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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 21, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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sean hannity is in miami tonight. there he is, sean hannity, take it away. >> sean: all right, tucker, and we appreciate it, as always. thank you. welcome to "hannity" and tonight we are broadcasting live from little havana. we are in beautiful miami, florida, the world's most famous versailles restaurant, where for the entire hour, we are going to highlight what has been the long-suffering of the cuban people in their fight for liberty and freedom against an evil murdering communist dictatorship. and people in cuba, they are risking their lives to stand up to modern day tierney. in just moments, we'll be joined by florida governor, rhonda santos and senator marco rubio, former cia officer, and a crowd of passionate cuban-american activists that are fighting for
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their family and their friends and their loved ones, that cuba might finallyly be free. we are doing it right here in the free state of florida. i wonder if i get one day tax exemption from new york. but anyway, thankro you for joining us tonight. now, we begin with this. only 330 miles south of where we are sitting right now, with amazing weather, beautiful beaches, and rich culture, intelligent hardworking amazing people, the people of cuba, they should be living in paradise. instead, over the last five or six decades, we've had selfish power-hungry dictatorships. they have turned the island into a communist hellhole. beginning in 1959 the casper regime confiscated hundreds of thousands of homes, farms, businesses. they nationalized all majorr corporations and media outlets outlawed all descent.
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the restricted air travel, and yes, they murdered or imprisoned anyone with the courage to speak out. the conditions are so bad that for over 50 years, the cuban people have been fleeing the island in droves there and look at your screen. look at this perilous journey. broken down, dilapidated, rickety boats, shark infested waters, risking their lives in makeshift rafts and inner tubes even, and literally anything that will float in the hope of making it to the shores of america and getting 1 foot on dry land. now, today though still living in cuba, they face these dire conditions. many are risking their lives this very night. most are forced to imagine this, live on less than a dollar a day.ce food is scarce. we have the cuban people waitino in line for hours for a government oh, you get five eggs a month
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per person and you get a few pounds of rice per month along with 2 kilograms of meat everyso ten days. milk, it's only provided for pregnant women and children under 7. i'm not making any of this up. this is communism. this is a murdering communist dictatorship. so, toothpaste, basic medicine, even aspirin, hard to find. building materials, evenen more scarce. cuba's once great cities are now crumbling. the roads are nearly impossibles -- impassable and the cars, i've never seen so many 1950 model cars seemingly superglue andwith string, and frankly ingenuity of people that have no other choices. but believe it or not, even in cuba today, the horse and carriage is still a widespread mode of transportation, and much of cuba. h and as i point out in chapter 4, my book that i wrote before the election come "live free or die," socialism andd its history of failure. whatever name, whatever
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manifestation, anyway it's been tried,ai these promises are nevr capped. it will always result in dishonesty, broken unfulfilled promises, more poverty, not less poverty. and then when it's all said and done, how much freedom to do give up in the name ofy. false promises of security? a case in point. fidel castro promised a state of the arts socialist utopia, a worker's paradise freeee of any and all outside influences. s instead, he turned this once prosperous country into a destitute wasteland totally dependent on foreignry nations. cuba today imports almost all of its food and other basic supplies from vietnam, south america, and yes, even the united states. in the 1960s, cuba attempted to import nuclear missiles from the former soviet union, which brought the world to the brink of a nuclear war. more recently, cuba's close ties with russia, iran, venezuela
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continues to cause security problems for this country, the united states, one example, 2016, american diplomats in havana were reportedly attacked with microwave radiation from a weapon system. a guess what, deployed by russian technology. this kind of hostile behavior from cuba's dictatorship further isolates the silent nation from the rest of the world and it does nothing to improve the lives of the great people of cuba. n of course, while millions go hungry, those in power, they never miss a meal. and still, amid the ongoing protests and in spite of many efforts to prevent the world from seeing what is actually happening, cubans are crying out for more food, medicine, and no, joe biden, they are not crying out for more covid vaccines. they are crying out for liberty and freedom. as americans, freedoms we often
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take for granted. the freedom of press, freedom of movement, and the god-given right to pursue happiness. we believe in america and are endowed by our creator natural rights granted by god, endowed by our creator. and if joe biden is watching, not endowed by the thing, you know the thing, the thing is god, the creator of everything, joe. now, we unequivocally support those brave men and women in cuba tonight. they are putting their lives at risk. they are seeking liberty. they are seekinght freedom. we all pray that they succeed. now, we freedom loving americans, we do stand in solidarity with the people of cuba, as they are risking their lives this very night to free these great people from tyranny and poverty. joining us first is the governor of actually the no income tax state of florida. governor ron desantis. governor, great to see you. [cheers and applause] go thank you.
