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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  July 4, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ steve: good evening happy independence day welcome to the next revolution, i am steve hilton, the home of popular populism, no america, my first fourth as an american, i could not be more proud, as you know, a couple of months ago, i became a u.s. citizen, i am so happy to celebrate this special day with you, my fellow americans. it still new for me to say but it has felt like my home for
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years, since we moved across the pond to california nearly a decade ago. the more i have learned about america the more i love it and the more appreciate there is no better place on earth. that is why i was offended by what jen psaki said at podium at white house to behalf of the president. in strong to the athlete disrespecting our flag and anthem, jen psaki saying it is okay because america has not always lived up to our highest ideals, what a ludacris, shallow and divisive thing to do. our ideals are high, maybe even unattainable, but the point is they serve as a opportunity fiing aspiration for the nation, we know what john sacky was
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talking -- jen psaki of the talking about it was race, true today there is still far too much racial injustice in the country, but as woe acknowledge that, can anyone name a single country on earth, that offers more opportunity to those from any race and about background than america? whether these people like jen psaki, so quick to den great america -- den great america, where do they think is a better place to live. why do the athletes, activists, the self hating talking heads that spear exphier -- smear the one country that give chances to immigrants in the world. why do they want to come here? to america? if this country is so racist? so strong -- racist?
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my parents group up under communism in hungary, they had a border wall, it of to keep people in. america needs a border wall to keep people out, too many people, from all over the world want to come here, does that sound like a place to be ashamed of? , not it something to be proud of. the fact this country is number one choice for anyone seek opportunity. and when people come here, in the legal way, it is the only place in the world that truly fully welcomes everyone in to national family oh, -- e-- on equal terms, you could move to britain but they will never really consider you british. try moving to france and calling
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yourself french. china? forget about it. who wants to move to china and way. here, anyone can become an american, i just did, being american is not just about the physical space but the ideas, we represent. the ideas that america was build on the ideas that every important, old or new should proudly support. in our founding documents, the ideas we celebrate today, as a new citizen, i'm not here to turn america to the place i left but help preserve, and protect what makes america special. there is a reason our enemies fear us and our allies' to be us, they know the power of the constitution, which guarantees freedoms and rights thatters -- that are the basis of everything that america has achieved.
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at heart of it checks and balances, limits on the concentration of power, that is why i argue we should pay more attention to the confident testimony. -- 10 amendment. power to the people, that is what creates the american spirit. to pursue the american dream, taking risks, chasing success. that is rewarded here, not punished or looked down up upon. today, constitution the american spirit and the american idea is under attack from the concentration much power in the hands of big tech, our power to
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about what we can see, read and hear. the american idea is under attack from big government. i'm not sure people have woken up to the scale of what is being planned in washington right now, they are plotting to turn america into a european-style welfare state. most of the population depending on government, massive taxes to pay for it. emboldened by pandemic power grap grab. the lockdown lunatics, unleashing afternoon army of bus bodies and micromanagers, in a way that is not just unacceptable but unconstitutional. there is no question that the
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federal government should not be providing the health care, these are matters for the states and for the people, the constitution is clear, our american idea is under attack from china too. pulling strings of hollywood, corporate america and establishment media to subvert american interest, the ceo of nike, who gave the game away, we are a brand that is much china and for china, don't the useful idiots understand, do they not bother to read when the chinese leaders say, clearly saying their goal to topple america as world's super power by 1929. -- 2029. look at what they are already doing genocide and torture. we have to fight back. and it starts with a decoupling
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of our economies, we must strike at the foundation of china's ride. the american idea is under attack from wokeism. the hateful, intolerant ideology that captured the most powerful institutions in america from boardroom to oval office. hijacking our language, turning americans again each other, pushing hate and division and racism. in any case, as i have pointed out. the main driver of racial injustice in america today is not racists white people from 18 sentry century but race obsessed democrats. it is conservative ideas like strong families and school choice. that offer the best prospect of achieving what we want to see equal opportunity for every
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american. on this july 4, remember who we are as americans what we stand for, this country future is bright as long as we get up off our knees and defend it. take on china and defeat wokeism. that is the next revolution we need. if you agree with this message, share it when we post it. all right bring in house minority leader kevin mccarthy, great to see you on a special day. your thoughts this july 4? >> first, congratulations, i am glad i got to spend your first 4th of july with you, you are 100% creation when i less -- correct when i lensed to, that this weekend is about celebrating america's greatness. not what saddens you by it.
