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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  June 27, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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buh bye mommy. you guys ready? you sure you got everything? drive safe. we all say it; chevy can help you do it. with chevy safety assist standard on the new equinox and trailblazer part of the chevy family of suvs. drive safe. howie: fox news alert, state and local officials in surfside, florida are about to provide an update on a horrible building collapse that killed at least five people. we'll bring that to you as soon as it happens. ♪ howie: the washington post put out a video that denigrates white people for the sin of being white, doesn't matter who you are, what you've done or what you believe. >> there's a period of deep shame for being white and for acknowledging the harms that our ancestors have caused.
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howie: deep shame. my ancestors were immigrants who didn't exactly own slaves but who in america doesn't recognize the awful legacy of slavery. so what should white folks do? >> white accountability groups are really helpful in terms of having a place to process. howie: that sounds a bit like reeducation camps. the indictment in this series called the new normal is even broader than that. >> the biggest answer is white people don't really understand racism. [laughter] >> and so by relying on other white people to teach me about racism, that can only go so far. howie: i'm sure some don't understand racism. these are sweeping jen railization -- generalization. i've reported on racism my whole career. there is no recognition in this insulting video that different people have different views and different track records. now, many of us have worked on being more sensitive, especially after the george floyd murder. but it's offensive to argue that
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all white people simply because of the color of their skin should be ashamed. in fact, it smacks of reverse racism. i'm howard kurtz and this is media buzz. ♪ howie: ahead, mike huckabee joins us on the coverage of crime, the border, and other issues. and bill marr drawing praise from some conservatives for calling out the craziness of woke culture. vice president kamala harris visited the texas border on friday, ending three months of media questions about when if ever she would go there. and the media coverage afterward ranged from negative to non existent. >> right now, why was it the right time to make your first trip to the border. >> it's not my first trip. i've been many times. i said back in march i was going to go to the border. howie: --
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>> after months of public shaming, kamala harris finally found the time to make a visit. needless to say she wasn't happy to be there. >> she goes to the border and does a photo on that says she should have gone to the border all along and at the same time take ownership of the issue of the border which she was trying to a void half joining us now to analyze the coverage, mollie hemingway, senior editor at the federalist and in new york, liz claman, host of the claman countdown on fox business network. mollie, the media criticized kamala harris for not going to the border after joe biden made her the point person. i think that was fair. now she goes to the border and is criticized for a photo op, seems like a no win proposition. >> it seems a little bit like that but the idea of going to the border which is something that a lot of politicians do, isn't just to make a visit to the border but to show how policies are affected by understanding the situation at the border and so her going not to a place where they're actually dealing with the
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particular crisis of having open borders, but to el paso, several hundred miles away from where the crisis is happening wasn't quite what people wanting. ithink they want to know that se understands what happens when drugs flow over the borders and what happens when the thousands of unaccompanied minors come across. there's lies outbreaks, covid-19 outbreaks, flu outbreaks. the food is inedible. this is what the media should focus on, not just -- it's perfectly fine and good to make a visit but the visit should have some accomplishment associated with it. howie: no one in the press could have expect thad a single visit to the border, whatever part of the mexican border she went to, would solve all the complicated problems there. do we get too wrapped up in the optics? >> well, that's what we do, minute by minute with the press
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and the media but howie, i think that you're right, she was damned if she did, damned if she didn't. the republicans have bitterly and rightly so criticized her for not having gone down there some 92 days after the biden administration said you're in charge of this now to figure out the root causes. then she goes down there and is bitterly criticized. there is a leg to stand on with that criticism, specifically what mollie pointed out. she goes to el paso, she goes to a border facility. she does not go to the rio grande valley which is the border. she was two miles at the -- the el paso airport is two miles from fort bliss. every media outlet covered the fact that she didn't go to fort bliss which has the tent area with 1500 migrant children and this from somebody who reallies has an opportunity here. she has a biography of coming from a south asian immigrant family and that's great. you would see some real emotion