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>> sean: let's start with the basics. almost on day one, joe biden's state department says oh, no, this is about covid. okay, that was a lie. in case anyone is interested. this has been a freedom moving thate is building. it's very dangerous to the people that are taken to the streets. how do you assess it? >> so, from day one, the people of cuba have been protesting and demonstrating against the avcommunist dictatorship in havana, not because of vaccines. it's not because of these side issues. they want a new government. they want a free cuba. and i think it's incumbent upon austin the united states to be supportive of those efforts. i've called on joe biden, the communist regime has shut down internet. let's work to bring internet onto the island of cuba so these folks have a fighting chance to converse with one another, so to say what's going on to the inside world. s let's build an international coalition so that the world knows that the free world stands of the people of cuba. we take pride in being the free
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state of florida. this is the beating heart of freedom in florida, and little havana. everyone in this community has been affected in one way or another by the communist dictatorship. maybe they've have loved ones that have been killed by the regime. imprisoned by the regime. and obviously all of theirle relatives at one point fled a very evil regime. and so, i think you are seeing people take to the streets here because we understand after 62 years, something is different on the island right now. we have an opportunity to really take a newd chapter in history. i think you pointed out in your monologue, cuba would be a phenomenal ally of our country if it was free.oi it would be great for relations with the united states. >> sean: and i tell you, without the communications abilities, their are our friends and families, and loved ones, they would love to know are okay.
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they are not free to communicate. they are trying to suppress thel is reallyhat happening. you said while the people of cuba are showing incredible courage, the biden administration said the exact words that i believe are showing cowardice. what should he be doing? >> step up and be on the side of freedom. the internet access s is somethg we have the capability of doing. we have companies in the u.s. that want to do it but they need the okay of the federal government. he has it within his authority to do that. he could make it happen. and if he's willing to do that, i think it would make a positive difference. as it stands now, he is basically just sitting there doing nothing. he is leaving these folks out to dry and what's going to end up happening if they don't get any type of assistance, the regime will continue to clamp down and they eventually stamp this out and they will remain even stronger in power. and that would be a huge blow to the cause of speed to you said the people of
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cuba need the truth. by stifling the lack of information flow or free press, it makes everything very difficult. it makes organizing and cuba difficult, although albeit it is illegal.f but the communications aspect, what other things could be happening? senator rubio will join us in a minute. he rightly pointed out that the embargo works. on the other hand, if things get progressively worse, than people that are already struggling to get bare necessities, they will be in even more trouble. >> we've got to understand, our policy should be to be against the regime before the people. that means obviously doing things. it also means not relaxing sanctions on venezuela. they are tied at the hip together. so let's get real here. let's understand who the people are that are on the right side of freedom, that stand with them. and let's tighten the screws on this regime. i think one of the reasons this is happening now is because trump turned to the screws on
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the regime in havana and in venezuela. biden wants to liberalize all of that. and i think all that will do is entrench the regime in power and really, really make tyranny rule on the island even more. >> sean: you are talking about it and there are a lot of similarities here.he with all of the natural resources in venezuela, they should be one of the richest countries on earth and the people should all share. our state of alaska, for example, they share the revenue from the natural resources. they write you a check as being a citizen of alaska. r i would argue, if this movement is successful, tell me if you agree or disagree, in five years, the amount of money that would be invested to build resorts, hotels, and vacation spots, in five years, this country would be remade at a level that nobody could imagine. good prediction? >> i agree. not only that, it would have ramifications throughout the
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western hemisphere. almost always has a connection to the regime in havana. that regime falls on you have a free cuba, that's going to have ramifications for all these other countries that have suffered under cuban influence. >> sean: okay, we are going to introduce, let's give a warm miami welcome, shall we? >> yeah. >> sean: and governor, stay with us. we would like to welcome up senator marco rubio. [cheers and applause] >> and when you and i talked about, you called me and said we've got to do something in miami. he had to have said it. so he got on a plane. >> barely made it. carrying a lot of load up in washington. >> you really are. >> sean: you, i remember a number of times over the years, we've known each other a, long
