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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 22, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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evening, we hope you will set your dvr so you never missed an episode of hannity. he will never get this news from anyone in the media mob that you won't get it from the three room networks. you will get it from "the new york times" for sure or "the washington post." in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham, big show. >> laura: hannity, they are actually arresting parents who show up at school board meetings. if this is the united states of america. they are calling -- coparent show up to voice their concerns about this racist critical race theory being taught in a virginia school. if they show up at a big school board meeting, people start getting arrested just for being there and speaking out, it is a huge story, and we are going to hit it in tonight's show. >> sean: i'm so grateful my kids are older, because the
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worse they got was that science teacher still remembers me to this day. we did not have a pleasant conversation. >> laura: hannity, awesome show. i will see you tomorrow. i'm lorne ingram. this is the angle from washington. if we just mentioned, this dramatic scene playing in virgia tonight, hundreds of parents stood up against the divisive teaching in this critical race theory craziness we're living in. after the school board abruptly ended the meeting, they said, we're not leaving. if they continued sharing their comments. some through a megaphone, without the board present. the situation got heated after a man resisted arrest, after several armed police officers dragged him out of the room -- it was declared an unlawful assembly china style. everyone was ordered to leave. at least two people were
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arrested. why was this declared unlawful in the first place? we're going to speak to to parents, one of whom was almost arrested herself, she will be here in just a few moments. first, the pro-crime party, that's the focus of tonight's angle. by all accounts, price christian had stomach was an amazing kid. he loved oreo cookies and spongebob squarepants but he was a kind of person who just light up a room. tragically, the light went out. just days ago, when bryson and his 9-year-old brother were shot on a detroit interstate. it happened as their family was driving home from baseball practice. if bj survived, bryson was pronounced dead at the hospital. if less than 12 hours after that on detroit's west side, another burst of violence. an 11-year-old boy and his father were seriously wounded
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after their car was sprayed with bullets. then roughly 530 miles or so away in baltimore, just yesterday a man was shot multiple times in the head in broad daylight. now, that was charm city's second murder that day. if hours earlier, they were stabbed to death. to st. louis, it was a deadly father's day weekend. last night, seven shot and three dead in just one neighborhood incident. but that's okay because i'm i'm sure residence there are comforted by mayor tushar jones who tweeted, after decades of neglect, i'm committed to reinvesting in north sydney to address root causes of crime. more resources make our community safer. thoughts and prayers as well. root causes? more resources? it doesn't seem like an answer on the border crisis? the truth is, these progressive
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mayors, the socialist mayors are themselves drivers of crime. from defund the police to eliminating cash bail, to emptying our prisons, the policies they've advocated have made urban areas unlivable, violent cesspools. of course, now that crime is skyrocketing because their policies, their blaming the very group they once attacked for being too hard on criminals. to speak of this is not the fault of the movement. it's actually the fault of the police. at this is been our point all along. why should we keep funding systems and institutions that keep rendering themselves ineffective? >> laura: after over a year of attacks from black lives matter and democrats like her and alana lamarck, police department's across the country are in crisis. >> morale is at an all-time low. >> were dealing with rioting at a level of sustained violence we've never seen before. we're looking looking at the
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most catastrophic staffing levels we've ever seen before. >> others have slashed budgets. more officers say they feel villa nice like never before. >> we've reached a breaking point. >> it boils down to the concepts of being underfunded, understaffed, and under supported. >> laura: that was on was on msnbc. this is exactly what liberals have always wanted. up to me, it was obvious since my first criminal procedure class in law school, most democrats and play don't really see violent crime as a law and order problem at all. they think crime is committed by people who are misunderstood and oppressed. not by people who are a threat. but, if you are in eval and jedd gyorko christian who flies the american flag, you are definitely a threat. crime is rampant because today's democrats refused to do what we know works. when crime was ravaging the
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city's come out required strong policing. today's democrats are ashamed of that crime bill that bill clinton signed, and joe biden helped draft. >> it's not just mayor pete, but kamala harris also came out in strong opposition of joe biden's architecture of the 1994 crime bill. >> joe biden tries to navigate me then and now of democratic politics. >> how does he structure his justice department if he's president that would give comfort to many people of communities that were disproportionately impacted by the crime bill? >> laura: where was reverend al in baltimore with all of this breaking loose? democrats mayors start so dishonest, they are actually pretending that there are no solutions to the crime problem. this is "the washington post"
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saying, mayors see few options for regaining control. increased killings may be here to stay. okay, first of all, that's a blatant lie. it's a total set up for a bidens anti-gun push and the democrats general push to try to nationalize policing standards in the united states. of course, because of bad cops or because of covid, we have a crime problem because democrats only care about black lives lost to violence when the trigger is pulled by a police officer. then they exploit those tragedies to gain political power. what happened in baltimore and detroit, st. louis over the weekend, that doesn't fit their narrative. in fact, democrats know their policies are going to lead to more black and brown lives lost, and they just don't care. closing the border, stopping drug cartels would stop crime. democrats don't care.