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there and some opportunity to come out fighting. she hasn't quite been able to catch that and you had cnn criticizing her for that, they interviewed henry cuellar whose district encompasses the rio grande valley and npr criticized her, i think the headline was vp harris visits the southern border after trying to keep the focus away from it and they even showed, this is npr, very much to the left on many cases and they showed mark meadows' tweet which criticized her timing of it because her announcement comes right after donald trump announced he was going to go. howie: let me ask you for short answers here, we're awaiting the presser on the florida building collapse. you anticipated the question. the timing, could it be that the vice president of the united states decided to do this because donald trump had previously announced that he's going to the border with the texas governor next week? >> i mean, it's obviously related to that you have the former president going down, all the republican congressmen, all
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the democratic congressmen, people asking. it's not about visiting the the border, it's about the biden administration's policies that are leading to this influx of people and drugs and other things without having a plan for how to handle it and so that's what people should stay focused on is how the policies, how the executive orders are affecting the national situation and photo opportunities can provide a way to talk about it but they need to be laser focused on understanding how we got into this situation and how we can get out of it and i'll point out that during the trump administration the media were unbelievably hostile on similar issues and they're not being consistent with that on this administration. howie: cnn and msnbc did not cover the border trip on prime time at all. is this really -- this is such as important issue and we've got to cover it, is the press really more interested in the will she, won't she, will it hurt her
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politically part of the story? >> i can't explain that. this was a huge story. photo op? okay. let remember, july of 2015, i remember this because it was something that we took live in my show on fox business because it was happening right then, then candidate donald trump went to laredo texas, he had two bus loads of reporters, 75 of them covering it. that's a photo op. he went down there, he was wearing white golf shoes and khaki pants. i think both sides are looking for that opportunity. but we have to look deeper at this and there is a legislative urgency for congress to do something. she can only do so much. but when she's put in charge of it, the optics should be i'm in charge of this and i'm going to the epicenter which is fort bliss and the migrant children. howie: the press was hailing president biden for coming out of the white house with senators of both parties announcing a bipartisan compromise on an infrastructure deal and then,
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mollie, in response to a reporter's question, the president blew it up by saying i'll only sign this bill if there's another bill that is passed with democratic votes only of. yesterday the president put out a statement i saying it was not my intent. the washington post says today the episode could be an embarrassment for biden. i'm surprised there hasn't been more criticism of biden's misstep here. >> yes, it is not uncommon for presidents to say something and need to clean it up. this was really weird, really disastrous. the entire narrative of the biden presidency has supposedly been that he's a great unifier and moderate and he's going to bring the country together. he has failed horribly on that and then he finally gets a win in this, in the sense that on an infrastructure bill which should be easy to find moderation and people from both parties to work together, he finally is able to get that, announces it and within minutes he blows it up by saying he won't accept that
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unless the far left spending package is accepted at the same time then he has to go back and say that didn't happen. this is a mess. more than anything, i think the media need to not be doing the pr for the biden administration, claiming he's a unifier and moderate. just report what happens. on these issues they've been advocates and lobbyist, pushing democrats and republicans -- pushing democrats to get rid of the filibuster, pushing for far left spending packages. that's not the proper role of the journalist. just report what happens and not be unregistered lobbyist for the far left agenda is what the country needs. howie: let me play an exchange with a reporter at the news conference when biden was taking a victory lap and he objected to the question. take a look. >> mr. president, what assurances do you have at this point that you have sufficient democratic support both in the senate and the house to move both on this bipartisan deal and on the reconciliation package. >> you always ask me these things. nobody knows for certain.
