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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 23, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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pulling off the thinkable. guess what? he's going to join us live, "fox and friends first" kicking off friday continues right now. ♪♪ jillian: i wish you would not take a live shot of new york city because i don't know what that was. compared to what it was. ashley strohmeyer -- what is happening right now? that is what i ask every day. you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning.
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todd: we begin with america's crime crisis, shots ring out in major cities in because surgeon gun violence. jillian: a shooting in downtown dc leads two people hurt. >> reporter: police looking for the man accused of the shooting your popular restaurant in dc, non-life-threatening injuries from gunshot wounds. one was the apparent target but the other is an innocent bystander, several shootings in dc in recent days including a drive-by shooting that left a 6-year-old girl get along with a shooting outside the nationals ballpark. in chicago eight people were put in the hospital following a drive-by shooting involving a party bus where the shooter is on the run. most of the victims are in serious or critical condition but several other shootings happened in the city, one left a 15-year-old debt after he was shot in the head.
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>> if you pick up again, if you shoot indiscriminately into the crowd, not only will we find you but we will take you to federal court and ship you to south dakota and you are never going to see your family again. >> two weeks ago police chief brown blamed kim fox saying, and too little consequences and the courts but fox says he has to quit pointing the finger. there have been 400 homicides in chicago and little more than 1800 shootings. that numbers up 9% compared to 2020. all of us as the biden administration is responding to crime with crackdown on guns and sending ag garland to meet with local law enforcement leaders. >> a set of tactics aimed at the particular kind of problem in these cities. >> in st. louis and accused killer is on the streets after the prosecuted and show up to court 3 different times. >> did you not know the attorney
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assigned to that was on maternity leave, don't you know where your employees are? you need to be in charge of your office. if you can't do that you shouldn't be in that office. >> it is unbelievable the mismanagement of that office. >> so disturbing. i don't know any other words to say at this time. babies on streets are dying, parents, grandparents, every generation in every city is affected by this, seems no one is safe. i had thoughts were walking around new york city when my parents are going to work, friends or family members on the road is something going to happen, it is raining we live in a world where you think about that. >> i think about you and carly all the time, she spent a lot more time in the city.
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i worry about it because she's commuting in it and not just new york, we talk about the stories every day. with that is the baseline the biden administration says this is all the guns's fault. >> crime is down. gun violence and murder rates are up. i am the only guy that ever got passed legislation when i was a senator about assault weapons. i've gotten atf, alcohol, tobacco and firearms increase their budgets and capacity along with the justice department to go after the gun shops that are not abiding by the law doing background checks. >> in what fantasy world is crime down, anyone can see crime
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is not down, read your local liberal paper, even they are saying crime is up. >> you watch your local news, in your specific city and i guarantee you turn on the channel and pick the city this morning and they are likely going to be talking about it and some people and other networks will say the crime on city streets is exaggerated by some on our network and others but that is not the case. it is everywhere. >> to blame guns, what has changed in terms of gun laws in the last four years? nothing. what has changed in terms of bail reform, putting people on the streets with no consequences? everything has changed. when you do a cost-benefit analysis that is the problem. will it change? >> to be determined, the white house in the meantime the white
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house insists no decision on nationwide mask mandate as more cities opt to bring them back. >> florida governor ron desantis failing to resist mask mandates for kids. griff jenkins joins us with more on the fight over the face covering. >> reporter: masks making a comeback, but will be we be required to put it back on? the answer is unclear. internal debate at the white house, the president dodged the question. >> we follow the science. what is "happening now" is all the major scientific numbers in the 25 person group we put together, all possibilities of what is "happening now". >> jen psaki insists no determination has been reached d
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faring to the cdc. >> we are regularly intelligent every given meetings how to continue to address the virus. there hasn't been a decision made, they made that very clear. >> this as covid response coordinator jeff sign says the new cases are coming from these 3 states, florida, texas and missouri with florida accounting for one in 5 infections, on the heels of the president announcing the cdc will soon advise kids to wear masks. in chicago, already mandating it but florida governor ron desantis says not so fast. >> there has been talk about people advocating at the federal level imposing compulsory masks on kids. we are not doing that in florida, we need our kids to breathe. >> those comments drying swift criticism from the white house. >> if i were a parent in florida
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i would be greatly concerned because kids under the age of 12 are not eligible yet. >> this war of words as the cdc says this accounts for 83% of new cases with hospitalizations and deaths among the unvaccinated. >> jenkins, thanks. >> the covid 19 origin investigation coming to an impasse, china reject the world health organization request to begin -- thank you too. would have included audits of last markets in wuhan, the white house had this to say. >> we are deeply disappointed. their position is irresponsible and dangerous. >> shyness of the profile it science and cannot accept this
