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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 14, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> greg: aren't we the real heros? the talk show host are the front row heros. it's good to be a doctor and firemen, what am i doing every day? >> richard: doctors nurses and respiratory therapists. >> jesse: i saved the world and you saved the world. >> greg: we are joking by the way. that's it for us. bret baier suspect next. >> bret: that was explosive show. go to see you at the table. really good. see you later at 11:00. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight president biden says he is not looking for a conflict with russia but that he will respond if rush continue what's called its harmful activities. the american leader took nature a summit today with nato leaders in belgium. two days ahead of that meeting with putin in geneva, switzerland. white house correspondent peter doocy traveling with the president starts us off tonight from brussels. good evening, peter. >> peter: good evening, bret. president biden has spent the
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past few days here in europe telling people he thinks america is back. as in he think thinks the u.s. has seen as stronger on the world stage now that he has been elected president and he is putting a premium on alliances like nato. >> america. >> very good for america. essential for america. >> peter: surrounded by nato allies. the president seemed to be in good spirits. >> it looks like the first day back at school seeing all your old friends again. >> most of the time. for example, he didn't have much to say after a private meeting with the turkish president erdogan with whom he has significant policy differences. >> we couldn't hear you, sir. >> i didn't say anything. >> peter: russian aggression appears to russia's most aggressive challenge. >> we have russia that is not acting in a way that is consistent with what we had hoped as well as china. >> peter: so a lot has changed in a decade. >> last time nato put together a
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strategic plan 2010 when russia was considered a partner and china wasn't even mentioned. >> peter: cyberattacks launched by add actors in russia a major concern for nato and putin is paying attention. >> nato has declared cyberspace on area of combat. that means they're planning something. they are preparing something. so, obviously, this cannot but worry us. >> peter: putin and biden finally meet wednesday. >> i will convey what i convey to president putin that i'm not looking for conflict with russia but that we will respond if russia continues its harmful activities. >> peter: this weekend president biden signed on g-7 document call for transparent led by the world health organization. >> we need to get to the bottom of it and working on that through the w.h.o. and working on that ourselves. >> peter: critics doubt that w.h.o. is capable of leading. >> i don't think this investigation can be done properly with the w.h.o. who is
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headed up by director general pate degrees puppet of president xi. >> the ideas adage politics stops at the water edge previous year. president biden responding to a question about the trump era spoke critically overseas about republican rivals. >> the leadership of the republican party is fractured and the trump wing of the party is a bulk of the party but makes up a significant minority of the american people. >> peter: most of the attention remained on this trip and sit down with putin. >> is he bright. he is tough. and i have found that he is a, as they say, one use i used to play ball a both adversary. >> peter: that's a compliment for a leader biden recently called a killer. asked if putin is still a killer
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he didn't give a direct answer. the president is in tonight brussels he flies out tomorrow one day ahead of that meeting with putin on neutral ground in switzerland. bret? >> bret: peter doocy traveling with the president in brussels. thanks. let's get perspective from senior political analyst brit hume. you know, getting ahead of this one-on-one meeting between president biden and vladimir putin. it is a shift as peter mentioneds. worthy, adversary, bright, from calling him a killer. what about this set up? >> donald trump would never say anything 'putin really e didn't like to criticize putin. biden has and he also praised him as we heard in those remarks that peter doocy cited in you heard from biden himself. so everything is kind been overshadowed i think, bret, by anticipation of this wednesday meeting. i don't think they have any real
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idea about what's going to come out of it biden has at times talked tough and you have heard him say he doesn't want conflict. hard for knee imagine how on the path that russia is on that wouldn't be conflict. i don't mean armed conflict but conflict. there is nothing that came out of the actions taken by the g-7 or out of this nato meeting concrete actions that tell us very much about where this whole issue is going. both against china and against russia. >> bret: you and i have covered a lot of these multilateral conferences and get togethers. this was especially seemed watered down when it came to russia and china. >> brit: i guess a big moment in europe is biden is now once again citing the significance and importance of nato which is, after all the most successful military alliance probably in history. one thing that should be noted about these alineses with lots and lots of countries in them when you are trying to take actual action, have you got to get everybody on board and not
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everybody is on board and europe has a long history during the cold war of being hesitant, more hesitant than the united states was and leaving it to the united states to carry the burden of required placement of troops or whatever because europe is hesitate tant. so, that may be biden's opportunity as the newly readmitted member in good standing of the club of national leaders there but it becomes a burden as well as i have noted. >> bret: some leaders liken it to the boring g-7s. better. at the end of the g-7 there was this press conference with president biden over the weekend. and there was a moment that caught people's attention in which he was trying to talk about syria. and specific policy in syria. take a listen. >> we can work together with russia. for example, in libya and, for