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time. your family's story, which many people relate to, and i think there is a percentage of the population in america that do not understand what it is we are explaining here that is happening. tell us the story. >> well, first of all, cuba shows that socialism doesn't work. marxism doesn't work. it has nothing to do with prosperity. it's about controlling people. marxist system wants to keep people poor because poor people are easier to control. a marxist system is about leveraging t people basically saying you are not going to have food, medicine unless you'd agree to do what we want. that's the first thing. the second thing is the tyranny. tyranny doesn't promote. the leaders are incompetent people. in cuba, you don't get promoted for being smart. you get promoted because you are loyal, compliant and you give in. the third is that they are liars. marxism and socialism, they always have to live. everyone of them are liars. there is no u.s. embargo against the cuban people. if a cuban tonight wants to open up in cuba, they can and we can sell them stuff. the only embargo is on the cuban regime because they owe
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everything. every business, every hotel, restaurant, they own it. they own every single one of them. and what president trump did is the policy is that he put in place, it was very simple. if you are a private citizen of cuba, you can open up a private business and we will do trade with you but we are not going to do trade with military because all of that money goes into their pockets. so that is what is happening. the bill of cuba, and especially now that they have had access to the internet, they realize, they see how their families and cousins are living outside of cuban-americans are less than half percent of the united states population. they have been presidents, ceos of major corporations, they have been ambassadors, members of the cabinet, successful in every field, entertainment, art. they even represent 3% of the united states senate even though we are half percent of the u.s. population.ed [applause] >> sean:o. the interesting thing is, so, obama lifted the
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embargo. now biden is lifting the embargo. but he is doing it to venezuela, iran. iran is nowue enriching uranium again. n and all the same thing with cuba. and you have pointed out, i believe rightly so, the negative impact of that decision. it will not help this effort to advance the cause of liberty in cuba. >> right, in fact, this is what tierney does and that's what marxism does. c they hold people hostage. the cuban people, they are hostages. they say look, these people are going to start, they are going to suffer unless you send more money. it goes through our hands. the remittances. they are menaces. they go to a bank that they set up, the military set up in panama. you send the money and they take 10% off the top. then they take your dollars away from you. they turn it into this cuban currency that is worthless. it's worthless in cuba. imagine everywhere else. and then they keep the dollars. it's a scheme. and they are walking us right into a trap and you've got to go people in charge of cuba policy right now in the biden administration want to open it all up. the lady at the state department was the one who was organizing trips to take congressman and senators to cuba to grovel all over the cuban regime.
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so of course these policies are schizophrenic. g the people in charge of c it are sympathizers. >> sean: let's look at the big picture here. governor, we will bring you back into the discussion on this. because okay, l we are firing, jobs on the keystone xl pipeline by the stroke of a pen while simultaneously giving a waiver for putin to build his pipeline. i'm trying to understand this. while we are being threatened by china and they are threatening our military bases and "reunification with our ally, taiwan." basically saying we will bomb military bases of japan and the united states here they get rewarded by the administration. we know that putin has been rewarded. now we have a case a by the iranians who are enriching uranium. what is the biden doctrine to
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kisses the ass of every dictator in the world. >> you also mentioned having a completely open southern border. i went down there last weekend. it's not just people from mexico coming. you have people from over 100 countries.ow they know the quickest way to get in the united states. when i was there, there were people from the middle east. there were people from haiti. i mean, you name it. there was a huge amount, huge number of people. so i think every step of the way, they seem to be taking steps that make our country less secure, less energy secure, less secure against potential adversaries, and now less secure on our own borders of our country. >> sean: you know, i'm having a hard time understanding these policies. you can't make heads or tails of it either. >> i understand it clearly. we live in the freest nation in history and yet somehow we have a percentage of the population overrepresented in the democratic party that find every problem in the world and it's america's fault. every problem in the world come every problem in the world america must be doing something wrong to cause this problem.
