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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 7, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> thank you, great to see you. >> tucker: a new episode in our document or series is out, it's called "surviving disorder."." it's really good, we can say that. it is on we will be that, every night, 8:00 p.m., the show that is the sworn and sincere enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. have a great night, sean hannity takes over now. >> sean: i like sworng, and i like sincere. this is perfect and that is the truth, i'll add that to the list.ct tucker, great show, thank you. welcome to "hannity," tonight we are tracking multiple breaking stories, miranda devine, she will be here. we have a brand-new report on one of the sleaziest, mostt corrupt families in america. that would be the bidens andli only the media tech mob gives them a pass because we also have a two-tiered justiceob system in america. sadly i report that tonight. one for democrats, one for republicans, we will explain. i do have good news. a patriotic moment that will put chills down your spine. that's straight ahead.
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but also tonight, the world isut growing more hostile by the day. haiti's president was just assassinated, a massive explosion rocked the port in dubai. russia attacking american businesses while every other day it seems, china nowi. threatenig to destroy bases, invade taiwan for "reunification," the iranians are back enriching uranium at a rapid pace. can whoever is in charge at tha place, 1600 pennsylvania avenue, can you please to something, anything at thisis point? we now have 57% of americans believe that people other than joe biden are actually running the white house and when you think of the media blackout of joe's cognitive weakness, that number would beou staggering and people who are seeing the things we show you every night. we have a lot more coming up, senator john kennedy of louisiana but first tonight, president trump is fighting back
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against big tech and today he announced a brand-new class action lawsuit against facebook, twitter, and google.e. watch this. >> we are asking the u.s. district court for. the southern district of florida to order an immediate halt to social media companies's illegal, shameful censorship of the american people and that's exactly what they're doing. we are demanding an end to the shadow banning, a stop to the silencing and a stop to the blacklisting, banishing, andd canceling that you know so well. if they can do it to me, they can do it to anyone, and in fact that is exactly what theyy are doing. they are taking people off who don't even realize they were taken off. they have no idea why they are taken off. >> sean: a team of high-powered attorneys, president trump is now taking aim at what we have discussed at length on this program, section 230 protections.
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it's enjoyed by many big tech giants because supposedly they don't involve themselves in editorial, but in reality they do. this section 230 is a legal liability shield and it protects these platforms -- they are not content providers anymore, they are editors -- from being held liable for the content posted by their users, but they edit. but other twitter, facebook, youtube, et e cetera, are all editorializing content with so-called fact-checkers and everything. fact checks the fact-checkers? and warning labels even suspensions for things they deem inaccurate even when they're wrong or not up to their political standards, then w shouldn't these tech companies be treated like any other news editorial outlet?ld after all, even fake news cnn, msdnc, the three broadcast networks, "new york times," "washington post," they don't fall under the section 230 umbrella. they don't have that liability protection.
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member the same social media companies censored what wasme now -- we now know was completely accurate. that was "the new york post" reporting about hunter biden's laptop from hell before the election. why did they do it? to protect joe biden and hurt donald trump. you can't even begin to quantify in terms of dollar donations how much in-kind money that meant to joe biden's campaign. and now the president of the united states, donald trump, has banished completely. he is banned from twitter and facebook and youtube, but guess was not banished?tu look at this, the supreme leader of iran. that's right. the ayatollah. he frequently tweets about death to america, death to israel, often calls for the extermination of "the jews," state-sponsored terrorism. at jacket twitter, i guess are
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happy to have him.ue iran's mouthpiece is also on twitter, he's also very active. multiple fake news propaganda outlets run byal the communist party of a china. a few months ago while conservatives -- yes, a lot of my friends -- were getting band left and right, my team won't even let me have access to my social media and haven't for a long time but as conservatives were being censored for tweetint about, oh, the wuhan lab leak, chinese propaganda accounts were spreading an insane conspiracy theory actually accusing the united states and our soldiers of personally planting covid in wuhan.r in the virology lab they had access to that? at jacket twitter, care to comment? by the way, notorious anti-semite racist louis farrakhan, he's also still on twitter. he's not been banned. you know, despite rhetoric about the white devil and "jewish termite," anti-semitism, there's
