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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 25, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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on gutfeld tonight. they asked me to do the late night show. this is a funny point. i was turned down internships conan and letter map. tonight i'm the only one of them that will be on late night tv. letterman and conan both off. jillian: for sure. thanks for joining us this morning. "fox & friends" starts right now with the continuing tragedy in florida: first responders dig through rubble for any more survivors after the tragic condo collapse in south florida. >> 9 people are still missing. the. >> kamala harris will visit the border in el paso. >> the epicenter is down there in the lower rio grande. you will not get a true picture of what is happening. >> what are you hoping the vice president about do at the border tomorrow. >> do a great job. >> standing 80 years because of complaints. >> the park service says it is relocated to cultural institutions.
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>> after her bombshell testimony britney spears is apologizing to her fans. she writes by the way i posted, my life seems to be pretty a amazing. i apologize for pretending like i have been okay. >> quickly jumping into action when you saw great white shark fishing line battling the wave and the treater the man was able to successfully free the shark. steve: straight to a fox news alert on this friday morning. at this hour, are yous are desperately searching for any signs of human life under that pan caked rubble of the collapsed condo building in surf side florida north miami. ainsley: rescuers are working around the clock as 99 people are still missing this morning. brian: you have steve harrigan who has been all morning long. any more banging or noises reported? >> brian, the last banging was reported yesterday afternoon. they said they heard the noise using detectors. they are not sure whether that
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banging came from humans or not. but they worked all night under very tough conditions to try to find anyone. it is a grim scene here. the smoke billowing up from that destruction. we have been hearing survivor stories throughout the day. people saying as they tried to escape running out on the beach they could hear the screams of those still stuck behind. the governor of florida says it's going to take time to figure out exactly what happened and why. here is governor desantis. >> first order was the search and rescue, save lives. we also are caring for the displaced folks. the third thing is okay, why did this happen? they don't have the answers right now but i think that they will in relatively short order. >> 99 peemg people still unaccounted for. you have a lot of desperate relatives posting pictures on social media hoping against hope their relatives are still alive. there were no rescued reported overnight. but the search for the living still continues. back to you guys. steve: and, of course, it is
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supposed to rain there this afternoon i think, steve, that's not going to help with the rescue efforts or the recovery efforts. you were mentioning the family members. isn't there a family reunification center nearby where everybody has swabbed themselves so they can figure out by d.n.a. hot dead people may be? >> that's right. they have been taking swabs. and this could be a long process. we are just seeing the cranes and bulldozers come in. so they are going to have to find the bodies first, then identify them. this is going to be a slow, drawn out agony for those relatives who are waiting now. brian: steve, you have seen some of these tragic situations usually from natural disasters and of course have spent time in afghanistan where structures aren't as secure as they are in the u.s. do you get the sense there is an organization where they are coming in now in shifts? do they seem organized knowing this is going to be more than a 24-hour operation? for example, the people working on through the night last night. because they need to be
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relieved. >> that's right. and there has been an outpouring of support from all over south florida, not just surfside miami-dade. rescue workers are working in shifts. they are taking precautions. there is a lot of dust and smoke in the air. they are wearing face gear to keep themselves safe. there is still an earth. not giving up. still a rescue operation nothing to celebrate over the last 12 hours, brian. ainsley: we are looking at video right now the rescue folks looks like they are underneath a parking garage and drilling through the concrete. steve: they are standing in water. ainsley: putting themselves at risk, god bless them, to save some of these survivors. what do we know about the building itself? i understand it was about to undergoing to corrosion repairs and maybe the foundation was shifting? >> you are right. it's a 40-year-old building. it was going through a recertification process you have to do in florida after 40 years. a florida professor reported this building had been sinking e
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1990s. still a lot of uncertain tiff whether that could have caused this destruction or not. the mayor of surfside when you hear him talk he is just furious how could this happen in the u.s.? brian: steve, how many other people in condos similar to that built around the same time i want my building looked at. especially because we don't know what happened and what caused this. >> absolutely. you know, these are $2 million condos behind me here and oa lot of worried people about could this happen to me. ainsley: folks on the other side of the building can't go in to get their belongings because it's not safe. >> that's right. and when you see these family members, you know, they don't know, they fear the worst but they don't know yet. we have seen it before in situations it could be days or weeks before they get real hard information. steve: it could indeed. steve. >> i know you are going to go gather more information. thanks for joining us from surfside, florida. 55 apartments where people were
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sleeping just it all pancaked down. and when he was just talking about how a florida international university professor. ainsley: that's what we were talking about before the show. steve: he suggested it was sinking 2 millimeters per year part of the 90's. it was all part of a study which parts of miami were sinking and could be impacted by sea level rising and coastal flooding. that is video inside somebody's unit just before the service went out and the picture went black. and you see that white stuff falling like it looks like popcorn. >> bar stools in the background. looks like all of our apartments. steve: absolutely. there is an engineer in the "new york times" this morning said this could possibly be concrete smalling, also known as concrete cancer. that is when salt water seems into concrete causing steel rebar in the support beams to rust and expand which can break the concrete and weaken the beams. and this all happened on the
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oceanside of the building whereas anybody who lives near the ocean knows there is a lot of corrosion. ainsley: completely unnerving video. 13 second video posted on twitter. you can see the debris footer shakes and goes black. brian: happening all across the country. you have buildings that face the ocean. that might be sinking because, you know, put on sand or shaky ground or just part of erosion in particular. of so, there is so many homes like this. this is such a rarity, you have got to feel there is nothing obvious about what took place yesterday. there is nothing to say why didn't we discover that? you get the sense there isn't something we have thought about yet that is going to come to the surface. ainsley: i guarantee, brian, some of these building owners are going to do that reunion certification process over 40 years. just in case let's make sure we are assuring our residents that's not going to happen in their building and the folks will be very busy.
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steve: resix of process mandated by the county. a lawyer for the condo building said the building was about to undergo extensive repairs for rusted steel and damaged concreted as well. and what is interesting about what we know so far is apparently it passed a roof inspection and there was an inspector on the roof of that building on wednesday. this just happened wednesday and thursday. ainsley: so unbelievable when you know that the rescue crews were hearing banging. they said they can't confirm it's a person. they did not hear voices. buff the sonar equipment picked up the banging which breaks our heart. steve: it's so perilous. they are in a collapsed parking structure whereas can you see they are standing in water. this is what they do. we know that but, at the same time, remember, 12 stories of stuff is above them and they are just looking for ways to find people who might still be alive and then, after that they are going to have to go in there and have to painstakingly bring out
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the dead bodies. brian: the "new york post" interviewed this guy retired fdny lieutenant and expert on confined rescue space. with the banging encouraging. what they're looking for right now are pieces of the building that kind of land on right angles to each other so it creates spaces where people could survive so-called voids. meanwhile nicholas balboa on the outside witnessed the building collapse. and assisted in the rescue of a young child. >> i had made it to them pretty close to where i could see them and he could see me and he knew that we were there. but i was able to get, you know, firefighters and police officer over there it was one of those situations where you don't think. you hear the voice of a i would choo. you hear you could tell. i knew i had to get over there i'm not going to leave him alone especially in this horrible
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situation. it was one of those situations where i didn't think. i just acted. ainsley: his name is josh handler, he attends a local high school. in fact he is on the varsity baseball team. he had a few broken bones but nicholas balboa heard his voice. he started screaming. he said it was extremely quiet so i just could hear somebody yelling. i could tell that it was a young boy. he was screaming and saying can you see me? he was sticking his arm out of the rubble. we saw his fingers wiggling, i let him know we were here. he was just screaming don't leave me, don't leave me. the mother of that teenager had severe injuries. her leg was amputated but they will both be okay eventually. brian: do you know what i think something to also keep in mind. even though they keep saying 99. 99 people. a lot of those people might not have been there. hopefully they're traveling in other locations. they might be on vacation or not know the process tone courage somebody say listen, don't look for me, i'm out or i wasn't in the building or i'm not in the
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building. steve: well, 99 is the number unaccounted for. one confirmed dead at this point. two people and we just saw the young man being pulled from the rubble, two people were pulled from the rubble. 35 were rescued and 102 people are safe. we are going to talk to the florida lieutenant governor jeanette nunez about this disaster of epic proportions. she is going to join us one hour from now right here on "fox & friends." brian: the other thing we wanted to talk about what's happening today with air force 2 which is going to be used gas it up we know the problems they had last time. they will be leaving the white house, it departs 6:05 eastern time this morning. supposed to land in el paso 8:35. the vice president will meet with advocates from faith based ngos and shelter and legal service providers and she will be gone by 2:30 in the afternoon. what can the vice president find out about something she hasn't really seen up close and personal since she got the assignment about 100 days ago. way up there in el paso.
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however, the sad thing is she is going to be from in and out so quick. meeting with friendly people. not finding out what's happening in these shelters and not going to the praise, the rio grande sector mcallen, texas in particular where the epicenter of the crisis is donald trump deserves full credit. if he wasn't going there july 3rd, there is no way the vice president would be going there today. ainsley: going to the el paso central processing center. she is going to take a walking tour and briefed. her husband denies that she is visiting the border because donald trump is going next week. she says he is not driven by any political issues or political pressure just doing the right next thing. steve: i disagree with the second gentleman mr. imhoff. doug, because it is political. the reason she is going simply is to be able to say to republicans okay, i wept. are you happy? i went. now, what she -- even though she is going to el paso, and, ainsley as she said she is going
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to go to that border patrol processing center, she has no plans to visit a migration detention facility which is at fort bliss which is next to the airport where she is landing. why would she not want to go there because that place has been described as unsafe and there have been allegations of abuse towards the children so, that is the last place she wants to be photographed. brian: steve, do you know what leadership is? demanding to see that demanding for change. i want to find out who is accountability. i want to find out it if is true. that's leadership. ainsley: how can you find out the root causes if you are not going to the facilities and talking to people. steve: absolutely. that's one of the reasons why the national sheriff's association please, when you are there talk to residents terrorized by the traffickers and cartels as well and law enforcement and the people who are trying to keep america safe. ainsley: i'm sure everyone will be polite down there. border patrol telling us they
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are so disappointed that they feel abandoned. we have ranchers say that fourth generation rancher who said i never experienced anything like this. we feel completely abandoned. steve: air force 2 taking off in an hour. peter doocy is flying with the president on air force 2 today. he had a infrastructure briefing yesterday of the president. here he is. listen. >> what are you hoping the vice president it will do at the border. >> she has done a great job so far. and the reason why it's important that she go down, she has now set up the criteria, having spoken with the president of mexico and guatemala and visited the reasonable to know what we need to do. steve: yeah. brian: does he really think that? does he really think she is doing a great job? compared to the job he did. he flew right away and from europe when he got the assignment from president obama answered flew right there to central america the next day to go and talk to these leaders and
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try to set up something to stop the people from coming to the country? whether you think it was effective or not. at least vice president joe biden tried. steve: think about this, the administration, according to mro traveling on air force 2 today. he says the strategy is working. brian: to destroy our country? it's right on track. steve: well, if that's the strategy. joe biden -- he is not going to say you are right, we are screwing it up. he is going to say look, this is all part of the strategy. she is doing a good job. this is part of the political calculation because right now the number one issue that they are doing the worst on is border security. she has got to show up and they have got to check that box, okay, she has finally gone to the border. we don't have to listen to those people on "fox & friends" complain about that. ainsley: a little too late. everyone is glad she going finally here we are more than hundred days later after being named the border czar now she is finally going down and going to the area that's not the epicenter of the crisis. that's henry cuellar's
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complaint. he represents, he is a democrat congressman down there. is he represents the area having the most influx. listen to what he says. >> i'm sure her planners told her if you are going to go down to the border, go to a something that -- safer to go to that is politically safer. if you don't down to the lower rio grande and higher activity and you are there with kids and families. prosecutorial discretion where people are being released. high numbers of people crossing the border, you know, politically it's harder to do it. i know that. i mean, that's part of my district. but you have got to do what ewe got to do. you just can't go to one place. she does do the check the box and go down to the border by going to el paso. brian: that be with my border czar. he is a true hero. joe manchin deserves credit for keeping the filibuster. henry cuellar deserves credit as a democrat. actually he probably won't get invited to the white house for a christmas party. doing great things for the country and district. that's why you get into office
3:17 am
not to be great democrat but to represent your people and also he's watching the republicans make huge gains in that area because joe biden, he doesn't understand the american people if he thinks you just have to check a box in order to win us over. we're not stupid. we know when people are trying and failing, which we give credit for because that's what we do on a daily basis, sadly. you know, sometimes you give everything and it doesn't work out. but when you pretend that i care and pretend going to do something to be effective. we can see through it. ainsley: that takes a lot. brian: that would be by border czar. ainsley: he represents the constituents of that area and he knows what their concerns are and that's why he is speaking out not trying to be political and too long what washington tells them to do. >> steve: i wouldn't be surprised if at the end of the day the vice president's office set up interview with lester holt so she can say like i said before i have been to the order. ainsley: and then i'm going to
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england. steve: she will have completed her grand gesture and gone and seen the situation with her own two-eyes and see the situation down south. time for news and jillian begins with that. jillian: overnight police push back a large crowd gathered outside a motel 6 where a man was shot by a portland officer. police say the crowd became aggressive as officers try clearing the scene. they broke up patrol car windows and slashed tires. unclear if any arrests was made. man died after he was charged at cops with a screwdriver. portland's says the incident is still being reviewed. tee railroad the bipartisan spending bill without the democrats infrastructure wish list. >> if only one comes to me, in is only thing that comes to me, i'm not signing it it's in tandem. >> the president saying infrastructure must be passed in tandem with democrats' separate bill that focuses on things like
3:19 am
child care, healthcare and climate change. britney spears is apologizing to fans for pretending to be okay after speaking out on her fight to live independently. she says in part, quote: by the way, i posted my life seems to look and be pretty a i see that. it's not at all. she hid the truth because of her pride and i was embarrassed to share what happened to me. britney spears is fighting father to take control of her life and finances. it's so sad that she has to apologize to fans for being embarrassed of this situation. the majority of the country is rallying behind her anyway. ainsley: everyone wants the best for her. she has been through a lot. gosh, we covered her, i remember when i was a reporter for sean hannity's show we went out there and covered the paparazzi. i was physically scared for my life, actually trying to -- i was in the middle of the paparazzi what she goes through on a daily basis, it's horrific.
