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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 13, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> some people don't want some people devote. >> what you think about the possibility the baseball decide to move their all-star game. pushing politics and sports. >> delaware is more restrictive let not your heart be troubled, here is laura, happy >> that last little clip of biden, i thought you were doing one of those old conan o'brien things with the mouth just moved . laura: that last clip of biden i thought he was one of those coded o'brien things with a clip just moved.tu was that actually president biden? looked like the lips were just moving up the head wasn't moving at all? >> of people knew the real laura ingraham, you have a wicked sense of humor, you really do. thank you for highlighting the georgia group. i love it, great show.
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i'm laura ingraham and we have new details indicating enough illegal votes occurred in the georgia election to tip the results. new issues around hunter biden's potential large deal and why are hairy and megan getting another award in seen and unseen. first be anti-democrats set the focus of tonight's angle. for years the democrats have tried to cement this narrative that conservatives are working to undermine democracy while liberals are working tirelessly to preserve it so they spent four years, they lied about donald trump and russia:asian claiming he had a soft spot for dictators than after the election vilified as anti-democratic anyone who raised question about voting irregularities and of course
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they seized on january 6th as proof the republican party is synonymous with domestic terror. >> our democracy is under unprecedented assault unlike anything we've seen in modern times. >> accountability is needed for republicans who underpin this result on our democracy. >> come to realize to appreciate how vital the rule of law truly is. >> we have serious and texas dental threats to our democracy on our hands. laura: i like to nancy pelosi better with the mass, the finger democrats are wagging us is always pointed back at them. it is there impulses, their rhetoric and their actions that are supremely undemocratic whether they run to the courts to override the will of the people or extension of emergency
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powers during the pandemic they prefer governing by fiat. it's much easier than convincing voters that progressive priorities, things like defunding the police and teaching critical race theory make any sense at all and the use anti-democrats kurt the first amendment by getting their comrades at google, facebook, twitter, to censor their political adversaries for them. look what they've done to donald trump and of all the anti-democratic stalwarts out there, senator dick durbin is in a category of his own client to remain relevant in the woke era this old dinosaur has instead
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lumbered into lala land. >> this is metastasizing, we need to march into we cross the bridge and stop this assault on our democracy. the young men who stormed the beaches of normandy on d-day running straight into enemy fire knowing well that they might die to preserve democracy, surely we are better and braver than this. >> a guy who back in 2005 likened our military to the nazis, the soviets and paul pot should probably drop the military analogies i am thinking. if our democracy is on the line it is because for decades fossils like durbin have refused to address the issues that directly impact the lives of every american. here are the recent headlines about life in his state of illinois. the exodus is continuing to the covid 19 pandemic with illinois losing 40% more people than it gained in 2020 ranking at fourth worst in the nation and deck must know that illinois's pension debt is a ticking time
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bomb. according to moody's it is the worst in the nation. at the end of jean it was $317 billion, double the state's official estimate and illinois governor give a darn about the state's jobs crisis, the data is enraging. according to illinois policies 64% remained unemployed in may, 19% left the labor force altogether, the pro-covid lunacy, shutdown lunacy of the elected officials there tied for eighth highest unemployment rate in the country. and illinois's crown jewel of chicago, boasts among the highest crime rates in america, you saw what happened over the weekend but durbin doesn't want to attack any of those problems, today this valiant defender of democracy instead focused on
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floor speech on attacking tucker and me. >> there are two host of programs on fox primetime that can only be characterized as anti-fax quacks, i'm referring tucker carlson and laura ingraham. they have been spreading what i consider to be irresponsible information about vaccines across america and about the effort of this nation to deal with them. things that can remove you from the air for being so the program, i hope they will caution, the management of the station will caution tucker carlson and laura ingraham. laura: what is his name? it is not a station, it is a network and none of this is about the vaccine. this is all about suppressing speech at of next year's midterm. this windbag has been in washington for almost 40 years, he was first elected to congress when i was a college freshman. what does he have to show for it all those years, does he have a
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state that is better off than red state counterparts? no, and no. durbin like the rest of the anti-democrats desires total control over the information flow to you, the voters, no contrary views allowed, especially when those views are backed up by actual facts and data. i don't to remind you that this show has been at the forefront of all things covid sincerely days of the pandemic and our medical experts actually are experts, they deserve to be called experts. they've been insanely accurate on everything from the oppositions the need for school closures to the discussion of the most effective covid therapies. to the viral origins question and we are right about the insanity of requiring covid
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vaccinations of healthy young americans especially school-age children. there is nothing more anti-democratic, anti-freedom then pushing an experimental drug on americans against their will, threatening to deprive them of basic liberties if they don't comply especially if they don't have adequate information about the risk-benefit analysis of taking this experimental drug. the angle has done what dick durbin would not want to entertain, featuring actual americans who did comply and did trust the government's experts. >> march 3rd i got my second dose. i will cop on march 4th, i got a horrific pain in my right i. it was so bad, the next thing i know i am on the floor in my bedroom, my husband said that me try to get you on the bed. i couldn't get up.