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something fundamentally wrong with it company that bands are duly elected president of the united states but gives an enormous platform to america's foreign enemies and other distributable individuals. and as president trump just stated, if the tech giants can sense of the president, there's nothing stopping them from doing it to you. as a matter fact, they are here with more, the author of "the case against him censorship," harvard law a professor alan dershowitz along with fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. both of you are very bright legal minds. i will defer to you on this. professor, i will start with you.o class action suitsn are usually difficult. we know that. my understanding is you have some of the tobacco attorneys involved in that class action suit involved in this case. it seems like a strong case, but obviously nothing is a slam-dunk. >> this is the most important
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first amendment case of the 21st century andan it's importat because it pits freedom of speech on the one hand against the first amendment on the other hand. that may sound paradoxical but remember, it's the high tech giants that are banning freedom of speech. they are censoring, but they're claiming the right to do so under the first amendment, so they're using the first amendment as a sword against freedom of speech.'r that's why i call this the new censorship. the old censorship was easy to fight. it was the government censoring, we had the first amendment on our side. i argued part of the pentagon papers case, thehe chicago seven -- we won all those cases because we had the first amendment on our side but the tech giants are now claiming the first amendment gives them the right to censor. that is the first amendment which is designed to open the market place of ideas now being used as a sword to close the marketplace of ideas to anybody
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who disagrees with the giant tech people. that is why this is such an important case, there's never been a case like this previously presented. there are case of precedents going both ways and no one can predict what the outcome would be what i think it will be a great, great educational experience for americans to see the first amendment put on trial. >> sean: gregg jarrett, that's a pretty profound statement that professor made. this is the most important case of the 21st century in terms of a first amendment case, do you agree with that assessment? >> 100%. i mean, the argument that trump makes in his lawsuit is a compelling one. the first amendment free-speech principal should apply to private big tech goliaths because they are not so private and in fact they have been behaving as a de facto arm of government agents and agenciesac
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and received enormous benefits bestowed on them by congress to which inner billions of dollars worth of liability and immunity, and so i think that this is a solid argument tot be presented in court, but more importantly, it opens the door to what clarence thomas has argued, that these companies are unlawful monopolies, they should be strictly regulated and treated as common characters of public utilities and that is the only way to stop the repression of ideas and information otherwise known as freeep speech. the other alternative more aggressive, which i've argued for months in columns and on your program is that because they are unlawful monopolies, they need to be broken up into pieces. they protect a partisan allies, they punish political opponents, there is no question that under any antitrust analysis they are not bullies by virtue of their
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sheer size, the tyranny they exert in their anticompetitive practices, so i think that would be the best solution of all. >> sean: when you think of the iranians -- >> first amendment doesn't -- >> sean: gons ahead, professor. >> the first amendment doesn't always protect the speaker, donald trump. it protects you and me, the listener, the viewer, and what's happening now is big tech is a p depriving us, the american citizens, of the right to hear and see information because if it's banned from the social media, we have no access to it and that's why this is such an important case involving every citizen and it's not only president trump that's been banned, i've been banned. i had a debate with bobby kennedy. here you have two liberal democrats debating, i debated in favor of more vigorous vaccination, he was more skeptical of vaccination. they took down the debate. they didn't like what he said so they took down the debate andd
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they deprived the american public of the right to see a very thoughtful, educational debate. and they're doing it more and more and if they're not stopped, this will be the end of freedom of speech as we know it because these companies now control the market place of ideas. >> sean: gregg, we've got about 30 seconds, you get the ofinal word. >> well, these tech goliaths are behaving identically to the railroad barons in the oil tycoons of a century ago and teddy roosevelt moved to break them up and succeeded in doing so. several decades ago, same thing with at&t, abusive monopolistic practices. this selective censorship of ideas with which you disagree is abhorrent, it needs to stop, and the only way to do it, i think, because congress won't do it, is through the federal court system and ultimately thet, united stas
