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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  July 11, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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magnificent country. look at the border people pouring over from every corner of the world to escape their countries and culture. it's a nation worth defending that so my book american marxism about that's what the show is about. see you next time on "life, liberty & levin". steve: former president trump on stage at cpac a short time ago. >> we will take back the house. we will take back the senate. and after everything that has gone wrong in such a short period of time with our borders, with our economy, crime, we will take back the glorious white house. steve: much more later. welcome to "the next revolution" profamily pro-
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community and pro- america show. now according to reuters the damage was from an electrical storm and heavy rains a leading democrat california's governor newsom said this. the ocean is literally on fire we cannot afford climate action. could there be a statement that is as stupid or shallow or cynical and fall says t one? the ocean was not literally on fire the gas elite from a pipeline was on fire it was put out and cleaned up in hours. it was an accident so why did he lie and suggest climate change was the culprit and climate action is the answer? because this is what democrats do. they lie about climate all the time.
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to be clear that's not denying the reality of climate change but the democrats deny climate change reality in favor of the dark climate fantasy. >> the world will end in 12 years if we don't address climate change. >> the existential threat. >> the existential threat. >> it is an existential threat. >> lesson 12 years before there is irreparable damage done to this country. steve: the world will not and in 12 years. we are not phasing the existential threat. there is nothing in the science that suggest human life will cease to exist. climate change is real but climate catastrophe is false. in 2014 the un panel published representative pathways for future global warming. in the basis that it was
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wildly unrealistic. it assumes a fivefold increase on coal burning of total coal reserves. and start using the worst-case scenario and then the uninhabitable earth and that it is not as bad as it was looking. and then called on it to be less alarmist but the media complicit. and then to stoke that sense of an pending doom. and then acclimate of crisis. >> high temperatures could create more devastating wildfires. >> the pacific northwest
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battles the climate crisis. >> climate emergency. >> it's a last shot this country has to deal with the climate crisis. >> and then al gore said we had ten years left but what about you deangelis camping who predicted the end of the world september 6, 1994? when it didn't happen he just change the date. the democratic climate call takes a real issue entrance into fear mongering caricature. but water shortages are a man-made problem. in california the reservoir system is designed for acclimate with frequent droughts lung droughts. the reservoirs 120 persuade percent of average for five years. but two years later we have a water shortage not because of
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the climate but they had been flushing the water out to the ocean protecting a species of fish that has barely been seen for decades. last year president trump predicted this would happen and here we are. this week telling californians to cut their use by a 15 percent after he wasted 50 percent the left blamed climate change for wildfires that they ravage the west long before the recent rise in temperatures 4 million acres burned and said it was true proof because the wildfires but before they arrived in this and 19th century 4 million acres burned every year typically each individual was due to the native population understood nature
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the actual causes of the davis dating fires sweeping the west are stupid democratic policies. decades of fire suppression stopping a natural burn keeping forest diverse and healthy. failure to remove dead trees and brush a catastrophic accumulation of fuel. mismanagement of utilities leading to more technicians from power lines. barely mentioned by the left-wing politicians. there are plenty of practical steps you can take that then the tweets claiming it on the climate. and then they blame it on climate that then they already did so why do they push the obvious lies? because when it comes to climate they adopted the tactic tactic of manufacturing
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a crisis to justify a draconian crackdown they know the facts don't justify their extremist agenda. closing down the fossil fuel industry, banning cars or the way we cook and they want everything to run on electricity and where does that come from? more solar power that cannot be economically stored how clean is that when the panels are made with : slave labor from china? they went more wind that kills half a million birds per year on top of that they want to shut down nuclear power which is the most reliable carbon free source of energy we've got and guess how the claimant leaders are sending the gap? in california they are importing oil from saudi arabia. you can't make it up. the entire energy and environment policy is idiocy in contradiction no to
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american oil gas ps2 saudi arabia notes america yes to putin making us more dependent on electricity while making electricity then one - - less dependable wire and the democrats laughed off the stage when they preach about climate? not the party of science they deny science they deny science on the pandemic or lockdowns they deny science and kids in gender and drug use and above all they deny science on climate they blame climate change and push policies that make a difference in a block policies that nuclear power what do they know about the environment anyway? the closest they have ever come to nature is gender at the rainforest café we know nature we love nature we want to protect and preserve and conserve it let's fight back
