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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 15, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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why and what we can learn from it. an amazing conversation and we will put that up on fox nation tomorrow, on a tucker carlson today interview. we will share a portion of that tomorrow night. i hope you have the best night, we will be back. in the meantime, sean hannity takes over from new york. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." tonight the far left organization known as black lives matter is now speaking stomach sticking up for cuba's dictatorship. the one that imprisoned the scores and citizens there protesting for the cause of freedom. coming up the great one marked marklevine speaking up for this organization.
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in order to appease the look mob, now the nfl has committed to playing two separate national anthems. i have a lot to say, we will explain. plus california's masked mandate is back. that's right. and that the state just approved a measure to hand out cash to anyone unwilling to get a job. everybody gets free cash. ric grenell will join us from thest golden state and we are td he is a huge announcement tonight, we will tell you what that is. but first we begin, it's no secret that the democratic party is adamantly opposed to election integrity measures. these are simple basic fundamentals, and everyone wants integrity and elections and confidence in election results. things like voter i.d. or bands on ballot harvesting, chain of custody integrity. according to the media mob and democratic party and leadership and others, it's racist
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according to the radical left. tonight, new insight into why democrats arere terrified of election integrity measures. in georgia's deep blue fulton county where biden receiveded a nearly 73% of the vote, there are now reports from "the atlanta journal-constitution" out, "newsweek" and other outlets showing that scores of boats may have been double counted. according to the agc, a duplicate write-in vote for a singer kanye west was a big clue that some absentee ballots have been counted twice in fulton county and the paper continues. new voting law shows that nearly 200 ballots that election officials initially scanned two times last fall before recounts. these images seen here clearly show duplicate ballots with different batch numbers. in other words, according to the ajc you and to those that are
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now doing a full audit of fulton county, all of these ballots were initially counted twice. we have no idea how many ballots may have been double counted statewide and at best we are seeing out of fulton county is incompetence running rampant at a high level and at worst, serious fraud and potential abuse is going on pretty much in plain sight. nobody wanted to talk to the whistle-blower eyewitnesses, either. remember? regardless of what happened, this is exactly what i've been telling you and white election integrity measures are critical and need to happen and they need to happen now. without the new georgia voting bill we wouldn't know about any of this but tonight, atlanta, georgia, is not the only place facing scrutiny. an election audit in maricopa county in arizona is happening and it's also trying out pretty shocking results. according to the arizona senate
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president karen phan, the company is hired by the legislature to review the real election results and came up with a different number of ballots that maricopa county officials. tonight, we don't know of the exact discrepancy as the audit is now ongoing but this has to be concerning, concerning development for anyone that wants integrity and elections. the integrity of our elections, competence and election results is paramount to the survival of our great republic. i often cite several measures that all sites should adopt. chain of custody, integrity, voter rolls. updated for every election and most states haveve statutory language and partisan observers are allowed to watch the vote count from all political sides. they should watch the count from start to finish. audits and investigations also play an important role. while audits can be painful and
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can be expensive and time-consuming. perhaps nothing more important than the accuracy and validity of your vote. the democratic party, they should welcome election integrity efforts with open arms. here with more, the author of the case against the new law professor alan dershowitz. what i don't understand is for example the most restrictive voting laws that we have found are in delaware. there is no early voting like georgia, they have 17 days early in person voting in georgia and they have drop boxes in every county. they have no excuse mail-in balloting, they don't have any drop boxes in delaware and you have to provide an excuse to get an absentee ballot. now i'm watching the doj simply being weaponized, going after georgia while ignoring the more restrictive state of delaware where joe biden never lifted a
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finger. your comments? your observations? how concerned should we be? t >> number one there has never been a perfect election. jfk's election wasn't perfect, george bush's election wasn't perfect, and number two the evidence strongly suggests that it wasn't a stolen that the outcome was right. there's a big difference between delaware for example in arizona. arizona has native american reservations and the ease ofe voting that we all take for granted and cities of delaware and others aren't so easy in cities like arizona. so there are going to be differences. the supreme court will uphold, i predict, will uphold voter registration, voter identification and maybe even signature verification. they may not uphold some other issues that have had a disparate
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impact. we are seeing arguments on the extremes. one side is saying the argument was wrong and the other side is saying evidence was stolen. but we could do better. the goal is to maximize the number of eligible voters to actually come out and vote and minimize and maybe make zero the number of ineligible voters on the number of fraudulent and votes.n we can do that and we can do that without racial disparity and illegal actions. let's get back to that goal. the one in the ap, both in 2008 and 2012, the rate of african-american voter participation exceeded that of white americans in those two elections. big jared, your thoughts overall? >> garlands lawsuit against georgia is ludicrous.