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supreme court and i think they will be amenable to the very arguments that clarence thomas has conveyed in a recent opinion on this. >> sean: you guys are phenomenal, great analysis, thank you both for being with us. tonight, remember, when almost everyone in the democratic party -- remember they were calling voter i.d. racist and jim i crow 2.0? all of a sudden prominent democrat james clyburn says that he was always in j favor of votr i.d. really? we will fact check this. >> i got [indiscernible] when i go to vote and that is voter i.d. we are always for voter i.d. we were never for disproportionate voter i.d. i don't know of a single who is against i.d. and themselves when
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they go to vote. >> sean: oh, really? may be, i don't know, the suspicious nature i have, may be new polling numberson are drivig this dramatic democratic turnaround because last fallre james clyburn actually tweeted the following period of "long voting lines closed polling locations, voter i.d. laws. they're all voter suppression." his colleagues joined him in bashing voter i.d. laws, particularly the new election law that is more inclusive than delaware, that would be the new law in georgia. stacey abrams cost that state, according to estimates, $100 million by calling it jim crow 2.0. joe biden said the same, called it the law jim crow of the 21st century.n they joined a chorus of democrats who called voter verification measures racist. watch. >> some of these voter suppression laws in georgia and other republican states smack of jim crow, rearing its ugly head
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once again. >> president biden: it is the most pernicious thing. this makes jim crow look like jim eagle. i mean, this is gigantic what they're trying to do. >> the resurgence of jim crow-style voter suppression measures across state legislatures. >> what we are seeing in georgia right now and in other states run the country in those 361 restrictive laws that have been opposed is beyond a rainstorm, it is a tsunami threatening democracy. >> president biden: parts of our country are backsliding to the days of jim crow. >> sean: really, jim crow joe? what all these democrats are failing to mention but we will tell you the truth, delaware's jolting voting laws. joe has were presented delaware for probably 500,, 5,000 years, who knows at this point. the laws of delaware are far more restrictive than georgia's new so-called jim crow 2.0
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racist new rules. of far more inclusive in georgia, far more accessible for voting in georgia. the state of georgia, their new law, that mandates 17 days of in person early voting. that's accessibility. delaware has 0 in person early voting. in georgia, anybody without any reason can vote absentee. in delaware you must meet specific requirements. you need to give a reason. in georgia they have drop boxes for absentee ballots. they are available at county election offices all throughout the state. delaware has no drop boxes for absentee ballots.ff both states, interestingly, require voter i.d. but delaware is run by democrats and it's joe biden's home state and he hasn't lifted a finger in the 5,000 years he's represented that state to make voting more accessible. as a mattero fact, the state of
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delaware is one of the most restrictive states in terms of voting accessibility. ivi've been saying this. this is important. this needs to be donety this ye, before 2022 andd the important midterms. five things that i think every american of goodwill would want for our elections, to ensure integrity in our elections that we all can have confidence in the results. one would be voter photo i.d. two, signature verification. three, when people mail in ballots and they are obtained, we got to have chain of custody integrity. both sides should be able to watch where those ballots go an records kept. four, got to update the voter rolls every election, make them current. and five, most states have statutory legal language that allows partisan observers from all political sides and they provide them an opportunity to watch the vote count. that needs to happen.
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it didn't happen in 2020, needs to happen. up close, start to finish, the entire account. i no counting behind closed doors. and of course more and more top democrats are about to suddenly abandon their positions on voter i.d. laws. look at this. new poll numbers show you, the american people, overwhelmingly support these measures. as a matter of fact, 80% according to this is the same reason many democrats are now abandoning this big power grab of theirs and their precious d from the police movement. as it turns out, yeah, americans believe in law and order and safety and security and now top democrats, they are actually laughably trying to accuse republicans of wanting to defund the police, a claim that even the liberal "washington post" had to give a bunch of pinocchios two. remember, local democrats are the ones that slashed police budgets. they are the ones that said reimagine law enforcement. they're the ones that defunded
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police departments or cut their budgets significantly. new york city, they got rid of posting any bail whatsoever. you get arrested, they process you and they will let you out to go rob another bank even. five times in one case. the city also dropped all charges against hundreds of rioters and looters and we have actually real evidence, overwhelming, incontrovertible obtains, pictures, and it's not just new york. after a wild shoplifting spree in san francisco, n one former mayoral candidate isa finally standing up to the far left democrats who run his city. take a look. >> this is the far left wing governed city. there is virtually no conservative -- even centrist candidates, especially on the city this city is controlled completely by left-wing ideologues. >> sean: sadly the radical left won't stop at defunding local police.