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it's your job, as you know, it's not a reasonable question. howie: why is it not a reasonable question to ask whether you have the votes for the deal? >> it's absolutely a reasonable question. look, yes, he lungs in front of the camera. he goes out there with the bipartisan group. howie: i have to cut you off there, i'm sorry. we are going to florida on this building collapse. we'll come back to you. >> i want to welcome the fema administrator for attention to this tragedy and the support that fema provided. we've already -- fema's already personally registered a number of families for individual assistance and obviously as this unfolds there will potentially be more who will qualify so we want to thank them for their willingness to do that. also want to thank all the folks that have been out there. if you look at that rubble now, you see folks on top, you see
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major machinery and they're working around the clock like they have been from the wee hours of the morning and so i want to thank all the search and rescue teams for their tireless efforts. they stepped up to the plate and they have not stopped during this whole time. we'll be discussing with the county about whether we need additional personnel to backfill them. we have not yet to this point. we did get a small team for israel to come, a lot of the families who have unaccounted for loved ones wanted that. that was something that obviously we welcomed and so they've been on site as well and, again, they're looking for if there's voids where they can potentially rescue somebody, that's kind of the name of the game. obviously, you're going to start to see a lot of major debris that is going to be moved out of there. there's a site that's located the debris that gets out does
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have forensic value so that will be parts once it's taken, there's a warehouse that's been identified. the state assisting with some of the machinery and some of the dump trucks to be able to move that out as appropriate. thanks to the community for stepping up. we have huge amounts of money that have been pledged or that has been donated. there's going to be folks that are displaced. there's folks that lives have been shattered as a result of this, so to see people coming together to support their fellow floridians and some are not even floridians but they're still part of the family down here, we really appreciate it and we also appreciate the collaboration with the federal government and then as well, working with our great first responders locally. florida dem stands by to meet any unmet needs. we don't have any right now but if some arise, we'll be there for them and we'll be there for the folks down here in miami-dade county. so it's a pleasure for me to be
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able to welcome fema administrator, appreciate her responsiveness and authorizing the individual assistance for those who have been affected. so administrator. >> thank you, governor. on behalf of the president, our hearts go out to all of the families and the loved ones who have been affected by this really tragic incident. and we join countless others across the nation and really across the world who are keeping everybody in our thoughts as we continue to wait for additional information. i would also like to recognize the amazing work that's been going on by the first responders, the urban search and rescue teams, they've been working tirelessly, 24 hours a day since this happened and it's a true testament to the amount of resources and the level of skill that's located right here in the community. and i think it's also really important to recognize how the community has really come together. the number of volunteers that
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have shown up, the number of nonprofit organizations, community members have really all come together to help this community in a time of great need and fema's here to assist with that. we are here to assist with any resources that might be needed as this response continues and we move into recovery efforts. we do have urban search and rescue teams that are available to come in and assist as the need is determined. we've also brought in the army corps of engineers to he provide some additional technical assistance. and we are committed to working with the commander, with the mayor and the governor and the state team to bring in any additional resources that might be needed throughout this event. we have also, as the governor mentioned, began registering families who need assistance and we are going to be working with them directly, face-to-face, as they learn how to apply for assistance and navigate the federal system. and we are going to make sure that we give them the assistance
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that they need. the governor, mayor, helping serve this community is our top priority. and i want you to know that we are here to support with whatever the federal government can bring to a sift, -- you assist, as long as -- assist as long as we need to. >> thank you so much, governor, and thank you, administrator. and now the miami-dade mayor. >> good morning, everyone. here we are, day four. we have the governor. we have the fema administrator. we are so grateful for their presence and for the incredible teams that they brought to bear here in this community and as you know, we've been working around the clock. since the wee hours of the morning thursday, we've been here, 24 hours a day. our teams have done an amazing job and yesterday we suppressed the fire that had been going out of control and the smoke that
