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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  July 19, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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space upon his blue origin aircraft with no pilot. did you know there was no pilot? we have that covered for you. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report" fair balanced and fill unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by brian kilmeade. >> brian: gillian turns it over to him once again second best. i probably would have had the exclusive had you called in sick. and a little bit later did you ever review how you did in the celebrity golf tournament? >> bret: no. we will talk about that some other time. >> brian: i guess. so that means you didn't win. bret, thanks so much, man. thank you, bret, good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ >> brian: all right, i'm brian kilmeade. here we go again. mask up, america. as the usual california kicks off the chaos and crashes the market by prematurely and unscientifically mandating masks indoors for vaccinated and unvaccinated people.
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how does that make sense? we were just told get vaccinated, lose the mask. we were just told businesses to rehire their staff and get back to work. and they did. and we went to their workplace. enough to that vaccines are open to everywhere and information expertise are everywhere, why does it matter how many covid cases we have in this country now that we have a choice in how to handle our personal health including vaccines, distances, mask, why do we need the president of the united states and facebook to shut us down and shut down our lives once again? and for those of you who think it's just a california problem, you are wrong. it's now a las vegas problem and soon every liberal city will soon follow suit. we have seen this movie. let's get this straight. 97% of covid hospitalizations are unvaccinated people who, by the way, made their own choice not to be vaccinated. and if you need a reason to get vaccinated, i guess you just got one. but, since when do we count on the president of the united states for healthcare advice? let me answer that? we do not. but that isn't stopping him from
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offering up his unsolicited unscientific input. >> so, please, please get vaccinated. get vaccinated now. it works. it's safe, it's free, it's convenient. you know, this virus doesn't have to hold you back any longer. >> brian: i have heard enough from the so-called experts to know that they really are not so-called experts. >> right now in the united states, people should not be walking around with masks. >> if you are not sick. you are not in a vulnerable category, you should be going about your life. >> if you look at the evolution of the virus in bats and what's out there now, it's very, very strongly leaning towards this could not have been artificially or deliberately manipulated. >> we know a major way that you can get respiratory diseases like coronavirus is by touching a surface and then touching your
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face. >> brian: any of that right? it all proved to be wrong. we all know it was wrong. the lies just kept piling up or inaccuracies i could say. so-called scientific experts and their advice is pretty much useless. here is a news alert for you. i did get vaccinated because i was told there is 97% chance i would not get the virus. if i did get it many the symptoms would be so mild the worth it i resumed my pre-pandemic life. if you don't mind if i can speak for americans across the country who enjoy freedom of choice we will take it from here. joining us now to discuss this republican congressman from texas dan crenshaw. congressman, i don't know if you got vaccinated or not, but are you shocked we are heading back to the future to maybe our pandemic lives? >> well, not shocked because, look, democrats have a fundamentally different understanding of the role of government. they believe in reducing all
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risk to zero. they want to control every aspect of your life. they want have wanted to do that the past year and that's what you are seeing. now talking about mask mandates, think about what that means. you could be fined or jailed because you are not wearing a piece of cloth over your face even if you are not vaccinated. like you said comments spot on. you could be pro-vaccine. this vaccine was developed in record time under the trump administration. we should all be proud of that fact. it helped end this pandemic. there is no need then to create new panic and to create this sense that we need to go back to the height of the pandemic and all the pressures that were taking place. it is completely unnecessary. the role of government is to give you the tools you need and guidelines you need to live your life freely. freedom of choice is still part of the american creed and we can't forget that. >> brian: dan, the other thing i think you understand is they named states four of which are are republican led states numbers rising the quickest texas and florida. guess where the emphasis texas
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and florida. standups and focus in florida. gets under their skin that you guys released the mandates and released the restrictions and the nuns went down. and do you know what happened in florida with governor desantis became a rock star staring down his critics. what do you say to that? i see politics not somebody who cares for my health. >> you know, they never actually give you the full set of numbers. i mean, yeah, there might be some increases since a couple weeks ago. compare that to a year ago. it's only a fraction of the cases. our hospital systems are nowhere near at capacity. nowhere near it. this is not a significant problem. and, look, mathematically, if you think of how many people have been vac sikh sin nate and how many people are naturally immune from having covid. mathematically impossible to see the heights we saw. it's mathematically impossible. that's the truth. that's what an honest scientist would actually tell you. our public health officials have been politicized to such an extent. that's why nobody trusts them and why there is all this backlash i think to the vaccine and everything. it's because these public health