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>> sean: blame america first. >> these people exist. i'm not saying the majority of the democratic party. i'm saying the ones who raise the money, that knock on the doors. they are crazy. >> sean: you sent out a tweet this week. [applause] you sent out a tweet this week, and i really thought deeply about it. you said, what if vladimir putin sent 1,000 troops to cuba to squash this liberty movement that's going on down there? i thought deeply about it. doesn't sound like an impossibility to me. actually, i wouldn't be what would, he do? >> i think some of these people in the biden administration come if they had their way, they would want to -- that's their thought process about all of this here what's the big deal? look, they have a major spy station. it collects signals and
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intelligence for everything you want. they are already there.s -- it wouldn't surprise me if they send some of these military contractors they use all of the world. but in the end, it's not going to say this regime. this regime is mortally wounded. it's lost its legitimacy. i'm not saying it's going to be quick and it's going to be easy, but it's a dying animal and we need to do everything we can to expedite this. sor [cheers and applause] >> sean: what we are going to do, the governor, governor rubio, they will be with us for the full hour and we will also, there is a huge crowd outside of her side. -- the best restaurant in town. a lot of people have told me. we are going to talk to and have a little bit of a town hall with the people that have come to support the people in cuba thati are fighting for freedom. we'll get to all of straight-ahead weird because now, just as the biden administration biden administration is allowing hundreds and thousands of central american migrants to
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pour across the southern border, it is forcefully warning migrants from cuba,fu if you arrived by sea, we are going to send you back. hold on. but if you arrive at the southern border, we will just process you and we'll let you break the law and probably give you free transportation to one of the 48 states in the continental united states. here with the full report, fox news contributor, sara carter outside this great restaurant in verse five. >> yeah sean, i uhe here on calle 8, people are going crazy. they are standing behind their brothers and sisters in their fight for liberty and freedom. but they also want to send a message to president biden that he has contradicted himself with his policy on cuba, and they want him to know how much they oppose it. listen to this. >> when you hear biden's policy basically saying his change in policy, if you attempt to come from cuba to the shores, don't do it.
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we are going to turn you back. but yet the southern border is wide open. i >> exactly. y >> what is going through your mind? >> it's a total contradiction. it's almost unfair to think that something can go that way. >> the question is why? why would you say no to someone and yes to somebody else? i disagree with it completely. you know, i think that we should give everybody a chance to comec we get millions of chances. i don't think you should say yeah, it's okay for him and not okay for the other person. >> it's really unfair. i feel that the people in cuba's lives are in danger while there are people who can get economically in the country past the southern border and it's not only, you know, central and south american's that are coming to the border. it's also people from all over the world. k so this isn't just a latino thing. this is actually way more than that, even though it's being made out to be unframed in mainstream media as that. >> sean, the people on calle 8
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want the biden administration to pay attention to what is going on. they want the biden administration to stand up and stand up for the cuban people's fight for liberty. back to you, sean. >> sean: all right, sara carter is outside with the crowd that we have here at versailles. joining us as is man name felix rodriguez. born in cuba. he fled soon after fidel castro took power in 1959. he was then recruited by the cia bravely in 1961.el he was smuggled back into cuba. helped coordinate the bay of pigs invasion. he also took part in a mission that captured communist revolutionary, che guevara and bolivia. i have a picture to prove it. he gave it to me. i was very honored. felix, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. what an incredible story. so, real quick story on my end.
