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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  June 12, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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world. and i saved it because you are here watching. be sure to follow us on facebook, instagram and twitter. remember i'm watters and this is
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the question a simple one. >> do you have any mans to visit the border? >> at some point -- we are going to the border. we have been to the border. this whole thing about the border. we have been to the border. we have been to the border. >> you haven't been to the border. >> and i haven't been to europe. i don't understand the point that you are making. judge jeanine: you have never been to europe? do you mind telling me what europe has to do with those questions? europeans aren't packing up the
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kid and canoeing across the atlantic to sun the massachusetts border and i don't recall hearing of cartels driving unaccompanied children into massachusetts. we don't even have a border with europe. you are one heartbeat away from being the leader of the free world. what's with the souped i'd giggle. are you trying to convey something with that laugh? or are you laughing at us? why can't you answer that question? why won't you visit the on border where we are experiencing an historic surge of illegals. the highest number we have seen in 20 years. the president has assigned the job to you. are you not up to it? what are you afraid of? we wouldn't be having this problem fit weren't for you and joe. president trump had a remain in
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mexico which you half wits threw out the first week because you hate trump so much. could it be you want illegals to enter? you do want them to enter, don't you. what's that? don't lie to me. you said it yourself. say it loud, say it clear, everyone is welcome here. and your pal joe during the campaign said it as well. >> all those people are seek asee you legal deserve to be heard. that's who we are. we are a nation saying if you want to flee oppression you should come. judge jeanine: even mexican president obrador blamed biden saying that biden left immigrants with the impression they would be let into the united states. now within a few short months we
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have half a million illegals entering the united states, not including the ones who escaped detection. so answer the damn question. kamala, no one else is laughing with you. what do you think their future is when they come in wearing wristbands that designate which cartel brought them in so they can create national networks of human trafficking deep into the united states. we don't have the slightest idea who is coming into the country
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that you and stumbling joe invited. who is a sex offender, who is a pedophile, who thinks he can beat his wife. who likes to drink and drive? who likes to steal and rob? i don't know and you certainly don't know. you used to be a prosecutor but you changed your law enforcement colors. you won't visit our corn border but you visited guatemala. >> if we are going to deal with the problems at the border, we have to deal with the problems that cause people to go to the boarder. that is the root causes. >> to know the root causes at your border, your answer is to go to guatemala? i have news for you. you are about as welcome there
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as a-rod at a jennifer lopez concert. you will have to pack your bags and visit 160 countries because immigrants from 160 countries are coming across our southern border. they all want to come here. but that aside. take a look at the signs welcoming you. the people of guatemala are smarter than you. you are not respected, and you are not welcome. don't take my word for it. just look at county screen. even the president of guatemala says the problem is the biden-harris administration. that's you. you didn't need to go to guatemala to embarrass us to be told by a foreign president to enforce our own laws. you want to know what the root causes are? go to the border and find out.
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talk to the border patrol, talk to the people crossing, talk to the children. check the bands on the arms of innocent children. look to see if anyone is being tests for disease or covid. they are coming here because america is the symbol of plenty. they get education, medication, they can come to new york and sign up to get $12,500 for free just for being an illegal during a pandemic. by the way, who cares what the root cause is. when i dealt with criminals for 30 years i didn't ask what their motive was. the issue for you is what they are doing now. they are violating our laws. they are adding additional burdens on hard working taxpayers. the issue now ma days the impact
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on our schools. and i don't give a dam what the reason is for coming here and neither should you. it's nothing but a ruse to keep you from answering the harder question. if you actually go to the border the press will join you and they will see the disaster the biden administration made in realtime. this organization, the mess that you and your dithering pal joe created at our so-called southern border. and get rid of the stupid giggle. that's my open. let me know what you think on facebook page and twitter, #judgejeanine. first joining me with reaction to my open, fox news contributor, lara trump. what i find incredible is the
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argument they are making that the border is closed, that majorkas has been saying the border is closed. if they go to the border the press will follow them and they will find out the border is wide open. do you think that's one of the reasons she won't go? >> without a doubt. it's the exact reason they won't go. they just said the border is closed as though that's enough to satisfy americans. that's enough to satisfy the people who actually live on the southern earn border and dealing with with this situation every day. this is a woman who thinks she can cackle her way out of a tough question. he she is clearly in over her head. she had one job assigned to her, to address the crisis at the southern border. not only has she not addressed it. it has didn't significantly
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worse. crossing at our southern border are up 674%. this is a woman that needs to get down do the southern border and address this poob legal. otherwise it will be a complete disaster for the future of america. judge jeanine: she had to know once she made this first big trip out of the united states, she knew she would be candidate, when are you going to visit the on border. she didn't have an answer to to the question. are they so arrogant they don't think they have to answer questions? >> i think that's part of it. the mainstream media has been carrying their water for years. they asked joe biden what ice cream he had.
