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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 20, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> tucker: sean hannity is of course standing by. by the way, he has been t lecturing us for months about how we are immoral if we don't wear masks. now there are members who wore masks and got the vaccinewe and got the vaccine anyway. makes you wonder if what nancy pelosi has been saying about vaccines isny actually signed. the rest of us ought to be careful. sean hannity, over to you. >> sean: all right, tucker and thank you. and welcome to "hannity." tonight we have a lot on deck. the biden administration, they are trying to sneak and not millions and billions, but trillions of dollars in green new deal socialism spending under the guise, they are calling it human infrastructure. not bridges, roads, tunnels,
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human infrastructure. plus, another development from zero experience hunter and the biden family at the walls are now closing in on the family. at the texas democrats, you knos the ones that left their state of texas to block a vote and while ironically protesting the filibuster. they are filibustering, going to washington urging democrats to filibuster. they are also now spreading covid-19 all overer washington, d.c., after their mass close flight on a private jet to our nation's capital will break down the multiple layers of hypocrisy. that's coming up. but first tonight, he is the left-wing new greendale -- green deal socialist, most cherished public figure. longtime government doctor, who is often wrong, but never in doubt. anthony flip-flop flow sheet is once again back in the news after senator rand paul of kentucky, who is also a medical doctor confronted fauci about his deceptive testimony surrounding what we've discussed a lot. it's called gain of function research and the wuhan institutd
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of virology. in other words, the origins of covid-19. as a reminder, the definition of gainin of function, that researh often involves manipulating viruses to make them more dangerous, more infectious. now it fauci's nih defines itself. this is their definition. research projects that can be reasonably anticipated to enhance transmissibility via the respiratory route in mammals. the practice is so risky that it was temporarily halted from 2014-2017. this highly dangerous research apparently continued at the wuhan institute of virology. they spent millions of your u.s. taxpayer dollarsit to this wuhan lab funneled to a nonprofit that's called eco-health alliance. now put simply, fauci's nih may have played a role in developing the deadly covid-19 virus. that would be something we need
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to get to the bottom of. because now according to multiple outlets, including "the wall street journal," a wuhan lab leak is the most likely because of the pandemic that has killed millions worldwide. but today, when asked about this very real possibility, dr. anthony fauci became more indignant, more defensive than ever. even called senator and dr. rand paul, said he doesn't know what he's talking about. but i think it was him that didn't know what he was talking about. you decide.e. >> dr. fauci, knowing that it is a crime to lie to congress, do you wish to retract statement were you claimed that the nih never funded research in wuhan? >> senator paul, i have never lied before the congress and i do not retract that statement. this paper that you are referring to was judged by
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qualified staff up and down the chain as not being gain of function. let me finish. >> taken animal virus and you increase transmissibility to humans, you are saying that is not -- >> that is correct. senator paul, you do not know what you are talking about quite frankly. the one and then he read the nih's own definition of gain of function. now if all of dr. fauci's friends and colleagues up andea down the chain, whatever that means say it wasn't technically gain a function research, well then, i guess it settled. t he's just totally off the hook. while according to a visibly shaken dr. fauci, yeah, senator paul is just propagating what is called a dangerous lie. you decide. >> if the point that you are making is that the grant thatf was funded as a sub award from eco-health to wuhan created
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sars, let me finish. >> we don't know. >> wait a minute. all the evidence is pointing that it came from the lab. there will be responsibility for those that funded the lab including yourself. >> i totally -- i totally resent the lie that you are now propagating, senator. >> sean: propagating a dangerous lie. really? here is how senator rand paul responded. >> if you look at the viruses that were used in the experiments that were given in the annual reports that were published into literature, it is molecularly impossible. >> no one is saying -- >> it is molecularly -- >> what we are alleging is the gain of function research was going on in that lab and the nih funded it. it meetsha your definition.
