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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  July 4, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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facebook, instagram and twitter. and buy the book. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. and remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪♪♪] judge jeanine: helloen and welcome to "justice," i'm judge jeanine pirro. thank you for being with us tonight. let's get right to my open. she is leg the american dream. she doesn't have a clue. tomorrow as we celebrate innocence day, sadly in our country it is far too common to see people who do not respect our national even them or our flag. so this week we see another woke
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activist athlete who turns her back on the american flag and is outraged the national an them is playing as she is recognized for hammer throwing at the olympic trials in or began. at the end of the song she covered her head with a black t-shirt reading "activist athlete." the first and second place winner stood tall and put their hand over their heart. in this upside down world we live in, if you cite sighs this woman you are a racist or un-american for not supporting her free speech. the symbolic rejection of the country she represents can be resolved. if you hate "the national anthem" and disrespect the flag, then don't participate in olympic trials that segregate
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people based on the country they represent. if you believe the flag and thanksal anthem are disrespectful to -- if you think the flag and "the national anthem" are disrespectful to black americans. my favorite joy behar insists this activist athlete is fulfilling her patriotic duty by protesting. >> protest is the very definition of patriotism. it's the basis of the country. she is doing her patriotic duty by saying i'm making a point here. that's all she is doing. she is not hurting anybody. judge jeanine: joy, she is not hurting anybody? she is hurting every man and woman whose blood was spilled
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for that flag, including patriotic black men and women. she is hurting he parent who lost a child. he spouse who lost a loved one. he child growing up without a father. and every veteran who can't stand up because he lost his legs but still dreams what it was like when he had legs. what it was like when he didn't need to ask his kid to pick him up when he falls. no, joy, she i hurting people. -- she is hurting people. she is hurting america on the international stage. where other countries laugh at the disrespect and down right hatred people like her have for "the national anthem" and our flag. allowing them to laugh at us and ridicule us when they are so much worse. most of all she is teaching young children for whom she is a
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role model that it's okay to hate america and okay to insult her on the world stage. you are at the olympic trials representing the united states. i have an idea. how about you respect the country you represent or just don't represent it. because we both know that that was your ticket in. without that ticket you need another country to sponsor you. get it? and if you moved to the international olympic games, it's globally unacceptable for you to protest in any way. you say it bothers you that you have to wear the bold letters usa on your chest. with you, madame are a self-centered clueless third place winner who actually says folks knew you didn't like "the national anthem" and they played it anyway. are you that self-centered to think it's about you? let's give you the benefit of
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the doubt. you want to support reform and stand up against social injustice. what are you done other than draw attention to yourself. you tell me the last time you sat on a jury. when was the last time you voted. the last time you wrote a letter to your legislator. your congressional representative. your local mayor. how about helping women at a domestic violence center. if you want to convince america this is all about social justice, then do something for the country that's given you fame and fortune. america has been good to you from the time you displayed talent in sports. america allowed you to shine and becomes financially prosperous. you can impact social just its instead of disrespecting this
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nation. the nation that allowed you to be a hero to young girls who don't know any better and will take their lead from you because they don't know any better. shame on you, and shame on you. that's my open. let me know what you think on facebook page and twitter #judgejeanine. joining me with reaction is the ceo of tunnel 2 towers foundation frank siller and lee greenwood. you know, i'll start with you, lee. this whole idea of americans getting on the international stage and embarrassing america, how does that affect you? >> i get the same chill down my spine when i see this happening
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again and again. they use their moment in the spotlight to make it all about them. that girl when she put the t-shirt over her head, and she showed her disrespect for the nation, she is disrespecting the previous generations who'for the right to stand up there and compete. judge jeanine: frank, you started the tunnel 2 towers foundation. >> you know, lee is going to be performing at a concert we are having out at jones beach august 21. well have so many patriots that are willing to die for you and for me. i think the least we can do as americans is stand up for our flag to put our hands over our heart when "the national anthem"
