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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 14, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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will be back. in the meantime, a new tucker carlson today episode with jon voight is available on in the meantime, have a great evening, we will rejoin you tomorrow by our count is thursday. it will be a different day, but our position on the world will remain unchanged, which we think is good. have a great night, sean hannity takes over now. >> sean: thank you, and welcome tonight to "hannity." tonight in america if you want free and fair elections, simple election integrity where every american will have confidence in election results, democrats, leaning democrats will call you a racist. if you're against voter fraud and abuse, they will call you a racist. if you want voter i.d., which you need to get into the white house or even the dnc convention, or you want chain of custody verification, you will be called a racist and falsely they will refer to you as jim crow 2.0. as you can see, democrats are continuing the big lie on their
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side and we will break it all down for you straight ahead. also we will bring you an in-depth look at how this kind of dishonest rhetoric cost minority-owned businesses in atlanta tens and tens of millions of dollars, all while stacey abrams is doing books and speeches, et cetera. also tonight, the journalist targeted by a failed iranian kidnapping plot. this happened. the iranians tried it in brooklyn, new york. she will join us and the big question will be, how is joe biden going to reward the iranian mullahs for this action? but first, let's take a closer look at the decrepit, struggling, barely-functioning guy in the white house who sees apparently jim crow around every turn. remeber joe biden, he once called african-americans predators on our streets. he worried that his precious children would grow up in integrated schools that he referred to as "racial jungles," his words.
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he bragged that his home state of delaware "my state is a slave state" he said. he worked hand-in-hand with america's most notorious racist to block the integration of our schools and bussing. robert byrd, the former clan leader was biden's mentor in the senate, according to joe, and the rest of the democratic party, none of that matters. now according to joe millions of americans are worse than jim crow, all because they support simple election integrity measures. watch for yourself. >> president biden: 21st century jim crow assault is real. it's unrelenting. there's an unfolding assault taking place in america today, an attempt to suppress and subvert the right to vote in fair and free elections. the assault on free and fair elections is just such a threat, literally. i've said it before.
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we are facing the most significant test of our democracy since the civil war. that's not hyperbole. since the civil war. >> sean: since the civil war. joe probably remembers the good old days i guess in his life. he served, what, delaware how many years at this point? buried according to joe biden let's break this down for you. according to joe biden facing its worst crisis since the civil war because of the texas election bill. look at your screen tonight. this bill bans paid ballot harvesting. to have a problem with that? it requires voter i.d. for mail-in ballots. alternatively, voters can provide the last four digits of their social security number if they prefer. the bill sets uniform times for early voting, all while expanding early voting hours on the weekend. it ensures that poll watchers are able, according to law,
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observe vote counting. start to finish, all sides get to observe. it strengthens the ban on drop box is something nefarious can happen, keep people honest but it gives voters an opportunity to correct mistakes on mail-in ballots if they are discovered. the bill requires those assisting voters with filling out their ballots to complete a form verifying their identity and it ends the temporary emergency measures that were put in place because of the pandemic, like drive-through voting and 24-hour early voting. joe biden quite literally is calling this bill the most racist thing to happen in the united states this century. all right, pretty insane, especially when you consider
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this simple fact. because of this bill, it is now easier to vote in texas than in joe biden's home state of delaware. that's why he is now weaponizing his own department of justice to go after atlanta. they have far more accessibility to voting then delaware and in the state of texas, there are two weeks of early voting. in delaware, there are zero weeks of early voting. in texas there are drop locations for absentee ballots. in delaware, well, drop boxes -- well, they are not required. both states require voter i.d., but in his, what, 5,000 plus years represent in the great state of delaware, joe not one time ever voiced any concern whatsoever about his own state's restrictive election laws. never, not once. instead he was too busy saying things like -- well, this. >> madam president, we have predators on our streets. >> the largest growth in population is indian americans. you cannot go to a 7-eleven or a dunkin' donuts unless you have slight indian accent. i'm not joking. >> what kind of a chance would a northeastern liberal like joe biden stand in the south? >> better than anybody else. you don't know my state.