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>> sean: it does meet his very definition. dr. fauci thought it was cute. he's playing word games in order to escape any culpability or any responsibility here this is very serious. why on earth was anthony fauci's nia sending any money whatsoever to any virology lab in china? who in their right mind would ever think that's a good idea?to and why is photius still serving in the white house? forget about the gain of function research claims for a moment. dr. fauci's sloppy guidance during the pandemic has been all over the map. he has flipped. he has flopped. he has failed the entire time. march 8, 2020, he is trashing china's draconian lockdown. but on march 13th, he promoted a 14 day national lockdown in the u.s. to slow the spread, which turned into several months to slow the spread. then on january 28th, 2020, fauci downplayed the asymptomatic spread of the
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virus. in august of the same year, he blamed asymptomatic cases for community outbreaks. last year, he referred to trump rallies as troublesome, super-spreader events. he had not a word to say about last summer's protests and riots. nothing. on masks, while first fauci left at the idea on "60 minutes." told us not to wear any masks. they don't work. then he demanded we allld wear e mask indoors and also a mask outdoors. two masks. then no mask outdoors. and now we may be wearingay mass in perpetuity. we can go on, and on, and on, and on. now here are a few more examples. take a look. >> there was no need to change anything that you are doing on m day-by-day basis. right now the risk is still low. >> it is bad now. i think these numbers are so stunning. >> if you are a healthy young person, there is no reason. if you want to go on a
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cruise ship to go on a cruise ship. >> it is not a good idea to travel.t back in the united states. people should not be walking around with masks. >> well, if one mask is good, and makes common sense that maybe two masks are better. >> if you look at the evolution of the virus in bats and what'st out there now, it's very, very strongly leaning towards this could not have been artificially or deliberately manipulated. >> do you feel confident that it develops naturally? >> no, i am not convinced about that. i think that we should continue to investigate what went on in china. >> sean: he was wrong on cruises. he was wrong all over the place with masks, here, they are, and everywhere. and of course treatments. he was wrong on how the disease is transmitted. his rejections were a disaster and his nih was spending millions of dollars w to wuhan
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institute of virology before the pandemic. so why on earth is dr. fauci even still employed? and where are the investigations into his potential -- but what about those emails that now tell us a lot more about what he knew as early as january 31st of 2020 he was told that it looked like a specific genome might have been manipulated in an email. the frantic emails that went back and forth about do you think there is any chance we funded this? here with more, kentucky senator and also a medical doctor, rand paul. senator, thanks for being with us. appreciate it. i want to go to the heart of this. you ready gain of function, what the nih o definition is. and you know, you taken animal virus. you increase transmissibility to humans.
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and that is gain of function. he denied that his gain of function. but that is what his own nih defines as gain of function. help me out with >> i think the reasoning behind him being so resistant, so live it, and so full of ad hominem is he realizes that once the public realizes that the nih under his leadershipli funded the wuhan l, that is beyond question they did. the nih funded the lab. but oncee the public figures ot that they were doing very, very dangerous research there, gain of function research, taking dangerous animal viruses and making them transmissible to humans, he realizes where the blame is going to attach. he has at least responsibility. if this came from the lab that he was funding, my goodness, could you imagine the moral culpability that the man has? but you also have to place this in context. since 2012, he has said repeatedly that yes, an accident can happen but the research is worth it, even if an accident
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were to cause a worldwide pandemic, the research is worth it. that judgment call is something that most americans or people who have family members, the 4 million people who died would say, you knowy what? maybe that research isn't worth it if it actually came out of a lab where they are doing this research. they also do this w research in the united states. they do it in galveston and in north carolina.h so this is a big debate, not just over blame, but over whether or not this could happen again in the united states. >> sean: you have had a chance as i have to read the emails that were released from dr. fauci. he was told as early as january 31st, the day that president trump put in his hysterical xenophobic and racist travel ban that was after the first identified case here. but in that email, he was told it looked like a specific genome
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had been manipulated in a lab. what are the emails tell you? then there was the back and forth. they seemed very nervous to me. a very nervous dr. fauci worried about possiblm monies from the nih funding this. he actually discusses this. >> realized that these emails are frantic, going back and forth and at 2:00 in the morning he is still sending emails out.k the first email he sends to his assistant is one of these research papers from the wuhan institute that is gain of function. his assistant response, all my goodness, this is gain of function research. it's like, oh, no, they've discovered that this is going on. we might have funded the origin of this virus. so immediately they are circling the wagon. they are having urgent meetings. meet with me immediately, he says to his assistant. read this paper, which is a gain of function paper. he was alarmed. but then to his boss, he's putting on a different front and he's saying everything's okay. w it looks like there's no chance it came from the lab.