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was inhibiting activities in certain parts of the pile. so around noon yesterday that was brought under control, making it possible for the search to continue and those areas as well. so throughout the rest of the day and through the night and until now, we are working. we have six to eight squads that are on the pile, actively searching at any given time. hundreds of team members are on standby to rotate as we need a fresh start. so we are not lacking any personnel but we have the best. we have the right people and the right number and we are getting it done. as we continue to sweep these piles with our k-9s, with our cameras, with our sonar, we are standing with our engineer as well, making sure that our first responders are safe. we need to be sure that the piles do not fall on them, that
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it does not fall on any possible survivors and we are diligently pursuing that as we do our work. so we're cutting a deep trench to assist us. it's now 125 feet in length into the pile. it's 20 feet wide. and 40 feet deep. now, this trench is very critical to the continuation of the search and rescue process. we continued all night to build that trench. and as a result of that, we were able to recover four additional bodies in the rubble. as well as additional human remains. as of today, one victim passed away in the hospital and we recovered eight more victims on-site. so i am confirming today that the death toll is at nine. we've identified four of the victims and notified the next of kin. my deepest condolences to the
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families, the friends, the communities of those who have lost their lives and my prayers with the families and the whole community as they mourn this tragic loss. we are making every effort to identify those others who have been recovered and additionally contacting their family members as soon as we are able. so we're going to continue to work closely with our partners, the state and fema. we have all the resources that we need to do this work and we have the assistance that these families need. we are meeting constantly with the family members, giving them the updates first so they don't hear it on the news, so that they can talk with us, ask questions, and mourn with us as they hear bad news and continue searching for survivors with us. they're receiving multiple briefings every single day. volunteer florida is coming,
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thank you so much, to the florida department of emergency management for deploying them and they will assist us in coordinating the many, many donations, the outpouring of support from the community, donations, it's incredible and we do need help to coordinate that i want to continue to share how grateful we all are in surfside, in miami-dade county in florida, for the entire world reaching out, caring about what happens to us here. we feel your love and hear your prayers. these mean so much to us and to the families as we continue our efforts. so god bless our families, god bless our first responders and to all those that we've lost, thank you, thank you, you're in our prayers. [speaking in spanish]
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howie: you are watching a news conference, surfside, florida, the awful collapse of that building, we're listening to the spanish portion of the program right now, fema officials saying they're doing everything they can, they have dug a trench, there's a lot of talk from governor ron de santis, about
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the great sense of community, a lot of people volunteering to help. a lot of people have been trapped in the building and are unaaccounted for. the real news here is the finding, the disclosure that back in 2018 an engineer found structural deficiencies in the building and repairs are supposed to take place three years later. a lot of people unfortunately found to lost their lives because of government slowness on that. they haven't brought that up. i think it's part of the big news here. this is a story -- you know, every time there is a mine collapse, some sort of environmental disaster or structural collapse like that or a bridge that collapses, we often find out that somebody in government warned about it and yet officials all too often are slow to respond. i think the attention of the nation is quite focused on that miami suburb right now. it's hard to imagine anything worse. you live in a building and have an apartment there, and you feel
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like you're safe, you're at least safe from this kind of damage. let's bring back liz claman to talk about this and again we're in the spanish language portion of the program. liz, this is an amazing story, a heart-breaking story and it's understandable that state and local officials are trying to look for some silver linings in terms of the relief effort here. liz. >> well, very few, obviously the relief effort is huge. i want to point out-it's not exactly howie an apples to apples comparison because surfside is a privately held building but infrastructure of any kind in this country is crumbling and we have to keep an eye on it and we were just talking about the infrastructure bill, the deal that's bipartisan bipartisan, there but for the grace of our bridges go we. you have to be on this type of situation. as you look at the video, you can see there is diminishing hope. there's always hope there but we now have fema which has been sent by the government and
