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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  July 13, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> you passed the test. >> bill: good morning. a stand-off in the state house in texas with no conclusion in sight. democratic lawmakers trying to block a vote on election reform and the governor says they'll be arrested when they come back. >> dana: i get a kick out of this story. ifm owe dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." >> bill: did you find it absurd or what? >> dana: it's futile and they get on the private jets and having a blast. they had a case of beer and edited the picture. they're out on the plane.
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not wearing masks and they think they will come and do something. they have done a couple of things. some of the legislation has been stripped out that they disliked so they were effective there. they won't be effective here and they'll get arrested. you don't go to jail, just back to work. >> bill: what the governor says we'll arrest you but they'll take them to the state house and pass this. the problem is we don't know when this is. in the meantime for today there will be a press conference in washington, d.c. they are getting all kinds of attention and follow it. >> dana: president biden giving a speech as well. >> dana: nearly 60 texas legislators. going to hold a news conference in washington, d.c. in an hour to urge congress to federalize elections nationwide. >> bill: the second time this year the texas democrats have walked out in order to try to block republican voting legislation.
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senator cornyn on that. >> it's a very untexan thing to do to cut and run in the face of a fight. and obviously they aren't going to be successful because ultimately they will have to go back and vote on the other things that are part of the legislative agenda. it was a stunt then and a stunt now. that's all it is. >> once they step back into the state of texas they'll be arrested. >> dana: casey stiegel is reporting live from austin for us. hi, casey. >> good morning to you. boy, this is fascinating and we're all waiting to see how this is going to shake out because the governor as you well know says that if they run the clock out in washington he will just call as many special sessions as needed until the legislation is passed. but this is the texas democrats' second revolt against this republican-backed overhaul of the state's election law. but this time instead of just walking off the floor and staying here in the capital
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city of austin, this go around they boarded some planes and they flew to washington, d.c. at least 51 of the state's 67 democratic reps traveled to d.c. many by private plane skipping town four days into the special session. if their plan goes accordingly there won't be enough members present to pass legislation and bring the session to a halt. >> one word, hypocrisy. they are using a filibuster to flee the state of texas to plead with the president to do away with the filibuster in washington, d.c. that is the example of hypocrisy on its face. >> now all along house democrats have argued the bill texas republicans are trying to pass would disenfranchise low income texans and also voters of color. shortly after news of that broke yesterday, vice president
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kamala harris praised it and had this to say, listen. >> i applaud those standing for the rights of all americans and texans to express their voice through their vote unencumbered. >> back in 2003 texans had a similar situation when democratic lawmakers walked out and protested redistricting. this is uncharted territory. oklahoma and texas share a border. texas and d.c. don't. we'll have to wait and see how it pans out. >> bill: what a sound bite from the governor. the biden administration facing another foreign policy crisis in cuba. thousands protesting the communist government over a lack of food and medicine. some democrats are blaming the unrest on the u.s. economic embargo. mark meredith picks up the
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story at the white house. what will the administration do now? >> as you mentioned cuban protestors are furious with their government over the country's economic crisis. protests broke out over the weekend and now reports the cuban government is starting to crack down on those protests. cuban authorities are reportingly limiting internet access social media access. associated press reporting today that cuban police are now out in force to put a stop to these demonstrations. president biden weighed in on this on monday. >> president biden: i don't think we've seen anything like this protest in a long, long time. quite frankly, ever. we call on the government of cuba to refrain from violence or attempts to silence the voice of the people of cuba. >> we're hearing from vermont senator bernie sanders at the white house yesterday. last night tweeting this. i call on the cuban government to respect opposition rights and refrain from violence and
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long past time to end the u.s. embargo on cuba which has hurt, not helped the cuban people. the white house is facing long term cuba strategy. former president trump added economic sanctions. republicans are criticizing president biden for not being tougher on the cuban government pointing out a tweet over the weekend that said peaceful protests are growing in cuba as they exercise their right to express concern about rising covid cases, and medicine shortages. it prompted outrage from conservatives. >> i don't know why it's so hard for them to criticize marxist. whose side we're on here and why they're doing this. people in the street want liberty from marxism and we're with them. >> senator rubio is warning cubans may try to retaliate against the u.s. talking about mass migration to southern florida and ask president biden not to cave for pressure or
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threats coming from cuba. >> bill: we'll stay on it. much more coming up with senator ted cruz. the son of a cuban immigrant calling on the white house to do more to support the cuban people. that's coming up. don't miss that. meanwhile this. >> president biden: there is no one size fit all approach. we know there are some things that work and the first of those that work is stemming the flow of firearms used to commit violent crimes. our strategy is including funding for law enforcement through the american rescue plan, for states, cities and be able to hire police and pay them overtime in order to advance community policeing. >> dana: president biden yesterday on his plan to reduce gun violence. under increasing pressure over rising crime in major cities and spoke after meeting with law enforcement officials and community leaders at the white house where he called for hiring more police. that may put him at odds with progressive democrats pushing to defund the police.
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joining us now is raymond lopez from chicago's 15th ward. i wanted to play sound from the meeting. the chicago police superintendent was there and this is what he said. >> he expressed concern to find solutions to bring to the table that we could do almost immediately. one of the things was a strike force and additional resources from d.o.j. from the attorney general's office was discussed. we talked about long-term impacts. things that happened that speak to the root causes of violent crime. >> dana: do you like the idea of a strike force? >> i like the idea of a strike force comprised of the f.b.i., d.e.a., a.t.f. and justice department to come into the city of chicago. i liked it when president trump offered that a year ago. almost a year to the day. and unfortunately politics seems to have gotten in the way. now we're here talking about the same thing once again for the city of chicago but still talking about it as something to come and in the year that
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has transpired since the offer was first made we've had thousands of people shot and killed all in the name of politics. and it is really getting tiring to here the superintendent, the mayor and others use public safety as a political weapon. >> bill: you are right about that. president trump said he would send in the feds and help out chicago with whatever needed. the mayor, governor said no, we don't need your help and the death rate we've watched, the highest we've seen in 18 years. gun trafficking is an issue. they seem to come back to that more and more at the white house again yesterday tracking the guns. gary indiana and the deep south. how much in your view is that a part of this problem? >> chicago has been taking guns off the street by the thousands, 6,000 i believe this year alone. but one of the things that i notice was missing from the president's declaration and from everyone's comments including our superintendent was accountability. holding criminals and gang bangers and rooted and committed to violence
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accountable for their actions. that was not mentioned in the tweet, in the press release and if you continue to enable criminals, if you continue to normalize that behavior and blame it on something else we'll never see the change in our cities, least of all chicago. >> dana: shooting incidents in 2021, one person was shot -- one person killed yesterday, eight others wounded in shootings. you're living with this every single day. where do you think the white house maybe falls short on their attempts from yesterday? >> i think that accountability is the underlying issue that was missing yesterday. we can talk about violence intervention and talk about increased jobs and even supporting the police as they said they want to do. in the city of chicago having more overtime and days worked with no days off is not reducing the violence. you have to instill
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accountability and consequences for when individuals, particularly those committed to a certain gang or criminal lifestyle are engaged with the police. we must be able to arrest them and prosecute them and we must be able to throw away the key once they are locked up if they're unwilling to change their behavior. until we incorporate that. >> bill: i wish we could say it will get better. but even during this conversation i don't think anything is going to change, do you? >> you know, i don't necessarily believe this conversation is going to bear any fruit. we've been talking about a task force now for weeks and even the superintendent and mayor said it will be coming in the next few weeks. by the time it arrives here it will be the end of summer. how many lives lost as we continue to kick this can down the road. >> bill: the point i was trying to make is not that the conversation would have much of an influence but the ideas aren't being initiated at all. you'll see more people get shot. raymond.