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officials did so much to lose people's trust. that's a shame. because, like you said, look, you got the vaccine and look, you have a 97% chance of not getting covid as a result. it does work. but, you also have to have some kind of social contract between the government and the citizens and that trust has been lost. >> brian: they earned that loss. they earned that loss by telling us if you tornado watch cereal box without touching it down you will get covid or touch a formica surface you will get covid or if you walk outside you will get covid, turns out none of that was true let alone the mask and the flip flop on that. quick thing, you have some more drama brewing in texas like you needed more along with the border which is later on in the show. that is your democratic state lawmakers did not want to vote for the post pandemic voting rules so they left town to meet like cowards, they got on a private plane provided by beto o'rourke's foundation or super pac or whatever and flew without masks to washington to be hailed like heroes. now, they landed and pictures
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emerge of them flying out with beer in the plane and no masks on their face and when they landed they had to justify that move. here's democratic congressman talarico claiming everyone was vaccinated so no big deal. listen. >> the cdc and the white house says you need to wear one on the plane why didn't you guys? >> so all of russ fully vaccinated. >> brian: really? new revelation, dan. it turns out, congressman, that five have tested positive for covid-19 and they might have infected the vice president of the united states who said had an appointment on walter reed on sunday like everyone's appointments always happen on a sunday. so, what's the truth here? were they vaccinated? are they bucking the odds? or are they not telling the truth about their vaccination? >> there is a lot to unpack there. i think one thing we have to point out is that, again, when it comes to these mask mandates, everybody else still has to wear a mask on a flight. i think that should be lifted.
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i actually introduced bill in the house to lift that on airlines. the air inside of an airplane, it changes out every three minutes. that's one of the best filtration systems on the planet. not where the spreading events are happening. look, i'm fully supportive of them not wearing their mask on the airplane; however, you want everybody else to live by those rules, so then you have to also. time and time again we see democrat officials joking they only put on the mask when they go in front of the cameras. we see it over and over again. rules for me and -- you know what i mean. rules for thee and not for me. it's infuriating. jeez, don't get me started on the redick alsoness of the democrats fleeing texas to by the way oppose voting laws that basically say things like all counties should have the same early voting times. that's the jim crow 2.0. these people are absolute liars and cowards. made a show of the entire thing and embarrassed themselves. we are going to keep talking about ohio how embarrassing they
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are. >> brian: france and germany they want to go to bars and restaurants and gyms they have to show that they have been vaccinated with vaccination passports. should these a lot of democrats are talking about doing that now. should they be showing us these passports because maybe, dan, we have got breaking news. turns out the vaccines might not work if five on the same plane had the covid-19 virus. >> yeah, and, look, i don't know how to explain that one. i really don't. but we should always be against vaccine passports. i think that's ridiculous infringement on personal health and personal healthcare. look, you get a vaccine because it makes you feel safe. you don't require others to do it around you. that's the point of the vaccine. all right. i don't make you wear sunscreen when we both go outside. look, you know, so we should be against these things. i am curious what these democrats did or did not do in reality. but, look, the best kind of justice is cosmic justice. it was kind of funny to see how embarrassing their entire trip has become and how.
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>> >> brian: and how it's going to end. they are not going to win. they have to go back to texas. i thought texans stood and fought but they cut and ran or i should say flew. thank you very much. >> appreciate it thanks, brian. >> brian: fox news at night dr. marc siegel, i know you have been busy. one break through infection for 10,000. for texas democrats we are told five break through infections out of 60 vaccinations, either some of those democrats are lying or they are not vaccinated at all or the cdc break through infection rate is off by 82,000%. want to take a guess? >> i'm going to put this together for you. first of all, brian, i want to see their vaccine cards. i mean, it's very convenient, isn't it, that they have to quarantine themselves for 10 to 14 days when they're already fugitive frifs texas. so, i want to see their vaccine cards. if they were vaccinated, there is a possibility because of the delta variant being more contagious, if they were in each
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other's faces for a very prolonged period of time, it could fly in the face of that other number you gave which is a one in 10,000 chance of a break through infection. the key thing about the vaccines is that they absolutely work. and when you asked me about the mask mandates, i'm going to tell you how ridiculous it is that anybody would put a mask mandate on a vaccinated person. completely ridiculous. you already gave the most important thing here which is 97% of those who were hospitalized aren't vaccinated. i'm suspicious about this group coming from texas i want to know the truth. >> brian: do you know, doctor, the reason to believe i got vaccinated i asked you and other doctors around me is there any apprehensions or technology there. i read about about it and made my own decision. i didn't need president biden or even president trump to tell me what to do. the other thing i wanted to talk to you about something we will be looking about in the fall. florida in august that is back to school. they are now recommending as the cdc that all kids over two years old wear mavericks.