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president biden is all-in, he spoke to ron de santis the governor and this is how the united states of america is supposed to react, a first world nation, in a tragedy and a disaster such as this. howie: all right. let's go pick up with the news conference again. >> the residents out of the rubble, supporting the families. that's our only objective right now. and to that end, we all were up at the family meeting this morning and there was a little reassurance for the families which was wonderful. it was nice to come out of there. the mayor has engineered teams to come from out of the country, into our country from israel and from mexico and they have now been embedded with our teams, our world class teams. i want to add that one of the questions from the residents was pretty.of want. they -- poignant. they wanted to know if the israeli team thought that the miami-dade team had been doing
8:25 am
the right thing. the gentleman, commander from the israeli team, did not hesitate, turned around and said they've been doing exactly the right thing. which was a beautiful validation of the state of the art sort of techniques and the integrity and the energy and the enthusiasm and the dedication that we have with our team members here. i want to add right now that there's been some discussion about the sister building which is basically the identical building in almost every way to the one that collapsed, built by the same contractor, around the same time, with the same essential plans and probably with the same materials. and given that we were not able -- i was not able to answer questions that were coming in from residents about the safety of that particular building, given this other one had collapsed out of the blue, i had
8:26 am
reached out to mayor kava and senator rick scott and asked them if they thought it was a good idea if we gave people the choice to potentially relocate. and the support. after that, meeting with governor de santis and his team, we determined that there was going to be support available. so we have gone ahead and advised the condominium association that should they feel uncomfortable staying in that building, given the circumstances, that we have alternatives for them. i'm sure everybody is going to take advantage of that. but that is the state of affairs right now with respect to that. so anyway, that's the update. thank you very much. >> thank you, mayor. and now the lieutenant governor, janet nunes. >> [speaking in spanish]
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howie: all right. back with liz claman as we monitor this news conference. once again, we're in the -- obviously, south florida, heavily spanish-speaking area of the united states. liz, i mean, i think that governor de santis and fema and the state and local officials are doing everything they can and there is the question of people who live in that building, who survived and where are they going to live and there's a sister building. the official death toll is now up to 9. once again, i think that they ought to address the fact that government, whether it was state government, whether it was local government, county, town, fell down on the job because there had been official warnings from engineers that this building could be in trouble. >> well, that's what you need to look into and that may come after the immediate drama of what's going on right there at
8:28 am
surfside. again, howie, indeed somebody really dropped this ball and that will forever be on their shoulders. howie: all right. well-put. let's -- we'll take a break now -- not taking a break from being on with you but we're going to come back into the studio here. and -- okay. i guess we're -- i'm just getting conflicting messages here. thank you very much, mollie hemingway, liz claman. sorry the segment got cut short. it is breaking news. joining us from arkansas to talk about the media's handling of a number of issues, mike huckabee, the former governor there and presidential candidate. we started the show by talking about cam cap and her trip to the border, for the first time in three months she visited the border and the conservative media especially seems to me were very hard on her for not making this trip. then she goes and she's being criticized for the trip, it's just a photo op, she went to the wrong part of texas and so forth, your thoughts. >> i'm glad she finally went.
8:29 am
i think it's about time, 93 days is a long time to be in charge of something and never see it firsthand. i think it's important that we acknowledge that she went but it's also important to recognize that she did not go, nor take reporters where the real crisis is and that's in the rio grande valley. she went to el paso which is a tightly controlled border, very unlike the rio grande, not at all the kind of things that are going on. and then she went and had the host congresswoman call it ellis island. as if she's utterly ignorant of the real ellis island where people were turned away, where people were quarantined for health issues and where it wasn't just a pass-through and people didn't just rush into new york or new jersey from ellis island. so it was a complete i guess mixed metaphor if you will to call that ellis island. i give her credit for going and i think we should. howie: i'm glad to hear you say that. as a governor, you've been in such -- dealt with such problems. via series of issues i want to get through with you.