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i think she knew she was not prepared for this long before this moment. don't forget, this is a woman that dropped out of the democrat primaries before her state of california voted. she dropped out before mary anne williamson. she knew she could not and she thinks she can laugh it off. it's embarrassing. judge jeanine: i would like you to listen to some sound. people who are at the southern border thinking they don't matter anymore. >> two days ago i sat here and waited and i actually saw them cross the river. i knew they were heading directly to my gate to cross through my property. that was the most disgusting feeling i have felt in my life.
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judge jeanine: talk about feeling trespassed on. these people at the borders have no security. the sheriffs have been talking for years about the fact that they are being overrun and their fences are being broken and there is all kind of garbage as they come along the border. what do we say to people at the on border who feel they are not part of the country anymore. >> what about the rancher who found a group of young children who slept overnight on his ran'. there was an 11-month-old baby, a 5-year-old, a 2-year-old. the visual images of a 3-year-old being dropped over a wall. the 5-year-old standing in the middle of nowhere crying. it must be so insulting to the folks who work on the southern border, to our border patrol agents, to the people whose job
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it has been for so long to deal with this, it's like they are being made a mockery of. it's disgusting and disgraceful to see. i don't know what you tell the people who live at the on border. i guess they better arm up and get guns and be ready. it should necessity happen. people should never make the dangerous journey here. it's bad for americans, it's bad for the migrants. it's bad all around. judge jeanine: and we haven't mentioned the drugs coming across. the transthanksal cartels. this is a vice president who is a woman. you and i both want women to succeed. but it look like the woman is out of her league. i would say stop the giggling and answer a question. what would you recommend she do.
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>> i have a lot of recommendations, i don't know that i can say them on television. it is sad. we knew that joe biden was going to pick a woman as his running mate because all they do is virtue signal. that's the problem when you don't care about somebody's qualifications or preparedness for a job. it's terrible for women all around. we could have a woman president. but let's get a woman who is actually qualified and up to the job. judge jeanine: you are so right. lara trump, thanks so much for being with us tonight. next, free to kill? how one rogue judge's reckless bail decision led to an innocent father being killed. that story you don't want to miss. it's straight ahead. what makes new salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain?
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♪["i'll be seeing you" by billie holiday] ♪ i'll be seeing you ♪ ♪ in all the old familiar places ♪
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judge jeanine: welcome back to "justice." as violent crime surges in cities across america, we are seeing i frightening trend. judges wow together woke culture instead of the law, ban allowing dangerous criminals back on our
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streets. the latest example. an alleged gang member reportedly killing an innocent father of two after being freed on bail. the "new york post" reporting the 16-year-old was locked up on gun charges until judge dennis boyle lowered his bail from $75,000 to $10,000 despite having three gun busts. pope any we have a photo -- hopefully we have a photo of judge boyle. jennifer harrison and nick langworthy join me with reaction. i want to talk about this judge. this judge was appointed by a democrat. he's a democrat. he has been a judge for a very long time. he was never a prosecutor or
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defense attorney. just a law clerk who ended up getting ag job as a judge. he has freed more of these young dirt bags on to the street honed up killing or sexually assaulting other people. what we have got is this guy who is charged with the murder of two a freebie, no bail, first gun, second and third gun. lowers the bail. referred the cases to family court instead of criminal court where he could have been charged as an adult, even though there was an escalating pattern much violence. >> this is why elections have consequences. this mentality that puts criminals ahead of law-abiding
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taxpayers permeated the tax system. these criminal judges in new york city. that philosophy is absolutely perverted our criminal justice system. them the socialists in albany under andrew co-homes watch, eliminated cash bail, and they defunded police. we need to change this one party democrat rule of this state to bring change to this system. judge jeanine: you are a victim advocate, your boyfriend was the victimim of a homicide. >> both my boyfriend and his best friend were stabbed to death by three violent criminals. one was out and parole in new york. judge jeanine:e: now you are a victim advocate.