6:12 am
thank you for your time. unfortunately we'll talk again from chicago. >> dana: thank you for being here. another record that was reached. homicides reached 100 by july 10th for the first time in washington, d.c. a desire to try to do something from the white house but politically it's a real problem for them and they know it. >> bill: another alert now. f.d.a. with a warning about a link between the j&j vaccine and rare nerve disorder. how serious is this? we're talk to marc siegel. ? a an alarming report on the u.s. navy raising questions whether it's even ready if war ever breaks out. k.t. mcfarland is here with the big picture. >> bill: the big sluggers not the only focus before the all-star game. an ad campaign over its woke actions. is it politics in america's
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pastime? you bet this year it is. come on back after this.
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6:19 am
mentality under investment in service officer training, poor resourced in ship maintenance programs and expanding culture of micromanagement. john kirby was asked about the report yesterday. >> we welcome all these insights and all the scrutiny over the united states navy. and i think navy leaders today understand well that their officers and leaders and petty officers and sailors are human beings and that people do make mistakes. >> is the u.s. navy ready for war? >> yes. >> arson is suspected of a fire in the blaze. the massive warship is now scrapped. incidents like this along with two collisions in 2017 involving guided missile destroyers in the significant that sparked the senator cotton interest in having the review.
6:20 am
the findings in the report are very concerning. sailors are deprived of the training and leadership they need to fight and win at sea. a navy that puts operational excellence at the heart of its culture is essential to our national security. confirmation hearing for president biden's next secretary of the navy is expected to get started in minutes on capitol hill. expect more questions from senator cotton. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: this was first reported. "wall street journal" headline. if war comes will the u.s. navy be prepared? k.t. mcfarland is a sailor, former national security advisor in the trump administration. good morning to you and thanks for coming back here. answer the que, -- question, is it prepared? >> nope. this report is devastating and it is very credible. normally reports like this well, it's a think-tank people or a couple of former generals or admirals or it's even people that sanitize it up the chain of command. in this case, they interviewed
6:21 am
people, anonymously, not just officers, but enlisted people. enlisted personnel and did it in a way that wasn't through the chain of command. they got the unvarnished truth from the people who were supposed to be doing the job and responsible for winning america's naval battles. what they said is that we're not prepared. part is resources. a big part as lucas pointed out, the bureaucratic mindset and focus on wokeism and political correctness at the expense of war fighting. here is how bad it is. training, officers who are going to ships they aren't being trained before. they are being sent to the ship and here is your job and here are 20cvs. they'll show you how to do your job. that's not training for war. >> bill: a couple of things. ship burning in san diego last year was a call to arms. two destroyer collisions in the
6:22 am
pacific four years ago. i thought we rebuilt our military during the trump years. did we not? >> we did, but this is not something that happens overnight. this is something that has taken 20 or 30 years to deal with. a lot of it is the legacy of the two terms of the obama administration, defense cutbacks but particularly the burden is born by the u.s. navy. we spent 20 years fighting land wars in the middle east, army, marines, air force. we haven't used the navy. as a result the navy budget has been cut and training cut and maintenance and operations have been cut. the result is as we look forward, one of the wars of the future, the threat of the future will be on the seas in asia and south china seas and taiwan and maritime trade and we're not prepared for. what president biden has done is cut the defense budget
6:23 am
including the navy budget. >> bill: the quote that sticks out to me. i guarantee you every unit in the navy is up to speed on diversity training. i'm sorry i can't say the same with the ship handling training. how is that working or finding its way into the u.s. military? >> look, it comes at a price. the diversity training, the wokeness, the filling out the bureaucratic forms to make sure you've checked out culture issues come at a cost of time, effort and training. as a result of that, the focus is not on war fighting, not on winning wars or not on how you'll have to adapt in modern warfare. it is all the cultural issues. what it has also done is taken the notion that you have to be responsible for your own ship and sort of made it buher october see. if you are the captain on a vessel anywhere in the world you have the people in the pentagon looking over your shoulder critiquing everything
6:24 am
you're doing. in modern warfare what's the first thing that will happen in a modern war? communications will go out. that captain on the deck of that ship is not going to be able to check and get orders from washington he has to on the spot adapt. you don't want to have the first time he does that in the middle of a war. >> bill: to put a button on it from the journal. china will be the big conflict when the nominee for navy secretary appears before the senate armed services committee on tuesday. perhaps a former destroyer captain can shake the navy awake as the new report says there isn't much time for learning once war is underway. we'll watch for that. k.t., nice to have you back on the show today. dana. >> dana: check out the new numbers from the labor department showing a massive spike in inflation. the biggest since 2008. what does it mean for the economic recovery and more importantly maybe your household budget? we'll ask maria bartiromo coming up. texas democrats hopping on private planes to dodge a vote
6:25 am
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>> dana: fox news alert now. something happening there in woodlawn, maryland just west of baltimore. there are reports of at least two law enforcement officials who have been shot at security square mall both taken to the hospital also shot and taken to the hospital and we'll get more information on that. baltimore county police tweeted moments ago update, active scene at security square mall where earlier two law enforcement officers when injured and a suspect as well as law enforcement taken to the hospital. >> bill: texas democrats about to hold a news conference in washington, d.c. the alert after they fled their state on a private plane or two trying to stop a republican
6:31 am
effort to strengthen election laws. took a lot of selfies along the way. here to talk about it texas senator ted cruz. how are you doing and good morning to you. a lot to get through. see how much we can get through in the next couple minutes here. governor abbott said last night on local t.v. in texas i will call a special session after special session after special session until election of next year. i don't know if that's the fate here. how does this end do you think with lawmakers leaving the state? >> well, i think it will end with the texas legislature taking up and passing election integrity legislation. what you are seeing the democrats do here is a political stunt. i will say it's ironic as they were getting on the private jet to fly to washington, d.c. they almost surely had to show identification to get on that jet and yet they are doing this in a fit because they don't want mail-in ballots to be verified. don't want signatures to be verified.
