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  The Big Sunday Show  FOX News  July 11, 2021 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> hello, everyone, i'm alicia acua along with sean duffy, tammy bruce and charlie hurt. welcome to "the big sunday show." here is what's on tap tonight. sean? >> yeah, alicia, a big winner in the billionaire space race as richard branson makes an historic flight. what the billionaire said as he was flying to space and then after he landed. >> tammy? >> well, kamala harris says she doesn't say no enough to joe biden. we discuss. >> and charlie. >> shocking video of a little
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boy ripping an american flag from a lawn and throwing it on the ground. is this a sign that children aren't being taught to respect our country? >> but first, a fox news alert. former president trump is expected to arrive at cpac any minute now for his speech. we will bring it to you live when it happens. a cpac if straw poll released moments ago has donald trump in the lead to be the republican party's presidential nominee in 2024. florida governor ron desantis came in is second at 21%. but if mr. trump doesn't run in 2024, 48% of cpac -- of 8% of -- 68% of cpac attendees want ron desantis. ahead of his peach at cpac -- speech, the former president spoke about his lawsuit against twitter, facebook and google with maria bartiromo on "sunday morning futures." >> it's not about me, it's about everybody. they're taking away your freedom
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of speech. they're taking away your right to speak, taking away everything, and they get powers. what they've done is such a violation of the constitution, a violation like we've never seen before. you look at, they take me down, they take all conservative voices down or most of them. if they find them, they take them down. it's a disgrace. >> "fox & friends" enterprise reporter lawrence jones spoke with trump a short time ago in dallas. he joins us live from cpac once again. hi, lawrence. >> good evening, my friend. i refused to ask the former president if he was going to run again because it's pretty clear based on him campaigning, speaking at this event today. but i did ask him what the agenda will be. this is what the former president had to say, watch. so what's going to be your a. >> -- agenda? >> all of the things that i did. we had the greatest country, the greatest economy, we had a border that was the best in the history of our country. we had an incredible deal with
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mexico and with various other countries, as you know. we had honduras, guatemala, el salvador. they were all taking back the prisoners that they were sending us. they used to sented us people from their -- send us people from their jails. now they're emptying their jails into our country. we had the strongest border, the best economy we've ever had. we had the most people employed in the history of our country. this was just before the chinese plague came in. the china plague came in, and we had to start all over again. and we did it all again. the stock market when i left was higher than it was even at the height of the great economy. but when you think of it, we had 160 million people working. we rebuilt our military. we did space force, so many things, space force, right to try where you can try medical things that you would have had to wait five or six years for. remember this, the vaccine was going to take 3-5 years to come up with. i got it done in less than 9 months. we saved the world.
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>> guys, if you heard that, then you know that that was a stump speech. and there was this theme of vindication from the former president. he had his talking points together. he went from a range of issues, and that will be later on tonight on fox nation, you can use the code cpac if you not currently -- you are not currently on fox nation, and you'll get a free month on fox nation. so they'll be here only from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., and then tomorrow it's going to be dropped, pulled down, and it'll be on "fox & friends," alicia. >> all right. lawrence jones with the big interview once again. thanks, lawrence. >> thanks. >> and like he mentioned, sign up for fox nation right now to get a 30-day free trial. just use the promo code cpac. okay, so let's talk about this as we await the former president's speech at cpac. tammy, since you're there, i do want to begin with you because the results of the straw poll not really a big surprise. >> yeah. and this is a very excited crowd. it is clearly a crowd that's
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looking to the future. it's optimistic. i saw the president briefly today as well, he was optimistic, he had a lot of energy, so i think his speech tonight will be very exciting. i gave a small panel about energy efficiency, and the crowd was even charged up about that. so it's a crowd that is ready to deal with the issues. they want the get in the game again, and that was in and of itself, the energy here is inspiring and, of course, i think that we would have expected that. the sense generally is that president trump, former president trump is the leader of the republican party and that i think they look forward to having that energy back. >> and, charlie, from everything that we're hearing and as lawrence pointed out, it did sound a little bit like a stump speech there with all those talking points in line in his interview with lawrence. but also of note is governor ron desantis making an impressive showing on the list if the former president decides not to run. >> yeah. well, of course, president trump is sort of always best when he's
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in sort of campaign mode, when he's selling, selling a campaign. and he has a tremendous advantage right now because, of course, he can run are on his accomplishments if he decides to run in 2024, but he can also run on the biden agenda as well because what we're seeing -- and he's not wrong about when he lists those things that were going very well during trump years that are pretty disastrous now. but one of the things i think when you talk among conservatives, a lot of people talk about how they would love to have somebody that carried the trump agenda forward minus some of the personal aspects of trump that were a distraction. but i also think it's important to remember a lot of those things that some people think of as a distraction are very appealing about donald trump. and nothing is more so than his ability to confront any effort to sort of squelch his free speech, his ability to to go after the press.