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supporting d.a. to get tough on thugs and gang makers, those down like that would be tough on crime, democrats don't care. prosecuting violence and looting like we saw in portland and seattle this year, that would stop crime. democrats don't care. promoting federal resources the same way that they chase down powerless, ridiculous ostracized white's premises, that would stop crime. democrats don't care. neither do the media, by the way, because if they did, they more time with victims of inner-city crime, and highlight what works to stop the violence. instead, they aim to inflame. speak of the more you dive into that, the more i really realize how deeply rooted racism is in my everyday thought process. >> living embodied -- scope white people have to start
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getting together, specifically around race. >> by accountability groups are really helpful. there's a period of deep shame for being white. >> laura: there shame directed at "the washington post," this is disgusting. every once in a while, a local reporter speaks to a real person was just trying to survive. >> the events leading up, i'm supposed to be up there 15 minutes four times a day, and i can't do it. i'm going to tell you like this. >> what's your message? >> i want him to get his [bleep] together. >> laura: the left knows it's not fair to the people of baltimore, st. louis, all across this country who are suffering in the inner cities. in fact, i'm starting to think this is all part of the plan for the democrats, because they are willing to accept that old woman's suffering.
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even the deaths of toddlers like bryson christian -- if it means keeping minority communities dependent and scared, there are many, many good people in these crime infested cities. they see full well that rich white liberals don't give a you know what about them. rich lefties care about things like legalizing pot and transgenderism and abortion on demand. they don't care about black lives in the inner-city. americans don't have to live like this. no one in america should have to live like this. should have to fear walking the streets of the neighborhood. no one should worry if their kids are going to worry that their kids are coming home that night. voters across the country trapped in these unfair studies abandoned by their elected officials. we know how to make the streets safe again, we know how to build
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good schools, we know how to create more jobs. we are doing it all over the country. these policies work me or did they work in florida, texas, tennessee, and to south dakota and beyond. it they will work in detroit, they will work in baltimore, they will work in st. louis, new york city, hartford, all over the country. anywhere else, they are tried. let's send to the left and the criminals packing. let's make sure we have safe, great, american cities again. that is the angle. joining me now, john genesee, former gang member, author of "bloodline," and families and one of the most under resourced neighborhoods, john, how much his police racism spurring the crime waves across the country if at all?
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>> police racism? i don't quite understand that. >> laura: that's the narrative. if that's the narrative, john. that's what the left is selling, if we didn't have racist police officers, if we didn't have this proclivity to put people in jail and mass incarceration, we wouldn't have so many angry people. >> first off, i tell people that white people don't own racism. there are lack next, rednecks, brown next to my next, we look like the same, don't defund the police in my community. it don't do that. if you want to do it in yours, go ahead and do that. we need them. we just need to do better. at the police officers just need to do better. right now, mental health is at an all-time high, domestic violence and my headache -- i used to used to be a gangster -- i would have had a field day right now because the
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public has back to the police into a corner. i can do whatever i want and stuff, and i'm going to get 100 people coming to my rescue, even if i get caught. right now, it's just an unhealthy situation for our community, and an unhealthy situation for the police because they can't do their job. there are some police that shouldn't be on the police force, like all black men are not gangsters, all people with long hair are not hippies. there is a problem, only communities can solve it with the help of the police. if police ever get help from a community, we would have zero crime. you know who's doing the problems. when i had a chance to speak to a lot of police officers in minneapolis a couple months ago when i was there, and it was both really inspiring and a really sad, because there are so many who didn't want to retire. they love their job. up until the last year or so. like i said, we can't even go
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into certain areas and to know we are definitely going to come out in one piece. there's so much animosity. so much animosity. they said, we really can't deal with our job the way we want to do her job, which is fairly and carefully, and to instill a sense of purpose. into communities that are hard-hit. i felt terrible for them. >> absolutely. like i said, they are backed off it into a corner. the public is keeping them there. you talk to black people, or minority people and those troubled areas that are getting shot, we want the police. the police have saved my life a couple of times. we want the police. we just want them to may be -- the bad police officers, there's probably only two or 3% -- we just want the good police officers to correct them so that we can have safety in my community and stuff. i want the police here.