6:32 am
they don't want basic integrity steps to be strengthened in the state of texas. it is politics and they need to get back to doing their jobs. one way or the other they will. one of the things -- it's interesting. one of the first assignments i ever had back 17 years ago when i was newly appointed as the solicitor general of texas one of the first questions i got is the speaker of the house of the legislature, the legislature was redistricting then and the democrats did the same thing. they fled. that time they fled for oklahoma, the house members, shortly there after were albuquerque, new mexico. the speaker of the house asked the attorney general, my boss, do i have the authority to arrest fleeing legislators, the democrats who left to break a quorum. i did the research and the answer is yes. under the texas constitution there is a prove ition that explicitly gives the speaker the authority to arrest fleeing house members. that provision is copied word for word from the u.s.
6:33 am
constitution. and so this stunt is going to fail. they are going to come back and a quorum and i believe the legislature will do its job and protect the integrity of the elections. insure people can vote but insure we don't have fraud and people casting illegal votes. >> dana: somebody had to pay for the private jets. interesting to see who that would be. they did fundraising appeals as to the clue to the other reason this is happening. can i take you to cuba? tell us about your thoughts there and i want to get your reaction to senator bernie sanders. he was responding to our own peter doocy on his past support of cuban policies watch. >> last year during the campaign you said it is unfair to simply say everything is sad in cuba. do you still share that sentiment now that the people seem to be -- >> i support through latin america and everywhere the right to people to want a
6:34 am
decent economy and political freedom. >> dana: senator. >> it's interesting bernie says he supports the right of people to protest. you know who doesn't support that right? the cuban communist dictatorship that bernie supports. right now the cuban thugs are arresting protestors and throwing them in jail and clubbing them and beating them. this is not new. for decades the communist dictatorship in cuba has committed murder, torture and incredible atrocities. as you know for me it isn't just a theoretical matter. my father was imprisoned. my aunt was imprisoned and tortured by castro. my family like so many millions of other cuban families have seen the brutal oppression of communism firsthand. i have to say watching these images and watching cuban people in the streets risking their lives. when you stand up and protest it is one thing to wave a flag
6:35 am
here in the u.s. where you aren't risking your life. there they are risking imprisonment and death and the american people stand with the people of cuba and i have to say the biden administration has been terrible on this. they put out a statement saying this shows their right to peaceful assembly. no, it shows a communist dictatorship trying to silence their speech. the biden administration claims the protests are about covid. they want more covid shots. no, these protests, they are yelling freedom in the streets. they are yelling down with the dictatorship and waving american flags. what a beautiful symbol of freedom the american flag is across the globe. and yet joe biden and kamala harris can't seem to figure out why that freedom is important and why those people are standing up and risking their lives. >> bill: you are right about the bravery. more than 40 cities throughout that country. we haven't seen it more than 60 years at this level.
6:36 am
got to run here. you want title 42 which deals with immigration on the southern border, if you have covid you can't come into the country. is that going to lapse or not, sir? >> we're hearing concerning reports that the biden administration intends to end enforcement under title 42. that's the legal authority that allows you with illegal immigrants when they come to expel them quickly because of the pandemic and the biden administration is making noise they want to end that. i have introduced legislation this week to maintain the protections of title 42. there is still a global pandemic. many americans have gotten vaccinated, i've gotten vaccinated. a lot of people coming here illegally haven't. as we see new variants of the disease we have seen the disaster of joe biden's open border policy putting a huge cost on my home state of texas, and now these guys want to make it worse and release essentially everybody who comes, title 42 has been having
6:37 am
effect with regards to single young men who may be covid positive and if the biden administration releases them as well, it would be putting politics ahead of public safety and public health. i think it would be a serious mistake. >> bill: senator, thank you. please come back. ted cruz, thanks. >> dana: prices for everyday goods are rising in recent month. it shows how high they're going. consumer price index surged in june rising twice as much as economists present dibted and up 5.4% from june last year. the biggest jump is more than a decade. maria bartiromo is the host of sunday morning futures. can you explain how it affects moms and dads out there trying to put food on the table and get kids to college and the prices going up it's harder to safe money. >> absolutely, dana. thank you so much. we are seeing the price of food, everyday items go higher. the impact is a much more expensive situation for
6:38 am
american families. today's report indicates everything from gasoline to restaurants, services. as you know the federal reserve says it's temporary. this is partly due to policy and also partly due to demand coming back. the economy is slowly but surely opening up again. with that opening has come higher prices for a number of goods. we're seeing the american family pay a lot more for goods as simple as food on the table to going out to a restaurant, to vacations, to oil, energy up about 30% year-over-year. you are talking about gasoline much higher than people expected at this point. we'll see. the open question to this economy, dana, is it temporary? will we see a break from this in the fall? this is worse than anyone was looking for this morning. a higher than expected number. we'll have to wait and see. >> dana: do you remember when president biden was talking about employers saying they
6:39 am
can't find workers and he whispers that the secret is us to just to pay them for. hard as a small business and even as a worker whose wages have gone up your buying power has gone down. >> yeah. that's what the federal reserve focuses on wages going higher. wages are up already. when he was whispering there we've already seen the price of wages go higher and one of the most important expenses for business. when they start seeing wages go higher and the expenses that they face go higher the first thing they think about is what am i going to cut? they start cutting the fat around and ultimately it gets to employees and that means cutting jobs. that's the worry here. all the money we're throwing at this economy and more is coming on july 15th 39 million americans will see a check in banking accounts for the child tax credit. that certainly will boost the number of sectors from
6:40 am
restaurants to other things that people buy. but again, the threat here is that all of those things move higher in price. that's what we're seeing and been the trend. we're waiting to see whether or not the federal reserve reacts by raising interest rates which will make our borrowing that much more expensive as well. >> dana: interesting balancing act. thank you. >> bill: 20 before the hour. taliban making gains in afghanistan. what about the women and girls who have made gains themselves after the taliban was taken down? good life return to the way things were? we're live in kabul on that with greg palkot. politics surrounding the mlb all-star game tonight. republicans have a plan after the league moved the game from atlanta to denver over georgia's election law. ♪♪♪
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>> dana: fox news alert. after 20 years of liberty many women in afghanistan now fear the return to power of the taliban who are already expanding their control in the country as the u.s. and allies withdraw troops. greg palkot is live in the
6:46 am
afghan capital of kabul. good morning, greg. >> yeah, the taliban offensive continues here with a potential big impact on society. more clashes and gains are reported by the militants in the south and east of the country and that has a lot of people, especially concerned. take a look. >> one of the biggest challenges of a possible taliban takeover is to women in afghanistan. before 9/11 when they ran things girls were banned from schools. women from jobs. now that has all changed. now that once again is under threat. >> i think for women that means being back prisoners in their house. being just in a different life, neglected from their entire worth. that will be a disaster for the women of afghanistan. it will be a disaster. >> millions of girls are in school now that wouldn't have
6:47 am
been. a quarter of all government employees are women. many are in the private sector. free to go out and dress in more modern style and pursue their dreams. we were here 20 years ago when the taliban was running things. all you could see on the streets were women in the all shrouding burqa outfit. our guest is a leading politician here in afghanistan saying the advances for women have some of the concrete gains of this 20-year war that the u.s. led with mixed results. it would be a shame to lose it. back to you. >> dana: she is indeed brave. thank you, greg. >> bill: later tonight major league baseball all-star game tonight coors field in denver, not atlanta where it was originally scheduled. the conservative group is targeting mlb with an ad campaign because they moved the game after outcry over georgia's new voting law.