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laura: she is still paralyzed on one side of her body. why does dick durbin not want these stories to be told? i thought he believed in bodily autonomy after all. the anti-democracy fighters raging on the state level too. when republicans advance legislation to safeguard future elections the part of the supposedly dedicated to preserving democracy decided to cut and run to mommy and daddy in dc. >> planning to leave the state into the session ends. it can last 30 days or a few days in and they are going to washington dc for three weeks where they hope to put a skylight on this legislation and lobby for federal voting legislation because of the end game. laura: state officials who believe federal intervention is
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the end game, forget texas voters who elected state representatives to do this thing calls pass laws. let them all eat cake or fly commercial because when texas's supposed to champion the democracy ran away from home they showed their true working-class by flying private. only in washington dc would fleeing a responsibility in a private plane be described as brave. >> if you want to start by making a statement about the legislators in texas are showing extraordinary courage and commitment fighting for the right to vote is as american as apple pie. it is so fundamental to defend the principles of our democracy so i applaud them. laura: fighting for the right to vote by not voting is fighting for the principles of our
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democracy. the anti-democrats on top of everything else they are doing really do think you are just stupid and that is the angle. texas governor greg abbott, democrats in your state literally ran away from the democracy that they swore to uphold and protect. your reaction to what happened today? >> isn't that the most un-texan thing you've ever had, texans running from a fight? they are quitters, like during a football game or baseball game taking their equipment when their way behind and leaving the field. that is not the way texans do things and you captured perfectly that they are leaving and abandoning their right to vote and it is crazy but this is not over because as was pointed
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out, in the prelude we have special sessions the last 30 days and the governor calls the bible continue calling special session after special session because over time it will continue until they stop up to vote but the thesis they are operating under is false because what the texas law does doesn't hinder anybody's ability to vote. what texas is seeking to do is to add additional hours to vote, texas has 12 days of early voting, the hours will be expanded and we will ensure hours are expanded on election day also, so their entire thesis is wrong and compare early voting in texas with early voting we have in delaware, texas has 12 days of early voting, delaware has 0 days of early voting. while i pick on delaware? because that is where the president himself voted in the last election. if anybody wants to talk about voter suppression they should talk about delaware, not texas.
