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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  June 25, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> friday june 2, '05, fox news alert, search crews racing against the clock to find any survivors following the partial collapsible condo building in florida. it is 28 hours and it happened, 99 people are still unaccounted for. todd: chilling images show the extent of the damage crews afford to, one person is dead. we expect that number to go higher. you are watching "fox and friends first". >> many questions remain how this happened. >> steve harrigan joining us with what we know. >> those rescue operations continue, we are seeing a new sign, bringing more heavy machinery to move some of that
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rubble, 50 apartment buildings, condominiums collapsed to the ground, most of the people in that building were asleep, 99 people unaccounted for. a lot of family members desperate for information. here is florida senator marco rubio and what they are going through. >> i can't imagine having someone i love, wanting to believe they are alive, hoping for a miracle and desperation folks are feeling at this moment. all we can do is help people who are in that situation and hope something like this never happens again. >> search and rescue operations continue overnight, incredibly tough conditions, they are drilling in an underground parking lot trying to find the source of sound or banking, hoping to find people still alive, 36 people rescued on the first night, one of those rescue workers were rescued by civilian
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who was out walking his dog and noticed a 10-year-old boy able to wave his fingers in the rubble. here's that civilian. >> he knew we were there. i got a firefighter and police officer over there, they made a larger perimeter. >> reporter: that boy cried out don't leave me alone. president biden declared an emergency declaration for florida using federal funds in the relief effort, back to you. jillian: i am curious your sense what is the mood as the sun starts to come up on the second day of the search and rescue operation. do people still have hope? >> reporter: a lot of relatives and family members have hope but that is combined with a tremendous sense of anxiety. what we are looking at behind me is tons and tons of debris, a giant coffin. there is agony ahead for family
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members, a painstaking process goes on of removing that rubble, trying to find and identify more and more bodies. todd: we've been on the scene of mass casualty situations in our careers. it seems after 27 hours at this point we typically have more information than we do in this story. is it because of the potential that so many individuals that reside in that condo complex are registered overseas or snowbirds, back north this time of year, what is your sense why we don't have more information at this time? >> typically in a florida condominium people come and go a lot, a lot of residents from overseas and another big mystery that isn't answered, a lot of views on this is what brought it down, no clear explanation and
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the mayor is pretty curious how did this happen in the us? >> absolutely. people will be demanding answers and could be a while, we will continue to follow it. great job, thank you. todd: vice president harris will head to the border, leading the response the massive surge in migration. >> the vice president's agenda for today. >> after weeks of calls for her to visit the border a few hours from now vice president kamala harris will tour the el paso border control station trying to get to the root cause of illegal immigration. it is a crucial time, border patrol had 180,000 encounters on the border last month, the most since march of last year. this will be harris's first up to the border as vp, she's taking some flak for going to el paso instead of the rio grande but the president likes what she is doing. >> she has done a great job so
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far in the reason why it is important she go down there, she has not set up the criteria and spoken with the president of mexico, guatemala, visited the region to know what we need to do. >> biden spoke about harris after he announced a deal with a bipartisan group of senators on infrastructure that would spend $1.2 trillion over eight years. under the plan roads, bridges and major projects get $109 billion, power infrastructure get $73 billion, $49 billion for public transit, $7.5 billion for electric vehicle infrastructure and $21 billion for environmental remediation but here's the catch. mister biden says a large bill with other priorities would have to be a separate bill, that would tackle building the social safety net, but most republicans don't like it won't vote for but biden believes that could be done through reconciliation without a single republican.