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i'm broadcasting in alabama from 1990-1992. i have been at this a couple years. and i meet this man. his name was armando. he owned pizza.. he was advertising on my radio show. his family were wealthy landowners. they were killed. his neighbors were killed. their land stolen, confiscated. you know firsthand. you risk your life to do what you did for the cause of freedom going back that far. >> yes, it started at the beginning of the castro regime. he started by killing thousands of people. confiscated aeg lot of the property from the cubans. he was responsible for hundreds of thousands of political prisoners. what i saw when i was in school in pennsylvania, when i saw what was going on and i graduated in
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1960, when i saw what was going on in my homeland, it was important to do something then go to university. that's why i joined the bay of pigs invasion. i am glad to be there. i would never change what i have done. to save all of our people from the brigade, it goes from all ages. we are all united for one cause. we are not finished yet until we are free. >> sean: but every person now,ni there is a window that is now open and the people of cuba are standing up. thank you for joining us. it's great to see you. thank you for being here. f [applause] >> sean: when we come back, y we will continue with governor desantis and senator marco rubio. we will also bring in an activist who is fighting against the cuban regime. and congresswoman maria will be
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here at the restaurant in little havana. thank you for being here. ♪ ♪
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attention the same way that you are so we thank you very much for doing this, putting the spotlight onn what is happening in cuba. [cheers and applause] y >> sean: you are very welcome. at the time i met all three of you, you were all passionate about this issue. one question iou have, when joe biden, now they have been facilitating this law breaking out our southern border. nobody gets sent in back. it's not even catch and release. it's just right on your name, release, and we will ship you off to another state. but you come by and joe is saying, no, you will be sent back. am i to read anything into that of? >> welcome i think what you read into it is that he is not paying attention to those people who are screaming on the streets of havana here you know, they are not saying down with the embargo or we want more vaccines or we
11:31 pm
want more food. no, they are saying we want freedom. and something that my colleagues said here is that many demonstrations, you see the american flag. so what a coincidencean that you see the american flag for people who feel the oppression of socialism. while in this country, someme people are spitting on it. so that goes to show you that socialism, regardless of what were you put in front or behind it, it doesn't work. and what i'm saying, sean, and once again, we thank you. the biden administration needs to pay attention to us. we want everybody agree biden has been missing in action? [cheers and applause] you know, i think back to a t te in this country when ronald reagan supported the freedom fighters in nicaragua to fight their own battle. but they were fighting for the freedom movement there. beyond the internet, we need communication, should that be on the table? the miami mayor even said very aggressively, what are your thoughts, senator? >> it took 24 hours for biden to issue his statement and another
11:32 pm
72 hours. then they did a zoom call and came back with a third statement.t. right now, we can't get him to do the internet, how are we going to get him to do anything else? it's a real challenge. if you want if you missed senator rubio's twitter timeline, it's now 8:30. not a word from biden. now 1010. not a word from biden. i really think single-handedly you embarrassed him if you finally make it a statement. >> is just not a priority. you have to understand, there is a statement of his voting base that actually thinks thema regie is good, thatt actually brags about the regime. people openly say it. the black lives matter foundation cited. my office will help the black lives matter immigrate to cuba. [cheers and applause] >> sean: great point. governor, you are right. there are people that were nearly crying that i met on the way in here.
11:33 pm
they can't communicate with their loved ones and their friends and their family. and the internet is crucial. i agree withh you. you've been right about that. and i think there is greatf cowardice of biden. the more that we can do. what should the doctrine be? >> this is the western hemisphere. we want to have no influence of places like russia and china. i can guarantee you, if biden is missing in action, you are going to see china and russia in some of those have evenen more influence on the island of cuba without question. i think you can work with organization of american states. i think that you can work with other members of the international community to stand together and support people who are being oppressed. they should be a no-brainer given the history of 62 years of repression. teo instead, you have biden's administration having our own country be criticized for racism. they are inviting that. that is their priority rather
11:34 pm
than helping folks who could really make a difference. so, it's bizarre. >> sean: it's very bizarre. [cheers and applause] now we turn to the radical organization known as black lives matter, which pointed support for cuba's murderous dictatorship. a full report. there have been others, bernie sanders, michael moore bragging about their great health care system. one of the dumbest things he has ever said. aoc and others. our own david webb is outside tonight with us here in miami. david. >> hey sean, and by the way, i have been out here since this began. first when they came out to the streets on a sunday afternoon into the night. this is not going to end any time and it shown it. cuba's cry for freedom is what we are seen. but here in america, we have a marxist based organization. black lives matter says they care about black lives.
