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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  June 30, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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relief. if my dog went missing for three minutes i would be worried. >> trace: my dog is too lazy. we have a big white lab 11 years old. boo. >> dana: of course, boo. all right. harris faulkner has "the faulkner focus" up next. here you go. >> harris: and we begin with a fox news alert. former president trump getting a firsthand look at president biden's border crisis in a couple of hours. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". the former president will visit mcallen, texas today. texas governor greg abbott and about a dozen congressional republicans will be with him. the group will meet with agents in an area which is overwhelmed by people trying to get into america illegally. governor abbott is expected to make an announcement on border wall plans and there is growing
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heat on capitol hill over the crisis. senator tom cotton says president biden is squarely to blame. >> they declared it was open borders. it is what they campaigned on, after all. now joe biden will solve the problem by appointing kamala harris to be the border czar. i could have saved her the energy. the root causes live in the white house. and his name is joe biden. >> harris: and more heart breaking images of chaos. authorities found a toddler abandoned in mexico on the side of the road covered with trash. that little 2-year-old boy was reportedly inside a packed truck carrying about 100 illegal immigrants to the border. one man inside that truck died in the intense heat. in focus texas congressman chip roy will be in the group with former president trump today.
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we'll begin with griff jenkins live along the texas border. griff. >> good morning, harris. governor abbott and former president trump will be here at the headquarters of the texas department of public safety in about two hours. they are coming to the rio grande valley sector because it's ground zero for the border crisis. let me show you fox news obtaining the last 24 hour numbers. apprehensions in just this sector in the last 24 hours 2,429. that's up 544% compared to this time last year. we've had our drone up. it is down now because of rain. it has been up and showing the number of groups. an agent telling me they've been hit with 10 plus large groups despite the fact it has been raining in la joya, texas, all morning long. part of the complications as agents are overwhelmed. a part of the gop delegation, there is a dozen or more
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members coming from washington one of those members is congressman michael cloud. his district 100 miles north of the border and he says he is impacted just as much as any of the border representatives and he blames the biden administration. listen. >> well, i think the biggest thing that's being done on this trip is the contrast being painted between an administration who inherited a problem and came up with a solution versus an administration who inherited a solution and allowed it become a crisis. >> he gave fox news images inside that donna facility he visited three weeks ago. at the time there was over 800 unaccompanied children in there. officials tell me now it's down to 196. they are processing them more quickly but that he thinks that the media and really everybody should be able to see inside those facilities. that's all a part of the problem down here harris. now, governor abbott and former president trump will not be touring the donna facility as
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we're told and neither will the media be going in there today. harris. >> harris: it has been months of no access. curiosity grows and so potentially are all the problems for the people inside. griff jenkins, thank you very much. fox news is learning exclusively the largest conservative caucus in the house is now calling on their state governors to send national guard troops or law enforcement to the southern border immediately. south dakota governor kristi noem answering the call to send people to texas. she said the biden administration failed in the most basic duty of the federal government, keeping the american people safe. the border is a national security crisis which requires the kind of sustained response only the national guard can provide. end quote. congressman chip roy, republican from texas, is in "the faulkner focus" joining me now from texas and the rio grande valley. great to have you on the
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program. first of all, tell me what you anticipate to show the former president trump today. >> good morning, harris. always great to be on your show. i wish this is a circumstance we're facing a crisis here in texas and so we're down here and i'm glad to see michael cloud on there. one of the best members of congress. from wuhan to juarez the democrats declared war on the truth. they refuse to acknowledge what's going on. we saw vice president kamala harris do a photo op trip en route to los angeles pit stopping in el paso missing the mark by 750 miles. she landed 750 miles away from right here, mcallen, the epicenter of the crisis created by the biden administration where you just showed the numbers. 700,000 apprehensions through may. we'll get the june numbers soon and they will be horrific. that's not really the story. the story is the cartels have operational control of our border from the gulf of mexico to big bend. the current leaders in the white house and democratic
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party refuse to do their duty to secure the border of the united states leaving texas exposed, in danger, children facing the horrors of an opioid epidemic. fentanyl is up. president trump shows the compassion of wanting to demonstrate he recognizes what is going on in texas and coming to mcallen where the current administration refuses to come. >> harris: you mentioned fentanyl. i want to put something up on the screen. the numbers are eye-popping. fentanyl seizures surged 4,000 percent over the past three years. a whopping 41 pounds seized so far in 2021. it is only the end of june. congressman, as you prepare for this visit, it is still my understanding through some members of congress and among republicans that the former vice president never invited republican lawmakers to be with her when she went to el paso.