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>> i was optimistic but could best be described as a tale of two press conferences. after the first one the president walks out with a bipartisan group and the infrastructure, he goes to the second press conference and says unless you pass my tax bill i won't signed the infrastructure bill. >> this is a broad framework as of now, we won't see the text of the bill until next month. todd: thank you, have a good weekend. >> as vice president harris prepares for the first visit to the us-mexico border retired acting ice director tom home and joined us earlier and says donald trump is the reason she is going. >> she was shamed and going to the border, she's only going because donald trump announced he was gone and she couldn't handle that. he is being more president of about this crisis then president
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biden or vice president harris, she was shamed into it, she should have been two months ago, doesn't care about this crisis and she's going to el paso. instead of going to the rio grande valley which is the epicenter of this crisis. >> the vice president's trip was 90 days after being tasked with finding the root cause of migration. >> the man shot by police legislators died. and officer opened fire after the man reportedly charged at him with a screwdriver outside motel 6. portland's police chiefs is the incident is being reviewed. >> early in this investigation, pulmonary information suggests our officer encountered difficulty and dynamic situation that no officer wants to face. >> overnight. responded to a large crowd gathered outside the motel where the man was shot. the crowd became aggressive as officers tried clearing the scene, they broke a patrol car's windows, unclear if any arrests
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were made. president biden at the white house will look to unify the political divide pending withdrawal of us forces as defense officials confirmed that 650 troops will remain in the country to provide security for diplomats. troops expected to pull out in the next two weeks. the afghan government has started arming militia volunteers after the talent and took control of the major trade route. jillian: potential challenger to texas governor greg abbott may be feeling all right all right all right after a brand-new pole is released. >> all right, all right, all right. how you doing? jillian: 42% of texans say they have a favorable view of matthew mcconaughey if he ran for governor, less then abbott's 49% but his unfavorable it is less than half of that. the actor has yet to officially
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announce a bid. at some point we stop saying that? todd: a legal requirement in our contracts. you have to do the mcconaughey. jillian: i will. todd: 8 minutes after the hour. a different tragedy in florida as two young girls are found dead in a can now hours apart. their mother the prime suspect. the police chief joins us with an update next. more protection, more sun, more joy. neutrogena® beach defense® the suncare brand used most by dermatologists and their families, neutrogena® for people with skin. liberty mutual customizes car insurance neutrogena® so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you?
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>> first victim was located in the water and subsequently the second body was pulled from the water. they are related. jillian: a florida mom named a person of interest in the death of her own daughters. police say destiny hogan and asia hogan were found floating in the canal just hours apart.
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the details of this awful awful tragedy, chief, thank you for being here. when you have kids involved in something like this it seems so bizarre this gains a lot of interest across the nation. can you tell me about the initial call that came in and how do you pieces together because you have no witnesses? >> correct and it is a tragic incident to say the least. we received a 911 call on june 20 second about a young person, we were not able to determine the age at the time, just that was a preteen. once we arrived on scene we did identify a female who was in the water. we were able to have her removed from the water, try to identify any missing persons that were reported so we reached out to several agencies to try to pull
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that information to see someone reported missing, we had a couple people come to the scene. unfortunately they wanted to identify to see if the person was their child. it took a moment to determine who the child was, waiting on someone to report her as missing. later on we did identify a lady who was on the bank where we found the initial child based on information from some of the residents in the vicinity who has been in the water attempting to baptize several people in the area. that was the day before. we saw that this lady needed some care, transported her to local area hospital for treatment at that time, still not knowing if there was any
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connection to the case, they were able to identify who this person was, the mother of the kids, there was a search warrant served later on, a couple days later after the incident occurred. at the residence in that particular area. jillian: she is the person of interest right now, she was transported to the hospital. i know there are a lot of questions. there are a lot of questions in the community about whether parents should be afraid for their children, their young children who are out there. this is your person of interest in the case. you are waiting for the medical examiner's report. what is the status of that mother? >> she is in a facility under care of a medical facility, that is the only information we have
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at this time but we have a lot of challenges, just to find out what happened. jillian: we are out of time, two young girls, to have them in a canal like that must be good wrenching. >> it is. i am a grandmother of two. just hearing from nearby residents who became emotional about this incident, it is heartbreaking for all of us, including officers who were on the scene. it is very devastating. my heart goes out to the family. jillian: so sad. chief constance stanley, keep us updated. >> i will, thank you very much. todd: every time we do a kids story. 16 minutes after the hour, silence no more. a member of mumford and sons is out. why he felt leaving was the only
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way he could speak freely. britney spears apologizes to her fans, she says she was living a lie on social media. ♪♪ >> literally went snorkeling it was never seen again. died because of this bootlegged alcohol, i believe. how did these tragedies happen? plus our investigation into the unsolved disappearance of natalie holloway. a weeklong series. that on vacation exclusively on fox nation.