6:48 am
clay travis is with us now. good morning. i'm thinking about baseball tonight. i don't know what you are thinking about. i guess the intersection of politics and sports will be on display especially during the commercial for the game tonight. >> i don't think there is any doubt, bill. thanks to you and dana for having me on this morning. ifm owe excited to see major league baseball all-star game. not as excited as if it were in atlanta. remember the braves not only were set to host but honor hank aaron who recently died and they are playing the season in his honor in atlanta. all of the data that has come out since, this crazy ad you will see which is attacking major league baseball and saying crazy. i never would have foreseen in happening. they are based in new york with more restrictive voting laws than georgia. the baseball commissioner blew it with this choice. i think it will potentially play a big role in the 2022
6:49 am
senate election with warnock running potentially against herschel walker as a big match-up. >> bill: this is what millions of people will see tonight. part of the ad that goes after warnock you just mentioned. >> mid-summer classic, the all-star game, $100 million boost to georgia's economy until the radical left woke crowd took it all away. forcing the mlb to boycott georgia. even stacy abram opposed it. warnock refused to oppose it. >> bill: texas lock in early voting in this legislation for times and days and hours that the state of delaware has never seen in terms of early voting. >> well it is calling into question why joe biden suddenly decided to call this jim crow 2.0, a quote from him.
6:50 am
when he has represented delaware in the senate for decades and never said anything about their restrictive voting policies. i do think, bill, if you think about it, herschel walker is rumored to be one of the top contenders. the most popular entity in the state of georgia isn't republicans or democrats, it is the atlanta braves. if you combine that with the georgia bulldogs and herschel walker i think sports could be a significant litmus test for a lot of voters in georgia. warnock will have a difficult time trying to explain to georgia sports fans why he didn't fight as hard as he possibly could for this all-star game $100 million benefit as the ad says to take place in his backyard. >> bill: we'll see how the ads play out tonight. good luck on radio. clay travis. catch the mlb all-star game
6:51 am
tonight at fox at 7:30 east live coors field mile high city of denver. >> dana: we have a live look at washington democrats from texas are about to hold a news conference. lawmakers skipped town on private planes to block republican election bills and we'll bring you their remarks in just a few minutes. or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. by hitting eczema where it counts, dupixent helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of eczema. and that means long-lasting clearer skin... and fast itch relief for adults. hide my skin? not me. by helping to control eczema with dupixent, you can show more with less eczema. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems,
6:52 am
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veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. and you could take out $50,000 dollars or more. >> bill: fda issued a new warning about the johnson & johnson vaccine saying it might increase the risk of a rare nerve condition in which your body's immune system attacks your nerves. 100 cases reported mostly among men age 50 and older. it is a tiny fraction of the nearly 13 million doses given but we'll give it some attention with dr. marc siegel who will tell us what you need to know shortly in our next hour. >> dana: a fast growing wildfire in oregon ranging across the western part of the state for a week now and torched more than 150,000 acres
6:57 am
on top of a prolonged doubt that has decimated crops. we are talking to a farmer. you have the fire situation, a draught and also have washington regulations working against you. tell us about how you are feeling today. >> well, thanks for having me. i guess, you know, to start out i mean it's just sad for our basin, really. the bear reclamation developed this project in early 1900s and dried up two lakes that people could farm and feed a hungry nation. doing so they damed an upper lake to store the water that used to evaporate from the other two lakes and use the water for irrigation. now we have to deal with the endangered species act and the way the bureau of reclamation manages the water for the
6:58 am
endangered species we're dealing with and it is pretty frustrating. >> dana: have those species had a recovery since they've been on the esa? >> we have two fish in the upper lake where we store irrigation water. they've been managing that the same way for the last 20 years and those species have not made any recovery at all. they've actually, numbers have gone down and they won't change the way they manage it. >> dana: what would you like to see washington do? >> one, big picture like to see the endangered species act amended so that it focuses on more than just one species. that's a big problem we have here is single species management. they manage for the fish, one particular species of fish and it doesn't take into account the waterfowl that stops here in the pacific flyway and then the other thing in short term the way the bureau of
6:59 am
reclamation and fish and wildlife the way they are interpreting the endangered species act i believe they could do that differently. >> dana: what about your lifestyle? i come from a family of ranchers and i know that it's something that you love and you want to be able to continue to do this for your family. i guess maybe a personal reflection how important it is for our farmers to be not forgotten by washington >> yeah, absolutely. my family i'm fourth generation on our property here. the property has been in our family for over 100 years and we're raising the fifth generation and ever since before he started school he wants to be a farmer when he grow us up. the uncertainty of the water situation here makes it hard to pass it on to the next generation or as the next generation gets old enough to see what's going on they start questioning whether it's a
7:00 am
secure enough future for them, too, to get into. >> dana: jason flowers, i know that you care a lot about that land and your livestock and family. thank you for being here and we'll stay in touch. it is so important to highlight the farmers and what they're dealing with. a lot of these regulations well intentioned not turning out to be what they thought. >> bill: interesting hanging out there. it will change eventually. right now tough going there. next hour begins now. >> dana: texas democrats are about to hold a news conference in washington a republican bill to tighten election security. the lawmakers are ready to stay in d.c. for weeks. while governor abbott warns they'll face arrest when they return. we'll bring you that news conference live when it happens. thousands of angry cubans raging against the regime in havana and now the communist dictator is accusing cuban americans of encouraging the protest. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom" i'm dana
7:01 am
perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. one of the things you see in the video that i think is so stunning in cuba everybody is on their smartphone and late on sunday the government cut the internet service which really that was a way for them to assembly and organize here in a way we haven't seen in 60 years in cuba. you wonder whether or not the u.s. government has the ability to fly a plane outside of international airspace and restore internet capability to get back on their phones. >> dana: they tried it before but maybe it is a possibility. there are other ways the smart technology folks in america can help the cubans have access. >> bill: intriguing story. we'll see whether or not it's possible and the administration is willing to do that if possible. the anti-government displays taking place in cities across that country as it struggles with the worst economic crisis it has seen in decades. now from miami is mayor saying the situation is cuba is a matter of u.s. national
7:02 am
