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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  May 30, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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to literally nobody. we can't allow that ideology. as long as i'm sitting here, have a microphone and have a breath to breathe, they won't.
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steve: in minneapolis 8250% increase in gunshot victims. who's hurt the most? black and latino victims. according to the police chief. ... listen to this report from minneapolis. the sound of gunfire has become so familiar and one predominantly black neighborhood the residents have grown numb to it. now, even the democrat politicians who a year ago pandered to defund the police activists are coming to their senses and reversing the reckless, dangerous, undermining of the police. but there is another consequence of the protests one year ago.
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it could be even more destructive. the potus helped advance a cause that is been trying for 100 years to occupy the commanding heights of american life and that cause is woke is him which in the space of just 12 months has become the new religion not just of the left but of our corrupt and decadent establishment too. you see it in the woke corporations mouthing blm propaganda. mcdonald's change their twitter handle to amplifying black voices and companies including lockheed martin indoctrinated their workforce with racist training programs. coca-cola took time out from their main mission of destroying black people self to spread lies and misinformation about voting reforms. you see it in the total capitulation of the democratic party to the woke agenda. democrats fighting to end policing, abolish the department of homeland security, destroy girls sports and manipulating our language to push their divisive woke narrative.
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they do not even understand what they're talking about anymore. "woke-ism" is not some benign soft attempt to promote peace and harmony but it's the exact opposite. as we have explained it is the product of a 100 year long effort to undermine and tear down the values and ideals and freedoms that this country was built on. it started in germany, 1923 at the institute for social research part of frankfurt university's institute, a group of marxist philosophers got together to debate a central question, why did the working class revolutions predicted by marxists and angled not sweep the world? their main conclusion, the proletariat were held back by family, religion and culture. these three things they argued were the building blocks of bourgeois society used by the elite to keep the masses oppressed. they invented a new theory which explains all this and explained
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how to dismantle those building blocks. it was called critical theory. many of these frankfurt school philosophers, as they became known, eventually made their way across the atlantic to new york when they took up residence at columbia university, critical theory became critical race theory and it grew and spread throughout the 1970s, 80s and 90s to become the dominant on-campus ideology that we see today. this is what these useful idiots in corporate america, the democratic party and the media are embracing. they have become pathetic stooges of our number one domestic threat, the real enemy within in the tragedy of it all is that we do need to do more to address racial injustice in america and on median income the gap between white and black americans is over $30000 and the average white household has
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nearly 18 times as much wealth as the average black household. three quarters of white americans owned their own home. black americans it is less than half. high school, graduation rates, 9% higher for white students and perhaps the most destructive, more black people in jail even though there are more than five times as many white americans as black americans. what is the real explanation for all of this? the most pervasive cause of racial injustice in america is not racist white people but it is the policies of the democrats that incentivize single parenthood, lock your kids in schools that fail to give them a decent education, policies that destroy community jobs. so, what is the best, most positive, most practical solution? not the shallow virtue signaling of woke ceos or guilty white
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allies but conservative ideas like stable families, school choice, homeownership and a kind of criminal justice reform led by president trump. you want opportunity and social mobility for black kids in america? make sure they are raised in a stable loving home. if you're born in the bottom 20% of the income scale your chances of reaching the top 20% are four times higher if your parents stay married. marriage makes a massive difference in keeping families stable. on average, if parents are married three quarters are still together by the time the child is 12. if they were just living together it's only a quarter. you want to close the racial income and wealth gap? close the racial education gap. in california public schools totally controlled by the teacher unions as he saw in the pandemic, they are the equivalent of a four-year achievement gap between black and white eighth grade students.
