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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  July 3, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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america, fireworks, firetrucks and all. return of the fourth of july parade is a wonderfully reassuring thing to see. paul: that's it for this week's show, thanks to my panel and all of you watching. i am paul gigot, hope to see you here next week. ♪♪ >> update out of florida, approaching tropical storms, threatening the search for survivors asked two more bodies are found in the rubble of the conduct collapse bringing the total of confirmed dead 224. 124 are still missing new legal action, a judge ordering a condo association into receivership putting in financial matters beyond its control. hello, welcome to fox news live, i am anita. >> eric shawn and ourselves are off.
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rescue teams and surfside racing the clock as tropical storm moves toward florida. that's adding to growing fears with the left of the craft conduct fall at any moment. governor rhonda santos earlier today. >> we have a building here surfside is structurally unsound and although the eye of the storm not likely to pass over this direction, you could feel just in this area. >> we have talked team coverage tracking for storm but we begin met live in surfside. >> the latest right now is remaining portions of the champlain tower standing, it could be demolished as early as tomorrow but initially officials but it might take weeks to get it down. you can see remaining tower standing from the brownish tower in the distance from a 13 story building basically hovering over the search and rescue crews
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right now so if tropical storm hit, there could be another catastrophe and residents who evacuated are not being allowed to go back in to collect belongings before the demolition, too dangerous. officials tell us they are using a camera looking for any pet might be trapped and so far, no animals have been found. more than one week after the collapse from rescuers are intensely searching schematically 24 hours a day, a maximum number of people who can work on the piles are out there. we spoke one on one for the firefighter part of the search and rescue teams and she says she has hope there could be a miracle, big machines removing large chunks in humans coming in with shovels and hands. >> debris sifting through my hands from where looking for bodies but also human remains which we have been finding a lot of so that's all things we need to verify and look through, we just can't wrap entire pieces of rubble and just remove it
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because we are going to me missing a lot of pieces. >> officials ordered all buildings older than four years old to be inspected from one tower had to be evacuated because of deemed unsafe earlier, hundreds of thousands given just hours to evacuate their home and with the pending storm officials believe they are in the clear through sunday, the storm posing a threat to this already fragile site run sunday night and monday morning. there is a lot of concern about strong winds and rain. >> thank you. anita. >> rounded downgraded to a tropical storm but it still. rescue efforts surfside as it closer to florida. adam is tracking elsa live in the extreme weather center. >> the storm you mentioned, not a tropical storm was once a
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hurricane from currently spinning south of the island of haiti, this will continue to lift up cuba overnight tonight and that is going to impact the storm becomes are currently we are looking at winds at 70 miles an hour. here's the motion of the storm track and as you run over the islands, that can tear down the storms a bit and that will play out where the system ultimately travels, how strongest remakes the move. look at the tropical models and these are models showing where the strength could go and you see a fairly wide area, sometimes these are good currently this is not in good agreement so we can see anywhere from the western track of the west post, we could see was up the east coast of florida so that is still to be seen and we will begin as we run over cuba this evening taking you through the day tomorrow but here is one model but either way, not a high rotation so by monday morning, even though the storm is still well south of florida, qc
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terrain hitting south florida and gusty winds that's when you can see problems even as the storm center is over surfside or any locations, process the winfield into monday morning, you are seeing stronger winds along the south florida coast so of course this is a system we are going to track closely the next couple of days. >> you said we will have a better idea sunday night to see exactly where it's going to go. thank you so much. and we will have much more about search and rescue efforts and what role the weather could play with surfside, the mayor charles will be with in a few minutes. ♪♪ home and security alejandra merrick is set to travel next week to discuss shared priorities with counterparts back. this comes as migrants from the region continues to make a dangerous journey for the southern border.