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my state was a slave state. >> sort of mainstream christian america. articulate and bright and a clean and a nice-looking guy. >> they are going to put you all back in chains. >> we got more questions. >> if you have a problem, figure out whether you are for me or trump, then you ain't black. >> sean: the guy who tried to slow integration of our schools, eulogize the former clan leader. called obama the first articulate and bright and clean african-american. this is storybook, man. those are joe's words. now that guy, joe biden, he's going to lecture the country about racism? really? allow me to state a fact that might surprise joe biden. americans, regardless of their race or gender, they are capable, intelligent human beings. i have faith in the american people. we don't always win the elections we want to win, but you know what, we come back. conservatism always makes its
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way back, because it works. way before covid, before all of the mass mail-in ballots and the 24-hour drive-through voting centers and the weeks and weeks of early voting, african-american turnout was actually reaching record levels. now, in fact, it was a study, according to the associated press even printed in "the washington post" that african-american voters turned out at a higher rate than white voters in 2012 and 2008. texas democrats don't appear interested in facts. grandstanding is far too important to them and so democratic lawmakers, they fled their state in order to prevent a quorum and thereby temporarily blocking a vote on this legislation. earlier this week they boarded their private jet, no masks in sight, just a sidebar, and are now enjoying a lavish vacation in washington, d.c., complete with speeches and
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selfies and partying and tweets about what they are eating. kamala harris called the trip courageous, in-line with the brave actions of frederick douglass. watch. >> i had an extensive meeting yesterday with i think some of the most courageous elected leaders that we could know at this moment. i said it yesterday and i'll say it again. they took bold, courageous action in line with the legacy of everyone from frederick douglass, who is over my right shoulder, when he fought for the right of black men to vote in america, to the legacy that includes all those women who marched down pennsylvania avenue for women's rights to vote. to all of those folks who shed their blood on the edmund pettus bridge to make sure that we would, in 1965, pass the voting rights act. >> sean: now mitch mcconnell, republican colleagues, skipped town to prevent a quorum in the u.s. senate. let's see how kamala harris reacts then.
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would she be calling them courageous? i tend to doubt it. what is this really all about? we all know there is nothing racist about integrity in the elections. democrats are all obviously worried. chances are they are now believe that probably will lose in 2022 and maybe even 2024. their green new deal socialist policies are deeply unpopular, they are defunding the police, dismantling police, similarly deeply unpopular. the guy they put in the white house is becoming less and less coherent seemingly by the hour. so now they are frantically searching for ways to expand voting by any means necessary, all while setting up an excuse for an impending loss. mark my words, if democrats suffer huge losses in 2022, they will blame racist right wing voter suppression. mark these words down. per usual, it's all a lie but
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the truth isn't important to the democratic party or the media mob, for that matter. power is all that matters. here with more is texas governor greg abbott. governor, did i rightly describe the bill in your state and am i rightly describing the restrictive voting laws in delaware? >> sean, i've heard this topic discussed at length over the past few days. no one articulated it better than you just did. you provided the best summary, you get a 10 out of 10 on your entire monologue. i would however add one thing to what you said, because you're talking about what biden has been saying and biden is calling people names and you left one out. you left out the fact that biden called me a neanderthal for opening texas 100% and eliminating masks. illuminating masks. so now i am, by biden's assessment, a neanderthal and a racist, both of which are
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completely wrong. what's going on in texas with regard to this election while we are trying to pass, as you pointed out very perfectly. we are adding hours to vote, not subtracting hours to vote. everything we are doing is perfectly legal. the only other thing i would add is the hypocrisy of the democrats from texas, as well as in washington, d.c., because one thing the democrats from texas are trying to achieve in washington, d.c., they are trying to get the united states senate to drop their filibuster rule. well, think about this. what the texas democrats are doing, they are filibustering in texas to try and get the washington, d.c., democrats to stop a filibuster rule. that is the height of hypocrisy. all they want to do is complain. they want to spread false
