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tv   Watters World  FOX News  July 17, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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you can't get enough of me here on social media. facebook and instagram candles at "unfiltered" on fox "unfiltered" on fox. give us a follow-up. would appreciate it doesn't for us when "unfiltered" with me, dan bongino. thank you for tuning in, who was you back here next saturday night 10:00 p.m. thanks a lot. you next time on , liberty & levin." [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. the democrats' lost cause. that's the subject of tonight's "watters words." ronald reagan won texas by 30 points, and 40 years later trump won by single digits. trump beat biden by just 6
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points under these loose pandemic rules. democrats wants to make the rules permanent. texas republicans say no. we want to make it easier to vote, but harder to cheat. the democrats left texas leaving the legislature hatch empty. i -- half empty. i read the bill so you don't have to. and my buddy harold ford, jr. couldn't points out a single thing that restricted voting. the restrictions are you can't have a polling station in a tents or parking garage. so no pop-up polling stations. when you request a ballot by mail you have to register and write your i.d. that's on your license. or if you don't have a driernls license, the last four numbers of your social security number.
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how is that restrictive? it's not. companies are required to allow workers to leave work on election day to go vote. here is what makes it harder to cheat in texas and why the democrats are howling. you can't kick poll watchers out of polling stations. and the poll workers need to be able to see the count. and all votes have to have a paper trail so they can't just disappear on a machine. and paying for votes becomes a felony. and machines have to have software that aren't allowed to change votes. and officials can't just mail out ballots without having them requested. and no ballot harvesting. tell me what the objection is to these things in the bill? all of the things i just read is
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actually in the bill. what is objectionable. couldn't answer. now that trump is gone and the pandemic is over. they have nothing. they have to debate the policy and they can't. they are just lying and screaming racism. biden couldn't name a single thing in the texas bill that disenfranchises anybody. >> 21st century jim crow assault is real. it's unrelented. we'll challenge it vigorously. are you on the side of truth or lies, fact or fiction. justice or inus is? stand up, for god's sake and help prevent this asserted effort to undermine our elections and the sacred right to vote. have you no shame? we are facing the most significant test of our democracy since the civil war.
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jesse: if this were really jim crow, why are texas democrats smiling like gooch balls with a case of beer. and jim crow was a democrat operation to stop blacks from voting. it was republicans who freed the slaves. kamala harris even compared the texas flee baggers to frederick douglass. >> they took actions in line with everyone from frederick douglass when he fought for the right of about black men to vote in america, to the legacy that includes all those women who marched down pennsylvania avenue. for women's right to vote. and for all those shed their blood on the bridge to make sure we pass the voting rights
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act. jesse: the democrats haven't risked. they are on a private jet and posted selfies. frederick douglass was a great orator. black people don't have social security numbers? plaque americans don't have i.d.? here is amy horowitz asked black voters about the voting laws. >> do you have an opinion of voter i.d. laws? >> they are pretty racist. >> it's a way to perpetuate race i'm:they are less likely to have state i am d.s. some people don't live in areas with easy access to dmvs. >> they don't have the knowledge
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of how it works. >> do you have i.d.? >> yes, i do. >> do you know any black person that doesn't carry i.d.? >> everyone i know has i.d. >> we heard black people have no access to the internet. >> everybody has access to the internet. >> they are pretty much ignorant. >> i think it's a little racist. jesse: the on people who think these laws are racist and suppress the black vote are liberals. they want to scare americans into submission with these racist laws. but it's a loss cause because we have the truth on our side. joining us is texas governor greg abbott. i saw an editorial in the as you continue statesman. even the liberal newspaper in the capitol don't say that.
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>> texas can see through this like looking through glass because it is nothing more than a political stunt. we saw this before when the democrats left the state during redistricting a decade ago. what happened is they got pummeled in the next election. they will get pummeled in the next election even more so. they are leaving behind just the voting law. they are also leaving behind things like bail reform where a state senator said from the time in may when they walked off the job until now there have been five people who lost their lives to criminals who were released out on bail. what the democrats are doing is dangerous to their fellow texans. as a result they will be suffering at the ballot box next november. jesse: the state legislators, it's a cushy gig. they don't have to show up to work that much.
