner of the mandarin restaurant and he joins us now. good morning to you, michael. >> hi, how are you? >> i'm doing well. how are you feeling about this? >> well, after all that's happened it's just another slap in the face again. we are just trying to make a dollar here and it's very difficult, you know. getting fed up with these mask issues and i'm ready for it to be over. ainsley: and have you lost $250,000 and a lot of your employees because of all of this. how are you making ends meet? >> >> i have a great customer base. been there for 40 years.
4:54 am
and it's in a neighborhood area that supports me and all the businesses right around us there. and you know, that's basically what we have been staying. the takeout business has been doing well. but it's nothing i can really live on. ainsley: right. so he is saying you can open up, no mask in about four weeks. in about a month. >> yeah. ainsley: why when he looks at all these other states and when cases have gone down in all 50 states and it's successfully being done in other states, why wait that long? >> i have no idea. i have no idea. you know, you know, we're practicing, we have been practicing this safe distancing. we have practiced common sense in our restaurant. i mean, we're not on top of each other. i mean, it's -- you know, it is
4:55 am
what it is. i don't know. >> he is a hypocrite, you know. he is able to do the -- is he able to go into restaurants with no mask but i just find it very funny. ainsley: he says he needs this time to prepare. officials in your state say they need this time to prepare. do you need that much time to prepare for the folks though have been vaccinated to take off their mask? >> why? i mean, no. i don't see it. everybody, you know, everybody and i know i can speak for all these other restaurants, also. we're done. we're ready to open up, you know. we are ready to get on and move forward. we have got the vaccination so, you know, that should account for something there. ainsley: right. >> you know? ainsley: we should be incentivized. >> you bet.
4:56 am
ainsley: michael. we wish you all the best. i'm so sorry you have lost all this money. >> well, thank you very much. ainsley: you are welcome. >> i hopefully it gets -- i have a feeling it's going to get worse before it gets better. but we will see what happens. ainsley: we wish you all the best. god bless you. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. former new jersey governor chris christie is going to join us live at the top of the hour. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ for deb, living with constipation with belly pain was the same old story for years. trying this. doing that. spending countless days right here. still came the belly pain, discomfort, and bloating. awful feelings she kept sugar-coating. finally, with the help of her doctor, it came to be. that her symptoms were all signs of ibs-c. and that's why she said yes to adding linzess. linzess is not a laxative. it helps you have more frequent and complete bowel movements. and is proven to help relieve overall abdominal symptoms-belly pain, discomfort, and bloating. do not give linzess to children less than six
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germ proof your car with armor all disinfectant. kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.
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>> joe biden is now waiving u.s. sanctions on a russian pipeline into europe. >> it just creates extreme cognitive dissidence. >> this is major geopolitical win for vladimir putin. >> we are hours away from opening statements in a murder trial of mollie tibbetts. >> 26-year-old kristin rivera is an illegal immigrant from mexico he is standing trial for murder one. >> man defended his home black lives matter last summer now running for the senate. >> if we don't stand up now and take this country back, it's going away. >> the aft president laying out how the biden administration asked them to write the rules for school reopening. >> they asked for language and we gave them language. >> it's pathetic how the teachers union has failed our children. >> i know you don't have to play yet, lee, but are you all right going inside and seeing what have you done for this school and this community? >> are you kidding me? [cheers and applause]
5:01 am
♪ love like crazy ♪ ainsley: i do love like crazy, everyone. brian: do you? ainsley: yeah. my daughter probably the most. she is right up there. brian: right. absolutely. she is number one. ainsley: actually jesus the most i should clarify. brian: you don't have to pick between your family. i'm not sure that whole moses thing kind of threw me. isn't that the burning bush? ainsley: he did. brian: didn't he have to make a choice? ainsley: i don't remember. brian: what was that part of the gospel in the first testament. steve: it's a thousand pages, which part. brian: joel, you know, burning bush sacrifice your kid it was all just a joke. ainsley: that was different from the burning bush. that was isaac. brian: good move.
5:02 am
meanwhile. steve: speaking of lee brice. brian: that was the new jersey boardwalk by the way nothing to do with where we were we were in panama city but the jersey walk is a good place to be. come up in about 45 minutes, you will see lee brice donate a recording studio to a school and then unveil a song that's never been sung in public before that he wrote two days prior to his appearance. ainsley: i can't wait to see that. that first part aired yesterday. so awesome. he has so many hits. steve: no kidding. lee brice this hour. and brian, we just saw the picture of the boardwalk in new jersey. let's talk to the former governor of the great state of new jersey where i live, chris christie joins us. good morning to you, former governor. >> good morning, how are you? brian: you are not going to tell us to get off the beach, are you? >> no, no. get on the beach. it's almost memorial day, let's go. get on the beach. get rid of your masks and let's go. steve: indeed. we are going to talk about your mask initiative and vaccination in a bit.