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>> days after her bombshell testimony britney spears is apologizing to her fans for pretending everything was okay the past few years. carley: britney spears speaking out and speaking directly to fans in and instagram post, the popstar says this. by the way i posted my life seemed to look and be pretty amazing. i'm bringing this to people's attention because i don't want people to think my life is perfect because it is differently not at all. i apologize for pretending i have been okay the past two years. i did it because of my pride and i was embarrassed to share what happened to me. this is day after she gave the bombshell testimony revealing shocking details about her restrictive conservatorship. she said she wants to regain control of her life. that instagram post has received
2:22 am
1.2 million likes. jillian: it is that she feels she has to apologize, now that everyone knows what she has been going through people have rallied behind her now more than ever. carley: that documentary that came out framing britney that sort of sparked this whole thing, she later said on instagram that embarrassed her. everybody is trying to speak for her but her. todd: it turns out they won't wait for it. >> talking about mumford and sons, the founding member of the band says he is leaving to speak freely about politics. his name is winston marshall who receives a lot of backlash for endorsing journalist andy knowh's book who has done a lot to expose antifa, saying the only way forward for these 2 leave the band. i hope distancing myself from them i am able to speak my mind
2:23 am
without them suffering consequences. i leave with love in my heart and wish those three boys nothing but the best. mumford and sons posted a tweet saying i wish you the best for the future and we love you, the bottom line, just because he endorsed the book by andy know who speaks against extremism he felt he was forced to leave the band. jillian: i knew - i am familiar with the song. todd: that is my question, the banjo. join the band. jillian: that is the thing that exists that i knew how to play when i was a kid. todd: mumford and sons and nearly. mayor carley: the faa has gone welcome. the faa may change some commonly used phrases. in order to be more inclusive and gender-neutral. faa advisory group is making these suggestions for replacing airman with aviator, cockpit with flight deck, man-made with manufactured. this report says research shows
2:24 am
the utilization of gender-neutral language can lead to a more inclusive environment that draws more people to the industry and helps keep them there. the term cockpit has been used by male crewmembers to undermine female coworkers. i didn't know that. this is news to me. todd: i am not going to say a thing. around because we want to get your -- going around the line, could be the weirdest thing of all. take a look. >> the question on this -- it turns out -- jillian: social media users putting pizza toppings on watermelon. sub up in arms over the trend, this call it refreshing and different. we will go around the room. your thoughts?
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jillian: there is no way, that is essentially wet sweet pizza crust, no way that is good. jillian: i'm disgusted. todd: millennials and jen z, every school does not need to be an explosion in your mouth. meet and proposals is better. you don't always need stzrok china, though i will have it on my burrito today. carley: i can get on board with that. i don't know about wet sweet pizza watermelon combo. todd: when i throw the pen that is rage for all. jillian: 25 after the hour. vice president kamala harris will head to el paso, texas to visit the southern border. todd: why is that so far from the crisis? our panel of experts react. the rx crafted by lexus. get 1.9% apr financing
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continues for people trapped under the collapsed condo building and surfside florida. todd: they are looking for survivors. >> reporter: as the search and rescue operation continued throughout the night we've seen the arrival of big machinery, cranes, bulldozers trying to move away some of the rubble from the condominium collapse that occurred at 1:30 in the morning on thursday, 99 people missing, the big mystery is what caused the condominium to collapse. a 40-year-old building was undergoing recertification. some construction going on. here is the mayor of surfside. >> buildings like this do not fall in america. this is a third world phenomenon. it is shocking. there are casualties and it is frightening to think of how many more there are going to be. >> reporter: first responders
2:30 am
continuing their work out of cycle underground, they are drilling in an underground parking lot trying to find any source of sound, there was a banging reported, not clear if that was from humans. help and emotion from across south florida, the miami heat basketball players and miami marlins baseball team delivering food, food trucks to the first responders and those who lost their homes. jillian: so sad when you think about they were asleep in their homes in the middle of the night where you should feel safe. it is devastating. we expect a press conference later this morning. we will give you the latest information. thank you. todd: in half an hour vice president kamala harris will leave for el paso, texas was lawmakers are happy to see the vp addressing the crisis at the border many wonder why she is in the visiting the worst affected areas. for generation texas cattle