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steve: we get it now. we have seen it. jillian, thank you. steve: meanwhile monitoring the latest out of surfside florida where the search continues for 9 pima condo collapse. next guest watched in horror as the building crumbled. their story coming up next. ♪ nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: try hypnosis... or... quit cold turkey. kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette this is the tempur-pedic breeze° and its mission is to make so, no more night sweats. no more nocturnal baking. or polar ice cap air-conditioner mode. because the tempur-pedic breeze° delivers superior cooling... from cover to core. helping you sleep cool, all night long. during the tempur-pedic summer of sleep, save $500 on all tempur-breeze mattresses... ...and experience your coolest sleep this summer,
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♪ ainsley: a fox news alert. the nation praying for a miracle as the desperate search for survivors in surfside, florida tips. the a least 9 people are still missing after the condo collapse which killed at least one person. our next guest was staying in the building next door and witnessed the devastation firsthand. abigail crosby joins me now. hey, abigail. >> hi. ainsley: good morning. the so you are next door in the
3:25 am
building next door and what happens in the middle of the night? >> well, we just got back not too long ago about an hour woe went to visit key west that day. so, you know, i was still just messing around, checking on the kids and i got back in bed and about that time we just heard this big gush of wind and you heard it again. but this time something actually hit our window and i thought like wait a minute, the glass is going to break out. ainsley: there were fire alarming or you got an announcement you had to evacuate. >> after it hit, like the debris hit the window, i was going to look out to see maybe if it was raining and very bad storm but then the fire alarms in our building started to go off. and we were all confused. so i called front desk and he was like you guys need to evacuate. the building next to y'all
3:26 am
collapsed. ainsley: oh my gosh you have five children inside your vacation resort. what went through your mind? >> my mind was that you know, you -- they learn this at school. it you know, for fire alarms. but you just never happens to you. so, you are panicking. making sure all the kids are out and yourself is out. and everybody else with you. ains my gosh, your boyfriend was with you. he said as soon as he pulled back the curtain my heart dropped knowing there were people i had seen just that afternoon before we had left playing with children and things like that. tell us more about thanks well, when we first got there, from our balcony, on -- i want to say the ninth floor pretty up top. one of the hurricane shutters was closed on the conned dose. i was like it's pretty weird for
3:27 am
being summer and patio chairs right above it you could see these people's lives that they have built for themselves and then you come back home to your hotel and then three days later and it's gone. ainsley: what are you seeing now are you still there or back in virginia. >> no. we were relocated to miami. we are not allowed back into that hotel right now to get our stuff. we are supposed to be leaving today but i'm not real when we will be leaving. ainsley: were you able to get all your belongings out? >> whatever we had on us then is what we have pretty much now. ainsley: yeah. well, you know, we're praying for those survivors. there are 99 people that are missing. and thank you so much for telling us what you saw. i'm glad you and your five children are safe. god bless you. >> thank you. have a good day.
3:28 am
ainsley: you too. coming up next, a warning on trigger warning. one university is categorizing that phrase and other words as oppressive. the "fox & friends weekend" team is going to react to the list that you have to see to believe. ♪ breathe in, breathe out ♪ ♪ centrum multigummies aren't just great tasting... they're power-packed vitamins... that help unleash your energy. loaded with b vitamins... ...and other key essential nutrients...'s a tasty way to conquer your day. try centrum multi gummies. now with a new look. ♪ ♪
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jillian: three people charged with beating and strangling a police officer during a traffic stop in illinois. an aurora police officer was attacked by this trio jennifer taylor, sheila taylor and paul sherrod. the group got out of the car to choke the officer and beat him. striking him several times in the head. they were later arrested by other officers the hurt officer is now recovering from his injuries. president biden using a new method to address the media. you may have to turn up the volume to hear what he is saying? take a listen. >> employers can't find workers. i said yeah, pay them more $1.9 trillion relief so far. they are going to be getting checks in the mail that are cons sequential. the bill on the environment, why would i not be for it? jillian: the president's whisper
3:33 am
causing quite an uproar on social media with many calling it down right creepy. the nickname creepy joe is trending on twitter. i'm not sure i fully understood why. why? steve. [whispering] brian: the reach why you can't hire people you are not paying them enough? he rigged the game by paying them money that's coming out of taxpayer dollars in order for them getting so much it doesn't pay for them to work. jillian: i was saying i don't understand the whispers. [whispering] we don't either. meanwhile he made the highlight reel. the rule of thumb at one massachusetts university don't ever say rule of thumb. instead call it a general rule. ainsley: brandeis university in massachusetts releasing a list of repressive language that students need to ditch. can you say ditch? steve: i think so.
3:34 am
ainsley: including the phrases trigger warning and you guys. brian: it's about time. i have been calling for this forever. joining us to react "fox & friends" co-host peter -- is this a god send? >> well, you know, will and pete have been on prime for the last couple weeks and i have been texting them you are killing it. and i had no idea that i was repressing them every time i was doing it. and who knew that we -- what is it you can't say african-american now? is it only be black or is it the reverse? i didn't understand. steve: you can't say picnic, you can't say rule of thumb or things like that as well. you can't say outdoor -- you can say outdoor eating instead of picnic because pete, apparently, some of these students got together and came up with this list of things that throughout history at one point in history were offensive items. and so centuries later we can't
3:35 am
use those things? pete: well, let's try this lady and gentlemen this segment is insane, whoever he or she is who made these rules is killing it for the wokesters as a rule of thumb i would never take a shot at so many trigger warnings but since i'm killing it, i will. now, this segment seems to be off the reservation as most of them are on "fox & friends." [laughter] pete: so i'm going to take a picnic later on. did that make sense? i tried to use every single one given to me in the briefing. ainsley: do you have a teleprompter at home? pete: i memorized it. actually i'm in a parent's blimple a sticky note on my screen that's how sophisticated i am right now. ever. rachel: as offensive as possible any time. will: you don't have to try hegseth you just are. [laughter] ainsley: here's the list. two lists oppressive language alternative and identity based language. y'all named it all but killing it. you say great job. take a shot, give it a go, trigger warning you say content
3:36 am
note, rule of thumb you say general rule, picnic outdoor eating, off the reserve, you say disagree with the group and for identity if you can't say ladies and gentlemen, pete, tough say y'all, folks. brian: that's easy for you. he or she or ask their pronounce. insane can't say that uncool. african-american you say black. will: you didn't read one you can't say walk in. you have to say drop. in i guess that is offensive to the disabled. interest is more and more. don't take a shot at it give it a try. don't take a stab at it. give it a try. to pete's point i think what they're doing is purposefully going out and trying to filter the language for anything they can find. they are looking for it anything they can find they can ask somehow find as offensive. indian, you, i, everyone on this panel there is something that's happened in our lives that has been best uncomfortable. at worst a low point. a bad point in our life.
3:37 am
and we could choosing to triggered. the point is you are choosing it you are always choosing it to be offended. you are choosing to be triggered. you are choosing to look for these words. this isn't just something that happens to you in life. you are making it happen to your life. brian: that's why i'm so offended by pete's rant on every single word. i am choosing to be offended. all right, will, there is nothing you can do, to change my mind. rachel: can i just say one thing, brian, we are laughing about this but as someone who has kids in college, they are absolutely trying to normalize censors and monitoring their speech and all these kids are now self-censoring. this is part of the whole agenda on the left. part of the cultural revolution they are after. ainsley: pete, take the camera and go wake up your parents. steve: yeah, that would be good. ainsley: we would love to see them. pete: i could flip this around right here. my dad wearing a bay watch tank top. steve: pete, do you have a little sticky note that has your lineup of guests for "fox & friends" this weekend?
3:38 am
>> yes. it's written on behalf of one of my mom's birthday cards here on the back of it i didn't have any other notes. we have ron johnson, kevin mccarthy, emily compagno and some guy named brian kilmeade. brian: i cannot wait. ainsley: what time is he coming on because i'm not interested? steve: coming on at 10:15 eastern time. steve: i always thought your show ended at 10:00. so curious. lady and gentlemen thank you very much. ainsley: a beautiful birthday message you wrote your mom, too. steve: happy birthday ron johnson, what? ainsley: brian kilmeade. rachel, sorry, we are focusing too much on pete we love you and will too. brian: we don't really like pete. steve: we are switching gears, up next ripple effect of a migrant surge one small town fire department faces more and more rescue calls to find
3:39 am
abandoned and injured migrants. the chief who says his community can't handle joe biden's policies and fears it could get worse if that's possible. >> the quiz show game on fox bet super 6. download the app. and answer culture questions that have everyone talking. enter for free for a chance to win $10,000. download the fox bet super 6 now to get started. kouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. i became a sofi member because i needed to consolidate my credit card debt. i needed just one simple way to pay it all off.