5:03 am
but, what do you make of what's going on with the biden administration? you know, day one he canceled the keystone pipeline. now governor whitmer up in michigan is talking about threatening the enbridge pipeline but at the same time the state department has given the green light for that pipeline that has had sanctionable activities between germany and russia. they said they wouldn't do it now they have done a 1 0. what's going on? >> listen, this is typical as i have been saying right from the first couple of weeks of this administration. they stone themselves unable to tell the truth to the american people and consistent with the things they campaigned on. let me understand thvment no keystone pipeline for the american people but pipelines aplentiy for vladimir putin. i don't get it. if he is so concerned about climate change and have to get away from fossil fuels. why is he green lighting fossil fuels for europe and russia but not for the united states?
5:04 am
it makes no sense at all. and, again, it's the hypocrisy of his administration. they want to punish america. hurt america. downgrade america. but, you know, overseas, they play footsy with iran. and they play, and now they are giving pipelines to putin. ainsley: it doesn't make sense. i thought he did this for environmental reasons yet it's okay for other countries. >> right. ainsley: cdc insisting school masks are rest of the school year. a child in florida upset about this and he talked to the school board in martin county. watch this. i think we have it. >> it seems unfair teachers take their masks off while they are yelling -- while they yell at us kids and that we need to pull ours up. i asked my mom if there is a word for this, and she said there is, hypocrisy. a few weeks ago i ran into my teacher outside of school, she didn't even recognize me. because she has never seen my face before.
5:05 am
all this seems unfair and it doesn't make sense. i miss seeing people's face. i miss the way things used to be, i am scared they will never go back to normal. really accident seem like something we should have to ask any other people for permission. ainsley: and he and his parents were on with brian at the first hour, i believe, of our show, and they are saying mask optional, please. watch this. >> it's almost like, wait, who's this and who's that? it's like i don't recognize anyone. do we even know any other people? it's like we're just dehumanizing. it's like you really have that much power? >> there has been no end in sight. they don't -- they don't explain themselves. they don't give their justification for continuing with the mask mandate. >> trying to get back to normal here in the state of florida.
5:06 am
and that's happening everywhere other than our schools. why are we still punishing the children? brian: governor, it's inexcusable. >> well, listen, what we know, brian, about the biden administration and what they are doing is joe biden promised he would have all our kids back in school in classroom within its first 100 days. promise made, promise broken. why? because joe biden and his administration is in bed with the teachers union. and the teachers union leadership. all he cares about one thing. the comfort of adults. not the care of children. and when you look at all the science and they said all during the campaign, you remember it, follow the science. we'll follow the science. they are not following the science on this. because all the evidence tells us that school is the safest place for kids to be. and for adults. and that it's been a place where it's been spread the least during the covid-19 crisis. so this is ridiculous and, again, to the teachers union. it's happening all over the
5:07 am
country. what it's going to do is have long-term damage to our kids both psychologically and in terms of their education. outraged parents, no matter what party you are, should be standing up and fighting against this. brian: governor, is this one of these issues that breaks through the party politics that people at home see their kids suffering, see the angst, see what they didn't learn during the year and know what party is responsible? is this a break through issue? >> i think it can be, brian. i will tell you, i think it's incumbent upon republicans to be talking about this issue much more than we are. we shouldn't be doing rear view mirror issues. we should be doing through the windshield issues. talking about what the effect on our kids is going to be for the future and how we change these policies and oppose the biden policies. that's what we should be spending our time talking about. and a lot of republicans just aren't doing that and we're missing out on a great political opportunity but much more importantly, we're missing out on opportunity to restore our
5:08 am
children's educational progress. steve: governor, i remember when you were governor in new jersey, and i covered you when you did one of your town halls in lincoln park, in northern new jersey. and i remember, you got into it with a member of the teachers union as you did many of those town halls back then. when you fast forward to now, and we hear the cdc say, you know are just following the science, we are not doing anything political, despite the fact that the mask mandate dropped last week looked political, and then when you hear, you know, according to the freedom of information act we now know that the exact language, the teachers union sent to the cdc wound up in the final guidance, it looks like this administration is paying a lot of attention to their stockholder, the teachers union, but it is political. >> well, look, watch what they say and they do in this circumstance. dr. jill biden said that as long
5:09 am
as joe is president the teacher union leadership will always have a seat at the table. randi weingarten and the american federation of teachers say we are thought partners with the cdc. well, what the hell does randi weingarten know about cdc medical information that gives her the right to be a thought partner with public health experts? and then to change their opinion and change their language to make it more convenient for her as a multimillion dollars union leader? i'm sorry, it just doesn't make any sense. and what it is is politics. they are playing politics with our schools. which is bad. but, worse is the effect it's having on our children. and those effects we will be seeing for years. and why aren't we standing up? production need to be standing up even louder and stronger than we are. this is an issue that effects all americans. regardless of party. this is one of those things where republicans show we stand up for our kids on this issue and not for the comfort of