8:30 am
let me go you through the coverage of the democrats' voting rights bill which went nowhere in the face of a threatened republican filibuster. the next day, the new york times described the bill, the sweeping senate bill, as a flawed bill that has little chance of passing, that a was a political statement or a wish list, and was never designed to appeal to moderate democrats and my question is now they tell us this? >> [laughter] >> i think the big surprise here is that that came from the new york times. that they actually printed something that's true. i'm a cynic when it comes to the new york times. howie: i gathered. >> i'm sure you know. that is exactly right. the biggest issue with this bill is that it is blatantly on its face unconstitutional because it gives the federal government power that the constitution never gave the federal government. elections are run by states. as a former governor i'm a little sensitive to the fact that you have one more attempt by congress to overreach and to do something that
8:31 am
constitutionally it simply cannot do. it's a lawsuit waiting to happen if it were to be passed and a i think it would probably fail 9-0 in the supreme court. howie: let me play for you as i'm sure you know donald trump held a rally last night in ohio. he said a lot of things, criticized the mead y he also said -- mead y he also said this. >> they used covid in order to cheat. they used covid in order to rig the election and in order to steal the election. howie: governor, is it helpful to your party donald trump so frequently and now with this big audience talks about stealing the election and the rigged election when a lot of people in the gop are trying to focus on the midterms next year and related part, this is a long question, new book is out from abc's jonathan carl in which bill barr actually spoke to carl is quoted as saying the election allegations that he looked into as ag were all bs, trump asked him about that and he said i
8:32 am
said that because it's true and trump said you must hate trump, according to the book. your thoughts on this remaining a media issue and political issue thanks to donald trump. >> we need to turn our attention to the future, not the past. there's nothing we can do to undo the election results of 2020. it's over and it was over frankly when the state certified it. the idea that it would be changed in january was never going to happen because it legally couldn't happen. i think there's a reason that the rear view mirror in our car is a tiny piece of glass compared to the windshield. that's the proportion we should look at life. glance back occasionally, see where we've been but keep your eyes in front of you on the windshield. that's the big piece of glass and that's a reason for that that's where you're going at a high speed and you need be prepared for what's coming. republicans need to focus on how to fix election problems. the one thing i would say is that when people said there was no evidence of election tampering, the truth is we don't know what evidence there was because we never got to see it. the democrats should themselves
8:33 am
have been begging for audits and thorough transparency but they did everything to keep it from happening. so my honest answer when people say do you think telex was rigged, i don't know -- think the election was rigged. i don't know. let's focus on the future. that's what we need to do as republicans. howie: the media is starting to pay attention to this huge surge in crime and homicides, all the numbers in particularly major cities are way up. my question is, when were you a governor, did you expect -- because president biden gave a speech mostly about guns. did you expect washington to help you solve the murder rate or reduce the burglary rate in little rock? >> absolutely not. in fact, i wanted them to keep their hands off of everything that we were doing in our state. and i remember bill clinton's 100,000 cops on the street program. sounds good. great political rhetoric. the federal government funds something for three to four years and then the states are stuck with paying for it from then on and if you don't pay for
8:34 am
it, then you don't care about crime. if you do pay for it, you busted your budget and can't meet the needs of medicaid and sick people and education. so no, i don't think that's a federal function. it constitutionally. i'm a huge tenth amendment guy. i believe the constitution is as it's written and they need to keep your hands off it. howie: that's why i like to talk to somebody that's been on the front lines and has governed. always great to see you. thank you so hutch. much,.>> thank you, howie. howie: and we'll be right back.
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howie: bill marr is a doggedly liberal comedian which helps explain why the host is drawing so much attention for taking on his own side, saying woke culture is ignoring all the progress in america and pretty much out of control. >> if you think america is more racist now than ever, more sexist than before women could vote and more homophobic, you
8:38 am
have progressive phobia. the chant from gay protesters used to be we're here, we're queer, get used to it. well, we did. this is pride month. it's not even a big deal anymore. 1958, only 4% of americans approved on interracial marriage. now, gallup doesn't even bother asking. howie: joining us now from new york, kat timpf of the gutfeld show and a host of fox nation and kat, what's your take on bill marr who has been a big-time democratic donor, scolding some of his fellow liberals for excessive wokeness? >> well, i think he's completely and absolutely right and i have seen some pushback to what he said. i saw a piece in usa today saying actually there isn't enough apologizing and there's a difference between accountability and cancellation and in theory that could be true. but in practice, almost always what we see is the accountability that the mob demands is cancellation. and then so more and more people
8:39 am
pile on and pile on because if you don't pile on, then people will turn on you and say you're a racist, sexist, homophob. howie: it's interesting when a commentator takes on what appears to be a ideological ally. marr is right, we hear from voices on the left that things are horrible in the country and never been worse and compared to the seg grow greated schools, -- segregated schools, maybe you're not allowed to say that. >> factually it makes to sense. we have people repeatedly saying it's worse than ever, kevin hart saying white supremacy is at all an-time high in the country. it's not true. that doesn't mean that everything is perfect. that doesn't mean you can't talk about things changing. progressive used to be progress and allowing for progress.