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and that's what that poll that shows desantis taking a commanding lead if you take trump out of it. i think that's what that shows because ron desantis, among a lot of the accomplishments in florida that he can point to, is the fact that he has shown an ability to go face to face with the media and confront them in a way very similar to the way trump did. >> and, sean, is this kind of a delicate balancing act for some of these names that showed up on this list if the president isn't in the running when you have all of these other, you know, major players in the gop, some who aren't in attendance? is this a strange spot to be in right now for them? >> no, but i think all those other candidates realize they have to sit and wait and see what donald trump does because if any of them try the jump ahead of president trump, they'll get a significant backlash from this voter base. i think it's interesting, donald trump is not riding off into the sunset, he's not drinking a cup of coffee on his porch like most are presidents do.
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he's actually running for president again. mine, it's easy, okay in and i think it's interesting when you played the clip from lawrence and the president, he's saying the same things he said when he was running five years ago, and so you might go why is that going to work, you know, in 2024 when it didn't work in 2020. and i think what's happened is a lot of people voted on personality. joe biden is a nicer guy, we're not going to have, you know, the brashness of trump, so let's go with the nice guy. now they realize, oh, my goodness, i actually liked the trump policy. they were good for my job, my family, my country. i like to put america first, and joe biden's kind of a crazy liberal. right now i think that same message will deliver in 2024. and also there's something else. he keeps going after big tech, and a lot of people don't have the power to go after big tech. they love this president. he will. stand up and fight big tech. he can lose, he may not win, but
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just because he's fighting them is very important to the voter. >> okay. thank you very much as we go right now to cpac where now we have president trump is going to be coming up here soon. first, right now, we're going to see matt schlapp is going to be introducing the former president of the united states. let's listen. >> -- great to be in the great state of texas. [cheers and applause] why are we in texas? [background sounds] hold your fire! because we were told by the officials in the president -- in the swamp that holding cpac would with make everyone unwell and unsafe. that can only mean one thing. you, the men and women of cpac, are making all the right people sweat. [cheers and applause]
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when cpac was canceled in maryland, our team decided we would uncancel cpac in florida. during the florida -- >> and as we await the former president of the united states, tammy, i do want to continue this conversation that we were having here because there's something that i think is really hard to ignore here as he is getting ready to take the stage, is that some of the biggest issues that he was criticized for as president are have not gone away and have turned into even bigger problems under the biden administration. let's begin with border security, then we can go to the wuhan lab, tammy. >> yes. you know, i think the border's probably a very good example. while it was still imperfect, there was an agenda, it was one to secure the border. the numbers were low. we -- and thank goodness, by the way, that we had that security prior to the pandemic, right?
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so that we didn't have this massive russia now we've experienced during the pandemic as biden rolls back on the mexico city policy -- the border policy there with the refugees, stopped the building of the wall, etc. so at least americans saw action on that dynamic. and the numbers going down. that was important. i think americans understand you don't have a switch you can flip. but with biden we know of the things that were reversed that were working. that's been perplexing people in general. and so we have seen, of course, a reverse in overall things like drugs coming into the country, general safety, terrorists, you know? the terrorist watch list, the sex trafficking, the injuries to women and children. all of those things that horrify americans have returned. but what i think this shows the american people is that a president can make a difference based on individual decisions, that the bureaucracy has to be fought with. but with the right leadership,
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things can be done. so the issues remain, and i think that we can also go back to the previous conversation a bit. while people were harangued for years about trump's mean tweets and trump says the wrong things, i think now we realize that having a nice man eating ice cream is not only not going to help your future -- [laughter] right? it's not going to help your future, in fact, it's making things more dangerous. we're not energy independent, there is violence again in the middle east, israel's under attack, and we're thinking, well, wait a minute, maybe we could handle a little, you know, disruption a little bit because now the future is at stake. and i think americans are seeing that. >> and, charlie, i want to bring you in here as well because, you know, former president trump likes to point out that he did get a record number of votes, 75 million. we did see him lose some sport from his 2016 -- support from his 2016 level of supporters. however, i'm curious, picking up a little bit more on what tammy
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was talking about, now that we've seen the biden administration in action, do you think some of those voters who he maybe lost in 2020 will be returning? >> i think it's really interesting because, of course, obviously, there's, you know, if voters -- if you have an election, a campaign built around gas prices and built around personal safety and crime and things like that, it's going to be a lott more -- that's right in trump's groove right there. >> and, charlie, ooh i'm going to have to interrupt you because the man of the hour, we understand, there he is, taking the stage. former president trump enjoying a win at the cpac straw poll. he's coming in at 68% if he were to run begun for president. he has the support -- again for president. he has the support of all of the attendees that voted in that straw poll, and now those folks have been waiting for him. we're going to take him now. ♪ ♪ from the lakes of minnesota to
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the hills of tennessee -- ♪ across the plains of texas, from sea to shining sea -- ♪ from detroit down to houston and new york to l.a -- ♪ well, there's pride in every american heart, and it's time we stand and say -- ♪ that i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free. ♪ and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me. ♪ and i'd gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today. ♪ 'cuz there ain't no doubt i love this land -- ♪ god bless the usa.