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information about what the law really does. i can guarantee you based on what you said in your monologue as well as what the facts are, there is zero chance that the texas law, when it does get passed, will be overturned by a court of law, because what we're doing is perfectly constitutional. >> sean: talk about the coverage of people saying that you might have these democrats arrested when they land back in texas, arrested for what, under what statute? >> so what the law is, by constitution, the house sets the rules about what happens when a quorum is broken and what happens is this. and that is once a call on the house has been made, which it has been, than the sergeant at arms of representatives can work with the texas department of public safety to go arrest,
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apprehend, whatever words you want to choose, and bring to the capital the missing house members who are responsible for breaking a quorum. the only limitations are that, sean, is that the jurisdiction limits to that are in the state of texas, which is why the texas law enforcement are up there in washington, d.c., or some other location trying to pursue these house members. so here's the deal. as long as those texas house members remain in washington, they say we are not going to have a quorum. but know this: a special session in texas last 30 days, once this 30 day special session expires, if the member's return, will call another one and we will be back in session unless they leave again, in which case i will continue calling special session after special session after special session, so they will have to be gone for the state of texas all the way up until the next election. [indiscernible] -- >> sean: [indiscernible] maybe they get paid [indiscernible] -- go ahead, sir. >> this is the point the democrats have not thought of. what is their end game? they haven't thought about that. and i can tell you what end game is. we are going to have a special session where these and other issues are going to be on, including doing a better job of securing our border, including cutting our property taxes in texas. including helping our teachers,
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they were voted relief today by the texas senate but they are not going to get it because the texas house members are not there. we voted out of the texas senate today property tax relief that the people of texas will not get because the democrats were not in the texas house of representatives. so they have a job to do and let me tell you something. texas voters are going to be extremely angry at the texas house members for not showing up and not doing their job. if you didn't show up and do your job and other people who are watching your show right now did not show up and do their job, they would be losing their job or losing their pay. that is exactly what is going to happen to the members of the texas house of representatives. >> sean: so in other words, it's not an arrest in the traditional sense, but texas law allows for law enforcement to escort them to do their job, which is mandated by law, is that a correct statement? >> i will add to it. so they will be brought to the capitol. they will be brought to the texas house chamber and the house chamber doors will be
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locked and no one can leave without permission of the speaker of the house. >> sean: last question. i'm concerned about the weaponization of the department of justice as the new attorney general, merrick garland, now is going after georgia that has far more accessibility for voting than joe's state of delaware, that seems to me like they have weaponized our justice department and why wouldn't they go after the state with the most restrictive laws like joe's state, because he never lifted a finger to lift the restrictions in delaware? >> exactly. it's completely hypocritical. also as you are pointing out, texas has more voting hours and early voting than does delaware. the same is true in texas versus the state of new york, for example, but there's no chance
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that the biden administration would go after delaware or new york or any democrat state, so the american people are getting a feel for where the biden administration is, and that is hostile to anything that doesn't fit the socialistic agenda of the biden administration. >> sean: governor abbott, thank you for being with us, we appreciate the updates and. last night the major baseball all-star game was noticeably not in atlanta. that's because major league baseball -- well, they caved to democrats like joe biden and stacey abrams and raphael warnock and others who deceptively referred, in many cases, to george's voting bill as jim crow 2.0. watch this. >> some of these voter suppression laws in georgia and other republican states smack of jim crow rearing its ugly head once again. >> president biden: it is the most pernicious thing. this makes jim crow look like jim eagle. this is gigantic what they are trying to do. >> the resurgence of jim crow-style voter suppression measures.