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>> when texas state congresswoman is going to demand what they should do when she actually gets face to face with them here in dc. watch. >> for me it is more so of ask for him to push as hard as he can, the filibuster, we have to do away with it because once again it is republicans being allowed to be obstructionists. >> they fled texas to mommy and daddy in dc and the republicans are obstructionists. please explain that for our viewers tonight. >> one word. hypocrisy. they are using a filibuster to flee the state of texas to plead with the president to do away with the filibuster in washington dc. that is the example of hypocrisy on its face and that is one reason they are losing arguments
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with regard to voting on this issue and other issues in the state of texas but i want to point this out for your viewers watching from texas because by the democrats fleeing they are also fleeing what we are trying to achieve by cutting your property taxes, securing the border, funding very important project such as law enforcement in communities with high crime so by fleeing the state of texas they are doing more than appealing to the president, they are using taxpayer money on this political junket to washington dc to prevent us from passing laws that will make -- laura: i have a question. does anyone know who played for the -- paid for the private plane and luxury bus? was in the up and up? did beta write the check? it is not cheap. >> this is not cheap. so they are getting paid, they get food, but they are getting taxpayer money and their staffs are still getting taxpayer-based money and so they are still
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living off of the government time even -- all the while doing fundraising projects online to raise money for this. it is both hypocritical and despicable but really the worst thing you can say about a texan, they are so afraid, they are running away from a fight they were hired by the voters to do, to go to the capital and articulate with their opinion was. laura: they have this luxury bus that you see as well so the boys on the bus, remember, buffoons on the bus, had something to say about you tonight. >> we are dealing with really obstinate governor who wants to run his primary campaign on the backs of the taxpayers at our expense. we are not going to put up with that.
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our hard-working men and women on the committee retroactively shut out of the process to even bring ideas, to have some kind of moral discussion on voter suppression. there trying to take away our vote and they are not going to put up with it, we are going to fight. laura: your response about your own -- >> taking away their ability to inject their ideas because they have fled the state and gone to washington and some to other locations, you cannot inject your ideas if you don't show up and do your job. >> we are complaining about democrats running to the courts but is there any texas state supreme court move here or is that a political question that would not be considered? >> what the law is is in the constitution, that is the state house of representatives here in the capital to have the ability
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to issue a call to have fellow members who are not showing up to be arrested but only so long as the arrest is made in the state of texas. that is why they fled the state was once they step back into the state of texas they will be arrested and brought to the texas capital and we will be conducting business. laura: looking forward to that, thank you for being with us and why are democrats in states like texas acting so petulantly? perhaps because they're running out of time to change elections forever. the left claims voter fraud does not exist but of course that is false and tonight we get new evidence about how it happened in georgia and a new piece for the federalist, margo cleveland, former clerk at the court of appeals rights of 35,000 illegal votes uncovered oh 2020 georgia race, that number easily exceeds the 12,670 votes that separated biden and trump. margo cleveland, senior contributed to the federalist joins me now. liberals who love to hate watch this show will say there they go again, another conspiracy theory. explain what happened in georgia that the viewers are not aware of? >> we are talking about is not
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voter fraud the illegal votes which it doesn't matter. if it is voter fraud or illegal votes what you have votes that are canceling out lawful votes and is in franchising legal voters in georgia. we have is right after the election there was some data run by an expert in georgia who found over 35,000 residents from one county to another county had voted in the prior county. at the time everyone kept saying that is military or students, we don't know that those i illegal votes but what we have now is evidence that these were not temporary relocations because the exact same voters, only
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10,300 right now, those same voters updated their voter registration and gave their new address and that number is continuing to grow but it is the voters themselves saying yes, this was a permanent move. we are talking about year evidence the state office in georgia is investigating this. isn't a case of a wacko conspiracy theory, if democrats care about the right to vote they would care about this issue, they would look at this evidence of illegal voting and say we need to do something to make sure that doesn't happen because every time someone casts in illegal voted is disenfranchising a lawful vote. >> people say it is not voter fraud, it is voter irregularity.
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it all ends up perpetrating speaking of cancel culture this is the ultimate cancel culture because it cancels out another lawfully cast the whether it is done on the republican side or democrat it is not good. >> absolutely, georgia law is expressly clear that if you relocate from one county to another, more than 30 days before the election you cannot cast a vote in the prior county. it makes sense because you are going to be voting for county officials, house-senate so the law is absolutely clear that that is illegal. whether or not it is fraudulent doesn't matter. it is still disenfranchising people who followed the law. there was over 100,000 people in a similar situation, they didn't vote.