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they also want to defund anyone, everyone, who protect our take a look. >> their answer to that question is we must illuminate funding for their parent organization dhs. time after time we have seen it as advocates on the ground -- continue to see over and over again that these agencies are inapt. >> sean: according to white house press secretaryge jen psaki, its republicans. they are the ones defunding law enforcement. it's almost as if she's lying. she is lying. defund, dismantle, no bail, no prosecution, no enforcement of the law, that's the new green deal socialist platform that her boss is pushing and supporting. joining us now with more, fox news contributor leo 2.0 terrel. nationally syndicated radio host larry elder. i don't know if you read what i read. i read today that larry, our
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friend, mutual friend, might be -- i had not known this secret until today. is that any truth to that? >> well, larry? >> that would be for larry. >> first i must say, sean, that was an excellent model it and that is exactly why am considering running this race -- to get rid of this governor gavin newsom. i'm asking people to drop me an email, let me know what you think. but sean, the race card has got to stop. you're right about these numbers. that's why clyburn has done a 180. the numbers show that blacks want voter i.d. too, blacks do not want to defund the police either, they are the ones who will be disproportionally hurt by this and whenever they want to win an argument as gavin newsom is trying to do with this recall election, they say it's because of trump's a white nationalists. do i look like a white nationalist to you? this is outrageous and the
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democrats are using blacks as malcolm x used to say as political chumps to advance whatever issue they want to advance. it you don't like voter i.d.? call it racist. you don't like the police? say anybody who's opposed to -- anybody who wants to back the police, they arean racist. you don't likeke critical race theory? you're a racist. this is sickening and it's got to stop andac we are going to sp it right here in california, god willing, if i enter this race, sean. >> sean: leo 2.0 terrel, are you going to support larry if he runs? >> come and! let me see. yes! yes! i am! yes, we need -- >> sean: look at that! larry, we never would have thunk it, let's put it that way. leo, let's get your response. >> jim clyburn did do a 180, let's call that what it is. he's lying. he is reversing -- he's a liar. the white house is lying, stacey
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abrams is lying. you don't hear jim crow 2.0 anymore because the polls don't lie. what they did was this. they allowed aoc, rashida tlaib, omar, to lead the democratic party over the cliff they're going to get annihilated that the midterms. they know it and they can't backtrack. joe biden was in chicago today.e was he talking about crime? no, he's pushing more and morejo and more government spending. crime is an issue in this country and to defund the police is anti-american, and more important, you listed five things, sean, that you think are appropriate for election. it didn't have any motivation by color. it was five things that were color-blind! and that's what's driving the democrats over the cliff. they see race in everything! >> sean: i just wish we would get to the point. yes, the color-blind society that we all believe in naturalou law, we are all created by god and the human experience is one of okay, one's heart, good or
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evil. we all make choices. larry, we will be watching that very closely, you have your first endorsement.e more russian cyberattacks against the u.s. infrastructure. joe biden saying he will personally deliver a message to vladimir putin. i'm sure he's shaking in his boots. senator john kennedy, he is a trip.ut and we have some good news tonight, patriotism that i hope catches on for the sake of the country. straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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yes! hold on. get a powerful and secure connection you can count on. only with xfinity xfi. and see f9 only in theaters. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: now a shocking story out of haiti tonight where
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♪ ♪ >> sean: now a shocking story out of haiti tonight where president was assassinated by a squad of gunmen and his wife wounded in an overnight rate at their home. the killing has sparked unrest,a chaos, confusion, in a country that is already grappling with violent crime and poverty in protests against authoritarian rule. we will have more straight ahead but also tonight iran is raising more concerns after they now say they have further enriched their uranium. state apartment spokesperson ned price said it was "another unfortunate step backwards." well, actually, it's more predictable than unfortunate. this is what a weak foreign policy begets. it emboldens our enemies. but remember, if this it administration, they want to go back to the most insane iranian nuclear deal ever and want to go back to the status quo and not hold tehran accountable for its export of terror as the world's number one state sponsor of terrorism and their refusal to ever negotiate in good faith, you know, anyplace, anytime inspections, that would be a
11:29 pm
pretty good start. meanwhile, still little clarity from team biden amid a wave of cyberattacks against u.s. cyber but don't worry, biden said after he took his time, ordered his ice cream i'm late because they were just briefing me and -- what am i going to do about it -- they made me write it down. let me read it. i will personally deliver the message to vladimir putine himself. when asked about his plans to send the russiandi leader, whatever that means, anyway, then look at china tonight. remember russia and china are providing iranians weapons to fight their proxy war in the middle east. if that is a dangerous trifecta there.e. but in china, beijing is making more threats. their geographical ambitions are on full display. now they are threatening the united states, they are threatening war to any u.s. action defending taiwan.
