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tv   The Big Sunday Show  FOX News  May 23, 2021 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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♪ na na na na... ♪ hey hey hey. ♪ goodbye. ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na... the world's first six-function multipro tailgate. available on the gmc sierra. >> hello everyone trace gallagher here and welcome to the big sunday show. >> our fox flight team captures incredible video dozens of immigrants making a run for across the border but didn't homeland security secretary say the border is closed?
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>> mobs attach jewish americans as teenagers are helped escape and a suspected attacked her tells police he would do it again. >> former presidential candidate adrienne was to be new york smear but he doesn't seem to be an empire state of mind we will see what happens when he is asked to name his favorite. >> taking critical race theory out of the classroom the texas legislature is set to be in the curriculum after the state senate passed a bill last night. the state house of representatives need to approve the changes before it goes to the governor. those that are banning critical race theory or considering bands. in florida governor desantis promises tate on - - to take action. >> it is essential to the taxpayer they would be asked to find critical race theory to find teaching kids to hate
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their country and hate each other. [applause] we need the constitution back in classrooms to make sure civics is a priority but it needs to be taught accurately in a fact-based way not ideological. trace: the palm beach county school board to dismantle white advantage in the school system. the mission statement says the board is committed to dismantle racism and other systems of oppression and inequity and goes on to say dismantle those structures in white advantage to transform our system. >> your equity statement says you plan on "dismantling structures rooted in white advantage. >> i read through this bill and i think the most important phrase in their is where they talk about the for bidding
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school of that meritocracy and work ethic is racist or sexist or created by members of a particular race to oppress members of another race. the whole idea you can lower standards to raise performances preposterous. >> other nations around the world you saw what happened when china met with officials in alaska and downgrading their ability for ethnically diverse americans.
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hispanic americans in particular are reacting to this politically that stretch of critical read race theory is something they do not view to be in any way in favor of trying to teach their students the skills that they need to succeed in the marketplace , which is the american dream and is not racist to say that. >> we heard from the mother of two m palm beach county we want to place a more sound and then get your reaction. >> you say you want to teach children the inequity embedded system how can you actually write that after thing you have done to our children? this current policy discriminates against them. your equity statement says you plan on "dismantling structures rooted in white advantage". what current structures do we have rooted in white advantage? your statement separates us and insights racism. this equity statement believes
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you were viewing my children's academics by their ethnic background we want clarification. my children will not be divided. >> i think she makes a fair point rachel because if you link everything to white advantage at some point you have to come forward with that it exist not just somebody's opinion. rachel: yes. this is a dangerous. she is spot on. the multiracial country so many of us are in interracial marriages and kids are multiracial. it is all about division. there is such a great point this week that the viewers have not seen they should go watch it. the left took judeo-christian values out of the school. now they replace it with a cultural neo- marxism which is anti- american ideology.
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this is all about religion and the parents are at the heart it's time to take back our schools and governor desantis is right the taxpayer should not be funding this but there is another piece of the puzzle that is teachers colleges that are infested with marxism and racial anti- american ideology. textbooks are full of it. like history that all looks at american history through the prism of marxism. they are now primary sources in many high schools. we have to get to the bottom that these are our taxpayer dollars. we do not have to give it to those people to indoctrinate our children we need strong governors and legislators to stand for us. trace: he questioned if those should go to public schools so i will now play some sound
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touting critical race theory. >> the 1619 project means different things to different people. it is a phenomenal piece of junk journalism challenging us to reframe history starting with the arrival of the first enslaved africans and 6019. for others including republicans it is ideological poison putting impressionable children against america. >> those that are against teaching critical race theory for those that are in favor of it? >> i think those who oppose critical race theory that it's important for children to learn about the sole complexity of our history there's wonderful things and terrible things that have happened. but to have a piece of white supremacy we really need to
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talk about to say we need to dismantle systems of white supremacy. if we specifically say what you talking about? what about the zip code where you live? those are the ones that are most inclined to say no. these are the policies that could actually lead to a closing of the achievement gaps and often opposed most vehemently by the progressives who say they want to see racial equality achieved. >> in california they talk about making sure kids who are very talented and then a lot of people say what mlk said do not judge people by the color of their skin.
