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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  May 22, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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listen -- >> for greg gutfeld number that's for sure. >> exactly right. ben, kristin, rachel, it was a pleasure, great to see you guys. that does it for us we'll see you back here 5 p.m. for the big sunday show the "fox report" with jon scott, right now. mediators in middle east hoping to secure long-term peace between israel and hamas led palestinian militants from gaza strip fragile cease-fire is holding for now. but many worry about violent backlash that we have seen in the united states. good evening i'm jon scott, and this is the "fox report." jon: cease-fire began before dawn on friday after 11 days of violence and destruction. israel pounded gaza with air strikes and hamas militants fired barrages of rockets at
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israel medical officials say 248 killed in gaza and palestinian officials say reconstruction likely will cost tens of millions of dollars. we have live team coverage christina coleman has details on an arrest in a brutal anti-semitic attack here in the u.s. and mark meredith is at the white house with more on president biden response to conflict in the middle east. first, though, to trey live on the ground in gaza city. trey. reporter: jon, good evening, a cease-fire between israel and hamas is holding. while the trail of despair left behind by this conflict is still being processed, especially by gaza youngest resident. >> eight-year-old is just happy she found her fitch. when an israeli air strike hit part of her home in city -- this palestinian girl said she was scared but worried about her pet. arabic for mermaid i was afraid
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from war she says i took fish and ran away. but child has seen israel and gaza go to war for innocence amid a back drop of death and destruction. 66 palestinian children were kilted during the recent 11-day conflict dozens more were injured. further north in gaza city surrounded by dora explorer pillow and princess doll cries out for her mother at the hospital. israeli missile slammed into their building last week as female was getting ready for dinner. pieces of shrapnel lodging into her spinal cord. >> shock -- feeling of a matter to our daughter. we're sitting in the house very peacefully. and then that happened. >> palestinian people desperately await a political situation to avoid suffering with nothing concrete on the horizon, communities look inward trying to heal physical and mental wounds. in rural gaza a local nonprofit
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holding group therapy sessions for children dealing with trauma some of the kids simply don't speak. they're trapped in their own mind. others like 11-year-old armani are talkative she recalls in detail speaking in tone of a child about topics concerning adults. >> there were bombings my brothers were afraid. there were fragments hit people. they lost their hands and legs, and some died. reporter: ongoing conflict etched on face of the children you see it in their eyes and hear it in their voices since they were born young palestinians have lived under israeli blockade. this world is all they know. >> trey -- reporter: these kids are the future of gaza. the political decisions made in the coming weeks and months will directly impact their lives and lives of palestinians living here. the psychological impact of war especially on children is often
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overlooked. jon. jon: trey, reporting live from gaza city. trey, thank you. jon: lapd making an arrest in a horrifying attack that looks very much like a hate crime. it happened tuesday outside a restaurant a group of propalestinians began making anti-israel remarks and it all escalated into violence. christina coleman is live in los angeles with that story. christina. reporter: jon, police are investigating this as a hate crime if the man arrested is accused of being part of a mob of palestinian protesters. who attacked diners outside a restaurant near beverly hills. about eight protesters palestinian protesters jumped out of a caravan of cars waving palestinian flags tuesday night. witnesses say some of them asked if the diners were jewish, and when two men said yes, they were then attacked and beaten by this group of men. we've reached out to los angeles police on the possibility of more arrests. we're awaiting for a response, though, we do know investigators
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believe suspects in this case are connected to the attack of an orthodox jewingish man monday night near west hollywood. that man says he thought he was going to be killed when the caravan tried to run him down. his wife reangted reacted to the attack. >> they meant to get him. and they didn't -- they were not saying any racial slurs. they said allah akbar we know very well unfortunately, means they would like to commit a terrorist attack hurt someone, kill someone. reporter: across the country, another man was arrested after a jewish man was beaten by a group of men in new york's times square that assault happened thursday night during dualing rallies over the conflict in israel and gaza. the violence adds to drastic spike in anti-jewish hate across the world. israel's ambassador to u.s. addressed the issue on fox.