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>> laura: what do you think about these politicians and -- the democrats obviously -- who are pushing for defunding the police, reimagining the police, turning it into a community response team with mostly de-escalation and very little in the way of aggressive response to crime, how is that going to affect the area around east lake street and south? >> i'm going to tell you. you know, if you don't have the police there, de-escalation does not really work that well. in my day, de-escalation didn't work at all, unless there were police there. when i see the police come, calm down. regular citizens, you know, we might hurt them. if the police an important role in our community, and yes we need to do community policing to
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help the police, that's just what that community policing should be about. help the police do their job, keep the community safe. if crime doesn't happen in communities that won't allow it. if we say, we are not going to allow crime in our community, it wouldn't happen. and the things that are happening now wouldn't be happening. whatever came up with defund the police, they must feel safe. what i say to people who say, defund the police. i say, defund your own please, just don't call them. i'm going to call mine. >> laura: great to see you. a stomach author, filmmaker, biden is going to hold this big crime summit tomorrow, but it's going to be mostly doing the whole gun control dance, the left always goes back to that. it never works. why does the left not seem to care about the loss of so many lives in inner cities? >> on the face of it, the left
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is pursuing behavior that is in policies that just manifest the irrational. the two biggest deterrence to crime our number one, a kind of vigorous police force, which is a deterrent, because they are going to get you. at the second is a law-abiding citizen with a gun. if i was a criminal and i wanted to enter her home to do a home invasion or robbery, the one thing that would give me causes if i thought the owner might have a firearm. that puts me, not just him and his family at risk. if the democrats go against the two main deterrents to crime. defund the police, restrict the police, limit them in all kinds of way. take away the guns of law-abiding citizens and to then they are like, we can't believe it, crime rates are going up. if they're attacking the very remedies of crime and standing
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in astonishment. >> the miami police chief didn't hold back when describing the biggest problem with the surgeon crime we are seeing today, watch. >> i'm concerned about her criminal justice system, her shorts have been shut down across the country. we have d.a.'s not charging people, it's like a perfect storm. it really has come i think, and impact on the psyche, the morale, and a lot of officers putting themselves at risk if the criminal justice system do their jobs. to the communities are going to speak out on behalf of good cops and victims in this nation. >> these are civil servants, they want to do their jobs. i know john said, there's always going to be the bad cop. like it is in any profession, there's someone who shouldn't have that job. these are dedicated people, we are down in florida last week, and these are amazing individuals from all walks of
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life, all ethnicities, all races, and they just want to do their job. it's very frustrating, right now. how much of these far left wing das removing them, how much of a signal with that send? to the criminals. >> i think the problem is, if you have a situation, as far as i know, is unprecedented in this country. it's unprecedented in the world. it's much safer in bombay. if i was that possible? the criminals can't pose a threat on their own. did they have to be a very powerful criminal lobby. these left wing das, they're supposed to be the good guys, the guys going after the criminals, they are in league with the criminals. they are the enablers of the criminals. then you have the media which is pursuing its own ideological agenda. you have a criminals lobby, it's
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called the democratic party. by making it easy for criminals in america and a way that i say, is unprecedented i think in the country's history, and perhaps in the world today. that's why we are seeing this kind of festering epidemic of crime. it's not caused just by the criminals comments caused by society making it easier for the criminals. >> the alliance among the media, democratic party, far left activists, thank you. an explosive town hall meeting in virginia, this is just unreal about critical race theory. part of the chaos tonight, it led to two arrests, to parents on the front lines, and the video that you will not see anywhere else, next. >> you are teaching children to hate others because of their skin color. you are forcing them to lie about other kids gender. i am disgusted.