security. >> i think americans need to understand this impacts america. the cuban dictatorship is a drug trafficking dictatorship. they sponsor terrorism and they have also exported communism throughout the hemisphere and the world. it affects u.s. interests. >> bill: phil keating is live in miami's little havana. good morning. >> good morning. as anticipated, the authoritarian communist cuban regime has firmly regained its tight grip on society down there after sunday's unprecedented protest against the government. yesterday and last night everything quiet on the streets of cuba with a beefed up military presence and certainly more police officers. around havana yesterday this is what it looked like. basic lay normal monday. what was not normal the internet and social media platforms were largely shut
7:03 am
down. communications blackout. the government freezing dissidents' afwoilt coordinate and gather. there were a few demonstrations in cuba on monday which were quashed by police and reportedly arrests were made. for the second straight night in miami's little havana neighborhood hundreds of people came out to support their relatives and friends and waved american and cuban flags and demanded change in cuba which miami cubans have done for five long decades with zero effect. here is miami's cuban american mayor on monday. >> people are dying, people are getting beaten, people are suffering and they are starving and it has been happening for far too long. >> on sunday thousands of cubans marched in a dozen cities across the island demanding freedom and an end to food shortages, decades of horrible economy, lives of
7:04 am
poverty and calling for government change. cuban americans organized a flotilla to take through the florida straits hoping to be allowed into cuba to give away supplies to the people. from miami to cuba is 250 nautical miles and it is highly unlikely that the cuban government would be allowing these american-owned vessels with miami cuban americans access into cuban sports. >> bill: you were talking about the internet. do you talk to anybody in miami able to get an email or phone call or text message through? >> apparently no one did yesterday. we have a producer based in havana and he reported that it was very difficult even for him and he lives there to get access to the internet. so if you can't get it there you can't send emails, you know. >> bill: all right, phil, thank you. phil keating little miami.
7:05 am
little havana in miami. thank you, phil. >> dana: for more on this carlos jimenez born in cuba, family fled to the u.s. following the cuban revolution in 1960. these protests were building for a while. what does it mean to you and what should the biden administration do to help support them? >> important for me personally. i came here 60 years ago with my mom, dad and sister and i love this country. it was an organic demonstration. had over 45 cities demonstrations taking place probably hundreds of thousands of people which is something really kind of unheard of in cuba. so it is coming grassroots level. they've had enough. they may be losing their fear of the government. i think what the biden administration should do is reaffirm its commitment to help the cuban people, to assert their right to demonstrations.
7:06 am
but also we can do something more concrete. if there are ways that we can reestablish internet connection for the cuban people so they can communicate, i think this is something that we can help the cuban people communicate so that they again can demonstrate their displeasure with this communist regime that has really been around their necks for the last 60 years. >> dana: some on the left should say they should lift the embargo. would you support that? >> no, i think we should limit cuba's ability to access credit markets. the problem with cuba's credit they don't pay their bills. they don't pay their bills because they have a rotten economy and they have a rotten economy because it's a communist socialist economy that doesn't work and hasn't worked in any other country.
7:07 am
it's all cuba is doing, there are shortages. everything. they've been rationing food for decades. they have had shortages of basic goods for decades because the system doesn't work. but for the people in power they have plenty. it works for them. for the vast majority of the cuban people it doesn't work and they've had enough. that's why they are shouting liberty. they are not shouting food, they are not shouting vaccine, they are shouting liberty. they want their liberty. they want to be free. they want to be free to express their opinion. they want to be free of political oppression. we know that yesterday they arrested probably between 50 to 100 of the dissident leaders leading these demonstrations. that's what always happens in cuba. they shut down the internet so you can't community and security forces put a strangle hold on the people. we need to stand up for that. >> dana: have you heard about any reports of possible torture
7:08 am
of any of the dissidents? >> look, what happens in cuban prisons there is a good movie what tells you what happens in cuban prisons. not a nice sight. we heard of one person who has died, maybe more. but again since not much can come out of cuba you don't know what's true and what's not. >> dana: congressman, thank you so much. we'll stay in touch with you. >> bill: breaking news from washington we told you about the democratic lawmakers in texas who fled the state by airplane are in washington, d.c. on the steps of the capitol and let's drop in on this. >> they are making a sacrifice so all americans regardless of race, income, party affiliation will have equal access to the ballot and that is what this is about. before i turn it over to chris, i would like for congressman to have a few words and the next person you hear from -- >> we'll wrap this up at the end but they brought the texas
7:09 am
heat along with the texas courage. we're glad you are out and we're here to honor them and their courage. their focus not just on what's happening in texas but what is happening right over there in the united states senate. it is a time for bold action. the same kind of bold action and courage we need in the united states senate and from this administration that these tech as colleagues of ours are demonstrating by their action. chris, we're pleased you are here. thank you for your leadership. >> thank you, congressmen and our entire texas congressional texas delegation all of whom do such a fabulous job of representing the lone star state in our nation's capitol fighting for the people of texas every single day. we can't thank you enough and thank you for hosting us here this morning. my name is chris turner the chair of the texas how democratic caucus and state
7:10 am
representative from grand prairie, texas in the dallas fort worth region. as you just heard more than 50 democratic members of the texas house have left texas to stop republicans from passing the latest iteration of their voter suppression legislation. and you are going the hear primarily from some of my colleagues today because we have so many strong voices in our caucus. we want to give them the opportunity to speak to the public but just for everyone's awareness, proceed durally how this works is there is 150 members of the texas house. it takes 2/3 of the body present to constituents a quorum so 100 members. we registered and vote by use of voting machines on our desks. and minutes ago, at least 57
7:11 am
letters were delivered to the house journal clerk directing the house to lock our voting machines and not unlock them until we provide express permission to do so upon our return to the capitol. so with that it is my privilege now to introduce a great fighter along time advocate in the fight for voting rights the chairman of the mexican american caucus from dallas, texas. [applause] >> [speaking spanish] >> bill: the voting legislation that has been proposed by republicans in the state house back in austin. the democrats there in washington, d.c. forbid the legislature from having a quorum so you can't continue with a vote. want to bring in texas
7:12 am
lieutenant governor dan patrick. you've been listening there. dana and i were watching this, too and reflecting on arizona and supreme court ruling from two weeks ago. can these democrats show where a voter in texas was disenfranchised or could be disenfranchised based on this law or the laws of yesterday? >> great question, bill. the answer is no. this is a bill about verification of signatures in the mail and allowing people to mail in their ballots to track their mail-in ballots and about transparency. livestreaming voting centers and expanding voting hours or adding voting hours, not being hooked up to the internet so no would be can be hacked. a paper trail to verify votes. nothing to do with voter suppression. what you just heard were not only lies, these were damn lies. this idea they're fighting for texas, give me a break. you don't run from a fight.