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no canceling. flexible cancellation. kayak. search one and done. steve: well, a small town fire department in new mexico right next to el paso, texas seeing a spike in rescue calls to help abandoned or injured migrants crossing the border. sun land park, new mexico is a suburb outside of el paso as you see right there. as el paso border encounters jump more than 200 percent from last year, our next guest, the fire department chief, fears that things could only get worse. sunland park fire department chief danielle madrono joins us
3:44 am
right now good morning, sir. >> good morning. steve: generally in the fire department you are would be sitting, your men and women who work for you, would be sitting in the fire department waiting for an emergency call to go help a resident of your community. now you are getting calls from the people in the country illegally who are in trouble. tell us a little bit about that. >> well, there is a border fence it, runs anywhere from 12, 14 feet tall to 30 feet tall on the international border. sunland park is on that border and part of my response district. what we have been seeing a lot of is migrants who fall off the top of that wall. and they sustain pretty significant injuries that we have to address. steve: sure. let's say they fall on the american side of the wall whether a do you do with them, technically they crossed into the country illegally i would imagine you should report them to the authorities but then you are kind of one of the
3:45 am
authorities. >> well, we are a medical authority. most of the calls coming come in from border patrol themselves. they will either witness the fall or see them on camera and mawx the approach first. most of the calls are border patrol on the scene prior to us getting there. steve: as i look tetter rain over there, it's rugged. do you have the kind of vehicles you need to address this problem? >> fire trucks cannot make it anywhere near these areas. we have this to retrofit at least one of our vehicles. so far we are in the process of fitting military humvee we used to use as a brush truck to get into some of the even more rugged areas. we have though address this by doing so, sure. steve: well, that means you need more money to address this issue. is the federal government taking on more cash for you because you are taking on more responsibility. >> we haven't seen any money from the federal government at all. this is something i had to
3:46 am
address immediately so i had to use my own budget. so, getting money from the federal government is a little bit time consuming. steve: sure. one of the things though, chief, you are the fire department, and you are there to help people in your community when fire breaks out or there is a medical emergency. but now you are being asked to have additional responsibility of helping people who are breaking into the country illegally, that's not exactly what you signed up for originally. >> well, you know, we look at every patient the same way. we don't ask for immigration papers. we treat every patient as a medical patient. so, it we don't know if they're in here illegally or not. it's our assumption. we treat them as such. steve: the number of calls you are called on has gone up substantially, hasn't it? >> we have -- we estimate it's gone up about 6% to 7%. especially in the southern part of our response district. it clean-up is not a huge number
3:47 am
but speaking with border patrol, we anticipate those numbers should go unjust by the information that they are giving us? that they may see more migrants coming over. steve: you have got your hands full. chief daniel medruno, good luck to you, sir. >> thank you. steve: all right. it's 1 minutes better top of the hour. on the street behind me, i believe janice dean is talking weather. janice: come on out. the weather is beautiful here in the northeast today, steve, and it's going to be a great weekend. let's take a look at the maps. we do have potential for flagged across the midwest and talking about temperatures. it is incredibly hot for the northwest. we are going to talk about that. past 24 hours showers and thunderstorms developing for parts of the midwest and central u.s. where we have got flooding concerns. flash flooding in many cities across missouri in towards illinois and also into kansas. forecasts rainfall several inches over the next couple of hours that's going to be a problem.
3:48 am
know what to do if there is a watch or warning. don't travel over water you can't see. severe threat threat for tornadoes. huge story across the west temperatures in the 90's and 10r portland, oregon where it's going to be 113 tomorrow that will shatter records. that's going to be unprecedented. so that's the story we are also going to be following. all right, steve, my friend, back to you and brian and ainsley. steve: that's right. thank you very much. man, portland, 113? that is. brian: going to be hard to riot long-term. you have have to riot early. steve: they do it at night when it's cooler. brian: i'm excited to tell you we have four more additions of what made america great. it will be out on fox nation monday. sunday night they put together an hour special featuring all four. here is a clip from the best immigration story in american history aside from the pilgrims. it's little havana. what happened when the cubans left castro and came here.
3:49 am
here is a little of what you will see. brian: it's the story of little havana in 1959 cubans began it pour into this region they were fleeing castro, cuba. >> little havana began in the 160s in miami for cubans that were coming from cuba, expelled by castro and we came to this country like many people wanting the american dream. >> people willing to make a raft and go into the open ocean in order for the hope and opportunity to come here with nothing. >> you have got to be absolutely desperate that cuba has stripped you of everything and they're not going to let them strip you of dignity you are getting out for freedom. brian: doctors and lawyers came to this country inned up doing everything from construction to san taping in order to make their way in florida happened to be here one of the most successful groups even today. we have a look at hemmingway's house over in key west and what he has meant to that area.
3:50 am
green breyer, the role in the cold war and montauk, rhode island george washington, teddy roosevelt and fdr all did with montauk. you will see highlights on sunday and monday. steve: not only informative but you got four free vacations. brian: i did a stand up and then went to the beach. ainsley: they are really really good. check them out on fox nation. thank you very much. >> you are welcome. ainsley: can cancel culture strikes again victim teddy roosevelt also from long island. we have the details coming up next. ♪ discomfort back there? instead of using aloe, or baby wipes, or powders, try the cooling, soothing relief or preparation h.
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3:54 am
♪ brian: this is insane. the theodore roosevelt is the latest target ofen cancel culture. the statue of the former president stood at the interest of the new york's museum and natural history 80 years will be relocated over racist complaints. the statue depicts roosevelt on horseback. how dare he with native americans on and an african man on foot. my next guest rallied last year to save the roosevelt statue. gavin wax president of the new york young republican. roosevelt republican his cousin
3:55 am
wasn't. >> thank you for having me on. rewallyed last summer because we realized this is more than just one monument. this is about the militant woke left's war on american history, culture and traditions. we need to stop ceding ground to them. they take the narrative. today it's teddy roosevelt tomorrow they are burning books. we should be proud of our national heritage and defend it because this is part of the left's grip on power is to make us ashamed to be americans and strip us of our collective past. so we did fight against it. it was an uphill battle. we continue to fight against it and all these other ridiculous moves by the left to erase our history and if we lose, we lose, we are going to continue to keep fighting. brian: they don't like the fact that he is a horse above african-americans and above american indians, called being on a horse, right? if it wasn't for his father there might not be a museum of natural history. his father was a founding member and teddy roosevelt's name is all over these little divisions within the museum. >> you're 100 percent right,
3:56 am
brian. the museum itself admitted that the statue was originally created with no meressist or malicious intent. the two figures flanking him two figure tall and proud. not subservient. new world. the left will see racism in everything. they are trying to make an issue of something that it's not. they have alternative motives and earab of our history and our past. brian: teddy roosevelt the fourth is not against moving the statue which is sad. the families aren't sticking up for great grandfather. that's where they stand. i think you did the right thing, gavin. there is still hope until they get the screw gun out. >> thank you, brian. brian: more "fox & friends." in fact two more hours of "fox & friends" in just a moment. icine. it's ubrelvy. for anytime, anywhere migraine strikes, without worrying if it's too late, or where i am. one dose can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within two hours.
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(upbeat pop music in background throughout) shingles? oh... you mean bill. he's been a real pain. again with the bill... what? it looks like a face. ...hearing about it 24/7 is painful enough... i don't want to catch it. well, you can't catch shingles, but the virus that causes it may already be inside you.
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does that mean bill might have company? - stop. you know shingles can be prevented. shingles can be whaaaaat? yeah prevented. you can get vaccinated. oh, so... i guess it's just you, me and bill then. i'm making my appointment. bill's all yours... 50 years or older? get vaccinated for shingles today. jillian: first responders dig through rubble for any more survivors after the tragic condo collapse in south florida. >> 9 people are still missing. >> i called front desk and he is like you guys need to evacuate the building next to collapsed. >> clarifies will got border station. >> hundreds of miles away from where the crisis is. >> how do you think your vice president will do at the border tomorrow. >> a great job. >> defended the teaching of critical race theory in the military. >> i want to understand white rage and i'm white. we accuse the united states military of being woke.
4:01 am
>> after bombshell testimony britney spears is apologizing to her fans. she writes by the way i posted my life seems to look and be pretty amazing. i apology gaze for pretending like i have been okay. >> a surprise. >> a marine veteran gives custom flag for world war ii veteran for his 100th birthday. ♪ ainsley: we begin with a fox news alert. all eyes are now on surfside, florida this morning as crews are desperately searching for survivors that are trapped under that collapsed condo building. brian: rescues he ares working nonstop. 99 missing many are feared dead. steve harrigan live at the scene as crews sift through the thick dust and debris looking for any signs of life. the rescue workers have had a tough go. i know overnight there was severe weather there was debris falling off. they told the rescue workers to seek cover. then i just got an alert there was a fire in the rubble in the last half hour. >> that's right. some of those fires sparked by
4:02 am
the cutting they are doing under ground. fire crews work too spraying water to try tamp that down. this entire area now is smoking. there is a layer of ash that's covering things, brought up machinery to try to move some of that rubble away. officials still insist that this is a rescue operation. here is florida's governor desantis. >> they are going underneath in these tunnels. they are obviously trying to find any type of human life and saving lives. but it is still-it is not a secure scene. things are moving around. there was a fire, there was some additional collapse. >> steve, you mentioned the conditions. these rescue workers are putting up with. they are under ground mostly doing their work unseen. flooded areas and unstable building. at one point yesterday they heard a voice and then lost contact with the voice. so they are doing everything possible night and day. this is agonizing. and methodic call work. the 99 people missing, too. this is an international story.
4:03 am
24 from south america. 20 from israel. guys, back to you. steve: steve, that's a condo area. there are a lot of people who live in copped doughs. are they allowed to go back to their homes if they are adjacent to the disaster site. >> initially steve the buildings on either side of the building that were collapsed were evacuated. people are now allowed back. in certainly this disaster has raised a lot of concern all along these million dollars condos along this beach, steve. steve: yeah, no kidding. ainsley: if it's about the foundation or wet land it's on. i bet everyone in that surrounding area is nervous. steve: steve, one final question for you. i know the official death count is still at 1 although i was reading in the miami herald a state senator saw a number of bodies in body bags are we going to have a briefing later today to update that number? >> we expect the numbers to change within the next few hours when they do have a press briefing. keep in mind, this could be a long, drawn out process.
4:04 am
some of those bodies deep in the rubble. and right now the focus is still on rescue. steve: indeed. ainsley: let's bring in florida's lieutenant governor jeanette nunez. good morning. >> good morning, ainsley, how are you. ainsley: i'm doing okay. i'm just so -- we are all so heart broken for what y'all are going through down in florida. time is of the essence. we know today is very important. because people are trapped underneath there and they were hearing the backing noises. any indication that people are still alive? >> you know it's a quickly evolving process. obviously we are doing everything we can we have got our search and rescue team working around the clock. they have not given up hope, which is why we are still very much in search and rescue phase. so we're going to continue. they are going to continue working as long as they can making sure that they are contending with all the challenges you heard about the structural integrity issues that they have had to continue to evaluate. have you heard about the fire and having to tunnel. it is really a tedious,
4:05 am
methodical exhausting process for our first responders, our heroes. so really and truly we will continue to update as quickly as we get information. what we have been asking for is patience, i know that's a tough q we want those families to know we are doing everything we can to potentially rescue and have survivors and be able to reunify those families. brian: lieutenant governor i see those men and women in hard hats. i will understand search and rescue is primary right now. we only know if something is doing structure cause this there is no earthquake. there is no tidal wave. besides the fact most confirm that the building was sinking gradually, since the 190s, is anything else and i imagine there is an urgency to get answers. any other clues you could tell us about what could have red tod to this. not at this time. obviously the priority continues to be search and rescue. we do have structural engineers on site. we do have individuals that are absolutely going to get to the about the of this. brian: have they said anything to you? >> at this point, no.
