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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  July 28, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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drink a night when she started suffering from dementia, we found her on the floor, we thought she was dead, no, she was drunk because she had forgotten how many drinks she had. >> oh my gosh. >> harris, take it home. >> 's i'm still waiting for my dose of jameson. >> i guess that would be shot i it's hard alcohol. >> thanks to you all. cheers to you all, and here is "america reports." >> cheers to you as well bred community leaders in the rio grande valley are calling it unacceptable come up migrant infected with covid being released to a catholic charity that puts them up in hotels. nothing is being done to preven that migrants from mixing with the public peart local official are fed up and demanding action from the biden administration. more on that in just minutes. >> florida senator rick scott's on biden's push to buy american for it we will also hear from pete sessions about those covid positive migrants being release
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into the public. tennessee senator phil haggerty and brian kill meet will join u coming up to. >> the day after a big reversal at the cdc unmasks, they biden ministration may be ready to make a big shift when it comes to vaccines for federal workers. hi, sandra, happy wednesday peart began sandra smith in new york. president biden says a vaccine mandate for federal workers is under consideration. it is a sharp departure just months after saying he would no make the vaccine mandatory. >> we have coverage for you thi afternoon. dr. marty mcgarry will join us this afternoon. >> correspond or petey or dc standing by outside the white house for as. >> the president says he supports this big update to the cdc guidance that requires masking vaccinated folks in
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areas of substantial or high transmission, but today he doesn't want to talk about that or about these reports that he may soon require every federal employee to get vaccinated or tested regularly, but. >> are you going to require mac vaccines for the military? >> i'm talking about today that's all and going to talk about. >> so, may be mandate isn't the right word for what could be coming regarding vaccines. the deck pd press secretary is starting to use a different word . >> i will say that the attestation of vaccination for federal employees is one option under strong consideration. so what we mean by that is controlling which means, confirming vaccinated. >> within the last hour or so president biden in that video you see right there had a mask on as he exited air force one, that's not what we've been seeing on the trip like this
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recently. we know his team trust the cdc to be there northstar and other cdc director is endorsing something the biden doj believe to be legal, private sector companies requiring vaccines fo their workers, even the ones wh don't want it. >> i am hoping we will do everything to unify the country to get more and more people vaccinated. if that's one strategy in the toolbox, i'd be all for it. >> the president is expected to deliver remarks about his economic agenda as you heard there in pennsylvania. we will update if there is any word about these big changes to asking people to wear masks again, even if they've already done everything asked to lose that mask could get the only on to be asked about by americans, not covid, that's tomorrow. let's bring in dr. marty makary peart. >> by american starting with your new mask. it's good to be with you today, doctor, walk us through the new guidance from the cdc, because
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it is going to be a patchwork o different guidance and likely mandates as well as we see businesses, government organizations, and other organizations putting mask mandates back in place. >> first of all, i think parts of it are reasonable, i think it's totally fine and public health to evolve your position as things change and right now we do have a more infectious variants, but it's posing a ris not to the general public, it's posing a risk to the 10-20 percent of adults that she is not to get vaccinated, of which a very small subset have risk factors to get subs severely ill, we're talking about imposing restrictions on large groups of people for the sake of that small group. we've never done that with influenza, which has a vaccine, and we don't mandate that vaccine outside of frontline healthcare workers, so what we're seeing here is totally unique. at the same time, while the cdc may have put out its general guidance that may sound reasonable in areas of high outbreak, they are still
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sticking to a lot of legacy policies that don't make sense, that is ignoring natural immunity and requiring even ver young kids to wear masks despit any evidence that the best evidence we heard was the quote unquote some people have been vaccinated have transmitted the infection. i'd like to know if that is one ten, or 100,000 people. we need more data to support what they said peart. >> the data coming from the cdc does not seem to be up-to-date. for example the white house and congress renewed mask mandates, apparently washington, dc crossed over into substantial territory. it if you look at the cdc transmission rate, it lists washington, dc and the surrounding area is moderate. how our people to know? to keep cases no longer the it' the number of new hospitalizations for covid illness, not into hospitalizations with an incidental positive covid test on pcr, which can detect one