11:35 pm
what about cubans. they don't because communism doesn't know color. add marxists like black lives matter have come out outwardly against the people. they are a fraud. it's a grip. they are a dangerous fraud and grip. i went out to calle ocho and spoke to so many people, grandsons, granddaughters. i also spoke to people who had survived prison in cuba. and believei me, they don't understand. but they do understandta communism. they don't understand how anyone in this country, anyone supported by the democratic socialists of america can support communism.m. we have had a congress -- i spoke to this one young woman. just watch this. >> a lot of people in this country, not only are concerned about this. but on the other side, there are people who follow the black lives matter movement. now they say they are for black lives. they say they support the people. and yet they just came out in support of the communist
11:36 pm
government in cuba. what you say to black lives matter? >> i believe that if you fight for injustice against a group of people, it's injustice. how can you allow or support injustice against a group of people that are oppressed? if they are fighting against oppression of colored people, guess what, there are colored people in cuba too. what about their last? to their lives not matter? >> she said it well, sean. the world should be listening. multimillionaire communist supporting the cuban regime. back to you, sean. from outside cafe versailles. >> sean: all right, david, thank you for joining us now is a cuban born democracy activist, she is with us as we also continue with senator marco rubio, governor ron desantis. great to see you.
11:37 pm
i willhe tell you with all the people that i have talked to out there, i find it inspiring. you know, we take things for granted, right? we probably should all wake upou every day before our feet hit the ground. the rest of the world doesn't live free. when i read the statistics about the poverty, widespread, it is so preventable. and yet, the suppression goes on, and murder, and death, and no freedom. >> that, in addition to that, there is a huge -- very oppressive dictate to oriole, totalitarian dictatorship as the one that we have in cuba. happiness, liberty. the people in cuba cannot even find. >> sean: i really believe, and i discussed this earlier. can you imagine cuba five years from now, if this was a successful freedom and liberty movement, could you imagine the
11:38 pm
investment, first of all, what beautiful geography. what incredible resorts will be filled to what money and investment would go into the coastal towns, the jobs created, the wealth created. no, people finally now prospering.ns they would have their first chance. >> the cuban people also imagine that. that is why we are asking for freedom. it's the only thing that we need to produce food, buildings, had to be prosperous and beautiful country that actually could be an example in theer world. >> sean: let me ask you a quick question. show of hands or clap, maybe clap. how many people here have loved ones, friends, neighbors that you send money to because you know how badly they are suffering? a lot of people help people out in cuba that are in cuba now that you are helping? you are all raising your hand.
11:39 pm
they can't see them all. [applause] but they are helping a lot of people were pretty desperate. we are going to take a break. this is going to be fun. we are going to go outside. a lot of demonstrators. they have been outside from day one has this liberty movement has started, speaking out against the evils of communism in cuba. they will have the opportunity to talk to governor desantis and senator rubio as we continus live in miami. it's "hannity" on the fox news show. ♪ ♪ miami. it's "hannity" on the fox news show. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." we are at the versailles with governor ron desantis, senator marco rubio, and we are going to do our town hall portion of this and we are going to move back here. now, this is -- guys, tell me what -- >> we are fighting for freedom. we are taking them away. we don't know where they are at. there are more than 154 of them missing. >> sean: how recently are they missing? [inaudible] >> senator, absolutely. >> we have over 500 some people.
11:45 pm
many of them, they are doing -- >> sean: have you all noticed there has almost been a media blackout? of this story? [static] and have you felt -- hold on. does anybody have a question for the governor or senator? anybody have a question for the governor or senator? >> questions about the internet.
