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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 6, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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more victims bringing the total deaths from that condo collapse 2:30 six. we have talked to governor desantis at the outside of the show, it is much easier trouble particularly where all of these bodies are they have discovered have come. four more just ♪ ♪ >> greg: hello. i'm greg gutfeld with katie, geraldo rivera, jesse watters. dana perino, "the five." ♪ ♪ so, this is a big week for us. yep, it's bigger than dana finally potty training jasper, who now flushes twice as a courtesy. and it's bigger than jesse finally getting a hair transplant. thanks for donating the minx.
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"the five" is turning 10. the show was officially old enough for anthony weiner to start texting. it's true. the show, probably one of the biggest hits and cable news has outlasted everything from 24 to brian stelter's hair. to put it 10 years in perspective, that's four geraldo marathons. [laughter] i still remember when i was asked to do the show, he called me and said hey, we are doing this thing. want to be on the thing? you have to write a model for the thing. i said what does this pay? we had no expectations. all we had was our good looks. i remember sitting here on the first day next to dana perino, she had ghosted me the entire time she was at fox. but now she was stuck with me. and against her better judgment and a restraining order, we bonded. >> dana: [laughs] >> greg: and the rest is what liberals hate, history. the show exists for one reason that other networks can't replicate. we are real and they are not. even though it seen by millions,
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he could just be one person per the cameras are on, the cameras are off, we don't change. there is no difference between talking in your ear and talking in a green room. we are deliberately unpredictable. we just can't help it. we've just done something like 2,000 shows. >> dana: wow. >> greg: you will never find one that is the same. they are all mutant snowflakes. but the biggest reason for success is you, the viewer. you treat us like family. and by that, i don't mean showing up and expectedly, eating all her food and stealing our booze. instead, he welcomed us into your living room. i always know that if i'm down on my luck, you would lend me money just before payday. if dana is on the run from the law or jesse pulled another runner at another expensive dinner bill, you'd hide all of us. that's a true friend. and the reason for that is easy. because while it's always 5:00 somewhere, the somewhere is --
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>> dana: i love it. do it again. [laughter] 's before so dana, what do you remember most about the early days? >> dana: well, i know that you think i ghosted you. i kind of did, but i didn't really know what i was doing. i remember, one, a member they told us it was a five-week temporary show? >> greg: right. >> dana: i think one of the reasons we were like okay, let's just have fun come is we didn't think it was ever going to be anything. it's like being on the high wire without a net, even though i wrote so many notes and came prepared. i basically had to throw them away. also, i remember this from the first days two things. one, that they sat us together, which was a really great, turned out to be a blessing in my life. but it was really because we were the shortest people. >> greg: right. [laughter] >> dana: the other thing i remember -- >> greg: thank god i wasn't 6 feet tall.
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[laughter] >> dana: i think i was pretty reticent really to share any of my personal opinions on anything. he kept reverting back to whatever the bush and administration policy had been. i really credit you with helping me come out of my shell. and thanks for that. >> greg: you are welcome. >> dana: i haven't been fired yet. >> greg: i remember i was so paranoid over doing these in-depth political stories that i was seeking help from all over the building. i don't know what to do. i we were talking about these esoteric topics -- >> dana: and 27 of them in one hour periods before we had 20 topics. then i was freaking out and i got over that. jesse, you came late to the show. i always said this, before "the five," i could not stand you. [laughter] so what did "the five" do that brought this jesse out that we didn't know existed? >> jesse: well, one correction, you said we are the same on and off camera. i think i'm much worse off camera. much worse and i think everybody would agree.