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in fulton county come the double counting of ballots as you outlined it could be an intentional act, could be incompetence and could be playing human error. the important part as it was caught on a recounts. the question is -- >> sean: i have to correct you, it was caught in the audit. now all of a sudden the secretary of state who didn't seem that urgent postelection, even he is feigning outrage when he went along with this consent agreement that allowed to standards for voting a very rigorous standard if you voted in person. >> people they want to know, does it affect the outcome in the state that biden won narrowly? we are talking 200 votes out of a 12,000 vote margin but as you pointed out, it's good to conduct a conference of audit by qualified independent experts. part of the problem is some of these voting methods and systems
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are antiquated, they don't all have backstops to prevent double skinning. too many states have been unwilling tota spend the money o upgrade their election infrastructures and they need to do that, sean, as you pointed out, so people have confidence in the result. the second probleme is many of these election officials oversee the process for partisans and the short term hires actually inputting a lot of the boats, they aren't adequately changed and that needs to be fixed. so people there come in georgia and elsewhere have confidence in the legitimacy of the outcome. we need transparency. >> sean: a lot of the states were very close. what if an audit shows that aou state would flip, and what with the remedy become a professor? and again, i don't see anything legally or constitutionally that i can point to in terms off a
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remedy. but you are a harvard law professor and i'm not so i'll defer to you on that. >> the answer is crystal clear. no one knows. it's never happened. the supreme court would duck the issue in the way it ducked the issue in 2,000, in 2020 and 2021. that would not happen. unless we found unbelievably, and it didn't happen here, massive, massive deliberate fraud. but it's just not going to happen. we have to look to the future, president biden will be the president of the united states until the next election but we have to move forward to make sure that future elections have transparence. it's a very unhealthy thing in the democracy of 30 million or 50 million people don't trust the outcome of an election. he election has to be trusted
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and for that we need transparency and n that's why im in favor of having these audits. they are they will show two things, lack of perfection but no stolen election. >> sean: that's why i want very basic, simple fundamental integrity measures in every state so people will have confidence in the results. i agree with professor dershowitz. i don't think anyone in this country can confidently say 520 both separated george bush and al gore in 2,000.mb do we know that's the exact number? absolutely not. itte will get every states numbr in this 2020 election right? absently right. were laws violated? yes. >> is an imperfect system and we can improve the system. you identified it in your opening remarks with steps that
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need to be taken to strengthen voting integrity and if democrats and joe biden in particular actually read the georgia law and come printed it simultaneously, they would see that it mimics many of the voting laws and blue states like delaware and elsewhere expanding access and guard. >> very rarely what i correct to you but delaware has far more restrictive laws than the accessibleaw law of georgia and joe biden says jim crow 2.0 and stacey abrams and raphael warnock, the cost that state a little over $100 million. they will not succeed against georgia because -- i don't think the supreme court would ever touch it. >> we would have to make sure there is not disparate racial impact.