7:13 am
they have a constitutional obligation when they are elected for office to show up. instead they take their case of beer, wine, whiskey x go on a plane and go to washington, d.c. who by the way d.c. has less early voting than texas. so does delaware less early voting where the president lives. where he lives and work they have less early voting than texas, maryland, massachusetts, another democrat state. connecticut, new hampshire, new jersey have less early voting than texas. we have increased early voting 76% in the last 10 years in governor elections and the fastest growing state in adding votes of any state of the country and i'm sick of the lies and sick of these people who are nothing more than an -- if they don't like a ruling they burn down cities. if they don't like what the supreme court says they want to pack the court.
7:14 am
now when they can't face losing a vote on the house floor they turn tail and run to washington 40 minutes from now we'll be on the senate floor and i expect to have a quorum in the senate. i have a quorum in the senate and we'll pass the bill today on the senate side and do our work all week. >> bill: why don't you fly to wilmington, delaware. i hear your frustration. i don't know how this is resolved. do they wait a week? >> i do. >> bill: go. >> they have to come home eventually. and when they come home, i believe the house will put out an order for their arrest if they don't return to the capitol. once they hit the ground in texas, they can be arrested and brought back to the capitol. at some time they'll have to return, whenever it is. when it is we're going to pass this bill out of the house. we are going to do our work, bill. a number of bills on the call
7:15 am
on this special session. for example, if they don't come back 2,000 employees are at the risk of not getting a paycheck at the capitol. retired teachers getting a 13th check aren't going to get that money and i could go down the list of the other important bills. stopping boys from playing girls sports. so it's not just the voter bill. this is just dereliction of duty. they are awol. it bothers me, really bothers me to my core to think they are some brave souls. if this were the alamo they would have been the first people over the wall when they saw trouble coming. they ought to all be voted out of office. they may get democrat support in 2022 in some of races but independent voters won't forget this. republicans sure aren't going to forget it and i'm not going to forget it. >> bill: who pays for the plane? who pays for the hotel in washington for a year? >> i think the democrats
7:16 am
schumer and pelosi potentially. democrats are footing the bill for them and they are having fun while the senate will be working today. >> bill: dan patrick, thank you for your time. we're watching it closely. >> dana: president biden laying out his plan to solve america's crime crisis. watch. >> president biden: we have to come together to fulfill the first responsibility of democracy, keep each other safe. that's what the american people are looking for when it comes to reducing the violent crime and gun violence. >> dana: what the white house is proposing and whether it's enough to really change things on the local level. that's coming up. so when i started having unintentional body movements called tardive dyskinesia... ... i ignored them. but when the movements in my hands and feet started throwing me off at work... i finally had to say, 'it's not ok.' it was time to talk to my doctor about austedo. she said that austedo helps reduce td movements in adults... ...while i continue with most of my mental health medications. (vo) austedo can cause depression, suicidal thoughts, or actions in
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7:21 am
>> president biden: there is not one size fit all approach. we know there are some things that work and the first of
7:22 am
those that work is stemming the flow of firearms used to commit violent crimes. >> dana: president biden on his plan to reduce gun violence amid rising crime in major cities across the country. he spoke following the meeting with law enforcement and community leaders at the white house, the president saying there are many ways to tackle the problem but he put special focus on getting illegal guns off the street. we have the director of the newark, new jersey, community street team. i think the community leaders have such an important role to play here. we've been talking to some from san francisco and chicago. what was your take? >> my take was that it was a very powerful meeting. the first time in decades that the federal government offered a comprehensive strategy to cities and states with historic funding to actually reduce violence and crime in urban cities that is not just law enforcement but that also
7:23 am
includes community-based public safety or community violence intervention programming. it was a very powerful and deep conversation. >> dana: when you say in concrete ways. what was one of the concrete things you came out of the meeting that might have an impact here? >> the white house is launching a 16 city summer initiative. we've see spikes in cities for close to 30 years every summer violent spikes. it's the first time we're doing and immediate strategy to address immediate violence and short term and long-range violence, right? so some of those strategies we talked about specifically yesterday was more investment in boots on the ground for community based public safety as a complimentary strategy to law enforcement in cities. we've traditionally always looked at public safety as the domain of law enforcement and have yet to really deeply invest in complimentary
7:24 am
strategies that our residents and community people who do the work on a consistent basis. community-based public safety initiatives that have produced high level of results in terms of reducing violence and crime in neighborhoods. it also the initiative also talked about investing more dollars in law enforcement. in being able to move a lot of illegal guns off the street. so this combined strategy of community-based intervention and law enforcement working together i think is the right approach. >> dana: it will be interesting to see. if we can please stay in touch with you if it happens this summer. we would love to see some results and have you back. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> bill: 24 past. new warning about the j&j covid vaccine. dr. marc siegel and what you need to know about that coming up next. what president biden is saying about voters rights and america's trying to push election security laws. we'll talk to karl rove in
7:25 am
austin texas coming up next.
7:26 am
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7:30 am
>> dana: the fda warning of a possible link between the johnson & johnson covid vaccine and a rare autoimmune nerve disorder. the fda is reporting 100 cases of the rare disorder of 12.5 million people who got the shot. dr. marc siegel. tell us what is the rate of risk here when you weigh getting the vac million people have gotten the j&j shot but only 5 million since april with the scare about blood clots. 100 cases linked to the vaccine out of a total of 13 million. so it is extremely rare. i want to point out that covid itself gives you this autoimmune condition where literally you get weakness and some loss of sensation.