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now a more important epicenter if you will of this crisis, the former president says yes, come with me. what again will you show him that maybe he hasn't seen in the few years since he has been there? >> well, i think what the president will see is the truth. he will see the truth from the department of public safety of texas. he will talk to the governor, the attorney general. members of congress who know the truth who have been visiting with the ranchers down here getting overrun. the towns we represent dealing with high speed chases. the teachers and people in schools are seeing an opioid epidemic and you talked about with the massive increase in fentanyl. we're seeing thousands of americans dying because of what is happening at our border in the southwest border. ron desantis when he sent support to texas and we're grateful for it god bless him he did it in part to help us but doing his duty as governor in florida. he recognizes the drugs coming in are hurting his people coming through the southwest
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border. the first duty of the government to secure your borders and defend a sovereign nation. president biden and kamala harris refuse to do that. what do we need to do now? texas is secureing our own border and states coming to help us and that's what we need. the president will help shine a light of it while it is being ignored in the current white house. >> harris: a new draft of the house homeland security department will slash the budget. kevin mccarthy is responding saying this. house democrats are now applying their socialist ideology to defund the police to the border by advancing legislation to defund our border and immigration law enforcement. what is your reaction to that, congressman roy? >> it's appalling. i have great friends who work at border patrol.
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great folks on the front lines. had 8,000 of them infected with the virus, coronavirus. we've had 39 to 40 who died from the virus. they were slow to get the resources they needed. now you have democrats cutting their budget when they are overwhelmed. we have 40% of them taken off the line to go to processing centers processing thousands of people because of the democrats' incompetence and now wide open borders and now slash their budget? i had legislation to cut all earmarks. fund border patrol or the wall. we need to do our job and secure the border. >> harris: we'll follow the trail on that. i can't imagine what kind of response that will get among democrats like shaking the apples out of the trees. let me move forwards. house republicans held their own hearing on the origins of covid-19 yesterday and nancy pelosi refusing to hold a bipartisan hearing.
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only people from her own party. republicans got together and urging the house to pass a bill declassifying all intel at the wuhan lab at the center of the covid controversy. >> the evidence continues mounting this was a manmade disaster. if that's the case then it might be considered dramatically worse than chernomyrdin. in short, china lied. the world health organization complied and people died. those responsible for the deaths of 600,000 americans must be held accountable. >> i believe it's time to completely dismiss the wet market as a source of the outbreak. i would say this is a diversion by the ccp and a all roads point to the lab. >> harris: we're all starved for the truth over this. as you point just among the border patrol the deaths but across the nation 600,000 deaths. it doesn't seem like democrats are as hungry for the truth, do
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they see it differently, or what? >> i think democrats have declared a war on the truth. it is about whatever is important to their own political purposes and it's cynical. what we've seen occurring in china is appalling and a year -- 15 months ago some of us were raising these questions and they were swept aside by the democrat colleagues and dr. fauci, who is elevated by some as some sort of almost like a god-like status on covers of a magazine. we see in the email traffic of him how much there was really knowledge what was going on in china. state department officials two or three years ago raising alarm bells what was going on in the wuhan institute of virology. these are the important things we need to focus on and germane to the border. title 42 democrats are looking to get rid of that. the one thing we can do to hold off 60% of those coming across the river. we need to do our job. >> harris: you will do your job
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at the border with former president trump today. thank you for hitting so many topics with me. i'll see you soon. >> thank you. god bless. >> harris: president biden and this is breaking news. let's watch. >> president biden: i wanted to convene this group of governors of western state governors, key members of our cabinet, fema leadership and utility industries and senior members of the white house team to make sure we are doing everything. i mean it sincerely doing everything possible to help you prepare for what is coming and some is already there. truth is we're playing catch up. this is an area that has been under resourced but that is going to change if we have anything to do with it. we can't cut corners when it comes to managing the wildfires or supporting our firefighters. this briefing is going to be an annual event to make sure we are focusing on preventing fires in the first place as well as responding when they arise. but right now we have to act