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example, the rebuilding of, of a syria. of -- libya. so i'm hopeful that we can find accommodation that where we can save the least of people and, for example, in libya. >> bret: your thoughts about that? >> brit: well, obviously, bret, this is another one of these episodes in which there have been quite a number in which the president forgot something e confused libya and syria. he confuses things with some regulator and in public. and it raises anew the question of whether really his age when forgetfulness isn't understandable and not at all uncommon issue makes him not necessarily in the best position to act as president. you have got to get up on the world stage and not confuse your countries. this is something that some of us way back in 2016 during the
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campaign warned about. there was a lot of scoffing at it. and kind of refusal of the mainstream media to even cover it. but now it's out there, you know, out there in the open. i don't think there is any way around it. there it is. >> bret: brit, as always, thank you. >> brit: you bet. >> bret: also breaking tonight, there is deep division among house democrats over what to do about controversial remarks from minnesota congresswoman ilhan omar comparing the u.s. and israel to hamas and the taliban. republicans now have their own ideas. concrete ideas, congressional correspondent jacqui heinrich reports tonight from capitol hill. >> it needs to stop. and i hope my democratic colleagues will join me in calling this out for what it is. and denouncing it at every turn. >> three house republicans moving to censure congresswoman ilhan omar and her progressive colleagues in the squad for, quote: defending foreign terrorist organizations and using rhetoric which contributed to anti-semitic attacks across the united states. the g.o.p. pushed to punish omar
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comes after house speaker nancy pelosi said the democratic caucus is moving on after omar walked back her comments appearing to equate democracies like the u.s. and israel with thai groups. >> we did not rebuke her. we thanked -- acknowledged that she made a clarification. >> so do you want people to just let it go. >> they can say whatever they want. but what i'm saying is end of subject. >> but omar later doubled down on the premise of her question referring, to quote: victims of u.s. and israeli abuses in open cases in the international criminal court. members of the squad redirected blame at the media and about face after slamming democratic jewish colleagues and leadership for even asking omar to clarify. >> this all hubbub started with right wing and news outlets taking what she said out of context and when we feed into that, it adds legitimacy to a lot of this kind of right wing vitriol. as speaker pelosi said, we are putting this behind us and i
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believe that we will ultimately come together as a caucus. >> it's unclear if any democrats support the censor censure coming from republicans record of incendiary comments. bret, tonight, house speaker nancy pelosi is responding to the g.o.p. motion to censure the squad and congressman jim banks and mike walls now referring to the squad as the hamas caucus. pelosi said they should not be moving to censure and called the hamas caucus moniker dangerous to the members of congress for the target of the comments. bret? >> bret: we will follow this jacqui heinrich live on the hill. jackie, thanks. the top republican in the senate is criticizing his democratic colleagues for pursuing investigations into two trump era attorneys general over probes into the leaking of sensitive material. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is strongly defends bill barr tonight. here is correspondent david spunt at the justice department. >> these late rest attempts to
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tarnish his name bear the telltale signs of a witch-hunt in the making. so i'm confident that the existing inquire will uncover the truth. there is no need for a partisan circus here in the congress. >> senate minority leader mitch mcconnell of a defense of former attorney general bill barr following news that white house counsel don mcgahn's phone and email records were picked up as part of a secret investigation. "new york times" reports the doj officials sought mcgahn's records via apple in february 2018 when jeff sessions ran the justice department. but a source close to sessions and his deputy rod rosenstein tell fox news neither men knew about the mcgahn records. records belonging to house democrats adam schiff and eric swalwell also seized. >> bill barr and jeff sessions saying that they don't recall being briefed on this, that's a problem. >> the senate's top democrat chuck schumer wants to hear from the head of the justice department's national security
3:12 pm
division. john demurez, a trump appointee who announced he is leaving his post next week. a department official tells fox news demurez' departure was planned for months schumer wants foreign minister sessions and his successor is bill barr. >> this is not some kind of washington insider thing. this is about people's phone records being subpoenaed without them even knowing about it. >> house intelligence committee chairman schiff today called for doj reforms. hours after the attorney general released a statement leading, in part, political or otherwise improper considerations must play no role in any investigative or prosecutorial decisions. bret, about an hour ago, the attorney general just wrapped up a meeting with news executives to talk about the seizure from doj of journalist private communication. a readout from that meeting says progress was made no. other prudent details to share right now. we do know the inspector general of the department of justice is investigating the matter also.