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meanwhile, a virologist is sending him an email saying four of us agree this looks like a virus that was manipulated in a lab. from the very beginning, i think he was covering up because he realized that there would be a great deal of culpability, of blame attached to him if a lab that he was funding through the nih turned out to be the source of a pandemic that caused 4 million people to die. that could be the worst governmental decision in history of the world. >> sean: you kicked off your questioning of dr. fauci emphasizing that federal law makes lying to congress a felony on a shovel of up to five years in is your belief based on the evidence, senator, that he lied before congress and broke the law? >> yes and i t will be sending a letter to department of justice asking for a criminal referral because he has lied to congress. the research he was funding was gain of function.
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he is doing this because he has a self interest to cover his tracks and to cover his connection to wuhan lab. now does hetr deserve all the isblame? no, there's still some conjecture as to whether or not from the lab. but he is lying about whether or not he funded gain of function research, and yes, he should be punished. >> sean: last question, yout have withstood a lot of pressure, senator. you were public that you had covid-19. you have naturalpr antibodies en when antibody levels, and correct me as a medical doctor, when they decrease in your body. you have what's called t cell antibodies that would recognize if you were once again int the future exposed to coronavirus, even one of the variance. my question to you is if we are following the science, it looks like you were right, because i think you would agree with me, the cleveland clinic is a pretty well-respected medical institution. the cleveland clinic did their own study and they decided and they came to the conclusion that
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if you have natural antibodies like you do, that you wouldn't need any n vaccine. i didn't hear anybody saying wow, dr. paul was right. >> if you look at the cleveland study, 52,000 employees, those who were not vaccinated, but had had covid previously did just as well as those who are vaccinated. so yes, the vaccine works. but so does a natural infection. and here's the thing about the crazy left-wing trying to deny natural immunity. vaccines are based on natural immunity. we learned how to do vaccines once we learned that the body actually had an immune response that prevented infection in the future. and yes, we have memory cells both t and d cells. they have looked in bone marrow. it's long lasting cure for. some diseases like the spanish flu from 1918, there were people that were alive until recently that they still measure immune their blood 90 years later. >> sean: senator, i believe in medical privacy.
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i believe in doctor-patient confidentiality. the biden administration has given a nod and an okay for corporations and schools and universities to mandate that people get the vaccine. m isn't that very different than what theet american people were told, that if you get the vaccine, you will be safe, youwh don't have to worry, you know, if there's any vaccine hesitancy, didn't it really come from joe biden fully vaccinated, socially distanced, outside walking with a mask on, going into jimmy carter's house without the masks, what message does this all sending here? >> in a free country, individuals make their own decisions on their medical care based on their own risks. and the risks are frankly wildly different. if you are over 65, without question, i think the vaccine is much safer than the disease. and i would recommend vaccination. if you are over 40 and
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overweight, i would recommend vaccination. if you are under 25, the risk of covid is about one in a million, less than the risk of being struck by lightning. so if you feel that you want extra safety and you decide for your children, that's fine. but the thing is everybody should get to make their decision. what about the 15-year-old kid who has already had covid.ld are we going to make him get vaccinated, like three months ago, you are going to make them get vaccine again? there are side effects related to people who have had the disease getting vaccinated. the cdc hasn't looked at that. massive budgets but they refused to look at anything that has to do with natural immunity. >> sean: last question as a doctor, i'm not qualified in my humble opinion to give medical advice to people. this has been my statement and i have set it over, and over, and over again. although apparently last night finally people heard me. you can go to my website and see just a few of the hundred times that i've said it.