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♪ and i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free. ♪ and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me. ♪ and i'd gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today -- ♪ 'cuz there ain't no doubt i love this land. ♪ god bless the usa ♪♪ [cheers and applause] from oh, thank you very much. thank you. >> usa! usa! usa! usa! usa! usa! >> thank you very much. thank you to matt. what a job he and mercedes have
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done. cpac is a hot item. you got a lot of people standing outside trying to get in. would anybody like to give up their slot? would anybody? i want to just pay my respects. cpac is really -- what a job they've done, and i'm thrilled to be back in the heart of texas with the crowd of conservative patriots -- [cheers and applause] who are courageously leading the battle to, frankly, save our country. that's what it's about. for a year before the election, the fake news media said texas was in play. it's in play. you know what in play means, like it's close. and they were right, except it was only in play for me. for me and you, actually. no, it was in play for me. and they said the polls have closed in texas, donald trump has won texas. you know, it was, like, how long did we listen to it, it was in play? it will never be in play if we have the right candidate. this state is never going to be
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in play. this is a very, very special place, and we're going the keep it the way it is. [applause] and we're going to bring back your energy. i told you this was going to happen. i told you. actually, texas believed us. with the help of everyone here today, we will defeat the radical left, the socialists, marxist and the critical race theorists. [cheers and applause] whoever thought we'd be using that term. we will secure our borders, we will stop left-wing cancel culture, we will restore free speech and fair elections, and we will make america great again. it's very simple. [cheers and applause] from the very beginning, the
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people in this room have been some of the staunchest and fiercest supporters of our incredible movement if, the greatest political movement in thely of our country -- history of our country. and i can say that and nobody ever even challenges maine look at all those fake news people back there. they don't challenge us. [background sounds] they don't even challenge. i want to personally thank each and every one of you for your incredible support and your support of cpac. you never stopped fighting for me, and i will never, ever stop fighting for you. promise. [cheers and applause] i especially want to thank two wonderful and really extraordinary people who make this incredible event possible. you know them almost as well as i do, matt and mercedes schlapp. [cheers and applause]
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thank you. [applause] thank you. great job. taking it to a whole new level. i appreciate it. everybody appreciates it. [cheers and applause] true. we all won. we all won. also with us is a true texas conservative and a real leader -- where is he, ken paxton? where is he? [cheers and applause] oh, look at that. and he is. he's fast on the draw. i love ken. thank you, ken, very much. we appreciate you being here. we're also grateful to be joined -- >> [inaudible] usa! usa! usa!
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usa! usa! usa! >> going back home to mom. his mom is a big support of ours, by the way. he's going to have a rough night. [laughter] we're grateful to be joined as well by a wonderful, wonderful not only political person, but a wonderful person, governor kristi noem. [cheers and applause] thank you, kristi. great job. [applause] and we have many, many members of congress here. could i ask our great congressmen and women to stand up, please, right now? what a group. what a group. [applause] what a group. all warriors. thank you very much. thank you, fellas. warriors. truly are, truly warriors.