4:06 am
not with any certainty. so what we want to do is ensure not only the building obviously we get the answers for those families, but obviously the buildings alongside that particular building. we want to understand very quickly. if we have to take any mitigation efforts that we can do that in a way that will obviously address the situation. steve: lieutenant governor, the president very quickly yesterday approved emergency declaration now fema and the department of homeland security how will they assist the state of florida there on collins? >> obviously what we have gotten through the fema declaration is individual assistance as well as reimbursement assistance for the county and state. so the individual assistance portion is going to be very important. as you know a lot of people have been displaced. some temporarily, some permanently. so we want to make sure that we are providing as much assistance to them as possible through the channels that fema and the emergency declaration that the
4:07 am
state requested under governor desantis. ainsley: we heard the mayor of surfside say this is the third world phenomenon. we don't normally see buildings collapse. steve: look at that. ainsley: that's inside one of the units and the camera eventually is going to go to black. because this looks like it might have been one of the conned dose that collapsed. looks like all of our apartments in the kitchen in the back there with the bar stools for the kids to eat their breakfast. going back to the third world phenomenon issue, i'm thinking we don't see buildings collapse, it reminds us of 9/11. have you all been in coordination with any of the first responders in new york to find out how to do this quickly because today is such an important day to try to get some of those survivors out. >> well, miami-dade search and rescue teams, they are some of the best in the country. i know that they go all throughout when there is an emergency such as 9/11 or an earthquake that's occurred in the another part of the state or another part of the country, another part of the world.
4:08 am
so i think it's obviously our teams have really good expertise. i'm sure they are coordinating with other teams. i know that other states have offered assistance. we don't at this point we haven't requested assistance but i do know that as we continue to tunnel through as we continue to work through that debris, i'm sure they are coordinating with those teams that have been at the forefront of other situations. steve: apparently this particular building was undergoing a 40-year recertification. the county requires every 40 years you inspect the integrity of the building. do you think, given what has happened there, and it like there is a real good possibility since that side was on the oceanside, could have been related to corrosion from sea water. do you think, lieutenant governor, the state might mandate more frequent inspections of buildings like this? being. >> it's hard to say. obviously you want to understand first and foremost what occurred.
4:09 am
we have done a lot governor sants' leadership on the issue of the environment and investing in our sea walls. making sure that resiliency has been really one of the strongest priorities we have had in our administration. so i think we will continue to look at ways to partner with local government in making sure that we are providing assistance however we can but that's something we will have to take a look at as we find out more information. ainsley: i know brian has questions about the border. really quickly we want to play you a soundbite this is abigail crosby. she is from charlottesville, virginia she is on vacation, she is in the building next door. she has five kids in the room with her and her boyfriend. listen to what she had to say. steve: she was awake at the time. ainsley: she was awake at the time because they had just gotten back from key west an hour earlier. listen to this. >> we just got back not too long ago, about an hour. we just heard this big gush of wind and then you heard it again but this time something actually hit our window. and i thought wait a minute the
4:10 am
glass is going to break out. the fire alarms in our building started going off and we were all confused. i called front desk and he was like you guys need evacuate the building next to y'all collapsed. it never happens to you. so you are panicking. making sure all the kids are out. and yourself is out and everybody else with you. ainsley: just heart breaking. what are your thoughts? >> it certainly is. it's heart wrenching. when i was at the scene yesterday looking at the rubble, seeing people's lives on full display, everything from stuffed animals to pillows, it really breaks your heart. you go to sleep and in a matter of seconds your heart life is gone potentially and so it really was heart wrenching, i can only imagine the people in the buildings next door how difficult and how tragic that must have been for them as well. brian: all those people are going to be valuable because they were eyewitnesses and had their own experience. i'm sure structural engineers
4:11 am
want to talk to people what they saw. i do want to get you on another issue. the haven't of the united states is going to be going to the border. only going to be there 90 minutes in el paso and going back. i know there are places in florida where kids without you even knowing it, without the governor your permission have been displaced and sent border. >> children, unaccompanied minors, homestead in particular. what do you hope she learns from this trip? do you expect her to get anything out of it. >> well, i would say, frankly too little, too late. the damage has been done. what we have seen the increase in illicit drugs. the increase in human trafficking. she has ignored it for quite some time now. i think that obviously this ploy that she is doing really from the standpoint of the amount of pressure she received. you know, we are hopeful that they will do something but, you know, state of florida under governor desantis' leadership has stepped up. we have provided assistance to our friends over in texas and arizona. but, you know, quite frankly it's really disappointing it
4:12 am
took her this long. steve: well, you know, lieutenant governor this is simply a photo op. taken eat heat for not going. check the box. didn't go down there. people like roma texas coming across like that. instead going to a place where she is going to have a very simple, clean view of what's going on. she is going to be visiting processing center. she is not going to go one of those migrant detention centers, you know, over at fort bliss which is right next to the airport she is landing at because that's uncomfortable because they have been described as unsafe and there have been allegations of abuse towards kids and that's the last place she wants to be photographed. >> well, not to mention that she was the loudest voice criticizing the trump administration with those detention centers and certainly the level of hypocrisy and the level of inaction from this biden-harris administration is troubling. brian: right, also, lieutenant governor, she was in homestead
4:13 am
protesting unaccompanied minors being held in the facility. she was in your state as a candidate for president condemning the policies of the border. she has destroyed them, now there is tens of thousands ever people coming, in 170,000 last month. and you could say her policies are inaction. how is that going? >> certainly like i mentioned before what we have seen, just in the month of may, there was an individual that had crossed the border multiple times. 82-year-old woman in one of our counties here in the state of florida. for her to sit back and tap her fingers on her desk and do nothing, it really is troubling. and for us here in florida. >> we want to be firm. we want to be strong in making sure that we're protecting our citizens. that's why you have seen so many great policies that the governor has signed. but, really and truly, i have no words for what they have con or have not done, rather. ainsley: you have firsthand knowledge of this. you are the first latina lieutenant governor. you used to represent miami-dade
4:14 am
when you were a congresswoman. you hear the stories of a cuban americans that came over and dealt with socialism. what are they saying? >> well, they are fit to be tied as you can imagine, obviously it's just a lack of respect. it's a lack of law and order. my parents came to this country in 1961. some others have come to this country legally, and really and truly it's just -- it's really something that is very troubling for the hispanic community to see their policy of putting america last. steve: we just saw images of the vice president on the tarmac at joint base andrews. she is now on her way to texas. meanwhile, lieutenant governor, a lot of people are on their way to florida because tomorrow celebrity cruises, their edge ship, is going to depart from port everglades. this is a step in the right direction. of course, we have heard that a lot of the cruise companies were going to mandate that everybody on board gets a vaccination at
4:15 am
the same time governor desantis has said over my dead body. so what's going to happen? >> well, we had a victory and obviously we won at the courts against the cdc's overreach. what they did in terms of shutting down an industry for more than 15 months without any legal authority to do so. the governor was very adamant. he felt strongly that the cdc had no right to be able to shut down crews and so he was also very firm from the standpoint of not requiring vaccine passports. that's an invasion of people's privacy, their health data. we were very comfortable that we were going to prevail in the courts. but obviously that decision along with our continued work with the cruise industry as you know florida is the cruise capital of the world. we are excited they will be able to start cruising again. back to work. it's a multibillion dollars industry here for the state of florida and hundreds of thousands of individuals are employed, tied to that industry. so we're pleased they are going
4:16 am
to sail again and pleased prevailed over the cdc bureaucrats' overreach. brian: there are a lot of precautions they take if people don't get vaccinated additional money and protocols and places to go. they will be restricted on those in testing. >> yeah. so come july 18th, they will provide guidelines but those guidelines will be just that. so it's up to the cruise industry to determine what's in the best interest of their passengers and their employees. steve: well, criewfsing is back in florida. that means passengers will be able to have 12 meals a day including midnight pizza buffets out by the pool. ainsley: all you can eat. they are all inclusive. steve: thank you for joining us live from florida. >> thank you, of course. ainsley: okay. jillian has headlines for us. >> jillian: that's right. let's begin with this story. former police officer derek chauvin will be sentenced today in minneapolis. he was found guilty of second degree murder. third degree blurred and second degree manslaughter in the death of george floyd. prosecutors want a 30 year
4:17 am
sentence. the defense is asking for probation or a lesser sentence. house republicans threatening to hold their observe hearing on the origins of the covid pandemic as calls for one have fallen on deaf ears for over a year. >> we have had over 600,000 deaths nearly 4 million worldwide and yet speaker pelosi still refuses to hold a hearing into the origin of this virus. jillian: republicans set to hold expert forum on tuesday quote led by science the covid-19 origin story. speaker pelosi's office says the intelligence is being reviewed by the house intel committee and the biden administration. cleveland indians outfelder eddy getting caught in embarrassing base running blunder against the minnesota twins after successfully stealing second base, he lost track of the ball and was tagged out. what the heck? but he redeems himself by batting two runs or hitting two runs in the eighth inning to
4:18 am
give the indians a lead. they held that lead to win 4-1. check this out this man springs into action to save a great white shark in distress. a baby one but still a great white. the predator got caught in the fishing line. grabbed it and brought the shark to the water line. many beach goers did not realize it was a celebrate white until, of course they saw it cross up. the line was cut and the shark swum back out to sea. that is a look at your headlines. steve: i think we are going to need a smaller boat. brian: great white not that great yet. meanwhile straight ahead president biden will meet with afghanistan's president for the first time ongoing troop withdraw general jack keane. a lot of controversy here. jack keane had dinner last night with the president of afghanistan. evidence will join us live. steve: britney spears fighting for control over her life and her finances. now she is apologizing to her fans for pretending to be okay. brian: how dare she? she wasn't. we will have details straight ahead. you are watching "fox & friends"
4:19 am
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♪ brian: president biden greeting afghan president later today at the white house. it's so important. this ahead of a u.s. military drawdown in afghanistan where roughly 650 troops are expected to remain to protect diplomats in the u.s. embassy and possibly kabul airport. here to discuss it all fox news strategic analyst retired four star general jack keane who is one of the people having dinner with the president of afghanistan last night. i know the content is
4:24 am
confidential. but what too you hope happens after this meeting today, general, with the president? >> well, first of all, i mean, the u.s. troop withdrawal, i think, is a decision we are likely going to regret. but all that aside, president biden's administration has already made a commitment to the president of average we are going to stay and be your strategic partners. we are not leaving. we can continue to see this through. these are the similar statements made by the obama administration in 2011 as our troops are withdrawing and we know what happened after that. brian: from iraq. >> yes, in iraq. what is happening here is much the same rhetoric. i think what president ghani wants to achieve certainly with the visit with president biden today is particularly to get strong support to stay the course with them even though u.s. troops are pulling out. a huge amount of resources that the united states can apply. and the congress of the united states plays a vital part here,
4:25 am
brian. they can increase the funds to the afghan security forces and to the afghan government the mitigating compensate for the pull-out of u.s. troops and nato troops. and they specifically need contractors to take care of the afghan air force. the reason why the casualties have increased so much and the fact that the taliban is making ground gains throughout afghanistan, particularly in the rural areas, is because the united states air support is no longer flying in support of the afghan ground forces. that has always been a necessary ingredient held back the taliban quite decisively. that's gone. ghani has air force of his own. russian helicopters, u.s. helicopters, and u.s. fixed wing. but all the 18,000 contractors mane taken them are going. that makes no sense. his air force will be grounded in a few weeks as such. we have got to get contractor
4:26 am
support for that. he also needs some intelligence-sharing which is very robust right now. but we can continue to keep some of that in the embassy, and provide that to him. and he needs drones. what's going to happen when all the u.s. troops are gone, the taliban will start to mass outside major cities. they are no longer an insurgency at that point. they are an army ground force. a military ground force. and what we have got do when that massing takes place is bring in u.s. precision guided air support. negotiate that with the president today to ensure that that kind of resource will be there. brian: right. >> that could be very decisive for us in going forward. and the other thing is i mean, what we're doing is we are contracting out to the afghan security forces and to the afghan government to keep al qaeda down because we are going to be gone. this was the reason we wanted to stay. we are contracting out to this government and to those security
4:27 am
force to do our work. to keep al qaeda from reemerging as such we give afghan government and its security forces all the support that we can possibly give them doesn't that make sense? the ape to that is yeah it's compelling. brian: general, your opening statement anyone who puts research in this area would agree with you. we are going to regret leaving. i just say from here's the window we can help. do you believe that the pentagon agrees with what you just said? do you think that joe biden is open enough to listen to millie and his secretary of defense to do the things you just said? we're not talking about a huge commitment because it benefits the u.s., too. >> yes. well, first of all, we know full well that the united states military and the department of defense certainly did --'ed to leave a modest force there as did, interestingly enough, the european nations who are participating in afghanistan.