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i do kind of feel feel like a woman right now. let me explain. you know how -- you know how women celebrate their birthday the whole week? that's what we are doing here on "the five." we are celebrating the whole week. i like how it feels. you said the other day, you were like jesse, you've been here four years. now you are officially part of the family. [laughter] four years. but i think we've all changed in four years. i think greg, you've gotten funnier and skinnier, and much richer. and i think i have been more mature. i don't make personal attacks about people's physical appearance anymore. i think dana has probably changed the most. she started making sweeping generalizations about people based on skin color. [laughter] i think you need to watch your mouth. it is funny, like when i started covering the trump presidency, and that's a funny presidency to
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start from the set. permission to make an analogy? >> greg: absolutely. >> jesse: it's kind of like your first kiss as a supermodel. you set the bar really high and now we are covering biden, the presidency, if you can call it a presidency. i think we have shifted pretty gracefully to cover joe biden. we work together really well. if you have an off day, i carry the show. >> greg: yet. >> jesse: and i think that works and people enjoy it. >> greg: also, the ratings are amazing. you would think with a shift like that to go from the most interesting president, the ratings are skyrocketing. >> jesse: still dominating. >> greg: still dominating. geraldo, you are a tv legend. so you know how it works. you know what works and what doesn't. how did we manage to last ten years? >> geraldo: well, i think you are very unpredictable and i think the writing is excellent and you think you come up with great notions. i like the chemistry between you
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three main characters. i've always been in an awkward role here, an affiliate for juan williams as the oddball, quasi-progressive person. but it works. i don't mind being the foil from time to time. it's like kids news. [laughter] i was thinking about trey gowdy. doesn't he remind you of draco malfoy? i know that you've really become superstars in this universe and it is without question unequivocally a huge smash, big hit. your success is well-earned and it is undeniable. so i'm, i'm pleased to be here. >> dana: many doubters. >> greg: yes, there were. >> katie: there still are. >> greg: there still are. there was a guy who predicted we would be done in months. >> dana: there was a guy who told me not to unpack.
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[laughter] >> greg: katie, so your interaction, you are a regular coming in. what is year, i would like to get your input on working with our producers. >> katie: oh. >> greg: who we have not mentioned yet, who often prepare you and prepare us for the show. they deserve a lot of the gratitude and a lot of the success. >> katie: the outcome of the folks the scenes. [laughter] >> jesse: it was like pulling teeth right there. >> greg: spread around the credit for the success of the show. i think as you've seen over the course of ten years and you see throughout the week, there are so many amazing things like a plan for the show. things have to change a lot. breaking news changes things. weather changes things. the rain if we had something planned outside, for example, we can't do it because of the humidity or a massive thunderstorm that may be coming through. so the production team is
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amazing answering questions, giving extra information, briefing you on important topics, following the facts if you don't say something. dealing with greg mostly. i think that's the biggest challenge that they've had and they are very brave for doing that. >> dana: they are an excellent team. >> greg: maybe we are over using the phrase cancel culture. we are live. we are daring people every day by what we do. like, the people that hate this type of stuff listen to it hoping that we screw up. so we are right there on the front. we are live every day. we don't have the blessing of editing stuff out. see you actually have people that work for organizations and little blogs, hoping that one of us screws up and that they can -- >> dana: to that point, we back each other up. the audience backs us up and then we are backed up by the people that work here. >> greg: i'm often backed up.
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>> dana: there is a new medicine for that. so this elevation come as jesse said, we are going to celebrate all week. it's pretty cool. he has the amazing animals are great. you are not going to believe the amazing animals are great we have today. tomorrow there's a very special -- jesse's feeding frenzy. it will be amazing. i'm going to have a special edition of dana's sports corner. a special moment in "the five" history. there will be a couple of surprises. >> greg: oh, excellent. up next, liberal celebrate the fourth of july the only way they know how. ♪ ♪
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- had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. ♪ ♪ >> geraldo: hey, everybody. welcome back. still celebrating american freedom and of course my 78th birthday. some democrats and progressive media allies have turned this fourth of july into a bash america fest. cori bush is an example tweeting "when they say the fourth of july is about american
2:16 pm
freedom, remember this, the freedom they are referring to is for white people. this land is stolen, stolen land and black people still aren't free." maxine waters adds tweeting "the declaration of independence says all men are created equal. equal to what? only white men." it wasn't just congress, media outlets, and "the new york times," et cetera also taking shots at america. it's not a perfect country but every place i travel, people want to come here. >> greg: i understand this is from students. if you are in college, you have the peer pressure and professors that are constantly feeding you this garbage, right? it's when you get out of college, suddenly you realize that it's garbage and this is a great place. i get a paycheck. i can save money. i can work. there's all this opportunity. but these are politicians. these are "our leaders."