2:31 am
rancher bill martin here and candidate in a runoff election for texas's sixth congressional district jake elsie. thanks to you for being here. first question to you. before we get to the vice president's trip, to challenge illegal immigrants post to you as a cattle rancher. >> this isn't anything new. it has going on for decades but in the last year this is probably 10 times worse than it has ever been. we have issues with break ins, vehicle stolen. the illegals picked up by the coyotes in the second stage of their journeys, we've had bailout situations, county deputies, border patrol agents the drive the vehicles into the brush. it looks like clowns coming out
2:32 am
of a tiny car. on a more personal note, every day i check for fences cut, water sources left running, i don't find them -- break ins and the first time ever i do not feel safe on the ranch. i am concerned about what we are seeing. illegals are carrying guns. we've seen drug carrying mules twice in the last 3 years, ak-47s, ar 15s, huge backpacks on. it is a difficult situation. todd: it is selling, the degree to which it has amped up over the last several months according to your recounting of it.
2:33 am
texas border encounters last month, rio grande valley 50,000, del rio sector 28,000, el paso 22,000, laredo 12,000. el paso is your city, what will harris learn about the border crisis and what is it she is going to learn there? >> she is going -- i am glad she is visiting the border. i really believe she needs to visit other areas that are more affected by the crisis along the texas border and the southwest border but she is going to see some of the things going on on the border, the reality of the crisis, she's going to need to go to the mcallen area, the greater texas area. i've been there recently and i can see it is out of control, it is out of hand. federal resources are overwhelmed and understaffed but the other thing i stood point out is not only does it have a
2:34 am
negative impact on federal agents but it is draining resources from state and local officers because federal agents are tied up dealing with the illegal aliens so the state and local officers are dealing with those things. as well. todd: to follow up on what robert was alluding to critics are saying harris visiting the border but going to el paso is like wanting to go to vegas but flying to denver, when you compare the mileage from where everybody thinks harris should be in el paso, the same distance from vegas to denver. is this triple waste of time? >> el paso is a border town like san diego is but in one of many marie antoinette type incidents,
2:35 am
the vice president flying her 757 to fort bliss, texas, getting her armored car where the streets are going to be cleared and go to a café where she will watch the other side of the border and probably have a great lunch but the problem is 1125 miles from guatemala is mcallen, texas, the closest to coventry for anyone coming through here. the president is getting his ice cream and kamala harris is going to el paso the real problems are down there. cities are burning and midwestern cities being shut up which is a big deal to president biden it is ironic the gang members are coming from el paso, shooting of chicago with guns provided through operation fast and furious, really ship is being shown by governor abbott and the legislature and donald trump coming to the border next wednesday, that was what inspired vice president harris to come to texas but real leadership is being exhibited here in texas because we take care of our own. that the primary function of any government to protect citizens, if the federal government is not going to do it texas is going to call $1.2 billion every two
2:36 am
years by dps troopers down there and we are going to build our own wall. todd: fascinating perspective from all three of you, thank you for your time this morning, appreciate it. >> a live look at austin, texas and janice dean here with a look at the fox weather forecast, they are in the clear right now in austin. >> we will see some showers and thunderstorms in the heat is building across the northwest, we will see unprecedented temperatures in the northwest like portland and seattle so it is cool now but as we get into the weekend it will be a lead story, let's talk about the severe threat across the midwest and parts of the central us where we have severe thunderstorm warning for kansas city, large hail, damaging wind, isolated tornadoes, that will be a risk today and the flash flooding, multiple flash flood warnings in parts of missouri and kansas up towards illinois
2:37 am
so this is going to be an ongoing threat as we go through the day into tomorrow. the other huge huge story, you know temperatures have been warm across the west, portland at 113 degrees on sunday, portland is going to be warmer than phoenix, arizona. this is a huge huge story. a lot of these areas don't have air conditioning, this is going to be potentially a deadly situation that will last several days so he warnings are in effect for the northwest. unprecedented. really incredible, 113 degrees and pushing 100 degrees in seattle. that will be a huge story and we will follow it, the severe threat, 113 degrees in portland, oregon is insanity. that might be flirting with a record. it might be -- if there's one area in oregon which might have an-time record, yeah, huge
2:38 am
story. todd: we will be right back.