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we know that each party tries to increase the number of people voting in their party and decrease the number of people voting the other way and that has happened since eldridge and jerry invented gerrymandering. we have to make sure in a society dedicated to racialt equality that there is no disparate impact and that every new law has the same new impact on people regardless of race. once that test as possible and people should be satisfied with voter integrity laws. >> voter integrity. we approved florida after 202,016, many states run flawless election after flawless election. we can do it everywhere. these are simple things. thank you both. now tonight we turn to another basic facts, but woke far left socialists in the democratic party are on a mission, their mission to trsolutely destroy seemingly everything that, well, even
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unites americans and that we can enjoy. the safety in american cities is now gone because of these insane defund the police majors. comedy has been ruined because of the left toward police and cancel culture. almost all new movies, they pretty much absolutely suck because the social justice warriors are in hollywood and even being patriotic on the fourth of july is now seen as some kind of offensive political statement or the flag is viewed as a controversial symbol. now so-called liberals are now they want to politicize sports and this is a really bad idea. two national anthems before each game and in addition to "the star-spangled banner," the nfl is now saying they will reportedly play the so-called black national anthem. okay, my question is, nba, nfl, mlb, they want to keep going deeper into politics as their
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ratings continue to dive and peopleti turn away and are turnd off by it. people kind of like to go to games because it's a distraction from everyday life and everybody there has a shared passion for a sport and a home team. it's a uniting moment. now of course the social justice warriors will ruin that. the country is supposed to be, we are one nation, under, not a thing, job, god. you know, god, the creator of everything. the party and justice for all. america is not flawless but we have a system that we can always strive and we have proven that we have made great improvements as would become a more perfect union. we have far to go and we will get there. this is what martin luther king jr.rt was fighting for it, not different anthems for two different races and two different nations but one america where people are judged by the content of the character
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and not the color of their skin. take aor look. >> i have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. i have a dreamha today. be one of those courageous words ring just as true today. a house divided will not stand and we have to remain one nation under god under one. and we see this in the nhl. take a look. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ gave proof through the night
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that our flag was still there ♪♪ >> sean: all credit to the new york islanders, tampa bay lightning, the crowd took over. an incredible moment. now more than ever, sports are a unifying force in america. sports allow people, you are sitting next to people in a stadium or an arena, you don't know if they are democrats or o republicans. a people all backgrounds and races. what do you have, a shared passion for a sport, a team, the home team. high-fiving strangers, i've done it and probably most of you have done it as well. you don't go there to talk politics, you go there to get away from the difficulties in life. the route for the same team together, it's a uniting event. it's a way for americans to literally form an important good and for the record patriotism like the kind that we just witnessed, it's not political.
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nothing wrong with our flag or our great anthem. it doesn't need to be redesigned in any way and we don't need to be ashamed all the time or apologizing for all the time. should we write the wrongs and injustices? yes. i would donezo in the the past? yes. but the idea that we are one nation under god is a dream that we can achieve. we certainly don't need for example racial inspectors for the united nations being invited in by the biden administration telling us that we are evil, like tony blinken is suggesting. we don't need big tech or big government or big hollywood censoring or canceling anything they disagree with. by the way, i knew faith movie has come out based on "god's not dead" which was a big hit. "we the people" starring anthony sabato jr. and our very own
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judge dineen is being blacklisted, but not on the show. >> your freedoms as parents do not supersede your children'sur rights.r your beliefs do not exempt you from the law, mr. mckennon. therefore, if your children do not show up at school one week from monday you will be find a thousand dollars a day for the first two weeks. thereafter you will be charged with contempt of court, meaning you will be incarcerated. during which time the court will appoint temporary custody of your children to someone who will abide by the court's decision. so ordered. >> sean: god's not dead, we the people is coming to theaters october 5th and 6th. here now, judge jeanine pirro. i'm impressed. i don't know, i don't want to lose you to hollywood, judge. >> academy award.