5:10 am
adults. ainsley: they say follow the science, but when the scientists tell us we can take our masks off and you have nancy pelosi still in chambers wearing her mask and telling everyone they are going to get fined if they take them off even if they have been vaccinated it's hard to trust the government because we did what they told us to do. steve: maybe bill nye the science guy calls her. ainsley: if dr. fauci tells her, maybe she will listen. >> well, steve, you know, and ainsley, that we have a governor here in new jersey who is a former goldman sachs salesman who thinks he knows more about medicine than the cdc. new jersey is only one of four states left in the nation that still has a mask mandate for people who have vaccinated. he says he needs a few more weeks to look at it. who is he? he is not a medical expert. and, yet, he continues to want to keep tight control over the people of new jersey. brian: why? ainsley: new jersey and hawaii. only two states doing this. brian: governor, the idiotic illustration he gave shows how out of touchy is. he says if you walk into a
5:11 am
hardware store. we don't know if you are vaccinated or not. it's up to you, you get the vaccination, you don't. we all can get the vaccination, that's what's great about what has hand since operation warp speed and the implementation of this. we can get it so we are making our own choice there. you are as safe as you want to be. that's your message, too, right? go ahead and get a vaccination. >> absolutely, look. i have had the vaccination. i felt fine and did well with it afterwards. i know that the science shows us that you're 90 to 95% protected. not only from getting it, but from spreading it to other people. and so this vaccination was tested four times more than the normal prescription drugs approved by the fda and it works. and it is safe. but, do you know what? the bottom line is i trust the american people. they don't want to get each other sick. and they are not going to do that. they are going to be smart about doing it so they are going to follow the rules that are laid out there if they make sense.
5:12 am
by the way, if you can't take your masks off once you are double vaccinated inside, then what incentive are they giving people who haven't been vaccinated to get vaccinated? that's what people like governor murphy are policing and others across this country who are not giving people the appropriate incentives to be able to take the vaccination. steve: that's why you are involved in this partnership called vaccination and nobody knows more about code than you do because you had covid and you were real sick. but, in the video, that you did, you talk a little bit about how there is some vaccine hesitancy because people go oh, it came out so fast it can't possibly be safe. but, as you point out in the video, the reason it came out so fast is because they were able to cut the red tape. >> yep. because president trump and the trump administration said we're going to do two things that are not normally done. we're developing a new drug. one, we're going to fund it. we're going to prefund it because we want it to move
5:13 am
faster. and, two, we're going to cut all the normal red tape out of it none of the science but all of the governmental red tape that slows things down. that's why president trump was able to accomplish what he did by getting these vaccines ready by the middle of november. record time, and starting to get people vaccinated by the end of november of last year. that's why we are in a position we are in. so what the public need to understand is, look, there is nothing perfect. but a vaccine is like putting your seat belt on when you get in the car. it won't guarantee you if you get in an accident you won't be injured or killed but it makes it much, much less likely. that is what we want to be be doing for people across the country so we can get rid of these manipulating politicians who want to control our lives and get back to controlling our own lives. ainsley: that's a great example pause it does decrease death both situations the seat belt and the vaccine, so you are the governor of new jersey, and there is talk that you might be running for president in a few years. have you made a decision? >> i haven't made a decision,
5:14 am
ainsley. but i'm certainly not going to preclude it we are going to continue to speak out like we are doing this morning and all over the country about the issues that i care deeply about. because i want to provide a voice for the republican party that is forward-looking. that is opposing these radical liberal policies of the biden administration. and laying out a counter alternative for us to consider. and that's what we should be doing. and, look, there is going to be plenty of time after the midterms in 2022 to decide whether or not you run for president or not. i will tell you, this the most important thing for us to do is to take back the house and the senate in 2022 so that we stop this biden-harris liberal march in its tracks. and republicans have to start talking boldly and correctly now about that. not waiting. brian: right. they are trying to federalize elections and fatten the supreme court. what could be wrong with that? real quick, today there is a big story, governor, the new york's attorney general's office said they will be conducting now a
5:15 am
criminal investigation into former president trump's business empire, no longer civil. you got a great legal mind. is the president -- former president in trouble? >> >> listen, you never like to hear the words under criminal investigation. if it's about you. it's never good. it's never positive. but, we're innocent until proven guilty in this country. everyone has constitutional rights. whether you are a citizen living here in the state of new jersey or whether you are a former president of the united states. and so i ask people not to jump to any conclusions. let the prosecutors and the investigator do their work. and come to conclusions and then we can come to judgment then. no, you never like to hear those words, brian, but, let's remember, that we have the presumption of innocence in this country despite the way things are covered sometimes. so let's take a deep breath. let people do their work. brian: by the way, the president would not be investigated if he wasn't president. if he was businessman donald trump, this probe doesn't happen. which is flat out wrong.