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against the democrats and not just lying about the issues we cannot let them get away with it. a republican who just introduce legislation for sustainable practices and governor desantis with his million dollar conservation land bill in the republican president who signed conservation and legislation in a generation but then there's go up pro conservation markets of innovation pro america the climate revolution follow us then share this
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message when we posted nancy mays part of a new conservative caucus. teefive dad democrats have runaway and defined the issue and they are slow to push back but it seems that is changing now and you are part of the change. >> right. democrats do a very good job pulling on the heartstrings of everyday americans use extremism and scare tactics i want to add one more note to your monologue. it was great. but president trump and his last few months of the presidency band drilling off the cost on - - the coast of south carolina in georgia that's at the state cemented but republicans are finding ways to be innovative in private innovation and the environment today we saw a
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private citizen go to space and if we allow businesses to be innovative we can do the same thing with the same solutions for the environment as well. steve: tell us we are hoping to achieve at the climate caucus. >> maybe republicans to have a larger and stronger voice on the environment. a lot of young republicans vote on this issue i represent the coast of south carolina. our entire economy restaurant beautiful pristine and clean environment. our economy is tourism and hospitality so our lifestyle demands to be successful having a stronger voice on the republican side with free market solutions recognizing overregulation hurts the environment as you stated earlier places like new york or california with overregulated oil and gas they have to import from other countries and new york they
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get it from russia not an ally of the united states it is mind boggling how dumb some of these regulations are. steve: not just the argument as you are doing that you really call them out for the madness and how can they call themselves the party of fighting climate change literally shooting down nuclear power which is the most reliable carbon free energy source? >> is not like the november election with the mandate on the green new deal they try to put the green new deal to get through congress it is insane what they try to do right now at every level but most americans want common sense , pragmatic solutions that make sense to their businesses into their wallet we can see innovation with lower taxes
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businesses in the private sector have the resources to invest in proenvironment policy. >> i'm so glad you're out there to develop that agenda it will be increasingly important it's a real political opportunity as well. congresswoman t10 thank you so much. steve: american conservation coalition benji backer and also lanhee chen just announced his campaign. good to see you both. the political opportunity is huge. what is your reaction? you have seen real movement from republicans tell us your perspective. >> there has been an incredible transformation the past few weeks with an incredible leader launching the climate caucus the
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republican and senate passed the first pro climate policy of the biden administration to help farmers fight climate change. republicans conservative will be at the forefront of climate action. it's about alarm is in and my generation we will stand up for american ingenuity and interest and show the rest of the world we can be the leader in green technology and fighting for a clean environment. steve: great to see you. what is your perspective? >> a lot of republicans out there in independence and democrats want pro- environmental policies the document figure price tags. the challenge we have an estate like california is all the answers we are hearing from gavin newsom and his allies in sacramento, we need to spend more money to deal with these challenges but my
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messages we need to figure what were spending the money on will be spent on solving these environmental challenges as opposed to making us feel better? we need solutions that work and that should be the focus of the policy whether republican or democrat or otherwise and of policymaking going forward. steve: benji quickly on the nuclear powerpoint it seems extraordinary to me that the democrats at the same time can claim to be what they say is the only party to do anything about carbon emissions when they are dead set against nuclear power why do they say such a thing? >> people like governor newsom and aoc talk a huge game but they don't follow it up with substantial action nuclear power is the only way to help fight climate change and while we're standing by bickering if
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nuclear power is good which it is, china is financing over 70 percent of the world's nuclear plants we give this issue a way to china because the democratic party in the united states is too scared to embrace nuclear energy because they have denied for so long. yes we care about the climate more than anybody we will support common sense solutions like nuclear. steve: what about the politics that the democrats wanted all their own way? we are the ones who care about this? republicans don't care. you know the rhetoric. in a state like california it's important to have an answer to that not only do we have a positive solution but the democrats told you they are the only ones to care because they are closing down nuclear power station.