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in fact, not the cdc but the pediatrician's group came out with in mandate. the w.h.o. says kids under five don't need to wear masks. where do you stand on that? >> i think that very young children are not spreaders. it's very unlikely that they spread covid. i think there is enormous amount of damage in terms of their socialization. them becoming anxious, performance anxiety. problems with them learning. potentially carbon dioxide retention, dizziness. by the way, having said all of that, brian, i recommend masks for children but they have the right to refuse as do the parents. the point you made about choice before is so important. you know, who are these people from on high saying what misinformation is? you know, brian, i talked to heidi larson the vaccine confidence expert in the world. she said you have quote to choose the right words here, not misinformation. 234069 we know and you don't know. not, you know, this idea that it's science and not it's not science. it's politics not science.
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you go to your physician. and you ask your physician what they think. and they are going to telling you, protect yourself and protect your family. we think that this is way safer than not taking the vaccine. or, i would weigh a situation with a 3-year-old. i would say well, that 3-year-old is very claustrophobic. i don't want them wearing mask and the chances of them getting covid or spreading it by the way the statistic on that is going to blow you away, brine, less than 1% chance of somebody with covid in a school spreading it to another child. less than 1% chance and that was studied in four states. >> brian: the w.h.o. says no child under five should be required to wear mask. when you look at the stats, it is specifically zero chance of it happening with kids under 5. 5 to 170.1%. when you consider the fact that these kids can't tell happiness, sadness, confusion, anger or fear and you think it's no big deal unless you have a 5 or 6-year-old, it's a really big deal. they can't reface if they start questioning themselves. this is a very important parts of their development for another
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time. people just don't look at that other side including anthony fauci doctor siegel, do you. thanks so much. >> my son said you can't take a test with a mask on, dad. it makes you very nervous you can't con ventricle trait. >> brian: that's expert. ask the kids for a chance please. thank you. >> thanks, brian. >> brian: while many sports struggle over the past year to continue to thrive only one managed to actually succeed through the pandemic. we talked to the man behind the magic ufc's dana white. first big tech and the white house are teeming up to take on covid misinformation we have been talking about. when are they going to crack down on china? senator tom cotton. jamie meltzer join us next on "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ only 6% of us retail businesses have a black owner. that needs to change. so, i did something. i created a black business accelerator at amazon. and now we have a program that's dedicated to making tomorrow a better day for black businesses.
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♪ >> brian: welcome back. china appears to be warming up to the whole lab leak theory as long as you are not talking
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about the lab in wuhan, china, you know, the one they expeer meanted bat viruses that look like the one we are dealing with right now. they are looking at leaks that happened, i don't know, in fort dietrich in maryland. they tweeted this out. half a million chinese have signed a joint statement letter to the w.h.o. demanding an investigation into the u.s. lab at fort dietrich. tom cotton is the republican senator from arkansas. now, senator, you famously said look at that wuhan lab. they are coming back over a year later and saying it's time for the americans to. >> point guilty finger at military lab and military games happened in china last year. this is just about as pervasive as their case a bat kissed a skunk and must have introduced this virus into human beings. look, from the very beginning it's been obvious that the most likely source of this virus is
4:21 pm
indeed the labs in wuhan that investigate and research exactly these kind of viruses. it's two bad the democratic party. labeled that some kind of conspiracy theory for year maybe we would have gotten it to a year if they hadn't. >> brian: nih came out their director and said we should have looked a little bit longer and focused a little bit more on the wuhan lab leak theory. why is joe biden's administration the nih and others now coming onboard with this theory, at least looking at it? the w.h.o. said something similar. why now? >> well, for all of last year, much of the public health bureaucracy here and around the world was covering for the chinese communist party and their fellow researchers. now, look, it's now obvious that the national institutes of health and tony fauci's agency within the national institutes of health, funded indirectly gain of function research in those labs. which is to say making
4:22 pm