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>> laura: tonight's school board meeting in virginia was unlike any in recent memory, because parents where their railing against critical race theory that of course is poisoning their kids education. >> today, instead of focusing on the hate that seems to be
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dripping off the followers of in this room and from their kids in our schools, i wanted to take the time -- i will wait. >> let them reveal who they are. >> we ask, again, that you respect each other and everyone is allowed to speak. speak of the culture and values that brought for the christian inanity are being called evil and racist. >> we will return both of you to the private sector very soon. i reminded the tyranny of communist china where your money is legally stolen and then used in government schools, not public schools, these are not public schools, these are government schools to indoctrinate children against their parents. >> my child is not a threat. as long as you marxist push your agenda on my child, we will not be returning back to school.
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>> laura: the school board's response was, i don't know, straight out of leftist tyrant handbook. they shut it down. if they shut this down. then they called the cops. >> the county taxpayer pays the salary. >> you guys are supporting the suppression of our rights. >> diabetes, please arrest this individual for trespassing. >> laura: joining me now or to parents that were at that school board meeting in prior executive director, she says she herself was almost arrested tonight. explain how police end up declaring a school board meeting, where it looks like people are finally getting their
7:28 pm
say, and people agree, disagree, it was feisty at times. how is that an unlawful assembly? >> actually come i was the superintendent of the public schools that declared it unlawful assembly. he put the sheriff's office in a very tough spot. this is what we seen from the school board time and time again. they put about ten or 15 speakers that we think they gave the jump to to sign up, and then it was like 30 speakers that were coming out talking about their issues, exercising their first amendment right, and god forbid, somebody applauded. applauding as a first amendment right. there were no issues of clapping here, and they shut it down. they tried to do it in the last meeting. when they hear voices that they don't agree with, that they don't align with the special interests, they shut them down. if >> laura: amy comics plain what happened with you. i'm glad you are on the show
7:29 pm
tonight, if you weren't arrested, but you almost work? >> i did tell them i was going to be on the show tonight, i would be a great opportunity to be interviewed from prison, but they said that probably wouldn't happen. tonight was -- it was a meeting on steroids. it was like this all year. a silencing us, every time you try to speak, try to write emails, they don't answer us. it erupted, and emotion for hindsight, for sure. over 250 people -- they shut us down right after. he is a retired senator here in virginia. a republican senator. as soon as we all erupted in cheering and applauding, she shut it down. if they said it would be done tonight, which is not true. i checked in before he came on. they are still doing the board
7:30 pm
meeting. right before i came in here, they were actually applauding the superintendent and denying board members and applauding new hires. >> laura: there were people who tried to smear and malign the parents who are really concerned. watch. >> seeing some of the people that were in today, can't disagree with any of the slogans or images that i'm seeing. and none of the purported solutions help any of the people. they say they are fighting for. making those arguments disingenuous. if these are superficial constructs that in the past have been used by political powers to divide this country. >> laura: their attempts to discredit you guys shows how effective i think your movement is. people were bused in? >> that's amusing. look, we got word last week that
7:31 pm
the political party out here was going to be busing people in, the afl-cio, planned parenthood, all going to be showing up to the rally. parents have been showing up to the school board meetings very year and a half. exercising their first amendment rights, talking about opening schools, posing critical race theory, standing up for teachers who had their first amendment rights infringed upon. we didn't need to bust people in. they made this effort to have this rally. at the end of the day, it was still 3-1, parents that are going and to standing up for their children. they can keep trying, they can keep buzzing people in or holding rallies outside, but we are not going to stop. that dominic this is the locust school board in america and the worst. >> laura: one of the parents called out the school board officials for some of their rather shady online activities. watch. >> i was called to action when i learned that best friends of mine were put on an enemies list
7:32 pm
created in an attempt to silence and intimidate parents by members of the private facebook group at six of you are members of. now, we know that there's a second facebook group in which seven of you are current members. it looks like we need to print some more petitions. >> laura: why are they part of the secret facebook group? what are they hiding? >> i don't know. it's been a tactic this whole year. we know they've been in those facebook groups, we've taken screenshots. it's really coming to light now. as a matter of fact, we just found out that the one of the school board members touch the one who is centered in march, two days after her -- the night differ censure, she was doing searches on her issued device for guns, how do love them, how
7:33 pm
to clean them, how to shoot them. that was on listing seven parent sheet that we were responsible. >> laura: ian and amy, these school boards have to be taken back. his seat by cic. until that happens, you're just going to have to keep fighting day in and day out against this indoctrination. that scene looked like something out of hong kong pro-democracy process, people being dragged out of there. we appreciate your perspective, thank you. at u.s. district judge, the heavy-handed cdc and a big win to florida governor ron desantis. bearded the governors here next on why this ruling may have huge national ramifications.