4:28 am
they all wanted to keep them modest force there surprised and somewhat rankled i will say by president biden's decision. yes, the military certainly want to do all this can to support these force fers that we have been aligned with now for 20 years. brian: if we don't want a saigon moment from 1975, maybe they don't leave out the roof of the embassy, maybe they leave a different way. if we don't want that moment, we could change it in the next 24 to 48 hours. these are little changes. general, i hope, i hope that the white house realizes. this this could be terrible or this could be giving the afghans another 5 to 10 years to stand up on their own because they have made progress. and are population and the people fighting this war and gave their lives for this war deserve a better outcome. general, thanks so much for everything you're doing. >> yeah. great talking to you, brian. have a wonderful weekend. brian: you too. up next, vice president harris is on her way to the border to see the crisis firsthand.
4:29 am
but critics say she won't be visiting some of the hardest hit areas. our next guests are on the frontlines of the crisis and lay out their demands for the administration. ♪
4:30 am
4:31 am
4:32 am
♪? it was like an earthquake. >> earthquake. but you are okay?
4:33 am
>> yeah, thank god. ainsley: unimaginable. tragedy strikes surfside, florida when part of a condo building comes crashing down. >> 99 people desperately search for survivors under the rubble. >> joins us live from collins avenue as rescuers sift through dust and debris and unfortunately so far, steve, no good news about finding any more survivors. >> exactly right, steve. this scene has changed dramatically over the past 24 hours, yesterday we saw individual rescuers with dog on that rubble. today we are seeing the big machinery out. cranes, bulldozers moving that rubble aside smoke billowing out from the wreckage. a layer of ash really settling over everything. still no explanation as to the ocause why this condominium tower fell. the building inspector was actually at the site the day before it fell. here is the mayor of surfside. >> buildings like this do not fall in america. this is a third world phenomenon
4:34 am
and it's shocking. interest are cacialts. there are casualties and it is frightening to think of how many more there are going to be israeli officials offering prayers and condolences and offers of assistance. 20 israelis among the 99 still missing. one synagogue here hit particularly hard. it's been a tough day for loot of people. 20 from south america as well. this is an international tragedy. back to you guys, ainsley. steve: all right, steve. it is. ainsley: all right. steve. god bless them all. thanks so much, steve. vice president kamala harris is on her way down to el paso. her first visit to the southern border after more than 90 days of running the administration's response migrant crisis. but many critics, including our next guest who live in texas say she is avoiding the most affected areas. here with me now is rancher
4:35 am
stephanie chris retired agent for the rio grande valley. rancher whit jones. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. ainsley: stephanie, i will start with you. as a rancher, how is this affecting you? , it's costing us a lot of money in damages when they come through our property, our fences and our gates and -- ainsley: what are you seeing on that dirt road in your neighborhood? >> we have people that drive past our house that are picking up illegals and trying to head north. it's an everyday occurrence down here. ainsley: wow, chief enosa, how did this affect you? i know you are with the rio grande valley sector. you say this is the biggest need, yet, she is going to el paso. >> you know, it's interesting it almost took 100 days for the vice president to make it to the border. but she is showing up at the wrong address like representative henry cuellar
4:36 am
said who is a good partner for the border patrol and dhs as a whole down here interesting many years ago both parties were interested in securing our border and protecting our border. and now it seems like the only party that has any interest in trying to do something counsel here is the republican party. not to get political but when you have henry cuellar an out liar in the democratic 35er9 when he used to be a common voice in the democrat party. can you see why there is no solution down here in sight as long as we have this administration taking these actions. ainsley: he represents ranchers lake you. he is not listening to washington and following that narrative. he want to do what is best for his community. whit, i know you are glad she is counsel there. what do you want to see from her? >> well, i will tell you, i would like to see her stampted i have and speak to the americans, especially texans, she has an
4:37 am
opportunity now. she is here, even if it is el paso. we want to hear, you know, how she plans to fix, you know or how does she plain to crate or what does she feel about a robust guest worker program? what does she plan to do to fix the legal immigration issue? how does she plan to handle the asylum claims and the flow of immigration? i mean, she has an opportunity to do something. people want to hear what her plans are what her agenda is i hope she takes advantage of this trip. i hope she extends it to some other regions of the border, and i hope she makes good use of it. i think americans and like i said especially texans want to hear what her thoughts are. ainsley: chief, i know you said you are working with an administration that doesn't want to solve this problem. i'm sure it's making it very difficult. thank you all so much for coming
4:38 am
on today. i wish you all the best. thank you for your service and protecting these two individuals right here. those ranchers. god bless you. >> thank you. it was a pleasure. ainsley: right. thank you. former president trump is back on the road heading to ohio to help republicans take back the house. lawrence jones talks with small business owners there and he joins us next. ♪ ♪ i was drowning in student loan debt. i was in the process of deferring them, paying them... then i discovered sofi. completely changed my life. lower interest rate. my principal is going down. sofi is a place where you can start to tackle those money goals today. compared to where i was three years ago,
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4:42 am
steve: on the road again former president donald trump is set to visit lorain county, ohio tomorrow night to campaign for his former aide at the white house max miller running for congress now. he is also going to tout some
4:43 am
previous economic policy. "fox & friends" reporter, enterprise reporter lawrence jones caught up with some small business owners out in that neck of the woods and he joins us live from the newsroom. hey, lawrence. lawrence: hey, steve. the former president hitting the campaign trail again. saying do you miss me now, referring to his economic policies contrasted with joe biden. want to contact with business owner impacted by those economic policies, take a look ♪ >> this was my dream and i have pursued my dream and i'm going on 8 years. >> i have been in this building 31 years. >> evan in business since 1999? anything that can be printed i don't say no to. >> i own special needs refresh therapy. >> what do you think going in this area. >> being a local business owner i actually think it's doing pretty well. our business has been booming the last six months. >> things are picking back up. not great yet. there is still a lot of losses. lawrence: you increased your
4:44 am
pies? >> twice in the last six months. keeping up with wages plus the price of the product. food prices are the worst right now. it fluctuates like crazy. >> i will take away from me before i have to raise my prices. lawrence: what would you say about the current administration as well as, you know, leaders elected leaders focus on small businesses? seems like they don't get enough focus. >> i can tell you that i felt very left behind. i have felt like we have been forgotten about and that shut down for two months was terrifying. >> i want to see the common sense of are minimum wage factor and how it's going to affect small business people. >> being paid to stay home and not work is not good at all for anybody. >> used to be america was ran by main street, small town america it's all gone to the big cities and the populated areas, we have to learn that control that we used to have it's waning.
4:45 am
>> i want you to follow me this way because i saw something when i came to the door and it's in bright yellow help wanted. weekend required. includes day, evening, weekends, and you are not the only business that is posting this stuff outside. >> there are signs everywhere that people are needing employ gross. everywhere you go. every your pick of jobs. >> wages have definitely gone up because it's hard to find people that want to work right now. >> we're all working to the max. we are doing everything that we can to get as many clients in the door. >> obviously the former president is coming to town with in message of do you miss me now. how do you think the current president, joe biden, is doing right now when it comes to the economy and what he is doing for businesses? >> the profits are definitely dropped. the bottom line definitely moved.
4:46 am
i'm hoping it will come back. conservative policies. we can definitely use. >> when you ask what has biden done for you. what has happened that has been beneficial to the united states? nobody has any answers. >> i'm in the middle. i fight for us. my business, my family. i try to just focus on being successful in life. lawrence: that family like environment is all throughout that city. they consistently say it's not a work problem. they have a lot of work. business is going great. they just can't get people to come back to work to fulfill those jobs. steve: we are hearing that all over the place. so the former president is going to fly out there. is he campaigning for one of his former white house aides, a guy by the name of max miller, who is running for congress as a republican in a primary against a republican. the incumbent there, republican
4:47 am
incumbent anthony gonzalez, the reason max miller is running against him, is because mr. gonzalez voted for donald trump's impeachment and that set off the former president. and now he is campaigning for max miller. lawrence: that's exactly right. as you know ohio is a swing state. interestingly enough, you didn't hear a lot of politics from those folks. they really just -- you know, average day human beings. at love them are independent voters. some of them voted for trump. some of them voted against trump. but they really care about the community. and they are just not comfortable with the direction. steve: we hear that all the time. they don't care if an applicant is a democrat or republican. an independent, libertarian, anything. they just need people to work for them. >> that's exactly right. they are throwing money to get them there the thing that is not talked about, steve, is when that crash is going to happen. i mean, they can only pay people extra money so long before prices start to surge, and then they end up having to fire people. steve: i got a feel people are
4:48 am
going to come back to work in september when the money runs out. we will very much. thanks for going to ohio. lawrence: thanks, steve. steve: all right. meanwhile, let's go to the street behind me and there is our meteorologist janice dean with some folks behind her on this friday. janice: what's your name and where are from you. >> my name is julie and i'm from illinois. my parents absolutely love the show. jerry and ann. janice: thank you so much for listening and watching. what's your name? >> steve branson from thomasville georgia. >> bo brenson from thomasville, georgia. >> you are all together, right. >> yes. >> are shall. janice: we did it fantastic. take a look at the weather. it's a beautiful day on fox square cross the country. 64 in new york city. we have flooding for folks in missouri. flash flood watches and warnings. it potential for all of that rainfall afternoon the severe threat tonight.
4:49 am
large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes around flooding. know what to do watch or warning, lots of flash flooding happening it is imminent across missouri, portions of illinois and up towards michigan. okay, extreme heat. >> other huge story, 113 degrees in portland, oregon so people need to be certainly inside take a good look at your kids and the elderly and bring your pets inside. all right. wave to steve, my friends. look at my friends on fox square. steve: very nice to have folks here at 48th and sixth avenue. thanks, j.d. straight ahead, how does 10,000 bucks in your pocket sound? it sounds great, right? tom shillue is going to share how can you make 10,000 buck notice next couple days by winning the fox bet super 6 quiz show. and the all-american summer concert series rolls on today with country star craig morgan brought to you by our friends at best western ♪ ♪ sweet red wine ♪
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steve: well the fox bet super 6 app is now giving you another chance to win 10,000 bucks this weekend, in a quiz game show, all you have to do is answer these questions that we
4:54 am
are about to give you. ainsley: fox nation host tom shillue is here with more the host of fox nation hop happy hour, you can sign up for fox nation to get exclusive access to other original content, events and your favorite personalities on any device. brian: good morning, tom. can i just ask you a question how many scientists are working on these questions during the week before you arrive? >> we have a lot of very trusted science, brian. trust the science, brian. brian: and if we're critical of the questions we're critical of science. >> okay here we go. question number one, how much money will f 9 make at the domestic box office friday? under 35 billion, over 43 million? steve: over 43 million. brian: i say e 41 million. ainsley: i'm going with b. brian: how did we do last week do you know? >> do you know what? i keep meaning to put you guys down, and hold you to it.