2:17 pm
and the belief in the media is that no one will take you seriously if you are a patriotic. if you are patriotic, it's a dog whistle for extremism. it's actually exclusionary to actually love your country. it's flipped. when we were younger, being patriotic was the norm and burning a flag was risky. now it's completely reversed. if you want to be accepted in the entertainment industry, in media, in academia, you have to trash this country. however, none of these critics would go anywhere else. they love what they get. they love all the benefits from trashing this country because that is what america is. but they are all come in my view they are disgusting. >> geraldo: be that as it may, it is very fashionable to criticize america. most disturbingly to me, the american flag, which was this icon of respect and affection, and something that brought us all together. it has suddenly become just another part of some kind of
2:18 pm
icon to throw around. >> dana: remember, they are saying these things as they are sitting members of congress, elected to congress, paid by the united states taxpayer, taxpayer dollars in order for them to have a salary, well, maxine waters might be a different story when we look into that financial situation. you have a choice of how you want to conduct yourself. when i think is happening here is it's fashionable but it also makes them money. if you bash america, it's great for retweets on twitter. and then you can use that for fund-raising. that's what's happening. just ignore that. don't feed into that. i think that would be a better thing. the thing that really bothers me is they will do things like this and then they will turn around in the next breath and they will say, well, how would you do polarize america? as if it was on the people who feel patriotic. >> geraldo: and jessie, it's true that the country as a place where there is tremendous
2:19 pm
inequality. however open, fair, free and the rest of it, and we always brag on it, you know, i live in cleveland, one of the poorest cities in america, and almost everybody living in those horrible neighborhoods is black. >> jesse: while you can also say good things about this country. it doesn't have to be picking scabs every single day. that's also a good advice, hello she says this land was stolen. this land wasn't stolen. we won this land on the battlefield and we bought it. right? we purchased spain. i mean we purchased florida from spain. we have the receipts. what, do you want to give florida back to spain? >> greg: how about the seminoles? >> jesse: what about it, geraldo? we won that territory on the battlefield. it was an ugly brutal battle but we won it. we are not just going to give everything back to the indigenous people of this country.
2:20 pm
no civilization, what, did the moors come into spain and conquer them for 800 years and people say oh, let's just give it back to spain? this is not reality. the other thing she said was this. she said that black people are not free. where? she represents st. louis, geraldo. they have a black police chief, mayor, nda in st. louis. and they have a black congresswoman. so are you saying these black leaders are to nine freedom to the black people of st. louis cluster mark that's insane. so what she is doing is she is trafficking hatred for money. i looked at her website. it's reparations, d phoned the police, and to the prisons, legalize crack. i feel sorry for her district because she is not serving the interests of her district. if she and i were to have dinner together, i think she would like me. i really do. i think i could convince her that we were good friends. >> greg: she is like your mom.
2:21 pm
>> katie: send it to her office. >> geraldo: we have vice president kamala harris, the first woman, first black woman. barack obama, historic figure. and yet, it seems as if the division since barack obama's tenure has only gotten more egregious. >> katie: i think it's important to look at who is doing the dividing, who is stoking that division. when congresswoman bush says that black people still aren't free, i think it really undermines the accomplishments of black americans. supreme court justice, clarence thomas for example. president barack obama, larry elder, ben carson, one of the best surgeons the world has ever known. this idea that they are downplaying all of the accomplishments of these people to keep up this divisive narrative, get some retweets, maybe get some card-carrying member of the new squad in the house. it really downplays not just the
2:22 pm
progress that we've made as a country, but also the progress that american, black americans have made for their communities and for their country when it comes to fixing what you say is inequality in these communities. i recommend people read "white guilt." it talks about these problems that have persisted for decades under black leadership. that is something i think people have to start talking about. >> geraldo: i also think that the greatest civil right is a job with the possibility for promotion and other benefits. i believe in free enterprise system. you know, it is, i just want to quickly say, to your points, any time i criticize any of you, i get picked up in the various media. that's a recipe -- >> dana: we know. we are aware. thank you. >> geraldo: the streets are running red with blood this fourth of july at a horrific
2:23 pm
crime wave that is only getting worse. we'll be back. ♪ ♪
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and swelling at the injection site, muscle pain, tiredness, headache, shivering, fever, and upset stomach. talk to your pharmacist or doctor about protecting yourself with shingrix. shingles doesn't care. but we do. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: major cities rocked by massive bloodshed this fourth of july weekend. nearly 260 people reportedly shot and killed across the country and almost 700 people were wounded in total. at the epicenter of this out-of-control violence, chicag. the windy city saw its most violent weekend of the year, at least 100 people were shot, including children and 18 people were killed. other crimes way up too, like in san francisco where a group of thieves looted a high-end department store and no one even tried to stop them. the city is being rocked by a shoplifting epidemic right now.