11:46 pm
i've called on president biden. we have the capability to give internet to the people of cuba. we need biden to support it and we will get the internet to the people of cuba. >> sean: are you angry at joe biden? [cheers and applause] you wanted to ask a question? or make a comment? >> what can we do now for the people of venezuela? >> the first thing i would say about venezuela is there is no maduro without cuba supporting them. the day after the protests, they tried to basically kidnap the actual interim president of venezuela. unfortunately, the same dayal tt they were trying to abduct -- >> sean: when you think about
11:47 pm
it, think about this, the minute cuba is free, that could for them be a domino effect, maybe? >> it's the number one source of support for the maduro machine, -- regime, the number one support for nicaragua. they have been the source of everything bad in the western hemisphere for 60 years. without cuba, there is no maduro, there is no one trying to destabilize columbia.gue they are the source of all evil in the western -- hemisphere. >> sean: let's move over here. let me get to this guy. okay, if we can get the camera -- when we come back, you are dressed in blood. freedom across here. we will continue. we are at the versailles. we are in little havana, miami. people are standing in solidarity with the freedom movement going on in cuba, which
11:48 pm
has been underreported by the news media, and frankly ignored by the president for the most part. we'll continue straight ahead from miami. ♪ ♪ miami. ♪ ♪
11:49 pm
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11:52 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: all right, welcometo back to >> hannity: as we are in miami. the will renowned for site restaurant we have governor desantis, marco rubio and the mayor of the great city of miami, you have beenan passionate and outspoken but thank you for joining us. >> thank you for being here and the p cuban people have no means
11:53 pm
to defend themselves. this is t something that impacts the entire hemisphere and a lack of u.s. leadership. when you see... speed to look at the crowd, they are furious about it and they have every right toe be. this incredible woman that we met here next to governor desantis, you came here when you were six years old but your mom. >> yes, we came here six years old, freedom of liberty, 1966, my mom stayed and i came along with myte sister and data. we didn't have family here about family took us. and i love the united states but what we are asking for is a free cuba so i can go to my hometown. actually see what cuba is all about. we have never come back. i will not go back until it is a free cuba. that is what we are asking for. my parents, they took away their house. they took away their business.
11:54 pm
that is with the people are asking for: freedom. >> sean: by the way, these aree peaceful protests from everybody is peaceful. you guys are scaring me, but you make a point, tell us. >> this blood represents the blood that is going to be on the hands of those who stand next to the cuban people. joe biden, cubans want freedom! they need freedom! they don't want vaccines. they don't want food. they need freedom here that is why the cuban people deserve and that's what they want. and the united states has to stand next to the cuban people and not a dictatorship. >> sean: is this all happening there's not enough coverage or action from washington? you have great representatives. you've got marco rubio, a great mayor and a great governor. but washington.
11:55 pm
>> cuba needs freedom, freedom, enough is enough. that thing to give them is freedom! >> sean: you know, it goes back to what we discussed earlier andd that is if they hae communications, i would believe tonight would inspire the freedom movement, the liberty movement in cuba, real quick. >> the regime is telling them no one cares. the world cannot forget and we can't stop until cuba has freedom and liberty. speak with the same message. and as i was telling you, we are very frustrated. we are very upset because we have toldd respectively the bidn administration as nothing to do with political parties. ty>> sean: can you not meet with joe biden? >> we have asked for a meeting and it hasn't absence of so far. >> sean: that is despicable. i have to take a break.
11:56 pm
more from miami, "hannity" on the ground for the cause of the freedom and liberty for the people of cuba as we continue. do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy, even a term policy, for an immediate cash payment. call coventry direct to learn more. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly realized that we needed a way to supplement our income. our friends sold their policy to help pay for their medical bills and that got me thinking. maybe selling our policy could help with our retirement. i'm skeptical, so i did some research and called coventry direct. they explained life insurance is a valuable asset that can be sold. we learned that we can sell all of our policy or keep part of it with no future payments, who knew? we sold our policy. now we can relax and enjoy our retirement as we had planned. if you have
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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left from florida. i would like to thank senator rubio, think of what you're doing, governor, greatatt job. i need to move here. congresswoman, thank you. to all of you, thank you all. freedom for cuba. may not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham takes you, well, at a late night with a great show. laura, take it laura: thank you so much. congressman kevin mccarthy and jim banks will be here in moments but there's reaction to nancy pelosi's january 6th hatchet job, candace owens, molly hemingway and raymond arroyo, but first, nancy the