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>> laura: in their desperation to sell the vaccine to all americans regardless of age, the medical elites have resorted to the typical lies and scare
7:39 pm
tactics. what's the latest one? it get vaccinated or get a case of covid that lasts forever. >> not everyone with covid-19 requires hospitalization at the time of their infection. one of the unfortunate outcomes from covid-19 is long covid. >> there are reports for people who after getting vaccinated said their symptoms seemed to improve. >> laura: there also reports that people suffering from long-haul covid see their symptoms go away. without getting vaccinated at all. now, whether it's called long-haul covid -- whether it's a serious problem, that's not we are arguing. the point is, the biden administration is peddling bogus fearmongering to scare you into getting vaccinated regardless of whether you need it, regardless of the risk. if it's not wrong, it's insanely reckless, and a renowned epidemiologists --
7:40 pm
>> were seeing a disturbing pattern. 20% of these kids are developing abnormal echocardiograms with reduced function, and terrible cases like this, they actually die. i think vaccination ought to be completely prohibited in anybody under age 30. >> of course, rochelle walensky and crew, they don't want you hearing from experts like him. covid deaths are down nearly 91% from their january peak. at that didn't happen because young people rushed out to get the vaccine. it's because of the herd immunity, a natural immunity. so many people had because they were exposed to the virus and also the vulnerable population did get vaccinated. to the fact is, science and data are giving people less of a reason to get vaccinated. the desperate used car salesman trope from the medical elites,
7:41 pm
it's just turning people off. speaking of the cdc, my next guest won a massive court victory against that rogue agency. on friday, a federal judge granted florida governor ron desantis is a request for a preliminary injunction against the cdc's unilateral shutdown of the cruise industry. governor desantis himself summed up nicely why the court's decision is important, not just for florida, but for the entire nation. >> you can have an agency relying on flimsy legal authority, keep an entire industry closed with no path forward. >> laura: governor desantis joins me now. the ruling was on friday. how will this affect other businesses? >> as you remember, the cdc closed the cruise lines for two weeks in march of 2020.