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>> it is a tsunami threatening democracy. >> a massive and unabashed assault on voting rights unlike anything we've ever seen since the jim crow era. this is jim crow in new clothes. >> sean: ultimately the all-star game was viewed by 8 million people, a historically low number for that game, showing politics in sports aren't going over well with the american people. worst of all, businesses in atlanta including minority-owned businesses, they lost tens and tens of millions of dollars in revenue. why? because of the selfish political actions of the democratic party. one longtime democratic strategist has a few choice words for his own party. take a look. >> -- party of blacks and suburban women. they are not into this. all right? and you know, we are seeing it time and time again.
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we are letting a noisy wing of our party defined the rest of us. and my point is we can't do that. i think these people are kind of nice people. i think they're very naive and they are all into language and [indiscernible] and i think people ought to see this for what it is, and people are way more interested in their lives and how to improve them than they are in somebody else's pronouns or something. >> sean: here now, fox news contributor leo 2.0 terrell and nationally radio syndicated host dana loesch. dana, we start with your attorney. one thing you could say about james carville, i've known him many years, i like james carville, he's wrong on everything but he's a fun guy to be around, and he's smart.
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i don't underestimate him. i just disagree. if this is the democratic party. you know, there's no room for any moderates in this democratic party. i don't see any of them. >> i think you're right, sean and i hold the same opinion of james carville as you do. i met him a few years ago. we did some election coverage together, super nice guy, really smart, but i also -- [laughs] to say what you said, i also disagree with him. in part because i think while he is a really good weather vane for what the democrat base is thinking, a lot of the noisy wing of the democrat party thinks that carville is out of touch. this is a guy who's been able to get a lot of democrat candidates thrown into the white house. that being said, he also facilitated this. it was people like james carville who are trying to little too late to sound the alarm after they enabled the noisy wing of their party, sean. they use the so-called noisy wing of their party, people like aoc and rashida tlaib and all of the people who are activists and
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then they brought them to washington, d.c., thinking they were going to be any different from the activists that they were in their own city? no. they used those people as a weapon to get out the vote out, so they tried to scare everybody and do fear mongering. he in part helped to enable it. >> sean: "the squad," leo, i would argue is the modern democratic party. okay, maybe you look in the senate at joe manchin. you can look at senator sinema of arizona. okay, let's see how this all plays out in the endnd, if they hold the line and stand by their word. that has yet to be determined, but this is the rest of the party. biden, schumer, pelosi, they all cowered to "the squad." "the squad" is setting the agenda along with bernie sanders. >> you're absolutely right. let's be very, very clear. the progressive wing, "the squad" is running the democratic party. james carville, schumer, they are taking their marching orders from "the squad" and joe biden
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is afraid of "the squad." that's why he's doing all of this progressive spending, this critical race theory, and who got hurt the most? african-americans in atlanta lost a lot of money because now sports, baseball, the nba, are now the tools of the progressive left. they are basically in sync and what bothers me the most -- my monologue, if i was in a courtroom right now i can convict joe biden of being a racist. these white liberals have basically turned the entire democratic party over to the farthest left wing of the democratic party. last point: it's the number one reason why i left the democratic party. it's because they don't believe in police, they don't believe in school choice. i left the democratic party because it's been hijacked by the left. >> sean: when you going to make dana 1.0 her hat? >> i was so happy. i was so happy to see dana because dana and i are in total agreement. i love being with dana. glad you picked her. >> sean: okay. then she deserves a hat. >> fist bumping through the camera, leo. >> she gets a hat! enke. >> sean: thank you both.
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just ahead, senator ron johnson, he will be here to react to more far left hypocrisy and covid controversies that are getting worse, including mandating vaccines. later, a journalist, part of an iranian plot in the u.s. to be kidnapped by the iranians speaks out about joe biden. she will tell us exclusively her story, straight ahead.