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bret? >> bret: we will follow it. david spunt at the justice department. thank you. congressional members are getting together today four years after a 66-year-old left wing activist bernie sanders supporter opened fire at a congressional baseball practice in alexandria, virginia, targeting republicans there. four people were hit. steve scalise of louisiana was seriously injured. the suspect was killed by law enforcement. last month the fbi reclassified the incident as domestic terrorism. ditching the original classification suicide by cop. still ahead, no christmas, no thanksgiving. how cancel culture may be impacting the school calendar and why a lot of parents are upset with that idea. ♪ ♪ [shouting] so then i said to him,
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delta 2% it's doubling every two weeks that doesn't mean necessarily there will be a sharp rise in infections. vaccine maker nova vax says its covid-19 shot is highly effective against the disease and also protects against variants. the company says testing shows the two-shot vaccine is safe band 90% effective overall. and a federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by employees of a houston hospital system over its requirement that all of its staff be vaccinated against coast. the houston methodist hospital system suspended 178 employees without pay last week over their refusal to be vaccinated. as the immigration crisis on the southern border worsens, we are seeing evidence human smugglers are becoming much more aggressive in their tactics. tonight, correspondent bill melugin shows us from mission, texas. good evening, bill.
3:19 pm
>> bill: bret, good evening to you. last week we all heard vice president kamala harris send a message to migrants telling them do not come to the border right now. but it appears that message is falling on deaf ears because we have seen them coming still and coming in large numbers. and when they get here, they are sometimes being picked up by human smugglers. when that happens, things can get quite dangerous for the locals living here. take a look. >> they have become the norm, rather than the exception here in texas. high speed pursuits of human smugglers. state troopers tell us there have been more than 370 just since march. we witnessed one of them in mcallen on saturday. our cameras on scene minutes after a human smuggler with 12 migrants in his car led police on a dangerous 40-minute high-speed chase. ending when he crashed into the front of a house in a quiet residential neighborhood and bailed out. the smuggler and migrants were all apprehended. and taken into border patrol custody. >> typically about one or two a day. >> during a ride along with
3:20 pm
state troopers, lieutenant told us dangerous smuggler pursuits are becoming a daily occurrence here in the rio grande valley. >> sadly we have had incidents where there have been fatality crashes these smugglers the way they drive. unfortunately we might start seeing that a lot more because of these increase in pursuits. >> and in la jolla today, our fox drone over border patrol agents as they chase down another group of runners who crossed illegally and tried to evade capture. something that happens like clockwork every morning here. they were eventually apprehended by agents, but the flow of migrants is not slowing down. with former dhs secretary chad wolf telling fox news kamala harris needs to wage. >> she continues to not focus on the crisis that is in front of her. instead, starts talking about root causes of migration which are years and decades away on trying to solve that problem. they have a crisis on the border. they need to solve that today. >> and, bret, just to highlight some of those ongoing security concerns with you. border patrol here in the rio
3:21 pm
grande valley sector reporting just a couple of days ago they apprehended a mexican national trying to come across the border. he had a murder conviction back in 2008 from right here in mission, texas. he was sentenced to 15 years back then. was deported. apparently tried coming back across again, thankfully, he was caught. the question is how many do they not capture. he was one of what border patrol is saying has been more than 1300 migrants with criminal records they have apprehended just here in this sector just in this fiscal year alone. send it back to you. >> bret: bill melugin along the border in mission, texas. thank you. parents in one new jersey community are pushing back tonight against the school board there officials have removed the names of the holidays from the official school calendar. here's correspondent aishah hasnie. ♪ christmas eve is coming soon. >> forget merry christmas or happy thanksgiving. even martin luther king jr. day is no more. now students at randolph
3:22 pm