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and countless other conservative leaders and politicians and people that we love and we respect, and we are fighting with and we're fighting for the. for generations the american conservative unions has helped lead the charge to defend our values, protect our country and preserve our glorious american heritage. you see they're taking our heritage away. that's not gonna happen. not gonna happen. and we were doing so well until the rigged election happened to come along. we were doing really well. but today that heritage is under threat like never before. who would have thought this could have happened? even bernie sanders is saying, i never thought this could happen. he's mild by comparison. in a matter of mere months, joe biden has brought our country to the brink of ruin. right here in texas we are the epicenter of a border and migration crisis unlike anything
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anyone has ever seen before in the history of our country. at the same time, they have totally obliterated your energy industry. i told you. under my administration, we achieved a historic reduction in illegal immigration. never happened before to that extent and not even close. we ended the horrible catch and release where we catch a criminal and release him into our country. we actually said, nope, it's called stay in mexico. it worked very well, and we had the support of mexico. who else could do that? a great president of mexico, a friend of mine. he's done a great job. we're on opposite sides of the spectrum, but we got along great, and he's been terrific, and i appreciate it. we worked with other countries
2:23 pm
to stop illegal immigration. we called it, in fact, remain in mexico. they don't come here, get released, and you never see these people again, they don't come back. they say come back in three years for a court case. only the really not smart ones -- i want to be nice. only the really not smart ones come back, which is about 1%. we reduced drugs pouring across our border by the highest percentage ever in the history of our country. [applause] not just people. we shut down the migrant caravans. you haven't seen those caravans. get ready, because they're coming up right now. you've been watching them come through, and in those caravans you have some deadly people. we dealt a crippling blow to ms-13. we deported criminal aliens by the thousands and thousands and thousands, and we built almost 500 miles of border wall, the
2:24 pm
exact wall that the border patrol wanted. i thought we could use nice concrete plank, just knock it out. they said, sir, we want steel, concrete and rebar. and it has to be wired, sir, so we can have all the drones -- remember, they wanted drones? i said drones are not going to stop people. do you remember the statement during the campaign? two things -- everything's obsolete, like, two days after they come up with nowadayses, right in computers, everything obsolete, they've got a better one. two things, right? what are they, wheels and walls, they never change. in a thousand years, you'll say wheels and walls, walls work. walls work. just ask nancy pelosi. she has a nice wall around her house. now the biden administration has turned the border into the single greatest disaster in american history and perhaps in world history. nobody's ever seen a border like
2:25 pm
this. illegal border crossings are up over 1,000% from last year. think of this. think of this. in the last three months in a row, more illegal alien minors have arrived than any other month in united states history. this is the major pipeline for ms-13. these are the worst gang members, hay say, anywhere in the -- they say, anywhere in the world. they bring recruits to every state in our country. they run it like a business. but not with me. we were throwing them the hell out of here so fast. [cheers and applause] i.c.e., i.c.e. i.c.e., the great patriots. those people, i.c.e., and they've been disrespected. can't have them disrespected. border patrol. brandon's here someplace probably. he is so great. what a job he's done. yes, thank you. thank you.
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[applause] i.c.e. and border patrol. overall, illegal youth arrives, and arrivals are up nearly 500%. think of that. and they're being resettled in cities and towns all across the united states at taxpayers' expense. and the people in those cities and towns have no idea that they're coming. the taxpayers will also be forced to pay for relatives to be flown from central america to join them. did you ever hear of chain migration? you come in illegally, and we'll also bring your mother, your father, your grandparents, your brothers, your sisters, your aunts, your uncles. anybody else want to come in? come in. i met one on the west side highway. he was driving rapidly down the west side highway at a very excessive speed. new york city, hudson river. beautiful new park. and he saw people working out, a
2:27 pm
big group of people, and he decided the make a right turn -- to make a right turn, and he killed many and he maimed many. people go out because they want to get themselves in shape, and they end up going back home missing a leg, missing a couple of arms or dead. that's what happened. and he had the right to bring people in with him, his family, his mother and father and his brother. and he had many that he brought in. but we took very good care of him. but this administration doesn't do that. many of these children for the first time ever, it's a terrible thing that's happening to them. they're on suicide watch. they end up in a place that they have no idea where it is. our whole country has become a border. meanwhile, i.c.e. removals are at the lowest level ever. and they are great people. they're patriots and they're tough. the agency has been functionally shut down. all of america's now one giant
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sanctuary city. we were fighting sanctuary cities and doing very well. they are meant for criminal aliens. that's what they're meant for. under our administration, we sent a very different message to the coyotes, human traffickers, child smugglers, vicious criminal cartels and savage ms-13 gang members. when i was president, illegal alien criminals knew that if they trespassed across our border, they would be caught, they would be detained and they would be sent to jail or we would send them the hell back to where they came from. [applause] we created the most secure border in all of american history by far. biden's border crisis is also helping drive an unprecedented crime wave.
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and you see the crime wave. even without this, you see all in democrat-run cities. please remember that. the bloodshed and violence in these cities is reaching epidemic proportions. homicides are up 42% in los angeles, 37% in philadelphia, 68% in atlanta and over 500% in portland over this time last year. think of that, portland. what they did to portland and nothing happens to antifa, and nothing happens to blm, but to people that are patriots, who are keys or republicans, they stay -- conservatives or republican, they stay in jail for extended periods of time, and they destroy their lives. we're not going to take it anymore, new york city -- [cheers and applause]
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in new york city, crime is out of control. it's at record levels with nobody being prosecuted except, of course, innocent republicans are being prosecuted. if the democrats know their policies on crime are so unpopular, so radical, so crazy they are now trying to pretend they never led the defund the police movement in the first place. disinformation. we never said defund the police, you know who did? the republicans did it. that's what they do. it's called disinformation. how about russia? trump had to do with russia. he loves russia. he loves putin. he loves everybody. turned out to be the democrats, right? after two years they figured, gee, and after a while people actually believed this stuff. but now they're saying defund the police. we didn't say it. all this information, you have to be wise to it.