5:16 am
>> listen, any time that people are investigated for their status, rather than for their conduct, it's wrong. but in the end now, we have a right as the american people to see evidence. you know, we have said all along, i have said this before. with the russia probe, turns out not to be the evidence that you would need anywhere near it to prove that there was any collusion between the trump campaign and the russians, that's ultimately what bob mueller concluded, right? in the same way that we looked at the elections, we need to see evidence about whether or not there was fraud in the elections. and now, we need to see whether there is any evidence regarding these investigations that are being made in new york. you know, listen, i did prosecutions for seven years. in the end, the facts are the facts. and the american people are smart. they will judge the facts that are presented before them and they will come to their own conclusion. we need to see the facts. every american has a right for the truth. steve: mr. christie, when you were governor, the governor of
5:17 am
new jersey works very closely with the governor of new york. with the port authority of new york and new jersey running the bridges and tunnels and airports and things like that. there is a story out this morning that rudy giuliani's son andrew, 30 some odd-year-old young man who had worked in the trump white house is now considering running for governor in the wake of everything that's going on with andrew cuomo. put on your political hat for a moment, and what does that look like to you? >> well, look, i know andrew giuliani very well. and i have known him for a long time. is he a very bright, aggressive, ambitious young man who wants to contribute to public service and did so during his time of service in the white house. he has every right to be able to run for governor. the primary will be tough for everybody involved. congressman lee zeldin has also said he is running. and lee will be a formidable candidate in the primary as well. so, if andrew gets into this. if that's what he decides to do, is he a smart young man.
5:18 am
he will contribute to the debate. we will see how he does against congressman zeldin and anybody else who is running. in a state like new york, that's so blue, i think it's really good news for the republican party that 18 months out from the election that they have people who are willing to step forward and fight the fight to try to get the governorship. and so i wish andrew all the luck in the world. he is a good young man and a friend. but, that primary will be tough because lee zeldin is also a friend and somebody who will be very formidable if they wind up squaring off with each other in the primary. brian: how does andrew cuomo still have a job. >> the people of new york have elected governor cuomo until the election of 2022. we will see how all this plays out over the course of time. and, again, as i said about these other things, people have a right to the truth. and so this investigation is going on there. let's hear what the truth is there as well. and let's let people make their judgments. i will tell you, brian, that as somebody who was victimized by
5:19 am
the obama justice department when people jumped to conclusions in the media and the obama justice department was weaponized for political purposes against me, i will tell you i'm always reluctant to jump to conclusions on things because it was done to people around me and the united states supreme court ruled last year 9-0 that it was the politicization of the justice department and the justice process. it's never good and i'm not going to participate in that kind of stuff regardless of party. brian: right. nine accusers, you have the ethics violation as well as the nursing home investigation. a lot different than yours. ainsley: they goal after trump in this state but the democrats it seems they get a pass. governor, thanks so much for being on with us. >> it's great to be on with you, always. good to see you. ainsley: good to see you, too. still ahead after cutting $22 million from police department last summer. the city of baltimore is now, guess what? refunding the police to respond to a surge in crime. former g.o.p. congressional candidate kimberly klacik will join us to react.