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>> good afternoon, rio grande valley here in texas continues to be the epicenter of the border crisis with border patrol telling us in recent days, there are certain days where they apprehend more than 2000 migrants in a single day so far the weather rolling in as summer approaches, it's not slowing things down. a live click here in la jolla next to an incomplete border wall, migrants will cross the rio grande, they will run or give themselves up here ballpark and that's what we saw happening this morning. look at this video we shot from our drone this morning, this is a family unit who gave themselves up to border patrol as they were being processed. we can hear on the radio's runners coming through elsewhere along the border and border patrol resources get sucked up,
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they are busy processing families and runners take run around the border sometimes for kat them and sometimes they don't. the texas governor posted on twitter today, we heard him talking about how he plans to build a texas border wall since the feds won't do it and what you're looking at right now in del rio is the start of the first texas border wall and he's talked to private land owners and they allowed ace small clear ripping filter, it's a chain link fence and they are going to put no trespassing signs on it and it opens up to local law enforcement to allow trust if they come across, trespassing arrests. any barrier whatsoever is better than none at all. >> if anybody looks at the data cdc website, every place they built a wall, a bear, illegal drug source, it makes sense. the data is clear, it's a great
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tool. who knows who argue for those who get over the wall, the wall is meant to slow them down, it slows them down, it's a small wall and then they can make an arrest. >> what you are looking at right now is the unfinished border wall being built during donald trump's presidency, as soon as president by came into office, you can see the construction came to a halt and that's why greg abbott says he wants to build his own wall. the question that will be what kind of lawsuit the governor will take over the law professors told us you can expect to potentially end up in supreme court as a state right in feds issue. back to you. >> thank you. california almost problem is growing and in some cases
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erupting and privates. new video going viral appears to show an assault on the homeless men in venice beach sitting on a sidewalk as passive eyes watch his attacker repeatedly punching him in the head and body. christina coleman is probably best live, it is good to see you and i know this particular incident taking place in venice, the epicenter of the homeless crisis but the whole city of los angeles is in crisis, right? >> that's right, we are seeing a spike in the homeless crisis here in l.a. city and l.a. county and it's gone so bad at venice beach that some call it a second skidrow. homeless people are seen in the video you showed at now viral, the video where the man is getting punched over and over again by several homeless people. local residents say they are frustrated with this mounting homeless crisis. >> this should have been taken care of, taking way too long
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hurting the economy, people are afraid. >> afraid of the violence. last week a homeless man was found dead inside the beach boardwalk, officers say he suffered blunt force trauma to the head possibly during a fight and as of the end of may, 132% increase in our assault involving a homeless person is a suspect. there is a whopping 11 100% increase in homeless people being victims of robberies over this year. i spoke with l.a. county sheriff alex villanueva about last night assault. >> what you have to say in reaction to this video of the homeless man being attacked? >> this is more of the same unfolding day after day and we try consequences, another man was beaten to death by a
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homeless man, who see a video of another homeless lady trying to kill another person with a concrete post. these things are frightening. >> the sheriff also said days ago he learned the county denied his request for the port to clear state of emergency. here is his reaction. >> it is pathetic, the simplest word i can use because the problem is so found, systemic, ten years of failure from the board of supervisors, mayors and counsel. >> we are reaching out to the counties board of supervisors for a response. in the meantime, the homeless crisis rages on. >> it sure does and we should say abby sheriff has stepped up to try to come up with solutions there but he's battle with a lot of the county leaders so we are going to watch to see that play out thank you so much.
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>> eleven people in police custody after a nine hour standoff, shut down interstate in massachusetts and it started early this morning outside boston when state police stopped to help two cars in the breakdown lane on i-95, they found men in military tactical uniforms armed with rifles took off into the woods after they were asked for their id. they reportedly told police they were headed for training in maine and do not recognize our laws. shelter in place were issued before the suspects were caught. all are due in court tuesday on gun charges. >> it's a one, two punch for rescue teams in florida, growing fears left of the collapse conduct may come down at any moment as tropical storm approaches, we will talk to the mayor of surfside about the challenges coming up next.