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to think in the white house. they made that comment, america is exceptional. conceived in liberty, dedicated as america's equal, maybe they should travel to another country, america is more than an idea, we're more than just a country, the idea is so powerful, 32 years ago a million kids in china went to tiananmen square and stood up for freedom of speech. and even in iran they paint the american flag or israeli flag wants will college students to walk over it, they walked around it, there is a reason that america should lead in the war it is about freedom there, is no greater place that you could success than here it is the foundation, it goes back to what benjamin griffith park lynn -- franklin said, he created a
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republic if you can keep it, it is our responsibility in this generation to stand up. we would not be america today if we allowed wokeism. this critical race theory is racism. it is telling students, children to judge one another based on color of their skin. steve: it is outrageous, i love kevin about you, we see you talking about day-to-day back and forth approximately ticks. but, your perspective on this historical perspective is so important. i want to play something from you sent this to me soon after i became a citizen, a speech from a naturalization ceremony, you said it was your favorite. >> everyone of you has a story, an american story.
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you come from many countries, but today, the pilgrims are your analysters, you have -- or ancestors, you have known many leaders today george washington is your founding father, you today valley forge is your winter. the your inheritance. >> that unity that we can achieve in america if we remember this, we have so many forces trying to get to us forget that. and go -- and you know all about your own identity, and focus on that rather than one great thing to be part of. >> if is all about dividing us, putting us in differents can categories -- we assimilate.
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when you raised your hand, we -- we are all one. you have just as much rights and just as much responsibility, when i look at what yugo chavez did in ventura he got elected in a democracy, then he trayed to o pack the courts, then he took over, he changed constitution, we should pay attention, that same socialism is being pushed. we're watching it happen in cities, talk about that you defund police, somehow that is positive. we believe in the rule of law, and ruling of law means everyone that is equal. does not matter when you are, the young kids walking down the street in new york, they have a right to be safe, the man and
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woman if chicago who was shot in daylight, they had a right to security. we unaccompanied to understand the foundation of what we've been created on, this country is exceptional. we're watching china celebrate 100 years of communism, they ran a tank to the tiananmen square. for some moment, in the wokeism of today you think you are more hollywood, why would you compete for us, and you have hollywood or nicor -- the nba bend a knee to china. and hollywood apologize, the actor, because he called taiwan a country. >> unbelievable. right. kevin, this is so important.
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we have to leave it there, one thing i want to under line is because of those real threats, and the socialism, they are working on in that building where you are. that is where what you are doing, to try to keep the party united, so we can win in the midterm elections, it is so important to everything that we're talking about, yes this is a long-term conversation, but short-term, those elections it is important. and i think that everyone needs to understand. why it is you are working so hard to keep the pert together that is the why we'll fight off the challenges, kevin mccarthy thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: let's bring in our other guest emily and brian kilmeade. what makes america great. go to fox nation to sign up for free now.
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brian, what makes america great? what lessons are you sharing with us. >> same, you did to past your test, your citizenship, go back watch, read, and read the actual words of the founding fathers, down look at them say, wow 4 rich white guys i am embarrassed, say, why did these men, and women around the big men play a big royal, lady's of revolution have saved almost all our history single -- single handedly. in the big picture, if you go back see what they overcame in odds to exist against the world super power at the time, and how dire things looked and how hard we fought back, then you go back and appreciate where we are, you
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look around, say, i have freedom to do this, i could earn my way to a great job, to a great college, i could out earn the person next to me. you get on that treadmill, you compete and you fight. we need to travel. you have to travel go to the middle east, go to places like china, like russia, go do france to europe or the netherlands, see how much hope they have and what they can aspire to. if you want to achieve something, do what lincoln did squaller to success. and jackson. you cannot find another country do that. i think we have to go to our fundamentals, but they are trying to erase our fundamentals. steve: right. that is the point, i maiden --
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england, i'm on your side, i have always been in u.k. terms a republican. a republic is the way to go because i have always argued that sense that you can't get to the top, but by birth, that infections the culture, and the reason why you don't have the incredible start ups and business only here you can really get the top. that is the real promise that can be kept because of this system. >> steve, happy independence day to you, a pleasure to sure this first holiday for you, and it is an honor to call you a fellow american. my grandfather immigrated from sicily, fleeing poverty, he had
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to -- he displayed for the days of his life, proudly, his u.s. citizen certificate. i think we have a very in my opinion, ordinary but extraordinary family history, is one of typical immigration, we have discussed his tor yap, he . italian government on unification, accomplished in 20 years what centuries invaders of sicily had not. that is the danger much overreach of government of over regulation.