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kind of plan for origin tracing. >> business is booming for companies operating of mcallen, texas, inundated with illegal migrants being released into the us are looking to get ride out of town, the new york post reporting four bus companies in the city have added as many as 6 daily roots totaling 250 seats but it is still not enough. in arizona border patrol, 197 illegal immigrants, among them 147 children. many of them traveling alone from guatemala. the group was discovered near san miguel. >> secretary of education betsy devos slamming a link to radical activist group that pushes critical race theory in schools. >> this notion that was a mistake, having been at the department, i know full well that there were eyes on and full knowledge of this going on. the department of education under the biden administration is as left-wing as you can imagine. >> the department of education is denying the connection saying, quote, the department
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does not endorse the recommendations of this group or affect policy positions. was an error. leo terrel city can't believe anything case and joined us last hour. >> the biden administration got caught lying trying to conceal this and you cannot believe some. they tried to put critical race. every aspect of government. todd: some major media outlets continue to ignore the story completely. jillian: jill biden will meet with the japanese emperor before attending the let the games opening ceremony, doctor biden meeting with the team virtually after touching down in tokyo yesterday. as leader of the rest of the medic delegation she was welcomed by the japanese prime minister and his wife, the first international trip as first lady. >> 10 minutes after the hour. after one of the most restrictive lockdown to the
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country michigan governor graduate where stripped of pandemic emergency powers, lisa maclean shares her thoughts on that next. jillian: two states can freeze out ben and jerry's over the controversial stance on israel. ♪♪
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jillian: michigan how striking down gretchen witmer's emergency powers used in the covid 19 pandemic. >> this comes after the passing of a petition initiative as they say the residents and had enough. lisa maclean joins us to react, democrats not very happy with this. slamming the repeal effort make no mistake, a partisan political power grab aimed at undermining governor gretchen with her, and effort to manage the covid 19
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pandemic. i say turn that around, giving them the freedom that they are road by being a citizen of the state of michigan. >> let's not forget or lose sight of the fact that this was a people driven initiative. the people of the state of michigan demanded their voices be heard and yesterday their voices were heard, a partisan politics, if that was what was described as partisan politics as the voice of the people we are a long way from home on that. a great day for michigan, it was anything but partisan politics, enough is enough, we had three separate and equal branches of government, and have them for a reason.
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>> talked to a couple business owners out there and they were so frustrated, so that up, behind in paying people, laying people off. it was a disaster so i can understand a lot of people probably are rejoicing by that news. i want your opinion on this, this to me is outrageous. this is an nbc news headline reads, quote, as gop supporters die of covid the party remains split in its vaccination method. it is not just gop supporters dying of covid but all across the world who have been dying of covid. how misguided is that to write a headline like that? >> don't let the facts get in the way of the story. some media outlets aren't reporting the news but fear and
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entertainment and if i'm not mistaken we had a democratic party of governments come from the state of texas, democrats are supposed to be for the vaccine and they came to dc and three of the people on the plane god covid. six? i stand corrected. at the end of the day covid is real, we need to respect it but don't need to fear it. they have to shift the focus and they can't focus on the real issues like inflation, the crisis at the border, the issues going on.
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get to work. >> i'm focused on the border, you mentioned calling out the biden administration for extending travel restrictions in canada and mexico through august 21st, we need to open the canadian border so small businesses have the economic recovery they need to survive. why does this administration reject lawful border travel in the name of covid while at the same time look at the southern border allowing back and forth and back and forth among individuals were illegally and in many cases have no vaccination to covid whatsoever. >> that is frustrating to the american people. there is no logic behind decisions being made. we have a southern border, on an airplane with illegal migrants
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or illegal immigrants never tested for covid. the southern border is wide open yet the northern border which is very imperative to my district is shutdown. families, businesses. it makes no sense. if it wasn't for double standards we would have no standards at all. let's apply some logic and reason across the board. todd: i don't get it. jillian: i know you are fighting for it. >> i am fighting for it and i was say again thank you to the people of michigan. we are a strong state, strong people and god bless you for standing up, not giving up and letting your voices be heard and yesterday we sent a message not only to the governor of the state of michigan but to all
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lawmakers that we as your representatives represent you as the people's voice and we need to start listening to you. jillian: keep us updated and we will check back in with you. have a great day. >> have a great day. >> 20 minute after the air. many cities are trying to defund the police, leaders in one illinois city are using their own money to do the opposite. >> join us live next.