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>> it is such an important article, thank you for explaining it very clearly so we understood. speaking of fighting for democracy by the response about the cuban protests a little revealing. mike pompeo is here in moments, he will tee off on that and raymond is coming up on megan and harry and a lot more, don't go away.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: from porting democracy at home, can always count on the american brought to stand with dictators. upon fidel castro's death, laura: for his lexicon to scaling abroad, count on the american left to stand with the dictators released a fair anti-american. up until del castro access jimmy carter remarked he and roslyn remembered fondly their visit with them in cuba and his love of his country. obama continue that democratic tradition attending a baseball game with role extolling their achievement in education and healthcare in the media even gets in the game. barbara walters's finding 2020 interview with castro was a classic so it should come as no surprise that with the democratic protests this week in the media look for cuban scapegoat.
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>> no question -- >> people are outraged over the country's coronavirus response. >> life is becoming intolerable during the pandemic. >> but the new york times is the best reaction writing the protesters were shouting freedom and other antigovernment slogans, something tells me the times is just being honest about where they stood. former secretary of state, fox news contributor mike pompeo, the reaction from the media, democrats, the left has been i think quite feeling to people who have forgotten they were doing the same kind of thing with the soviet union back in the 80s when i was in college.
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>> thanks for having me on the show, absolutely the case, they pointed the finger at covid, the cubans pointed the finger at the americans, the truth is this is about communism, this is about socialism, this is about people demanding freedom, lots of their families won't be better next generation, their family was designated by me as a state sponsor of terror, they know that things aren't good, the conditions of the evil leadership and dictates of that leadership spoiled their lives and they want freedom, the cuban flags and american flags, people who understand if you have seen anybody in florida who left cuba, now living in america, they know freedom, the reality of it, the benefits of it and why it matters to their soul and their pocketbook, this isn't about the coronavirus, not about an american flag, this is not the cuban people demanding their leadership fundamentally change their ways. laura: they did the same thing, did they not during the hong kong protests, a very muted reaction by the elites in the united states. we pointed out what the sports
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community was doing which was fording support of what was happening in hong kong but is a huge issue. >> it is the case they always cozied up to marxists and communists, haven't seen the evil, the system works pretty good, what they said about the chinese chemist party really well. we know what communism does, what it does to the souls of people, don't understand why democrats are silent on this today, the american people need to stand alongside them, the freedom they are on their streets demanding it. the trump administration, we put enormous pressure on the cuban leadership.
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the freedom demands of these people will lead to a good outcome for cuba and outcome for the security of america as well. >> isn't it the case that this administration thinks conservatives in the united states who waive the american flag on memorial day or the fourth of july flat all the time or -- they are the bigger threat to the united states, domestic terrorists, much bigger threat than a communist dictatorship in cuba or even china. at this point look at the effort they are putting in 2 january sixth. of libya put that effort into changing things in cuba. >> the irony is they often say they love human rights and yet
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we human rights of use, the same people would love nothing more than to come to the united states of america, the same place these democrats are denigrating, the flag there denigrating, to have on their side is show isn't it dangerous when the democrats undermine our republic, we can do better, i'm confident the american people can see that and if we get this right we will improve the rights of people across the world and america will be safer and more secure and i'm rooting for the cuban people today. >> great people and white house press secretary jen psaki seemed a bit stumped by a difficult question. >> does the administration support -- >> the president values and respects the symbol of the american flag, someone who certainly waives it outside of his house in delaware and other
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places where he has lived but also believes the people have a right to peaceful protest. >> how difficult is it to say the american flag is the greatest of the freedom on earth? it is hard for them to say that. >> it is really straightforward. when you see her dance around she's nervous about answering the question but -- the other tell is when folks denigrate our flag and diminish america, won't call out there renting, won't call out bernie sanders when he says they have a great healthcare system or aoc or the squad when they undermine american values which it means they are uncomfortable at best, they might mouth the right words for a moment that won't defendant with the glory it deserves. laura: thanks for being with us today.