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and act fast. we're late in the game here. we are remembering the horrific scenes from last year. orange skies that looked likened of days, smoke and ash that made the air dangerous to breathe. more than 10 million acres burned. billions of dollars in economic damage. families that lost their homes and everything they own and too many lost lives. this year there could be even tougher based on the weather patterns. california and some other places the drought conditions are twice that what they were last year. and right now we're seeing record heat in portland and across the west and this year, you know, 21 large uncontained fires were burning. this year there are 36 that are uncontained and burning. there are already 9,000 firefighters deployed across the region from california, new mexico, utah, nevada and it is
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only june. i realize i'm preaching to the choir here. i know you all know this better than any other people in the country. fire season traditionally lasts through october. with climate change is driving the dangerous extreme heat and prolonged drought. we're seeing wildfires of greater intensity that move with more speed and last well beyond traditional months of the fire season. that's a problem for all of us. wildfires are not a partisan phenomenon. they don't stop at a county or state line or country line for that matter. we need a coordinated response with all the federal government working in close cooperation to support you the states. that's what this is about. we want to know what you the states and locale tease are
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facing and what will help the most. we are taking steps to protect american communities right away. first we make sure we have enough firefighters on call who are trained, equipped and ready to respond for all this fire season. and we will pay them. the idea these folks are running into -- anyway, we should pay them. last week i learned that some of our federal firefighters are being paid less than $13 an hour. come on, man, that's unacceptable to me. and i am meeting my team to take decisive action to fix it. >> harris: the president is talking about the wildfires and some of the problems out there. you heard him talking about first responder pay which is interesting because you know we've been talking about first responder pay and police pay all of that for a while. so we wanted to give you a little of that. i want to touch with william la
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jeunesse who is in the middle of this in malibu, california. it looks in some part like a wasteland. the landscape has really taken a beating. >> well, a fire came through here two years ago and burned this entirely. i can't even show you right now it is bone dry here and it wiped out 31 homes. 1,000 homes in the entire malibu area. 31 homes where i stand here. fire department came through and leveled it because of a drought and poses a threat to the remaining homes in the area. the president is talking to governors with the perfect storm the record heat, drought, black-outs, water shortages and wildfire. with the high temperatures we're seeing fires burn faster, more intense and unless
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firefighters can jump on it early they get out of control. one thing he is talking about is sharing resources. when you have fire season you go who has the airplanes. they are in montana. we need them in arizona. there is a lot of shared support if you will between the states and federal government raising pay for federal firefighters. that's on the agenda as well. i want to show you right now something that has never happened before. it is a record drought right now in the west. the first time 90% of the western states are in a drought. here is a spokesman from the u.s. drought monitor explaining the situation. >> when we see things as dry as it has been and hot for so long a period of time the typical fire season that we see every summer usually gets amplified during the drought situations especially when we see drought as severe as we he are. >> so the drought also means, of course, we have the water shortage. farmers are not planting.
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cattlemen are having to sell their cattle. all kinds of other impacts that we're suffering in the west. >> harris: we all feel it. it's things that affect the food chain and pricing all over the country for those people getting their distribution from those areas. william, thank you very much. you followed up with some detail after the president, appreciate it. the painful wait for nearly a week following that disaster in surfside, florida, as the death toll keeps climbing. we're covering what the state attorney is doing now to find out who is to blame for the deadly condo collapse. and this. >> the same democrats that vilified law enforcement, slashed police budgets, defunding the police, vowing to defund and dismantle, these democrats bent the knee to an angry mob, denied the reality that was playing out before the entire country. >> harris: democrats denying reality and trying to flip the
8:19 am
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>> republicans are very good at staying on talking points of who says defund the police. the truth is they defunded the police. >> what is the answer from democrats to finally reject this radical idea of defunding the police? no, they're trying to blame republicans now for the dumpster fire they created. >> a lot of democrats who supported and voted for the bill could help insure local cops were kept on the beat in communities across the country.