coronavirus more contagious and, therefore, more deadly. that raises a lot of uncomfortable questions. that's why tony fauci still thinks that the natural origin theory is the most likely theory, because he is trying to cover up his tracks and trying to avoid answering the questions about why he was funding research that is so risky that even barack obama tried to forbid him. >> brian: senator, what could be done? you are in the minority, obviously, in the senate, normally there would be hearings about this and new focus on this. do you have to just sit back and wait for a democratic initiative? >> no, we don't, brian. in fact, thanks to republican questions, at these hearings over the last few months. we now know that our government was using your tax dollars to fund the research in those labs indirectly through an american nonprofit. we have a lot of documents that suggest in the very early days of this pandemic that tony fauci and a lot of his fellow scientists were trying to cover their tracks very quickly. and in the budget votes coming up in the weeks ahead, i suspect you will see republicans offering amendments that will ban gain of function research and ban support for chinese
4:23 pm
laboratories. let's see if the democrats want to stay on record supporting chinese labs with american tax dollars. >> brian: exit question. do you ever talk to these men and women in the cloak room on the other side and say listen, we agree on this. get to work on this in the bipartisan way. step away from the cameras might give people at home some hope? work together on this. >> yeah, they do brian. remember, it's barack obama who tried to ban funding for this research back in 2014 but tony fauci and all these other bureaucrats thought they knew better and they went forward with it now they have got to face these very uncomfortable questions. >> you were interest first, senator, don't stop now. thanks so much. >> thank you, brian. >> brian: once again today the president reiterated his commitment to cracking down on coast misinformation spreading through social media. but now what exactly does the white house consider misinformation? now in the past, they repeatedly slapped that label on stories that were politically inconvenient. but, factually correct. jamie metzl is a former member of the national security council and adviser to the world health
4:24 pm
organization. worked for president clinton, democrat. he will freely admit that but he was also very frustrated because social media thought you were spreading misinformation. jamie, what is misinformation? >> yeah. so, as senator cotton just said. senator cotton and i last year were among the first people making the very strong claim that we had to ask tough questions about the origins of this pandemic. it looked to me and, again, i'm a progressive democrat, but i was extremely vociferous last year including in the "wall street journal" and elsewhere saying this looks very, very suspicious. it could well be an accidental lab incidentor jib and we ask those tough questions. we didn't do a good enough job last year. there was a lot of misinformation there were a lot of people like myself, like senator cotton who were trying to raise these critical issues for all sorts of reasons including media and scientific journals. there were a lot of head winds. i'm certainly pleased and making
4:25 pm
progress now. we need to keep pushing and just be honest. point fingers as wherever they need to be pointed certainly at china and at ourselves then so be with it. >> jamie, for a while they told us it's going to spread on surfaces. they told us the origin two animals. couldn't go from human-to-human contact. they told us masks didn't work and certain distances three feet. really dates back to 1918. we haven't modernized things. where does science come in? science is exploring and challenging facts. why all of a sudden are weigh supposed to belief that scientific axioms are in stone in marble and should notten challenged? >> it's a really good point, brian. scientists are people. and scientists make mistakes. and in the earliest days of the pandemic, we were all trying to figure this out with a lot of -- not a lot of information. we call it a novel coronavirus because we hadn't seen this before. so, i do think that we need to cut public health officials some
4:26 pm
slack. but we need to be honest and we need to be transparent. and when we are wrong, we are wrong. we can't have 100 percent certainty standard for making informed guesses because that's what we're all -- we were all trying to do in those earliest days. but now as things are starting to ease up. we need to identify well, where does the real science apply? clearly i really appreciated what you said earlier, i know there are a lot of people who watch this network or were cautious about vaccines. but now we have the science. the vaccines work. there were some claims that were made by public health officials early last year that weren't born out by the science. and they need to be honest and say hey, we were trying our best and we got it wrong. and here's the best information that we have now. but, one thing that we can clear when we talk about misinformation, is there is one entity that has been spewing misinformation and propaganda around the world, that is the chinese communest party and
4:27 pm
government engaged in massive misinformation campaign and cover-up since the earliest days of the pandemic. that's why it's great democrats, republicans even dr. tedros the general director of the w.h.o. are now calling them out on that. >> brian: got charges jamie metzl thanks so much. new report says 12 people have anti-vaxing information on internet regular basis. one of which is r.f.k. jr. crack down on the kennedy family if you have some time. big brother tightens the woke grip on the military. why the government is snooping through soldiers of search histories but, first, million migrants already and counting. new video from del rio, texas, where a massive migrant surge forced through a border check point. not just coming from central america. tom homan live next. ♪ ♪ this is the greatest idea you'll ever hear. okay, it's an app that compares hundreds of travel sites for hotels and cars
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♪ >> brian: all right. we're back tonight with alarming new video. if you are watching fox during the day and i hope you were.