4:55 am
next week, let's do it. let's compare answers. brian: why do we have to keep reminding you? >> question number two, who will win outstanding culinary host at the 48th annual daytime emmy awards? [reading answers] ainsley: why didn't she rate well, i love her. brian: valerie bertinelli. >> yes, okay, question number three, which is the following airlines will have the most delayed flights on saturday, southwest, american, delta, united, alaska. brian: they don't have any pilots. ainsley: i'll do with american too. steve: yup. >> unanimous. >> how many combined points are scored between the atlanta hawks and milwaukee in game two? under 205, 205-219, 211-215, 217
4:56 am
-223, or you can see it. brian: i'm going to say a. ainsley:c. steve: final question real quick >> final question, which retailer will finish friday with the highest close this is by percentage. walmart, target, kohl's, costco, best buy or nordstrom? steve: i'm going with walmart. brian: whose checking this? ainsley: i would say best buy because they had amazon prime so a lot of people were buying best buy was competitive. brian: i'm going to say costco has lawn furniture. >> i'll check in next week and we'll see who got the best in the fox bet super 6 and i'll compare you guys. ainsley: okay. brian: that's all we ask. ainsley: we might have one the 10,000 and we didn't even know. thank, tom. steve: straight ahead we're going to talk about the saga of britney spears. brian: can't wait. more sun, more joy. neutrogena® beach defense® the suncare brand used most by dermatologists
4:57 am
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new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates,
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whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today. >> all eyes are now on surfside florida. >> we are still very much in search and rescue phase. >> he's like you guys can evacuate the building. >> vice president kamala harris finally headed to our southern border in texas. >> what are you hoping the vice president can do at the border tomorrow? >> doing a great job so far. >> the statue of teddy roosevelt will officially be removed. >> this is about the woke left 's war on american history culture and traditions. >> after her bombshell testimony, britney britney
5:01 am
spears is apologizing to her fans and she writes by the way i've posted my life seems to look and be pretty amazing. >> a marine veteran gives a custom flag to a world war ii veteran for his 100th birthday. ainsley: we begin with a fox news alert breaking right now. four people now confirmed dead in the condo building collapse in surfside, florida. brian: crews have been searching through the rubble all morning long actually all night long as dozens remain missing. steve: authorities are expected to give us an update at any moment they are setting up for a press conference when they do it , if there's breaking news we will take you there. in the meantime standing by is steve harrigan live at the scene , and steve, we've had some fires in the rubble, we've had a lot of rain overnight, and now they updated the death toll. reporter: that's right, at four, and we expect it to continue to change in the next coming hours. there's really a cloud of smoke coming out of that wreckage as well as a layer of ash that's
5:02 am
just settling down on everything on thursday morning, those were about 60 condominiums, 1:30 in the morning people sound asleep in those condominiums and now it is a rescue operation. there's just a pile three stories high of rubble we're seeing big machinery out now, cranes and bulldozers moving florida officials continue to insist that there is still a rescue operation underway. here is florida's governor. >> they are going underneath in these tunnels, they are obviously trying to find any type of human life and saving lives, but it is still, it is not a secure scene. things are moving around. there was a fire, there was some additional collapse. reporter: they are still working with dogs and with sound monitor s as well. the conditions underground very tough. they are actually drilling up from an underground parking lot, but over the past 12 hours, no rescues to report. still at this point, 99 people, not accounted for. back to you guys. steve: steve behind you you can see one of those great big
5:03 am
cranes that is very gingerly touching the debris. they can't really go willy nilly because every piece of debris they move there might be somebody under it and they have to be careful. reporter: you're right this is careful, painstaking work and incredibly agonizing. yesterday, afternoon, there were reports they heard a voice, deep under "the rocks." they tried to find that voice for hours and then they lost contact with it so you can imagine the agony of these rescuers risking their own lives to try to find people and the conditions they are working in. steve: and i know you said they are drilling through some of the concrete. we know from 9/11 and other building collapses they've got a way to stick a little tv camera into voids, areas where there could be people. are they using that technology down there? reporter: they are using television, they are using safety mechanisms too and they are accompanied by engineers too keep in mind this is a building that's structure alley unsound. at first people really rushed into try and save who they can.
5:04 am
now they are being accompanied with engineers because this is a building half of it collapse entirely. the rest of it not deemed stable ainsley: steve didn't they use sonar equipment to detect possible banging? reporter: they heard banging. they are using listening equipment to try and detect that they say they have all of the technology they need under there, under tough conditions, broken pipes, flood water, they weren't sure if that banging came from a human but they pursued it all last night and the night before, the last 12 hours though no celebrations or rescues to report. brian: steve, lastly, did you see a shift change? do you see fresh workers coming in there? do you see people from out of town coming in there? reporter: we have seen a shift change. we have seen people from all across southern florida really flooding here to try to help. we've seen an outpouring of support from civilians, from the local sports teams, providing food and help for the first responders, and for those people who have
5:05 am
suddenly lost their homes. ainsley: i saw that the heat and the marlins delivering food and handing out water. nice of them. steve, thank you so much. brian: meanwhile, we talked to lt. governor jeanette nunez, she's been at the scene from the moment it happened. here is what she had to say. >> i was at the scene yesterday , looking at the rubble , seeing people's lives on full display everything from stuffed animals to pillows, it just really breaks your heart to think that you go to sleep, and in a matter of seconds your whole life is gone. we are doing everything we can. we've got our search and rescue teams working around the clock. they have not given up hope which is why we are still very much in search and rescue phase, so we're going to continue, they are going to continue working as long as they can, we want those families to know that we're doing everything we can to potentially rescue and have survivors and be able to unify those families. steve: in talking to the people who were in that building and
5:06 am
survived, what they thought was happening yesterday morning varied. some people thought it was a thunderstorm, although the booming lasted way too long. they thought it could be an explosion or they thought it was an earthquake. a fellow by the name of pablo rodriguez, his mother and grandmother were both in that building and are missing at this hour. over the last couple of days the mother had been complaining of creeking noises. i hear creeking noises in the building and for the people who live on the other side of that building, you see the part that is completely pancaked down , with the people on the other side said was they heard the noise, they opened their doors and all they saw across the hall at the neighbor 's apartment was the door frame. everything else was gone. ainsley: wow. steve: including the people and this is some of the video from inside ainsley. ainsley: that's right so this is video taken posted on twitter
5:07 am
it's just 13 seconds but you can see what looks like every day, everyone's apartment here in new york or if you live in an apartment it probably looks like the kitchen in the background, the little stools where your kids might eat breakfast in the morning, boxes over to the left and all of a sudden you can see the debris falling and then the video goes black and this is from one of the condos that was demolished. the building was about to undergo corrosion repairs they had to have a recertification process every 40 years, but the building was shifting 2- millimeters every year, so that was a concern. among the missing also relatives of the first lady of paraguay, and then a guy nicholas balboa, he was walking his dog at that time, and he saw dust and debris rising from the building and took his dog home and returned to the scene and he helped recover a teenager, josh hadler, who attends a local high school, plays varsity baseball and he broke a few bones and he said it was extremely quiet so i could just hear somebody yelling, i could tell it was a young boy. he was screaming and saying "can
5:08 am
you see me"? he was sticking his arm out of the rubble. we saw his fingers wiggling. i let him know we were here. he was just screaming "don't leave me" and his mother had severe injuries. her leg was amputated. brian: definitely conceivable 36 hours if somebody is in a void if they are able to breathe, if they are lucky enough they say that one of these experts, this guy named vincent pickford, a refired fdny lieutenant and expert on confined space recuse operations and he said the key to survival is finding a void, finding this , in buildings, that is the right angle, next to each other and that's where you try to dig and because he thinks 24-36 hours you definitely could still be optimistic. sadly, we know most of this , as we look at other countries and we cover them. we never really see a building collapse without an explosion or a natural disaster. we rarely see something collapse on its own, and that seems to be
5:09 am
the case here. steve: we understand that apparently, the four bodies that increased the body count to were pulled out of the rubble overnight. what possibly could happen? yesterday we were telling you about how apparently they were doing roofing work on the building as it turns out, a roofing inspection was completed on wednesday, there was an inspector there, apparently it did pass, but an engineer who looked at what has happened so far in speaking to one of the big papers said it could be something that we referred to as concrete cancer, and concrete cancer is when saltwater, keep in mind the ocean is just right on that side of that building, when saltwater seeps into the concrete, causing the steel rebar under the ground in the support beams to rust and expand which can break the concrete and weaken the beams, so is it that? we will not know for quite a while but the president did
5:10 am
declare an emergency declaration so fema and dhs had are down there doing their best to try to figure out are there any live people in there and what caused this. ainsley: we will continue to focus on this and when that press conference starts, they are running a little bit behind we were told it was going to be 8:00 but now that they recovered these four bodies it might be delayed so they can get more information but we'll bring you that live. brian: meanwhile something else we brought you live and that is i think it was just on tape, as live, the air force two has departed and has left washington it's en route to el paso, texas which contains the vice president, i don't know. the best man there or the first gentleman? steve: the second gentleman. i believe so along with the secretary of department of homeland security, mr. mayorkas. brian: they will be landing in el paso in about 25 minutes, if they are going according to schedule. she will have a few meetings and she will be leaving, and she will be leaving about 2:30 on air force two so at that time she will get her personal assessment in el paso, very far
5:11 am
from where it's real bad, in the rio grande valley. what's going on at the border. she preferred never to make this trip. one would conclude this is all about donald trump's july 3rd trip and she realized the embarrassment will be too much to handle of him beating us to the border. steve: you know it sounds like she's stopping in el paso because she's going to los angeles. hello, there she goes getting on air force two, because right after she leaves el paso she's going to be flying back to los angeles, rather than washington d.c. ainsley: stop along the way she's going to be there for what 90 minutes in el paso? steve: real short and she's just going to apparently a border patrol processing center. she's landing at the airport, right next to the airport is fort bliss, where they've got this migrant detention facility which is infamous as being unsafe and there have been allegations of abuse toward children. she's not going to be anywhere near that because the stories
5:12 am
the press could write would not be good because remember, the strategy on our southern border, according to the administration, is working. it's working. ainsley: peter doocy is on the plane with her. brian: he is. ainsley: he asked the president earlier about how she has handl ed the border crisis. listen to what the president said. >> are you hoping the vice president will do at the border tomorrow? >> she's done a great job so far and the reason why it's important that she go down, she's not setup the criteria, having spoken with the president of mexico, and guatemala and visited the region, to know what we need to do. steve: yeah, henry cuellar whose a democrat whose been quite critical of the administration, he's getting calls from people in the border patrol saying hey, why are they going to el paso and he's saying i've got no idea why they do it and the border
5:13 am
patrol people are saying we have 140% higher crossings here. this is where the action is. she needs to spend time here, but instead she's going to a place where the crisis is not quite raging at the same velocity. ainsley: we will be playing, we'll be rolling tape, probably showing it live when she lands there and we'll be covering this all day, but our top story this morning is what's happening down in florida. we've been praying for those victims that are trapped underneath the rubble, hoping, hoping so badly, that some of them are pulled out alive. here is the press conference. >> to open it up we have the honorable and mayor of miami-dade county. >> thank you. so good morning, everyone. unfortunately, this has been a tragic night. we do have 120 people now accounted for , which is very very good news, but our un accounted for number has gone up to 159. in addition, we can tragically
5:14 am
report the death count is now four. i want to be very clear about the numbers. they are very fluid. we'll continue to update you as we have them, but we have confirmed four deaths. the search and rescue teamworked throughout the night and it was a very active scene, from above and below, and we also brought heavy machinery on to the site to assist with the operation, and so we are very very grateful that our president has now authorized fema support and we're joined here today by our fema representatives who can tell you more, and that is going to assist us in our recovery efforts as well to assist the families. we have the resources for the families at the family reunification center, we've been
5:15 am
actively providing them everything that they need, food, shelter, cash to assist with their basic needs, and grief counseling. obviously a very critical component as we move forward, as people are anxiously waiting for news of their loved ones. at this time, we have received all of the donations of goods and volunteers that we can handle at this time. we're very very grateful for everyone who has contributed and we will let people know as the need presents , but we do have two funding sites available for cash donations. support and chesed two sites that are receiving donations, so, as we work tirelessly and stand united, local, municipal, county, state, and now federal support, we are
5:16 am
going to work as hard as we can to continue our search and rescue efforts. that is our priority. that is where we're focused and protecting our first responders who are on the scene. so thank you, everyone. god bless, [speaking in spanish] steve: as she recaps what she had said earlier in english, now in spanish, the headline is there are now four confirmed deaths but the number of un accompanied people which had been less than 100, has now sky rocketed --
5:17 am
ainsley: unaccounted for. steve: has now sky rocketed to 159, but the number of safe people has increased, still, 35 were rescued, two were pulled from the rubble, famously, that young man who said to the passer by "don't leave me alone" please don't leave me. brian: yeah, you got 55 units of the 136 have collapsed, and that's what obviously focused on today. i wonder what happened for that number to increase like that. i mean, wonder what they found or what they knew or what they found from the residents and the numbers there, that would raise the numbers 60 people. steve: well they know who owns all of the units and i'm sure they've got contact people for all of the units and the next of kin phone number so if they can't find the people who might be there they would then call a family member or somebody associated with the family and say hey, do you know if the family was in that unit and they might say you know
5:18 am
what they are back home in ohio or something like that. ainsley: when you sign your lease or buy your condo, they think just mom and dad, or the adults so now they had to go and contact family members and say were there kids inside, was it a family, who was staying there, did you rent it out to another family, how many are in that party? if you want to donate, she said they have enough food and enough supplies i know a lot of the athletes were donating a lot of local residents, miami heat and marlins were taking over food and water but she said they have enough and she will let us know if they need anything else but you can donate money. the chesed fund, they raised $ 476, 488.76, more than 4,300 people have donated and that is the and also brian: yeah, we can go back to the press conference they are speaking in english again and i hope they get to questions. >> good morning. rescue operations continue throughout the night.