township schools in new jersey might wonder why they are off after school board members renamed every holiday on the school calendar to a generic day off. it comes just one month after the board faced scrutiny from parents for renaming columbus day to indigenous people's day. a statement from the school board reads in part the students will still continue to receive instruction in schools about these important historical events and the people behind them. but as they unloaded days like fourth of july sparks flew. [shouting] >> angry parents yelling: even storming off during the last meeting. the school board says the change will not have an impact on the curriculum but not everyone is convinced. >> i think it's social media combined with political ideologies and people that are in positions of, you know, perceived power are pushing their personal agendas. >> tom tatem, a father of three,
3:23 pm
went as far as to launch an online petition calling for board members to resign. while another dad, james gentleman covey is warning others to watch out? this radical theme we have seen the last 12 months occur across the country is coming to your neighborhood soon and it came to ours. >> bret, even the township mayor says he disagrees with the school board but he doesn't have a say in what happens within the school district. more than 3,000 signatures are already on that petition to remove those school board members. bret? >> bret: aishah, thank you. stocks were mixed today. dow lost 86. the s&p 500 and the nasdaq posted new record closes. the s&p up 8. the nasdaq gained 105. up next, israel has a new prime minister but the old one is not just fading away. we will take you there. first, here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 9 in minneapolis one person dead three others injured a at
3:24 pm
the rams into protesters. at the parking ramp where a black man fatally shot by u.s. marshals earlier this month. police took the driver into custody at the scene. motive still unclear, police say drugs and alcohol may have been involved. fox 32 in chicago as an explosion at a manufacturing plant in rockton forces nearby residents to evacuate while crews battled the flames there. it happened around 7:00 this morning. no immediate reports of injuries. about 1,000 people affected by that evacuation order. and this is a live look at new york from fox 5. our affiliate there one of the big stories there tonight a pekingese named wasabi wins best in show at the westminster kennel club. congratulations to this little guy. this year the show moved out of new york city for the first time because of the coronavirus pandemic. it was held outdoors at an estate in suburban tarrytown. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from
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tonight prime minister netanyahu has been replaced by the leader of an unusual and broad coalition. correspondent trey yingst tells us though from jerusalem, netanyahu still intends to be a major player. >> right wing members of the israeli parliament shout asna tally bennett addresses the chamber. hours later they voted on a new coalition government. making bennett prime minister and ending the 12-year rule of benjamin netanyahu. the former israeli leader didn't leave quietly. saying his successor isn't capable of credible enough to confront president biden on plans to rejoin an iran nuclear deal. >> prime minister in israel must be careful of saying no to the united states president on matters that endanger our existence and to back that up with massive action in the congress, the senate and in public opinion in the great democracy which is the united states. >> with continued iranian proxy
3:30 pm
action and nuclear aspirations that threaten israel, the biden administration risks isolating the new israeli government. both prime minister bennett and his coalition partner lapid says that israel will not allow iran to obtain a nuclear weapon. they both strongly oppose a new agreement with the islamic republic. expwit the foreign policy president biden called the new leader released a statement saying he congratulates them. bennett says he plans to work with both parties in washington on a variety of issues. >> my government will make an effort to deepen regions with our friends in both parties, bipartisan. if there are disputes, we will manage them with fundamental trust and mutual respect. >> with a sixth round of mutual talks this week in ventriclena, as you industry a the relationship between the biden administration and the government of nattali bennett could soon be tested if discussions upcoming agreement. >> bret: trey yingst in
3:31 pm
jerusalem, thank you. we told you earlier president biden meets with russian leaderboard vladimir putin wednesday in geneva. tonight we begin a three-part series putting that summit in context. correspondent steve harrigan starts part 1 looking at putin's rise to power. >> the man picked to rule russia 21 years ago was an unknown mid level kgb agent who brought a used washing machine from his posting in east germany back to the soviet union where it was considered a luxury item. he was not boris yeltsin's first choice. >> they went through seven different prime ministers and the most important thing at that point for the yeltsin family was to have a successor who would make a deal with the yeltsin family that they would not be prosecuted for any corruption. >> by 1999, most russians were ready for a change. the hero who stood on the tank in 1991 and broke communist control over freedom of speech,