2:28 pm
greg, the only thing that is really going to stop the bleeding is you just have to arrest, prosecute, and then incarcerate the shooters. i just don't understand why the local authorities just don't do that. it's that simple. >> greg: i honestly believe that this is a political strategy. because the media and the democrats are empowered together. they got the guy in the white house. they are in control. so any time you acknowledge crime, a kind of puts it on them. so they don't want, they don't want it. they are choosing politics over people. they are okay with all the shootings and stuff rather than accepting responsibility and fixing it. so we have to trick them into caring. >> jesse: how do we do that? >> greg: we have to say that we are on their side. we should say you know what? i'm totally for the shootings. you know what? go to nordstrom's. what i'm saying is they don't care about this stuff because we care. this is a political choice on their part. this is a team sport decision on
2:29 pm
the democrats and the media. he copied the school in journalism and said that there is no spike in violence. it's like, oh, it's not raining so there must not ever be rain. she is dumb enough now to be on cnn prime time. i think the only way to do it is we have to be, we have to take their stance and force them to take hours. that's only way. >> jesse: geraldo, 100 people as we said shot in chicago over the weekend. it says nearly all cases, no suspects were taken into custody. what does that tell you? >> geraldo: welcome it tells you that there is no cooperation with the system, with the authorities. but i think this is a very, very deep, what is happening here. this is a crime wave that is affecting black people in america in a way that is so profoundly destructive. it is the number one cause of death, homicide is the number one cause of death of black men up to the age of 44.
2:30 pm
homicide is the number one cause of death. we've got to absorb that. i really believe that they don't mention it because it is too difficult. they have no, no way, no ideas to fix it without stop and frisk and roadblocks and traffic stops and so forth. i really do think that this is a crisis that will mark this era in our lives. this is the civil rights issue of our time. the death within the black community. all of those murders. you talk about in chicago, you don't say. everyone of them was blacker the shooter and the victim were all black. i mean, at what point does president biden and all of the democrats and everyone else -- go they've got to recognize that this is a crisis. >> jesse: and katie, the people in these neighborhoods, especially chicago, practically begging the authorities to help them to send help to bring more
2:31 pm
police into solve these murders. and they are just getting ignored. >> katie: because a lot of the media racialized everything. so now they have equated good policing with racism. and therefore, everybody is kind of throwing up their hands and going, yeah, there is crime wave, but i don't want to get in the middle of being politically incorrect or feel like i'm going to get called a racist for doing my job. and therefore, things been completely out of control in the communities that geraldo is talking about here but this is a direct result of a lack of deterrence. there is no incentive not to be a criminal right now and no consequences. i went into a walgreens in new york city last week and was watching these guys just carry stuff out of the store, leaving with stuff out of the store. i was looking at the cashier's, who were not white, by the way. here they are working and honest job. they are trying to make a living. the manager is just beside himself. people just walking out the door. where is the justice for those people who are doing the right thing, working a real job.
2:32 pm
they are completely victimized by this entire system and the politicians who want more money for crime bailouts and he refused to address the problem. >> jesse: it didn't happen, dana. >> dana: the other thing is that you talked about the things that need to happen. a deterrence issue is of a one here today, governor cuomo announced a big executive order that he's going to go after guns, gun violence. okay, this is actually what the anti-crime task force used to do. if you look at the, like a 5-year-old can figure out the cause and effect here. it's not that hard. but one thing that is really strange and greg hit on it, is that the white house, the two issues that are pulling them down the most are crime and immigration on those two issues. and i mean, i'm talking like 31% approval for the immigration. crime is way down as well. so the fact that they sit back and do nothing, one, it doesn't
2:33 pm
make any political sense. >> jesse: i would bet that that is the number one issue facing americans in this country. over crime perhaps. >> traffic. >> jesse: geraldo, trust me, not killing people but killing us in another way. the wait is finally over. a new book is out and i'm told "the five" has a big surprise for me. o-oh, next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> katie: breaking news. the world has just been saved. jessie's new book is on bookshelves today. we finally get to read what he wrote about us.
2:38 pm
congratulations. i saw your fox & friends interview. i thought it was great. >> jesse: thank you. how does it feel to finally have this book out in the world? >> jesse: it feels like to have more credibility with my liberal family. published author, fox news host, much better in the water's household. so before i remember talking to you as you are starting to write the book and you are a little bit intimidated by the project, the idea of the length of something. what was it that was most surprising for you? what did you learn doing it? was it as hard? >> jesse: i'm actually a better writer than i thought. i opened it up for the first time today and started reading it. i was like, did i write that? i was really short, waters. but i first was nervous. like i said, how long it was going to take. i happened to time it right during the pandemic. not on purpose. not a conspiracy theory.