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i don't think we should be a colorblind society but there is a distinct difference of what we are trying to teach. >> what you talk about in california is a science fiction dystopia that ballerina that's forced to wear weights around her wrist and legs so she cannot be more graceful than the others it is important and fundamentally anti- american we should rejected on its face and unfortunately we have seen is the critical race theory folks have been empowered not just by their position within the democratic coalition on the left but also corporate america. jack dorsey giving enormous amounts of money to those who are in this type of message is something we ought to be angry about that yet i think this is the sort of thing we will continue to see to pay indulgence to the religion of critical race theory to escape the attention they would otherwise receive as white ceos are the major corporate
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entities. >> it's so important to look at the impact on children. that she i had friends who said their kids came home and said i'm embarrassed and ashamed to be white. another friend said iam embarrassed to be an american. this is how it is being interpreted by our children. we have done so many things coming from the left to damage our children whether lockdowns or mask mandates. we see this critical race theory that is impacting their self-esteem and even their ability to achieve the american dream that has been so eloquently laid out. this is damaging our children these are our children and our tax dollars we have to take control because it is getting out of hand. trace: important points. a fox news alert capturing
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brand-new video of illegal immigrants making a run for it at the border. we will show you what happens when the border patrol went after them hot dog or... chicken? [ squawk ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> stuff fox light team capturing stunning video of illegals rushing the southern border as border patrol officials try to capture them. live in the joya texas to breakdown the chase as it unfolded in front of our cameras. >> good evening the video is remarkable telling the story of what is happening almost every single day here in the rio grande valley sector right here in texas one of the biggest on - - busiest areas. showing a large group of migrants running away from border patrol who is perfect on - - pursuing them they are spreading out in the field and running away mostly single adults men many already appeared to be handcuffed suggestion he could have been in custody before one cbp the pickup truck is trying to
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chase them down. severely outnumbered scattering in all directions on run across the field. they go into what appears to be a stream or a little pond. some of them fall into it one border agent continues to chase them but the migrants they try to escape that way and then the drone did see eventually cb p-letter cruise apprehended about between 15 and 20 migrants but it did appear that these between ten and 15 got away that's what happened in this case a family just came across. rachel: it looks like we're losing bill thank you for that coverage that footage is absolutely remarkable. it really shows what the border patrol has to face. just one border patrol and all of these people it is a highlight to show you what the crisis looks like.
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that the biden administration says there is no crisis everything is under control but this footage tells you something different. >> i wish i could agree this is remarkable but what is remarkable is fox is the only place you will see footage like this because the entire corporate media establishment which has done so much work to defend the biden administration on this obvious crisis is completely silent on so many of these issues or if they talk about it they frame it through a different lens to spin it in different ways. we all know what the border patrol agents have to do with on a daily basis. it's insane and they are overwhelmed given the circumstances involved. the people that you see have all paid to come to this point
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to the far of those cartels that are in charge of the border more control on the southern side than the northern side. that should be help orient to every american. regardless of what you think about immigration politics are the issue, we need to have a secure border not for our own security but to protect against what we just experienced with a global pandemic. but the biden administration has been able to spin enough journalist and spend corporate media to look away pretend what they are spinning is true when we all know it is false. rachel: you have to wonder if this is by design? that this isn't a crisis. this is what we see right now. here is the secretary to say the border is closed take a look at this.
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>> we are elevating our messaging so the individuals do know that they cannot come to the border. the border is closed. i emphasize that again. the border is clear on - - the message is clear. the border is closed insecure. the border is secure the border is closed we have been unequivocal in that. [laughter] rachel: but then brought up a point of the other media outlets. i suffrage the other day a farmer in texas found five abandoned little girls. i've been living on this farm since 1940 it's never then as bad since the biden administration is an office.
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how are the other networks getting away not telling the story? it is clearly impacting the communities. innocent children taking a toll on border patrol. trace: this and other stories. there is no consequences if they get it wrong. zero consequences look at the past four or five years. i could go on and on including russian collusion. zero consequences the idea the biden administration can come out with secretary mayorkas there to say the border is closed blaming the trump administration as if they think we don't have the videotape of joe biden telling them to come north or them wearing joe biden t-shirts are giving interview say they are coming north because they are incentivized by joe biden. the idea we don't have this is unbelievable you have dhs
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secretary saying the second - - the border is closed after day correspondence are showing you migrants are just walking across, floated across on rafts. it is amazing. 61312 migrants released into the us under the biden administration. people who have been given court dates and told to come back. we know from experience with my first job in television was right on the border in california. been covering this 35 years. 90 percent of those never come back. cpb also know they never come back now gavin newsome says we will give $110 million to integrate these migrants better. not incentivizing them to come north but then giving them stuff once they get here.