3:32 pm
elections and private property was also blamed by those who saw their life savings disappear as a new class of billionaires scooped up state factories. yeltsin's lengthy disappearances from public view were blamed on heart attacks or excessive drinking. ♪ >> to many russians president boris yeltsin felt like an embarrassment. >> we have famous for being inebriated known alcoholic and big drinker. was very large just in stature, so the way that he behaved in the public diplomacy u.s. president embarrassed a lot of russians in his time. >> the contrast to president putin is stark. >> he is fit, is he a martial arts champion. he says he never drinks. and for many russians that also gave him a sense of stability. mr. putin embodied that physically in a way that president yeltsin absolutely did
3:33 pm
not. >> putin also embodied a return to an authoritarian past. shutting down press freedoms, banishing independent oligarchs and consolidating power in his own hands. >> i think yeltsin probably would have been turning in his grave because did he not want russia to go back. >> yet the two very different men may end up sharing a similar fate, picking a successor who promises no criminal prosecution. >> under the newly revised constitution that might not be until the year 2036. bret? >> bret: steve, thank you. part 2 tomorrow. up next, the panel talks president biden the nato summit is meeting wednesday with vladimir putin stand by. first beyond our borders tonight. as the operators of a chinese nuclear plant near hong kong say the facility is dealing with a performance issue. but they say it's currently operating within safety limits following a report of a potential radioactive leak there. radiation levels in hong kong,
3:34 pm
we're told, are normal so far. a 29-year-old danish soccer player suffered cardiac arrest during a match saturday. christian erickson resuscitated with a defibrillator at the field. denmark's team manager says he was gone before being revived. flood of support from around the world. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ same old place♪ ♪that you laughed about♪ ♪well, the names have all changed♪ ♪since you hung around♪ welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you. hey, mom. i'll never say this but.... welcome back, america. - thanks for telling me everyone 12 and older is eligible for the covid-19 vaccine. - thank you for loving me that much. - thanks.
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♪ >> i'm going to make clear to president putin that there are areas where we can cooperate if he chooses and if he chooses not to cooperate, and acts in a way that he has in the past relative to cybersecurity and some other
3:39 pm
activities, then we will respond. i have met with him. he's bright. he's tough. and i have found that he is a, as they say, when i used to play ball, a worthy adversary. >> bret: president biden at the nato summit in brussels talking about vladimir putin ahead of that meeting in geneva the entire trip wednesday is that meeting. and after that answer, the president was asked if he still thought as he had said before that vladimir putin was a killer and answered that to nbc as well. >> in terms of you call somebody whom what kind of labels, this is not something i worry about in the least. >> i believe he has in the past essentially acknowledged that he was -- there are certain things that he would do or did do. >> i don't think it matters a whole lot in terms of this next meeting we are about to have. >> bret: the big pause before he answered all of that question as
3:40 pm
he was carefully choosing his words. letting bring in our panel ben domenech publisher of the federalist. henry ford and trey gowdy former congressman from south carolina. trey, you heard the president's news conference today and those specifics. what about that ahead of this meeting on wednesday? >> yeah, bret. he also said if russia continues its harmful activities and i sit here thinking i thought they tried to interfere with our 2016 election? i mean, what can you do worse than interfering with a democracy's elections unless you want to say cyberattacking food supplies and gasoline and other critical infrastructure. you know, bret, it was obama that said he would be more flexible. it was clinton that gave that awkward plastic re-set button. it was obama that gave them nothing more than a stern lecture after they tried to interfere with our election he is. and it was obama that laughed at mitt romney cited russia is the
3:41 pm