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as a nondoctor, i am urging people to take this seriously. i don't want any more people to die. i believe that people should if you have a phone, you can do all the research on covid you want. i think you should talk to your doctor, your doctors, medical professionals you trust. look at your own individual medical history, your current medical condition. and make the right decision in consultation with your doctor. but take it seriously. as a nonmedical professional, is that the right advice or should i be telling people what to do? >> in a free society, it's based on persuasion. when you are a doctor or not a doctor, people have opinions. different doctors frankly can have different opinions. but in a free society, you get to decide. and people are smarter than you think. >> sean:ma am i giving advice? >> well yes, good advice to make your own decision. my point is that the left thinks that the common man is too stupid to make his own decisions so they want to make it for you. every individual in a free society gets to make his own
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decisions. evidence that people make good decisions, 85% of people over 65 decided to get the vaccine. that is sort of a popular vote in favor of people deciding that it was a good idea. but it shouldn't be forced or mandated. in a free society, we all make those decisions ourselves. >> sean: senator and medical director rand paul commuted a great job today. thank you, sir for being with us. all right, joining us with more, fox news medical contributor, nicole saphier along with fox news contributor, governor mike huckabee. dr. nicole, i think i've asked you this question. it's funny coming yesterday my comments wentes viral. i've only said it probably 200 times and i think i've asked you the question at least five times. there's a lot of pressure. people want me to tell them what to do. i am telling people to take it seriously, to research everything you can on this, to consult with your doctor, the medical professionals that you respect based on your medical
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history and based on your current medical issues that you are facing. then make an informed decision. but take it seriously.t how many times do you think in the past i've asked you that question? >> my gosh, sean, honestly, i saw last night it was trending, chuckle that myself. i'm like are they getting? we've been talking about this for the last seven months be aware of the bend? glad they are tuning in now. exactly, would have the same conversation over and over again. it's extremely tricky. it's an extremely manipulative virus. ii have been leery about it from day one. once the vaccines came out, it has just been a game changer and saving so many lives. i agree with senator paul that yes, it shouldn't be so black and white. they have to start acknowledging natural immunity. they should also start considering single dose vaccines in younger healthier people. but at the end of the day, this should be a discussion between the patient and the doctor.. that should have nothing to do with the government and mainstream media.
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>> sean: i've been saying to people, governor, that i believe in science. i believe in the science of vaccination. again, to take all seriously, do you feel equipped as a nonmedical person to be telling people exactly what they should do? >> oh, absolutely. i think i should tell everybody what to do. [laughter] ote not smart, then i would be a liberal because that's what liberals do. they tell us how to live. look, i've had the vaccine. i knowha this is going to shock you, sean, because i don't look like it, but i'm actually six to -- 65 years old. >> sean: you don't look like it. you don't look a day over 64, i promise. >> thank you so much. i'm going to get you back for that one. the fact is i've had pneumonia in the past. i've had compromised the lungs. for me it was a very calculated decision that i thought was for me, smart for me. but if somebody decides not to take the vaccine, they are no threat to me because i've had the vaccine. so my point is i encourage
11:22 pm