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>> sean: democrats tonight, they seem to want covid restrictions everywhere except at our u.s. border, where there is an ongoing health and of course a humanitarian crisis, because, get this, not only are not all migrants being tested for covid, there's been a high rate of positivity, but they've not only been tested when they surrender, but the biden administration is now considering ending a
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trump-era policy called title 42 as soon as the end of july. well, that would allow border officials to quickly turn back migrant families to mexico. and this comes as former health and human services secretary kathleen sibelius is actually telling unvaccinated americans that they shouldn't be able to come into work or even be around children. are they following the science? take a look. >> i think that it's time to say to those folks it's fine if you don't choose to get vaccinated. you may not come to work. you may not have access to a situation where you are going to put my grandchildren in jeopardy, where you might kill them, where you might put them in a situation where they are going to carry the virus to someone in a high-risk position. that's, i think, the point where we are. >> sean: this after the biden administration this week said they support mandatory vaccinations in the country,
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work, schools, universities, et cetera. i ask again. what happened to follow the science? i would say the cleveland clinic is pretty well respected in the cleveland clinic said that if you had covid-19, you don't need any vaccine. what happened to medical privacy? in other words, your private medical condition that you want private between you and your doctor. at the destructive democratic agenda doesn't stop there because the biden -- the open borders agenda -- you know, when they built the new cages and put kids on top of each other in the middle of the pandemic. they want migrants from pretty much everywhere except for cuba as the dhs had says migrants leaving cuba or other places will -- by sea, will not be allowed to enter the u.s. why didn't he say that about the border? take a look. >> the time is never right to attempt migration by sea. to those who risk their lives
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doing so, this risk is not worth taking. allow me to be clear. if you take to the sea, you we will not come to the united states. >> sean: why weren't you that clear on the border? now ask yourself, why is the biden administration not supporting cuban refugees that have been living under murdering communist dictatorship? why has their response been so tepid and weak? is it possible that trying to punish people from cuba here at home, many of whom supported donald trump in 2020. here with reaction, wisconsin senator ron johnson. let's stick to the science, senator. i believe in science, i believe in the science of vaccinations. but i'm not a doctor. i've been pressured to tell people what to do. i'm telling people this: i want my audience to live. i don't want anyone dying from this thing. it's dangerous, take it seriously. i want people, if you have a cell phone, there is a wealth of information, more than you could
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ever read, available for you to read. also, talk to your doctor. your doctors that know your personal medical history, your current medical conditions. consult other medical professionals that you trust and make the decision in consultation with your doctor. i think that's responsible advice for everybody. my question is, why would they have this waiver at the border, number one, and number two, this country is now going to mandate vaccinations for people? >> first of all, your advice is absolutely correct. and the fact of the matter is, what democrats have wanted to create since the beginning of covid is politicize the disease and create the state of fear so they can maintain dictatorial control of the population. that's what's going on here. the fact of the matter is we have administered more than 300 million doses of the vaccine,
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the vast majority those have been administered safely. the science tells us they are very effective. but the matter is i can't be in the right to try bill. that allows individuals to have the freedom to make their choice whether or not they wanted to access a medical treatment or drug that was not fully approved, which is what the vaccines are. they are under an emergency use authorization. they haven't gone through the time, the observational studies that do take time, so the fact of the matter is, nobody -- nobody should be pressured, coerced, or fear reprisal for refusing medical treatment like the covid vaccines. it's astounding the democrats would try and mandate this and it's being done to college students, it's being done at the workplace and of course the biden administration, they are not going to have government mandated but they are going to do everything they can to support those that do want to
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impose these mandates and not give people the freedom to choose. >> sean: they told us repeatedly the mantra of "follow the signs." okay, if we're going to follow the science, let me ask you, senator, because i think this is important. they told us that if you got vaccinated, you'd be okay. you didn't have to worry if you got vaccinated. so people took their advice, they followed the science, they got vaccinated. then why would they worry about what other people are doing? because every american now knows they have an opportunity to get 1 of 3 vaccines that are available and, you know, as far as i'm concerned, i don't think they are following the science. if you had covid, you had stated publicly you had it, the cleveland clinic is highly respected science research, right? they say that you wouldn't need any vaccine. are they following science, senator? >> no, they are not. and the fact of the matter is it looks like natural immunity is as strong if not stronger than vaccinated immunity.