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janssen can help you explore cost support options. todd: authorities reopening the killing of paul and maggie murdoch of south carolina. jillian: the state trooper who led an investigation speaks out exclusively to fox news. ashley strohmeyer joins us with more. >> reporter: the 2015 hit and run has been reopened, 19-year-old stephen smith was founded on the road but todd proctor who led the case says he was never sold that that was how he died. >> keys or his wallet, his phone halfway hanging out of his pocket. it did not fit the description
2:42 am
by any means that he was struck by a vehicle. >> reporter: the state law enforcement division said the case was reopened based on information gathered in the double murder investigation. it did not say what information was tied to the june 7th killing on their family property. proctor so the prominent family refused to cooperate with the 2016 investigation and were suspicious of the circumstances surrounding smith's death. paul murdoch according to local media, a drunk boating crash left mallory beach debt in 2019. paul her gun death threats because of it. there have been no arrests or persons of interest in the shooting death of paul and maggie murdoch. very strange and you never know what will come next. todd: this case seemed weird from the outset, we all said something was getting her
2:43 am
journalistic hairs raised and nothing has changed. jillian: lawrence jones goes to ohio to talk to business owners ahead of donald trump's rally tomorrow. todd: let's check with steve doocy for what is coming up on "fox and friends". sources say today is friday. do you agree? >> thank goodness it's fox. jillian: and friday. all day. >> coming up we will take you to florida, first responders desperately searching for any more survivors after the chilling condo collapse in surfside, florida. an update from the lieutenant governor, jeanette nunez and one eyewitness, 99 people are still unaccounted for. following months of bipartisan pressure vice president kamala
2:44 am
harris will finally take a trip to the southern border but critics are concerned that she avoids the most affected areas. why is she going to the spot where nothing is happening for the most part? we have a panel of rangers who are feeling the weight of the crisis on deck to react. army that turned country music star craig morgan back on tour and will join us live for an all-american summer concert series. you will only see it right here on "fox and friends". back in two minutes with "fox and friends first" as craig sings us to break. ♪♪ nothing much of anything ♪♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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todd: life pictures from joint base and is where vice president
2:48 am
kamala harris will head to the southern border, we will follow her trip all day long so keep it locked to fox. jillian: former president donald trump holding a rally tomorrow in the rain county, he will take the stage to campaign for his former aide max miller who is running for congress and it out his own economic policy. todd: lawrence jones caught up with small business owner ahead of the event joining us with more. >> reporter: thanks for having me. ohio is a big swing state. one of the biggest issues is the economy and how payment protection and unemployment benefits may have been affecting them. an opportunity to spend a day with them. take a look.
2:49 am
>> this was my dream. if i received my dream going on eight years. >> for 31 years. >> i've been in business since 1999. >> i own essential needs in two locations. >> how is the economy going right now? >> being a local business owner i think it is doing pretty well. our business has been booming 5 or 6 months. >> things are picking back up but it is not great yet. there are still a lot of losses. >> twice in the last six months, the price of wages. food prices are the worst. >> i will take away from me before i have to raise my prices. >> what would you say about the current administration and the elected leaders focusing on small businesses? seems like they don't give enough. >> i felt very left behind. we have been forgotten about, that shut down for two month was terrifying.
2:50 am
>> i want to see the minimum wage factor and how it will affect small business people. >> stay home and not work is not good at all for anybody. >> it used to be america was ran by mainstreet small-town america. this going to the big cities, we have to learn the control we used to have his waning. >> follow me this way. i came to the door, it is in bright yellow, weekends required, days, evenings, weekends. posting this outside. >> signs everywhere, people need employees everywhere you go. you have your pick of jobs. >> people don't want to work right now. >> we are doing everything we can.