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it is not israel but it is a worldwide phenomenon it ising an american phenomenon. it is oldest form of racism as this is something i suspect or figure years to examine common denominator here and what's the platform. is social media, and it feeds on itself. and there's no question that whether it is caused by the left of silence of a lot of media of many political personalities of social media influencers, when it come come comes to history os anti-semitism is definitely contributing factor. reporter: in a statement, facebook said they will take strong action against hate speech and content that incites violence. jon. jon: christina coleman from los angeles.
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christina, thanks. president biden spending weekend at camp david insisting he and his party still support the jewish state. but he had krit sip of israel by progressives shows democrats are divided on his middle east policying. mark meredith live at the white house with the latest on that. mark. reporter: good evening president biden says u.s. remains firmtive support for israel and increase in calls by some progressives to country to rethink its support both militarily and financially for the jewish state as you also mention the president makes way up to camp david earlier today he didn't talk to reports on the way out of town. and on friday face question about middle east after a small number of lawmakers urge congress to block a massive weapon sale to israel. >> you know, my party still supports israel. let's get something straight here. until the region says unequivocally, they acknowledge the right of israel to exist as
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an independent jewish state, there will be no peace. reporter: the president says he's praying for latest cease-fire that it will last the secretary of state is expected to head to the region next few days to meet with israeli and palestinian officials. still critics within president's own party they want more michigan congresswoman tweeting, a cease-fire is necessary but will not alone achieve freedom justice and equality for all who live under israel's apartheid government and dismissing comments outright. >> well you've got a group of some in my party who have take extreme views on this issue. you know, and even some calling israel terrorists or after apartheid state that's not where the democrat party is. >> keeping an eye on this cease-fire also pledging financial support both for israel as well as for those folks that are working to rebuild in gaza a lot of questions about the humanitarian
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needs still on the ground there. jon. jon: mark let's talk domestic policy for a moment the white house is still trying to get that big infrastructure bill through congress. seems like a bipartisan deal is still out of reach, isn't it? >> jon it seems like that does kaition yesterday the white house offered a counterproposal to senate republicans now offering a price tag of 1.7 trillion to spend on things like rebuilding roads, airports, expand broadband access. senate republicans have wanted to spend a far less amount than that. and they have a chance to review this latest proposal from the white house saying that, both sides are still very apart not only what infrastructure should be defined as. but, of course, how much should cost these negotiations continue to roll on. but jon you have to wonder at what point the white house may decide to go along with democrats up on the hill. jon. jon: mark meredith live from the white house. mark, thank you. for more on this let's bring in republican florida congressman carlos member of the house homeland security committee, and the house transportation and
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infrastructure committee. so as a member of the infrastructure committee congressman what do you think about the president's infrastructure plan? >> again, it's -- it says infrastructure on top but really a small percentage is really infrastructure. the plan outlined by the senate republicans is more in line with what infrastructure is. and totals almost $600 billion. but 300 billion actually goes to roads and bridges, and it goes to airports and ports. it goes to -- to water projects. really what everybody considers infrastructure. the president is 1.7 trillion dollars. again, the last time i saw it was about 25% actually went to infrastructure. other percentages went to things that have nothing to do with infrastructure like, like elderly home care, unionized elderly home care, i'm somehow that -- escapes me as being infrastructure. >> let's look at some of the
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numbers broken down in the president's plan, and 2.25 trillion dollar infrastructure plan, the traditional elements of infrastructure are in there 932 worth of broad banding power grid enhancements. then there are about 400 billion dollars in human care services. and 918 billion dollars in housing, schools, research, and development. how much it of that do you think republicans would be able to swallow? >> i don't think any of the real like what is social programs i don't think we're going to swallow that under term of infrastructure because you have $2 trillion on social programs. so it is actually more than that. look, we want, we want to work with the white house. we believe that there is a need for infrastructure in the united states traditional forms of infrastructure and things that may not be traditional like broadband and also how do we
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incentivize american companies to come back to united states and we constitute our supply chains here away from china, and some other countries. those are things that i think that we can -- that we can support. you know they're at 1.7 trillion. the senators they're about 600 billion. i guess, you know, we'll try to work somewhere towards middle so some of those programs that they have are nonstarters yet, who is going to pay for it there will be our children, going to be our grandchildren and why don't we build infrastructure in thanked pays for itself, and actually gives us a return on investments a lot of things on his plate don't do that they're just payouts and payout anxious payouts that we have to pay in the end and our children and grandchildren pay for it and we're stealing from them their ability to -- fund their infrastructure programs in the future. jon: the president is expressing some optimism that he's going to be able to reach a deal with your party. listen.