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>> this is why it has to start with the answer by saying i am a pro- environmental candidate i want to do we can to protect and preserve our wonderful natural resources that talk about spending this money, you achieving the outcome you want to achieve? are you saving the climate? are you saving the environment are making yourself feel better? governor newsom has proposed $11 billion of new spending on things related to the environment that these are one-time hits to make us feel better there is no capital investment to create energy that is cleaner and more reliable than what we have now no longer term investment to make the state more environmentally friendly it is a one-time hit that is the problem we have with so much short-term thinking but not long-term investment. steve: talk more broadly about the race you winter last week because living in california a
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lot of us are hoping to see in and to the one-party rule that has been so destructive the climate is just one example so how can people find out more about the campaign? >> i'm running for california state comptroller i believe it's time for us to finally have accountability around taxpayer money you've heard me talk about this before whether environmental issues or homelessness the cost-of-living issues , california spend so much many we have no idea where it is going we have no idea if the programs are working my platform is of accountability and transparency. let's bring fiscal responsibility and sanity to the state let's have a check on the one-party monopoly in sacramento. i able find more about my campaign at chan for to bring transparency and accountability to state government here in sacramento.
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>> will this change up there? >> i wish we could see more candidates like that. we have some serious problems of our governor who talks a big game and egg numbers and a lot of money spent but doesn't have a plan. in washington state and nationally we need to take the political activism out and that the environment back into environmentalism we need to do in washington and nationally. steve: it's great to see both fighting back on the climate issue we really need you. great to see you tonight. chen for california. coming up next that midterm elections straight ahead.
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steve: today was the final day of the 2021 cpac in here were highlights. >> it wasn't an election in 2016. it was a revolution. hard-working, good
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people, black white and brown stood together and elected donald trump as president. the democrats have a true problem people are starting to wake up tyrannical overreaching authoritarian moves smear first and second generation americans are saying wake up but yet we have eight generation americans who are so comfortable here that they began to burn the flag and hate america and that's the problem. >> i look at joe biden's america and i don't recognize the country i grew up in. i do not country that i grew up in. >> we see crime and hate and division of lawlessness, completely unacceptable. >> for everyone here today we will defeat the social marxist and critical race theorist we
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will secure our borders and stop left-wing cancel culture. we will restore free speech and fair elections and we will make america great again. steve: joining me now to react one of the other speakers at the event marsha blackburn. what were your thoughts on how it went down? >> steve it was fantastic. a lot of love and appreciation for president trump and his policies. he really represents what people are thinking right now. they are in this fight for freedom the security moms are back in full force they are concerned about freedom not only in this country but looking at things that are happening around the globe and what is happening with china right now in cuba. they are concerned about the push for socialism. they are set up with big tech
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and ready to see something done. a great conference all around with a true focus on freedom. steve: let's put the numbers up talking about 2024 here are the results without donald trump on the ballot 60 percent but now let's look at the number with donald trump 70 percent for the gop nominee from the cpac attendees and ron desantis next and then and there is person there is 1 percent i think that really shows at least part of the gop. like you say the 2016 revolution is enduring it
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wasn't a flash in the pan was just one guy who is a former celebrity who got a lot of attention, he changes the way the party thinks. >> that's right. in the point you are saying that people who say this is a movement we are all end. it was a revolution and what we are focused on is preserving what has made america great and preserving the first principles and our liberties our rights and freedom of speech and second amendment and the list goes on. people know that socialism always fails. they know this would be another failed experiment and the left is pushing for it. they continue to drive toward socialistic policies every day. this is why the midterm
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elections are so important there is a lot of energy from any back the house and the senate and my people are beginning to talk about 2024 they are very concerned about having secure elections they want secure communities and as i said they are concerned about what is happening whether far away in china and what the chinese communist party is doing or 90 miles off shore in cuba they want to make sure president biden knows they expect him to stand up and protect freedom and act more like president trump did in preserving and protecting our freedom. steve: good luck with that. you mentioned how important it
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is in the senate. i was reading today chuck schumer is trying to ram through the massive spending which is the bernie sanders multitrillion dollar spending before the senate finishes in august will that happen? >> it will be very difficult for them. the democrats know they are running into trouble whether defined the police or all of the exorbitant spending they are doing pushing the socialistic agenda. look at the difficulties vice president harris with the border. they know they are running out of time. every day we go up there and fight to protect our freedoms to cut back on the spending and send a message. what we want to do is be sure we focus on america first agenda and keep the country strong and free. steve: exactly. by the way they do we have it
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through they may think of it as a victory but i think it will cost them in the midterms great to see you was always marsha blackburn. do we already know who's running in 2024? if one small county is any indication we may. next. you already pay for car insurance, why not take your home along for the ride? allstate. here, better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands. click or call to bundle today.