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show me the olympics. [ "bugler's dream" playing ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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jillian: officials across the nation defund law enforcement, city leaders are fighting to do the opposite. illinois officials vowing to donate their salaries to fund pay raises for their local police officers.
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michael morrow, will miller and grafton police chief eric spanton. you are donating all or part of your salary, an honor to see you this morning. tell me how this initiative started. what was the conversation? >> i was elected mayor in may and ran on a campaign promise of not taking a salary, donating my salary to the police department. last tuesday night getting ready to pass our budget for 60,$000 short, it was pretty clear we basically were not going to get our budget past so my salary wasn't enough so at the meeting our city attorney spoke up and said he would donate his salary also in our police chief said he would forgo his pay raise and by
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city manager and city maintenance manager donated their pay raises also so that was enough to put us over and unanimously passed the budget and happy to say our police officers -- jillian: this is not happening in many areas across the city. why did you want to do this? >> it became apparent the budget may not pass, spoken to my law partner and aware of this possibility. at the meeting this past tuesday night we realized they would not pass and the police did not receive their raises, i decided at that time to donate my salary back which would alleviate the short-term budget deficit which would allow the parents budget
2:26 am
to pass. jillian: i to go to you because as a law enforcement officer i am curious, what the morale has been like and what something like this means for you to take part and forgo the pay raise and finally give a little relief and good news to your officers. >> >> into the budget past. to work with you. >> how difficult is it to be in law enforcement? >> it is changing drastically, to be aware of what is going on.
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jillian: what has been the reaction from your community members? have you supporting police through this year and a half when it seems the violence day in and day out on so many city streets and violence against the law enforcement officers? >> a town that supports them 100%. of the mississippi river, and over 5000 people come through the town to visit, outgoing of support is overwhelming, and have people step up, one gentleman stepped up to take over all the maintenance and another lady stepped up and said she would buy the baby swing
2:28 am
needed for that, $250 that was needed. and outgoing of support, volunteers and patriotism that goes through every person that lives there. >> so honored to share the story and hope others are listening and they will follow suit. mayor mark morrow, thank you very much for what you do. todd: great story, 28 after the hour. the white house coming to hunter biden's defense when asked about that. george w. bush, richard painter says secrecy never works, he weighs in next, the homeless crisis, governor newsom giving more money to hollywood. is that the best way to spend $300 million?
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will: the husband of maya millette is a person of interest, she denies responsibility and fully cooperated throughout the investigation. here is what maya millette at sister had to say about her brother-in-law being named in the case. >> the last person to see my sister. there is a big difference. jillian: january 7th, maya millette disappeared from her home, her parents are not going legal about visitation rights for their grandchildren. i know their family has been desperate for answers. todd: the frantic 911 call,
2:33 am
telling the dispatcher, his wife and son were shot to death. >> are the breathing? >> no, ma'am. >> your wife and your son? >> and my son. todd: police have username suspect in the death of maddie and paul. >> forget defending the police, the minneapolis city council will vote on a ballot measure to replace the city's police department with a new public safety department made of many licensed police officers. it will include mental health responders and substance abuse, if passed the amendment would feel in general election ballots for residents in november. >> texas democrats got covid, calling for schools to implement mask mandates. donna howard seen right here, but not wearing masks at the
2:34 am
time tweeting in part with class starting next month it is time for the critical role. 6 of the democrats tested positive since landing in dc. jillian: or controversy around hunter biden's putting our career as questions arise whether buyers really will remain anonymous. >> chief ethics lawyer for president george w. bush, i read the statement former obama ethics chief, the white house has a bad habit of merely telling us there are safeguards in place without telling us what they are. they will have preferential access, dwelling in secrecy instead of transparency. let's be real.
2:35 am
are they headed to any of these galleries, interested in anything other than white house access? >> i doubt they are interested in the art's sake. the bottom line is as louis brandeis said before he went on the supreme court, in ethics sunlight is the best disinfectant. transparency, disclosure is a fundamental principle in ethics and when the white house buys into a plan to keep hunter biden's art secret, the white house is endorsing the opposite approach of that urged by louis brandeis and others who urge transparency. we already find out hunter biden
2:36 am
will meet the prospect of buyers of his art. it doesn't work. this plan doesn't work. the white house should have nothing to do with it. >> here is jen psaki. >> he will not have any conversations related to the selling of art. this is a reasonable system that has been established that allows hunter biden to work in his profession in safeguards. >> when all is said and done how important is transparency and to you think we will get full transparency out of the white house or will they stay the course? >> i hope they don't stay the course because it will be clear with people in the know who buys hunter biden's art. he's meeting prospect of buyers and will get around and the question is are the american
2:37 am
people going to know? the white house should insist on complete transparency, the best would be for hunter biden not to sell the art at all, just paint and sell it after his father leaves office. after all he made some money with it, a ukrainian gas company come he's doing all right financially, doesn't need to do that. half $1 million a pop for some of these paintings is outrageous. he has no record of selling art. he's not an established artist. this whole scheme makes no sense, people tried to buy access to the white house or the administration or somebody else. todd: love having you on, great insight. jillian: 37 after the hour, new numbers show unexpected jump in new jobless claims, this is into worker shortage, it is a skills gap.