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i'm opt mistoik reach a reasonable greet and even if question don't it has been a good faith effort to start it. didn't compromise anything what we did was -- i laid out what i thought we should be doing. how it should be paid for -- my colleagues in the senate said they'll come back. >> so they're now about at the white house about a -- 1.7 trillion dollar or so deal. but in your view that's still too much? >> way too much. you know, we -- , obviously, you know this is like negotiating for a car you start out low. they start out high. and we're trying to get somewhere in the middle. obviously, i think that we're the senate republicans can -- can offer somewhat more but i doubt we can reach anywhere, anywhere close to what the president has on the table right now. we think that that's irresponsible it is way too much. and it has nothing to do with infrastructure. we really need to focus on
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infrastructure. jon: congressman josh, a democrat from new jersey seems to agree with you as to what could get passed by congress. listen. >> i think we will find agreement i'm hoping in the next week or so and so what i would say is i know there's a lot of back and forth going on whether you're working on agreement it takes time, and i think we're going to get there i'm very optimistic that we can. again this was focusing on roads, bridges, tunnels, water and grid part of the president's proposal. jon: focusing on the roads, the bridges, the tunnels, and so forth. it sounds like the kiensdz kinds of thingings you're talking about are on minds front and center of some democrats. >> i think so. >> one of the reason there's room for compromise i believe some democrats are finding difficult to swallow the price tag and also the way to pay for it and the way the president wants to pay for it is by hiking
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tax accident hiking taxes on our corporations hiking taxes on investments. that's not the way to get our economy rolling again. certainly not the way to compete in the world. you know about when the president is proposing corporate tax rate that's higher than chinas you know we're in trouble. we're already trying to compete with china. china is our number one threat in the world economically, and in the future will be our number one threat militarily. we have to compete with china. we have to have better rates. we have to incentivize companies come back to america, and invest in america and our hemisphere. bring back our -- our supply chain which is lacking right now. and so those are things that we really need to focus in on and those things by the way will pay for themselves as we bring more, more companies back. more jobs. more jobs for us, our children, our grandchildren, they'll pay tax. and actually end up paying for a lot of the infrastructure projects that we want to put
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forward. jon: florida congressman carlos thank you. more migrants stream across the u.s. southern border custom and border patrol revealing its released more than 60,000 migrants into the u.s. since president biden took office. that's a major in connection in7 people released during last three months of the trump administration. bill is live in the rio grand valley, texas, now with more on that. bill. reporter: yeah, jon good evening to you here in rio grand valley this sec tofort border is most active section of the entire u.s.-mexico border always has been. so much so that texas through operation lonestar has decided to spend hundreds of state treerps down here to help supplement what is really just a completely overwhelmed border patrol force down here. and it is a good that i think they've done it because state troopers have been very busy take a look at this photo we got from texas dps this was a bus they made last night after a short pursuit. they pulled over a mexican
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national. he didn't stop at first they eventually got him pulled over look what they found in his car. 16 firearms, and including military grade fully automatic rifles over 3500 rounds of ammunition he had handguns with him shotguns you see in back a 50 caliber sniper as well. dps saying that man was trying to smuggle this all into mexico heading to star county area was ultimately arrested here in the la jolla area where we are which has been a really busy area we'll show you more of that. take a look at this video our fox drone crew shot this morning also from here where we are -- every morning like clock work migrants come out of the brush behind us and present themselves to border patrol officers here right in la jolla this morning we saw several groups do this through our drone cameras more than 100 in total these are typically migrants from northern triangle countries guatemala el salvador. one family from honduras telling us they've been traveling for two weeks to get here.