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in seattle the education gap is so embarrassingly wide the of stopped reporting the data where as students from la charter schools are far more likely to be eligible to the state universities than there kids in union run schools and seattle's charter schools gained between 30 or 60 more days of learning. if black lives really mattered to the democrats they would bat these kinds of reforms but they don't and they block them. gavin newsom, so sanctimonious, is trying to shut down charter schools in the very schools that help black kids the most. we need to help black people in america climbed the ladder of opportunity in the first step is to fix the wrongs broken by disastrous democrat policies. but it is not just about policy but about our culture two. if black lives really mattered to the woke ceos in the media and the activists they would use their platforms to promote a
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culture of achievement and success. researchers have established, with data, what the pathway out of poverty is. it is called the success sequence. in at least a high school diploma, get a job, get married before having children and only 3% of millennial's who follow this success sequence were in poverty by the time they reached adult hood. we can teach this, promote this, but many find the message, finish high school, get a job, get married and that is what we need in this country. not the a nihilistic, divisive, anti- american poison of "woke-ism" which pains every black person as a victim and every white person as an oppressor. at the heart of it all we need to rebuild the american family, the very thing that "woke-ism" is trying to destroy. so, as we mark the anniversary of the social of people, let's say clearly that conservatives should lead this fight to fight against "woke-ism" in the fight
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for equal opportunity for every american regardless of race. it's bringing our guest, writer of the documentary, what killed michael brown, hoover institute senior institute fellowship shall be steel along with tammy bruce and host of the rob smith is problematic podcast, rob smith. shall be to you first. you've written so much so widely about all of this and i will handed over to you your thoughts one year on the hold george floyd eruption and the consequences thereafter? >> you had a pretty wraparound monologue there and which i agree with entirely. we have been since the 60s in a culture that sees the victim
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as power. if you can establish that blacks are victims in certain situations than that give you a moral authority and the power to change things. the entire american educational system has been taken over, in many ways, by the "woke-ism" that you are talking about. what is "woke-ism"? it is the argument that victimization, the victimization of black and minorities is as much or more and more profound than we think. therefore, i am do more power and i have or i should have the power to take over this institution and run it in a way that redeems america and that delivers america to an innocence regarding that and so forth. that is a deep dynamic in our society because we do have a racist past and we do want to redeem ourselves. we do want to establish
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ourselves as a decent society but the price we pay is to once again meant to use the common phrase mess over the people that we say we are trying to save. blacks are now the victims of liberalism and "woke-ism" and that is what is keeping us down, not racism. systemic racism is an idea to capture more black victimization and to say it is even more pervasive than you thought and therefore, power abounds to us and we are the ones who need to bring back legitimacy to american institutions. steve: rob, the last time we spoke about this you made me, you challenged me on my argument that we need policies to fix us and you said yeah we do but it's not just policies but culture. i touched on it just in my opening remarks and i have lobbied for you to expand on that a bit. >> it's a culture war. steve: i'm sorry that was to rob, shelby.
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>> oh, i'm sorry. >> no worries at all. it's an honor to get interrupted by shelby steele. [laughter] so we talk about the cultural issue but i definitely agree that there is a cultural issue that needs to be addressed. when african americans, like myself and the great shelby steele, say something about this and really want to address the cultural issue we are called all kinds of names like every name in the book by black liberals and white liberals and democrats because we dare to speak about the cultural issues. i want to talk about "woke-ism". what are the effects of "woke-ism"? we are on the one-year anniversary of his uprising that started in minneapolis, right, the so the effects of "wokeism" is $550 million in property damage that happened in minneapolis. i went down there in the wake of the riots last year and i am telling you you have to see how destroyed some of these areas are for yourself. i'm talking bombed out cvs, bombed out walgreens, bombed out
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target some out the effects of "wokeism" on the culture and the effects of these riots is that the black people that live in these communities now are living in communities that have been destroyed in sort of the name of racial progress or racially equality or whatever it is they are calling these blm, george floyd protests. murder is up 40% in minneapolis. this is now a place where businesses will not go back to and people do not want to go there, shot rang out a george floyd square so these are the actual effects of "wokeism" on the black people that these policies and these uprisings and these movements are supposed to be protecting and empowering. steve: tammy, your thoughts. >> well, great conversation. it is an honor to be and i am hoping mr. steele will interrupt me. that would be fabulous for you are right. this is important and i think rob's point in your point,
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steve, about culture matters because let me push it back a little bit to the chinese mouth cultural revolution. also, in cambodia and the killing field and even the castro brothers in cuba, very stark examples of this leftist believes that everything must be destroyed and that culture in fact does matter and as you elucidated in your monologue about the early marxists recognizing that that who we are as a people and what binds us together as a community matters. for the left there can be no community. for the left there can be nothing that is look to that is beyond the government, the singular leader. we saw this, of course, and fascism in the 20th century and people thought that was new but no, it's not. it's a different version with a different spice of socialism and marxism. and i think this is what the american, young americans do not know because of education has no
