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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 28, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> greg: don't forget our new cooking column. set your dvrs every night so you never miss an episode. "fox news @ night" with evil shannon bream is next. i am greg gutfeld. i love you, america. >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, the biden administration facing a host of criticism even from allies in the iraqi government over the air strikes against militia targets on the syrian border. we are monitoring events in the middle east. here in washington, house republicans prepping to hold a public hearing hours from now
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digging in and demanding answers about the origins of covid-19 as the wuhan lab leak theory is starting to go mainstream. the panelist any bite or discuss it. the white house is attempting to pin defund the police on republicans at the same time oakland city council slashes its police budget. >> city council members, the majority of them have voted to defund this police department. that additional 17 million that was reduced from the police department's budget will have an impact. >> shannon: will begin in surfside florida where a vigil was held to honor those who have died and hope for the survival of those were still unaccounted for. phil keating reporting live. what's the latest? >> this is day five of this
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massive search and rescue operation. it's winding down. the operation of the building is enormous. it's dangerous. it's intense. if you remove hurricanes from the equation, this event is the single largest search and rescue operation in the state of florida's history. the latest today on the account. two more bodies recovered today on top of the four found sunday bringing the confirmed death toll now to 11 people with 150 people still unaccounted for. everyone is well aware that the window of survivability is shrinking by the day. one of the last survivors pulled out alive happened early thursday morning, and he is a boy. his mother did not survive the collapse. here is the county mayor tonight. >> sonar, cameras, dogs, heavy equipment and the men and women from all over the world. >> over the weekend, the city of
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surfside released a report by a structural engineer from 2018 who inspected the building and warned of "major structural damage that must be addressed." cracks in the concrete, exposed rebar, support columns and a major design flaw in that the underground parking garage was not properly poured in a way to allow rain water to drain. that red flag will be explored further as county, state, and federal officials look for a cause. the champlain tower sister building built at roughly the same time in 1981 and a few blocks away will be thoroughly inspected later this morning, tuesday morning. residents have now been told to evacuate. the city of surfside will find them hotel rooms. as for president biden coming to surfside, there is no plan from the white house for that as of now. the county mayor has ordered
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audits and inspections on all buildings 40 years old or older as well as all buildings in the county more than four stories tall. the root cause of this disaster still could be months away from learning. shannon. >> shannon: phil, thank you very much. the biden administration is under fire for air strikes targeting iranian backed militias near the iraq-syria border. u.s. troops in syria were under fire literally tonight from rockets fired by militias there. white house correspondent kevin corke is tracking all of this tonight. >> good evening. this was not the first air strike in the region by the biden administration but it certainly drew a lot more fire here at home as members of the president's own party question his strategy and even the wisdom of what some are calling another military escalation. >> i directed last night air strikes targeting sites used
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by the iranian backed militia group responsible for recent attacks on the u.s. personnel in iraq. >> carrying out air strikes against iran backed militias near the iraq-syria border, the biden administration made clear its willingness to retaliate against actions against u.s. interests. in this case in response to drone attacks on u.s. forces in iraq. a pentagon spokesperson said the strikes targeted operational and weapons storage facilities at three locations. secretary of state antony blinken said he hoped the strikes would be heard and deter future action, a future that will be decidedly worse for the americans, said in said iran's foreign ministry spokesperson. >> interpreter: disrupting the security of the region. one victim will be the u.s. itself. >> progressive raising questions about biden's latest air strikes. ro khanna said the strike showed a need for a broader tragedy to
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bring our troops home. added ilhan omar from minnesota, "this constant cycle of violence and retribution as a failed policy and will not make any of us safer." congress has authority over war powers and should be consulted before any escalation. >> real simple. >> biden is also feeling the heat from progressives as well as republicans over possible to of a bipartisan infrastructure bill despite comments to the contrary, the white house now says biden does not plan to reject a compromise bill. the bottom line is this: i gave my word to support the infrastructure plan and that's what i intend to do, said biden in a statement about which vermont senator bernie sanders said no reconciliation bill, no deal. we need transformative change. tough words by the independent from the great state of vermont. sanders and other democrats
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insist that the white house frankly should go big or go home on infrastructure, that is they say their approach and include funding social infrastructure, things like child care, medicare and efforts to combat climate change. tomorrow biden will be on the road. he is headed to wisconsin where he will highlight the benefits of the bipartisan infrastructure framework. we will see if that actually makes its way over the finish line. he'll be talking about that tomorrow. >> shannon: i'm getting a little whiplash. i'm trying to stay up-to-date. we've got to keep viewers up-to-date so thank you. you and i have some good news to discuss later and i cannot wait for the story. >> same here. see you later. >> shannon: thank you. it's been a head spinning few days covering president biden's bipartisan infrastructure framework agreement, his threat to tired to a larger spending package. fox news media analyst howard kurtz examines the media reaction.