4:33 pm
you have seen this already or some of it in del rio, texas where a surge of migrants seen gathering at the southern border. agents are fighting influx of single adult men going threw the fence by the way trying to push their way into the country amid a sea of families and perhaps what is most troubling the most migrants are not hailing from just the northern triangle countries, haiti, cuba, africa as well. who exactly is trying to cross into our nation and why now. town and tom homan former acting ice director among his myriad of jobs at the border join us now to talk about this. why now did we set a record of 1 8,000? this is the highest in 21 years in june. what's going on? , quite simple pushed campaign once he got in office. >> they try to say this is mostly a northern triangle
4:34 pm
country problem. the june apprehension numbers just released show had that is simply not true. we are at the highest level during the hottest month much the year on top of that talk about people apprehended either from mexico or northern fry angle country in january over 9,000, in june 47,000 people that were not from mexico or from guatemala, honduras or el salvador, so, the world knows that the border is open what bill got in del rio which i have been through just proves that. >> brian: to identify wear a nascar al pell bees in los angeles and they might get rid of title 42 because they feel the pandemic is over at the border. why do they open the gate. >> watched your previous segment i called it a president saying he wants to go door-to-door covid. mask up bunch of cities with covid. meanwhile isis had over 7500
4:35 pm
confirmed cases of covid run through their facility in the past year. right now as we speak they have over 1,000 positive cases and i trust you that came across that border. they didn't get covid in the facility. they came with covid. we know this administration has released thousands in this country brian there is 1,000 to 1500 a day almost 2,000 got aways this year. what did president biden do dropped 42 for family units and children. 740 procedures ages 16 to 17. not talking about children. he needs to get back to president trump title 42 and close that border down. the rise in covid-19 cases in this country and over 20 border patrol agents have died from covid. this president start putting america first and protecting our health and welfare. >> brian: why do people keep giving him a pass. toronto blue jays can't play in toronto the canadian government thinks it's too dangerous go
4:36 pm
back and forth to newark. play in buffalo. let hundreds of nations send in their refugees to our country and bypass our immigration system. how do you wrap your head around that? you are at the border a lot. >> no, it is quite crazy to see. really unfortunate to see all of that firsthand. what i can tell you will is i can say that it's been a crisis and, you know, obviously i have been down there a lot. every single person i have talked to from former director homan down in la joya, texas, to ranchers local law enforcement and regular residents. i have always asked them did you notice an immediate difference after january 20th? they said yes and they will tell you it's a crisis. covid is one aspect. humanitarian aspect is another. but this is something that is still ongoing unfortunately. >> brian: real quick, tom, how much is it costing us to house these illegal immigrants to enter our country illegally. >> talking about billions of dollars. let me talk about one quick thing, brian, it's just not covid. it's fentanyl.
4:37 pm
90,000 overdose deaths in these united states. guarantee you there is fentanyl overdose death in chicago, new york, philadelphia, 95% chance that fentanyl came across the southern border because this president tied the hands ever the border patrol agents that's creating a national security crisis. >> brian: he knows better and now he wants to put immigration reform into infrastructure palooza in september on a single party system. and that's just legalizing, that's not securing. guys, thanks so much for joining us, i appreciate it i wish we had a different theme but we don't. >> thank you for having me. >> brian: china and russia continues to threaten america. the military seems to be worried about its own soldiers. the pentagon has been working with extremism analyst company to dig through the web history of troops to find the so-called white supremacist amongst us. one phrase they're looking for is the truth behind black lives matter saying quote, the search suggest that blm movement has nefarious motives and diswhite
4:38 pm
supremacist group to weaponize anti-blm sentiment. so since when did doing research on a controversial organization make you a racist? former air force commander michael lohmeier lost his post after questioning the rise of diversity issues in the military and joins us now. does this surprise you that this is now fact within the military. >> brian, thanks for having me. first off, i would say these are my own views and not those of the dod. you know, very little surprises me anymore as i continue to consider just how focused it teams that the defense department is on routing out white extremism and white supremacy in the services right now. each not sure exactly how it is that you are able to tell from search terms that much about the individuals that are serving in uniform. in fact, one of the thoughts i had just this morning is that if you would like to call for a down day across all of your
4:39 pm
military services and ask for us to discuss white supremacy for example, you are going to have many, many internet hits searching for that very topic trying to understand the issue before you show up and have the conversation. i did that very thing. another thing that i did in writing my book "irresistible revolution" was study quite a bit about the black lives matter political project. nothing short of a political project. in 2015, the blm movement founders patrice clors and interviewed by the san francisco weekly and stated what i will call an exceptionally politicized project their interest in the dismanhattan ling of the nuclear family because they oppose traditional judeo-christian values. they are interested in revolutionizing us as a country socially and politically. >> brian: that's a reason to look it up. i don't care where you stand a reason to look it up. why are they using a u.k.