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rachel: and those numbers don't include those that are getaways similars want to turn them in others have records they don't want to because or be sent back also mayors of cities who said buses have just showed up in the middle of night dropping of people with no test or papers. that is happening to. kristin, let's talk about the polling. it is getting out people understand is the biden administration tries to bum the truck one - - blame the trump administration but everybody says things are better under trump teefifteen you are right. looking at the polling numbers immigration biting gets the worst marks. people understand love or hate trump this is an issue he talked tougher and took more action and at the time potential migrants are getting the message may be secretary
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mayorkas says the border is closed but those are those coming to the border are receiving. look at the year-over-year numbers it's almost a tenfold increase 17000 with april of 202,178,000 border encounters this past april. from a humanitarian perspective i want the message to be sent it is a dangerous journey. the cartels are in control. summer is approaching. will get hotter and more dangerous. it needs to have credibility behind it so folks to decide i don't want to make the journey. rachel: that is a humanitarian crisis and we are the greatest humanitarian organization they rescue children abandoned in the desert, and rivers, abused
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suspect told police he would do it again. some of these are believed to be at the hands of pro- palestinian protesters from the middle east. this is come out from a number of different developments in recent years that have been very disturbing to see. from my perspective, what came out of the corporate media coverage over the last four years under former president trump was a false depiction the right one is dominated by anti-semitism pro- not see or something like that. and that the left was innocent as the driven snow. that took them away from the rise of anti-semitism on the left that has been apparent to anybody looking at what politicians were saying the last several years. is that part of what is driving this activity today? trace: that's a good point.
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they have been given a pass we saw the riots all summer long. gerald nadler saying antifa was a myth. that's the same vein that if the left has violence it is excused as the fight for social justice. with the right, it is a totally different game. want to point out the new york red bulls soccer team, the goaltender, he was threatened and they asked him if he was jewish. he said no and they said good because if you said yes we were going to kill you. pro- palestinian people. there is a wild believe that the 5000 rockets fired into israel by hamas is somehow israel's fault. what people are forgetting go back to 2005 that israel told
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the palestinians you can now chart your own path in two years after, hamas, of violent takeover of gaza now they control gaza. hamas is controlled by iran and so is has the law. hamas has all the power and hamas pushing for todd out of the west bank and is becoming a theme now everybody blames israel for the actions of a terrorist group sponsored by iranian it is baffling if you look at the big picture. ben: we know several people who have been excoriated in the last week they had been threatened with assault and spat upon in many instances. they feared for their lives. into instances they have been hospitalized. it is a situation getting out of control and the president not to be speaking to it but we haven't heard a condonation
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from him. why is a hard for joe biden to criticize those extreme elements that represent a threat to jewish americans today? teefifteen i feel everybody has lost their minds we see this horrible footage but yet only in the last 24 hours you see prominent progressive politicians putting out statements that needs to stop i knew some of this was coming the wind was shifting on this issue when i began noticing and it sounds silly but on instagram i follow rachel. her feet is lovely that for the most part make up artist and musicians and celebrities. within the last 24 through 48 hours they are posting solid blue squares a take off of last summer solid black squares standing up for racial equality.
2:33 pm
in a very easy way to make a statement on social media that i stand with my jewish brothers and sisters. the fact it was the fashion icons and celebrities before you saw progressive democratic politicians, are they waiting with their finger in the wind? while i upset my base? it is ridiculous you have to support the government of israel in order to not engage in anti- somatic activity here in the united states it is completely ridiculous i wish there are more outspoken politicians. ben: it is a sad state of affairs with celebrities and make up artist on instagram who are more brave to speak out than the people who are supposed to be leading our country. why is this so hard for democratic leaders to do today? nancy pelosi said the squad is just for people.