biggest threat we have. so, get tough on russia but you haven't done it in the past, mr. >> bret: yeah, i think it's actions versus words, harold, that critics are saying they haven't seen the actions yet from the biden administration and they are frankly very open and vocal about concerns about this one-on-one meeting. >> good to be with you. i think a couple things. president biden has done an incredible job, i think, in the last few days of framing the real class of challenge we face, which is democracy versus autocracy. number two, i think his meeting with putin, he shared earlier, president biden when asked were there any world leaders at the g-7 or nato who expressed meeting all of them thanked me for sitting down and sharing face-to-face. expect what we know and what we will do if you behave differently. i think trey raises a great point. trey also raised a great point sunday night on his show saying we should always root for even
3:42 pm
those who may be against us in a game or contest certainly president biden is on the same team that we are. we have to reassure him that he is able to convey strongly convince him if you do this again, you interrupt our pipeline, you interrupt any other system we have in this nation, we will respond. president biden had said that on the public stage. so, i expect him to be candid. i expect him to be frank. i expect him to be tough, and i expect him to be able to deliver a message back to our ally that he did indeed just that. >> bret: president putin when asked about alexi navalny if he will be out of jail. whether he will get out of jail alive, putin wouldn't answer that question. didn't answer that question. today president biden was asked about the possibility of navalny dying in prison. take a listen. >> navalny's death would be would be another another
3:43 pm
indication that russia has little or no intention of abiding by basic fundamental human rights. it would be a tragedy. it would do nothing but hurt his relationships with the rest of the world in my view. >> that sounds like a forgone conclusion. sounds like is he already spinning something that he expects to happen. he i went back and looked at a column by 1987 by richard cohen in the "the washington post" about joe biden's first foreign major policy address as a candidate back then to hard. --harvard. he had a line a generation renowned for not doing its homework may have met its next leader. to say me that's a real problem we see with this approach. it fails to learn from even recent history in terms of dealing with russia.
3:44 pm
and unfortunately, i really believe that this foreign policy seems to have all the hallmarks of being about pleasing everybody but america. does it care more about brussels than it does about chicago. is the situation right now where joe biden is going over to russia, having allowed the pipeline to continue over, there having completely ignored the belrusian air piracy incident and having floated this lieu chris idea that we are going to engage in some kind of trade of cyber criminals as if there is some moral equivalency or criminal eequivalency between those participating on the russian side and those active on american soil? it's absolutely ludicrous. i think that the europeans our allies over there may be happy with a lot of it because it sounds rhetorical note that we'll receive a lot of praise but in terms of the practical results, it does not do anything to actually confront russia where it matters to hold them to account for what they have done and for what they will continue
3:45 pm
to do. >> bret: trey, having covered a lot of these g-7s, nato summits, you usually end up with one story line, the g-7 at least the communique 25 pages long was pretty watered down even when it came to china and russia, a few sets in there. maybe expressed concerns but not really pointed. the one thing, though, out of nato today that raised my eyebrows and perked my ears was that they are considering adding ukraine as a nato member. and if that is, in fact, the case, that is a huge deal for that region. here's the president answering a question about that. >> the fact is they still have to clean up corruption. the fact is they have to meet other criteria to get into the action plan. and so it's -- you know, school is out on that question. it remains to be seen. in the meantime, we will do all that we can to put ukraine in a
3:46 pm
position to be able to continue to resist russian physical aggression. >> bret: by the way he is saying there is corruption on the ground in ukraine they have to clean that up before they are a member of nato. the fact that they are considering it is significant. >> trey: bret, that would be exactly the kind of bold action gets russia's attention that and stopping the pipeline with germany that would be a phenomenal move to say, you know what? ukraine is with us now. don't mess with them anymore. that's what i'm talking about. don't give a sermon. show me a sermon. don't give a stern lecture like obama did and kick out a bunch of nameless diplomats after russia tried to interfere with our election. that's all he did was kicked out a bunch of diplomats and not a single one of us can name one he kicked out. not one. >> bret: that's true. i don't think any of you can name one and i know i can't. up next, the latest on the democrat infighting over congresswoman ilhan omar. ♪ ♪
3:47 pm
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>> equated the united states with taliban. and how long?