7:31 am
almost always temporary, by the way. it is scary when you have it but almost always temporary. so i don't think this is a reason not to take the j&j shot but only about 8% of people that have taken the vaccine have been focused on the j&j because they want one and done. most have been the pfizer and moderna shots. i don't want it to contribute the vaccine hesitancy. delta variant is going through the unvaccinated people. you can get it from common bacteria, 10 in a million cases of this syndrome as it is. this doesn't change the equation for the j&j shot, though it will clearly change public perception. >> bill: that was my question. you still recommend getting the shot. would you recommend it for everyone or is there any
7:32 am
medical or physical indicator for an individual person that might give them a warning before if they were susceptible perhaps to this nervous condition? >> that's an excellent question. i would say people that have had it before i wouldn't recommend this shot. we've seen this associate with flu shots and shingles shots. it is a condition we see associated with viruses, bacteria and vaccines but so this wouldn't change me. i want everyone out there to know if you had the johnson & johnson shot and you didn't have a complication, you won't suddenly get it now. it doesn't suddenly occur months later. >> dana: that's good to know. we'll stay in touch with you on this as this develops. johnson & johnson vaccine has that issue on top of the other one. >> bill: president biden facing growing pressure to the life to
7:33 am
vote election security laws in republican states. want to bring in karl rove on this. let's start out with president biden. what is his message today in philly do you think? >> if you do anything that he doesn't like or is not liked by the democratic national committee you are engaging in jim crow voter suppression activities even if it is a reasonable and sensible measure he won't depict it as such. it will be over the top and critical of republican efforts of election integrity and mindless in my opinion. >> dana: do they raise a lot of money off this stuff, karl? >> absolutely. my in box is inundated with offers to contribute from eric holder and barack obama anti-gerrymandering group. the democratic legislative campaign committee. stacey abrams and others ad nauseam. they are jumping on this like you can't believe. let's go to the building behind me, the texas state capitol.
7:34 am
we have had early voting since 1887. delaware the president's home state is going to have in-person early voting for the first time in 2022. and yet they -- he will go lecture texans about the fact that we've been doing it since 1987 and his home state has yet to begin doing it. we'll have other kinds of things. texas we have three things at issue. should there be drive through voting. state law prohibits it except for people infirm and unable to vote. 24 hour voting, overnight voting? they did it in harris county. not allowed by state law. they are clarifying that. the big issues here. before we listen to anything the president says we ought to say does delaware allow drive-thru voting for everybody and does delaware have 24-hour voting? that's exactly what the democrats want to do in texas and what the law already prohibits them from doing and clarified even further.
7:35 am
>> bill: in that state house behind you in 30 minutes they'll convene the senate. the lieutenant governor came out firing about the democrats who went to d.c. let's roll this clip here. >> it really bothers me to my core to think they're brave souls. if this were the alimony -- alamo, these people ought to all be voted out of office. >> bill: how is this resolved? he said eventually they come home whether a day from now or a year from now and we'll arrest them and take them back to the capitol building behind you. >> state law allows legislators who don't show up to be summoned by their body and for the texas department of public safety to bring them to the chamber. look, this is being paid for by the democratic -- texas
7:36 am
democratic house campaign committee. interesting to see who is underwriting the two private planes, buses, hotel arrangements and so forth. interesting to see who paid for the miller lite bill on the airplane. we'll see this. they have to come home at some point and they can't sit in washington and say we will stay away while important other issues including funding the legislature have to be voted upon. so they'll come home. when they do it will be resolved and frankly this is a stunt. when you get down to it, it is democracy -- we have never had drive-in voting except for people infirm and can't get out of their car. we have never had out of 254 counties in all the history of texas we have had one instance, harris county this year, of 24-hour voting. we have thousands of so-called drop boxes for absentee ballots called the early voting locations. you can take your absentee ballot in if you don't want to
7:37 am
mail it drop it off at any of the early voting locations and there are thousands of them across texas. yet these democrats in washington saying we're being -- the vote is being surpressed. watch my column on thursday. i take this issue head on. there are lots of lies floating around in our politics today. republicans and democrats alike. let's admit that these are a bunch of big lies and today the president of the united states is going to add to them by declaring that what's at stake here is jim crow and voter suppression. >> dana: that's what they call a deep tease thursday's column. i'm looking forward to it. send me an early copy and i'll read it. >> i will. >> dana: we have exclusive new video of the border crisis of a suspected trafficker leading authorities on a high speed chase. >> red shirt, white shorts. >> dana: lieutenant christopher olivarez is here to discuss ways criminals are taking
7:38 am
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>> bill: new video from the border crisis in del rio, texas, showing a suspected human smuggler leading officers on a high speed chase. the driver abandons the vehicle
7:43 am
and tries to escape on vote and agents catch up to him. the texas department of public safety are with us today. where are you now and what are you seeing, sir? >> good morning, thanks for having me. great to be with you guys. i'm in del rio, texas right now. those videos you saw what from the rio grande valley over the weekend. it was a busy weekend over the weekend. i'm in del rio now, also a hot spot for the majority of human smuggling and vehicle chases. >> bill: a quote. on a weekly basis we're somewhere between 6,000 and 7,000 apprehensions a week. in years past 2,000 would be a lot. we're three or four times that now. >> the numbers don't lie, bill. also once the second quarter numbers come out they'll be historic i can say that right now. it will continue to increase.
7:44 am
it hasn't decreased by any means whatsoever. rgb is the epicenter and del rio right now i was out last night with some of our troopers and it has been non-stop. it hasn't ceased at all by any means whatsoever. there is still criminal activity in place and human smuggling in place and as far as progress, i haven't seen any progress made as far as some of those statements that were made. the state of texas is making progress and that's why i'm here today in del rio which they already constructed the fencing along the border which the texas military department and right now they have constructed 1.5 miles of fencing so we can start implementing governor abbott's initiative for border security. >> bill: he has reached out for people to donate money. he is up to 790,000 and they have a ways to go. even if you put up a structure where you are it's like water, right? the people are going to move to
7:45 am
a place where they have an opening. >> right. that's the purpose behind it, bill. we want to put some type of barrier so we can divert the criminal activity to other locations and we can focus our resources on those locations instead of being so spread out. there is so much area to cover. the barriers, fencing does help law enforcement. it is very beneficial us to. it's another tool for us to use to help disrupt some of this criminal activity. >> bill: we talk a lot about the human traffic but you mention the drugs, the cocaine, marijuana, meth and on and on it goes. lone star so far with operation lone star from early march to early july criminal apprehensions 1900. migrant apprehensions over 48,000. vehicle pursuits 455, marijuana seizures you see 15,000 pounds, cocaine and meth after that. lieutenant. when does this ebb?