2:39 pm
but it just so happened i started it two months before the china virus and just had nothing else to do but write. that's when i really had to buckle down. because there's no excuses. >> dana: there are no. >> greg: was it easy or hard for you to report on your anecdotes in your book question must be to one of the things i like talking about most is myself. >> greg: right. that's clear. >> jesse: it was easy but this was part memoir, part concession. i can look at videos. i can look at transcript and say did i release say that? the one i really loved it. there was somebody else who loved it. i think she's calling it now. dr. and is on. >> jesse: oh, my gosh. i've never been nervous on television until now. >> i suspect that just for a second when you thought about a surprise guest, that you had
2:40 pm
hoped this might be a congratulatory message from a former white house. alas, it's your mother. >> jesse: you set alas and chagrin. >> i'm calling, honey buns, should tell you that we love you endlessly and to tell you how profoundly proud your father and i are of you and of this book and to quote dana, it is so, so funny and so smart and without question so entirely republican. [laughter] >> jesse: i can hear you about to cry. >> tears at our multiple and ineffective efforts to shape you up. >> you did all right. >> dana: we want to know what it was like when you read the how i saved my mom chapter.
2:41 pm
it's so fun and funny and hilarious. what was a like for you when you look back on all those? to see the responses? >> well, i took issue with the clumping of all those mom texts into one chapter. because their delivery was clearly spread out over the duration of an entirely tumultuous administration. you know that it's very cathartic for me to send off my verbal message and then be done with it. but in that mom texts chapter, you answer my texts. and i don't know how i feel about that. i feel, jesse watters, that from my perspective, a good many of them just constituted fake news. [laughter] >> jesse: i'm feeling very uncomfortable right now. is there anything else you want to say, mom? >> i just want you to listen
2:42 pm
carefully to dana. >> dana: [laughs] >> close enough so that she can squeeze your hand whenever you venture too close to that ideological cliff. >> jesse: oh, my god. >> just know that we are so overwhelmingly proud of how you've saved the world. and happy birthday to "the five." >> dana: thank you. thanks so much for calling in. >> jesse: mom, i love you too and you did a lot better than i thought you'd do with your first tv appearance? >> dana: we'd love to have you back. thanks so much. >> jesse: no, we are good. [laughter] >> dana: but they are so proud. i hope that everyone gets a chance to read it. katie, any thoughts? >> katie: they are very funny. i want to thank jesse. he took a lot of time to write me this long note. it says "katie, enjoy." thanks, jesse.
2:43 pm
>> geraldo: you and i were fighting over immigration. it was very emotional and i was very much at odds with you. you submitted on the air that your mom agreed with me. >> jesse: the whole segment was supposed to be about my book and now it's about my mom. >> geraldo: it better because we barely talked about what's in the book. >> dana: congratulations. >> jesse: thank you, guys. >> dana: animals are great live in addition along with some amazing dogs to celebrate "the five" turning 10. ♪ ♪ >> congrats to everyone's favorite hour of what we consider on air therapy.
2:44 pm
and greg gutfeld, remember, you are nothing without dana perino. congrats.g coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> katie: welcome back.
2:48 pm
we finally made it outside. we were supposed to be out here all day but there was some weather. we will be outside for the rest of the week if weather permits. but now it's time for -- that's right. a live edition of animals are great. we've got trick dog champions to show off their skills. beasley, derby, and their friend. the pros take it away and introduce the dogs. >> hi, guys. >> happy anniversary. >> thank you. >> let's do it. >> dana: okay, so that super impressive, his agility. >> jesse: whoa! oh, look at the little guy. [laughter] >> greg: right now they are trying to find a bathroom.
2:49 pm
i wouldn't know what to do. >> dana: animals are really great. whoa! >> greg: that dog is fired. what happens if the dog doesn't do a trick? does he get grounded? >> dana: okay, let's see what we got here. okay. >> oh! wahoo! >> might be a little easier to hoist up there. >> oh, my god, so great. >> katie: we've been told that we may recognize petunia. he has been in a bunch of commercials. >> he has been, yes. >> dana: they are like the most popular, one of the most popular dogs. >> they are, they are. >> greg: terrible gas, correct? >> dana: how do you know that? >> greg: i'm in a focus group with them.