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steve: if you don't know about sue county iowa one of the most conservative counties and vital to any gop hopeful looking for a strong finish in the iowa caucuses. tom and visited and spoke to several hundred republicans apparently he never mentioned donald trump mike pence is headed there and he has mental on - - mentioned donald trump now democrats are starting to panic about the harris 2024 potential the author of don't letter crisis go to waste , jason chafetz are you going to sue county iowa? >> i have been to iowa a few times just because iowa is a critical statement that a few
6:37 pm
times. steve: we saw the straw poll running away with it at the cpac based on that anyone else is wasting their time if president trump decides to run. >> president trump is wildly popular because his policies were popular. what he instituted were working for america and people understand they are working for america and what joe biden and vice president harris tried to do is fundamentally change america to a place he will recognize. steve: i don't know governor desantis travel plans in terms of iowa but i was interested that he was clearly above everyone else without president trump in the next nearly as high and the only
6:38 pm
other candidate that had any reasonable score with president trump then that straw pointing it goes 20 per point. i completely agree about the policy aspect people want that populist mix that trump pioneered. but as well as that, i think what i call it is a fighting spirit someone who will fight for them and i think governor desantis captures that in the way he has handles himself with the pandemic and that's what he's doing well. >> yes. i go back to that "60 minutes" hit piece and the way governor desantis handle that and push back i was on the judiciary committee with them i was chairman when he was subcommittee chairman he was a great member of congress but he is an exceptional governor and has shown real leadership and compassion. it is a big state with a big electoral vote he's up against
6:39 pm
the machine i think that was a pivotal moment and how he handled those reporters from "60 minutes". steve: switching to the other side. for a long time i had the view if biden doesn't make it in 2024 they will automatically go to kamala harris she'd be the first woman all the things they would be looking for a bit she has been such a disaster it feels like it is over. no way she will automatically sail into the nomination if biden decides not to run. >> when she ran for the election in 2020 she was up there at the top of the great entrance. by the time they got around to vote at the primary in her own state of california she was in eighth place. in her own state.
6:40 pm
she's a terrible candidate. she has that awful cackle and most importantly the policy prescriptions are horrendous. just over a year ago she was trying to bail people out during the riots to get people back out on the street as quickly as possible. the way she has not handle the border, the policy prescriptions she put in place is far worse than aoc or bernie sanders of the world. i don't know how she would really on the policy prescription to what the average american truly wants to see it is the total opposite of ron desantis or senator scott who will also be in the top tier. but any of them up vice president harris and i think they will blow away those people. steve: exactly. i completely agree. the best hope for republicans is if they do nominate kamala harris. we will see you later.