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they get paid by the taxpayer. and for a regular hard working person in texas, the so-called leaders just leave when things get tough or they don't like what the opposition says, they don't like that. i agree with you, they will pay for that. have you heard any specific objection from the fleeing democrats that say in this bill this does x, y or z to restrict voting? >> they have no specific objection. they make the same objection you orparticular hated in your opening statement. it denies people their voting rights. what we are doing as you pointed out. we are making sure we remove dead people from the voting rolls. we are denying dead people the right to vote. but as you pointed out, we are adding hours for people to vote both in early voting as well as
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regular voting. it's easier than ever before. let's compare this with delaware, president biden's home state where they had zero hours of early voting. if there is any state where they should be looking for voter suppression, it should be delaware, president biden's home state. jesse: so this bill would make it easier to vote than biden's home state of delaware. so biden's home state is jim crow if you believe the president. thank you for enlightening people on what this bill is. no one has actually read it be just disparaging it. you can fine it literally on the internet. marxism is a poisonous ideology making heroes today. mark steyn explained how the
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marxists are waging war against us. joining us, the host of "life, liberty & levin." mark levin. i went through the book. i had no idea how entrenched marxism was in this country and how disciplined they are in this war against us, against capitalism and american history, and you explain throughout the book the psychology of these mask movements. how the left, especially the intellectual class take the hatred and insecurity of these people who don't have a lot of meaning in their lives, and mobilize that hatred and insecurity into a mass movement to destroy america. tell us how that operates. >> thanks for having me. the way it operates is necessity fair yows. necessity -- is nefarious.
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people want to belong to groups. there are two sets of people here. the followers and the fanatical leaders. the followers don't have ties to society, they take little responsibility for their own actions. -- marxism gives then an excuse to project it on to society and they take advantage of this. many are tenured professors who push this propaganda. but i call it american marks i'm. they ablood it to american society to make it more appealing. some are out of the closet about who they are. some of them are not.
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so when the "new york times" and "the washington post" do one their phoney hit jobs, this book is bulletproof, because they are doing hit jobs on people who admit what they are doing and who they are. i'm not saying opponent or adversary. these people want to turn our country and our lifestyle inside out. if we don't know who they are, we'll have a hell of a time pushing back. jesse: it's very precise in the language. there is nothing people can say that is factually inaccurate. there are more footnotes than i have ever seen. they have a disgusting poisonnist -- poison ideology. you have half the people believing a failed ideology.
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i love the word you used when you talked about the green new deal. environmentalism as we know it today, you call it the degrowth movement. explain what you mean by the degrowth movement. mark: in 1970 these marxists came together in new york and exported their ideology to a willing academia and others in this country. they talk about the degrowth movement. we go from global cooling to global warming to climate change and the green new deal. what's going on here. they are at war with capitalism and growth and they are at war with american industrial society. it's called the degrowth movement. joe biden's first act out of the box when he became president was
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to attack energy. energy is the core of everything it's the cover how we move things and produce things. we were energy independent. as of today, we are not energy independent any more, the price of energy is going through the roof. he's a useful idiot. temperature change is 1 degree one way or another. we human beings are so concreted we think we can affect the planet as opposed to the sun? they are saying we are using too much of the earth's resources. we haven't even pierced the surface of the surface of the earth that's filled with gas. it's time to call these people
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what they are. more and more whether it's aoc or bernie sanders who are on the precipice of admitting who they are. many of them are obvious when they are defending cuba and castro. jesse: mark levin "american marxism." i highly recommend this book. thank you so much for coming on "watters' world." i know the book will probably be number one. thanks for probably knocking me off the top of the chart. mark: jesse, you are a good man. mark: next, governor ron desantis joins us i'm not hungry! you're having one more bite! no! one more bite! ♪ kraft. for the win win.