2:31 pm
it's very simple. if you support defunding the police, vote for the radical left democrats. and you see what's happening to cities where they've defunded the police. there's never been anything like it. if you want more police and more cops on the streets, vote for america first republicans or, let's put it very simply, vote for maga, make america great again, maga. maga, maga, maag a georgia. [cheers and applause] maga. the same far-left democrats who are defunding police are also leading an all-out crusade to strip you, the law-abiding citizens of america, of your god given second amendment rights. i told you, again, i told you. i told you.
2:32 pm
and i preserve that right 100%. and you think that was easy? it wasn't easy. there was so much pressure. there was so much pressure. republicans must never waver in demanding that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. [cheers and applause] can't let it ap -- it happen. thank you. but it's not only the second amendment that the left is wanting to destroy. they are hard at work to the abolish the first amendment as well. probably all amendments, when you get right down to it. why not? the radical left and big tech's attack on free speech is unlawful, it's unconstitutional, and it is completely un-american. to protect the constitutional
2:33 pm
rights and liberty ares of every citizen, this week i filed a major class action. a lot of people -- [cheers and applause] yep. a big class action lawsuit against the beg tech giants. big tech giants. we are suing facebook, twitter and google -- [cheers and applause] and to show you the arrogance, i was just talking to mercedes, i guess -- matt, you announced that they're trying the take this incredible, i think much more than 50% of our country, i really do. because there's no way they can be 50% with defund the police, sanctuary cities and all of the crazy things that they espouse. there's no way.
2:34 pm
but i heard they just filed or they want to take everybody down. honestly, they're going too far. ing -- going too far. they're so spoiled, you know? it's like a spoiled, spoiled child. i want that toy, dad, but i also want this one, this one, this one. eventually, bad things happen. we are taking mark zucker books, jack dorsey -- [laughter] and the other sill to con valley billionaires -- silicon valley billionaires to federal court, and we will keep on finding until we have stoppedded this assault on our liberties and until we have restored the sacred right to freedom of speech for every single american. who would have thought? [cheers and applause] who would have thought? who would have thought.
2:35 pm
did anyone even believe we were even talking about this two years ago? these silicon valley tyrants are also attacking our democracy itself. the big tech election interference in 2020 was an outrageous assault upon our republic and upon the american voter. terrible thing has happened to our country. laughed at all over the world. our election has been studied by other countries. they're not going to do it that way. mark zuckerberg alone spent $400 million on election meddling. in virtually all of the key swing states, he funded unmanned and unprotected drop boxes that were deployed in democrat-run cities and heavily democrat precincts to scoop up ballots which were supposedly 94, 95,
2:36 pm
96% for joe biden because he campaigned so well from his basement. how about where biden did substantially better in the swing states than barack hussein obama with the black population. now, even though he did terribly throughout the country, but in those five places, he did very well. you know about that, louie, right? if he did -- five places he did very well, beat obama with the black population. i don'ti don't think so. but they a practiced that and countless other schemes to illegitimately and illegally boost the democratic vote. the drop boxes were out very late. where are they, where are they? what happened? they're supposed to be here. i can tell you what happened. sometimes late by days in showing up to the vote-counting areas. at the same time, the big tech giants worked together to suppress and diminish news
2:37 pm
coverage that was negative for joe biden. look at all these stories that came up, and they were wiped out. anything negative for biden or the radical left democrats, they just suppressed. and the most horrendous example, the oldest newspaper in america and one of my favorites, it's a great one, "the new york post" wrote one of the biggest scandals ever to emerge from a presidential election providing extraordinarily detailed evidence of the corruption of joe biden and where's hunter biden. you know where he is? he's painting right now for $500,000 apiece. where's hunter? his highest and best use, i can tell you, is in a studio to paint. even though he's never painted before. he set a record for the highest price for a person that never painted a picture before. [laughter] never did a painting before. then without any basis whatsoever, twitter and facebook
2:38 pm
banned "the new york post"'s account of this terrible story. after the election one poll showed that at least 10% of joe biden's voters would have switched their vote if they had known about joe and hunter biden's scandals, enough to flip the results of numerous states. but don't worry about it, because we won those states anyway. we won 'em all. [cheers and applause] probably the only thing i disagree with. it wouldn't have mattered, they would have found the votes, they would have found those votes. they would have found the votes. they would have cured out some more ballots. the truth was covered up, and it had a giant impact on the election. this must never happen to another party's presidential candidate again, can never if -- can never happen. we are a laughingstock all over the world.