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one is being taught about the khmer rouge, about china and the chinese, and his party and what it is about to destroy an entire system in order to rebuild it and what we know that really means is the destruction of the educated, people who might lift people up into something more, the destruction of people of faith, the direction of faith itself, of religion. the soviet union the most modern example but that was true and is true with the left in general. what we are seeing is not new and it is, of course, packaged different for the 21st century and our mass media which makes it even more difficult to deal with but what i would say is is not a mistaken difference in, steve, the goals. like normally all roads lead to rome but not here. the conservative road leads to rome but the liberal road leads to the cliffs of the palisades and it looks very nice as you go to the palisades there and then
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you are off that cliff. it is about the ladder of success, left wants to destroy that latter. it is not about lifting other people up. it is convincing people that victimhood and racism, in fact, will never be abolished and that what we saw in the killing field is the only way to overcome it and is to eliminate the people who have done this to you. we have got to recognize the seriousness of it and you are right, it's the conservative movement that can do this and i think a lot of liberals listening right now, classical liberals, i hate to tell them, they are part of the conservative movement of individual freedom. steve: nicely put. shelby, i would love to to close out the conversation as both tammy and robert said it's an honor to have you with us on this important topic. i will leave the last word to you. >> well, thank you so much, kind
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words. i think the deeper problem is that the 60s injured the moral authority of white americans profoundly and that since the 60s we have been more focused on redeeming and bringing back moral authority to america and that is what "wokeism" is then actually developing the people who suffered from slavery and segregation and so forth. it is this lack of moral consonants that makes us as americans vulnerable to "wokeism". here is a quick way to cover that over, coca-cola says. we will hire or bring in more black faces and arrange a portrait of innocence and we will be redeemed and we will have power and we will say who the next president is and it was the black vote that elected mr. biden because he tapped into this source of power and that is
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the problem and as long and it is there you will have a black grievance and they will keep trying to milk it. what black leadership does today is milk white people and they have lost the confidence to stand up to that and that is what is dangerous. white america has to believe in itself once again, as a morally coherent and sound society. steve: that is such an optimistic note to end done because i think we can for that but it's a deep point, shelby. no surprise. wonderful to have you with us. really appreciate that. tammy and rob, great to see you too. we will see you throughout the show. coming up, the media is trying to smear of the nothing but a cult of personalities. is it? we
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♪♪ steve: the democrats, their media propaganda and of course the useful idiots, the ex- republicans who love nothing more going on tv to trash their former friends and colleagues but we are on the lookout on the
9:24 pm
ways to smear and dismiss republican voters. look at what they been saying. >> it is not a party but a cult of personality. >> the republican party is fully become a cult of personality. >> it is hollowed itself out and became a cult of personality really. steve: oh did it, george? did it? know you pompous twit there is no denying the donald trump is a strong personality but the reason he was so successful is because he use that personality to champion ideas that republicans wanted and the country needed. strong borders, trade can, confronting china, fighting for the american worker, fighting for the idea of america itself, positive populism, positive patriotism and what these establishment republicans can stand as a fact that it worked and that trumps conservative populism succeeded where there establishment elitism fails and now they whine and whinge about going back. >> i think the party is in a
9:25 pm
place that we got to bring it back from. >> we got to get back to the roots of our party. >> i will not let him come in and hijack my parties. >> i believe in what we used to believe in and what —. steve: open borders, sucking up to china, helping the rich get reacher? sunday manufacturing jobs over? good luck winning jobs with that. there's barely a dozen who want to go back to that. most are moping around in georgetown the mansions. donald trump, yes, his personality and the strength he showed in standing up for the voiceless in america and the forgotten men and women but his ideas to have transformed the republican party for the better and as we have argued many times it was at least as important as an intellectual resolution of the one with reagan over 50 years ago. it's turning the republican party into a multiracial working-class coalition leaving the democrats stranded as the
9:26 pm
party of the rich, white and woke. joining us to discuss house minority leader kevin mccarthy. first time on the show and i am so excited. we are both from california in the tech industry and they talk about critical market. when you are sending a product that the market really wants. since 2016 that is what the republican party is achieved and it has an agenda that the members love and support and want to go out and sell. >> you are 100% correct. steve, first i want to thank you because it's exciting to join you on your first memorial day as an american. you understand the sacrifice of people gave to make this nation great. steve: exactly. >> that's important. i will tell you this, everything you just said, the democrats want to stifle thought. republicans understand that that strength and the free thought and the process and when you think back and look even in the last election and they want to
9:27 pm
criticize president trump that he didn't win the election but you know what he did when? not one republican in the house lost. that's the first time since 1994. we beat 15 democrats in every single democrat lost to a republican woman or republican minority. remember, when president trump won the presidency last time he did it by bringing democrats, others joining and for those who criticized the president, the romney's and the others, remember, he won the states of michigan, wisconsin in places that republicans were 20 before sense back to ronald reagan. he listened to those who would not be able to be listened to and the unheard american. not the one who goes to the academy award or believes in the country club but he listens to the average american who works hard and wants a better life for their child and who does not look at the color of the skin or judge people on their sexuality or others but firmly believes that america was conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that we are all equal. that is what the first republican president said.