2:34 pm
they dismissed this over and over but it seems like the faction is more sizable than they are willing to admit. >> it is many of the congressional black caucus have photos even barack obama had one with farrakhan. the blm movement and the women's movement all have anti- somatic leaders. this is a problem within the democratic party and those with sanctioned movements that so many and the squad have been advocating long before they made it to congress. it's a problem inside the democratic party. biden said silence is complicity but he has been silent. he is complicit. these are largely blue cities. that is something the democrats and joe biden need to take ownership. ben: it is toxic in a more and it should be easy to call it out for the terrible thing that it is.
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this kind of hate has no place in america. up next the doctor fauci flip-flop. now changing his tune on the origin of the coronavirus. then and now. we will show you both. next. ♪♪ ♪♪ saving is easy when you're in good hands. allstate click or call to switch today. ♪♪ [sfx: revving trucks] pilot over radio: here we go, let's do this.
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so you want to make the best burger ever? talk to your doctor and say yes to linzess. then make it! that means cooking day and night until... [ ding ] success! that means... best burger ever. intuit quickbooks helps small businesses be more successful with payments, payroll, and banking. >> welcome back to "the big sunday show". could it be another doctor fauci flip-flop? he says he is not convinced coronavirus developed naturally. listen. >> the people have investigated say likely it was the emergence of an animal
2:40 pm
reservoir that then infected individuals but it could've been something else and we need to find that out. that is the reason why i said i am perfectly in favor of any investigation that looks into the origin of the virus. rachel: that's different from when doctor fauci said the coronavirus did not come from the wuhan lab. >> the mutations that it took to get to the point where it is now is totally consistent fund the john from the species found in animal to human. the explanation most individuals go by that this virus was actually circulating in china likely and wuhan for a month or more before they were clinically recognized. >> silicon from our lab? was at man-made? >> there's no reason to believe jumpy species found in animal reservoir occurred. rachel: the video does not
2:41 pm
lie. doctor fauci was celebrated and held up by the media to be the expert on everything has gone so many things wrong. he has been very late to come to as well we saw as common sense on so many issues from lockdowns, schools, masks, now this. senator cotton came out early on to say, we need to look into this coming from the lab and he was mocked. this footage is around that time he said no. there is no way this happened. what do you make of this? is doctor fauci the next want to fall off the perch the media put him on? teefifteen look at a lot of the scientist who made their
2:42 pm
name during covid as spokespeople people trusted , they were not doing themselves or the feel the service by not conveying the uncertainty that existed. there is not certainty where covid-19 came from. so since april of last year, no no no we're pretty sure where it came from it is not the vast consensus of the community at the time they goodness for senator cotton and mike gallagher the house was been pushing to get to the bottom of the issue. it's important to understand gain of function research which is controversial can we make natural pathogens to become more dangerous in the lab to prepare for that? that is dangerous research. we can have a debate if that is appropriate to understand that plays a role in this pandemic. we cannot do that if people put their heads in the sand and say don't look over here
2:43 pm
t16 there has been what mike gallagher has been doing he has been doing these videos of a big white board laying out everything yes it looks like the scene from always sunny in philadelphia but trying to communicate what is really gone on in the government and he has some really big questions to ask. don't we all want to know the answer to this regardless of our politics? it's a very basic thing the fact doctor fauci has spoken with such authority with the stones in his hand from the mountaintop that cannot be in any way objected to that is then a very anti- science position we have to question the more we learn the more we know the social media companies that shutdown people like tom cotton like senator rand paul that they were wrong
2:44 pm
at most is not answered yet but it seems to be more and more inclined in the direction of this coming from a lab versus migrating from an animal. trace: to jump on what he was saying as we interviewed mike gallagher, he makes a compelling argument. with very good evidence. go back to the media to be complicit. six months ago it said there is no basis for this whole wuhan lab thing because president trump at the time said there is evidence we should look at this. secretary of state mike pompeo said we should look at it director of cdc said there is evidence. we should look at way. but then they said no it is baseless they go after tom cotton.
2:45 pm
now you have the steam building the support is building there is evidence as the gop lawmakers layout in 2019 in the fall of 2019 some of these wuhan lab officials got sick with covid like symptoms and other things they need to lay out but the bottom line is the will get any answers and they will not give up anything they put journalist in jail in china now for doing investigative work on the story. so the idea defined truth will be difficult. rachel: the first scientist for whistleblowers we have to stop treating them like a normal country they need to be held accountable and there needs to be repercussions. this is a greatest impact on the globe i'm glad things are
2:46 pm
finally coming to light on it. great discussion. as the gop delivers a blow to the biden infrastructure plan, senator calls out democrats for their claims about what is infrastructure? the democrats hilarious definition straight ahead. ♪♪ contain high quality protein and key nutrients to support immune health. try boost. more protection, more sun, more joy. neutrogena® beach defense® the suncare brand used most by dermatologists and their families, neutrogena® for people with skin.