5:20 am
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ainsley: the baltimore city council moving to beef up police funding by $28 million backing down from previous vote last year to slash it. the reversal comes as the city sees a surge in violent crimes, including nearly 0% increases in shootings and aggravated assaults. kimberly klacik ran for congress in the baltimore area and she joins us now to react. good morning, chamberly. >> good morning, ainsley, how are you? >> good morning, i'm doing well. when you ran had that compelling video walking through the streets of baltimore saying you wanted to run because you wanted to clean up the streets and showing us the trash. how do you feel about this when they defunded last year and now they realize they need that extra money? >> yeah, i mean, it's so disappointing, you know, as you
5:25 am
pointed out they defunded in june by 22 million and now we saw during the lockdown that we had an increase in crime and violence. we had 335 homicides. 40 women. 11 of the murders of the women were actually cited as domestic showing it was the lockdown itself that was a contributing factor. the problem with this is that all of the mainly cities across the country have seen increase in crime violence by 20%. that's because they have been defunding the police and also vilifying police and leaving the force. washington, d.c. crime suspect 4%. you look at new york city where mayor bill de blasio defunded the police and passed a ridiculous reform bill and now they are kind of, you know, having to go back on their word. i like the fact that you are doing this story because our mayor brandon scott he ran on the fact that he was going to further defund the police after he was elected in november. so he had the support of
5:26 am
progressives and black lives matter supporters. ainsley: now they are increasing the budget. is he talking about it or is he staying silent? >> well, he is trying to do it as quietly as possible. because, of course, i'm sure he wants to win re-election this time around. but this is the problem that we have across the country, you know. i will never understand why we are even vilifying the police officers. you know, they are just law enforcers. if people don't like the laws on the books, then you have to vote for different people that have legislating. for me, you know, why are we even doing this? we see so many police officers that a i see thatting that have left the force now refunding it it's a little too little, too late. lost so many officers and people don't want to be police officers because they are being vilified. ainsley: you are right. that's so sad to hear you say that he is trying to stay quiet so he can win elections. that means defunding the police wins elections in some of these progressive cities.
5:27 am
>> absolutely. and the unfortunate consequences are terrible. but, i like for people, you know, as long as you follow the science for covid, i want you to follow the data when it comes to crime and violence and not keep voting based on emotion. progressives are ruining this country whether it's the crime and violence or even the education system in our public schools. we have to do better. and i know a lot of people said they didn't vote for trump because they felt he was mean. but i have to tell you these criminals and gang members on our streets are a heck of a lot marine. ainsley: you are right. major cities with progressive city halls they have all seen an increase in crime. thank you so much, kimberly for coming on with us. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. major corporations called out in a new ad campaign for allegedly going woke. and putting politics over their customers. douglas murray is going to weigh in next. ♪ i order my groceries online now. shingles doesn't care. i keep my social distance. shingles doesn't care. i stay within my family bubble.
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♪ ♪ brian: all right. we are about an hour away in opening statements in the trial for illegal immigrant charged with murdering the college student mollie tibbetts. christian rivera accused of killing mollie tibbetts while she was on a run in her rural hometown. we covered it here. ashley strohmier is covering it now in iowa. hey, ashley. >> hey, good morning, brian,
5:32 am
yeah. as you said that trial for mollie tibbetts is starting at 8:30 local time. about an hour from now. past couple days monday and tuesday they selected the jury. it's consisting of 8 women. seven men. they were all told, you know, to be mindful and aware that they were going to be showing graphic images of the stab wounds of mollie tibbetts. 26-year-old christian rivera an illegal immigrant from the u.s. from mexico. is he the one standing trial for murder one after he confessed to police that he stabbed tibbetts to death and then dumped her body in a cornfield. tibbetts went missing after she went for a run and didn't show up to work the next morning in her hometown of brooklyn, iowa, which brooklyn iowa is about an hour -- i'm sorry, 100 miles from where we are right now. the state says they have 18 to 20 witnesses who could possibly testify as this trial could go anywhere from a couple of days to two weeks. but, some are saying it's not going to go that long. the trial date has been changed many times. most recently because of covid.