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but we'll show you some more video take a look at this from the rio grand at nighttime they don't just come during day but middle of the night as well this has from our fox correspondent alex hogan and her crew in last couple of days also here in rio grand valley migrants crossing rio grand in middle of the nights oftentimes they'll have guides, coyotes with them leading way they cross over to u.s. side. they get out present thmses to border patrol. and that's that. they're not trying to run away they're giving themselves up. however, there are some who don't want to be caught and former dhs secretary chad wolfe spoke on fox news saying that there's bad apples mixed in with migrants take a listen. >> within that humanitarian crisis is also security crisis. so the more and more that law enforcement is not on the line doing their national security mission and their in border patrol stations, carry caring for migrants these family units and minors the less agents that we have on the line looking for these criminals and stopping that illegal flow.
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reporter: and to that point we learn from border patrol that on wednesday of this past week, they arrested here in the rio grand valley sector actor gang member with a criminal warrant out of the houston area for sexual assault of a child down in brownsville a man convicted of murder in 2006. he spent 15 years in prison was deported evidently, he decided to come back. send it back to you. jon: bill in the rio grand valley of texas, thanks. >> now this fox news alert a man hunt underway for suspect in an apparent road rage shooting that turned deadly in southern california. six-year-old aidan killed in a car with his mom on the way to school in yorba linda friday morning when he was shot in the back by someone in another vehicle. it reportedly took place after a confrontation between the boy's mother and another driver who cut her off on the freeway. >> well police unions ripping
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new york police unions blasting the state attorney general's proposal to limit when officers can use deadly force. ag letitia james argues her measure would preserve lives but union suggest it could put officers in harm's way. lauren greene is live from new york city with the latest on that. lauren. reporter: good evening jon well you know this new crime bill is about policing the police. and new york's police union president warren said if it becomes law, city streets could become even more dangerous. new york attorney general letitia james stood beside mother of eric garner announce sweeping legislation aimed at limiting police officers discretion and ability to use extension for deadly force making it easier for prosecutors to make charges for those who do and police accountability mandate that least resort all other tactics like verbal communication, special iosed equipment or personnel would need to be deployed first it
3:25 pm
also imposes new criminal penalties on police officers who use excessive force. but in a statement police union president patrick lynch said sweeping proposal would make it impossible for police officers to determine whether or not we aren't permitted to use force in a given situation. the propose changes come in wake of several high profile police involved shoot physician of african-americans. calls for the defunds of police echoed across country and experts caution in every major city where officials bend to public outcries for defunding men and women in blue, crime spiked in new york city violent crime rates have surged in the last year murder up 27%. shootings up over 85%. hate crimes nearly 70%. >> we need to as a society stop pretending like defund the police is a rational policy decision policy position to have. it is complete insanity to keep talking about defunding the
3:26 pm
police. but that's where we are nowadays in this country apparently two plus two equals five. reporter: there's also -- there's also been a exodus across the country of police officers leaving the force. and job applications to join the force are down dramatically as well. jon. jon: understandable lauren greene live in new york city. lauren, thank you. georgia governor brian kemp doesn't want the state board of education to use critical race theory in public schools. it comes as the cherokee county school board announced it would ban implementation of the kroal curriculum after outrage from parents. charles watson live in atlanta with that. charles. brian kemp is calling critical race theory a dangerous ideology that is both unamerican and divisive and he says it has no place in georgia. >> georgia is not a racist state