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dead virus particle in someone where that particle poses no risk, so we haven't had good indicators right now. >> we wanted to ask you about guidance for students going bac to school. you heard richelle wolinsky yesterday saying all students k- 12 need to be massed including staff and teachers in the school . there are some states including south carolina, iowa, arkansas, and utah that are banding schools from mandating masks. the governor of florida says he's having none of it, governo santos, this is a statement fro his office, they believe the parents know what's best for their children therefore parent in florida are empowered to mak their own choices with regards to masking. the data indicate that covid is not a serious risk to healthy children. where do you come down on the new cdc guidance regarding students? >> more kids will die from respiratory sensational virus which causes a common code type illness and influenza has a similar fatality rate and kids. what we see is an absence of
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data on kids and a reaction to say despite the absence of data we're going to mandate masks on kids and then of course you see a counter reaction to that. i think people demand data and the cdc director was asked by senator marshall last week, hav any healthy kids died of covid and she said i don't know. >> there seems to be as certain scolding characteristic coming from political leaders about vaccination. listen to this montage of president biden in a and a couple of others. >> if we could just get everybody vaccinated that's not vaccinated, that's refusing to get vaccinated, that's living vaccine free and it's like drun drivers, they don't have the. >> the anti- vax or are crimina at this point. what they are doing to this country is undermining our future. >> so they have are not as smar as you thought you were, claiming people who have
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unvaccinated our drunk drivers, is that the way to entice peopl to get vaccinated. >> it's disappointing to see that. this is not the first thing tha we as doctors want people to do that they're not doing. there smoking and all sorts of high-risk behaviors, and you don't win over people by shamin them and i think that's what you're seeing a lot of frustration around a former recent obama or excuse me, old biden of pfizer said we need to make their lives difficult and test people every day at their own expense until they get vaccinated. how about a friendlier approach and how about recognizing natural immunity. that's natural way peart and th reason why people are not getting vaccinated. >> dr. marty makary breaking a don't frustrate always nice to see a. >> i don't think likening peopl to current drivers and the crowds, and you give them the information and say it's in you interest to do it and it's in everybody else's interest, why don't you come along to the party. >> he made such a good point
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there with you, john, about sho people the data behind these decisions. rather than just some of the evidence that we have seen has led us to make this decision or lead us to change this guidance showing people that data, showing them in a way that will understand it could be such a big deal for people. >> my dearly departed mom once said you get more bees with honey than vinegar. >> there you go. we will see how that all goes down commit meanwhile to the border and the crisis at our southern border, people in town along the rio grande valley, migrants who have tested positive for covid are reportedly being released to a catholic charity and put into local hotels where they are mixing with the public at restaurants and other places. it is a story you will only see right here on fox. live on the ground in la jolla, texas. hi, rach. >> good afternoon, sandra. we've had about 30 or 40 migrants coming up the road here
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, a few hundred on this spot passed through every day prayer that's because customs and border protection, which is a mile away from the border here will bring migrants here and start the processing procedure and that is happening right her almost on a daily basis. his daily routine on the border is happening only steps away from a ballfield here in la jolla, texas, it's a border tow of about 4500 people. residence here and city officials say they've experienced migrants urges over the decades, their use to this, though now they have a significant problem. police a edge charity has rente an entire hotel less than 2 miles from here, to house covid positive migrants. they say the federal government released them with only notices to report to a local immigratio office within the united states in the next 60 days. catholic charities at the hotel up two house them and help them reach wherever in the country they are planning to stay. >> they were released into our city and no one told us.
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so that the next is for us now to continue with what we started . and we are continually staying in contact with homeland security and of course border patrol. we're going to stay in touch with the judge. >> police say they only found out when a customer at a burger restaurant next door flagged down a patrolling officer and told them a family inside was sneezing, coughing, and unmasked . police say the family members told them cdp processed them a few days earlier, and that they tested positive for covid. the county judge he is calling on the federal government to stop releasing covid positive migrants into the community and is calling on the governor of texas to allow a mass mandate here to deal with this issue. >> that is just an amazing story , one that is certainly developing.