8:25 am
as you know, didn't receive a single republican vote. >> for them to claim it is republicans that want to defund the police is like an arsonist showing up at the fire and blaming the firemen. like the chinese blaming the americans for the wuhan virus. it is like o.j. saying he is going to help find the real killer. >> harris: the battle over defunding the police playing out at the highest level in a very political way. cities across america seeing massive crime spikes as leaders slash cash from police budgets. one police chief is going viral for his emotional speech after the city council there defunded his department by about $20 million. watch. >> when the yellow tape is gone and when the streets are cleaned up, there is still hurt and pain and tragedy in our community. i hope that we can put politics aside and put public safety first.
8:26 am
>> harris: let's meet him. officer armstrong joins me now. the police chief of oakland, california. why you felt like you needed to say all of that first of all. >> i think clearly with 60 homicides currently in our city we're facing a crisis and we were in significant need of additional resources and to have less resources, i just felt like it was important to let the community know that this was not going to help us address crime in our city. so i felt like it was important, i care passionately about my community and my opportunity to say this will cause additional challenges for addressing violent crime. >> harris: when you hear this talk and push. i don't want to pull you into politics. you said let's keep it out. let's just say people saying they want to defund the police, what does that actually mean in terms of keeping all of us safe?
8:27 am
>> i think that's the issue with that conversation is how do we do both. how do we achieve police reform, which some are calling for when they talk about defunding, but also how do we make sure our communities are safe. violence has continued to increase despite these conversations around defund and we clearly know having less police officers is not going to have a safer community. that's my major concern. >> harris: no doubt. i look at new york and those of us -- i like to shop -- my husband doesn't want me walking around the city at dusk. they have taken some police and put them other places. they are having the defund conversation during the mayoral race now and it is playing out all over the city as our homicides are spiking. local communities, what are they telling you about safety? the polling is showing people don't feel safe. >> everywhere i go in the city of oakland i'm often told by community members they don't
8:28 am
feel safe. they would like to see more police. they want to feel safer in their communities and like you spoke of they want to walk in their communities and not have the fear of being vim timized. what we see from city hall is not the same as what we hear. >> harris: you can't get away from politics. it leads into it. oakland crime statistics. i want to get you to talk with me about this quickly. you've got a situation with carjacking up 95%. it has been called one of those slider crimes. it can lead to violence. it can lead to worse situations, homicide up 91%. what is the reality for your citizens on the ground, chief? >> the reality is we're facing some significant challenges with crime and i think investing in violence prevention is important but it won't have an immediate impact on the violence we're experiencing day-to-day in the city of oakland. we need the resources.
8:29 am
>> harris: is oakland a dangerous place right now? >> oakland is a city with a crisis around violence. a tough city to be in right now. >> harris: what would you say to the leaders? >> i would say to know that i am not opposed to any new and innovative ways of keeping our community safe but currently with 65 homicides we have a real issue of violence that law enforcement has to step in and do its job and make this community safer. >> harris: hope they are listening and other cities wanting to do what yours are doing. $20 million from the budget. chief armstrong, thank you. bless you and your city. >> thank you so much for having me. >> harris: he says he is not losing it. the president takes a swing at his critics in the press with a story that no one seemed to understand. first this. >> ultimately democratic leaders said equating the u.s. and israel with hamas and the
8:30 am
taliban quote foments prejudice. do you regret these? >> i don't. she equated the u.s. and israel as terrorists and tammy bruce is in "the faulkner focus" next. the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% percent of your home's value. with today's rates near all-time lows and home values at record highs, you can take out $50,000 or more and lower your payments by $600 a month. the newday 100 va loan. only from newday usa.