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and squashing constitutional values, we talk about the next generation, my father, example of two generations, they worked multiple jobs to put him through school. he made something of himself, but develop over regulation that led to him anything having to close his owner operated business in state will california, you can see the arc in one lifetime, but as you put it, it is in our hands to continue the american dream. steve: right. i just will hold -- look at what just arrived. my u.s. passport. it is official. i have this certificate. i came back with this. i can put it on my wall, great to see you both. >> thank you. steve: here is a great idea, we had pride month, what about creating an american pride month? we'll look into it after the break. >> before, that we hear messages
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our friends sent me after becoming citizens. >> steve hilton, i just got the news, i love it. we're honored to have you, one of our best. e that's forever wi. but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure. ♪ ♪ you get both. introducing the wildly civilized all-new 3-row jeep grand cherokee l. ♪ ♪ i'm not hungry! all-new 3-row jeep grand cherokee l. you're having one more bite! no! one more bite! ♪
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kraft. for the win win. ♪ sometimes you wanna go ♪ ♪ where everybody knows your name ♪ ♪♪ ♪ and they're always glad you came ♪ welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you.
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>> hey, steve, want to say, super congratulations to becoming a united states citizen, we are so grateful to have you, so blessed to have your platform, and so much you have already done and given to this country as a patriot, i pray all of the blessings this country has to offer will come upon you and all of your endeavors god bless. steve: thank you, jenelle. we just had pride money, plastering the rain bow flags. a lot of activists, name it pride washing, big brands covering up their actual behavior. but, here is an interesting idea, why not follow fried mont- pride month in june with american pride month in july,
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here is the man whose idea it was. vivek great to see you, this is such a cool thing, putting this idea out there american pridemo. what is behind that? >> been taking a lot of myself to remind myself of the stories that make us proud to be american, i did the commencement address at my high school this year, i got into an argument with a student afterwards who wanted to make a case for tearing down jefferson memorial, i could not get anywhere with him, we agreed to disagree on, that how about we build one for john adams instead. he did not own slaves to principle, build statues for people that embody our ideals, and we went further, and how about john quincy adams, his son, first nonfounding father
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president, not only became president only president that went back to congress. to beat an a-- to get rid of slavery, quincy adams died on congress 4, while he did a speech. these are stories of american history that we're not teaching our kids, we have spent so much time talking about how we have fall up short of our ideals, we have forget everyone what our ideals were in the first place. a good time to remind ourselves of what america is about as an idea, not just a place. >> thank you, i did not know that. you have taught me something.
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with that one example. i think that you know -- if. >> if i could go a second further on that. talk about cancel culture, there was cancel culture in democratic party when john quincy adams was a congressman, one step further, he was barred from saying the worth slavery, you could not say that word because the south did not want to debate it, he was already president in united states, he said slavery, slavery, slavery, what are you doing to did censure me, they did, they used his trial, two weeks on to use his own defense as -- base for making his case. these are the heroes,ly revieft -- let'srevive the stories, recg what the ideals were that we had
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an opportunity to fall short of, even our worst hypocrisies are made possible by the fact that we have ideals at all. steve: that is what we need to remind everyone, quickly. do you see the whole month, american pride month? >> absolutely, july 4, 1776, that is date of declaration of independence, but wealth of nation, capitalism, democracy, let's take the month of july, kids you are home in summer break, you cannot just take it for granted, you should play a royal in building -- role in building it. learn about it we could have pride month in june, but let's take month of july 4, to create a pride month for america.