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i say developing because we kno that there being released into the communities there, we all saw that public health notice that went out in la jolla, to the residence there that some o these migrants were seen at a whataburger, and they were openly coughing not wearing masks, when they were confronte by police, they were actually telling the police that they di test positive when they crossed over the border and there they were released into the public dining out at a restaurant with other patrons. pete sessions is coming up on this. he is outraged by this, the point is this isn't just happening in texas, we know they're going to the other area of the country. this isn't just a texas problem this is a. >> there's a contradiction between what the cdc and the president is asking people to d across the country but at the border there seems to be a different set of rules. we saw the increase in the number of people testing positive with covid in the last few weeks because of the spread of the delta strain. it's not just spreading here in
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the u.s., but also across the border. >> pete sessions will be coming out who react to that and what he's doing about it. remember that cop free zone in seattle and the mayor said that the city was in for a summer of love, fast-forward a year and add in a crime surge, now that cities democratic mayor wants more police on the streets. how that is going coming up very . >> republican lawmakers slammin president biden's next spending plan, but while will another factor be jeopardize the democrats economic agenda. that is coming up next. >> the problem is not just democrats jaw-dropping $3.5 trillion price tag. it's also a long list of bad liberal policies with this reckless taxing and spending spree is supposed to help. cash. homeo
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>> fidelity variant derail the u.s. economy and president biden 's legislative legislatively inspects ari fleischer joins us to talk abou that in a moment, but first, at $15 starting wage could become the norm for low skilled worker as employees struggled to fill jobs. of $15 wage more than doubles the official federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. the congressional budget office saying the higher wage could mean one point for nguyen fewer jobs by 2025, but also a pay raise for 27 million people. plus walmart says it will cover 100 percent of college tuition at ten schools for its u.s. workers. walmart employees must work par or full time to eligible for th plan. incentive is just another way that businesses are trying to
10:19 am
attract and pay talent. >> president biden selling his build back better plan in pennsylvania in the next hour, but as fears grow the delta variant spreading across the country will negatively impact the economy how might this hurt the president's agenda. fox news contributor ari fleischer joins us now. what you think about that? didn't standing at the podium, you know very welcome and she was asked about the delta variant, the fears of it, how that's affecting the economy, they say we don't really see an impact on the economy. i will add in yet because we just don't know if there is any further planned shutdowns. what's next. >> big sweeping problems like this can hurt the country into two ways. one is just the people, if america turns into a more pessimistic nation where people say oh my gosh, i threw it and now everything is getting worse all over again, that has a dramatic affect on people's
10:20 am
lives and people therefore they're outlooks, politicians particularly incumbents in the white house, because it affects people's mood. the second issue is does it affect people's economy and tha is directly tied to whether or not businesses start to shut down again weather people stay home again, and the more i talk is scary talk, and the more masks get reissued, the more people start to think i shouldn't be out mixing with others. that does of course start to hurt economies. >> unwanted turn your attention to mitch mcconnell talking about the reckless tax and spending spree, he makes a very interesting point in comparison to mister bernie sanders yesterday. listen. >> our distinguished colleague chairman bernie sanders may not have won the last presidential primary, but on the democratic side, it sure looks like his socialist philosophy is winning the war. >> a fascinating point. >> i think senator mcconnell
10:21 am