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academy award. oscar, oscar. speed limit we've all had the shared experience, go to a basketball game, a hockey boxing match, i've been to all of them. and all of a sudden, you talk aboutut the pitching or a grand slam or a slam-dunk for a long touchdown pass or touchdown run and your team goes ahead, i've done it. why add politics to this? >> first of all it's a mistake. and by the way, i'm not being blacklisted, i don't know where you got that from. i think the problem right now is everyone is trying to make america into something that she isn't and unfortunately, you know, sports is the one thing that gives us as you said the ability to make friends or have fun together. they are asking the u.n. to come
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to america and assess whether or not we are a racist country. where that's going, they will finally say that we need to pay reparations and that's where this is all going. and the nfl, if they want to do something, if they want to play to anthems, then whatever. but if you want to change things you don't do it with a song, you do it by effectuating change ini court, in the legislature. people in power in the schools or the school board. and that's by the way what "god's not dead" is all about, it's people fighting for the fact that their children are being taught things like critical race theory that have nothing to do with their belief in god or freedom of speech and that's why we got to keep del fighting. >> sean: now that they've added politics, i don't because by accident. mlb, nba, nfl ratings and in some cases down dramatically.le people are saying they want no part of this, we love the sport,
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we love this and we don't want to be lectured to during sports. i think they are doing great damage to their leagues. >> i think they are doing great damage but it's called appeasement. who speaks for no one, who represents no one? respectfully, they can't win in the court of law. their policies do not call for working within the system, theyo want to destroy the system. that's why they want to destroy the school, they are in the streets and crying. the democrats have adopted them as part of the group. they talk about racial equity, packets torn apart in court. what we have is us or it's organizations are afraid of these groups so it gets shaken down and that's why you have the black national anthem. in conclusion there is only onen national anthem, only one american flag, nothing else and
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nothing more. politics should not be in sports. >> sean: and judge was anthony sabato jr. who was blacklisted by traditional hollywood, just to be clear for you. not your movie in particular. i want to see you on the big screen, i can't wait. >> go to god's not w straight ahead, house minority leader kevin mccarthy met with both the biden and donald trump today and he will post what happened. later the great one mark levine will w weigh in on marxism in america, straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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attended that dinner also today. here to explain, and give us the behind-the-scenes, house minority leader kevin mccarthy. how did biden seem to you? very alert? >> he spoke at dinner, it was a small dinner. he gave a toast and chancellor merkel gave a toast and it was more talking at one big table then people justst talking with one another. >> let's talk about that he bring up any important issues like how he's going to handlega russia, and china is threatening to take over taiwan and threatening our military bases, that he talk about why he is pressuring the south koreans to give 7 billion to the iranians and allowing the iranians to enrich uranium and lifting sanction simultaneously, any of that come up? >> these are all things i wish i
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could've had a topic about but when you talk about that, that's exactly right. he shuts down the pipeline for america, and now it's going to empower put an even stronger against our allies. why can't we treat more american jobs and become more energy independent like we were. these were some of the actual discussions i had with president trump, talking about the border and our success in the last election and we even talked about you a little bit shawn, and it was all good. >> sean: i didn't want to know that part. what we reported was, the former president, president trump willi be out there and that the republicans are putting together america first, make america great agenda and you will run on a unifiedil message platform tht we will get these things done if
11:30 pm
we are given the opportunity to do so. a lot was done in donald trump's first term, i can't really think of any success with joe biden off the top of my head, not one. so will we get back to energy independence and secure our borders, better for a pure or fair trade deals, build up peace through strength and less bureaucracy? going back to the better t days? >>th we are. if you think for one moment, president biden had done nothing in office and america would be stronger today. i sat with president trump, he was in a great spirit, but we talked about the border. what president biden has done with his border, opening up and catching people on the terrorist watch list, fentanyl has increased killing americans as it comes across in more thanor a million, we also talked about what was happening with inflation. democrats in the shortt i amounf time, inflation that is a tax on
11:31 pm
all americans. and those were enacted in defunding the police and now they want to defund the border. we put the commitment to america out with president trump and it was the first election since 1994 that no republican income at loss for congress. we beat 15 democrats and we elected more republican women in the last congress than in the history of congress than ever before. and we are goingr to build on those successes and even go further. even in the first six months we have out raised the democrats but if you want to join with us and you believe in this, go to take the because the critical race theory, they are opening up the borders and brought inflation back, washing prices like we've never seen before and let's talk about the gas price, biased it's been since the last time