5:33 am
it was also moved from brooklyn, iowa, where this happened to scott county because the pre-trial is what gained so much attention. as i said less than an hour from now this trial is going to start and i will be sitting in on that trial and bring you all of the latest developments. back to you. brian: all right. thanks so much, ashley. steve? steve: thank you, brian. the nation's oldest consumer protection agency launching a new ad it companies pushing woke culture putting politics over their customers. >> american airlines, rated the worst. american requires passengers to show i.d. to fly. attacks customer's via voter i.d. law. getting political. attacking georgia's voter i.d. law. attack dismal sells. nike is constantly political. why? cover. congressional reports suggest nike used forced labor in china. steve: well, that's an embarrassing fact. author douglas murray joins us
5:34 am
live. douglas, good morning good morning to you. >> good morning, great to be with you. steve corporate boards hate unnecessary risks and yet, the companies that are targeted in this ad, american airlines, coke, and nike, they took political calculations and they made a political stand effectively angering half the country. why would they do something like that? >> that's right. they think that by doing this there is only something gain for them. i'm delighted this the ad campaign has come along. reinforcing something we have said for a while can which is we should be intently suspicious of woke corporation. corporations that throw themselves in to political issues. we saw it recently with nike signing a letter about transathletes, you know, being in sports in red states. what does that have to do with the company? i'm very glad that people are finally realizing that they do this to cover over things that are much more concerning.
5:35 am
congressional reports suggesting that nike used force labor in china. that's a really serious thing. they think they can cover this stuff over by doing stuff about transathletes here and georgia voting laws there. >> why do these big corporations take a political side? you think they would want the whole country buying their products and using their services. instead, it almost seems as if their social media departments, which are predominantly run by young millennial progressives, they're the ones saying hey, boss, we have got say something. come on, we can't be quiet. >> that's right. and a lot of these corporations are run by basically millennials, it social media account people saying we can't cope with the pressure on us that we haven't yet spoken about georgia voting legislation. that's what they claim and the people up top think that's what the public wants. i think there is a much better way to deal with this.
5:36 am
this week there was a positive development in corporate america. shopify, the ceo of shopify sent a note to all the employees directly running against this terrible trend in corporate america. the ceo of shopify said to the employees we are a for profit organization. we are a company. we are not, he said, a family. we are not what's more a government. we are not here and cannot sort out all of the societal iniquities you may see. now, this is what a reasonable adult boss should do. he should say we are here to make money as a company. we are not here to lecture republican voters. we are not here to pretend that we run the world or can influence the world very much. and if they did that, they would at least be honest. steve: there you go. all right, let's see if many more do just that douglas, thank you very much for joining us on this wednesday. >> it's a great pleasure. steve: all right. 24 minutes before the top of the hour, coming up, actress kirstie
5:37 am
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for whatever reason, your home's equity just might be the right solution. why don't you give aag a call i trust 'em you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now! >> you could be cooking meth and sleeping with hookers, but as long as apparently you didn't vote for trump. so, you know, i feel like i'm in the twilight zone a bit with the whole concept of it because, you know, an example is on twitter i
5:42 am
had many celebrities followed me and now i think like 3 follow me. and i am going -- i'm the same person. you know, i'm the girl who voted for obama twice. >> right. >> like me when i voted for obama and now you are this? it's made me have to rethink weirdly my whole friendships. >> let's bring in will cain, "fox & friends weekend" co-host to react to this. tucker carlson has got this special as you know, will, on fox nation, it drops today at 4:00 if people want to watch her interview with him. whether a she is saying is basically people judge you on who you vote. she came out publicly. she wasn't shy saying she voted for president trump twice. voted for obama as you heard her say twice, why can't people just be nice and respect other people's ideas? will: you know, ainsley, what you hear there from kirstie al e. alley is not surprising. lock step one point of view group think. here's the thing hollywood is just an extreme example of
5:43 am
what's going on across our country. i will tell you this i think people i was very least friendly with or friends with have distanced themselves from me since i joined fox news. here's the thing. you know, i think for many, especially those on the left their identity and much of their self-worth has been found at the voting box. at the ballot box in the way that they vote. and, look, politics is important. it's important to me. many of the things i believe i hold very deeply, ainsley, but, you know, anyone that knows me knows i love sports. i like tequila, i like country music. brian: in that order. will: not necessarily brian in that order. the point is there is more to me than the way i vote. i'm always working on my relationship with god. so, i don't understand how we have let ourselves be defined by politics. i don't want to be partisan about this. i believe many on the left begun to define each of us as