sub that up well. the november election was about the american people saying they didn't want joe biden to be lik donald trump. it wasn't about policy it was about personality. but they didn't want joe biden to be like bernie sanders. so sanders, i mean biden is governing as if he was a little bernie, and that's the problem. when he wants trillions upon trillions of new spending, way more than our government has ever spent before, massive redistribution of income schemes , joe biden is misreading the mandate the american people gave him last november and he's on very thin ice without a margin. >> we will ask what the consequences could be for the 2020 to midterm elections because i know you have a thought of that parade it doesn't appear sent republicans have read some sort of deal wit democrats on the major issues o this $1 trillion infrastructure bill, and this is at the apm headline today, those talks wit biden's entire agenda at risk rates the ap, the outcome of th
10:22 am
infrastructure bargaining which for weeks has encountered one snack after another. we'll impact what could be the crown jewel of his legacy. so does he get this done? >> infrastructure is not the crown jewel. infrastructure is normal bolts and nuts, commerce, and the president always should be able to do, this is low-level and it's turned in heavy lifting because nothing in washington works. the rest of the agenda is the biden redistribution gone wild agenda. that's the bernie agenda commit that sleep one told trillions h wants to spend on things that the government has never previously funded the way they want to fund it. that's the big issue for progressives. i don't read into the infrastructure bill that that want is the next one because i think they're so much oppositio to this massive spending spree, that you have to separate the two. do the nuts and bolts infrastructure, but in that and stop it at all costs this mask
10:23 am
spending spree because it's jus not good for americans, it's wa too big, mean way too much and not what are. >> thank you, sandra barrett. >> olympic gymnast is withdrawing from the final individual all-around competition. becomes after debate after she stepped down from the team competition perigee says she wants to focus on her mental health. learn green live in our new yor city newsroom. laura, what is the latest on al of this? >> it is shocking because simon biles is the reigning all-aroun olympic champion. so falling out of the individua competition means she won't defend the title she won in the real olympics parade leading up to her withdrawals from the tea competition yesterday she said she felt the weight of the worl on her shoulders, the pressure of being touted as the greatest gymnast ever and tasked with leading t team usa to a third gold medal became too much prid
10:24 am
during her about performance yesterday she appears to have gotten lost in the air, missing a full planned rotation. after which she decided to call it quits. she has received criticism from some but has also seemed overwhelming support from forme olympic gymnast. >> when you again have the mental clock or you won't let g of a bar or you won't flip backwards or you lose your spatial awareness, that's not easy to just overcome overnight you have to really go back to the drawing board and work on that. sometimes it takes weeks to get over that mental block. >> today, she was the star cheerleader supporting the men' gymnastics team. her decision to step down demonstrates help mental health is increasingly becoming an issue for elite athletes. a therapist that has is worked with her in the passes stress can be a dangerous game changer barrett. >> if she's worried about getting things right and i can' make a mistake i might get hurt that's a sign of stress. her personality on the floor ha literally changed red.
10:25 am
>> i'm sure it's got to be toug for her given all the work that she put into it. >> for a lot of people watching it to. >> it sure is. she said she got a case of the twisties when she was doing her vaults that she just didn't kno where she was in the air. if you do a couple of slips and double twists, and you can't land it properly, you could really hurt yourself red. >> that's a great point. obviously when she considered i doing this. we will have another way on thi in the top of the next hour. everybody has an opinion, but s much support of therefore her a it was obviously a difficult decision to make. michael phelps was interesting on this this morning on the today show. he was actually saying it depends on how you react to tha pressure he said i thrived on that pressure, that's what made me so great, that's what i seek that pressure, and then it made me go faster. other people react differently.
10:26 am
>> i'm glad you got brian on because no one knows more about performance as a gymnast than brian desperate to get all have to ask him about his gymnastics career. >> he does love all things sports. meanwhile, did the u.s. ignore an early warning sign about concerns over china's wuhan lab. find out what france reportedly told u.s. officials dating all the way back to 2015. >> they should know, they built that lab, plus gop lawmakers finding what he says our effort to curb free speech as big tech bows to calls for censorship. bill hagerty will be introducin his new bill right after he joins this on "america reports" coming up next.