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what are you hearing on the street from the families of victims and the ripple effect that goes on after these dirt bags commit these crimes? >> governor cuomo and company created the perfect recipe for disaster, violence and death with their criminal justice reforms. that has given judges and prosecutors the excuses they need not to do their jobs. survivors of homicide victims and violent crimes have no voice inrt the court anymore. it's horrific. judge jeanine:e the sad part about all of this is it does --it doesn't have to happen ths way. they have discretion. this reminds me of the 80s.
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when and husband was allowed to go out and stab the wife or worse. we have judges bowing to the woke culture. this judge kip ask ask ask. another kid that he bailed, this judge dennis boyle, acting supreme court in the bronx. i want his picture up. he is part of a gang who attacked a 60-year-old man who was beat within a garbage can. they feel like they don't have the obligation to respects the victim. they respect the criminals more than the victim. school we have unelected judges put on the bench that are taking
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this woke philosophy that puts law breakers first. they want to strip us of a criminal justice system. this n made every new yorker les safe because of this no cash bail, no consequences for criminals. they don't show up for an appearance ticket. for a serious crime. judge jeanine: we keep letting them loose. we don't know why they would show up. jennifer, tell me what you think we need m to do to start get together judges and getting the message out that we are not going to take this anymore. >> we need to vote the democrats that out appoint these liberal judges and we have to have a review process to hold them accountable.
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they can't keep releasing violent criminals. enough iss enough. judge jeanine: i want everyone to know. i don't want you to just check this out. it's the law, no bail. these situations are you different. dennis boyle has been a nightmare since he hit the bench. and there are too many victims and families who suffered the ripple effect of his liberal nonsense. nick langworthy and jennifer harrison, thank you so much. we have a shocking police body cam video of two officers being shot by a fleeing suspect in chicago. this will leave you absolutely stunned. kim klacik is here to react.
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ashley: welcome to fox news live. i'm ashley strohmier. a delta flight heading to atlanta was forced to make an emergency landing after an off-duty flight attendant become unruly. he grabbed the p.a. system and maid an announcement about masks. he was taken into custody by the
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fbi. it's the third time in a week delta diverted in flight over a passenger's behavior. authorities say a vehicle burst into flames after slamming intoed a building. one person was rushed to the hospital in critical condition but it's unclear if this was an accident or intentional act. i'm ashley strohmier. now back to "justice with judge jeanine." i'm ashley strohmier. judge jeanine: war zones are erupting on the streets of america. we obtained new video of police body cam foomentsage in may. it shows a suspect fleeing two officers. what happened next will leave you have stunned.
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>> we are talking to you, man. whoa! [bleep] [bleep] everything is record. hey. stop right there. show me your hands. show your hands. take them out of your pocket. show me your hands. get them out of your pocket. get your hands up.