people to take it if it's something that you feel like would help you and protect you. but heavenl sakes, do it. doesn't make me less a conservative. nor does it make me more compassionate. nor does it make me smarter. justor because i've made a medil decision. some people get a root canal. other people just pull their i don't think it's a matter that one makes another immoral superior in doing something like that. >> sean: the bottom line is this is what we were told, dr. saphier, that if you get the vaccine, you don't have to worry. so it really shouldn't matter what other people do or don't do, should it? >> well, i mean, first of all, nothing is 100% effective. just like the flu shot, the covid-19 vaccine, yeah, we are seeing some breakthrough cases. it's astonishing to me that people are so surprised.. these vaccines are doing a great job of keeping people out of the hospital. great job at saving lives. yes, you may still have some
11:23 pm
breakthrough cases with some mild symptoms. but hey, it didn't bother anybody with the flu shot. these are still so much better than the flu shot. do not get so worked up here we are still going to see some mild cases. those who have been vaccinated, those who have natural immunity, you are really doing everything you can to protect yourself from severe disease and those around fyou. >> sean: okay. thank you, dr. nicole. you look way younger than 60. i see the beard. if you start getting tattoos, there is going to be an intervention. that's all i'm going to say, mike huckabee. >> i just need to tell you why. under the bite and economy, going to have to take a department store job. i'm getting an early start. that's why the beard is out. they want as long as there are no tattoos or piercings, i won't intervene. i promise. all right, thank you. straight ahead, dan bongino reacting. wait until you see this video. crime caught on tape. plus, far left students at
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notre dame, they are outraged over proposal to open a chick-fil-a on campus. senator lindsey graham ways in on this and more as we continue. thanks for being with us. ♪ ♪ do you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep? qunol sleep formula combines 5 key nutrients that can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed. the brand i trust is qunol.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: across new york city, more shocking violent crime caught on tape. look at your screen. watch closely. a man is wanted for assault after shooting a 16-year-old in thes leg in broad daylight on a sunday afternoon in queens. we are also learning tonight that a 15-year-old, look at this.. watch the back seat. see that. okay. that's a 15-year-old who has been arrested after 18 was shot dead while sitting in the back of a car.
11:29 pm
look at this video posted on the internet. shot in cold blood. it is believed to be an active gang violence. that's not all. over the weekend, a man who has twice been arrested for attacking new york police officers smashed a bottle over a cop's head in an unprovoked assault. no bail laws and the consequences of not enforcing law and order and the consequences of demonizing the police. here with reaction and an update is the host of unfiltered saturdays right here on the fox news channel. along with his new special, canceled in the usa on dan bongino. all right, i don't know if there is much left to say, but this is predictable. sad. if we keep up with this defund, dismantle, and we keep up with these laws, this never ends and this gets worse. i wish and pray and i hope i'm wrong. but it's fairly predictable. >> yeah, listen, we both hope
11:30 pm
you are wrong because there will be more body bags if there is not. sean, the worst part about this story is the liberals. make no mistake, it was the liberal politicians that did this to you. view the listeners in the big cities, you l the listeners rigt now whose homes are being burglarized, whose kids are being robbed, whose cars are being broken into, the arson that is being committed in your stores, people walking out with hundreds of dollars worth of stuff. the people who did this to you knew this was going to happen. sean, a couple had leiden's from -- headlines, "the washington post." the whole story right here. d.c. council passes budget slashing $15 million for police. here's another headline. d.c. mayor directs metro pd to use any overtime necessary in response to recent gun violencee do you think these people are stupid? they did this to you. when are you going to wake up? they did this to you. your neighborhoods are turning into hell holes. do yous know what discussed me? weakness.