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. at first, reports coming to lif that france warned the u.s. about major problems with the virus lab and you wuhan china back in 2015 and that china's military was conducting secret experiments at the lab potentially adding more support for the lab leak theory. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with the latest detail on that. hi, jennifer. >> there is new reporting that the french intelligence service warned the u.s. government abou china's secretive behavior at the wuhan institute of virology back in 2015 concerns that grew stronger in 2017 after the chinese severed ties at the lab with the french who built the biosafety level for lab, and were supposed to train chinese scientists and oversee its safety protocols and security, that according to interviews with former french bureaucrats in a recent series in the frenc newspaper. in 2004, the french government signed an agreement to help the
10:32 am
chinese build its first biosafety level for lab in wuha to study infectious diseases in the wake of the sars outbreak despite the protests that frenc offensive to officials at the time. the former lead investigator into the covid origin david asher tells us friends french intelligence warned the u.s. government that they had concerns about chinese actions at the lab two years before the institute of rolla g was inaugurated. quotes, dts e france cia were pretty publicans hounding their alarm bells, not typical, they were supposed to oversee lab safety at the wuhan institute o rolla g. this was no secret. i can't understand how nia dod and usaid would continue to plo dollars and transferred tech in the wake of the french being evacuated barrett is state department cable dating to 2018 outlined u.s. concerns in an e-mail to then secretary of state rex tiller sent a representative of the u.s. embassy in beijing writes that
10:33 am
the lab is quote limited by a shortage of the highly trained technicians and investigators required to safely operate a bs for laboratory, parts of the state department team investigating the covid 19 origin. >> it's critical, it's a critical piece of data that clearly that the cables indicat the chinese had lacked security concerns. >> they were not responsible fo overseeing the safety in wuhan, which they also had helped to build, they were responsible fo the security of the bsl for lab but those two, our connected by a covered walkway. >> jennifer griffin, live in th pentagon, thank you. john, just further evidence tha there is reason for more questions and more investigations into who knew what this is a warning that dates back to france in 2015
10:34 am
giving u.s. the heads up. >> and the connection between american money in gated functio research is still somewhat thready, there are a lot of republicans including rand paul that believe that happen. anthony fauci keeps knocking about so we don't have the fina answer on that, but the lab is increasingly drawing suspicion from just about every corner these days. sandra, big tech censorship bac in the spotlight today in the wake of the news that the white house is working with facebook to remove speech on covid that it deems to be inaccurate or unhelpful. our next guest is in introducin new it would require the white house to publicly disclose thos actions on website for a tennessee senator in this fox news exclusive. good to see you today. you new legislation is the disclose government censorship act, what is the issue as you see it and how would this legislation remedy appeared. >> and think the american publi
10:35 am
was shocked just as i was with revelations that the white hous is colluding with big tech to censor our speech, they are trying to control the opinions of american people, trying to control what we say, a clear of our first amendment rights. that is wholly un-american. the american seems to have forgotten the fact that in this country the american public controls the government, it's not the other way around. >> are you concerned the move t cert, censor certain content could be motivated by politics as opposed to science? >> it's a great concern, and i think it damages america's trus in so many ways, if you look at the most recent news that come out, new science soon to speak that calls for people to now wear masks even though they're fully vaccinated, and you go back to what the white house published in the spring back in may of this year, they clearly publish that if you've been fully vaccinated, you don't hav to wear a mask indoors or outdoors. that is still posted, they haven't censored that even
10:36 am
though it's contradictory to what the white house is saying now. there seems to be a political element to this. when the white house is its information they deem unhelpful i think that's extremely concerning part. >> in exchange with our peter ducey, the press secretary at the white house at the white house isn't actually censoring the contents, but we are flagging it for social media providers. listen to what, she said. >> we don't take anything down. we don't block anything. facebook and any private sector company makes decisions about what information should be on their platform. >> said the white house may not be pushing the delete button itself, per se, but if you tell in organization to do something based on your investigation, an they go ahead and do it, at the very least or in the of command. >> they're making these big tec companies and extension of the federal government. certainly the federal governmen is prohibited, but outsources, to have a just one step away to
10:37 am
quote flag it into influence it i think is very concerning, i think that the heart of the cas against big tech. >> at the same time you're introducing new legislation, they democrats are which would actually hold big tech accountable if they don't censo what they say is misinformation on the web. you talk to people who are free-speech advocates and they say look, instead of censoring content on the web, there shoul be more content out there to contradict if you will what you believe is misinformation. as opposed to actually wielding the pen of censorship, you put more information out there so people are better informed, where do you come down on that? >> if you think about the damag that's been done about the discussion about the wuhan lab. where a year and a half away from the outbreak of this pandemic in the wuhan lab involvement was silenced, our ability to step back and get to the bottom of it is hampered by
10:38 am
the fact that there's very little information available to assess and understand what was happening purdon over trying to go back after researchers have been silenced, the wet markets have been obliterated. i think that underscores more clearly than any that this is a huge issue that we need to step up and address. we cannot allow these platforms to essentially be an extension of the federal government to do what's convenient for the federal government and silence america's free speech pretty ge the wuhan lab is a classic example of information involving . people were being censored last year to pointing to the lab forever potential source for covid and now we see jennifer's report about what the french have been saying about it now for six years. senator bill hagerty of tennessee come out looking forward to you filing that legislation. sandra. >> the cdc once again with a major reversal on mask wearing, now saying that some people in some parts of the country shoul wear masks, even if there vaccinated. and what does it all mean as schools reopen? the new guidance for teachers and children.