9:28 pm
steve: it seems to me that you put it so well and it's positive and this is right and why they are so frightened of it and you have this narrative that they are so desperate to push is these cold personalities and they don't know what that is but they are worried that the ideas of popular and looking ahead to those midterms and i know that's a big focus but i think they are worried. >> they are very worried. they know they will lose. they have a small majority that they pad in 100 years. only two times in american history did the party in power in the white house lose the white house but gained seats. history is on our side but more importantly the ideas are on our side and there is no greater contrast in a timeframe that shows the ideas of the republican versus the democrats. in less than five months children biden has open the border and now we have caravans and terror event to risk crossing the border that we are catching. we killed the energy field and now gas prices are the highest events of the last time he was
9:29 pm
vice president but we made our adversary stronger like russia and china and we made iran come back in the middle east less safe. more portly, he brought inflation back that we've not seen since jimmy carter. that is in five months. what they propose for the future you can look back just in a small timeframe and just one year and half the lowest on employment and it did not go to one class of america but it was for all americans. you've only been american for a short time but you have all the rights that i have in the flag that flies on the moon is your flag and your founding father is george washington. your liberator is abraham lincoln. martin luther king spoke of your dreams. that is what the republican party believes and as we talk about this and i listen to your other guests the first black american to get elected to congress, joseph rainey was elected in 1870, former slave was a republican but the democrats did not elect a black american to congress for 60 years later and they are the ones who brought jim crow laws
9:30 pm
forward and we do not stifle thought. individualism we believe in. we do not pick people because of the color of their skin but we picked them other individual ability to achieve the outcome. steve: yes, exactly. look, thank you for that. you put that beautifully. i wanted to show and you sent me a kind message echoing your thoughts unwelcoming the american citizen but you also send me your speech you gave to the naturalization ceremony. it was so great, so moving and i hope and i might share that with people and i think they would enjoy that if it is okay for you to follow me at steve hilton and kevin speech was something and we will make everyone proud and very appropriate this memorial day weekend. house minority leader kevin mccarthy, thank you so much. we want to hear from you is the trump lead populist movement the future of the gop? tell us on twitter and coming up there is so much misinformation and hypocrisy in biden's plan to
9:31 pm
abolish that he can barely find time to explain it all but we will try after the break.