5:44 am
individuals simply by whether or not we check rs or d's that's an unhealthy place for society. brian: not that i just stopped talking to you, will, i'm very busy and can't get back to you. i know you are talking about stephen a. smith. will: i'm not. i get the truth. that is not one person that would judge me based on my politics. brian: i know is he a great guy. ainsley: cancel culture is real though. will: i appreciate that relationship. it is real, ainsley. steve: schools are locked down and the thing about the masks is unfriesen coast to coast even though the cdc says you don't need to wear one indoors but, of course, children are not vaccinated. c-span had a whole bunch of callers call in and blast the teachers union and it was so extraordinary to see these people speak up on television, we thought we would play a clip. will, listen to. this how come the parochial schools and the private schools
5:45 am
could navigate their way through this scenario but the public schools didn't seem to be able to manage that? >> i would like to ask you why you think a pandemic is a reason to reimagine our education? >> it is pathetic how the teachers union and the government has failed our children. brian: random caller. steve: rare that you could speak directly to the head of, i think, second largest teachers union in america. will: and americans got to voice their concerns. you know, it's pretty good symbolism that america right now or some in america is in the process of taking off their masks. it's symbolic what's happened other the past year. we have had the masks taken off. institutions might have had blind faith in. what have you seen, what has been unmasked in the past year is who the teachers union is really look out for. if you didn't he already know that, it should be clear now. they are not looking out for your children. they are looking out for
5:46 am
teachers exclusively. brian: watch it tonight, will, "fox news primetime." i think they request you put on a tie. if you need instructions, youtube, we will tell you how to do it. good job. you are doing a great job all week. ainsley: you are. will: thank you, guys. brian: -- champaign police say the suspect opened fire as the officers got out of their patrol cars to investigate a domestic dispute. officers returned fire killing the suspect. one officer is in critical condition while the other is stable. state police are leading the investigation. also breaking this morning, israel firing more airstrikes into gaza as hamas and jihadi saying they are targeting at israeli bases. at least six people were killed in the overnight strikes as the idf steps up its attacks on thai targets of the strikes come after two foreign workers were
5:47 am
killed in a rocket attack by hamas. the idf says the terror group has fired nearly 3 hundred rocks at israel. meanwhile at least 3 palestinians were killed during violent protests in the west bank and in jerusalem, israeli forces fired tear gas and arrested multiple demonstrators. los angeles county is giving certain residents a major handout. the county's board has approved a guaranteed monthly pilot program for impoverished residents paying them $1,000 a month for three years. the board declared poverty and economic opportunity a matter of public health and said the pandemic made this measure even more necessary that is a look at your headlines send it back to you. steve: all right. thank you very much. something that is always necessary a look to the weather. janice dean joins us now with our wednesday "foxcast." janice: yes, especially since we have terrible weather, unfortunately across the gulf coast states where flash flooding is imminent. it's happening right now. >> we could actually see the threat for severe storms for texas yesterday, many reports of
5:48 am
hail and wind, and unfortunately the same is going to happen today especially for parts of south texas but also watching louisiana, up towards oklahoma and arkansas. severe thunderstorm watch in effect for south texas. in that we have severe thunderstorm warnings. not only the potential for flash flooding but, you know, we could see some tornadoes today as well. the reds that you see on your screen here are flash flood warnings in and around the corpus christi area up towards san antonio and tyler, texas. this is going to be a big deal not only today but through the next couple of days. it doesn't take a tropical storm to cause massive amounts of flooding in some of these regions, so just know what to do if there is a watch or a warning in your area. steve, ainsley, brian, back to you. steve: great, j.d. brian: meanwhile, let me tell you what's straight ahead part 2 of our exclusive interview with country music super star lee brice how he gives back to the community and one school in particular that he credits for
5:49 am
laying the foundation for his entire career. but, first, let's check in with bill hemmer and dana perino who are outside on the veranda live this morning. >> i mean, how often did you wonder when would this day come, guys? >> a lot. >> bill: it's not like we are all there. steve: getting closer. >> bill: yeah, we have turned a major corner today. >> dana: today is a big day because this is the day that new york is allowed to open its restaurants, museums, we are going to talk to all sorts of people. we have doctors, business owners, we have talked to people on the street that we could find. find. >> bill: cops on crime and what's coming up next. >> dana: new york is back and we'll be back with you at the top of the hour. that help unleash your energy. loaded with b vitamins... ...and other key essential nutrients...'s a tasty way to conquer your day. try centrum multi gummies. now with a new look.