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>> fantastic. such a great idea, so simple, so great, vivek thank you so much appreciate it. >> thank you. steve: coming up we told you about his before, lobbyist turn top biden aid. is he the one behind biden's fraudulent bipartisan infrastructure deal? new information from the new biden swamp next. >> steve we're so excited for you, samuel adams used to say for true patriots, silence is dangerous. you my friend have been defending america, its vision, ideals for year, now you are fully part of the club, welcome home, i am so glad you are a follow low american.
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>> welcome to fox news live. happening just moments ago, what remained of collapse 1 -- corn - building in surf side florida has been demolished. once the area deemed safe rescue crews will resume their search, 24 people have been confirmed
7:37 pm
dead and 121 still missing. >> tropical storm elsa moving along cuba's southern coast. 180 thousand people have been evacuated, elsa's next target is florida. governor desantis has declared a state of emergency in 15 counties, at least 3 deaths have been blamed on the storm. now back to the next revolution. ♪ ♪ steve: we have been calling him steve the swamp rechety. describes the chaos and i'm impotence of wide biden white house over the truck infrastructure deal that is not bipartisan, not infrastructure.
7:38 pm
this guy, steve, we have talked about him before, he has multiple family members embedded in the administration. he was at the heart of this flag ship putting together this flagship domestic policy for biden. >> yes. everyone thought that infrastructure deal was going to be a bipartisan infrastructure deal that president had agreed to. then, it got turned upside down, when it was american family plan that was attached to it, that would have been domestic policy plan. and you know, i was thinking when i first saw the story in "wall street journal." was i would have loved to have been on the other line, listening to nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, on the phone with biden with ricchetti cutting deals and
7:39 pm
biden coming out blowing it out, letting the cat out of the bad, then you see senator lindsey graham in arms, saying this is not a bipartisan deal, there is no way we're going through this this, if we attach the crazy family plan, nancy pelosi saying, ricchetti have already cut the deal no matter what biden said, and riccheti tried to save himself there, by saying president biden made a wrong statement. i happen to believe. they are cutting the deal and biden is on the sidelines, the republicans, they think for one minute if they think that they are going to pass this infrastructure bill without having an attach, you know american crazy family plan dom
7:40 pm
domestic policy, they are very mistaken. steve: multitrillion, this is the plan to turn america to a european-style welfare state. let's talk about another story that came out this week. it did prove a point that we've been making about kamala harris. the vice president. story 22 people about how her whole office is toxic, people are treated like s-blank, blanch. s-blank. >> i was talking to one of your producers like "mean girls," it is all coming out, west wing
7:41 pm
nothing compared to biden administration. and what is happening right now with vice president kamala harris look at disastrous trip to guatemala and el paso, only reason she went to the border is she knew president trump was heading to the border, she did not want to look like she failed, which she has done a border czar. it is distressing, as an american, i would like to see our administration succeed. i don't take pleasure watching it fall apart on its, i would like to have seen vice president harris go to the border and listen to people, and speak with the children. like i have, i would like for them to see effects therefore on community and people in america, she has not done that.
7:42 pm
to top it off, they have failed with communicating with american people, they are failing inside of the white house. and also the vice president, that is really bad for her office, considering what is happening to her right now. steve: it is in line, i have said, i am in california, she is from california, democrats in california, have said this about her for years, she is only interested in herself. and the result is that total lack of principle and clarity and cruelty and incompetence some chaos in her own office. >> happy 4th of july, welcome to america. steve: and to you. >> thank you. steve: thank you. >> all right, more on kamala harris ahead, she talks about tackling the root causes of biden's border crisis, she does not have a clue, but someone who does is pete hegseth, he is here
7:43 pm
next. >> steve hilton, congratulations to becoming a new citizen of the united states of america, you are what makes america great. i know you will be a fantastic citizen, what america needs, i am so excited for you on your new to our new citizen, steve hilton. ♪that you laughed about♪ ♪well, the names have all changed♪ ♪since you hung around♪ welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you. we have to be able to repair the enamel on a daily basis. with pronamel repair toothpaste, we can help actively repair enamel in its weakened state. it's innovative. my go to toothpaste is going to be pronamel repair.