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ashley: this is a fox news alert. a bill designed to implement new voting restrictions failed to pass before the midnight deadline. it would have expanded liberties for poll watchers and reducing polling hours while limiting mail-in ballots. opponents argued it would have disproportionately affected minorities and vote were disabilities. israeli opposition parties announced a deal that could end benjamin netanyahu's historic
9:37 pm
12-year rule. he has been struggling to hold on to power after two inconclusive elections in the past two years. p ♪♪ steve: democrats constantly lecture on about climate, especially their obsession with getting rid of gas cars but last week alvernia governor gavin newsom made a ludicrous announcement intended to distract from his mishandling of wildfires pledged to ban all grass cars by 2035. now biden is following suit. president biden: future of the auto industry is elective. we will set a new pace for electric vehicles. steve: electric cars aren't quite a green as democrats as they want you to think it is spirit they have a giant battery and how are those made? using a bunch of water known as rare earth minerals like cobalt
9:38 pm
and lithium and getting these has massive environmental consequences around the world. the destruction of wildlife ecosystems and in africa massive deforestation in the brazilian amazon, not to mention human consequences like increased cases of leukemia and other illnesses in malaysia and kids as young as seven years old mining cobalt in the congo but there is an answer for this staring us in the face. we have enormous so plies of these america like mp materials and san benito county, california currently the only earth rare mine in america. we could be doing this mining here safely and responsibly creating many thousands of good jobs and making sure we are not dependent on other countries for supplies so guess what biden wants to do? source these minerals from other countries like china which currently produces more than 55%
9:39 pm
of the total global mining output which supplies nearly 20% of the world's lithium. last year china processed about 85% of the world's rare earth material and unbelievably in the same time biden says he wants america to beat the supply chain for the world's electric vehicle industry and create millions of jobs here and at the same time he wants the raw materials for the batteries mined by other countries overseas and the whole thing is a giant mess of contradictions and hypocrisy and they claim they are green but want more mining in countries with worse environmental records and they claim their climate plan will create jobs here but instead they are shipping them overseas. biden love saying that when he sees a climate agenda he sees jobs but yet, in china. what a total fraud he is. back with us robert smith, tabbies bruce. what do you make of this? >> this is another example of biden's america last agenda. remember one of the first things
9:40 pm
he did when elected was he canceled the keystone xl pipeline and then him and all his minions went to the networks and started talking about how many more green jobs were becoming. they already put 1000 people out of work and thousands of people and now they have the opportunity to create new jobs here in america but instead they want to outsource this stuff to other countries. like i said, the american worker does not come first in a biden administration. they come last. this is outrageous and a lot more people should really be aware of what is happening. steve: exactly. this will all grow, this whole industry and —- you are right about the hypocrisy. they canceled the pipeline here but then give put in his pipeline in russia. it's a joke. tammy. >> yes, look the pandemic has taught us a lot of things but one of the most serious things was the risk of outsourcing elements that america needs like
9:41 pm
the ingredients to our pharmaceuticals which has been based in china and other items that we just cannot get in weren't here because we were relying on some global network that had collapsed in the midst of the pandemic and that is a huge lesson but biden is saying that when it comes to things like lithium, you know, we will go in use friends like canada or australia but when you move things out of the country it certainly a lot easier to cover things up and to have certain other kinds of deals that work for you. i will give you an example. china is now investing in australia's lithium and other mining efforts from the tune of 15 to $115 million. it depends on which one you're working working with and you may be working with china at least half of the time. with biden that is the interest of what he's done from the
9:42 pm
beginning and even from canceling that covid research team and looking at the origins so you've got to read into it the democrats are doing in that framework and at this point the electric car might as well being named solyndra because this is a rehash of what the obama administration engaged in with their never seem to work out. steve: quick last word, rob. the massive gap between what they say and what they do and i remember when biden said some of this america first and he said we will put a few thousand jobs here and he's echoing trump but he's not at all but it's america last and it's what they say and do. >> you know, it is. it is always what they do. the thing about it is the strategy of this administration is to say all the right things to try to placate all of their warring factions and to placate the climate crazies and placate the woke crazies but the actual substance and what is actually
9:43 pm
happening is always thrown to the side. you really have to dig down and see what is going on in this administration because none of it is good and so much of it is very bad for america. i think it's a strategy that i have caught and i've been looking at the strategy for about the past couple of months and i don't think the strategy is going to end because they are able to get away with it and because we have a mainstream media that is not interested in what is really happening under this administration. steve: that's exactly right. well said. great to see both of you. coming up, the federal government findingng ♪ you've got the looks ♪ ♪ let's make lots of money ♪ ♪ you've got the brawn ♪ ♪ i've got the brains... ♪ with allstate, drivers who switched saved over $700 click or call to switch it was a life changing moment for me. i had no idea that my grandfather was a federal judge in guatemala. he was an advocate for the people... a voice for the voiceless.