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>> president biden was basking in media praise for striking a bipartisan infrastructure deal but in talking to reporters he nearly blew it up. >> the measures to come to you in tandem. any assurances that that will happen? >> if they don't come, i'm not signing it, real simple. >> that was viewed as a veto threat and must have bigger democratic version passed. the next day's "washington post" headline, infrastructure deal rewards biden's faith and bipartisanship for now. but the deal was already collapsing. >> the second press conference and says unless he passed my tax bill, i won't sign the infrastructure bill. >> senator lindsey graham told politico any republican would be an idiot to bow to biden's extortion. the coverage shifted to how republicans were furious but again barely any criticism of biden's role. over the weekend is the
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president finally walked back his words saying it wasn't his intent to tie the due bills together, the press wanted to move on. politico declared republicans back on board after biden's infrastructure cleanup. pundits on the right and left blame the other party. >> all of those smiling senators had to know democrats were going to have a second bill. >> biden snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and by doing so with or without the walk back, he opened up this whole conversation. >> "the washington post" acknowledged it could be an embarrassment for biden in the white house stance was still unclear on the sunday shows. >> if that were to happen, he would sign it, yes or no. >> look, i don't think it's a "yes" or "no" question. >> negotiations on the hill are always fragile. most of the media seems far more willing to praise biden for attempting bipartisanship than to admit he made a big time wonder. shannon. >> shannon: howard kurtz, thank you very much.
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following another violent weekend in big cities across the country the white house is pushing to move the goalpost on the whole defund the police narrative now pointing the finger of blame on that point on the g.o.p. >> let's talk about who defunded the police. when we were in congress last year trying to pass a rescue plan -- i'm sorry, not the rescue plan but an emergency relief plan for cities, it was the republicans who objected to it. >> the american rescue plan, state and local funding, something supported by the president. a lot of democrats who supported and voted for the bill could help ensure local cops were kept on the beat in communities across the country. didn't receive a single republican vote. >> shannon: the city council in oakland, california, is taking a big chunk out of the police budget. a senior correspondent eric shawn has details. good evening.
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all right, we will try to get back to it and reconnect with eric. moving on, the supreme court making news tonight by deciding not to hear a case. the justices denying a reversal of the virginia school board decision to provide a private bathroom for transmittal student rather than allowing the student to use the boys restroom. it's a victory for trans rights groups and the student who fought for six years to overturn the ban. >> i'm not unlike any other team, i don't have an agenda other than using the bathroom. i'm not for out for any nefarious purpose. i'm out for getting on with my life. >> shannon: in the matter of hours republicans on the house select subcommittee on covid will convene a public hearing on the origins of covid-19 as the wuhan lab leak theory continues to gain wider recognition.