2:39 pm
a laughingstock. and you know who knows it better than even the people in this room? democrats. they know it. furthermore, these big tech companies interfered with and undermined the sacred integrity of the ballot box by censoring any honest discussion of election fraud. you say election fraud if, you get canceled. that's the one thing they want to stay away from. you know, the cancel culture, they're very tough on it, but the thing they really don't want is because it's close to home, we got too close. read "time" magazine from four months ago, the cover story. they couldn't help themselves. it doesn't go all the way, but it goes far enough, and you see what they did. they want to stay away from talking about election results. every time the media references the election hoax, they say the fraud is unproven. and while there is still evidence -- no evidence. no evidence.
2:40 pm
there's so much evidence. you saw what happened in georgia the other day. they found 35,000 votes. then they deleted in georgia over 100,000 votes. i said -- because they were so bad, voters. i said why didn't you try doing it before the election. we lost by this much, why didn't you do it before the election? there's bad things going on in this country, very bad things. we always had the reputation of being a wonderful, brilliant country for voting. and now everyone knows. they've watched, they're very smart and they see what happened. the governor of and georgia's secretary of state let us down. they let us down. and, by the way, the voting law they passed is far weaker than that of texas and other states. you hear that, mr. attorney general? they don't even have signature verification. could you imagine pass ago voting law? -- passing a voting
2:41 pm
law? everyone thinks, oh, they're passing this. no, it's not. and you notice they're the only state being sued by the federal government. do you know why? because it's an easy target because the governor and the secretary of state won't defend like that guy will defend. [applause] so i only speak the truth. so true. and the reason the attorney general of the united states is going after georgia is it's so bad, what they've done, and they'll probably win, and that defense won't take -- they go out and they really work very hard on finding the right state to look at. now, stacey abrams in georgia got them to sign what's called a mandated consent decree which was not approved by the
2:42 pm
legislature, therefore, it's illegal. and makes it very easy for democrats to cheat and win elections. you don't have too many of them in texas, to you -- do you, louie? dr. ronnie? -- my doctor. [applause] became a congressman. only beat 22 people. 22 people. i said, doc, how about if i take a cognitive test. he said, well, you can do it, sir, but if you do, you know, it'll be public. i said, what's wrong with that that? well, if you don't do well, sir, it's not going to be pretty. i said, is it hard? he said after the first five questions with, it gets very is hard. i said, let's take a shot at it. and we did it, and we aced it, right? i ate aced it -- i aced it. [cheers and applause] and one of the doctor doctors said he's never seen anybody that aced it. and some of those questions are not easy, i will tell you that. how do you think joe would do on our cognitive?
2:43 pm
[laughter] hey, you never know. maybe he's, underneath there there's somebody there that's very unusual. unfortunately, this was an election where the person that counts the votes was far more important than the candidate. no matter how many votes that candidate got -- and we got record numbers of votes -- it's a disgrace to our a nation, and we are truly being scorned and disrespected all over the world. never forget that the radical left is not the majority in this country. we are the majority, and it's not even close. [cheers and applause] it's not even close. [cheers and applause] >> usa! usa! usa! usa! usa!
2:44 pm
>> and when you look at it, this is just no way that can happen. weak military. they fight against the military, always fighting budgets. we immediate strong military right now -- need strong military right now, so strong. and having rebuilt the u.s. military is one of my greatest achievements. it was a sick and tired military. the equipment was old and depleted. and now we have those brand new f-35s and everything's brand new, and we have a great military. or it's coming soon. they won't be able to stop it. but the radical left cheat in elections, and the fake news media cheats in polling like having me down 17 points just before the election in wisconsin. donald trump, abc news, washington. just before. when people hear, that's called suppression. they say, you know, we love the
2:45 pm
president, but we're going to stay home. let's watch television, harry. that's a good idea. harry's going to stay home with janet. i'm down 17 points, and i felt i was winning the state, and we did, in my opinion, win the state. but it was very close even by their fake numbers. it was very close. they had me down 17 point. and interestingly, in 2016 the exact same thing happened. they had me down 19 points, same people, abc news, washington post. suppression. i was down 19 points, and i won the state. so that's a fake poll. it should be illegal. that's a fake poll. the same people -- at least they got better. they had 17 instead of 19. but i was down four years ago. we got 'em by surprise in 2016. they said, we're never going to let that happen again. americans do not support the woke left.