3:27 pm
in the united states of america is not a racist country and we don't need to be trying to rewrite history. georgian at the state and local level know how best together our children. reporter: in a letter to state board education kemp urmings to see doesn't end in classrooms he writes, quote, we must instead focus on our goal of providing highest quality of education to every child in georgia. without partisan, bias, or political influence. the theory examines the idea that racism is a social construct that is embedded in the u.s. justice system and policy. some republicans have said it is unamerican and at least a dozen states are pushing legislation to ban it. this outside of atlanta the cherokee county board of education announce it is producting crt and its schools after parents express their outrage at the idea that theory introduced in their children's classroom. education experts say it is a
3:28 pm
reaction not a fear. >> it causes some individuals to be uncomfortable hearing that perhaps their children will learn about a history that perhaps is not that pleasant but it is history. reporter: jon, education experts also say crt would provide a healthy discussion among adults and children even if they don't agree with it. but that conversation may not even happen here in georgia. as lawmakers are working on legislation to ban it statewide. jon. jon: charles watson in atlanta. thank you. a consumer advocacy group going after some major corporations over their use of, quote, woke politics. that means companies gone too far. that's next.
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i'm jon scott and this is the "fox report" the bottom of hour if you're just joining us here's a look at our top stories, 2021 first name storm in atlantic is now churning off bermuda. it is expected to move slowly west through sunday before gradually weakening atlantic hurricane season officially begins june 1st. a former high school nurse in tennessee is facing child pornography charges 40-year-old
3:34 pm
leon hensley accused of secretly photographing more than 40 female students in a bathroom. police say they began investigating after getting complaints that shared inappropriate text messages with a female minor. and nonessential travel restrictions from the united states to canada and mexico have been ascended to june 21st. but department of homeland security says move is to fight the spread of covid-19 and protect citizens. the restrictions were first put in place beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in march of last year. for more on these and other stories you can download the fox news app, scan the qr code on screen and go to fox jon: the conservative group consumers research this week launched a seven figure ad campaign against so-called woke corporations like nike, coca-cola and american airlines. the ads are sharmly critical of the company's ceos accusing them of hypocrisy naming highlight
3:35 pm
their possibility hidden motives in some of their recent action. let's bring in john hill senior writer for "the wall street journal" and fox news contributor jon what do you think of the idea of sort of publicly shaming these companies for their -- dipping their toes into woke politics? >> you know when i hear a phrase like woke politics it carries all kinds of political connotations right you hear on the right people talking about woke and on the left people talking about microaggressions. so there's a lot of politics here. but i think underneath the surface, there's some real economic development and business development happening in american boardrooms that are really interesting and significant to me. you know in the 1980s and 1990s there was a consensus in this country that american companies should be focused on
3:36 pm
profits making profits. and if they did that, then everything would be better for everybody. because when companies became more profitable, then the economy was more efficient and they would be hiring more people. right? well, in the last 20 years, that profit seeking motive i think people -- that didn't always lead to more jobs for americans it led to millions of jobs for chinese and mexicans as americans outsourced american companies outsourced more business and there's a lot of pressure on board rooms to be poxed on their communities. on, you know, how did actions affect american people? american workers, american communities that got, you know, decimated by all of this outsourcing so i think if you see things like ysh ideas like, you know, woke boardroom part of it because they're trying to figure out their place in this country.