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building is too unsafe to let people go back and. >> mont desantis earlier today backing the decision to demolish what's left of the damaged conduct. he spoke two more bodies found in the rubble bringing the number of confirmed debt to 24. 124 are still missing. you heard the governor mentioned the mayor of surfside, that is there charles drives us now. thank you for being here, we appreciate this. when it comes to the demolition of the rest of the building, matt was saying it could happen as early as tomorrow, can you give us an update on any timeline you are looking at and how do you prepare for that? >> i think the timeline started, the discussion started yesterday, maybe earlier given the hurricane would possibly blow the building down, blow it down in the wrong direction and that led to many meetings with engineers, i met personally with
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governor desantis and he and i did read agreed if the building is a problem, we need to eliminate the problem as soon as possible so i reached out the mayor and rest my concerns and i think coming around to the idea possible in the best interest of everybody from a logistical who goes from historical sites close to getting people out of the you have so many people in there right now, the investigation met we don't have so many people in there right now, the building and so has the building to the north and there are no buildings to the west, the direction in
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which the building collapse with regard his equipment to move out, of course. we are flooded with resources so they will have to be repositioned but as far as residents go, we don't have that issue. >> in terms of the investigation, we have seen allegations of neglect, we have videos taken from first hand account from folks who were there and now we have new york times report who talked to an engineering talking about this construction of the building basically the birth of the structure, and engineer saying they confirmed the amount of steel used to connect concrete slabs below parking deck might be less than the project initial land specified so you have this
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one building and questions but you also have multiple buildings in your communities, how far back you go when looking at plans for the building surrounding the area to ensure, other folks who live in area in the community, they are safe? >> i've directed my staff.every scrap of paper related to all the buildings, get them scanned and up on our website for everybody to reveal. you might see them before i do. the steel columns are a big issue, very close by less than one block away built by the same developer probably with the same materials same plans and since we can explain why the children just fell down, i've written a letter to the resident offering alternative housing options several of them have taken up the offer so we are going into that building in particular and we got our engineer from we are going to do a deep dive in the systems, we are going to can the
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radar, infrared high-tech equipment to determine the amount of steels in the columns and that's going to be undertaken in the near future, days and the information will be compiled, since obviously within the next 30 days we should have a good idea of whether the amount of steel structure substandard or adequate. >> i do know mayor, you and the mayor of miami-dade are doing we can get this done as soon as possible and we should mention the national institute of standards and technologies are also there. this is the same oversight team the world trade center collapse and they are there in surfside, how is it that the team is working with your team? >> i've met with the director and his assistant was going to be staying here doing the work.
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mayor, has been phenomenal, she's had a huge weight on her shoulder and has performed admirably. the governor desantis has been incredible, he's been here almost every day coming down from north florida, two centers happened excellent, rick scott text me everyday and says you need anything, don't call me back but i want to make sure you are okay. we have schultz and other u.s. representatives here, it is amazing that we don't have a resource problem, we have a lock problem. we spent playing with rain from a fire's, delays by structure moving now a hurricane so it's been challenging for us and the families but in the end we never stop, just keep going and we are going to keep working until every single person is pulled out of that rubble.
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>> the country is with you, the world community is with you and we thank you for taking the time to talk to us an update as today. >> i'm not going to answer any more questions. fourth of july. i'm concerned you guys are asking me questions about answer this week, i'm would you celebrate the holiday weekend, there are great things happening the economy is growing, record number of new jobs, covered bets are down 90%. we are bringing our troops home, all across america people are going to ball games and doing good things, this is a good i'll answer all your negative questions -- not negative, legitimate questions. >> president biden stabbing at a reporter asking about the impact of the afghanistan derogative, vacating its aim fields, a full troop withdrawal is expected by september 11, in recent weeks,
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nearly a quarter of the afghan districts have fallen to the caliban. katie logan is live with more on this. >> the rest of that withdrawal process is eating up ahead of the september deadline. the country after 20 years part of the fragile deal. we saw yesterday the military airbase north of kabul would have been over security forces friday, u.s. troops leaving quietly, so quietly that even the afghan border only learned about the departure afterwards the u.s. military is saying can still protect afghan security forces if needed. it's been a vital hub since 2001, they first came into the country for those responsible for the 9/11 attacks at its busiest background around 100,000 u.s. troops passing through.