7:42 pm
it was was to be two week, figure out what's going on, and then get going. did that turned an indefinite shutdown. we were in a situation where, this is an important part of our economy. we have a lot of people whose livelihoods depended on it. we brought a lawsuit and the expert says, you have no chance. not only did we win, it was resounding victory. you can't just assert legal authority without a firm basis in law to close an entire industry, and also the judge correctly criticize the cdc for not having a really any evidence to support what they were doing, or data, they rely on models that don't even produce the evidence that underlies their models. that is just not the way a constitutional system is supposed to operate. i think it was a very important decision for florida and allowing our cruises to get going this summer. i do think the next time one of
7:43 pm
these things comes down the pipe, i think a decision like this will be a roadblock to the federal -- some federal agency trying to do similar things in the future. >> one of the most notorious covid tumors is making more dire predictions, and includes florida, watch. >> traveler and especially over the july 4th holiday. we saw that summer surge. that was pretty awful in a belch that went all the way from arizona through new mexico, texas, across the gulf coast into florida. we just have to assume that mother nature is telling us, this is going to happen again. >> that the infamous dr. peter. they can't let the pandemic old. at some point, they're going to have to break the addiction. because some of these people get put out there all the time, when
7:44 pm
they've been dead wrong over the last year. a lot of these experts criticize florida for getting our kids back into school in august. if they said, this will be two or three weeks, everyone is going to get sick from all of the schools will have to shut down again. that just never happened. i think schools were probably one of the places that had the fewest amount of infections of anywhere else in our society. you are wrong on these really, really big issues that impacted millions of people, and you are still out there parroting stuff. look, i think at the end of the day we are happy we had the kids in school, we are happy that people have been able to work in florida, and we are happy that her businesses have been open. >> laura: i was so excited to read this, it dovetails on the critical race theory and the schools in virginia. you saw an legislation that requires kids in your public schools to be tops of the evils of communism and
7:45 pm
totalitarianism. this is one of the three bills you signed about education, briefly explain why you did this, and why now? >> i put in a civics requirement in 2019, where expanding not to include discussions of the evils of communism and totalitarianism, and also creating a patriot museum, patriot library, where we have stories of floridians who fled from communist regimes, from cuba, nicaragua, venezuela, and beyond. this will show the effect that these bad policies had on people's freedoms, livelihoods, and their families -- many of them in south florida, for example, lost family members to communism. it's important that we get this in the classroom and provide an honest assessment of what this totalitarian ideology has done for the last hundred plus years. >> laura: it's not just saying it your again something, but
7:46 pm
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>> laura: democrats may be
7:51 pm
very reluctant to lock up the violent murderers terrorizing our streets, but they are more than happy to hunt down and punish the january 6 rioters. at that stunning disparity highlighted by senator ron johnson during a d.c. statehood hearing today, he point blank asked why the alarm and nt 4.0 riders were set three while no expense was spared targeting the january 6th culprits. >> we had one night of rioting in the district. >> how many are still being detained? >> i don't know the answer to that. if >> by using geolocation, did we arrest people who participated in the summer riots in individual states like we did with the january 6 features? >> we've made arrests in both cases. >> laura: wisconsin senator ron johnson joins us now. first of all, there was only one night of writing? i was in d.c., that's not true.
7:52 pm
she's the mayor. why is she so obviously committed to this unequal enforcement of the law? >> it's hard to say. she didn't provide any answers. i was pretty shocked she couldn't tell me the level of damage assessment to her own city. again, they want this narrative that there were thousands of insurrectionist, and they want to completely sweep under the rug device that took place in 140 different cities. we had about 40 businesses, different establishments burnt to the ground. a couple of people died in those. a couple people died and those riots, 2,000 law enforcement's. they want to sweep that under the rug and concentrate all their time and effort and resources on bringing to justice the people who breached the
7:53 pm
capital. >> laura: some grandmother was forced to plead guilty to parading. it was parading inside the capital. really? we've got the photos going around by the fbi. i mean, all summer long we are saying, wears all the facial recognition software being used in seattle and portland? where is it? we never saw it. granny has two plead guilty to parading. it did she have a baton or was it a mean parade? i don't know what she was doing. >> and portland, we know the deferred resolution agreements are not going to prosecute, as long as they stay clean. so many people, rioters in the summer were let go, no bail. vice president harris encouraged one group to provide funds to provide a bail we can get on the streets and to ride again.
7:54 pm
there's huge disparity. we're still not getting information out of the attorney general. we're going to keep pressing because i want to make sure that the authorities who are administering the unequal justice don't realize that people are going to hold them accountable. is the one we are almost out of time, but the deputy chief of staff tonight said she's going to create a select committee on january 6. she wants to have a bipartisan commission but by partisans are blocking. do we know how many people are being held in solitary confinement still? that was an issue before. yes or no? you don't know. >> it sounds like d.c. jails. >> laura: will come right back.
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>> what's the voting bill that democrats are trying to flow through really about?
8:00 pm
here is freshman congressman jamaal bowman. >> it's the no start. if we deliver, we maintain powe in 2020 to b or eight if we don't, then we show the inability to deliver, we risk losing power and risk this moment in american history to really push a progressively democratic agenda. >> don king is like let's move onto the next guest. >> anna, after they said penetration in the end zone, by the way, that inappropriate jok i may on television, scratch it. >> believe i never said to pray treated like any other joy beha joke.


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