8:40 am
it's the enemy of it in many cases, not because it won't recognize the progress we made already but because of the -- how many times do we see someone have a tweet from 10 years ago and now they're a new person and they have changed but they're not allowed to have that progress. howie: when i was growing up, there were no black news anchors on tv and no leading black actors in entertainment shows and so forth. i've interviewed bill marr do you think part of his motivation is -- obviously, he's entertaining, he makes it funny and gets ratings but he feels like a lot of his wokeness is hurting his side, making the liberal movement looks bad. >> i think it is certainly hurting his side because, look, all of us are human. right. and by definition, that means we're not perfect. so everyone has at some point said something that maybe wasn't the nicest thing or maybe was offensive and if we really start to need to hold people to the
8:41 am
standard of perfection, absolutely nobody is going to be able to meet that standard so that's a really tough standard for the party to be setting for people in general. howie: right, way. perfection is a hard standard for any of us especially for whose who talk on tv and will eventually say something drum. a liberal writer, frank rooney, is givenning up his new york times column after 10 years. he apologized to ted cruz among others for cheap shots. he said he became part of the snide tide. he questioned whether he was a journalist that was contributing to the toxic tone of american politics. he still trashed donald trump, he said maybe his tone was not good. those are all good points. i credit him for that my question is why wait until you're no longer on the op-ed page. >> i thought the same thing. i thought he made so many good points about there are so many issues that deserve to be treated with nuance but it's the
8:42 am
hottest of the hot takes that get all the attention and the clicks and everybody wants a little clip and those are the hot takes that will get the most attention but nobody bothers with nuance anymore and i agree, we need that. we need to look outside of the two party binary and face it dependly and -- he dependently. but he face that and quits we should form the pro nuance party. we'll see how far it gets. kat timpf, good to see you. up next, what donald trump said at last night's rally and a report on his planned retaliation against saturday night live. i booked our hotel on kayak. it's flexible if we need to cancel. cancel. i haven't left the house in a year. nothing will stop me from vacation. no canceling. flexible cancellation. kayak. search one and done.
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watch me! feel real relief. ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. howie: jimmy kimmel had a cup things to say after a report that donald trump in 2018 asked the fcc or justice department could take action against him and saturday night live for constantly mocking him. some aides reported to have said they viewed his efforts not as a constitutional crisis but as a nuisance. >> to me it feels more like a crisis than a nuisance. i'm up here talking about him and he's asking the feds to do who knows what. alec baldwin is the one you want, he dressed up as you. joining us now is griff jenkins. trump said the story is fabricated but he says the one
8:47 am
sided shows should be considered an illegal campaign contribution from the democrat party so sounds like he does believe in government regulation of comedy shows or what he called one sided shows. >> we have of to think if darryl hammond or dana car ivey are jealous. he wasn't necessarily instructing anybody to do anything, but it does confirm that he wants to hit them as hard as he can and had different agency from the fcc and doj take a look at it. it sounds like from the reports that the staff said we'll look, not much came of it. howie: i mentioned earlier this just broke in the last hour or so, the atlantic has an excerpt from john carl's new book, the abc anchor, he spoke to bill barr, the former attorney general, who said allegations of election fraud were bs. trump confronted him about it, was not happy about it. what do you make of barr going
8:48 am
on the record so-to-speak through this and is this damage control for the former ag? >> well t former ag and the former president had a falling out at the very end, many will remember and this comment, this excerpt will likely draw pushback from trump because 2020 election fraud is his signature issue. we heard about it for an hour and-a-half last night. look, this is far from the last dop amiene hit we get from donald trump allegations. we have a dozen journalists writing book about trump including michael bender from the wall street journal and mollie hemingway has a book coming out in september. howie: yeah. i mean, seems like there's one or two books a week coming out, they were rush jobs attend and the most juicy scenes tend to get the most attention to drum up attention for the books. and we'll see as these come. all right. we mentioned the former president having a rally in ohio
8:49 am
last night. it was not carried by fox, cnn or msnbc but was carried by smaller networks. here's part of what he had to say. >> together, we will send joe biden and the fake news media -- there's a lot of people back there. do you miss me? they miss me. [cheers and applause] >> they miss me. i know. they look at their bad ratings and they're saying we miss this guy. howie: so griff, does the media miss this guy? >> classic trump. you heard the same new particular. he put out a statement calling it, quote, ledgeen dare civil but what's new -- legendary. what's new is revenge is best served cold aspect. this is a stop for -- trump said he was going to do this.