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the science also tells us that very young children have a very low risk of really being harmed by having covid itself but there is a risk to the vaccine. again, it's very small but there are some pretty serious side effects, including death. we are already over 5200 deaths reported on the cdc fda's early warning system that by the way exceeds number of deaths reported on the system for all the vaccines over 31 years. we've had over 400,000 other adverse events reported. 10% of those have been termed serious. coming in at about 15,000 a day versus prior to covid vaccine was about a thousand a day. that's what this science tells us in terms of the numbers of the cdc -- the early warning system which now they are just not taken seriously. what i'm asking the health agencies to do is take a look at that, take it seriously and certainly take the concerns of
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those people that believe they've been injured by the vaccine seriously so they can get effective treatment. >> sean: they have -- at the border we've seen the cages that they built for kids and unaccompanied minors and others that were so overcrowded in the middle of a pandemic, high rate of positive -- covid-positive of tests that were given but now they're not testing anybody. then they are literally transporting people around the country and just processing illegal immigrants rather than enforcing the law, senator. i don't know, maybe i'm old-fashioned, but i didn't think you are allowed to pick and choose what laws you want to obey and i have a pretty strong belief if i'm caught jaywalking i would probably be in jail for the rest of my life based on our justice system currently. >> yeah, the democrats want the state of fear everywhere other than the border and they want to suspend the state of fear there, 6,000 people per day is what they're apprehending. another want to relax this title 42 which allows them to return some of the illegal immigrants back to their own country.
11:35 pm
that won't be the case if they suspend title 42 restriction so now we're going to have 6,000 people flooding into communities around this country and again, they don't worry about covid with those individuals at all. >> sean: are you running in 2022, senator? >> i haven't made that decision, sean. it's if you want to offer some encouragement. >> sean: if you want to communicate to the senator, we need strong conservative voices. senator, thank you. straight ahead, new evidence confirms joe biden was in fact a direct beneficiary of hunter biden's shady financial dealings. we will check in with congressman devin nunes and jason chaffetz straight ahead with reaction. stay with us.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: new and explosive developments tonight surrounding hunter biden's hard drive from hell as peter schweizer, who's
11:40 pm
been reviewing the materials on the laptop, he confirmed to me that materials on that hard drive prove joe biden was a direct beneficiary of hunter's nefarious foreign dealings. remember, joe repeatedly said he had no knowledge of hunter's dealings. he said it repeatedly, i have no knowledge whatsoever, never once spoke to hunter about it, but we have pictures showing him meeting with, yep, hunter's business partners. we have emails showing hunter was setting up meetings between foreign business partners and his father while he was vice president and remember the revelations from tony, came forward and said that he met with joe biden and talked to him about his business deals with hunter. joe was lying. and while joe was vice president this was all going on and it doesn't stop there because hunter's art dealings, by the way, are still shrouded in secrecy. what is the market for these paintings? it doesn't look like great art to me. who are the buyers? why are they being kept secret?