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it's beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. - or the beast. - the beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy.
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has failed. the beast, john cox, will open schools, get our economy roaring. learn about california's nicest, smartest beast at offering her opinion on the divide between republican and democrat views this morning take a listen. >> it's important to know there is a fundamental difference at the heart of the negotiation was defining the scope of the bill. what is infrastructure? republicans tend to define infrastructure in terms of roads, bridges, seaports, airpos
2:51 pm
and bread - - broadband democratic definition includes social programs that have never been considered part of core infrastructure. >> trace, it seems like they are more comfortable with a smaller bill focusing on roads and bridges. the democrats want to consider a lot of things to be infrastructure. what do you think will happen on the hill on this issue? trace: there will be a battle. they never said that was infrastructure but they are doubling down. and then some of those tweets are worth putting up on the screen. childcare is infrastructure. caregiving is infrastructure. healthcare is infrastructure. housing is infrastructure.
2:52 pm
childcare is infrastructure. eldercare is infrastructure. representative jones supreme court extension is infrastructure that gives you an idea where they are. when the biden administration cut 550 billion out of the two.3 trillion-dollar bill they cut roads and bridges. what does that tell you about their infrastructure bill? [laughter] >> rachel these democrats of torture the definition. we have asked americans what is infrastructure do you think things like childcare is infrastructure? the answer is no. they do think highways and roads and bridges the electrical grid may be airports and water but a lot of stuff listed in those tweets. supreme court expansion is not infrastructure. does that fight matter? rachel: . it does.
2:53 pm
but when we were changing our bbs diapers we were engaging in infrastructure. that is childcare. [laughter] ben: a major waste cleanup project every day. i don't understand why that's not included. [laughter] rachel: we could get paid for doing that. t16 can i point out we have a perfect example in that clip of the corporate propaganda media does. what was up next to susan collins was george stephanopoulos the corrupt hack at abc news that has the images above bridges and buildings and all the different construction and trains. at the same time she is pointing out that is not what is in this bill.
2:54 pm
rachel: i will give you a quick definition. infrastructure for democrats here is the translation, social programs to get you hooked and dependent on government as you keep voting on democrat that is infrastructure for them. >> we will talk next about a topic i am very interested in empire state of what? a popular mayor hopeful asked to name his favorite jay-z song. next. ♪♪ hydration beyond the hype. ♪ ♪ >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. hydration beyond the hype. this couple was on a camping trip... ...when their windshield got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them.
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♪♪ ♪♪ trace: welcome back to "the big sunday show" andrew yang running for mayor of new york but was stumped about one famous new yorker. >> you listen to rap music? what are you fighting to? >> i listened a lot to hip-hop in the nineties and 2000's. >> what andrew? >> jay-z and a little bit of others. >> what is your favorite song?
2:59 pm
>> what is my favorite jay-z song? [laughter] >> i take the more generous interpretation that he was thinking of all the songs he was having trouble choosing between them. i think it would be tom ford i sympathize i don't think he is speaking and i think he was making a decision. trace: what is yours, then? ben: i would've said 99 problems but that is wrong. if you're running for mayor of new york. [laughter] rachel: i don't know much about sports if i pretend i know about sports i look foolish so i think the lesson for politicians who are looking at this painful interview that sometimes the best thing to say is i don't know.
3:00 pm
>> you can say i love tupac. [laughter] >> new york state of mind our empire state of mine would've been the proper choice. thank you everyone. that does it for us. i am trace gallagher on behalf of rachel, dan and kristin "the fox report" with jon scott begins now. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> a major investigation underway in new jersey after mass shooting at a house party. at least two dead and what does it wounded. no arrest yet. that evening i am jon scott and this is "the fox report". >> violence abruptly last night just before midnight add a home in southern new jersey outside of philadelphia the gunfire sending hundreds of people running for lives. we are following the story from the new york city
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