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jesse: the border is totally out of control. four straight months. the biden administration smashing 20-year highs. the border crosser numbers keep going up and up. governor ron desantis from florida is in texas today. did you volunteer to go to texas or were you asked to come. >> governor abbott in june asked
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for mutual aid from other states given the severity of the problem and given the fact the bind is doing next to nothing to curb it. sow with the federal government failing, texas and other states are stepping up. i have a contingents of 50 state law enforcement officers who have been here for almost a month work. we are in the del rio part of texas. and basically this is a total disaster. you have people coming across, and every one of them knows as long as they get across, biden will end up releasing them. we have people saying i know i couldn't get across for the last four years, now i know anyone can get across. most of the people who are florida folks, their ultimate destination is the state of florida. this has huge implications for
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the country as a whole, and for states like my own where a lot of these folks will be coming early legally. jesse: the people i guess who are deputized to serve under abbott, they are telling you when they are taking people down at border, their final destination is the state of florida? is the biden administration helping these illegal immigrants go to florida? and if so, how are they doing that. >> our folks in texas will stop and apprehends. what the feds are doing is giving them a bus ticket and letting them go where they want to go. the florida folks we interdicted. more than 50% of the ones we interdicted said they ultimately have destination in florida. it may be different in mcgowan
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and other parts. i didn't think it would be quite be at this level. this has big implications for our schools and social services. but it's the federal government putting them on a bus, sending them to different destinations and presumably they get off. the federal government will fly the illegal immigrants in the middle of the night and house them with federal house or ngos. they don't inform the states of this. they do that basically secretly. there is know public accountability for it at all. so it's a combination of those two things. this is a deliberate policy to allow illegal migrants to be able to go all across the country in violation of our laws. jesse: from what our sources are
8:23 pm
telling us, they are helping them get to swing states which is interesting. there is nothing you can do about it as the governor of florida. once they get to until, around not allowed to arrest them for being in this country i will ellie. they handicapped the governors. and it's the governors fighting against the federal government. the republic is collapsing basically. that's not hyperbole. the governors are fighting against the federal government to control the borders and it's not working. i want to ask you about cuba. the policy with cue what asylum seekers -- with cuban asylum seekers seems to be different than what's happening at the southern border. they are given bus tickets, cash, lawyers, and we don't even know if they are fleeing
8:24 pm
political persecution. i think they are coming here for jobs. but in cuba, they are potentially coming literally fleeing political persecution. literally, and the biden administration said no, no, no, we are going to let you sit in the caribbean if you try to come to the florida keys. is that because in your opinion most cuban refugees would be voting republican? >> i think there is a political angle to it. the cuban exile community i have been working with day after day. none of us have the appetite for a boat lift. we believe the fight for if the freedom of crew what is in cuba. they don't think it's in our interest to have a big migration. but having said that, they have
8:25 pm
a stronger case for political persecution leaving a dictatorship than other migrants coming across the border because they want more economic opportunity. some of these people have been victimized and trafficked by the cartels. but they don't rate the same as leaving a communist dictatorship. it's a total double standard, but it's something we expected because a lot of their border policies are political in nature and its intent. jesse: you got a little heat selling these coosies. can you explain what that's about? >> people have been asking for merchandise. so we held a contest, and one of them was don't fauci my florida.
8:26 pm
people came up to me and said thank gowd didn't listen to fauci because i have got a job or i have got my kids in school. fauci is synonymous with locking people out of schools and ruining peoples jobs and livelihood. but i have got to give credit to the corporate media. people are running for our merchandise trying to buy it. i thought we would sell a couple hundred of them, about it many taken off. it's meant to be tongue-in-cheek. but there is a larger message. those policies were destructive. florida rejected it and we are much better off for it. jesse: they are flying off the shelves. get them fast. thank you very much. stay safe out there. >> thanks, jesse. jesse: up next.
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karens gone wild. wait until you see this video, a victoria's secret karen like you would not believe.
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fox news alert from ashley strohmier in new york. the washington nationals baseball game, at least four people were hurt during a shooting outside the stadium. witnesses say the sound of gunfire sent fan scrambling for cover hiding under their seats. others ran two exits as word of a shooting spread. national san diego padres, the game was stopped in the sixth inning empires were pulled from the field. initially fans were told to remain calm and stay inside the stadium. authorities say it's an active investigation but there is no ongoing threat at this time. federal and local law enforcement are involved in the investigation and no word on the conditions of the victims. police say to walk to the hospital for treatment. officials say the game will resume tomorrow afternoon. i'm ashley strohmier, back to "watters' world" for all your headlights, fox ♪♪
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>> [bleep] jesse: "watters' world" has been covering the karen phenomenon. this women is dubbed the victoria's secret karen and started screaming after she said a black woman tried to hit her at a new jersey mall. >> oh, my god. [inaudible] [screaming] get away from me. get away from me.