2:46 pm
the people are with us. you have no idea how much. you have no idea how much. [applause] in a recent highly respected rasmussen poll, 58% of voters say the media is truly the enemy of the people. think of that. 58%. and only 23% disagree. nobody can tell me that defunding the police, open borders, raising your taxes, it used to be you're running for office, we're going to cut your taxes. this is the only time in history, we're going to raise your taxes. oh, i'm going to vote for him. and they're raising your taxes so you can this money on the green new deal which is nonsense. pleasure. [background. [background sounds] >> so they want to put back the regulations. i took off more regulations than any president in history. [applause] and that's what gave us, really,
2:47 pm
i actually think, i actually think, louie, it was more important than the taxes, than cutting taxes. but we took off the regulations. it used to take 20 years to get highways approved and roads approved. and we got it down to 2, and we're going to try and get it down to 1. well, we were going to get it down to 1. now we're going to have to wait a little while, i guess. it'll get back up to 18 or 20 pretty soon, and then we'll bring it down one day. just wait and see. [applause] the democrats are terrible on policy, but they're very vicious and they're smart, and they stick together. they don't have mitt romneys and little ben sasses and bill cassidy. how about bill cassidy? he campaigns in the great state of louisiana, he campaigns that he's trump's friend, every ad has trump in it. trump, trump, trump, trump. and then he votes to impeach me. [background sounds] i mean, can you believe it?
2:48 pm
but i always sort of felt that about that guy. lightweight. they have another very good senator there, john kennedy. [cheers and applause] he's a very good senator. and bill cassidy can't walk down the streets of louisiana without having nasty things said to him. and they don't have anyone, the democrats, like the warmonger and most voted republican history of our country, liz cheney. er time a democrat gets up to make a speech, you know this, fellas, right? you have to live with it. every time they get up to make a speech, and to quote liz cheney -- democrats are ruthless but they are united. they don't have these romney up types. they don't have them. it must be wonderful to live like that. but they have bad policy, and they have policy that's going to destroy our country.
2:49 pm
like socialist and communist movements throughout history, today's leftists do not believe in freedom, they do not believe in fairness, and they do not believe in democracy. they believe in marxist morality, anything is justified as long as it hurts their political opponents and advances the radical agenda of their party. it's a radical agenda like nobody has seen before. before our very eyes, the radical left democrats are turning the law itself into a weapon for partisan persecution. it's persecution. it's really -- look at what they're doing to incredible people like rudy giuliani. i mean, he's an incredible -- greatest mayor in the history of the city of new york. [applause] great crime fighter. and at the same time, they're weaponizing the irs against conservatives and christians just like they did with the tea
2:50 pm
party except worse. there are now two sets of laws in this country. one for the left-wing mob, the rioters system and and the rampagers who can do whatever the hell they want to whomever they want to do it. but there is another set of rules for law a abiding, conservative americans. -- law-abiding conservative americans, happen to be republicans, who simply want to speak their minds and exercise their rights like to talk about a rigged election. talk about a rigged election. [applause] but rudy giuliani -- and i mean that, he is by far the greatest mayor of the city. and now you realize, you know, it means more right now, 34599, than it would have meant five years ago when you say that because you see what the hell is happening to our cities. new york in particular. but one of the great crime fighters of his generation has had his law license taken away by the radical left all because he was fighting against an election result that he saw was
2:51 pm
corrupt. that means you can never, ever fight anything. that means, you know, someday it could swing the other way, right? it could swing the other way. probably won't for a long time. we're not letting it happen. under the standard that has now been applied to rudy, lawyers are no longer free to represent their clients, and their livelihood itself depends on one thing only, whether or not they want to fight the corruption. think of it. rudy fought because he saw the election was rigged. and because he fought, they took away his law license in new york and in washington, d.c. and this is a great man. this is a man -- i lived in new york. you could walk down the streets. you were proud of the city. you're not proud of the city anymore. you're not proud of what's happening. while many democrats fought viciously and caught lying about
2:52 pm
the 2016 elections, they were lying. nothing happened. you member russia, russia, russia. is devin here? where's devining? stand up -- [cheers and applause] when i came in, he was in the basement of an office building, the basement of the white house. they said, sir, there's a congressman, he's going through files and files because he knew that what shifty schiff was saying was pure bullshit. you got it. [cheers and applause] it was made up. and he and another great one -- i could give it to everybody here, frankly, as far as i'm concerned because they're great. you have a star on your left. stand up. stand up. our star. thank you, byron. a thank you.
2:53 pm
[applause] devin always knows who to sit next to. but devin received the presidential medical of freedom along with jim jordan of ohio -- [cheers and applause] for the incredible courage they showed. so thank you very much. but he got it a long time ago with russia, russia, russia. you know, i tell the story during the campaign guys would come up to me, we're doing well -- this is 2016, we're doing well. sir, do you know anything about russia? no, what am i supposed to know? i know russia, no, but i don't know -- two months later, a guy come up, different, sir, what do you have to do with russia? do you have anything to do with -- no. why do you ask? after about four or five guys, i'd say, like, what the hell is going on with russia? and it was a scam. and then we went through years with mueller, and there was no collusion. oh, they wanted -- remember? 18 angry democrats.