2:38 am
we are talking to cheryl casone about that next. will: todd: we are tracking live the 30 eighth annual festival of ballooning, don't go anywhere.
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the most common side effects are pain, redness, and swelling at the injection site, muscle pain, tiredness, headache, shivering, fever, and upset stomach. talk to your pharmacist or doctor about protecting yourself with shingrix. shingles doesn't care. but we do. jillian: the white house insisting there is a skills gap in america, not a worker shortage. todd: with the country struggling to hire staff, cheryl casone has details on a rise in jobless claims. >> reporter: the 419,000 jump in jobless claims was a surprise and well above what he, sixpack to despite the fact business owners struggling to fill jobs. they shrugged the notion off. >> i don't know if i would call the shortage per se.
2:42 am
i would say there is a skills gap. what i hear all the time from companies, we are ready to higher, but people need to have the skills. those who continue to struggle disproportionately women, people of color, communities of color, rural communities. jillian: president biden was asked about lack of available workers, he suggested restaurant owners raise wages. press secretary jen psaki said the president meant to say it is a workers market is the administration announcing a $3 billion investment for local communities. the answer is for more money. americans waking up wondering what gavin newsom is up to. >> reporter: spiking crime in california, devastating
2:43 am
wildfires, homeless crisis, california governor gavin newsom is offering $330 million in tax breaks to hollywood. the new law brings the available total to $660 million over two years but this is happening as mexico is seeing a boom to tv and film production business, bringing in $623 million in activity, offering a tax incentive. it is not just new mexico, new york, same thing, george offering taxes so if gavin newsom wants to fix the problem maybe look at the taxes in your state. todd: the sticky ben and jerry's situation grows. >> reporter: florida governor ron desantis weighing in on the decision to boycott israel. he wrote, quote, the state of florida does not tolerate discrimination against the state of israel or the israeli people including boycotts and divestments targeting israel.
2:44 am
the texas cop killer glenn hagar making a statement saying texans made clear they stand with israel. actions that could undermine his relapse economy and people, he went on to say texas is considering banning ben and jerry's in the state but we have bell in texas. you will be okay. todd: get your ice cream. jillian: let's go to janice dean with our fox weather forecast, the best assignment of the week, the month, the year, the 30 eighth annual new jersey lottery festival, looks beautiful. >> janice: it will be a great weekend, a 3 day weekend of the festival in new jersey. the weather looks spectacular especially today, temperatures in the 80s, not a lot of wins, they don't like the wind when
2:45 am
they are trying to get the balloons up, 100 balloons today we will see 25 of those balloons, they brought me out because they have a special weather-related balloon later on. let's take a look at your forecast if you're coming to the festival this weekend, the new jersey festival, sorry, new jersey lottery festival of ballooning. i got it. big prize for me, i get to ride in a balloon. 57 right now, winds like to the northwest the great weather for ballooning. the weather looks back, saturday and sunday though we could see scattered storms, they will be listening to my forecast and making sure everything is safe sunday but otherwise looking good. current temperatures across the map 60 in new york, 73 in denver, 78 in houston, texas. one of the big stories this weekend is going to be the
2:46 am
flooding across the southwest. they need the rain but not so much of it that is causing flooding. not only that but also the heat and smoke that will travel across the country from the western wildfires. we will monitor it. i get the greatest assignments of all time and they will take me up in a balloon and i can't wait to show you the new balloon they have for this year in reddington, new jersey. jillian: if it is possible it might be better than mostly sunny. >> reporter: maybe. what is better than mostly sunny? i don't know. you will have to tune in. todd: she is just teasing you. >> reporter: looks great out here. todd: after the break, a deal to let russia move forward with its controversial pipeline project. pipelines in the us not getting the same treatment.