11:31 pm
i hate weak people. i can't stand weakness. these politicians were weak because they didn't have the cojones to stand up to the aoc members and the squad and say you know what? i'm not going to cut funding for my police a because people are going to die. they didn't have the guts because they are weak. they are pathetic losers and that's why people are dead, because of them. and people need to wake up and vote these chumps out. >> sean: if we do that, things will get better. dan bongino, as always, thank you. now shifting gears to the swamp in d.c. where senator lindsey graham, standing up to the biden open borders amnesty agenda. he is saying these efforts to sneak amnestyty packets into the so-called human infrastructure package is the dumbest idea in history of the senate. and that's not all because senator graham is also standing up for chick-fil-a after-f apparent efforts to ban it from
11:32 pm
notre dame. he joins us now. south carolina senator, lindsey graham. okay. you'll are with me because you and i have had many discussions, even years back debates over the borders. secure the border first and that has notot happened. we now have nearly 200,000 people a month. the answer is simple in my mind. >> right. yeah, it is. i've been dealing with illegal immigration for 15 years. policies that incentivize illegal immigration, you will get more of it. if a policy deters illegal immigration, you will get less. the dumbest idea in all of washington would be to grant amnesty in an infrastructure bill without first securing the border. you would have an invasion beyond what you have today. if we legalized 100,000 people or a million people in the infrastructure bill, it would be a run on our borders because everybody
11:33 pm
would get the message that they are legalizing people in america. let's go and let's go now. you have to secure the border before you grant one person legal status. if you don't, you will lose control of america, of our sovereignty. >> sean: well, and the amnesty behind all of this is trying to be part of these bipartisan discussions. democrats though, in many ways, i see them saying, oh, we've got a bipartisan bill on human infrastructure. and then they will use reconciliation to get everything else they want. do you want to allow that to happen? >> well, so i've said it a couple off days ago. if they put amnesty in the three and a half trillion dollar infrastructure bill that's got nothing to do with infrastructure, its big government, higher tech, if they put amnesty in that bill, i would try to deny them passing that bill. a 50/50 senate. the vice president doesn't count -- go a lot of people pushedsn back to me, to my republican colleagues. what are we going to do if they
11:34 pm
load off the three and a half trillion, 5 trillion infrastructure bill with mail-in voting and animistic? --- amnesty? what is our response? if you don't like my idea, come up with one of your own. if we don't fight back as hard as we can, they are destroying the senate. as i speak. they are going to lead to an illegal immigrant invasion like we've never seen in the history of the country. so my idea is do anything ande everything possible to stop this before it happens. let thee democrats know that if you put legalizing illegal immigrants in the reconciliation bill, then we as republicans will use everything available to us. >> sean: everybody that washes the show probably knows i don't support boycotts. never have and i'm never going to or cancel culture. but i do support boycotts. i like what you said about chick-fil-a. i love chick-fil-a. chick-fil-a, i love it.
11:35 pm
absolutely amazing. so okay, they want to hurt chick-fil-a.a. i'm going to support chick-fil-a. just because i like it. thoughts? >> notre dame is a great university. you had a handful of notre dame students and faculty petitioning the university not to allow chick-fil-a on campus. it's the number one fast food company in america. it's good food, good service at a reasonable price. a catholic family. they are religious people. here is my statement to the faculty and students at notre dame. you don't have the right to deny someone service because they have some religiously held beliefs. that's very bad and very dangerous for america. we've got to speak up. if they put amnesty in the infrastructure bill, if you don't like my ideas as a republican, youre better come up with one of your own, because we won't surrender and just be run over. i'm never going to let that happen. when a company like chick-fil-a
11:36 pm
is attacked because they want to act on their faith and we don'tc stand behind them, then some but he will come after our faith. >> sean: that's will have inside. the way, i will go to chick-fil-a, but if the line is like it usually is, down the block come around the corner, i'm not going to wait. i i'm only going in if it's a short line. >> [laughs] >> sean: but i do believe in boycotts. all right senator, thank you. when we come back, you know less texas democrats, mask list on that private plane, the filibusters to get the republicans tohe not being ableo filibuster? anyway, a lot of them now have covid. senator john kennedy. i can't wait to hear what he has to say. that's next. ♪ ♪
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>> sean: all right, all those texas democrats have pled their stay. they are finding even more ways to embarrass themselves tonight as one texas democrat is preparing a threat of arrest. but as governor abbott said, it's justg that the police were taking them to the capital to do their job after fleeing. anyway, they are comparing it to the institution of slavery. get this. we are also learning tonight that more individuals who interacted with texas democrats were tested positive for covid have now themselves tested positive including a staffer for speaker pelosi. that might explain the sunday preplanned health exam of kamala harris. she scheduled it on a sunday. everybody goes on sunday to get a regular routine exam. anyway, despite these developments, still won't call it a super-spreader event. i wonder if she would have a different view if this was texas republicans. oh, by the way they are now saying they are not going toay tell anybody if anybody else tests positive.