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steve: kamala harris said she wants to tackle the root causes of biden's border crisis if she really meant, that he would go to the white house, root cause of the current surge at southern
7:49 pm
border are the biden regime open border policies, there is a deeper answer. i am joined by our friend pete hegseth. last time we were talking about this, you made an interesting comparison. you were talking about root causes. you made a comparison with afghanistan and your experience there. >> i was there 2011-12, we were 10 years into the war. one of my jobs was to train troops coming in we were in a counter insurgent see strategy, you are not shoot your way out, you have to deal with root causes what are systemic reason that inside that society taliban can gain a foothold with the population, as we taught it and unraveled it, the root cause is are something we can't really
7:50 pm
affect, you could put in a school but they will steal the air-conditioners and stell them -- sell them to buy more guns, you can dig a well until they are not able to maintain it it is a fool's errand for her to think she could jet to the border and say we'll address root causes in a different culture. and believe that will fix the problems manifesting right now for u.s. citizens here. which is why it didn't work in afghanistan, we're seeing turn fortunately now, it will not work here, they know it will not work but is sounds sophisticated and smart, but it has no connection to what is happen like in afghanistan. steve: right. it is such a deep point, goes to an idea we could solve everyone else's problems. it was a massive thing this trump did saying, no, america first, let's solve our problems that we can solve here at home, start with that.
7:51 pm
reporter: right. and to keep the analogy going that with that would mean in afghanistan is focus on relentless destruction of the enemy, protecting our troops. in the process, as it pertained to the border, he focused on the actual issue, put your actual citizens first, then held the line, said wild we'll -- we'll forge agreements with country that create a real incentive to not attempt to make this treacherous journey, he is not a politician, he thinks of it through the lens of solution it not that hard but washington does not deal in solutions, they want comprehensive immigration reform that makes them feel good about themselves but does not address the tough love of a border wall.
7:52 pm
of a third party grime, that ag. you see the reverse of it they are covering it up with fancy pants term like root causes. steve: exactly right. the practical focus, he said he would be a problem-solving business guy, what is the situation, what needs to be done. now you see the contrast with back to the same old politics, almost the same minute, you have a crises on southern border,pite pete thank you. steve: thank you, steve. >> coming up, a fellow immigrant, former governor of my home state, has something to say about me becoming an american and my fashion choices, arnold is back. next. >> congratulations, big day. proud of you, remember no matter what they tell you, you still
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steve: after high citizenship ceremony, my friend, fellow californian. californian.
7:58 pm
>> >> you became an american citizen. this is really fantastic. but i have say. i was disappointed you had regular clothes on, you were not wrapped in the american flag, like i am right now, that is what i did when i was sworn in, i wrapped myself in the american flag, i said, i bet you any money he didn't have the american flag in your jacket, this is a given when you become an american citizen, you go to the swearing in ceremony, you have to have the american flag inside, because you for california now, you have on other side, california flag. that is a given. then you look at your shoes, he wears maybe british regular loaf -- loafers, what happened to idea you wear american cowboy boots? steve. get your act together. american cowboy boots what you get sworn in.
7:59 pm
then, what happened with the american flag, you put it right here as you get sworn in, you put your hand on the heart and the flag at the same time, there is a must. then i know, we've been friends for a long time. you want to give something back to the community, start your honor charity, i love that that is number one rule, you become an american citizen, as an immigrant, you give something back that say must. keep on going. i love you. congratulations, you are an american now. >> okay, those boots are amazing, i'm not sure i can carry that off, i am not arnold, i am working on the jacket, and wrapping myself in the flag this special day, first 4th of july
8:00 pm
as an american. thank you for watching the show, set your dvr so you never miss a show, see you next sunday when the next revolution will be televised. >> good evening happy independence day, i am trey gowdy, welcome to "sunday night in america," on july 4, 1776, most consequence shall country in history announced itself to the world. and for nearly 250 years, the united states of america has been a source of light, a source of justice, a source of prosperity and a sanctuary for those fleeing oppression. our sons and daughters have died on 4 en battlefield -- foreign battle feels,


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