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is played and display where there is respect for our country which is the greatest that ever existed. thank god we have men and women in this world willing to die to give us this country and we better respect them. judge jeanine: i think it's ironic that someone representing the united states in the olympics turns her back on the flag during "the national anthem." why are you representing the united states? why are you using the united states to give you that platform? do you think she should be allowed to compete? >> no, i don't. i don't know, that's up to the olympic committee. but i always had the same tune. if people are going to disrespect the flag, my father joined up after the bombing of pearl harbor. it always gave me respect for the military. if you want to be an american you have to respect would
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created america. this ultimate american bible includes the king james version of the founding documents of america, a readable version of the u.s. constitution, the built of rights, the pledge of allegiance and my handwritten course to god bless the usa. i suggest smeef read the constitution. it might help her attitude. judge jeanine: nancy gray says she thinks the american flag is too white. did you hear that one? >> i didn't. look, our flag represents the greatest country as i said that ever existed. i don't understand why if somebody wants to be a great athlete and represent our country they should love our country. if they don't love our country,
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why would you want to represent us. it doesn't make any sense to me. if we are so bad, why you would want to be part of it. we are beautiful. our country is beautiful. most of the people in america get it. they are great americans. the gooders in of america takes care of the greatness of america. and that's what we are doing in the tunnel 2 towers foundation. we take a road to make sure we recognize those who protect us. judge jeanine: i am going to stay with you, frank, on that. you are walking through five states over 6 weeks, i understand. you are walking through from new york -- you are starting where, shanksville, pennsylvania? >> i'm starting at the pentagon, i'm walking up to shanksville, then down to ground zero in new york. that's three places where we have such loss of life almost 20
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years ago where i lots my brother. i think a lot of people in america who turn their back on the flag and put their hand over their heart for the national anthem don't edge realize. there is such a tremendous loss of life. and that's why i am doing the never forget walk. a never forget concert. lee is going to be performing at with other great, great artists. it will be a patriotic night because i love america and god bless the usa for the life it has given all of us. my brother gave his life 20 years ago, and i want to make sure young people understand what happened 20 years ago. judge jeanine: what you are doing with tunnel to towers. i mean be you make their life possible now.
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everything that they cannot do, you make it possible for them to do. lee within i must tell you, god bless the usa. that took the country by storm. it really did. there is something about that song. what was the genesis of it? where did you get it from? >> i wanted to write a song that united the nation since i was a kid. and it took me a while to get to it. i spent a lot of years in nevada in the casinos. i got my career started in 1979 in nashville. i finally had a platform, a record label to deliver the. the genesis of the song after the gulf war, katrina, then 9/11. i am proud of you, frank, with tunnel 2 towers. we talk about that on
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foxnation on my favorite lee greenwood story. judge jeanine: we'll talk about that later in the show, lee. >> okay with all right. judge jeanine: but you should be very proud of it, and we are proud of what you did on foxnation. frank siller and lee green -- greenwood, we thank you for coming in and sharing your thoughts. thoughts..
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judge jeanine: welcome back to this special edition of "justice." we are investigating some of the major threats to america's innocence. perhaps the biggest of them all is the situation at our southern border. i recently traveled to arizona to get a firsthand look at the crisis. take a look. i'm at the border wall in cochise county at the border wall. we are going to find out where the biden administration on
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their first day in decided to stop could be trucks on this border wall and even all a troll of the border. on the first day of the biden administration the contracts were cancel. everyone was told there would be no further construction of the border wall. as a result, everyone left. and there is one security guy here. that's the guy hire which the private company that owns this material to make sure no one steals it. but there is a total stoppage of any work at the border. we'll see the border wall was stopped completely and there is no protection at all. here we are at the border of mexico and the united states in cochise county. >> we have 83 miles of
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international border. it's a county that is the 38th largest in the country. judge jeanine: with 83 miles of border with mexico, how can you police what's going on with immigrants coming in from mexico. >> it's a complex challenge. that's why we rely on our local, state and ted rall partners to secure the border. judge jeanine: what happened on the first day of the biden administration. >> we had organized calm on this border. when president biden signed the executive order which declared the southwest border a non-emergency. it took away funning, resources, technology, and stopped the construction of the wall. >> where we are now, you can see the wall behind us where it stopped. but there is also a trench here.