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joe biden was in office. >> we paid more than everything and add that to a high inflation, and we will watch carefully, this is a very important race in 2022. now amid a stream of never-ending fake news from the far left media, mob confidence in your press is plummeting like ever before. that's 21% of confidence in the newspapers. they don't care about facts, they don't care about truth, they only care about lying to smear republicans and conservatives and hiding truth to protect democrats. with reaction, j.d. vance along with fox news contributor, "new york post" columnist miranda devine and it's not surprising to me. if anything i'm surprised it's
11:33 pm
that high. where's the 21% of people that do support it? if you look at the media, not just to be biased, they reveal themselves to be active propaganda arms of theea left. the other thing that's going on is, all you have is these avnational reporters who clearly hate the country they are reporting on and it shows in their reporting. it's not surprising that people don't trust them. >> sean: your paper is the fourth-largest paper in the country, and your paper wrote the story about hunter's laptop and it was a media blackout. and this is not true, this is unverified i ask all the time,
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and a scale of one through ten is off the charts. why do you think they have chosen bias? do you think they are aware of it, or are they just indoctrinated blue check cult members? >> as j.d. just said, i think there were two reasons for that and one was donald trump. you had a lot of journalists that were saying was just beyond the pale so the old standard of neutrality and objectivity had to be thrown out because it was clear and present danger. of course there was covid and again the sanctimonious attitude that you can't trust most of the people because they are dumb and stupid and deplorable and you have to give them information
11:35 pm
that's good for them and that's what we saw with anthony fauci and andrew cuomo, two people that the media elevated and the opposite people that should have been ionized during the pandemic. andse it's sad not just becausei am a journalist, but also because it's just terrible for a society because it's impartial and mutual set of agreed facts that people can draw their own conclusions from. you can't trust the media now and other sources like wikipedia and social media also have biased the news and slandered it to suit the establishment left-wing viewpoints. and that's a dangerous situation to be a in. >> sean: it would look forward
11:36 pm
to your book out in november. when we come back, far left extremist groups like black lives matter, they come out and support of the measuring communist cuban regime, and the great one mark levin will weigh in. and it later, i don't know what the announcement is, he hasn't told me yet but ric grenell has an announcement. we will find out what it is, straight ahead.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: at the left extremist group black lives matter, they aren't even trying to hide their radical anti-american agendath anymore. this is the group now, not people after the death of george floyd and the killing of george floyd, but the group that chanted what do we want, dead
11:41 pm
cops, when do we want them, now, and pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon. that group released a statement asked attacking the.s murdering communistic dictatorship, and inhumane treatment of cubans encourages it to immediately lift the economic embargo. adding "the people of cuba are being punished by the u.s. government."e they couldn't be any more wrong. the extremists on the left have anything positive to say about america. but here with his brand-new book just outcome of this book is masterfully written and he also hosts life, liberty and live int and when it was in the middle of
11:42 pm
the revolution, it was stealing of the land and murdering of the cuban people, and were never fulfilled. and in many cases death. that would be the cost castro brothers and murdering commune t dictatorship. >> it's easy to promote it, it's an obstruction in a theory, everyone will be taken care of and it is a lie. it's a single respect, and you have police states all over the world to prove it.n this ideology is poison and being taught in our public
11:43 pm
schools, and that's being provided by the biden administration in the media and the media do not disagree with these marxist movements in america. climate changes and polar bears, and that's about limited mobility. if it's about pulling down our monuments, that's marcus' model. i go on and on in the book. but here's the problem, we have three p books that are hit jobsn donald trump. there's a lot of press today here and" elsewhere, and one was written by this hit man michael wolf and people are focused on what they say, what's the gossip, what did they say. it's time that we the american
11:44 pm
people galvanize and organize and confront the threats that face us andon stop facing shiny objects of them media and i don't care what this jerk millie had to say. i care what's happening with the economy. i spent six chapters in this book explaining where the enemy is. explaining how we got where we are today. we need to understand not political opposition and not our adversaries but who are enemies are who want to destroy theoy minds of our children and destroy our way of life. that's number one. number two, we talk on and on, now what are we going to do about all this? that's why the last chapter which is 10,000 words that i put out what we think is a game plan. o we need to empower ourselves, there's powern in numbers and e have our resources. we own these colleges.