2:50 pm
>> katie: he is smaller than this one obviously. >> she loves treats. we are not going to make dogs do what they are not going to be able to thrive in. we are going to put dogs where they belong so they can really enjoy their work. >> jesse: are these drug sniffing dogs also? asking for a friend. what kind of dog is that? >> it's a border collie. he is two years old. i also have his little brother that you saw earlier. >> dana: the one in the cages like excuse me. >> that's the thing with border collie's. they are always ready to work. this is our pug. she is probably one of the most active pugs you are ever going to meet. it's different per dog. it can be anywhere from a couple of hours to weeks on end. it's about developing that bond with your dog that they can really learn to enjoy the work.
2:51 pm
>> jesse: can i dispel a myth for a second? is it true that you can't teach old dogs new tricks? >> number all. >> jesse: i knew it because people say that about me all the time. >> no, that is not true at all. >> katie: is it easier to learn when they are younger or does it not matter? >> if they want to do it, they will absolutely do it for you. >> katie: what is their favorite trick? can we see some more of those? >> she wants to jump over her. just get -- yep. >> jesse: all, this is going to stay online for a while. >> over, up. >> oh! >> dana: animals are so great.
2:52 pm
can you give a high five? >> there you go. >> good job. good boy. >> dana: your turn! >> jesse: that was great. >> dana: next up, i'm going to get on fox & friends. "one more thing." ♪ ♪
2:53 pm
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♪ ♪ >> greg: time now for one more thing jesse. >> jesse: time for jesse's feeding frenzy, everybody. let's hope you are hungry. >> greg: we are. >> jesse: today is national fried chicken day and now we have some chicken from marie's dad's restaurant marie is a producer on the show. palace restaurant in manhattan. apparently you can make fried chicken three different ways
2:57 pm
breaking news pan fried pressure trying and deep trying. is this a thigh or a breast, greg? >> greg: i'm not going to answer that i like the drumstick. >> jesse: dig. in i know you are hungry gri, dana. >> dana: i have lipstick on. >> jesse: also, speaking of hungry, i got an appetite for "tucker carlson tonight" at 8:00. i will be there to talk about my new book. >> greg: there you go. >> dana: speaking of feeding frenzy. your next one so i want you to see this. check out the way this guy dumps his cookie in the milk by doing a flip. this is shquan a man behind this impressive. he dips it in there and does -- lands it, nails it. i want to wish a very happy birthday to president george w. bush 75 years old today. so happy birthday to you. >> jesse: happy birthday. geraldo, you guys share the same birthday? when is your birthday?
2:58 pm
>> dana: 4th. independence day. >> dana: happy birthday. gerald gerald what terrible is the expresidents are younger than i am. is it my one more thing? >> greg: how dare you, geraldo, let's do this. ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great ♪ >> greg: it is bogey hot out here. and how do i want to be this guy? check him out. he knows. [laughter] that's what they call a raccoon. and there he is, i would pay good money to be him right now. stripped down, lie on that thing for hours. oh, does that feel good. >> dana: we can arrange that on one of those subway grates. >> greg: that is why animals are great. geraldo? gerald gerald my children are more cultured than i am. my daughter simone in the prestigious museum of new york. katie noland a renowned artist t
2:59 pm
who does post modern conceptual sculpting and art. she is great. so today my youngest of my five went to see her daddy in the museum of modern art and then my beloved wife erika also checked out and it's quite humbling to get a piece of immortality there in the museum of modern art. >> dana: i think you are modern not post modern. gerald gerald i'm pretty post modern. i'm free modern. >> katie: take selfies of geraldo. >> greg: go for it katie. >> katie: fourth of july awesome situation where u.s. army buddy actually used a skeleton to helped raise the flag for 4th of july. he was injured following a spinal core situation. he can't walk anymore. he was able to help raise the flag for patriotism on independence day. in new orleans. thank you for that on a good video especially on a patriotic
3:00 pm
weekend. >> dana: happy anniversary. >> greg: that's it for us. we are celebrating "the five's" 10 year anniversary. "special report" is up next. hello mike emanuel. >> mike: "the five" turns 10. happy anniversary. >> jesse: thank you. >> mike: good evening from washington. i'm mike emanuel in for bret baier. we are covering a number of big stories. the death rate is rising at the site of the collapse condo towers in south florida. much of that state is bracing for what could be damaging rain and winds from tropical storm possibly hurricane he will. is a president biden is urging americans who have not been vaccinated to take the shot and says the delta variant of the coronavirus may be more dangerous than the original. we begin tonight with america's crime crisis a bloody fourth of july weekend and at least 267 people killed in shooting incidents. in chicago, 18 people were killed in shootings involving at


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