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up next hunter biden's high-priced art is leaving an impression of corruption and harry and megan with the most ridiculous award ever. seen and unseen is next.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: it's time for a "seen and unseen" segment where laura: time for seen and unseen where we unpack the cultural stories of the day and we turn to raymond arroyo. biden finally admitting there's a crime epidemic across the country. >> the president held a white house meeting today with local leaders to address the problem and though he said there is no 1-size-fits-all solution and fretted over the sale of firearms the rest of biden's remarks may require their own criminal investigation. >> and a group of law enforcement and other community leaders including mayors of our cities.
12:39 am
the spin -- we've been at this a long time. >> the only reason he's addressing this all is because he is seeing polls your sinker abc news said 38% of americans believe he's doing a good job on crime. he has to do something so his big plan use the covid relief funds to pay for police, that is the plan. laura: then you have to go back to defunding the police, speaking of the last activity, there are serious questions about hunter biden's new art career. his agent is saying his works could fetch between 75 to 500,$000 apiece. >> this is the problem. look at this art. hunter biden sucked the pipe for thrills and blows in court for cash.
12:40 am
i would describe this art as a fusion of ink splatters and mold spores. whatever it is it is not worth 500,$000 which begs the question might people by his art to curry influence with his father? don't worry, jen psaki has a solution. >> they want to share information about buyers including their identities with hunter biden or the administration which provides a level of protection and transparency. >> no it doesn't, the clintons have a global initiative, the bibles have hunter's art. this reach of influence peddling and when up picasso last week sold for 150,$000 usually hunter biden's art is worth more? >> i tell you one of those things looks like you are doing a line of cocaine so that is an interesting deal. we have the royal problem.
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>> the reason the hunter biden are thing matters, he is under federal investigation for money laundering and he and his father's banking accounts were conjoined and he may have paid his dad off, that needs attention. we need to watch that closely but your favorite royals harry and megan getting an award called population matters, the organization says they are granting the award for limiting their family size when probably the most famous couple in the world say they choose to stop it two they helped to popularize and normalize that choice the group says and for offering a smaller family is also a happy family. the sussexes are such a happy group, look at the joy they instigated, one doesn't talk to her father, the other stripped of his title but this may be the first time a couple has gotten an award for not doing anything at all. that is pretty good.
12:42 am
>> did they say to oprah we are stopping it too? did they say that? >> a few years ago they said they would stop at four because the numbers dropped because it is award season. laura: this is i have to say i am still trying to get over -- what if i buy one hunter biden's pieces of art, call him up and say i am the one about your painting, it is anonymous, i buy your painting, love to see your dad, no -- love to see your dad -- that is how they get around that. >> the entire firewall of ethics is the agent, george burgess, who probably gets 50% of every painting so 250,$000 you think he's not going to tell, come on. it gives the appearance of fraud if it is not fraud. laura: i need something for this wall.