3:51 pm
>> rashida tlaib. >> and, and -- and then she clarified it. and we thanked her for clarification. >> so do you want people to just let it go. >> they can say whatever they want. but what i'm saying is end of subject. she clarified, we thanked her, end of subject. >> bret: speaker pelosi talking about concerns about ilhan omar, congresswoman from minnesota's comments equating the u.s. with the taliban and hamas. obviously republicans don't think that it's over end of subject. we are back with our panel. harold, this is getting quite a stir even in democratic circles. >> harold: look, without question. but i don't fully understand why we-why it continues to be an issue. i disagree with the congresswoman. she is entitled to her views and her speech. she clarified the moral equivalency comment which was asinine and completely wrong. she has said other things in the
3:52 pm
past that i don't agree with. there are some democrats i don't agree with. and there are many republicans i don't agree with. i think substantive debate we should welcome but when it's hateful and frankly un -- it lacks a factual basis and it has to be challenged. >> bret: you don't think there is a difference between going after marjorie taylor greene's committees or steve king's or, you know, the uproar over some of the things that happened on the right or this as far as she is on the house foreign relations committee? >> harold: well, she -- to my understanding, she clarified those comments and i don't know where marjorie taylor greene her clarification, i think was very, very different. bret, here's my point, we are going to disagree with people. we should have these substantive conversations. i would say to the congresswoman and some of her supporters who thought that the criticism she received, congresswoman omar, the criticism she received was unfair, maybe racist or
3:53 pm
islamophobic. we should welcome that and welcome that. >> ben: i think there is significant difference here especially in the context of what is going on in the country. we see an an absolutely virulent and disturbing rise in anti-semitic hate crimes across this country that should concern all of us. the fact that the congresswoman continues to engage in this kind of behavior and this kind of speech is very disturbing. and the fact that the -- that she continues to get support from fellow members of the squad. fellow members of the democratic party, in a way is indicative to me of a very dangerous effect that's going on where we might see the issue of israel and our alliance with it and our alliance with the jewish people historically here in america becoming a. >> morgan: mono partisan issue. ing alliances something i would hope receives much stronger
3:54 pm
condemnation from the leadership of the democratic party. along the line of what we saw from bill clinton and sister soldier moment and historically been an element of leadership within that party. >> bret: trey? >> trey: yeah, bret. i see it a little bit differently. i think she is an answer to prayer. because when republicans do and say stupid things, we can always count on her saying something dumber and taking us off the front page. what i fear are the smart, reasonable democrats like harold ford jr., jim himes, kyrsten sinema, that's what i fear. the anti-jewish, anti-american, anti-cop democrats like representative omar, i hope she lives and serves forever because she is the best hope we have at retaking the house. >> bret: well, there is a different look at it all right. stand by, when we come back, tomorrow's headlines tonight with the panel. ♪ i booked our hotel on kayak. it's flexible if we need to cancel. cancel. i haven't left the house in a year. nothing will stop me from vacation.
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>> bret: finally tonight, a look at tomorrow's headlines with the panel, ben, first. >> ben: mine is actually from the past. joe biden warns reckless ronald reagan over tear down this wall speech. the anniversary was over the weekend. that was his reaction to the speech at the time. it's proof once again that just for those that have been around for a long time doesn't make you an beings pert at things. >> bret: harold? >> harold: mine is a little lighter. lefty, phil mickelson arrived at tori pines with victory on his mine with a win here he will complete the career grand slam go phil. >> bret: man, that would be fun to see. trey? >> trey: joe biden puts kamala harris in charge of europe and all the other places she has never been. [laughter] >> bret: okay. bringing it home. all right, guys. tomorrow on "special report," house intelligence committee member chris stewart talks about president biden's upcoming trip and his meeting with putin, also
4:00 pm
cybersecurity. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair you, balanced and unafraid. this week "fox news primetime" hosted by brian kilmeade it starts in a few seconds but i think brian wants to do the headline game. headline for tomorrow? >> brian: right. so i'm not invited on your panel but i will be the alternate so i'm in. this was just handed to me for tomorrow, my note central dom must pick, ratings are. in prime time gets more viewers than "special report" because tension between the long-time friend. wreath, i hope this doesn't come true for your sake. >> bret: i saved time for you and that's what you bring me. >> brian: i'm just telling you what the news says. thank you, sir. thanks, bret. it's official, prime time starts right now. i'm brian kilmeade. >> brian: at long last the international community finally is developing a backbone when it comes to china, kind of. joe biden and other leaders at the g-7 summit issuing a joint statement on sunday calling for a second investigation into the origins of the coronavirus.
4:01 pm