11:42 pm
with reaction, louisiana senator, john kennedy. i bet you have a lot to say about theis super-spreader even. >> well first, sean, let me say, i'm sorry the texas democratic lawmakers got sick. >> sean: and so am i. i don't wish this on anybody. >> right. and i'm sorry they got other people sick. now, of course, they are playing the victimic here in washington, d.c., where they are situated, when they have no basis to play the victim. they picked the right city to do that in. they fit in just fine here in washington, d.c., because in washington, d.c., if it weren't for double standards, there when it be any standards at all. this place, as you know is a lot like high school, except no one ever graduates. in terms of what they are complaining about, the texas voting rights bill, i've read the bill. i've read the statute. i've read the proposed bill.
11:43 pm
i've read the underlying statutes. it doesn't suppress anybody's vote. it allows for a very generous early voting, very generous absentee voting. yes, it does require voter i.d. it does require the people of texas to prove they are who they say they are when they go to vote. the american people supporty that. the american people want that. and i say gently to my democratic friends from texas, if you don't, if you don't see the need for that, then there are one or two close circumstances here. eitherer you are so dumb, you le your place or you want to cheat. those are your two core choices. >> sean: so there's no third optionr here? [laughs]
11:44 pm
>> here is what i think a lot of this is about. because i've read all all of these proposals. one of the reasons that the last presidential election was so controversial is because we had a voting month instead of what we are use to, a voting day. if you peel off the layers here, you'll see that most, not all, but most republicans want to go back to having a voting day. many, not all, but many democrats are perfectly happy having a voting month. now, i don't care what your opinion is about the results of the last election. no fair-minded person can deny that it was anything other than a goat rodeo. i mean, we had ballots flying around likeha confetti. they sent out, various states sent out 44 million ballots unsolicited. we had the poll watchers being interfered with. we had ballot harvesting up
11:45 pm
the -- he had state executive branch officials unilaterally changing the voting laws without conferring with the legislature. some of this, i understand, might have been necessary. we had to make some changes to accommodate the coronavirus and people's public safety. but i'm going to say it again. no fair-minded person can point to the last election and say it was a model of efficiency. that's what most of these bills are doing. they are trying to move us back to election day. and they do have voter i.d. but they also have generous early voting, generous absentee balloting. and i just don't get their complaints. >> sean: let's not forget, they went to the swamp in d.c. to filibuster so that they could
11:46 pm
prevent republicans from filibustering. that is a hole of the show but senator, good to see you. when we come back, another disturbing report about zero experience hunter. the biden crime syndicate, the wallsbi are beginning to close . leo 2.0 terrell, joe, they will react to this new news straighto ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: more developments tonight on hunter biden's hard drive from hell. hunter was trying to arrange for his father to her join a consultancy group while he was vice president but the plans apparently changed after the death of his brother in 2015. again joe repeatedly said he has
11:51 pm
never talked about his son's foreign business dealings. do you stand by that? if you do, you are standing by what we now know is a huge provable lie. but of course, hunter isn't the only democrat with questionable dealings. as far as left-wing radical eric swalwell apparently spent tens of thousands of campaign dollars on booze, limo services as well as a 20 grand bill at the ritz-carlton where his wife works according to sbc records reviewed by fox news. wonder if he was with fang fang. leo terrel, joe, we will start with you. >> wow. eric swalwell. he is like the result onewi woud get if you did a hybrid cloning of dr. detroit and steve martin's character. this is what would come out. thank you, leo. and this is someone who allowed himself to be compromised by a
11:52 pm