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"the new york times" acknowledging the need to keep digging. we already know, what we already know us troubling. let's talk to the panel. richard fowler, former speaker of the oklahoma house of representatives, t.w. shannon. fox news medical contributor dr. marty makary. thank you for being with us tonight. a little bit more of that article from "the new york times." it says years of research on the dangers of coronavirus and the broader history of lab accidents and errors around the world provided scientists with plenty of reasons to proceed with caution as they investigated that pathogens but troubling safety practices persisted. tw, we are still trying to get answers. there is going to be a hearing tomorrow. do you think will ever truly get concrete evidence about exactly what happened. >> thank goodness that finally we are trying to get some answers on covid. i am old enough to remember when
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liberals were complaining that anyone who dared to question this virus might have originated out of a wuhan lab, we were either labeled a racist or conspiracy theorists. it's exciting to be validated but this is something that donald trump have been saying all along, this idea that this virus originated in the wet market, it always seems strange but we knew this, once joe biden was elected, all the sudden covid wouldn't be quite the issue that it was and we are seeing that play out as well. i just want to see asphalt of the science. science is clearly pointing to this virus being man-made and it looks like it was made and knelt lab in wuhan and we need to call it what it is. it's the wuhan virus. >> shannon: map theory is gaining more acceptance. people say we have to have more concrete data. if this happens again or to prevent it from happening again, we have to know the truth about this one. the "l.a. times" says it's going to be hard for us to expect
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chinese scientists to help us on this. they say that chinese scientists are great scientists but they work for an authoritarian government where politics and not facts always come first. information that they know was discovered and would make china look bad, it's dangerous to say. the risks for scientists in china includes loss of your jobs and your kids career prospects, visits by the police, false accusations and even prison. that seems to be a big roadblock to us getting to the truth. >> that's absolutely right. we wait for the biden report to come out, that's going to be the big challenge. same challenge of the trump administration. moments when trump praised china based on misinformation, the chinese government. we are going to have to wait to see how this information pans out, understanding that the chinese government is going to manipulate the media and manipulate everybody because they want their government to look good and they want to protect the communist regime at
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all costs. >> shannon: because it will cost them. i am glad we have a doctor on the panel. former fda commissioner scott gottlieb who had been a big voice throughout covid whether you agree or disagree with him, talking about the delta variant of the fact that the u.k. is having a surge and he expect we are a month or two behind them and that's not what people want to hear. this hesitancy about vaccinations because some people say it's emergency use authorization only, what is taking the fda so long. do they have the reason they aren't making a definitive decision on the vaccine? >> first of all, in the u.k. it's important to note that we are not seeing a real increase in hospitalizations. the delta strain is more contagious and it's circulating among younger people, if you're vaccinated you don't need to worry about the delta strain and on the second point about, remind me again what you are
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asking. >> shannon: the fda, it's a mirth -- emergency use. >> a lot of times they are gauging public perception. normally that process is six months to a year. i think we're going to see a decision that's going to be somehow in line with the political bandwagon that's moving from being pro-vaccine which many of us are to vaccine fanaticism which ignores natural immunity and doesn't recognize the data on kids benefiting from one dose. a study out of tel aviv has its 100% effective to get one dose to kids. >> shannon: senator ron johnson said he's pro-vaccine but he thinks people need to hear about potential side effects in trouble. so that they can make an informed decision. he held a press conference today and he's taking heat from people who say he shouldn't raise these things. i want to play something from a woman who is talking about
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taking part in this and i believe it's her daughter who took part in one of the trials and is having serious trouble. >> for the past five months we've been to the e.r. nine times. hospitalized three times for a total of two months in the hospital. she volunteered for the pfizer trial. why are they researching her to figure out why this happened. so other people don't have to go through this. >> shannon: the mom was very emotional when talking about how her daughter took part in the trial has been to the e.r. nine times in hospitalized three times and she said we want answers so other people don't face some of these problems. tw, the critics are saying senator johnson is being irresponsible while raising this conversation. >> my heart goes out to this mother who was obviously hurting. if i could i would like to
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address something richard said about donald trump praising china. it's almost laughable. intellectually it's disingenuous when it's joe biden who for the last 46 years has applauded china, even call them a rising nation who is not a threat to america and has continued to do nothing but cater to the chinese government while he's president of the united states. i think it relates to the coronavirus data. what we need is for the government to be as open as possible and to track the number of people getting sick from the vaccine just as well as they track the number of people getting ill from the virus. that's how we put people at ease and are able to encourage people. being open and transparent, something dr. fauci and folks on the left have failed to do as it relates to the chinese coronavirus. >> shannon: okay. we are out of time. richard, because you are name checked, if you want to do a quick response. >> the cdc under the leadership
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of dr. wolinsky has been tracking those that have been sick. those stats are readily available. >> shannon: check it out, there is data online from agencies that are nonpartisan. gentlemen, thank you very much. great to have all of you with us. a stunning daredevil feet. wouldn't we love it if our pets could potty trained themselves? i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people. i think most adults will start realizing that they don't recall things as quickly as they used to or they don't remember things as vividly as they once did. i've been taking prevagen for about three years now. people say to me periodically, "man, you've got a memory like an elephant." it's really, really helped me tremendously. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. ♪welcome back to that same old place♪
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>> shannon: check out this feat of precision and skill. this professional like writer launches into the air popped the cap off his bottle before continuing on. the 25-year-old is a trained writer and says he's practice
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this many times. he's got a lot more tricks where that came from. his friend, that's pretty brave. they both get some credit. a wardrobe malfunction that left a woman a little bit exposed. this is avon going down the children's slide. losing her shirt as she went to. she caught. she ended up uncovered. family members says they can't stop watching. they laugh harder every time. when they said they would posted she said yeah. wherever. that's fine. check out this clever cat who taught himself how to use the potty. the cutie taking a human route to getting things done. saying that the cat no longer needs a litter box. there had to be some human interaction. i don't think the cat would figure it out.