5:19 am
this was augmented with additional members from florida task force 1 to echo the message of our great mayor, we are pulling additional resources from fema to assist, and to provide relief for some of those individuals. this is coupled with the firefighters already on scene, bringing the total of 130 firefighters through this operation. as you saw that we did have the fire reignite but it did not slow down our search and rescue operations; however, during our search and rescue operations we did encounter three victims that were deceased and removed and as she had mentioned we bring the total to four fatalities. again, search and rescue operations still continue. we have heavy machinery on scene to start pulling superficial metal from above, as we start looking for additional voids from above and again search and rescue still continues from
5:20 am
below as we tunnel, utilizing light machinery. thank you. >> thank you, chief, to provide spanish we'll have public information officer from miami-dade fire. >> [speaking in spanish] steve: okay, so now they are doing the translation back into spanish for the spanish speakers watching on tv channels all around the world. what they are very careful to do this morning is they are only saying exactly what they know for sure. people are already starting to speculate what brought down the building as we look at that big crane in the background very gingerly moving some of the big parts of the building, so as not to, you know, disturb anybody who might be surviving under there. for instance they aren't talking about that florida international university study which a couple of years ago said that that particular building has been sinking 2-millimeters a year
5:21 am
since the 1990s, and that study was to figure out which parts of miami were sinking and what areas might be impacted by sea level rises and coastal flooding all right, apparently they are now back in english. let's listen. >> currently right now, as it was stated we have four victims that lost their lives, our homicide detectives are working with the medical examiner' office right now to identify those victims and we have victim advocates as well that next of kin notifications will be made. in terms of the scene here, we're here supporting fire rescue with their search and rescue. scene security is paramount, it is heavy equipment that's arriving and we're going to have a very restricted access to this area. we'll go to spanish really quick >> [speaking spanish]
5:22 am
ainsley: all right, well he is speaking spanish let's see who steps up to the podium next. we're going to have kevin guthri e, representing the florida division of emergency management. >> good morning, everyone. kevin guthrie. overnight we had a mutual aid request going in being handled by the state fire marshals office for additional urban search and rescue teams. he noted florida task force too which was out of the city of miami is going to be the first to help rotate into help miami-dade fire rescue here at the site. we have posted the additional search and rescue teams throughout the state. there's a total of eight teams throughout the state so that's an additional six teams have been put on standby to rotate in as needed at the request of miami-dade fire rescue, so that has happened. at 12:26 this morning, you heard
5:23 am
the mayor refer to it at 12:26 a.m., this morning, i received the emergency declaration from fema that has happened that is going to turn on what is referred to as category a, debris removal, category b emergency protective measures and individual assistance for fema reimbursement. we will be providing throughout the day additional details as morpheme a staff roll in on the individual assistance piece, but i think we should set the expectation now that that will be limited addresses at 8,777 collins road. so please, just know that that is coming. as i said, fema is on the way. the first individual came in about 3:00 a.m. this morning. that is our state regional coordinator, paul williams. he is going to be followed by about 15 additional personnel from fema throughout the day, and then we also have additional staff from the florida division of emergency management coming in throughout the day as well today. i'd be remiss if i didn't say the entire team that works in
5:24 am
tallahassee is activated the men and women are ready to support as needed and again, as we've always said at these disasters fema helps federally support a disaster. the state helps manage the disaster but everything is executed at a local level so again, federally supported state managed locally executed and that's what we are teaming up here with miami-dade county to make sure that that happens. thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. guthrie. next speaker we'll have mr. ryan logan give important information regarding the red cross. >> good morning. i'm ryan logan. i'm the regional disaster officer for the american red cross in south florida and we like these other organizations, we're on scene, in the early hours of yesterday morning beginning to provide whatever support we could to those that have been displaced. yesterday morning we worked with both the city of surfside as well as miami-dade county, to begin to support the opening and
5:25 am
the operation of the reception center and the family re unification center. as well as we have mobilized additional resources supplies and most importantly, some of our trained help, mental help and spiritual care workers are coming in here locally but we're also bringing in trained experts that really dealt with this type of situation, from across the country because we really want to make sure that we're truly providing the necessary support for not only just those that have been directly and indirectly impacted but the community at large. we also have been working with the families that have been displaced to try to secure temporary lodging for them, and we've begun the case work process to really start to think about just some of the things that next steps that the they may need to take moving forward. in addition to that, we know that everybody really wants to help during these times, and that's what makes us the country
5:26 am
that we are, but for the red cross, we would just say that we have the necessary supplies and financial assistance that we need to support these organizations, so we would just encourage that anybody that wanted to make any other donations, we reference to the group, the mayor referenced to funnel their resources there, and then most importantly, i think it's important that folks know that like this is a difficult time for everybody. whether you're here locally or you're seeing images, 3,000 miles away. so one of the things we really encourage folks is really take time for yourself. go to our website, we've got a ton of information just on how folks can really help to manage their own coping with this , as well as just how to have the conversations with children that maybe seeing images, asking a lot of questions, and then we also will be bringing that level of community support here, so we can actually also focus on the community resilience as we move forward. thanks.
5:27 am
>> we're going to break into the question-and-answer session i ask you to please raise your hand once called upon then just instruct identify who it is the question is referred to and then we'll move one at a time, we'll try to get to everyone as much as possible. >> first, thank you for briefing us. this is still a search and rescue operation. have you seen anything that leads you to believe there are still people alive there? >> we will continue search and rescue, because we still have hope that we will find people alive. that is exactly why we're continuing and that is why we're using our dogs and our sonar and our cameras, everything possible to seek places where there may still be people to be found. >> [inaudible] >> what kind of a hole? >> possible sinkhole? >> no, i can't confirm that.
5:28 am
they are actively involved in search and rescue from both below and from above. >> can you please talk about the fact what you're using you mentioned from above with some artificial something and also below, take us through what's happening. >> so throughout the night, no different than from when we began operations, the heavy machinery comes in. we will begin removing some of the debris from above, some of the light debris. as we place those devices to look for voids, we start looking for additional victims. we are looking for , or we are listening for sounds. it's not specifically, you know, human sounds, it could be tapping, it could be steel, kind of twisting. it could be some of the debris kind of raining down so we concentrate in those area. from below we continue with using light machinery, saws, jack hammers as we continue to tunnel through underneath.
5:29 am
>> we've heard rumors that there has been [inaudible] that's successful. is that correct? >> it's not necessarily tapping it's just sounds and what i reference to sounds it could be various things, it could be just steel twisting, it could be debris raining down, but not specifically sounds of tapping, or sounds of human voice. >> are there a lot of -- >> i just want to confirm if you can, talk a little bit more about the sounds that maybe your crews are listening for and are they hearing and as a follow-up do you still believe there are people trapped alive under that rubble? >> as the mayor had said we have hope and every time that we hear a sound, we concentrate in that area, so we send additional teams utilizing the devices, utilizing canine, utilizing personnel, so as we continue to hear those sounds we concentrate on those areas. >> when was the last time your crews did hear a sound out there >> throughout the night. every night, or -- >> even still right now? >> currently as we continue
5:30 am
through the operations, as we hear the various sounds, we deploy those devices, including personnel, and we start concentrating on those areas. >> chief, new york times. how was the methodology for the unaccounted people that they are all basically inside the building or are you calling family and friends? >> so we couple that information with the information that we received from the re unification center, so we utilize that number, so as i've stated yesterday, the entire building, the portion that's still standing, was cleared by rescue crews, so at this point now, all that, all resources have been shifted to the rubble, including from above and from below. >> we're going to have the associated press and we're done for the day. >> there was a national tv report last night that you guys made contact with somebody from
5:31 am
a cell phone, that's not correct >> that's unfounded. >> chief, on a personal level can you talk about the bravery of your firefighters who were going in there not knowing if that rubble could shift, if there could be another collapse? >> this is the risk that we take. it's the risk versus benefit. every time we have that belief that there's hope, you know, with personnel that are trapped we do risk our lives. >> it's incredibly moving to be on site with these safety personnel, fire rescue. they are totally totally motivated to find people. they have to be pulled off the shift. that is how motivated they are to continue their efforts. >> do you have a break down of the nationality of the people that are unaccounted for , and certainly when was the last time that someone was pulled out of there and maybe what time was someone pulled out alive?