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>> harris: surfside, florida, the death toll rose to 16. the governor ron desantis. >> the largest deployment in a non-hurricane-related response in the history of the state. 24/7. we appreciate that very much. that will continue and that work will continue and i've been meeting with a lot of the families privately to offer any type of support we can provide. offer any type of consolation is the best we can give in the difficult circumstances and i think that while there is an overwhelming amount of grief, there is still the apprehension about not knowing for sure and
8:32 am
i know there have been more identifications made today. but rest assured that those folks will be working on that pile and it is not going to stop and they are going to get answers one way or another. i also have been able to see the toll. you have some people that have lived remarkable lives and have tremendous families and to be able to see the real raw pain and emotion that this has caused is something that i don't think any of us will ever forget but also something for some will require some additional help. so we have mental health resources that are here in surfside and have been here for a number of days now. we've been able to link individual families at their request for that support but that support is there if folks need it. we want to make sure they are getting to the right places because everybody handles these
8:33 am
things differently and there is going to be a need, i think. you've seen great community support but specifically with some of these resources we anticipate this will be something that is going to require a lot of attention. and understandably so. so our state agencies are in that for the long haul as are the community groups who stepped up so well and then the final thing i will point out is this is the attention of the state, of the country, and in some respects the world and rightfully so. but we also understand it is a big state. this is hurricane season. there is assets here that could potentially be used in future disasters as they come. so the state government is monitoring all storms that are happening. there are some kevin guthrie will provide a little brief on that but suffice it to say we take those very seriously and take whatever steps necessary to make sure we would be able
8:34 am
to respond. we hope we don't have to. we hope it doesn't come to that but 'tis the season and you have to be ready. i want to thank our florida department of emergency management, all their personnel. this is a key mission, one of the most important in the state's history. they have here for a year of covid and here to respond to storms as well should the storms present themselves for us. thank you for that. >> thank you, mr. governor. to provide comments in spanish we have the lieutenant governor. [speaking spanish] >> harris: we pull away during the translation so we can fill you in on news that is happening around this. i mentioned right off the top and the governor did not get into this but they have located four more bodies in the debris following the collapse of that
8:35 am
condominium. the south tower in surfside last thursday morning. now they have asked for federal assistance and they are going to need that. the national weather service says there are at least two systems forming in the atlanta now and they consider them to be storms big enough to be worried about in terms of the organization that they have on site here meaning there could be some high winds and so on and so forth. they're moving more resources in to try with the search. they were a little while ago able to reach what they call the top of the pile and have access to going in from that point. not just is sides. that has been something of significance. they feel like that will make a difference in their search. they've already moved and this time yesterday we reached the number 3 million tons. i will ask my crew to correct me if the word is pounds.
8:36 am
3 million pounds of debris out of the way and now they are working beyond that point. they are trying to move faster. criticism has come from families and other experts from israel who are here to help out but also with the federal help they need on the ground perhaps they can move quickly before those storm systems come in. let's watch the county, miami-dade mayor cava. >> our teams have worked through the night as they have every single night to make headway through the rubble. i want to thank them once again for their tremendous, tremendous effort. the world is watching. their bravery, putting themselves in harm's way to find people in the rubble. the weather has continued unfortunately incement causing definitely some challenges but they have continued. they have persisted. the operation is moving forward. we pray for their safety on
8:37 am
this mission. we've now recovered four additional victims. the number of deceased is at 16. 12 next of kin notifications have been completed. that is four families still waiting to hear. please join me in continuing to pray for those who have lost their lives in this unthinkable tragedy and all of their families who are grieving and all of those who are still waiting and waiting and waiting for news. as i mentioned, we are conducting an audit of the list of those accounted and unaccounted for over the last few days. our detectives have been working around the clock to reach every single person who we have been told may be
8:38 am
missing by a loved one. we need to verify every report and to remove duplicates wherever possible. please, this takes some time and we will continue to update you. as of now, the number of accounted for is 139. the number of unaccounted 147. and to remind you, we were previously including the number of deceased in the accounted for number but for clarity moving forward we're separating that. we have deceased, accounted and unaccounted. as i mentioned yesterday the process of verifying every name on these lists is very slow and methodical. so we are calling everybody, all family members and sometimes we receive incomplete reports. we don't have the full information. it is difficult to reach some of the people who provided reports and so our detectives