4:40 pm
company affiliated with barack obama? >> i can't answer that brian. i'm not sure one i'm not a part of the decision making process and can't pretend to confirm whether or not the or the degree to which that kind of searching is going on. but the defense department has essentially said as much in the past couple of months that they are going to be looking into social media posts. here's a question i have got. instead of trying to identify hot extremists are based on the search terms that they happen to be looking up on the internet. how about we actually spend our time and resources actually focusing on those few service members who have been exceptionally politically partisan, left leaning politically partisan in the past year both publicly supporting black lives matter slogans such as burning cities down and overthrowing the country. why don't we go after people who are saying in their social media posts all cops are bastards. those are exceptionally criticized statements that we
4:41 pm
seem to not be interested in discovering. i'm not sure why that is i have written at least 40 names and ages a book call out specific examples and not been asked once to point out who any of those individuals are. there is a particular type of extremists that we seem to be focused on. >> brian: matt, the problem is not our military. the problem is elsewhere. i'm confident the military picks the best men and women. i trust the commanding officers to weed that out. i appreciate it i look forward to reading your book. up next we move forward. covid restrictions might be coming back to a town near you. the ufc is not slowing down. dana white kept going through 2020 and thriving in 2021. tells the street to his sports disease right after this. we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it
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4:47 pm
fight night of the year ufc 264 setting attendance records while becoming one of the top selling pay per views of all time. time now to bring in the man that made it happen or one of the whom led the charge ufc president dana white. why was it important for you to get back in action? it wasn't just money, right? >> no, no. not at all. i mean, it was important for me to figure out a way to go through the pandemic and it it was equally as important to me to come back first and show everybody that that could be done, too. >> brian: what was the result? first you communicated with the white house. you and president trump got along great. you could directly to to the man in charge and say can i do this? >> correct, yeah. it wasn't a federal thing. it was harder to go state by state. you know, all the state different states the no brainers, florida, texas, arizona, and then we finished off in vegas.
4:48 pm
we sold out in jacksonville. sold out in houston. sold out in arizona and then just had the second biggest event in ufc history in vegas. >> do you think you create little and fans that didn't even exist before because you are literally willing to fight for them to get back into action to give us all a break from this global pandemic? >> yeah. i think. so and we created more fans because we went through the pandemic. there was nothing else to watch. so if you hadn't seen the ufc before, you got into it during the pandemic. >> brian: you, like nobody else, really represent your sport well. you are in the middle of it you talk very honestly and candidly on the broadcast before and now. do you worry when you look around this country and you bleed red, white, and blue that we are losing the charge the energy, the fight to be successful no matter what we do? are we losing that? >> i think wear. to be honest with you. it's, i don't know, i have never seen anything like it.