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the big question now is what lies ahead for afghanistan, there real concerns the afghan government may not survive long after u.s. troops leave, even civil war should the government fall. the telegram gains in the country, very much putting afghan forces under pressure and the group welcomes the rest withdrawal from backgrounds and much depends on whether afghan security forces and hold their ground against the telegram and coming months as the rest of u.s. troops leave the country. anita: thank you for that report. alicia: president biden spending time in michigan today trying to drum up support for bipartisan infrastructure package as the house passes a spending plan of its own. jeff weighs in on all of this, next. ♪♪
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fox news alert from another rate somewhere attack on u.s. businesses yesterday, cybersecurity said this hundreds of from. a software supplier known as hestia spread service providers. the russian speaking have to
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evoke behind the attack, that the same group that hacked the means processing giant in may. here's president biden a short time ago. >> down the better tomorrow and if it is knowledge of and/or the consequence of, i told putin we will respond. i have not called, we are not certain. the initial thinking was it was not russia. >> cybersecurity the infrastructure purity agency fbi are investigating. alicia: president biden is giving his economic stimulus plan the credit for stronger-than-expected june jobs report showing the u.s. addict 850,000 jobs to the economy last month. in the meantime, the white house is responding after it was rolled over the tweet about july
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4 barbecue. mark meredith live with more. >> president biden said the u.s. economy is on the rebound going through the latest jobs report but critics say the economic recovery is falling here where we have seen enhanced unemployment benefits continue to keep the home and it appears inflation they keep businesses from expanding our to show you where the jobs report is an unemployment rate up to 5.9% from 850,000 jobs added last month, the gains were in leisure and hospitality, education and business services and we did see a few job losses in construction as well as no major changes in financial activity services. the jobs report and country back in rolla something to celebrate this holiday weekend today, he was in lake michigan showcasing how the country is amazing and he championed jobs report same workers have a better nap than
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just a few months ago. >> our economy is continuing to grow and recovery is helping script, a set of workers competing with each other for jobs that are scarce, employers are competing with each other to attract workers. >> white house celebrating jobs report, critics say there's nothing to be proud of your with republic's warning about inflation as well years that government funding hurt, not hurt chance of economic growth. a bit of skepticism on my twitter because of his tweet where the cause of a fourth of july kat in 2021 down 16 cents for master from it's been marked quite a bit on my click white house are looking at this and they felt they were looking at crisis had gone down ever so slightly. speaking of cookouts on the fourth of july, president biden will have thousands of service members and families here at the
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white house celebrating a big event for the fourth of july holiday. alicia: fact week was hawkeye our own neil cavuto many, many times. [laughter] mark meredith, thanks. anita: meanwhile the democrat-controlled house voted to approve a 715 billing dollar infrastructure built. five near initiative will focus on rebuilding the nation rose and rail systems as well as climate change. house democrats aim to include many of their bills provisions when lawmakers have broader infrastructure talk later this summer. joining me now, jeff and drew. good to see you today. >> great to see you, thanks for having me. anita: let me ask you, there were two republicans who drink and fry guess vote on this and you were not one of them which some may find interesting given that you used to be a democrat a few short years ago and represent the state of new jersey which stands to benefit from the bill because there's a provision in their that would connect new jersey to penn
1:35 pm
station in manhattan for tombs under the hudson river, why did you file against that? >> because of so many other reasons. they will take a good idea or something that has some value stuff and other kinds of stuff into the bill. number one, it not going anywhere, it's just a messaging bill. senate cats have already said clearly they do not agree with this deal. start with trucking, goods and services across the country, it is going to cost more for travelers because there are new prohibitions in this bill for trucking. what's wrong with the bill, we are going to be on our knees the chinese communist and slave labor more than we ever were because we are going to need even more government and minerals and electrical parts of
1:36 pm