11:45 pm
they are subsidized mostly by state tax dollars. we own every piece of our public schools, and the green new deal, and it tells us how to live our lives. we need to show up at shareholder meetings in corporations and weeds to show up en masse at the public events including school board meetings. there's a lot we can do. and it's about time we focus on it. i could talk about general milley till i'm blue in the face but that doesn't solve a thing. these three trumpet trashing books from the media, you know why we hate the media? because we deserve it. you know why we hate "the new york times"? because it deserves it.
11:46 pm
"the new york times" was a mouthpiece for stalin in 1932 with walter turner on t when he was slaughtering iranians. "the new york times" is responsible for fidel castro and that awful regime nuts they are about the reporter matthews and so forth. it is a horrendous, poisonous corporation. this is what we need to focus on, we cannot allow this corrupt media to push this country. and that's the difference between most of the media in this country and where the american marxist stands. they stand for these movements and they stand for this party. not the republican party, not the conservative movement, not this one or that one.
11:47 pm
if you love this country whether you are a moderate democrat or libertarian, if you love this country, let us embrace the power and the numbers and let us begin piece by piece, we are in the abyss. if we don't do something about it, they will win and we will lose. that's it. >> sean: at the last chapter, we choose liberty. seven chapters in the book. if you lay out the case and then you lay out theut action plan. it's now finally and bookstores everywhere this week and it's online at, and american marxism. it's a greatm. book. mark levin, when we return, former acting director of
11:48 pm
intelligence. as he lining the recall race?re apparently has an announcement. i don't know what it is and you don't know what it is but he will tell us, next.
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>> sean: we have some breaking news and are awaiting a lepress conference. in texas, one officer was killed and three were injured after a standoff, and we will give you some updates. switching gears, and larry elder has entered the race. gavin newsom is building a war chest from far left silicon valley and hollywood donors to try to stave off defeat and the recall, and
11:53 pm
newsom and the democrats have approved a direct cash payments including illegal immigrants. by the way this is also guaranteed income. today they reinstitute a mass mandate it with regards toin either of you being vaccinated. now perhaps the name most talked about also to run against newsom and to jump in his former acting director of national intelligence ric grenell. he's made his decision on whether to enter the race. rick, yea or nay? i tried numerous times. >> there is the deadline of tomorrow, and i made a decision not to run. the first is, i want to continue to be available to push forward
11:54 pm
this america first agenda and i think the first thing that needs to be done in california is a structural change.e. we need to be able to push forward this massive forward exchange in the state. that's many years and it's going to take a couple of different things to do, this 501(c)(4) that i talk to you before about call to fix california, we launched out with our lawyers a campaign, to put them on notice that either they clean up their voter rolls or wehe see them in court. we put them on notice that they have a couple of weeks to make that decision and his massive other structural changes that we want to do. >> sean: let me ask you real quick because the basic income
11:55 pm
measures, guaranteed income, two-thirds of the california population will get checks from below the bill for the recall election, moving the date for the predictable blackouts and wildfires and know and ask mandate. we got 45 seconds.d there are two democratic senators s now. it's going to take a while but we got to make the structural changes. i think that the voters in california realized that california has gone off the cliff. look what we areff giving away, and we are tired of it and now is the time to begin that long fix california measure. it will take us a while but we are going to do it. >> sean: i wish you well on that important measure. when we come back, final thoughts on "hannity." we are following that story, one
11:56 pm
officer killed and three injured. ..
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>> sean: video of the day, check this out. a rest stop named after joe biden >> the road stop, rest stop named after president biden in delaware is now a dumb, waste been filled with needles, and save hygiene and bathrooms, food shortages of restaurants. that all the time we have left, set your dvr, let your heart not be traveled, big show tonight. >> what are you trying to say with the needles and junk and trash? >> one of the things he was most proud of, not the kind of place you want to stop on i-95. >> remember robert byrd would have the rest stops on every street, every post office, a classic example of government waste, fraud and abuse, and rename e