2:54 pm
oh, they went after us. they'll send everything into new york. they'll give it a shot now. 18 -- they've already done that. in fact, it's photocopies they use of the same stuff i beat in washington. if anyone should be losing their jobs, their law licenses and being investigated for crimes, it's not rudy giuliani, it's adam schiff. adam schiff is a -- [cheers and applause] adam schiff is a very dishonest guy. he used to stand up at a microphone, and he used to lie -- he'd stand up, this is a sad day for our union. president trump works for russia. what the hell is he talking about? [laughter] and i'm the one that exposed russia for the biggest thing they've ever done, the pipeline to europe. i shut it down, and now biden opened it up. they're going to make a fortune. but guys like andy mccabe and
2:55 pm
james comey and james clapper -- [background sounds] remember the two lovers, peter strzok and lisa page? all of the other perpetrators who have faced no consequence whatsoever even though they knew it was a scam that they created. they created a scam. and i must be honest with you, i've never said this because i didn't want to, i'm very disappointed that bill barr was unable to hold anyone accountable for the countless abuses of power by the democrats -- [applause] he didn't hold the corrupt officials who spied on our campaign, remember? i said they're spying on our campaign. boy, that was, like, a lightning rod went off. not the authors of the phony dossier. they weren't held responsible.
2:56 pm
not the women who slanderedded and lied and defamed brett kavanaugh. they said brett caf neigh gnawing, he had -- brett kavanaugh, he had an affair. he didn't go after them. they lied so badly. not any of the numerous criminal referrals for lying to congress over and over again. not any of the illegal leakers. not any of the people that were responsible for corrupting our elections. there's no greater crime. he wanted nothing to do with it. he just didn't want to do it. but perhaps it's understandable because he did become a different man. i always liked him. finish but i said, bill, you've got to move your ass. [laughter] our country is under attack. [applause] but he became a different man when the democrats viciously stated that they wanted to impeach him. they went wild. finish we want to impeach him.
2:57 pm
we're going to impeach bill barr, we're going to impeach him. he became different. i understand that. i didn't become different, i got 'em peached twice. -- impeached twice. i became worse. [cheers and applause] i became worse. so i guess i can understand it. but i just a day ago received a statement from the u.s. attorney, highly respected, in pennsylvania that bill barr would not allow him to investigate voter fraud. can you believe it? now, you have to understand, philadelphia is the second most corrupt place, so i understand, okay? so i understand, in the nation. you know what first is? detroit. detroit was so corrupt. philadelphia was so corrupt.
2:58 pm
with but the u.s. attorney was not allowed to investigate. this just came out in a letter. you don't even know about this, devin, right? matt, that's a big one. what do you think? we have a letter. you'll have to get it from him. but i want to stay out of it. get it from the u.s. attorney. i'm sure he'll be willing to provide it, but he's given it to us. he was all enthused and then all of a sudden it was like he was turned off and so were others. this was true with so many others that when the justice department, they failed to call out the a late night ballot stuffing that took place in georgia, remember that? where they made up a story of a water main break in order to get people and security to leave the premises, and then they went into a rampage of stuffing, essentially, the ballots. but now that event, because of
2:59 pm
me and some very good people, is in >> and bill barr told me, sir , we looked at it and we found nothing. all you have to do is look at the tape. by the way, there was no water main, remember? i said to him but what about the water main? oh, i didn't hear about that. well i heard about it. there was no water main break and they said there was and the people all ran, except a group of people came back, boom, boom, boom. that one is all you have to do is look at the tape. it's incredible what tapes can show. the fact is republicans play a much nicer, kinder game than the democrats but based on what we've seen and what we're witnessing now, with all of the other misconduct going on, perhaps republicans will have to
3:00 pm
rethink their game plan. lewis gomert would agree with that. i have to be careful with him. >> [applause] >> don't say i said it but actually, louis gomert is worse than any democrat but we have to told him back. what do you think of that, louis , you just heard that for the first time, pretty amazing isn't it? and by the way, where's durham? what happened? >> this is "the fox report" i'm john scott former president trump speaking at the conservative political action conference in dallas let's listen in, live. >> even the new york times wrote the most vicious editorial about james comey based on the horowitz report, which talked about the crimes and bad acts committed by comey, mccabe, and others. this is even before you go with durham. i'd like to thank inspector general horowitz for that report it should have been used. they didn't want to use it.