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♪ ainsley: country music star lee brice opening up but song writing process talked to brian how rosemary beach florida inspired some of his greatest hits. brian: he spent a lot of time giving back to the community. i had an opportunity to join him at the school and here is part two of my interview giving back part two ♪ ain't trying to meet nobody
5:54 am
brian: country super star lee brice you know how much rose mary beach means for him. now it's time for him to give back to a community that's given so much. here at the lohana institute. lee, i know you don't have to play yet. are you all right going inside and seeing what you have done for this school and this community? >> are you kidding me? [cheers and applause] >> everybody you are going to grow up one day and have to have jobs. if you get to do what you love and that becomes your job you are a blessed person. stay at it. don't give up. that's how you do it. this song right here, i actually wrote like 500 yards from here. ♪ ♪ there's a rumor going around ♪ about me and you ♪ stirring up our little town ♪ the last week or two. brian: how special is it knowing that the money he raised is
5:55 am
going to your school? >> big for us. it's amazing. kind of speechless because i don't even know how that even happens. ♪ there's a rumor going around, around and around why don't you say we make it true, make it true. >> thank y'all so much. [cheers and applause] brian: what was that assembly like for you? >> these kids are learning so much. it's changing their lives. we want to make sure that they are learning how to work together and that they are trying to do something different. brian: right. i get the sense that he is really moved by what you are doing. >> it has meant a lot. he has made a huge difference in the life of our music program. >> studio. we have dedicated just to you. brian: you wanted to give back, why? >> our goal was to get it to where they can functionally make real records, real stuff. brian: it's not officially open yet until we cut the ribbon. i have never done this before.
5:56 am
[cheers and applause] ♪ bad name ♪ ♪ >> man, i cannot even believe this. brian: everybody is in a band here but they are fantastic. the sun is down, the fans are out. it is concert time. this is lee brice's bus, and he is inside getting ready for his concert. can i go in. >> come on, in buddy. brian: he calls the shots. are you ready. >> i'm not usually like this. i'm like nervous or anxious before a show. i just haven't done a lot of them. i'm kind of freaking out like am i going it be able to remember hard to love? most people have theirs for the year. let's throw this song in there tonight? brian: they are ready for us.
5:57 am
>> >> let's do it. i have a brand new song i wrote two weeks ago. i don't know all the words yet. i'm going to but the this write in front of me. new songs. brian: you are here introduce you. without any further delay one of the most talented people in america country music star lee brice, come take the stage. [cheers and applause] >> what a special night and what a special place and what you are doing and you being here is raising money to do such a special thing for these kids. ♪ i'm hard to love ♪ hard to lo ♪ oh i don't make it easy ♪ you are one of them girls that. >> i'm going to try to do this song for you, i literally wrote it two days ago. i have a little girl. she is starting to get old enough now where she is like you know, daddy, you have a song about boys. where is my song? so this is called girl dad. ♪ i was wishing for a little brother so bad
5:58 am
♪ what in the world, dad ♪ going to have to take all my toys and hide it's always been just me and you so what are we going girl dad ♪ being a girl dad ♪ it's never been so hard ♪ girls come with different hearts ♪ than boy dads ♪ [cheers and applause] steve: that's great. when is he going to record it. brian: when he was done, it's like midnight. we're done. he said do you ever see a song recorded before? he said what are you talking about? brian, don't go in. it takes forever. he went and recorded that sock. he has got to to redo it again. plays everything on it. sings in the background. plays guitar. that night until 4:00 in the morning. he went right from the van back
5:59 am
into the studio. he just helped fund. ainsley: why didn't he wait until the next day. brian: he was on a roll. ainsley: creative juices were flowing. brian: that's his attitude and takes it to music. offensive lineman with clemson he has that football mentality. i have go to go finish the job. gets up in the morning and writes and goes and performs and likes to work. he said this year it's going to be harder because he got so attached to his family. steve: you know, it was great that you were able to introduce him at that event, brian, are you a little disappointed he did not ask you to sing backup? brian: right. i stood there on stage for a while and i go i guess i should just go because question get the cue. check out the ohana institute. the school is so interesting. mom wasn't happy with the school system she started home schooling the family liked what she was doing and got put into a school. 300 person waiting list for a school of 190. ainsley: that's what that guy who took his kid out of brearley wants to start a school. people on upper east side do it
6:00 am
we are tired of the critical race theory. brian: not just music it's robotics and everything. ainsley: every kid there has to sing or play an instrument, right? brian: yeah. gets you out of your shell. ainsley: 300 person waiting list for that show. brian: just soldiered through this by himself in his compound. steve: cut the video. ainsley: good job, brian. have a good one. steve: see you tomorrow.


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