11:41 pm
is this more influence peddling from the corrupt bidens syndicate business bureau? remember there is still a cabal of deep state bureaucrats inside the fbi, the same fbi that illegally spied on president trump. do we really expect any serious, thorough investigation into the biden family crime syndicate given what we know about the current state of the fbi? here with reaction, republican congressman devin nunes along with fox news contributor jason chaffetz. devin, let me start with you, congressman, on this question. you are on the house intel committee, you would not be able to provide me or even congressman chaffetz -- if somebody by the name of eric
11:42 pm
trump got money from, let's see, russia and then later got away for an oil pipeline -- i'm making this up as i go at the same time that trump was canceling the keystone xl pipeline. and imagine if let's say that $1.5 billion deal was with one of the trump kids and at the same time our military bases were being threatened by the communist chinese and the reunification with taiwan was being talked about and -- you know, if these things were happening and if donald trump leveraged a billion dollars to get a prosecutor fired who was investigating one of the trump sons, i don't know, i would imagine that conflict of interest investigations would begin. would you imagine the same? >> well, sean, that story sounds awfully familiar. i think somebody actually did do that. and i think if you look at it and the american people are smart enough to know that if this was any republican, this would be a massive political scandal of one that we've really never seen. and don't forget, right before the election, this was supposedly russian disinformation. it wasn't just biden who said that.
11:43 pm
it was over 50 top intelligence and military officials who also said it. and i think at some point you have to ask yourself were these former officials and the bidens and the biden campaign, where they colluding with russia? where they colluding with china to help cover this up using the fake news and using the tech oligarchs who censored this? those of the types of questions that we need to continue to get out there to the american people to expose this corruption and what it really amounts to, i believe, that this really swayed the election, because any type of scandal like this would have been blowing up beyond belief before an election in october. >> sean: i know you're friends with him, work with peter schweizer, jason chaffetz. we now know that this hard drive exists, but yet nothing seems to be done about it. why? >> because there is a bit of a cover-up going on at the moment. remember i am a distinguished
11:44 pm
fellow at the government accountability institute, i do work with peter but what he's done is he's cross-referenced some of the data from hunter biden's laptop with the fbi -- or the secret service records released by senator johnson and another business associate with hunter biden. so they are very careful about what they're looking at here, but there is direct evidence that joe biden himself -- joe and jill biden took direct benefit by using assets and things that were purchased based on the transaction that hunter biden was involved in an engaged with with these foreign entities. remember hunter biden has had problems with russian prostitutes, he's under federal investigation, he's have trouble with guns, he's had trouble with drugs, he's taken money from the
11:45 pm
former mayor of moscow's wife in tune of millions of dollars. he has flown on air force 2 with one of his business associates. how does a business associate of hunter biden fly on air force two to go to mexico city to set up a deal? you haven't heard the last of that. he's also flown on air force to to china and then he has these ukraine monies flowing in by the tens of billions of dollars. this is one of the biggest political scandals that we have ever seen and it's being covered up by the media, it is not being investigated and the fbi certainly is doing its part to make sure that this information doesn't get out the door. >> sean: and where is john durham, congressman nunes, i will ask where he is, but it
11:46 pm
-- i will also ask where is adam schiff? >> while i don't really care where adam schiff is right now. i do care about john durham, but sean, the other question we need to ask is about jason chaffetz. he served with me honorably, he was oversight chairman at one point, but i just don't understand why jason is not in the art business because i hear, jason, that you can get 500,000 bucks for -- i know you've never been an artist, like me, but this is another massive scandal. so to jason's point, this whole art deal -- if anybody concocted this, this would be another massive scandal. nobody just gets out from nowhere a lobbyist and then the drug issues at all this and all of a sudden it's like i've always wanted to be an artist, let me just sell it for, let's say $500,000. >> sean: we're going to -- i actually aimed at portraits of a and it looks to me like fingerpainting and if i can do it, it's not art. trust me, i have no artistic ability. last word, jason. >> there was recently a van gogh painting that was discovered, and guess what? it went up for auction. for $150,000. it was only one-third the price of a biden. you can go get the price of a biden, have access to the president of the united states,
11:47 pm
it's going to cost you three times more but it's honestly worth a lot more than any van gogh out there. >> sean: it of course it won't be made public. you know, maybe a russian oligarch, a chinese national, the chinese military, a kazakhstan oligarch, or maybe an executive from burisma holdings will buy it, who knows. we appreciate it. that update is important. a journalist that iran attempted to kidnap in this country is calling out joe biden. this harrowing story she will tell us next. stay with us.