8:39 am
are continuing to work and will continue to provide the best possible numbers, the best updates as we get them. so the numbers are fluid and will continue to change. please, anybody who has information, provide that information to us as soon as possible. it could be about a safe person or missing person. please call our hotline 305-614-1819. and the website is we've also continued to expand operations at our family assistance center. we'll give you further details about that next and we're monitoring two storm systems in an abundance of caution and the emergency management director will give us an update about
8:40 am
the storms we're monitoring. so as we continue our search and rescue efforts 24/7 without stop we are also taking immediate action to provide answers and accountability. i've been in close contact with our state attorney and her office will be spearheading we hope she will be asking the grand jury to look into the collapse and we're going forward with our own county audit with those buildings in the recertification process and collaborating with our partners in the city to support them. we have 34 cities. we are also meeting with subject matter experts on the issues relevant to this investigation. this will be from leaders in our coastal cities as well as experts from every possible
8:41 am
angle. so we are going to get input and develop a set of recommendations for changes that need to be made here in the building process at the local level to insure that this tragedy can never, ever happen again. we know our city partners, our state and federal as well will be doing the same. so i'm grateful, beyond grateful for this incredible team, for this deployment and for this community and we're doing everything humanly possible and then some to get through this tragedy and we're doing it together. [speaking spanish] >> harris: so while the miami-dade county mayor cava translates her remarks into spanish, i want you to pay
8:42 am
attention to a couple of changes that you may have caught. what they're doing now is they really want people to understand how many people have been accounted for versus those unaccounted for and those deceased. and there are 147 unaccounted for, 139 accounted for, and 16 who have perished. and again as i was mentioning previously they've been able now to get to a section of that pile of debris which they had not reached before. the very top of the pile and that is significant because they need to move faster now. they have to do it with weather coming in next week the two big atlanta systems that are forming into storms coming up toward the coast and the national weather service is saying we need to have healthy respect for that. they have requested federal authorities, that part of this announcement today, and they are releasing the numbers in
8:43 am
just a little bit different way so people can really understand not just the progress that's being made but the human toll and progress that's being made for those people working very long shifts. i was watching and listening last night and have read all day long about how shift workers are showing up for that pile at midnight and working until dawn. this is non-stop round the clock and having more people there. there were 210 crews working on that debris yesterday searching, still searching for survivors. remember, we reported to you survivors who have made it beyond 10 days, up to 17. it has been seven. we are going into our seventh day and prayerfully people know if they keep searching, any miracle can happen. here is what they're up against. that debris is compressed in some areas and potentially more open in others. the debris can be as small as a
8:44 am
basketball. you aren't just moving half a building size piece of cement. you are moving small cement. that meticulous work takes time and 3 million pounds, but more than that today as they work more expeditiously. three plus million pounds of debris they have lifted away looking for survivors. they are recovering some people, four bodies were recovered today bringing the death toll to 16. phil keating is at the scene an surfside. we are in the translation. when she stops we'll go back to the news conference and we'll together in the gaps. phil. >> okay. well, the israeli search commander, the team came in from mexico and search and rescue team came in the immediate days after the collapse last thursday from israel. and he was the first one this
8:45 am
morning to say that they did find some additional bodies. unfortunately none of them are survivors. they are all victims. but he was encouraged that there still may be time to find more survivors. they found tunnels and new voids that someone could be breathing air down there. >> harris: let's go back to the news conference. >> the past nearly seven days have been an all hands on deck effort led by miami-dade county in close collaboration with our federal, state partners. i want to provide you with a few updates beginning with the family assistance center. as of this morning, we now have 26 organizations present at the family assistance center. together these organizations in their first full day have served 30 families. offering mental health,
8:46 am
lodging, travel, logistical and grief counseling as well as many other services. i want to thank the 26 organizations for working with us to provide this support. i also like to thank everyone who has continued to generously support the relief efforts from your contributions that you are making. they are welcome and greatly received. they have, unfortunately been some people trying to take advantage. with fraudulent gofundme accounts. what we can do is to assure that you are properly submitting funds or donating to the appropriate agencies. we ask you to go to anyone watching at home can visit this site and choose one of the agencies to support and to donate.