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carley: attorney general joins us live next. ♪♪
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todd: cracking down on transgender treatments for children a federal judge blocking the ban on experimental drugs like puberty blockers for mine is that arkansas leaders bowing to appeal that law. leslie rutledge joins me now. thank you for being here. quote, to this care midstream from these patients for myers would cause irreparable harm. what is your argument on appeal? >> we will peel this case because we've got to protect the children in the state of
2:51 am
arkansas, had lessons from experiment treatment and medical care, the judge in this case simply got it wrong which is why we will bring it up. one of our plaintiffs in the case is a 9-year-old. ask yourself when you were 9 if they were able to make a life-changing decision like changing their gender. that is the irreparable harm. >> seems very young. us and germany striking a deal to our completion of russia's controversial nordstrom 2 pipeline while they target pipeline project in the us. here's jen psaki on this topic. >> these measures represent a significant impact supported by the united states to push back against the kremlin's are collectively to advance a sustainable energy future and other front-line eu countries. todd: should that statement provide comfort to people of new york state who are out of work thanks to the shutdown of the keystone pipeline?
2:52 am
>> i would have rather here president biden and jen psaki say we are not going to sit on the keystone pipeline, we will at the keystone pipeline in the united states allowed to operate but unfortunately president biden was more interested in shutting down american energy while allowing russian gas to be pumped into germany. it makes no sense and threatens america's energy independence. it is shocking to see the biden administration take not really anti-american but anti-american jobs -- todd: every time we do a segment about keystone and board stream i ask so haven't got an answer, why is the administration doing this? >> i can't tell you why but hard-working arkansans from across the state have lost their jobs, we are paying more at the pump whether taking kids to soccer practice or calling grain to the mills, they have to pay
2:53 am
more because of the increased energy costs in the united states because of president biden's decision, we've been part of a lawsuit to sue president biden and the keystone pipeline, arkansas pushing back, when we see president biden giving a pastor russia and germany it doesn't make sense, hurts arkansans and americans and that is why is attorney general i am pushing back and will always push back. todd: have a great week. jillian: nypd officer being called the real life macgyver for pulling off the unthinkable. >> a bag of potato chips right now. jillian: officer rodney kennedy joins us live after the break. ♪♪ a fast walker. thanks, gary. and for unexpected heartburn... frank is a fan of pepcid. it works in minutes. nexium 24 hour and prilosec otc can take one to four days to fully work. pepcid. strong relief for fans of fast.
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. .
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potato chips right now: i know, i know. [siren] >> we gotcha. don't touch, don't touch. todd: a new york police officer saving a man's life by patching up his wounded chest by only a potato chip bag and tape. jillian: this sun real. ronald kennedy. you are a hero. police say the victim was stabbed by another homeless man during an argument. you arrive on the scene. how on earth did your brain go from assess guilty the situation to grab a bag of potato chips and tape?
2:58 am
it? >> happened fast. i tapped into potential to be very focused on recognizing i didn't have what i needed. i knew what i could do to get what i needed the job done. todd: we are having a little repeating problem with your audio. i don't know if you can fix that with a potato chip bag. of did you watch a lot of macgyver growing up this seems total macgyver richard dean anderson right here. >> definitely did not. but, you know, i have heard that a lot over the week. jillian: so, tell me then what we're -- pause, obviously, a lot of this is blurred out on the screen. what was the length of time? i understand that the attending physician at harlem hospital where this victim went said that you saved this person's life. i mean, when you hear that how impactful is that? >> it does mean a lot. a nice feeling, something nice hear. it really came down to group
2:59 am
effort. myself, my partner. other responding units. really played a big part in helping me at the scene. as well as the e.m.s. arrived quickly. and then harlem hospital trauma team that worked on him. it was just a group effort. but it is what they had to do at the right time. jillian: well, unbelievable. todd: it is amazing story. i don't mean to make light of it. jillian asked the serious questions. i am going to go fun. what type of chips. >> lay's potato chips. jillian: in the midst of everything going on attacks against police officers, crime in our city streets, we are having this moment with you where the world is looking at you as a hero. how does that feel in light of everything that's going on? >> it feels good. a lot of police officers do a lot of good things every day.
3:00 am
it doesn't get, you know, this much attention but, it felt really good. todd: again, we wish we could have better audio with you but i think the point came across. i know we call macgyver should be calling the kennedy from now on. officer ronald kennedy. thank you so much for your time. jillian: we officially changed the name. todd: we have. jillian: thank you for young us this morning. "fox & friends" starts now. >> chaotic scene of citizens frap particularly running from safety from gunfire. >> 20 to 0 shotsy fired. >> make sure these individual are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. >> the education department admits they made a mistake. >> how so. >> included advice from the abolitionist teaching network it was an error. >> you cannot believe them. they have tried to put critical race theory in every aspect of government. >> white castle now hiring and going through am kegs as far back as 2017. >> we are all really willing to try this about anything because so much hardship


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