8:50 am
this is the if first rally since he left office. howie: the media do miss him in that they keep reporting and talking about trump, going over the last few years. griff jenkins, always good to see you. still to come, britney spears wants liberation, the case of the cursing cheerleader, coverage of a woman who supposedly had ten babies and more, racing the clock on the buzz meter. lisa here, has had many jobs. and all that experience has led her to a job that feels like home. with home instead, you too can become a caregiver to older adults. apply today. keeping your oyster business growing has you swamped. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today.
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howie: bring you back to buzz beater. let's see if i can beat the clock. britney spears is back in the headlines in a new york times exclusive with the pop star challenging a conservatorship supervised by her dad, confidential documents show she complained five years ago, the arrangement was repress i've,
8:54 am
restricting who she dated and the color of her kitchen cabinets. that was a preview. she testified after i lied and told the whole world i'm okay that i'm happy, it's a lie. i'm depressed and i cry every day. she said she is forced to take lithium and wants to have another baby but she is unable to remove her iu department. this has been going on for 13 years while she continues to make albums. i'm in the free britney crowd. supreme court delivered an odd victory for student free speech. the ruling says a pennsylvania high school was wrong to kick brandy levi off the cheerleading team after she ranted over of not making the varsity squad, saying f school, f everything. free speech comes in many forms.
8:55 am
it was said lots of people steeled a victory from donald trump. >> hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, how many people does it take to carry out a coup against the presidency? what are the consequences for traitors who meddled with our sacred democratic process and tried to steal power by taking away the voices of the american people? what happens to them? well, in the past america had a very good solution for dealing with such traitors. execution. howie: he would kill all the traitors who haven't yet been identified somehow, let alone charged? he said he wasn't suggesting that thousands of people be executed, just pointing out the law. another celebrity apology, this time from billie eilish. she said she is sorry after
8:56 am
surface of a video in which she used an anti-asian slur. she said she mouthed the words of the term and she said she's appalled and embarrassnd and wants to bar of. billy eilish was 13 or 14 at the time. and from the bbc to the daily mirror to the new york post, lots of news outlets ran with an amazing tale of a south african woman who gave birth to 10 babies, so amazing that if they checked they would have learned that she hadn't been in any hospital, wasn't even pregnant local officials say. the editor of the paper which broke the bogus story said the woman and her husband had no reason to lie. yet, they did. we made it. that's it for this edition of media buzz. i'm howard kurtz. we hope you like our facebook page, we post my daily columns, continue the conversation on twitter at howard kurtz and check out my podcast, media buzz meter. you can subscribe at apple i-tunes, goo bell pod of t cast
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or your -- google podcast or on your amazon device. we last some of the show today from the news conference which was important to bring to you. next sunday is july 4th. we will be here, live, doing the job. hope you'll join us or watch the segment online. see you then with the latest buzz. he came from italy with nothing for a new life. he sacrificed so much to support his family. military service was just part of his life. he was brave in so many ways. who are the heroes in your family? this past year has felt like a long, long norwegian winter. in so many ways. but eventually, with spring comes rebirth. everything begins anew. and many of us realize a fundamental human need to connect with other like-minded people. welcome back to the world. viking.
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yep, they're on it with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. eric: the death toll as sadly is expected to rise in the florida condo collapse and we're now learning more about the red flags and alarming warnings that were raised about the integrity of the building, nearly three years before thursday morning's tragedy. in 2018 a report from an engineering firm warned of, quote, major structural damage to that tower, cracked concrete and steel, a design flaw at the building's base and reports that the building was sinking. the concerns led to a pending $9 million repair project that was being planned just in the last few months. but