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steve: listen to what biden said when the latest employment numbers came out showing new jobs in june. >> none of this happen by accident. it is a direct result of the american rescue plan. steve: what? and direct result of his bailout? that is a complete and underlie their jobs numbers of the direct result of reopening is on the back which of the direct result of trump's
6:47 pm
policies biden's policies set a labor shortage 7.1 million lower despite nine.3 million job openings in april. here to break it down the great larry kudlow. he said it is a direct result of the polite term would be spend but that is a lie there's no way he can justify that statement. >> i that you knew in washington no one lies it is cognitive dissonance. [laughter] this is like when biden first came into office he said there were no vaccines. nothing had been done on the virus. he actually held to that for several months until we beat up on him so badly. i thank you are right. operation warp speed and the whole vaccination miracle is what reopen the economy and has given us a very good recovery so far although not
6:48 pm
necessarily in the labor markets. let me point out were still basically pay laying under trump policies of deregulation now they will try to appeal all that we will see how they do thank you have a hard time that those are the incentives president trump put into place look at the economy to month vicious contraction from the pandemic and it was horrible. but the third quarter of last year was over 30 percent fourth quarter over 40 percent now it was over 6 percent in the second quarter is 8 percent so what i am saying is that v-shaped recovery was well on its way. unfortunately those checks that were mailed out as well as the overly generous on - - generous unemployment compensation probably has cost
6:49 pm
is between five and 6 million jobs. looking at the other things but that really fact last winter of the reconciliation has done more harm than good. >> but there would be so much better in such an important point that the economic incentive and the framework is still the pro-business program with agenda that the president put in place. >> the area trump policies has been muted is the energy area where the green new deal fanatics they stop at the xl pipeline and and wired
6:50 pm
drilling in dakota access they have thrown a wet blanket knowing they would be up against it biden doesn't want american oil to produce with over 13 million barrels a day pre- pandemic and stay at 11 million barrels per day but here's the rub biden and his people are telling opec and russia to produce more to get oil prices down. telling our guys not to produce at all. it is extraordinary. steve: exactly right. as i pointed out earlier in the show they are from saudi arabia not even california. it's always fantastic insight. great to see you. one firm infiltrated the biden administration we have the names of the clients.
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steve: in january this man anthony blinken. while trying to hide their client list through legal loopholes, they advertise their influence over the white house, this is from their web site.
6:56 pm
it is quite the roads to the situation room. how clearer and corrupt. but it is clear that is worst than we reported, not just blinken more than 15 west lobbyists have joined the administration in senior roles. cia, deputy director, national cyber director. and white house press secretary. that not half of the list. despite west exec's efforts to -- linked in, blackstone, bank of america -- look at the list. boeing, at&t, royal bank of canada. talk about revolving door between big business and government biden's group have turned into a spinning
6:57 pm
centrifuge, no one cares, that is how the swam works -- swamp works but we care, as promised e jason chaffetz is back with us. >> these are people they know if a democrat gets into the white house will be the senior administration official, form -- you normally hire a company like this to do the lobbying but this is opposite of the lobbying, you get access to the people could make you're case to the people, they will be the same people that are running the administration. as soon as a democrat takes off, they are paid untold millions, we're don't know. they are able to hide behind some disclosure laws, they don't
6:58 pm
meet 20% threshold on lobby. steve: they say it not lobbying, it since -- it is influenced peddling, these people, i think that jen psaki said we're the most ethical administration. this is a joke. >> they are not open in transparent about hunter's and who is paying the bill to go into the public sector and do their service, they make huge bank as they are in waiting there with west exec. steve: the worst thing is, seen as the way it works in washington, they really don't
6:59 pm
see anything wrong with it, they really believe they have earned right to go out through the revolving door and earn money in exchange for years of hard ship in public service then go back to government, they get money because people know they are going back into government. >> that web site you put up, i had not seen that, that is about as blatant as it can. the people are saying that was a grade investment, we made your case, we have access, we know these people, now they are running the government. steve: can we do you think we could change it ever, or is it the way it is. >> you would' full disclosure -- you would want full disclosure, they claim they don't need to disclose them, they are hiding, that is what is troublesome. you don't know how much money is flowing into their pockets and
7:00 pm
you don't en who is doing what. steve: we'll stay on it, jason chaffetz thank you. >> thank you. steve: set your dvr so you never miss an episode of this show, see you next sunday when the next revolution will be televised. trey: good evening i am troy, welcome to sunday night in america. >> in 1976, i was if the 6th grade for the first time, elton john had a hit song titled, sorry seems to be the hardest word. the song was correct, saying i'm sorry was hard, admitting you were wrong is motte easy. people -- not easy, people in character do


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