9:26 pm
maybe milo is supersmart. people in boston kicking off outdoor activities. this person is taking things to a whole new level literally. upside down scaling the underside of bridge. while rowing the child's river, this kayaker caught this daredevil. have you done any daredevil stunts? is there video? we want to see it if there is. hit us up at @shannonbream or @foxnewsnight on social media. or if your pet has trained themselves to do something, we want to see it. competitive hammer thrower glen barry getting criticism for turning her back on the u.s. flag of the olympic trials over the weekend. the white house has her back. >> part of that pride in the country means recognizing that there are moments where we haven't lived up to our highest ideals and it means respecting the right of people granted to them in the constitution to peacefully protest.
9:27 pm
>> shannon: wilfred reilly for tonight's lightning round. great to have you back. let's talk about gwen berry. she said she was not happy about standing on the platform has the national anthem was playing which apparently they play at the same time every day. there was nothing done specifically with regard to her. she said "i was pissed to be honest. anthem doesn't speak for me. my mission is bigger than sports. i am here to represent those who died due to systemic racism." we live in a country that thankfully has all kinds of free speech protections. >> yeah. a couple things. first, congrats to deanna price if i have that correct who apparently set the u.s. record and have the second-longest throw in history during the same event while this was going on. leaving aside the fact that i just learned that the hammer throw was an olympic sport and it doesn't involve actual hammers, i think the thing that
9:28 pm
startles about a lot of these recent arguments in the usa is the extreme level of sensitivity on display. you definitely do have an absolute right to protest but i'm not sure how any world-class athlete could feel blindsided by them playing the u.s. national anthem at the olympic trials. hopefully she knows that they will play that again if she wins during the games. so that's a reality of being on the olympic team. >> shannon: yeah and it does work both ways. if you're going to make a statement, you know you're opening yourself up to criticism. people are free to take that on. i will always come down on the side of free speech, as the supreme court does too. let's talk scottie pippen. he was talking to "gq" about phil jackson and the decision at the end, getting the last shot. he said this.
9:29 pm
"it was a racial move after all i've been through this organization, now you're going to tell me to take the ball out and throw it to the toni kukoc, you're insulting me, that's how i felt. he was asked today on the fox sports radio show. >> by saying a racial move, then you're calling phil a racist. >> i don't have a problem with that. >> do you think phil was or is? >> yeah. >> shannon: professor, you're a chicago guy. you're a sports fan. you told me during the commercial you are playing basketball yourself tonight. what do you make of this? >> as a lifelong bulls fan watching michael jordan in the '90s for many years, this was the wildest of these stories. let's go easy on scottie. he suffered a tragic loss and
9:30 pm
his family. for years the knock on his career was that he was -- he essentially left the end and an important game because he was mad that final play was drawn up for toni kukoc. who frankly was a better shooter. this was a bit of a scandal in chicago. you don't do that. now he says he shouldn't be blamed for this because he was responding to racism. it frankly seems a little iffy. from phil jackson, the shamanistic coach. the nba's not well-known white dominated environment. but it does sort of sum up our modern moment where things from the past couple of decades are brought into villains of race. only scottie and phil really know what happened. >> shannon: i want to ask you about california where they are banning travel to states they say are anti-lgbtq+ and they are defining that in states where they where they are trans females can't participate in
9:31 pm
female sports programs for high schoolers, that kind of thing. the california ag says make no mistake, we are in the midst of a wave of bigotry in this cremation. california is not going to support it. we are going to put up a map of the states they are banning and that you comment. >> yeah. between this policy on quote-unquote homophobia, covert restrictions. it's like go woke version of "the village." i think there's been some real and intentional misbranding of a lot of these. you can before it or against it. virtually all anti-lgbt bills in 2021 don't ban sodomy or some such.