3:37 pm
after you know been a change of both sides on political aisle of how much power american companies have and what are they doing with it that's something that we're seeing here. jon: the change in voting laws, in georgia -- brought about a number of companies sort of firing back at that state. the georgia governor had something to say about that. listen to brian kemp. >> you can never do enough for these, you know, woke cancel culture groups that are out there and by the way, they're ones that are profiting from this while hard work and georgian including a lot of minorities are getting hurt because major league baseball moved game out and now you're seeing these ad campaigns targeting coca-cola and other companies, and you know, that is what you get what you get into middle of these debates. >> he mentioned coca-cola coke
3:38 pm
is one of the targets of this consumer research ad campaign. i want to play a built of that for our viewers. listen. >> american airlines, rated worst american requires passengers to show id to fly. but attacks texas voter id law. coca-cola is getting political. attacking georgia's popular voting law. why? to distract from years of dismal sales nike is constantly political? why, cover, congressional reports suspect used forced labor in china. jon: it's interesting these companies think i guess that what they have, you know, these positions that they have advocated will benefit them in the bottom line. but now they're being sort of publicly shamed the question is, you know, which side which balance is ultimately going to win? >> yeah. you know, there's a couple of things going on here one is
3:39 pm
american companies have learn in the same way they caught up in outsourcing debate they've learned they can't stay out of politics. noter no matter they are drawn to it one way or another so with the -- case of nike, for instance, so you know, nike has a lot of black customers, nike has a lot of customers in american cities. if it comes off as being indifferent to the black lives matter movement, they might be alienating some of their own customers. if they come out too forcefully for black lives matter, they might be alienating conservative critics. so they're in a tough situation. and i think in the case of nike he have to think about what what is our customer base and where do they stand on this? jon: real quickly i want to put up numbers from npr poll on what voters or at least those who were responded to poll seem to think about this. asked if they support or oppose
3:40 pm
american companies using their public role position or events to influence political or cultural or social change. a little more than a third 36% said they supported 57% of americans say -- don't do it. what does that tell you, jon? >> absolutely. and i'll tell you something else -- according to gallop about 75% of american companies say they're fed up with the power and size and influence of big business. and that's why there's going -- there's rethinking going on in american boardrooms a lot of americans are fed up with the role they play in the american society and as i -- tried to say earlier i think a lot of this goes back to what happened with outsourcing and trade. a lot of people came to the conclusion that the bargain they were getting from american big american companies wasn't as good as we thought it was going to be in the 80s an 90s. they're in a tough position and they're trying to rethink their role in american communities. >> jon, jon, thank you.
3:41 pm
jon: well movie theaters across the country are trying to make a comeback after the pandemic caused shutdowns and strict reopening guidelines. but more than a year later, many are still shuttered. stephany bennett tell us wrus some theaters are asking such a tough time. >> you can't replicate magic of going a movie theater plus -- popcorn you can't beat that smell of the popcorn when you walk into the lobby. >> after being closed more than a year because of the pandemic, there was a lot of -- panicked soul searching what are we going to do? how do we keep revenue coming into the theater when we can't do what theaters do. >> tucson oldest movie threater is finally back in operation. >> movie starts and people start laughing or screaming or crying together. and that's something you can't replicate at home. >> not everyone is so lucky -- >> movie theater business has been probably the most vividly impacted business in all of
3:42 pm
entertainment. many theaters are still closed because of a lack of ticket sales and new movie supply. >> many of these entertainment companies are simultaneously releasing titles on their streams platforms at the same time they're opening it in movie houses. cinemark operates 325 threaters in 42 states revenues for first quarter fell to 114 million dollars from 543 million the year before. but things are starting to look up. >> they are the 2021 will be a transition near and it will be much more normalized in terms of film content as well as movie going behavior. our new sense of normalcy in 2022. >> as for lost cinema they'll continue selling tickets at reduced capacity socially distancing seats requiring mask offering movies both indoors and at their new outdoor cinema. >> i think once they come back they'll realize this is why i loved it. >> to entice customers offering free rental sometimes just for $100 and if you're looking for a
3:43 pm
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3:48 pm
>> you're graduating under exceptionally tough circumstances. but you fought through from our day to today. and you fought through to take your place in the long gray line so congratulations. reporter: our day is the day cadets arrive west point graduation ceremony returned to mikey stadium a year after the pandemic portioned its relocation with very limited attendance. to the plane cadets berate field on post. the navy commissioning warship uss mobile today at its name sake port in alabama. it was built in mobile and chrisened in 2019 and this is fifth navy ship to be named after city and second active to be built in place where it was commissioned. well it is a site not often seen in washington, d.c. these days. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle coming together for a common goal. in this case, operation gratitude.