chinese spy whose nickname is literally fang fang. and during pillow talk if the person next to us as, by the way, call me fang fang, it's time to go back to tinder and find another girlfriend. that's probably a situation you don't want to be in. but what does house speaker nancy pelosi do? she rewards him by praising this no-name california congressman, only has access to the most classified info. exceeds me. so now, thousands of dollars of campaign funds on limos and booze deliveries and high-end restaurants, which when i last checked had nothing to do with actual campaigning. of course that's not going to happen because the media isn't covering the story. they are g providing cover. you look at the home page of "the new york times," "washington post," cbs. cnn. they haven't touched the story. it's "silence of the lambs." because why would you want to insult one of your most active anonymous and dubious sources? i'll leave you with this stat. in his first year in office, eric swalwell went on national
11:53 pm
television 282 times in one year. that is utterly remarkable and pathetic when you think about what exactly r does this guy hae to offer besides trump is bad and oh, i slept with a chinese spy once and put this country in jeopardy? >> sean: campaign funds for booze, limos, the ritz. you are dating fang fang but you won't talk about it and use it on the intel committee. i have a problem with that. >> yeah and i do too. he is the golden child for nancy pelosi. i'll tell you right now, joe mitchell, all the left-wingers won't cover it. this is what we need.he when we win the election in november of 2022, we need jim jordan in the house and we need senator ron johnson to conduct congressional hearings on eric swalwell and joe biden because he is lying. i mean, the laptop is smoking gun evidence that joe biden lied to the nation. we are not getting any of this
11:54 pm
information out until the 2022 election. jim jordan, senator ron johnson need to conduct a congressional hearing and we get the americant public while before 2024. that's the way we've got to get it out. >> sean:n how is it possible, leo, that we have pictures, joe said multiple times i've never ever ever, not one time talked to 20 experience hunter about his foreign business dealings but we've got picturesn was hunter and joe while he was vice president with some of these partners? you got the emails along with it? how come nobody cares? >> i'll tell you right now very clearly. first of all, joe biden is lying. if i was in a courtroom, he would bely convicted unless he s a medical expert saying he has some type of cognitive dysfunction where he doesn't remember, that's his only defense. but as far as -- he is guilty as sin. he is absolutely guilty. the public doesn't care.
11:55 pm
the public doesn't know because the left-wing media and all the other stations will not cover this. we need congressional hearings in 2022.. >> sean: last word, joe. >> picture of this with a kevin mccarthy and jim jordan. they run out of things to fall on in the media if they did what he did with his campaign funds.. but again, not a peep out of anybody here not even talking television. f even online covering the story. it's utterly remarkable, sean. >> sean: he reallyly is. unbelievable hypocrisy. just transfer the name biden with trump. you've got your answer. all right, we'll have more space exceptsp for this break. we are going to give you very specific information due to a town hall in person with miami tomorrow night. we'll tell you all about it, next. ♪ ♪ topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation
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♪ ♪ >> sean: tomorrow night, if
12:00 am
you are in the miami area we hope you will join us. head to the world famous, and it's great, for acai restaurant in little havana we will be holding a town hall with senator marco rubio at governor desantis, they will both be there and we would love the opportunity to meet you as we fight for and support the freedom loving people of cuba. that's tomorrow night. let not your heart be troubled. laura, i wish you could join us. >> laura: that will be fun. you always get the fun trips. >> sean: you get seen it would be fun, you always get the fund trips. >> you get plenty of fun trips, what he is talking about? >> a lot of what you thought of the jen psaki revelation today that there were more cases of covid at the white house and had been previously understood. imagine if that had been the trump white house and they were always crawling over trump to get tested. according to politico biden only getses