9:32 pm
they are focusing on the t and lgbt. barring male athletes from competing as women. will california institute bans on paid travel to all countries with rules like this? that's the most obvious that comes to mind and i strongly suspect no, it's internal politics. >> shannon: professor, always great to see you. you can get back to basketball. thank you so much for your time. the follow-up from the air strikes president biden ordered on the syria-iraq border. experts up next.
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>> shannon: the house of representatives current debate over the authorization for use of military force holding added import tonight after president biden gave the go-ahead for air strikes against iranian backed militias near the iraq-syria border. let's bring in daniel hoffman
9:38 pm
and former state department official david. thank you for being back with us. i want to start with "the new york times" headline saying iraq is caught in the middle of u.s. and iran sparring. the iraqi government described the strikes is a blatant and unacceptable violation of iraqi sovereignty and national security. not the easiest relationship. where do we go from here? >> the statement from the government of iraq reflects the state to which the government iran is influencing iraq's foreign policy. we've been seeing this going on for a decade or so. iran is testing the united states. it's a similar pattern that we have seen before violence and escalates with iranian proxy militias attacking our forces in northeast syria reportedly coming under attack this evening. having the trump administration until the united states achieved
9:39 pm
escalation dominance. >> shannon: i want to play something from dan crenshaw, republican and a veteran himself about this. >> this strike that killed five iranian back shield militia groups is a good thing especially if you're going to be talking about trying to enter into a new nuclear deal with iran. which we should be skeptical of. at least do it with leverage. >> shannon: that's where we are. we have a situation with the iran backed militias. also this conversation that we are trying to be back at the negotiating table over the iran nuclear deal. how do you balance it? >> congressman crenshaw is basically right. it's notable that this is
9:40 pm
bipartisan support for what biden did. air strikes on the she militia. president trump did similar air strikes in 2017, 2018, 2019. congressman crenshaw is correct we want to have leverage as we go into these negotiations with iran and iran is certainly testing this by using its proxies. doing drone attacks on our military and diplomatic personnel. it's important biden responded. biden used self defense under article two is the basis to respond. the response was proportional. i think this is going to be ongoing. it's notable that iraq is in a battle for its whole and the two big influencers in the iraq are the u.s. and iran. some people in iraq, notably the prime minister in bay dad, he leans towards the u.s. he wants to do the right thing. wants to continue the fledgling
9:41 pm
democracy in iraq and build institutions but on iran, there's a negative persuasion. the iranians want to turn iraq into a client state that they can control, in part using these shia proxies. it's important we continue to push back. >> shannon: daniel, what will you watch for the next 24 hours or so? >> i am looking to see whether we will see more attacks from iran. the iranians have been interested in bringing new technology to the battlefield. they are using drones. i don't expect this to stop. the iranians will dial up the tension. they want our troops out. 2500 troops in iraq doing assistant, counterterrorism
9:42 pm
assistance with the iraqi partners. 1,000 or so troops out of syria and i expect iran to dial up the attacks until we achieve some sort of dominance. >> shannon: daniel and david, thank you. >> thank you. >> shannon: a massive heat wave gripping the pacific northwest, pushing energy and water resources to the brink. jeff paul taking a look at the impact of those scorching temperatures. good evening, jeff. >> good evening, the record-breaking heat continues to bake the northwestern areas hit by a third straight day of travel digit temperatures. in portland, oregon, over the weekend, 6300 people lost their power as temperatures soared saturday, breaking the all-time record high of 107 degrees have back in 1965. a wrecker that was eclipsed on sunday and then again today when it got up to 115 degrees, hotter
9:43 pm
than that 114-degree mark that meteorologist had predicted. many of the pacific northwest don't have air-conditioners in their home forcing them to seek refuge that nearby cooling centers. >> i came here because i am 71. i have a fib. my heart makes it difficult to breathe as effectively as normal. that does not go good with 112 degrees. >> in seattle it was another record-setting day for heat as well. temperatures soaring to a new record of 107 degrees, breaking the previous high mark of 105. water usage was way up because of the extreme heat. cities like milton washington official said reservoirs were running low. they couldn't catch up with the increased demand. it wasn't just the heat that was creating hazardous conditions. there was also an air quality
9:44 pm
alert and effective portions of washington do to spikes and smog levels. >> it's not normal for seattle. i feel for people. a lot of the pacific northwest because they are not used to this. it's rough. >> kind of scary. we couldn't get any ice. everything is completely gone. we are coming to the water to try to stay cool. >> despite the string of triple digit days, relief is around the corner. temperatures are expected to get down to the low 90s or high 80s this weekend in portland, and seattle should see things cool down into the 80s. shannon. >> shannon: not soon enough. thank you. breaking news tonight, tropical storm danny making landfall near hilton head south carolina. hours after forming off the coast. the storm is expected to spread rain into the tennessee valley.