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they were literally in the midst of putting more of the metal wall in this trench, correct? >> this took a year just to put the infrastructure, the road. and this is a huge smuggling area. right behind us is mexico. and the trench for the wall all cemented in. we have open trenches, open -- open pits. it a mess up here. judge jeanine: what do you see in terms of the up grants coming in, or the illegals coming in. how are they didn't and how do you compare with texas in terms of immigrants? >> we deal strictly with cartel trafficking. they have control on human struggling and drug smuggling in
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this county. it's a very violent was we have in our county when it comes to the cartels pushing people through. we have had a dozen go to the hospital based on pursuits. judge jeanine: the sinaloa cartel, legendary. why here in arizona as opposed to texas? >> i think the biggest thing we have going for us here, we are a very rural county. so the playground for the cartel is attractive to them. they can work in the mountain areas and be concealed. so the efforts my office, local law enforcement, the governor, former government unpresident trump, we did amazing things. >> what would you say to joe biden? >> you have to get us to the table. the bottom line is, you and i
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share one thing, the citizens of this country. the reckless and hasty executive orders only serve one purpose, to open up your our country for disasters, humanitarian and national security. 9/11 should have taught us something. we can't forget what happened, 9/11. that was a national attack on this country. second of all, i say this. we are in a global health pandemic. it's like we are not part of america anymore. what the cdc is recommending and dr. fauci and the administration is completely different down here. we are in crisis mode just off the stats alone. what happens here happens in he communities. but what should alarm people more, it's not what we know,
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it's what we don't know and it's happening every day. >> what are the categories of people crossing into this country. >> we are getting 4,500 unaccompanied minors every day. and single adults. the getaways. the ones that we can no longer chase and go after. what we are seeing on our cameras are the ones getting away. everybody comes across the border with camouflage. that's set up by the cartel. there is a shop across the line where they get outfitted in camouflage and the coyotes bring them across. the mountain behind you, there is a scout looking at you right now. when the cartels are better organized than the federal government, we'll lose, and we are losing.
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judge jeanine: i suspect no one knows better what's going on on the border. how many acres do you own on the border? >> 16,000 acres. judge jeanine: we are sitting on your property right now. >> we are. i leased this to the contractor for a detour while they are building the border. and they stopped. judge jeanine: how do you feel about that? >> that is one of the worst things that ever happened in my lifetime getting the border controlled. judge jeanine: why is it bad? >> here we are. we have a wall. me have 10 and a half miles on the border. we have the wall up. but the infrastructure is not done. if it isn't completed, we won't be able to get up here when it floods. or if we have a snow we won't be
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able to get up here. already the border patrol is impacted on access. they are cutting the bottom of the wall. judge jeanine: with equipment? >> acetylene torches. they crawl through it. put it back in place. judge jeanine: coming up, we investigate how rogue judges are threatening to end law and order in america. don't go anywhere.
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judge jeanine: welcome back to this special edition of "justice." the past couple weeks we have been investigating how the decisions of rogue judges are threatening to put an end to law and order in america. in texas a 17-year-old teen is dead and the family is outraged on the judge's decision to free the murder suspect on a $100,000 bond just days after the killing.
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the suspect is reportedly an admitted gang member and the murdered teen's family are in fear for their own safety. we started this segment three weeks ago, and i think we are going to keep doing it. i'm tired of these rogue judges letting people out on bond. and this kid, this defendant was out on bond, killed a 17-year-old at a graduation party. and gets bonded again? >> i wish i can say it was an anomaly. but it's par for the course. i have tracked 121 people who have been murdered by defendants released on multiple felony bonds. felony pr bond which is a fansly word for a get out of jail free card or bond forfeiture.