the bill and we didn't put anything in the so we could find our own by chain and make our own supply chain, china china controls the congo at 95% so again we are hurts. undocumented people who live on the border illegally in makeshift small towns in this bill are going to get infrastructure. we are not hoping to build abortus, we are not helping the men and women's who work for law enforcement after literally putting their lives on the line but we are going to pay for infrastructure undocumented books. >> , and for confused, this paves the way for larger infrastructure bill and that's what i keep hearing about $.2 trillion infrastructure
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bill, right? members caps on around, that is one of the bills. the president of huggins and democrat have bipartisan meeting which never happens with this bill, it wasn't one bipartisan bill and they worked out a bill that is not 50% green new deal, this is 50% renewed young stuff, they worked out a deal that would deal with, they haven't done yet but roads, bridges, broadband, what we know is really important to everyone. bottom line, our country, wrote are falling apart and bridges are falling apart, the dams are strong and get we are fooling around with messaging bills which are most of it does nothing but hurt. by the way, it increases redtape, it's going to take longer and cost more to get infrastructure done. every man, woman and child is an
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american will pay more this bill actually became law. anita: what happens to it in the senate? >> it gets blown up and goes nowhere. i guess the okay with the bill has to be at least majority of it is good so they have their own ideas and want to get real infrastructure done for real americans and this is another example of the tremendous disconnect between americans who are mainstreet and what happened in washington d.c. anita: the democrats want to use reconciliation biden said he wants it to be voted on by september, the larger package, do you see that happening? >> it could if we work in a bipartisan way but we are not going to do reconciliation and not spend on the second bill he wants, $6 trillion.
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we are expanding inflation, i don't know where the president buys his hotdogs but are mainstreet, maybe he's got good deals, maybe he can give everybody shopping advice but the bottom line, everything is costing more, gas is 1 dollar more a gallon and a lot of businesses struggling, they don't even seem to know that because they can't get employees because unemployment rate went up and there are a lot of people making more money by staying home. that is not americanism. anita: prices are going up on african. infrastructure wants to be done so we are going to watch this and see what happens. thank you so much for spending time with us today. >> have a great july 4. anita: you too. the white house depending kamala harris and staff after reports of a toxic dysfunction work environment in her office. that next.
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mid city criticism apparently the border crisis vice president kamala harris, political report among her office staff, sources claiming the toxic culture starts at the top. here's the headline political, not a healthy environment, kamala harris is correct with the scent another report says some democrats are raising concerns over just how viable candidate and vp could be in the 2024 presidential race. joining us now, sarah, political reporter at the washington examiner. thank you for being here today before we get started, i want to listen to what jen psaki said on this issue. >> i will say the vice president is an incredibly important
1:45 pm
partner to the president, she has a challenging and hard job she has a great supportive team of people around her but other than that, i'm not going to anymore comments on the report. >> officially the white house doesn't seem to want to talk about this too much but how big of an impact do you think this is having? >> i think the reason why the reports are getting so much scrutiny is because they are viewed the lives of kamala harris as the successor for president biden and potentially that could happen sooner than you would assume her typical president because joe biden's age is so advanced and there is speculation that perhaps 2024 he may not run for reelection kamala harris is viewed with a lot more scrutiny than she what otherwise, the president widely affected to run for reelection and state in office for eight years. it is part of a pattern we've seen with kamala harris since the democratic primary.
1:46 pm
stories of dysfunction on her staff being prepared for things she should be prepared for followed her since the democratic primary and her campaign which was highly anticipated at the time, imploded before many other confederate because of back dysfunction so i think this is indicative of our problems the biden team knew they were taking on when they added her to the ticket. she brought a lot to the table electorally so she was a smart choice in that regard but look at the fact that the biden teams surrounded her with aids that were originally on the biden campaign promise she didn't bring a lot of her original staff with her into the vice presidency and i think that's because the biden people knew there was dysfunction in her office and wanted to head these problems off. >> how much does this reporting about the ongoing in her office and organization or disorganization, how much does that impact what her job as vice president, how much of an impact does that have?