8:47 am
you can also sign up there to volunteer and sign up in advance to volunteer, please do not show up at the site without signing up first. thank you very much. >> thank you, to translate for the deputy incident commander is the public relations officer. [speaking spanish] >> harris: i want to bring in phil keating while they translate. you mention something that was critical. i know the audience is listening closely. we all want to know more about the tunnels and the possibility that it's not just hope. it could be reality that there are more survivors. what did they find? >> well, they found more voids. you will remember the building pan caked on top of each other. 12 stories, each has a concrete
8:48 am
floor, boom, boom, boom, boom, so it's a different way of building collapsing versus going down sideways where you would have more voids and more tunnels where people could actually survive, not being under the weight of massive concrete and steel. and so when they discovered those overnight it gave them some new hope. a lot of voids they had found in the first several days were extremely tight making it difficult for searchers to get in there and also, of course, very dangerous for further collapse. so we're hoping to find out more about how extensive the tunnels are. if they are accessible easily they would go into them not for several hours. >> harris: we'll go back to the news conference. >> emergency management is working to develop contingency plans for severe weather
8:49 am
including tropical cyclones. the division requested a federal team. the reason for this is we will need that team to augment the efforts here so they can free up some of our state assets to be able to respond to a a tropical cyclone. that team will be here later today. again as i want to be clear this is contingency planning and we at this point in time are working with our state meteorologist and working with dr. graham at the national hurricane center. i talked to him just before the news conference and he is keeping his team well aware of what's going on here. my team is very aware of what's going on here and we'll be closely monitoring the tropics. however, if a system does develop i want to insure you we have contingency plans which include facility relocation, communications, backup plans of how we will continue to respond
8:50 am
here while responding to the hurricanes. our state emergency response team back in tallahassee, they have been responding for well over 470 days. a handful of them, about 20, went right into this response as well and have been working that ever since last thursday night. so we are well aware and we have done this before where we have responded to multiple emergencies in the state at the same time. state emergency response team is extremely experienced in managing multiple disasters as one time. the florida department of transportation has brought in additional district staff to assist with around the clock debris removal and also deploying additional heavy equipment from other areas of the state to assist with this effort. the florida department of environmental protection issued an emergency final order waiving permitting requirements for the storage and processing
8:51 am
of solid waste. this emergency final order will remove any requirements that may hinder the debris removal process. emergency final order also includes guidance for disaster debris to assist take heavy rescue operations. the florida housing finance corporation has identified more than 120 multi-family rental developments to provide emergency houser to displaced individuals impacted by the collapse. the florida housing finance corporation has also requested the department of housing and urban development at the federal level waive income limitations and other provisions to allow families affected by this tragedy to reside in any vacant unit home funded properties. the state has also deployed additional human services personnel from the florida department of education to respond to family assistance center to support the county's
8:52 am
efforts. overall, the state is continuing to fulfill all requests by our local partners. also want to insure and to encourage all individuals impacted by this disaster to visit surfside again it's surfside this website provides resources for immediate emotional support and assistance. during this difficult time, the state is encouraging individuals to prioritize their mental health. the website is also available to families, survivors, first responders, please remember to take care of yourself. thank you. >> thank you, director. florida department of economic opportunity secretary. >> at the governor's direct we continue to assess the economic impact to the area and meet with individual businesses. the small business
8:53 am
administration has accepted the governor's request to draw down additional funds to allow local families, businesses, nonprofits to qualify for low interest loans and deploying personnel to the family center where we have a team deployed. two mobile units will assist in identifying businesses expressing a need for assistance. we want to direct businesses, families and nonprofits in need to florida to access these rehe sources. thank you. >> trace: thank you, sir. surfside mayor charles burkett. >> i started my day today as i normally do now with a tour of the site. i wanted to respond to the families who have been talking and asking me questions about the dogs, are the dogs being used and active? i made it a point to visit with
8:54 am
several of the handlers and yes, indeed, they are very, very active and we have two sets of dogs there. we have dogs that are looking for people who are alive and we have dogs that are looking for people who have passed on. and they rotate those dogs in and out. an interesting question that came up in our conversation was whether or not the wind and the rain are inhibiting the dogs and the handlers told me no, the dogs are not inhibited. as a matter of fact, they practice and pick up scents from great distances and the winds actually just -- apparently the dogs are able to follow the scent to the destination so that was good. i will tell you, this is day seven, i believe. in all the days that i've been going to the site three times a day i have never seen as many
8:55 am
assets in place on that site. we have got heavy, heavy equipment and it is actively lifting gigantic pieces of concrete out of that pile. we have waves of first responders and rescue people all over the top of that mound. all over the side of that mound and i'm told underneath that mound. so that's really good. following that i went to visit with the families. i want to commend mayor cava, there is a revision in the way that the reports are now given twice a day to the families. it is very restricted and it is only families that are getting inside. i believe that families do appreciate that because there are -- the questions are coming exclusively from the families and they are getting the answers they want. so that's very productive. with respect to -- there has been some talk by the families and they've asked me if the search is going to stop.