7:46 am
>> bill, that's -- >> bill: i got you, sir if you can still me we're on the air. go ahead and answer it. hang with me. okay. i know the phone fell down. lieutenant, you got me. it is an important question. i will give you a chance to answer it. when does this ebb? >> can you hear me? >> bill: when does it stop? >> what i can tell you now it will take for the federal government to step in and do something as far as serious policy changes. but in the meantime the state of texas will lead the charge and that's what we're doing right now by constructing this fencing. once that's in place the message we'll send do not come to the state of texas illegally. you will be apprehended and prosecuted especially if there is a state violation in place. >> bill: good luck in del rio, texas. he is clearly what we call in
7:47 am
the business a one-man band down there. i mentioned he has been the eyes and ears for us week after week after week and now month after month after month. >> dana: i think he is one of the best public information officers i've ever seen out there. even behind the scenes. the way he works it and he represents his boss very well and he is a great guy. good to have him. glad we have him back there. an actor slamming opponents of critical race theory, watch. >> you are bent out of shape about critical race theory? the good news is you might just be ignorant of what crt is. >> dana: his comments come at oklahoma is the latest state to crack down on the controversial curriculum. tyrus weighs in on the debate next.
7:48 am
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7:53 am
private jets involved for their trip to d.c. president biden under pressure to do something as cubans rise up against their communist leaders. now the new thing among liberals, blame america. republican congressman byron donalds is in "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> basically it's a bunch of legal scholarship and academic thinky talks that tries to figure out what systems are in place that affect minorities in the u.s. in ways other than racism. >> dana: that was an actor slamming opponents of critical race theory and denying it is being taught in schools. oklahoma's board of education is cracking down on crt with a new law that some districts are pushing back teaching uncomfortable but accurate history. he might have missed the part where the teachers union said they have a legal defense fund
7:54 am
to defend teachers across the country to pay for any lawsuits against them on crt. >> good for that. my whole thing in this whole issue has been not that it shouldn't be taught. it is when it should be taught and i think this is something when you get into critical thinking and opinions and theories and stuff that really challenges your brain and lets you think and challenge it should be for older kids doing critical thinking. i don't think the third grader nor would he understand or necessarily comprehend this type of ideology and questioning and so that was my whole issue. john who is a great actor and all that stuff his message is lost. yelling and screaming or calling people names never -- >> bill: it ends the conversation. >> when he starts doing it you don't listen anymore. >> bill: he says if you don't support it you're racist and ignorant. >> you can make that argument any other way. this day and age literally any time you walk by someone you
7:55 am
could say they're racist today because it's the new comma. when it comes down to education as a former teacher i'm not teaching third graders through fifth graders this type of material because it requires a lot of them in terms of critical thinking. if you are a junior or senior in high school and freshman year in college and take it as an elective when we had black history in the school it was an elective. now it's more incorporated. so there is a happy medium but we don't live in happy medium time where it is all or nothing and it is not fair to the kid. >> dana: or in the medium. the washington football team supposed to have a name. they still don't have a name. this is what jason wright, the president of the organization said. one might look at this name as a harmless transition considering it does not necessarily or specifically carry a negative connotation but as we learned through our research and engagement with
7:56 am
various groups context matter either and it makes it a slippery slope. will they ever get a name? >> haven't you heard of the golden state warriors. washington hogs, phenomenal, great. represents the great offensive line who historically people came to see the hogs and put up pig snouts and cheered on the guys who never got glory. you want to include a group that get left behind. washington hogs, simple. get an in shape poke pig or hog depending on its bovine privilege and roll from there. this is not a sufficient situation. >> bill: they won't get a name. >> on behalf of the crew behind the cameras that do the real work, washington hogs, simple. go hogs. >> bill: nice to see you, tyrus.
7:57 am
>> oink, oink, what it is. >> bill: the major league all-star game tonight. both the rnc and senate republicans air ads during the telecast that blast major league baseball after moving the game out of atlanta to denver out of the new georgia voting law. bill is in mile high city. >> it is clear that republicans do not want the public to forget this game was never supposed to be here in denver, was supposed to be in atlanta. they say the reason it is not anymore is because democrats and corporations lied about georgia's new voter law and they say democrats essentially stole the game from the city of atlanta so the rnc is taking out a new seven figure ad that will start running today to start reminding people about what happened. here is part of it. >> this was supposed to be atlanta's night but we were robbed. democrats stole our all-star
7:58 am
game to push their divisive political agenda. >> you will remember in april major league baseball decided to move the game from atlanta to here in denver. the reason for doing so was democrats and president biden were criticizing georgia's new voter laws saying that it would restrict voting access for people of color. president biden went as far as calling the law jim crow on steroids. however, some of those claims ended up not being true. the "washington post" gave president biden a maximum four pinocchios for his claim on early voting. he said it would end voting hours early for working people. basically saying people wouldn't be able to get off work and go vote. the "washington post" said it wasn't true and gave him four pinocchios for that claim. $100 million loss of business for the city of atlanta according to republicans. the game is in denver today. based off the people in denver they're happy to have that business and happy to have the
7:59 am
game here. but like everything these days, politics seem to creep into everything including america's favorite pastime. send it back to you. >> bill: bill out in denver. we'll watch it tonight big fox game 7:30 eastern time. >> dana: i wouldn't have been surprised if bill saw i saw several illegal immigrants crossing the border. he has a little news to share. today he is in denver as is my mom. she says it has been really hot like a sauna. what do you watch for in the game? >> bill: just fun to watch. the player from japan is amazing. he will start on the mound tonight ohtani in the home run derby last night. we haven't seen a player like this maybe ever. >> dana: i read an article that said ohtani is even better than babe ruth, true or false? >> bill: false. did you see the home run derby last night? >> dana: i did not.
8:00 am
>> bill: alonso is a player for the new york mets. he won it two years ago. they didn't have it last year. defended his title. dana, he is knocking this thing out like it was nothing. on and on it went. >> dana: i probably could have caught all those if i was in the outfield. no, i couldn't. i would have to pay attention in order to do that. "the faulkner focus" is up next. >> harris: fox news alert. republicans are hitting back at tvate jets to washington, d.c. they're staying out of texas to block republicans from passing new voting bills. republicans say the legislation would enhance election security. democrats claim it will suppress the vote. vice president kamala harris is praising those texas


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