1:47 pm
>> in terms of for job and what she's doing, in a lot of ways president biden set her up for failure. he's handed her a lot of issues that are thorny and have given him trouble with progressives so by putting post on her plate, he's giving her a tough time already despite the fact that she comes to the table with pre-existing problems so for example, when biden was getting a lot of criticism from the right and the left on mismanagement of the border crisis increase in illegal aggression i was a result of biden's undoing a lot of the trump administration policies, he put on her plate and by was an unavoidable battle because there was no way the biden administration was going to pursue the policies proven to work in the situation and another thing biden put on her plate that was difficult was the voting rights, a bill in the senate always doomed to fail. there's no right now compromise i could possibly get to the
1:48 pm
senate that so divide has the filibuster intact. as long as biden put these difficult issues on her plate and asking her to take them on, he's doing her no favors and that doesn't set her up for success in 2024 either. >> you have a biden senior advisor saying he told an interviewer that this whisper campaign is designed to sabotage her but you are saying is boss is the one put this on her plate and is the one who is actually sabotaging her, is that what you are saying? >> the fact that she has these issues in her portfolio doesn't help but a lot of the problems are adherent to kamala harris because we have heard these criticisms dating back to the early days of her primary campaign. the fact that she was unprepared and in particular that she's not good on her feet. we saw the on the campaign trail when running for president, she wasn't prepared to answer questions at her from reporters being unscripted so it is not
1:49 pm
just biden's fault in that regard. >> we always want to talk about it. sarah from the washington examiner, thank you for joining us. anita: 60 years after president eisenhower left office, one of his presidential claims planes is back in the air. more on how the bird is taking flight again. next. ♪♪
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president dwight d eisenhower called air force one more than 50 years ago, it's taking flight again after a full restoration. nation host and proud america correspondent, abby spoke to the private line the bird today. she's live at the national world war i museum and memorial in kansas city, missouri. looking good out there. [laughter] >> it's a beautiful day and that's exactly right, this air force one plaintiff is not the kind you are used to seeing about the 747 that weighs nearly 900,000 pounds, this is carol clement of playing around 6000. he belongs to president dwight d eisenhower.
1:54 pm
it not different systems munication equipment for air force one's i was told it's still a stable safe airplane. in the 1950s, helicopters reliably get but resident eisenhower wanted a plane to fly to his ranch in gettysburg so he asked generals to find him a twin engine plane so they put a bid and the air force bought five of them but the planes we got to see is the last one of the five still flying today. >> back in the 50s, helicopters were not reliably get so eisenhower wanted a plane to fly down to his grandson gettysburg he told his generals to find a twin engine airplane to land on the grass strip that's reliable and safe. >> many of the instruments inside are still original and i got an up close look.
1:55 pm
so this is where president eisenhower would typically sit, first lady would be here in a fun fact, this is the smallest airplane who ever called air force one and. >> i was his the cabin but he had his pilots often you would see him flying his own air force one plane and today the owners offered rewrite to veterans at no cost to them, support equal. a great way to tolerate the fourth of july. >> great story. thank you so much and we'll be right back. ♪♪
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ask your eye care professional about restasis®. now to trick out these lights. visit to learn more. ♪♪ >> i want to say why the pleasure it has been anchoring with you today and i want to let our reviewers it on a funny story at the news channel we have been together 20 years this year. over the years first time anchoring together the control room producers keep getting us mixed up.
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>> i get e-mail for any to all the time it's not like we are twins but we have similar hair color similar skintone i do believe there is a southern charm we favor each other but it confuses everyone to this day. it has been such a pleasure. happy fourth. >> hi everyone happy fourth of july weekend welcome to the bank saturday show. here is what is on top tonight stick the time where we celebrate our independence many are proud to be americans and with the national and the outrage. lisa: you know


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