8:56 am
are we going to turn this from a rescue to a recovery? and i appreciated the governor's comments a few minutes ago where he basically said we aren't leaving anybody behind. this is going to go until we pull everybody out of there. this is our number one effort and i very much appreciate that and i know the families appreciate that. we'll all keep working to make that happen. thank you. >> thank you, mayor. miami-dade fire rescue chief. >> good morning. i just wanted to emphasize the hard work that all our personnel are doing on scene. miami-dade fire rescue and their efforts, all our task force and support is nothing but amazing. again it's extremely difficult situation. nothing has changed. inclement weather as i speak. we keep moving forward and keep
8:57 am
looking for specific signs and things as we are checking areas focusing on the grids. the rescue grids that i mentioned so many times. the delayering process. a very difficult situation. we're working in a group trying to attain that goal and that's to save someone's life. it's been tough. i have to emphasize that. it's been tough. talking to our personnel, their spirits are high. we're still moving forward. we see the resources coming through. we're exhausting every avenue here. but it is a very, very dangerous situation and i can't understate that. so i appreciate all our efforts and all the support and want to assure everyone as a team, as a total team between miami-dade fire rescue and the county and data assets and federal assets.
8:58 am
all working together collaboratively hoping for a positive outcome. thank you. >> thank you, >> thank you, chief. we will get the spanish translation. [speaking non-english language] >> harris: so what we can see to the right of the screen that our team is bringing in while they translate, moments moments you saw helicopter there, you see that there is a have a respect for the whether that's moving in, obviously. running more details about what happened behind the scenes, they weren't able to take debris away from the pile until they could massage some of them and use municipal laws which is an interesting conversation to have, we usually don't see that on national television but we are showing you all of it, you see in the very back is florida governor ron desantis, he's
8:59 am
been there about an hour after all of our coverage began and he went straight to that site and they had their first news conference daily so you've got top-down leadership giving us updates and those numbers, unfortunately, are changing in a very tragic direction. phil keating was about to join me now, our correspondent on the ground, is telling us about some of the pockets and tunnels, there might not be many of them but there still may be sound and that means a search for survivors goes on. >> that's why the search and rescue teams from mexico, which deals with a lot of earthquakes down there, and dealing with finding survivors and piles of rubble and of course in israel they deal with rocket attacks and the resulting piles of rubble so they are really quality search and rescue teams. the florida-based team is also incredibly high quality, eight stage search and rescue teams for urban areas are all here on
9:00 am
this one location but, alluding to what he mentioned, the department of emergency management director, there are two tropical waves approaching the caribbean as we speak, they could develop into depressions, tropical storms or hurricanes and if they do strengthen they could impact south florida and that's why they need the extra resources coming in, likely from virginia. >> harris: phil keating, you stand by. let's go back to the news conference and we have just scooted into the noon hour on the east coast, this is "outnumbered," continuing coverage of the surfside condo collapse and news conference now, let's watch. >> the families that are currently still here and i will tell you, the resilience of those folks is nothing short of amazing. and just like the chief was mentioning about the determination of the first responders, that's what keeps us going, when you have these folks that we are serving who we know they are having the worst experience of their lives, asking you, what can


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