11:30 pm
they are planning on reunification with taiwan and ask yourself, what weight to any of biden's words carry when they see his struggles, when they see his lack of mental acuity, alertness, awareness, and when they see his s lack of a clear foreign policy vision. here know what the reaction, louisiana senator john kennedy. all right, so you've got cyberattacks from russia, iranians enriching again. you've got russia and china providing the iranians arms and china is now saying yeah, we're going for reunification just like they shut down hong kong, it's about to get worse and if you mess with us we have 1.5 billion people and we will take out your military sites. what's joe going to do, senator? >> i don't understand president biden's foreign policy. he keeps talking about rule-based order.. i don't know what that means.
11:31 pm
nobody is opposed to rules-based order. that would be like opposing golden retrievers, but don't know what it means. the question he needs to be asking is what does american want from its foreign policy. i know what i want. i want a foreign policy that helps create an america in which people can continue to prosper and americans can live their lives as they see fit and as a moral and supple on for that for every other country. how do you achieve that? to rules. number one, don't be a bully, and number two, don't tolerate bullies. i'm talking about iran and russia and china. how do you achieve that? weakness invites the wars. the reason bullies fear us is because america is the strongest country militarily in all of human history. we are also the wealthiest country in all of human history. we need to maintain it. president biden is undermining it. he's proposing massive tax increases, which will destroy wealth. he spent and is to stop a presid biden told wha serious cyber attack. two wrongs don't make it right but they do make it even. number two, he needs to i read - president biden needs to reimpose sanctions on the north stream 2..
11:32 pm
you mentioned iran.n. iran knows what we m want. no nuclear warhead, no missile technology, and stop exportingpr terrorism. president biden needs to givezi iran six months. we will continue to talk with them but no more than six months and if iran doesn't agree with additional sanctions,s
11:33 pm
president biden needs to hit them so hard that even google can't find them. china -- >> sean: let me ask you this. >> go ahead. >> sean: putin gets a waiver to build his pipeline simultaneously canceling jobs at the keystone pipeline. the iranians, he lifts the
11:34 pm
sanctions and to be very honest, i think it now becomes a pivotam question, is there a good chance that the 1.5 billion dollar bank of china deal that zero-experience hunter got might have compromised the biden family with china and what will joe do when the reunification with taiwan comes, senator and my last part is, 57% of americans, 50% of independents, a third of democrats believe joy is not running the show. do you believe he's running the show? a [indiscernible]. >> i -- i -- i don't know. i judge them and by his actions. president biden is responsible whether he's running the show or not. and i can tell you with respect to china, it's also true with iran and russia, weakness invites the wolves. he wants to get president xi's attention and china,
11:35 pm
president biden should do two things immediately. number one, he should negotiate and sign a trade agreement with taiwan. wow. that will get china's attention. and number two, he needs to publicly back australia. australia has tried to stand up to china. china is boycotting all australian goods and australian sends a lot of its exports to china. we need to come to the aid of australia and we need to speak loudly and clearly and tell the european union we expect their help. >> sean: i don't see -- i agree with much of your analysis. i don't see it happening. >> there's one other thing we can do, sean. >> sean: last word, go ahead. >> this is going to be t controversial. we need -- america needs to vaccinate the world. you don't have to take the vaccine if you don't want it, but it's the right thing to do and it will make friends all over the world and every vial, every syringe needs to have
11:36 pm
"made in the usa" on it. >> sean: i think for the sake of the world to give people that option, that shows once again -- i would argue we showed it all throughout our history, we abuse power less than any great country. we advance the human condition, we share such invention and innovation scientifically, medically, with other countries for free. >> let's show the world --ci les show what american leadership is all about. >> sean: senator, thank you. coming up, emails from hunter biden's laptop from hell reveal -- yeah, while he was profiting off his father's name, he was also paying joe biden's bills. while he was vice president. we will explain, get reaction, miranda devine, lara trump and a moment that will make you proud to be an american. straight ahead. ♪ ♪ lives of six million jews