8:33 pm
get away. >> look at this. jesse: turns out the so-called karen, she was the one who initially called the cops. she said she was having a panic attack because the other woman was recording her and she was afraid she could lose her job over it. i think it's funny, but it's sad. i think when you record someone like this, it's within your rights to do it. you have got to do it, because this woman could say you did anything. you have to document it. >> the hold wide world has gone insane in many respects. when we have these viral videos go out, i just -- you watch this thing and i feel like when i worked in congress back in the day we used to get all sorts of crazy letters.
8:34 pm
when you would read them, you would think oh, my god, there are people with major mental illnesses out there. i think that what's we see with the viral video. i look at it and think i hope the woman gets the help she needs. she is clearly not well. jesse: a lot of times when you start filming someone in public, they can see the potential of something going viral. there could be a racial component. they see their life falling apart right before their eyes, and they don't know how to handle it. >> the woman who is filming got $100,000 on gofundme. that's the world we live in. you put up a gofundme page and you makes six figures. jesse: the nfl is going to start
8:35 pm
playing the black national anthem before football game. "lift every voice and sing." have you been at a game where they played this and what is the reaction from the crowd like? >> i have not been at a game, i don't believe where they played this. i could be wrong. they are trying to dial back the amount of attention they give to the opening game. but it doesn't feel inclusive enough to me. what about the asian national anthem. what about the his tannic national anthem, what about the gaze and lgbtq? i think we should have a immediately put together or just stick with "the national anthem." on my radio show we put together a playlist which we called the most inclusive national anthem possible. we let people call from separate
8:36 pm
ethnic groups to call and announce what they would like it to be for their group. buff this is pathetic. jesse: they can do whatever they want because it's their own league. but i don't think it's unifying. i cannen only remember the lyrics to one anthem. don't make we memorize another anthem. he shae inclusive, buddy. jesse: i will try my best. >> out of control situation on the airlines. the airlines. new
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kicked off an american airlines flight because they said her outfit was too offensive to fly. she eventually covered up and was allowed to fly. the airlines are becoming cultural battlegrounds. u.s. bikini competition winner continues fly in that outfit. does that offend you, raymond arroyo? raymond: obviously subtlety is not her strong suit. i can understand some might have been offended. i think it wasn't men complaining about what she was wearing. jesse: the wives complaining. you can bring an emotional
8:42 pm
support peacock on the airlines. jesse: so library in london. they bring in -- viewer warning if you have kids watching -- this is a rainbow dildo butt monkey to entertain children. i don't know what this is. this is what's being exposed to children in a library. raymond: the library needs a dress code. i wish american airlines was running the library. this one curious george i don't think any child needs to be exposed to. why do these adults feel the compulsion to scandalize children with the outrageous outfits. leave the children in the
8:43 pm
library alone. if you have imaginary body parts hanging out, leave the kids out of it. it's happening in the united states as well. last story, britney spears. free britney. i think she is out. she has a good lawyer. he doesn't need the cash. he will get her out on principle. the conservatorship looks like it's on its last leg. i found out how much britney's dad was paying himself out of her pocket. a quarter million a year. you know what he said he did to deserve that? he keeps abreast of the music industry and looks at places to invest. he's a chef.
8:44 pm
raymond: she wants to get rid of the financial conservatorship. but the personal conservatorship she wants kept in place. that's the woman who tells her what to do, where to go, who to call. she doesn't want to be fully free. i think you are seeing the mark of child performers. these are kids who were taught to perform when others told them to. now as adults they are still in that habit. that's a curious side of this story that i don't think has been fully explored. but i feel bad for her. jesse: raymond arroyo, our "watters' world" explorer-in-chief. what a brave man. raymond: congratulations opening the "new york times" book? i am glad you announced the next
8:45 pm
book, "how i saved the new york times." jesse: dana white, ufc king, steps into the ring. "watters' world" next. [♪♪] if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost today. i want some premium ideas for land o' frost premium sliced meats. land o' frost premium... so much goodness it'll make you cry! very nice, very nice. land o'frost premium. fresh look. same great taste.