3:49 pm
lucas tomlinson has that story. reporter: >> since 2003 operation gratitude is delivered over three million care packages to deployed forces. >> honor -- we tried to do all we can to bring joy -- reporter: janice lost her son in afghanistan joined a group of bipartisan lawmakers at the d.c. armory showed their gratitude. >> from the political stand point, i think this is important for americans to see. we've got republicans -- democrats, no matter whether we're getting past impeachment, january 6th you name contentious issue we're willing to set that ath and focus on men and women down range. >> i'm a proud veteran and proud member of congress here to help serve our troops. our troops are fighting overseas every single day today. and the longest war in history and americans have forgotten about that. we haven't. >> regardless of what aisle we're on we're all american first. >> a bipartisan caucus --
3:50 pm
all approximately half republican half democrat and we're all bound by our -- our service to our country in uniform, and branches and all parts of the country, and we're here to serve. >> thank you. >> took over a hundred years for world war sr. memorial to open in the nation's capitol and of years for world war ii memorial. for one gold star mom and many lawmaker memorial is needed in d.c. to honor thousands killed in combat since the 9/11 attacks. >> let's get this memorial up so when people drive past they'll know -- that memorial is because someone died for my freedom. >> for a few hours on capitol hill, both sides of the aisle came together. in washington lucas tomlinson, fox news. jon: that's good to see. lucas tomlinson, thank you and we'll be right back. more sun, more joy.
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jon: here roar headlines around globe in france hundreds of peaceful protesters gatter to show solidarity with palestinians as cease-fire between israel and hamas in gaza continues to hold. in germany, chancellor angela merkel recorded a podcast today
3:55 pm
condemning anti-semitic slogan use at recent protest in ukraine crowds gathered in capitol kiev to support transjentder and lbgtq community and yet to accept from the world health organization that give greater rights to those wishing to change their gender. in ukraine being transjeanedder is considered a mental health or behavioral disorder in peru a pair of rare spectacle bears have been spotted in pouch -- mother and cub walking through the 16th sid dell and bears are classified as vulnerable by the international union for conservation of nature. awe -- and that's a look at some stories from around the globe. we'll be right back. so you want to make the best burger ever? then make it! that means cooking day and night until... [ ding ] success! that means... best burger ever.
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elderly dementia patients on latuda have an increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about fever, stiff muscles, and confusion, as these may be life-threatening, or uncontrollable muscle movements as these may be permanent. these are not all the serious side effects. this is where i want to be. talk to your doctor and ask if latuda could make the difference you've been looking for in your bipolar depression symptoms. day wrestling fans have been holding most of the events in florida without live spectators, the wwe will return to its touring schedule through this starting this july through labor day. the wwe superstars will visit 25 cities beginning with houston on july 16th. well during yesterday's pga championship, play was briefly interrupted by a baby alligator.
4:00 pm
hatchling took its sweet time scrolling across green on sixth hole of the ocean course at the island in south carolina. a number of these little creaturers have been spotted around golf course throughout the tournament. [laughter] and that's how fox reports this saturday may 22nd of 2021 i'm jon scott see you again tomorrow. ♪ ♪ mark: hello america i'm mark levin this is "life, liberty & levin" with two great guests john radcliffe former national of intelligence and newt gingrich but i want to talk to john ratcliff inching to do this for some time and looking at this threat assessment that was put out this week john from biden administration and they've
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