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a majority of those over 85 have occurred in 2020 and 2021. we are in the ramifications of won reform. we are in a bond pandemic and people are paying the ultimate price for these decisions, that is, they are losing their life. judge jeanine: crime stoppers, when i was d.a., i brought it to west chester. i thought it was extremely important. and i commend you for your work. but won reform is not reform at all. it's not as though we cape up with the idea of bail out of month where. it's in the constitution. making sure people come back to court. but this isn't just having them come back. they are committing more crimes. is there any movement in texas to repeal this alleged bail and
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bond reform? >> there used to be called an adage, one won per customer. you are out on bond, you are charged with another crime, guess what? you are not getting out again. that's not happening any more. we are hoping won reform will get passed because we desperately need it. crime is up, ladies and gentlemen, and it's associated with bail. you are delusional not to think the revolving door at the courthouse is playing a significant if not a major role in the increased crime rates not just in houston, but nationally. >> we are sending a message to criminals. if you need to silence witnesses, go out and do that, too. >> there has got to be a point where you say enough is enough. we had a guy out on 12 bonds.
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most of them for aggravated robbery. i am sitting there saying why isn't the judge saying this brand-new thing is not,ing out. it's not in the best interest of public safety. it simply defy logic to let offenders repeatedly out time and time again to do what they do best and that's commit crimes. people are paying the price for this. i dare any city to keep track of their site citizens murdered by defendants released on more than one bond. judge jeanine: how is the family doing in this case? >> they are frustrated. i mean, they are frustrated and i don't blame them. the guys out on bond and he's charged with murder. and they are back out again saying we are going to keep them unhouse arrest. you and i both know that's as good as the word on a piece of
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paper. nothing is going tostop stop them from reoffending. judge jeanine: let's get to the name of the judge in this case. >> it is the 248th district court judge and she is no stranger to the 121 on my list. i keep track of all the judges. judge jeanine: what is her name? >> hillary unger. let me tell you one more thing before we cut off. you would think of the 121 people charged with murder after being released on multiple bonds that that would be the end of the story? 20 of those are back out on bond on the murder charge. go figure that one out. judge jeanine: let's put the judge's picture back up again.
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judge hillary unger, an embarrassment to the people of houston. andy, stay in touch. still ahead on this special edition of justice. we investigate the true origins of the coronavirus and china's involvement in this global crisis with ohio congressman jim jordan.
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judge jeanine: welcome back to this special edition of just rise *. after more -- of "justice." after more than a year in isolation, americans are looking forward to sell bracing 4th of july with friends and family. tomorrow we are look into the origins of the pandemic and why the government relied on one
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man, dr. anthony fauci to keep us safe for so many years. here is my exclusive interview with ohio congressman jim jordan. i have to tell you, so many people say to me, you know, what such an overwhelming scenario, a global pandemic, why did we rely on one person, why didn't we have a manhattan-style setup where we had professionals who got together and went back and forth. why is this one guy the emperorror all things covid -- the emperor of all things covid. >> i think the media made him the person of the century. when the press does that, those people get attention. and dr. fauci seemed to like it all. but now we are learn something things he said may not be as accurate as they seemed or he
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wanted us to believe they were when he said them. judge jeanine: we are talking about gain of function which a ginning up of an even mall with a virus so it can infect humans. he was constantly being bombarded with information that that was possible, and never got confirmation that it jumped from humans. >> we don't know if the origin of this virus was from the lab, but it seems the to be and the evidence seems to point in that direction. dr. fauci says the lab wasn't doing gain of function research, but lots of other doctors say that's what was going on there. that's why we need dr. fauci to come before our committee and answer some tough questions. dr. fauci approved $3 million
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going to ecohealth, and ecohealth sent some of that money to this lab in wuhan, china. dr. fauci knew that when he approved the money from american citizens going to this lab. why are we sending money to a lab in china in the first place? don't we have great labs here in the united states? but we need democrats in the congress willing to do the investigation. today they are not willing to do so because we asked for it and so far they have not taken us up on our request. judge jeanine: why do you think fauci was so committed to not even make that possible? why was it in his interest that that not be out there? he could have said, look, i don't know if it's animal to human because china won't give us the data. maybe it was this. bio warfare going on all over the world. >> we don't know for sure,
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judge. but as you rightly point out, he downplayed it last year that it could have originated in the land. he downplayed that after he had given the $3 million to mr. daszak at ecohealth. and after dr. fauci downplays it, he gets an email from mr. daszak that says thank you for saying what you did. so we don't know, but it seems like too toesive a relationship between -- it seems like too cozy of a relationship. we don't know the answers to those specific questions. but that's why we need an investigation. also chris hassel the chairman of the board who is supposed to review any gain of function research grants. judge jeanine: you know what it's called?