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♪ ♪. steve: welcome back. here is how the democrats turn
9:49 pm
america into an authoritarian state. step one, label your political opponents domestic terrorists and enemies of the state. step two, try to silence your political opponents by canceling their media outlets and supporting big tech censorship. step three, use the vast power and resources of the state to track and snoop on your political opponents and then step four, the most outrageous, we just learned they are now trying to circumvent constitutional privacy protection by partnering with third parties to do the snooping. tammy is back with us. this is really frightening stuff, isn't it, tammy? >> well, it is. it just shows you how politicized everything has to become, especially our law enforcement. we should not be surprised because of what we've seen over the last five years and their involvement with president trump and the dossier in the pfizer court et cetera but here is what
9:50 pm
is troubling about this is that they say we are just looking at trends and were not looking at people but at the same time the messaging is this that if you are on social media you should be quiet and that you might or if you say the wrong things and get caught up in the net social media companies then are empowered to believe that they have a duty, a patriotic duty, as i am sure what joe biden will call it, to climb down and people and it's the subjects you discuss are unapproved of so part of that is this that they want to chill the nature of this open and free market, this town hall of social media and i would suggest, steve, that instead of saying they will find and look at trends and on domestic terrorism why don't they learn to stop actual terrorists like ilhan omar but teen and the pulse nightclub who they knew about and who murdered all those people. why don't they focus on actually telling us the motives and who the man was that did the las
9:51 pm
vegas shooting? the biggest mass shooting in american history and there is still nothing and we will never be told and they say they don't know and they have no idea what was driving him. we've got an fbi has this sense like knowing who the bad guys are but never stopping them, strangely enough but now they've got to look at the american people because of what they might be talking about and subjects on social media. aclu has said it makes them uncomfortable well, they should be suing right now to stop this and let me tell you, the domestic terrorism and international terrorists they are not using front facing social media. they are using the dark web and they are using private networks. it is not on social media and yet this is and i will and that this is this last punch that the democrats have created this narrative that the american people en masse are the problem
9:52 pm
and that we are either terrorists, the 75 million people who voted for president trump, including myself or just people who generally won't comply are the problem in this nation. this is part of that puzzle, make no mistake. it should be rejected and the fbi should begin to do its job instead of trying to launch soft coups against a duly elected president, lying to the pfizer court, line at one point to congress regarding the phone snooping and let edward snowden come back into this country who revealed so much and this is also may be a distraction but it is meant to demonize, malign and criminalize the average american and their political activity. make no mistake. steve: yeah. you really put that into context and it is not a pretty picture. tammy, that was great. thanks as always. see you soon.
9:53 pm
all right, how do you feel about the government hiring companies to track what you do online? tell us if you still can on twitter. coming up, the democrats and the media never stop screaming about how voter id laws are racist and show how extreme the gop is but guess what percentage of guess what percentage of americans agree with those ♪welcome back to that same old place♪ ♪that you laughed about♪ ♪well, the names have all changed♪ ♪since you hung around♪ welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you. ♪
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steve: one of the main features of voting integrity bill is voter i.d., according to the democrats and the media that is racist. >> is jim crow to steroids. >> in new clothes. >> jim crow. >> jim crow in a suit and tie. >> jim crew. crow. >> the new. steve: only one problem, most americans agree that voters should have to show a valid i.d. before photoing, but nearly all 87% of americans support voter i.d. law this not extreme, this is the mainstream. with us rob smith. what do you make of it. >> yes, steve. funny thing is that i came out as a republican about 3 years
9:59 pm
ago this weekend it has been a big thing, i am shocked me being a republican is controversial. because of the things that i believe in are things that majority of americans believe in. like voter i.d. and border security and america first. with this voter i.d. conversation it since richarding for the democrat -- it is interesting for the tomecrat, there is a democrat run straight, rhode island with very strict voter i.d. laws, it is very democratic controlled. they are not worried in voter i.d. laws in straights they control remember but the states they want to control more. there is a funny internet video, a white liberal asks other white liberals 'voter i.d. law, you hear them say black people are too stupid to get i.d. and the lowest think that blacks
10:00 pm
are too stupid in get an i.d. to vote. steve: so great. thank you, rob, particularly great to have you with us this memorial day, always a soldier, lovely to see you, thank you for watching, so the your dvr so you never miss a show. >> it was through good men and women shedding blood for our freedom. >> they say you die twice. the moment you pass and the moment someone -- to memorialize them is so important to us. >> liberty is something that none of us should take for granted


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