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judge jeanine: that am burg by the suspect left two police officers injured. the gunman was also wound. it's a scene being replicated all across this greats nation. with us is the president of red renaissance, kim klacik. we are seeing far too much of this happening across the country. and thank goodness for the police cameras that we are able to see from many different directions the angles that this individual -- with a hoodie with no concern for the lives of the police officers. >> thanks, judge. first and foremost i want to points out that police officers put their lives on the line every single day for people they never even met. this what else they are met with. it takes true courage to be an officer especially in america. i watched that video multiple
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times. it came to the same conclusion every single time. the perpetrator had no record for the fact that these men were law enforcement. it appeared the reason the cops hesitated to pull their weapons may be due to the current narrative we see across this country. unfortunately it looks like the officers were second guessing themselves to appease the cowards across this country who are always trying to vilify our police officers. cancel culture has taken over in too many ways. crime has been and a raped incline since progressives have taken over to defund the police. in baltimore they defunded the police, now they are we funding the police. jesse: we are going to put up a screen as to the homicide spikes
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in the united states. in portland homicides are up 733% which is wild. and then it goes on. but these cities are pretty much all democracies. so you are absolutely right. the police are hesitating because they know he move they make will be subject to some kind of lawsuit and they may be hunts the down for the rest of their lives. what do you think that the future of america is given this rise now and what can we do about it. >> first and foremost we have to stop blaming the police. they are being used as scape goats. police arrive on the scene 9 out of 10 types is because a violent crime has already been committed. we have a lot of repeat offenders back on the streets he single day in baltimore.
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we have a homicide:per day in baltimore. we have to treat violent criminals as violent criminals. judge jeanine: unfortunately one of the things we are seeing is a continuation of defund the police. there is a woman running for mayor in new york city who says she wants to continue to defund. she he she doesn't think police need guns. she won't come out and say it in a debate. kim klacik, thanks for being with us. up next, street justice is back. my exclusive interviews from the young woman's leadership conference in dallas.
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judge jeanine: that was dallas thursday as i took the stage at the young woman's leadership summit hosted by turning pointing usa. i was honored to speak to many of the women in attendance for our latest edition of street justice. let's take a look. [♪♪♪] judge jeanine: here up at turning points. young women's leadership conference. i'm looking forward to speaking to the young women who are here to talk about what they see in the future for them and for america. why are you here? >> we are excited to finally get to [inaudible]
9:41 pm
judge jeanine: you are here at the young women's leadership summit. what do you think some of the problems are on college campuses today? >> i think women don't feel like they have a place [inaudible] >> i talk to them and they do have a place in society and they do have a message. judge jeanine: what do you think of america today? >> i think it's absolutely wonderful. the future [inaudible] judge jeanine: how is it that you are conservative at these liberal institutions? >> i stand up for my values every single day. i'm very outspoken on social media. even though i get attacked for that, that doesn't stop me. i'm empowered and equipped to go home to a college campus and
9:42 pm
fight back. judge jeanine: how did you get elected? was it difficult to get the message across as a 22-year-old and as a conservative? >> a little bit. i stuck to the principles i was raised on and that got me across the finish line. judge jeanine: what are those principles? >> free market, low tax, school choices. judge jeanine: what would you say to the women here. some are in college. >> you are standing [inaudible] it's so important that -- judge jeanine: do you think that. >> it's hard to today have those views on a college campus. >> we have people coming over
9:43 pm
and screaming at us and throwing our things in the trash can. we have had plenty of things happening to us. and we are being shut down. freedom of speech doesn't apply to us with conservative values. >> there is as certain agenda people would rather follow than go against the grain. they would rather not hear the truth. >> it's [inaudible] judge jeanine: so you are not going to bend to the woke mop. >> no, never. judge jeanine: what do you think of the woke mob? >> what do i think of them? [inaudible] jean require seems like you are in the minority. >> it's hard. i would say staying connects and really like focusing on what we
9:44 pm
believe in and not getting distracted and caring what people say about us has been really important to us and learning one person can change. we are part of the hispanic community. honestly it's hard. our family does not agree with us with everything. they did an amazing job of showing me as a young woman and so many people that we are not alone. it's so important for us to stand up for what we believe in. judge jeanine: it's hard when there are people that criticize you. i am even on tv [inaudible] judge jeanine: you know what?