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♪ ♪ >> sean: the more we learn about hunter biden and the biden family born crime syndicate, the more the mob and the media and of course big tech mob wants to pretend like the story doesn't even exist, like it never happened, because in another new explosive report from "the new york post," miranda devine, she has a book comingha out on this, i can't wait to see it, texts from hunter's hard drive from hell actually show hunter whining that he had to pay for "everything for this entire family for 30 years." could have spent that money on crack, i guess. apparently he's paying daddy's bills while daddy was vice president. as other documents reveal, hunter was reportedly paying for his father's cell phone bills, household bills, you name it. but the bizarre developments surrounding biden don'tt stop
11:42 pm
there is a new report is revealing high-powered consulting firm called "west exec," they are staffing a byesu demonstration. secretary of state blinken, jen psaki and previous roles -- all had previous roles at west exec. and as the intercept explains, "west exec clients have controversial interests in tech and defense that intersect with the policies, their former consultants are now in a position to set and to execute." ask yourself, replace the name biden with donald trump, how do you think the media mob will be covering it?s here with reaction, fox news contributor lara trump along with "new york post" columnist, fox news contributor, miranda devine. let's start with the news, miranda. so we had joe biden three times, he never once talked to hunter about his foreign business dealings but now we have pictures to prove he went out to dinner with him.
11:43 pm
now we got hunter whining that he's paying daddy's bills while daddy is vice president with the money he's making thanks to his connection to daddy. i will ask lara about what if it was trump but the obvious question is why won't anyone cover this?pr >> look, i don't know, and i think that eventually t they wil have to cover it and then the white house will have to respond. the evidence is just overwhelming on the a laptop and the latest story i that you've just mentioned is really quite significant because we've already laid out a lot of the meetings that joe biden had with hunter biden's foreign business associates. many of them we have photographs from five of them and we've written a lot of stories about that and that's just incontrovertible now and that goes against joe biden's repeated claims that he knew nothing about hunter biden's business dealings, but what's
11:44 pm
significant about this new story is that we found emails and documents on the laptop that show that hunter biden wasn't giving money -- paying bills to his father for his father -- >> sean: isn't that nice. >> about $180 a month, but also maintenance and upkeep on his very lavish home that he has in wilmington, delaware. and the thing about joe biden is although he says that he is always maintaining he is the poorest member of congress, he does have champagne tastes.ea he lives in a magnificent mansion and he dresses very well and he has a lovely holiday house. so he's never lacked for anything. >> sean: no. the lawsuit today dovetails nicely into this, lara. good to see you, welcome back. but i think of the trump last name and i think things would be very different. "the new york post" was right
11:45 pm
before the election.po that story was censored. that was the biden protection -- candidate protection program. i don't care if it's lying on a gun application, smoking crack, seeing prostitutes, putting guns and dumb stars, i don't care if it's money from russia, kazakhstan, ukraine, or china if the last name trump is there instead of biden, what is the reaction? >> well, we know exactly what the reaction will t be. first of all i want to say kudos to miranda and "the new york post" because you're right, there are very few media outlets actually covering this. this is very important stuff. joe biden has told us numerous times that he had no knowledge of his son's foreign business deals. we very clearly see that is not the case. he knew about them whether it's 10% for the big guy, whether it's emails thanking hunter for the dinner they had with his dad, photos with people, we know very clearly see that was a lie and if it were donald trump, i mean, people would be going crazy. i think the frustrating thing
11:46 pm
for people in our family is that it was a very different scenario when donald trump was in the white house and my father-in-law became president, we took it very, very seriously, although we were actually in international business before he became president, very different than the biden family, who got into international business after joe became vice president. we said, you know what, no new foreign business deals. we went so far as to pay back the united states treasury every year a check for any foreign dignitaries who spent money at trump properties, sean. we went out of our way to make sure that there was no hint of impropriety and it is the opposite of what we see the biden family do. they get a pass though because we know the media will never call them on it. thank you to miranda, thank you to "the new york post," keep it up, we need to know about this stuff. >> sean: you know, it is --ke i'm saying this sadly. this is our country. we don't have equal justice and equal application of our laws anymore.