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jesse: connor macgregor, last week the stars were out. the kardashians, even dave chappelle was there. actor mel gibson saluted president trump when he walked by. connor mcgray gore broke his leg. and it was over. but he got the win. he promised he will be back. jesse: president of the ufc, dana white. the mcgregor factor hasn't had great performances the last year. >> it will take a year to recover from this one before he can come back.
8:50 pm
this was a tough game. he cemented a massive legacy for himself and made a lot of money. we'll see how the rest of his career plays out. jesse: he said, my leg had issues and people knew about that. >> he had ankle issues for a couple years. he asked to tape his ankles an got clearance to do it. and he opted not to tape them. he has chronic arthritis in his ankles. jesse: that will definitely do it. let me hear what you have to say on this. in my personal opinion the ufc is a hot event and here is why. there is no media bias. there is no racial drama. it's pure action. it's not rigged at all. and people get what necessity
8:51 pm
pay for. is that why in your opinion it's sow attractive? it's unpolluted from the rest of the garbage going on in this country. >> thank you. i appreciate that. i look at professional sports as when you the consumer tune in you are looking to block out all the stuff going on in the world and in your life and you want to be entertained for however long you watch my show. we are the most exciting lineup of events in all of sports and we are awesome on tv, too. i try to keep it strictly sports. jesse: how have you managed to avoid the racial controversy? it has intrude on every single institution in this country. but for some reason the ufc has risen above that. you don't hear about racial controversy in this sport. why do you think that is? >> we are a global sport.
8:52 pm
we have fighters from all over the world. three our world champions are african born. we have world champions from russia, world champions from brazil. we have people from all over the world. there doesn't seem to be any of that in our sport. jesse: when you guys were reopening during the pandemic you had mainstream media reporters heckling you and trying to cause drama. was that your first taste of the mainstream media and what was around in assessment of that kind of journalism. we are used to it. i didn't think you were. >> that's funny. i went through a couple of different phases in my career. we were used to the media calling us human come fighting and a blood sport to no media covering us at all. then what happened during the
8:53 pm
pandemic. but that doesn't bother me. i could care less what the "new york times" or any of these other people think. >> that's a good attitude to have. you are just counting a lot of money over there. you have probably taken hundreds if not a thousand of my dollars. but it's been worth it. >> i appreciate it. thank you very much. thank you very much. jesse: up that delicious scramble was microwaved? get outta here. everybody's a skeptic. wright brothers? more like, yeah right, brothers! get outta here! it's not crazy. it's a scramble. just crack an egg. feeling sluggish or weighed down? it could be a sign that your
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jesse: the "new york times" put me, how i saved the world, as number one on the best seller list. they had to do it because you guys were going out and buying it. i promised i would read some of these reviews for the book. these renting. here they are. amazon, five-tar review says i
8:58 pm
just watched the show "watters' world" where he seemed to shame me into buying the book. the book will add years to my life. but if i die, how will i hold him accountable. i will already been dead. can't wait to stick my toothess gums into it. john lennon said dude well done. the stories are great. only one typo. greg says if you think jess jesse watters is the greatest since sliced bread you will like this book. lauren says this an incredibly important book. it has to be translated in
8:59 pm
european languages and discussed in universities. here is a dramatic review by charleston books. lovely well written pair dwrafs, worthy of ernest hemingway. the pages seemed to turn themselves as i returned toward the finale. jesse watters may or may not have saved the world. majority rules. go out and buy a copy of the book. you will not be disappointed. while you are at it, tune into this year's student action summit to see my speech. turning point usa has that all covered. if you sign up for foxnation you can become a member for free using the code sas.
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that's it for tonight. follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember, i'm watters and this is my world. [♪♪♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to "justice," i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. let's get right to my open. in its never ending campaign to put america last and cement her image as a racist oppressive nation, the bind administration invited the united nations human rights council to judge whether america is a racist nation. this


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