5:32 am
>> before i just want to make another point to this gentleman. this work is being done at extreme risk to these individuals. debris is falling on them as they do their work. we have structural engineers on site to assure that they will not be injured but they are proceeding, because they are so motivated and they are taking extraordinary risk on the scene, every day. >> [overlapping speakers] >> [speaking in spanish] steve: she recaps in spanish she is just talking about how the rescue workers are taking their lives into their hands by being under the rubble, looking for any survivors. ainsley: i know they really are heros, because she said despite the fact that debris is falling on top of them, they are
5:33 am
continuing this work because they know they could be saving lives underneath all of this debris. brian: yeah, so when they go back i think they are pretty much wrapping up this press conference that was one statement they wanted to make about the character of the people doing this work, and the fact is, they've had to have transitioned to a different shift because its been this happened at 1:30 in the in monthing yesterday, so its been 24 hours, plus, now we're looking at 8:30 in the morning eastern time. steve: let's go ahead and bring in geraldo rivera. geraldo good morning to you. we know you've got a connection. geraldo: hi, steve. steve: you watched what happened over the last 36 hours this is just heartbreaking. geraldo: heartbreaking and as you know, i owned a place down there for many many years you think of those seaside condos built on sand, and in miami, the atlantic side particularly with the kinetic energy of the ocean, pounding pounding relentlessly day and night, you have to ask
5:34 am
yourselves, you know, what were the building codes 40 years ago, how many other buildings have had cracks and have moved a millimeter here or there, it is very very unsettling. i remember the stories just a couple of weeks ago about proposals to build a 20-foot high seawall along that entire strip of beach, from surfside down to miami beach. i fear, steve, that the combination of all these people who want to live on the ocean and construction that was built for commercial purposes as fast as they could possibly erect these buildings, might be a recipe for continuing disaster. it became very clear to me very early on when we heard that building didn't fall over. that building pancaked. it squashed, so whoever was in there, the odds are, you know, unless miracles, air chamber here or there, that the
5:35 am
casualty rate would go up. i was stunned, however, just half hour ago when they raised the total to 159 is it now? steve: yes. geraldo: it's so horrifying and you think of all of those people hopefully those who are gone went instantly, because it be so terrorizing as survivors are recounting. ainsley: oh, and the people just say prayers because we can be hopeful. there were people after 9/11 that were found in these voids, and hopefully some of these survivors, hopefully we will have some survivors because you think about what they are going through, if they are trapped without much air. geraldo: you know, ainsley, i think that we have to get ourselves ready for the worst possible outcome. as they go through this inventory of people, the roster of the residents and guests, you know, i hope that
5:36 am
now, we've reached the total of what this disaster implies, but governor desantis, very high- functioning, competent man. he's got to say building inspectors you are unleashed to find out if there are any other structures of this vintage. brian: now. geraldo: built there. brian: geraldo like right now. geraldo: like right now, brian right. brian: these people, they are living there right now. i understand you know the area better, but its been described as an area for the jewish community and south american community, and i know there's pa raguay entering into this building and families. geraldo: the first lady, it is, you know, that area, surfside, the price goes down on the seaside condos as you go north from miami beach. it goes from ultra exclusive and
5:37 am
then it becomes ultimately more middle class, more strivers and more tourists and airbnb and so forth. i hope that doesn't imply that the building in those lesser rent areas, the condo two bedroom is going for 700,000 dollars. it sounds like an enormous amount until you go down to miami beach and find that you could barely find something for twice that amount. i worry, i worry about how systemic what happened this catastrophe is. ainsley: to that point, geraldo think about all of the people moving to florida and did during the pandemic, and how sad it be if some of these residents lost their lives, they just worked so hard their entire lives and they retire down in florida and just bought this condo. geraldo: i was thinking the same thing, ainsley. i was thinking here they are in paradise, they are in this wonderful place where
5:38 am
you're right on the sea and hear the crash of the ocean, soothing you, you know, you're right on collins avenue there, you're really it's the american dream. people the tourists are coming from israel and elsewhere, from south america and elsewhere, people are resident, you really feel that you've made it and then in the dark of night, i was with steve harrigan in hurricane rita in galveston, texas, we were in a luxury hotel where overnight one wall collapsed as we slept, you know, and so in the morning you woke up and you looked out and the open sky, it was so eerie, so distressing but at least, the building held. in this case, the building pancaked. i want to know who owns that building, how was it maintained, these inspectors that found that it was moving a millimeter here and there, i mean, were they alarmed? i really think that the paper trail needs to be probed very
5:39 am
very profoundly, very deeply. we've got to find out whether or not this building is unique or whether it represents a peril more widespread. brian: what do you think the significance of the ocean side collapsing? geraldo: well i think it's pretty obvious, brian. you got the ocean crashing crash ing crashing. it's sand, that means you've got to go down and your foundation, you got to go down to where it's stable to harder rock, you've got to find that or you've got to use some of these more modern building techniques, but once, you know, you have to rely on something in life. you have to rely on, you know, the sidewalks not going to fall from under your feet, that the roof is not going to collapse on your head in the bedroom. now these poor folks, the terrorizing and then i also thought with these far flung residents of this building imagine if you're a relative and you know that the first lady of paraguay or
5:40 am
from israel is safe and sound and enjoying miami beach and surfside, and then you say wait a second this building collapsed where exactly was jack or jane staying and then you say oh, no was it this building? and you could imagine the unfold ing horror over the last 36 hours that people have been experiencing. i said it as soon as i saw it. this is a catastrophe that is unfolding here and we don't know the extent of this misery yet and when we find out it's going to be appalling. steve: that's right because 159 people now unaccounted for. geraldo a lawyer for the condo said the building was about to undergo extensive repairs for rusted steel and damaged concrete. it had just gone through a roof inspection as of wednesday, but to your earlier point talking a little bit about hurricane rita, and we remember your coverage in galveston, i remember there was an under water telephone pole that knocked you down live on our air that day.
5:41 am
geraldo: right. steve: but you know, having been down in florida, during the big hurricanes, it's those high rise buildings that people go we're going to go into a high rise building because it's the safest place to be. the little houses get blown away but the high rises with the impact glass and stuff like that, as it turns out maybe the high rises and those big sturdy fortress looking buildings have got some problems that we've got to address. geraldo: i absolutely agree now. this is a warning. this is a warning. everybody wants to live on the ocean, or the gulf, whatever, everybody wants that view of the water. we've got to ensure that the desire for the aesthetics of oceanside living is also, you know, there's a complementary building codes and structure requirements and frequent
5:42 am
inspections, and you cited the story of this particular building and the owner notifying people that there was work to be done. how serious was that taken? was there a sense of urgency? was there oh, my god, there's cracks. we've got to, why was the building not evacuated? i understand there's always a conflict between the need to do business and not disturb your tenants, and the desire to have everybody be safe and sound, but the probe now will be how informed were these inspectors? how perilous did they perceive this danger to be? was there any communication? what letters were sent? what text messages were sent? what e-mails were sent, among the responsible parties, did they do everything they possibly could to keep their tenants
5:43 am
their residents safe. ainsley: we still don't know if that's really the reason though. i mean, there has been warning signs, according to experts, but they are also very powerful people in there, the first lady of paraguay's family is in there so we don't know what happened. geraldo: we don't, but we damn well better find out. ainsley: they will. they will. geraldo: i fear that they've built that beach, miami beach, it's all miami beach, all the same, i forget the barrier islands there, miami beach. there's so much action there, the tides we know have been enormous from time to time and there have been times that collins avenue has been under water, basements of those buildings flooded, that saltwater is constantly moving. i'm a sailor, you know, you've got all of that information, all of that instability and then you've got the storms coming and each one takes a miniscule toll.
5:44 am
i remember one year we had four hurricanes hit south florida. every one of them hits those buildings and wacks and they stand there and as steve said the fortresses, but are they really as stable as they appear? brian: right we're going to find all that out and we'll see if this is an anomaly or something that's got to be addressed massively. geraldo thanks so much. geraldo: thank you, brian. steve: the search goes on, according to everybody down there, so say a prayer that there are more survivors. we're going to step aside and come right back. nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: try hypnosis... or... quit cold turkey. kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette we believe at newday usa we have a noble purpose. we want to be known as america's mortgage company for veterans and active-duty service people. some of them are giving their lives right now, today,
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5:49 am
alive. that is exactly why we're continuing, and that is why we're using our dogs and our sonar, and our cameras, everything possible to seek places where there may still be people to be found. steve: that's why everybody is praying as they pull that young man out yesterday. there are 130 firefighters on the scene, crews have been sifting through the rubble all morning looking for survivors. ainsley: that willow, his mother lost her leg but they are okay, they are going to be okay. steve: let's bring in craig morgan our featured performer today in our all-american summer concert series but good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: i remember, you've been coming back to fox & friends for years, i remember as a teenager you were trained as an emt so when you see what is going on in north miami you've got to know exactly what they are going through and they are racing against the clock to try to find people still alive.
5:50 am
>> absolutely and as geraldo and everyone alluded to, of those 159 missing some of those are just other places just trying to account for everyone that maybe could be there, but one thing that you always remember is these first responders that are there, they are all placing themselves in harms way, every time they go in there, but they are doing that with faith and hope, so as you all have said and we will continue to do is pray for all of them. the first responders and the families. ainsley: which is a great segway into your song you're going to be singing "soldier," you're back on tour after the pandemic getting back on stage, how do you feel? >> oh, my gosh it's exciting being able to talk to the fans face to face with them out in front of us as opposed to this? steve: we would love to have you here.
5:51 am
brian: so craig what was the hardest part about not being on stage for a year? >> doing this. [laughter] trying to perform to a little camera and do a show for however many thousands of people that maybe watching, and appreciating that they're receiving something that they might otherwise not get. ainsley: what were the silver lines? >> the platforms, the social media, you know, we've started a it new platform called yudu. awesome, amazing platform, super simple and it's something that came about due to the pandemic. steve: explain how it works. >> it's a lot like all of the other social media platforms , the difference is the policing. there's no advertising. the customer is the user, not the advertiser. yes it's amazing. it is a paid subscription but if everybody that goes on right now it's a free subscription until august, so they can try it out and check it out. brian: you just interact but you hear music? >> everything. anything and everything that
5:52 am
they want to talk about. again the platform is not for the advertisers, it's for the users, and your information is not shared, they have their own servers, everything. it's unbelievable platform. steve: that's right and also by the way, buy ticket toss see craig on his website, craig all right, so, now it's time for the performance, ladies and gentlemen, today on our all-american summer concert series brought to you by our friends at best western hotels and resorts, here he is, craig morgan singing "soldier,." >> ♪ ♪
5:53 am
♪ where did all the people go? they got scared when the lights went low, i'll get you through it nice and slow, when the world 's spinning out of control, afraid of what they might loss, might get scraped or they might get bruised, you can try but what's the use, that's why it's called the moment of truth ♪ ♪ i'll get it, if you need it, i'll search if you don't see it, you're thirsty, i'll be your rain, you get hurt, i'll take your pain ♪ ♪ i know, you don't believe it, but i said it and i still mean it, when you heard what i told you, when you get worried, i'll
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5:56 am
>> [applause]
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it's cloudy. if you have time sunday at 10:00, we have a great special what made america great brand-new season, new episodes highlighted at fox nation starting monday. go get that app. >> your history specials are great. >> have a good weekend, everyone. >> bill: good morning, back to miami we go. race against time in florida. crews combing through the rubble of that collapsed condo at least four people confirmed dead. more than 150 still unaccounted for. the images are stunning on a friday here. tough news again. i'm bill hemmer. good morning. >> dana: good morning. ifm i'm dana perino. this video is from a basement parking garage. firefighters working in knee-deep water drilling through a wall and a


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