11:47 pm
you've got oneu' set of standars for conservative republicans and another set of standards for liberal socialist, democrats. that's sad. that means we don't have the rule of law, we lose the country. last word. >> that's exactly right. m it is a really scary situation. if things were equal in this country we would probably have a different president right now and most certainly hunter biden would be in a very different situation. he would likely be locked up in jail. >> sean: miranda, lara can have the first copy of your book, i want the second copy of her book as soon as it gets out. can you please get it out? you can't get it out fast enough so just keep writing. thank you for your hard work. we appreciate it. when we come back, stunning hypocrisy again from the biden administration, this time on the border. arizona ag will update us. jesse watters, he saved the world?mi apparently. and a video that will make you proud to be an american. how rare that is today. straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: we are also learning tonight that covid cases, they are surging in migrant detention centers, the ones that you're building and paying for. look at this, "new york times," ice reported over 7,500 new coronavirus cases in the crowded border camps since april, in other words, joe's cages. but rather than address the growing border crisis of jen psaki circled back says that biden won't get in the way if states try to do another lockdown. another one? i thought -- i thought the vaccine prevented that. here with an update, arizona attorney general, now a senate candidate -- by the way,
11:53 pm
congratulations, mr. attorney general on running, and congratulations on your lawsuit, now we're talking about more shutdowns in america but i thought the vaccine was supposed to take that fear away. and they're letting him in in the southern border and they're putting in in overcrowded cages for kids. give us an update. >> i think it's as simple as this for everyone watching tonight. the biden administration is making a choice between migrants and americans and they are telling the wrong people to stay at home. they literally are trying to shut down our economy and it keep emphasizing to folks that the biggest health crisis facing our country today is the biden the administration because we may have three vaccines for covid, but there is no cure for stupid and with the biden demonstration is doing is just plain dumb. you know that there are millions of people illegally crossing the southern border, a small percentage of them have been adequately vaccinated. they are packed into detention centers, record number -- it's going to be a catastrophe.
11:54 pm
not only public health crisis, and so the biden demonstration, as you know, sean, is trying to get rid of title 42 which essentially president trump used to literally expel hundreds of thousands of people in this country for public health reasons, so which is it, joe biden? do we have a public health crisis where we are going to lock down our economy, or alternatively, we are going to go ahead and let people in and got title 42 which is designed to protect public health? >> sean: we are following the race closely mr. attorney general, watching that. jesse watters joins us, his new book out. okay, its waters world, we live in it. how i saved the world. i only have one question -- and by the way, congratulations. you saved the world, your bigger than jesus? help me out here. >> you're not the first person to make the comparison, i will take it. as you know, it is my world, i saved it. the larger point here is that
11:55 pm
liberals have the savior complex and they're always trying to fix everything in other peoples business, they need to look inside themselves, fix themselves and then everything will get better. so this is a fusion of funny and serious. remember the factor unleashed me on the country and i was able to study liberals in their natural habitat, the streets of san francisco up close and personal on the beaches of martha's vineyard and what my observations showed me, these are deeply insecure people, they try to project their insecurities on the rest of us in order to stay relevant and control us. i fought in the war on women on the side of women of course. i won the war on christmas. and stories about hanging with trump. >> sean:, bookstores everywhere. you're kicking
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
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11:59 pm
♪ ♪
12:00 am
♪ ♪ >> sean: the islanders started this. it happened again and tampa. ed needs to happen to every sport. take over the anthem. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham, that gives me goose bumps. >> laura: yes. and hannity, great moment. america loves patriotic spirit, and it was a great show, and i'm jammed. >> sean: for the people to do that everywhere and shut down politics and sports. >> laura: you got it. awesome show, sean. and i will see you tomorrow. i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. his facebook, twitter, and youtube over their alleged censorship? are they going to be finally held accountable? finally have to answer for silencing opposing voices,