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it's called a circumstandings case and it's slow -- it's called a circumstandings case and it's coldly building up. we take you to dallas for a special edition of street justice from the young women's leadership summit.
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[♪♪♪] judge jeanine: welcome back to "justice." i recently had the privilege of visiting the great state of texas to speak at the young women's leadership summit in dallas. while i was on the ground i took the time to speak to many of the attendees. take a look at this special edition of "street justice." [♪♪♪]
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here i am at turn thing point young women's leadership conference. i'm looking forward to speaking to the young women who are here to talk about what they see in the few tear for them and for america. why are you here? >> we are excited to finally get plugged in. judge jeanine: you are here with the young women's leadership up it. what do you think some of the problems are at college campuses today. >> i think women know they have a place as a conservative on college campuses. i go to colleges and high school and talk to conservative women and tell them they do have a place in society and can do a lot as women on the college campuses and can fight back. judge jeanine: what do you think
12:51 am
of america today? >> i think it's wonderful. judge jeanine: how is it you are conservative at these liberal institutions? >> i stand up for my values he single day. i'm very outspoken on special media. though i get attack for that, it doesn't stop me. that's why while here at a turning point conference. i am encouraged to go back and fate back on college campuses. judge jeanine: was it difficult to get the message across as a 22-year-old and as a conservative. >> a little bit. but it's the principles i was raised on. judge jeanine: what are those principles. >> free market, low taxes, school choices. judge jeanine: what would you say to all the young women here. >> i would say to be a young conservative you are a rebel in
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this culture and you are standing against the grain of what the culture wants you to be as a young woman. but it's important you stand up for what you believe in and for your values. judge jeanine: it's kind of hard today to have those views on a college campus. >> it is. we have people coming over at our table and breaking it, and screaming at us. and throwing our things in the trash cans. we have plenty of things happen to us. and we are constantly being shut down. >> i feel like there is a certain agenda most people would rather follow than go against the grain and not hear the truth. i'm always looking for the truth. >> it's my values, and my beliefs. if you don't like the, i'm
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sorry, that's not my problem. judge jeanine: you are not going to bend to the woke mob. >> oh, no, never. judge jeanine: what do you think of the woke mob. >> i feel bad for them actually. judge jeanine: do you feel like you are in the minority? >> definitely i do. >> it's hard i would say, thinking i like focusing on what we believe in. it really is important to us learning that one person can change. it's like we are part of the community and it's hard. >> as a young conservative college student it's not easy to be open about my beliefs. but this event at continuing points did such an amazing job of showing me as a young woman that we are not alone.
12:54 am
it's important and empowering for us to stand and stand up for what we believe in and for our values and truth. judge jeanine: it's hard when there are people that criticize you. i'm even on tv. >> i think my favorite stand with me. god. judge jeanine: i am glad you keep god as part of your life. because that's what truth is all about. what do you think young women have to do to have the strength to push back against professors and other students. >> women need to start fighting back for their rights and what they think is important for them. judge jeanine: thank you. i appreciate it. judge jeanine: thank you again to turning point usa and all the
12:55 am
great attendees at the women's leadership' conference in dallas. up next my closing statement.
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finally tonight, i'm opposite where i started. i closed thinking this great nation for its opportunity given me thinking the men and women willing to fight and put their lives on the line for the rest of us every day. i think my father was on the first ship to nagasaki and pass at a young age. my grandfather who was one who stormed the beaches of normandy. they were true heroes, selfless and giving, they left the flag and adored this country. god bless them and god bless the united states of america.
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don't forget to set your dvr so you never miss a show, check me out online, thank you for watching. i'm jeanine pirro advocating for truth, justice and the american way. see you next saturday night. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> welcome to "unfiltered". democrats latest scam face planted brutally on the d fund police garbage. now they are trying to the script and say that republicans are trying. there's levels of insanity, one through scale, this is a ten. all while doing nothing to stop the nation worldwide rhyme with in the liberal cities they are causing. prime up, what do they do?


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