9:45 pm
i love that you take god in as part of your life because that is what truth is all about. so god bless you. what do you think young women need to do to have the strength to push back against professors and other students. toot moment you stop fighting [inaudible] band together and start fighting back for their rights. judge jeanine: thank you. >> you are welcome. judge jeanine: thank you to everyone i met in dallas. i can't wait to visit again very soon. next, if you had covid, do you need a vaccine? one of the most respected medical facilities in america is raising some very serious questions about that very issue. dr. marc siegel is standing by live next.
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[♪♪♪] judge jeanine: a new study from the cleveland cling with yet another take on the question. does someone who had covid need the vaccine? here to discuss the surprising findings and more, fox news medical analyst dr. marc siegel. i am reading from this study from the cleveland clinic that calls into get necessity to vaccinate those who have already had covid. and they say that individuals who have had covid do not get any additional benefits from the
9:51 pm
vaccine. this isn't what they have been telling us. what's going on. >> from the winning that's an important study. from the beginning they have been downplaying the impact of having had covid on immunity. it's called natural immunity. this study looked at thousands of work were and found if you had covid you were just as protected against getting it again as if you had the vaccine. another study shows you are making immune cells in the bone marrow that will power up if you ever had covid. i think you have a strong immunity from strong infection for at least a year. there may be a benefit to giving a shot on top of that because that gives you super immunity. so if you are in a high risk group i still would recommend one shot.
9:52 pm
but this group has been downplayed. especially when you hear talk about vaccine passports. what about someone who got over covid. what are we supposed to do. if you have got covid, you have got titer, you are immune and the vaccine becomes more elective. judge jeanine: let's say you took the first vaccine. to some people that won't be enough. if you live in florida, they don't want a vaccine. but there are going to be places and maybe you can tell me that are going to require a vaccine passport. what do you know so far about places that will require that? >> a lot of businesses are talking about that. schools are talking about that. certain hospitals are talking about that. but the one place i'm sympathetic about is hospitals. if doctors and nurses aren't going to take the vaccine, how can you demand an 11 or
9:53 pm
12-year-old take it? i think we made a good point. people getting over covid. especially if you had the antibody treatments, you don't want to get the vaccine right away. i wait several weeks before i gift to someone who had covid. then i would feel comfortable around them if they have the immunity. i offer the vaccine on top of that. i'm all for that. but to use it as a requirement, the vaccine excludes people who have the immunity from covid. judge jeanine: you hear from so many people that they have these bad reactions to a vaccine. my sister had the vaccine. she never had a problem and her heart started beating quickly. the doctor says you have a-fib.
9:54 pm
you have problems with the muscles around the heart. as we hear about more and more of these problems. statements like this from the cleveland clinic, saying you don't need it. unless they are trying to save vaccines for other countries. who knows about the politicization of this crazy pandemic. i made up my mind. i'm not sure we need to have that anymore. >> one quick thought about that. if you haven't had covid, if you haven't had covid, i would say this, the vaccine is much less dangerous than covid is because you get long-term side effects from having had covid. judge jeanine: i totally agree with you. if you haven't had it the vaccine makes sense. if you haven't, you have to wonder what's going on with big
9:55 pm
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judge jeanine: finally tonight, exciting news, will be part of a faith and freedom coalition votes to a majority converse this week it will be streaming live on fox nation. all you need to do is go to fox to sign up right now plus have been livid busy, i was just in beautiful miami shooting a new episode of by fox nation show, capitals usa this week. i was in miami touring the museum and gardens on the fox nation show. we are preparing for our season and you're going to love it so don't forget to set your dvr so
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you never miss a show of justice and as a special sale get a bundle of my three best sellers for $50 as well as new products and don't forget get a cameo or dad, a granddad. check me out online. thank you for watching. i'm advocating for truth, justice -- ♪♪ dan: welcome to "unfiltered" with dan bongino. i can't thank you enough for the support of our show. we were the number one show cable news, it means the world to me. you are the most loyal in the business, i cannot thank you enough. my family and i, you have provided us with so much. thank you. we won't let you know down. let's get to the question. if you're going to destroy the


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