9:45 pm
it will dissipate sometime on tuesday. french authorities say they are going to sue the woman who because that massive crash at the tour de france. first, you're going to have to find her. night court convenes and you are the jury, next.
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>> shannon: time for night
9:50 pm
court. tour de france officials have promised to sue the woman who caused this massive chain reaction crash over the weekend. if they can find her. the spectator, believed to be german, has reportedly taken off. let's bring in tonight's legal eagles. robert patillo and brian claypool. welcome back, gentlemen. exhibit a, this is a tour de france deputy director. to a reporter. doing my best to not do this in a french voice because that would be really bad accent but i can hear it in my mind. we are suing this woman who behaved so badly. we are doing this so that the tiny minority of people who do this don't spoil the show for everyone. robert. >> this is a ridiculous argument. this woman had a sweet sign. there's no accusation or this was intentional. it was an accident. if anything, the liability for this accident lies on the tour organizers. you are supposed to have the
9:51 pm
proper distance between the writers in the audience. trying to put this on the woman for accidentally interfering with the race. tour organizers should've put in the proper safety precaution. at the masters, they have the crowd roped off. we see it at every marathon in the united states. the crowd is separated from the runners for this reason. looking at what they can do going forward. >> shannon: so much of this race is in the countryside, there's not much buffer or places for barriers. everybody is close. exhibit b says this is not a circus, it's a long list of things that have happened with the tour de france. they say that there have been incidents involving fans, dogs, race vehicles and ponies. it goes with the territory of the tour. the proximity of the public has been cherished but then the tour de france is a victim of
9:52 pm
its own success. brian, do they have a chance to sue this fan? >> actually they do. on a dingbat scale from 1 to 10, this lady gets a ten. she takes the cake. to walk onto the street where cyclists are coming at 30 miles an hour with the sign and they actually bump one of the cyclists to cause him to fall over and create a chain reaction deserves a lawsuit. i'll tell you why. this is a spectator liability lawsuit. this isn't happening just in france. it happened in your neck of the woods, shannon, at a brooklyn nets basketball game. a fan takes a water bottle and throws it at kyrie irving. enough is enough. fans don't get a cloak of immunity to act in an irresponsible fashion just because they are at a sporting
9:53 pm
event. this lady owed a duty to the cyclist, she breached that duty. she caused harm. she should be sued. she should also be prosecuted criminally for assault and battery. >> shannon: you and robert clearly don't see i die. when i ask you if she's back in germany, can they extradite her? robert, any chance, and then brian. >> i don't think they're going to do an international extradition because a woman put a foot on the road than it turned into an international case before the world court. i don't like it's going to happen. i think the tour de france is trying to save face by shirking their responsibility in blaming this woman. >> shannon: brian. >> i think they are trying to make a statement to preserve safety at these events. >> shannon: robert and brian, thank you.
9:54 pm
>> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: good news before we say good night. check out this sweet friendship between a 5-year-old boy and larry, the sanitation worker who serves that neighborhood. the little boy has a passion for garbage trucks. he watches videos on youtube and he waits at the end of his driveway so he can catch up with him and he calls his hero, larry. they have become great friends. larry even chipping into buy a new toy truck. they found out that a contract change means larry will be coming by, not professionally. he signed a truck for his little buddy who said larry is so cool. i love it and he takes time to meet with them. >> it does. that was a perfect good night news segment. i want to add to it. boise, idaho. special happy birthday to an american hero, hal england served on the uss enterprise
9:55 pm
during numerous battles in world war ii. happy 100. big shout out to cory chase for making a beautiful flag for how him. >> shannon: happy 100, thanks for that story. let's do this again tomorrow night. see you soon. i am shannon bream from washington. 92% saw visibly firmer skin in just 4 weeks. neutrogena® for people with skin.
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tucker carlson is up ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." in early 2009, more than 12 years ago, the obama administration made a surprising, unprecedented accusation against westchester county, new york. according to the obama administration, westchester was an instrument of white supremacy, not the good liberals who live in westchester, don't accuse them of being bigots, the


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