2:51 am
>> obviously the former president is coming to town. do you miss me now? how do you think the current president, president biden, is doing when it comes to the economy and businesses? >> profitable dropped, bottom line is definitely moved. >> when you ask what has biden done for you, what has happened that has been beneficial to the united states nobody has any answers. i fight for us, my business, my family, focus on being successful. >> reporter: the former president will be coming back, you heard him say do you miss me now and this goes to the
2:52 am
controversy over tone versus deeds. he will talk about the economy and how president biden has impacted ohio. todd: the most important word was the second or third word in, talking about her dream, so many dreams are in flux right now and we are in a situation where we need to do something about it and the question is is this administration doing what is right? >> reporter: there is not a lack of business problem in ohio. they just don't have the workers to fulfill a lot of their orders. a lot of these people lived the american dream. this guy right here, work at that bar for six years and end up buying -- work at that bakery for ten years. people are all in, all their life savings into their businesses and the question is are they going to survive. jillian: thank you.
2:53 am
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for people who are a little intense about hydration. ♪ neutrogena® hydro boost. lightweight. clinically proven. 48 hour hydration. for that healthy skin glow. neutrogena®. for people with skin. >> who needs to have a weapon who can fire 304, 0, 50, up to 100 rounds. unless you think the deer are
2:57 am
wearing kevlar vests or something. if you want to, need to have weapons to take on the government. you need f-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons. todd: president biden mocking gun owners as he takes aim at gun violence nationwide. jillian: what is your response to what the president had to say. >> i think it's a very sad day in our country's history when you have the president of the united states, basically telling the american people that hey, look, we are the government. we can do anything that we want to and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it is he talking to us like a group of people he is talking to us like up vagd force. people don't want firearms to take over the government we want to protect ourselves. because president biden looks at us like an oppressive group of people he rules over. he sees us with the ability to protect himself as a threat to his control. i think it's disgusting. todd: here is the tenets of the
2:58 am
biden crime prevention plan. the latest one are colion, that all seems positive, of course, but the devil is always in the details. what is in that plan that really worries you: >> for me with the respect to the idea that we are going to create some type of program community. i personally don't believe anybody is going to see that money. if anything, the only thing it will happen throw a bunch of money into programs and people will not do anything. more importantly, how is it after all of these years you don't know where these guns are coming from. but you justify this plan by saying we know exactly where these guns are coming from. you couldn't do something about this prior to this or using this to leverage your position to gain control that you want before. not do anything about it and continue to use it to stifle our second amendment rights in this country. it's the same song and dance they have been playing for
2:59 am
decades and they continue to do it. jillian: to that point, what frustrates you the most conversation as a whole. i do feel like sometimes we spin in circles as far as this conversation goes. >> the thing that frustrates me the most is they talk about gun owners as if we are some type of evil people that don't care about people dying as a result of gun violence. we do care. we care for people dying from violence in general. the thing that is happening is, we end up getting vilified when in reality we just want to be able to protect ourselves. that's it. that's all we want to do. we want to be able to do it effectively. we don't want to be told by somebody who is surrounded by armed guards 24 hours a day, seven days a week that hey, can you only use this to protect yourself because i say so. todd: colion noir, we appreciate your on these topics. >> thank you. todd: major announcement we need
3:00 am
30 seconds for i'm going to be on gutfeld tonight. they asked me to do the late night show. this is a funny point. i was turned down internships conan and letter map. tonight i'm the only one of them that will be on late night tv. letterman and conan both off. jillian: for sure. thanks for joining us this morning. "fox & friends" starts right now with the continuing tragedy in florida: first responders dig through rubble for any more survivors after the tragic condo collapse in south florida. >> 9 people are still missing. the. >> kamala harris will visit the border in el paso. >> the epicenter is down there in the lower rio grande. you will not get a true picture of what is happening. >> what are you hoping the vice president about do at the border tomorrow. >> do a great job. >> standing 80 years because of complaints. >> the park service says it is relocated to cultural institutions. >> a


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