11:48 pm
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>> sean: so tonight, ask yourself, why is joe biden not standing up to our adversaries around the globe? why is he emboldening and enabling them all across the globe? joe is rewarding vladimir putin with nord stream 2, the pipeline, giving putin more leverage over our allies in western europe. russia did pay his son a lot of money, joe is silent on china threatening our military and china threatening anyone who stands in the way of what they are calling the reunification of taiwan. hunter made a lot of money there
11:52 pm
too. joe isn't standing up to the iranians as they are now enriching uranium once again, making proxy payments to terrorist groups continuing to be the largest state sponsor of terror, and what's joe's answer? he lifts sanctions and forces south korea to pay the iranian mullahs $7 billion to free a south korean flagship seized by iran. and now there's this, because we're learning more tonight about how an iranian american journalist in new york who has been courageous and staunch in her criticism of the regime was the target of a kidnapping plot, four iranian operatives in this country charged with conspiring to kidnap her. and a fifth person has been arrested for finance the operation according to the indictment. these iranian intelligence assets tried to scheme and lure
11:53 pm
her to a foreign country, kidnap her, ship her off to iran. she is also the victim of extensive surveillance and stalking, including their video feed from her home, but tonight she is speaking out and she is standing strong and is calling on the biden administration to stand up to the mullahs in iran and calling on the biden administration to not seek a deal that emboldens the iranian regime. here now, journalist, author, masih alinejad. first, you are very courageous and we will pray for your safety and i mean that, tell us what's going on. >> first of all, thank you so much for having me. i want to actually start from what i have been witnessing in the streets today. today i've been giving interview to fox news and cnn and then as soon as i walked out from the buildings, people are just --
11:54 pm
american people were really kind with me. they recognize me, they hug me, some of them saying god bless you, some of them saying we are glad that you're safe. it brought tears to my eyes, but that shows america. they care about human rights. they care about their fellow people and fox news and cnn both one day saw that i was under surveillance -- i'm actually not feeling safe, not feeling good. both with different views, they both cared about the story. this is what i want from biden's administration, because eight months ago when the fbi came to my house and told me that i'm not safe here in america because the intelligence agency hired a private investigator in new york -- actually they are taking photos of my private life, photos of my stepchildren,
11:55 pm
photos of my husband, photos of myself in my garden. i was shocked and i couldn't believe -- >> sean: i don't have a lot of time. >> but i'm asking now biden -- >> sean: do you feel safe now? do you feel safe now? >> look, i have to say that i am under fbi's protection, but as far as they are in power, not only me, no one is safe. no one. right now that i'm talking to you, u.s. citizens are in prison just because the government took them hostage and using them like bargaining chips, so i want biden administration to be strong, take an action. because they are acting like isis. isis took hostages, they behead people. >> sean: masih, we pray for your safety and your family's safety and you are very brave to speak out, and you're right, this is the number one state sponsor of terror. we will continue. lives of six million jews
11:56 pm
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♪ ♪ >> sean: before we go, on a
12:00 am
video of the day, take a look at this video where a mother in south africa was forced to throw her baby from a building after it was reportedly set on fire by looters. you can see her throwing her daughter to a crowd below. thankfully, both were able to escape unharmed. scary. unfortunately, that is all the time we have left. please set your dvr and never miss an episode. in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham, big show tonight. >> laura: yeah, hannity, we are going to pick up where you left off with that horrific south africa story, because this portends trouble in the united states, when you have a laura: we will pick up where you left off that horrific south africa story with lera logan. does this portend from over the united states with total breakdown of law and order and a lot of racial anxiety? we will talk about that. excellent show tonight the time laura ingraham, we have a packed show tonight so we will jump right in. the surge of distrust, that is the focus of tonight's angle.