4:49 pm
it's blowing my mind. but, do you know what? everybody that is slowing down, everybody that's afraid or whatever their reason is, you know, for not wanting to get back to work. not wanting to -- you know, to run their business, not wanting to get back to normal and full capacity, i will run you all over. i will run you over. >> brian: right. that should be the attitude of the 22-year-old or 32-year-old. if people want to sit on the sidelines that's an opportunity. nobody ever gave you anything. >> absolutely right. there has never been more opportunity out there than there is right now. you know, i keep hearing about restaurants that can't open all the way because they can't get people to come into work. you know, you can't get an uber because nobody wants to go back and drive uber. it's a very weird time in this country right now. and, yeah. people need to get back to work and things need to get back to normal as soon as possible. >> brian: you have celebrity row
4:50 pm
when it comes to celebrity fights. did i the first four in the beginning in denver and colorado almost found like underground. people like john mccain wanted to stop came around on it one of the last big celebrities came to your event was president trump. how was he received? >> very well. he was received very well. he was in new york, too when he came to the fight in new york. you know, at the end of the day, he is a fight fan. he showed up to the fights. he sat there. he watches all the fights he stayed until it's over. i have had a 20 year relationship with the guy. he has always been amazing to me. >> brian: conor mcgregor bones and broken legs. he said in the prefight hype he actually kicked you in the ribs? [laughter] >> he kneed me in the ribs at the press conference, yeah. accidentally. >> brian: is he the biggest draw and do you think he will be coming back. >> yeah. he is the biggest driver, not
4:51 pm
just of this sport but one of the biggest draw ever in combat sports period. going to be off for nine months. i expect him to be back in roughly a year in year and yes he will be back. >> brian: check out dana white ultimate fighter and big fights over the weekend on espn. thanks so much for doing it america needed a break. you provided it. now you have got fans and now your league is thriving thank you so much dana white. >> thanks for having me. >> brian: you got it meanwhile, coming up straight ahead. cartoon pigs are turning our children british. i thought we to the a war to stop that from happening. kat timpf will be here to talk about that. ♪ ♪ rful long-lasting relief with a revolutionary, rollerball design. because with the right pain reliever... life opens up. aleve it, and see what's possible.
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♪ ♪ >> brian: all right. time to bring in the great kat timpf. and we're going to put her on the clock. we are going to give her 30 seconds. will you accept these roles? >> good
4:57 pm
quarantine is one of the mets misspelled words in the country but a lot of people can confuse it with quarantine. >> i'm a great speller. always been a great speller. not to brag because it has been a very useful skill throughout my life. quarantine i understand. maybe not the corn teen but i was more concerned with the fact that three states had a problem spelling everything. i found that to be deeply concerning because that is the word that does pop up a lot. >> brian: 12 states struggled to spell other words but we have to go move on because i don't want to break the rules, i set them up. up next, a wanted woman from tulsa, oklahoma, actively turned herself in on a police department's facebook post about herself. she was wanted for accessory to murder and commented, she said where is the reward money? that got her captured. anything to learn from this? >> it is shocking how often murderers are really down.
4:58 pm
i watched the first 48 and it almost goes like that. the whole case. they bring in the interrogation room and say did you kill this person? they say no and a cop says i think you killed them. and they say yes i did. and that's the whole case. so she did from the comfort of her couch. >> brian: she did. i also don't think you should be committing any type of crime. >> i'm very anti-murder. been consistent on mats. >> brian: it's in your history. on your wikipedia page. athletes at the tokyo olympics are being forced to sleep on cardboard beds purposefully sunday to discourage people from half inning intercountry. >> i don't think that that's true. i saw a video of the guy jumping on the beds and that's went fine. also, i have heard but that can be possible elsewhere besides the bed. i have heard. >> brian: i have seen sketches. cardboard beds are actually stronger than ones made of wood or steel.
4:59 pm
they were customizable to suit athletes of all body types up to 400 pounds. >> got it. those people are probably big. >> brian: why are they struggling so mightily with this whole thing with the olympics? >> i don't know. i personally probably couldn't plan the olympics. but i don't get that job to plan the olympics, so i feel like they have had more years than they had before, right? >> brian: have you ever watched this show? >> of course. i will use mushrooms to make eyes and olives with a smile. >> and i will use onions for eyes and basil leaves for the mouth. >> brian: studies are showing that kids who watch the british cartoon "peppa pig" are developing british accents. >> i feel i could be discussed doubly disturbing if i was hanging on my own time watching "peppa pig" but it doesn't seem that bad considering some of the other things kids can do.
5:00 pm
>> brian: i also didn't parent complaints about dora the explorer. >> at the kid speak in whatever accent they want. >> brian: great getting on your nerves. >> it's fantastic. >> brian: absolutely. thank so much for watching. "fox news primetime" will be here all week. we'll see you on fox friends tomorrow months our guest including dr. ben carson. see you next time. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy monday. last week, as you remember, a group of texas state legislatures decided to cast down their nets and follow their consciences. they left their native lands on a kind of pilgrimage to find democracy. by leaving, ironically, the end of democracy and their own state and their absence texas could no longer pass laws. but they believed it was worth it. they were serving a cause bigger than themselves. so they set out


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