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biden's declined to a cavalcade of crises and collapse of kamala, democrats are in trouble, meadows inflation next.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: we started tonight by posing the left anti-democrats core, their impulses from the effort laura: we stood by exposing the left after the democratic or,
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their impulse to silence opposing views to the effort to stop the business of the texas legislature. they have to pick up dust to distract from their own policy failures. washington post abc poll finding just 33% of voters approve of biden's handling of immigration. 38% think biden is doing well on crime and school covid closures what is being taught in the classroom biden has decided to side with teachers unions over parents which is presenting a huge problem for the democrats. joining me as i fleischer, white house press secretary, fox news contributor and mark meadows, former trump white house chief of staff. the hill is recently noting biden's biggest vulnerability is not any single issue but the risk that he could be seen as losing control of events which i thought was a pretty good insight, it was supposed to bring this calm and unity. >> it is good insight. with the american people are
12:49 am
seeing is as you mentioned the fact the president biden is not in control of anything other than trying to control a narrative and he's not even doing well at that. he picked teachers unions, you pointed this out, he picked teachers unions over teachers and parents and a losing proposition, where do they go from here. we see chaos at the border, chaos in the classroom and chaos in our businesses and yet somehow this is president biden is going to come up with the answers, not promising look forward. laura: jen psaki previewed biden's. john the election
12:50 am
reforms issue and we will see off on it, watch. >> redouble his commitment using every tool at his disposal to continue to protect the fundamental right of americans to vote against the onslaught of voter suppression laws and also decry efforts to strip the right to voters authoritarian and how we need to vote with civil rights organizations to build as broader turnout and voter education system to overcome a worse challenge to our democracy since the civil war. laura: the civil war, the worst since prohibition, whatever the comparison is it is like in the same level as their failures on all these fronts we have been documenting tonight. >> she said authoritarian, strip the rights -- this is the same language that was used to describe asking for a id for people to vote, the draconian language is scaring people, it goes too far, it's not accurate but president biden's agenda is in trouble because they haven't voted yet. if he had the votes they would have voted. the reason they are not voting and talking is because he doesn't have the votes. he misinterpreted his election
12:51 am
mandate, thought was a mandate for tremendous spending, progressive programs and he doesn't have the votes. laura: there's something to this that the more histrionic they are in their comments about basic cleaning up the voter rolls so people don't vote in the wrong district or what have you, that is now like jim crow and it is like the boy who cried wolf, you keep saying this, biden was election under similar provisions in other states none of it measures up but they keep -- it is all they have. i don't think they have much more. >> you will see a lurch to the left, they don't have the votes but even more than that they don't have the american people and even if they have the votes in congress they don't have the
12:52 am
hearts and minds of the american people because they see the false premises is built on but the bigger problem we are starting to see is not just president biden not articulating it starting to lurch further to the left and that is what we will see, tax increases, he will try to appease the progressives in his party because that's the only 33% base he will be able to hold tight and those swing voters are going to realize they made a mistake on november 3rd and hope the trump administration policy is returned. laura: kristin powers at cnn did some up the suburbs blind spot as well. >> you have the right and they run with these issues. like critical race. that is untethered from reality and suburban voters get confused because they are hearing this stuff but it's not accurate. i don't think democrats should
12:53 am
get involved in this anti-woke thing. it is something that has been driven by the right. laura: she is wrong that is driven by the right, this is a grassroots movement, she is right in how the woke thing and andrew sullivan over the weekend wrote about this, that has gotten them into a box in a corner, rock and a hard place, whatever you want to say, the woke thing is a huge problem and i think biden is with enough to know that. >> but he keeps pandering to that wing of the party. he is too week to fight it but decided he has to cast his lot with that side of the party instead of being the singular bipartisan force, the person whose whole soul is in bipartisanship, his whole soul not even one insurer is proved to be in bipartisanship. he has been bought off by the
12:54 am
woke movement. he made the wrong bed and that is where he misread the election, democrats almost didn't take back the senate, failed in the house, almost lost the house and president biden barely won the presidential election but thinks he has an fdr mandate to govern from the far left, par -- far progressive woke left, this is the fundamental mistake of the biden era and this will come back and bite them big time, the majority there trying to a similar reelection midterm. laura: thank you so much. the highlight of the home run derby didn't happen on the field, the last bite is going to show you.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: you've heard about players selling out to make a catch but what about when fans started to get on the action. at tonight's home run derby in denver one fan found out the players showing up to make a catch but what about when things get on the action? to determine derby in denver one fan found out the hard way? >> and it does.
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laura: ouch the fan was okay. that the security guard break his fall? that all-time we have to make, set your dvr every week night at 10:00 pm eastern to never miss us. greg gutfeld, take it from here. jillian: president biden says the us stands firmly with cuban demonstrators as thousands take to the streets for the largest anti-communist uprising in decades but still no word from many of the progress of lawmakers who are pushing socialist policies in the us. >> democrats taking the stand against gop voting bills by hopping on a private jet to dc as these bills become a main target of the left. live in dc.


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