10:39 am
>> as cases surge, authorities and one border town are warning covid positive migrants are being released by the feds into the community and then they mixed with the public. texas congressman pete sessions on that is straight ahead. >> i do not think we can do thi ourselves, the federal government allowing people just to walk up and stay and be transported around our state or they get transported around other parts of the country. not just 80% like other loans. that's a big difference. and it can mean a lot more money for you and your family. and this is the best time in history use it because home values are now at record highs while mortgage rates are near record lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you take out
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>> want to paint it black with strawberries strawberry to new push for transparency in the white house targeting the president's family. michael watts today introducing the painter act is the presiden son hunter biden plans to atten
10:44 am
art shows. the painter act would require president and vice president's to provide financial disclosure for their nondependent children. quite a convoluted acronym ther it stands for the preventing anonymous income by necessitating transparency of executive relatives act. >> because it's needed i guess. >> that is a creative acronym. >> let people decide what they think about that. back to our top story, reports that border patrol agents are effectively releasing covid positive migrants into the u.s. population and now the u.s. a ministration are to keep tromp era immigration policies in place including title 42. texas representative pete sessions during just now. congressman, thank you for bein here. tell us what you're seeing happen in your state as we see these reports of local authorities warning residents o the ground that these migrants are being released, they're staying at local hotels, their
10:45 am
visiting restaurants in some cases, and they have tested positive for covid 19. to get this is exactly the poin we've been trying to make for some period of time back in january about generally literally 20th when this starte occurring, we've had over 1 million illegal immigrants wh have come to the border who hav been accepted in, but what happened is that they were processing them so fast, that they simply brought them in and did not care whether they had covid or other communicable diseases. they did not take the time to make sure that they were fitted properly. this is what happens with over seven months when there was an estimate of about 14 percent of these people, in this is an old number, but it goes back a few months, about 14 percent of the did have covid, and they releas them onto airports coming into schools, and two hotels as you suggest.
10:46 am
this is a serious problem. when american citizens are required to take up a positive covid test, yet we just point anyone in the country. in particular we worried about these urban areas that will hav large numbers of people directl related to the covid patients. >> there is the catholic charities they are seeing more migrants and of course they're asking border patrols does please hold off, stop this because we don't have enough room we have to limit the numbe of people in here, they're having to take health precautions. they don't know who's coming an carrying the virus, and when it comes to staffing these migrants , the police in many cases have their hands tied. their resources are tied up, in the case of la jolla, we're on the side of the screen you see live picture of a la jolla, texas, this is one of the sergeants they are saying that there's not a lot we can do. watch. >> if they want to leave in get in a car, we cannot stop them.
10:47 am
we don't have no proof that the are positive for the covid 19. and until there is a mandate that gives us the authority to do that, we cannot stop these people from leaving. >> that is just a brutal realit for the police, for the residence. >> it's important that we remember that elections have consequences, and the president of the united states, the day h took the oath of office, he agreed that he would well and faithfully execute the laws of the country, drove straight to the white house and signed all these orders getting around established law. that was there protect american and american citizens and american jobs. what this president and the democrat party have done is mak sure that they have blocked any efforts to have a discussion about this and to bring over 1 million people illegally into the country. not a surprise to me that the covid infection is roaring in this country.
10:48 am
could give the numbers are staggering, it's not just texas where that migrants are being released to the public, there being shipped to other states a well so the covid concern is a reality for many other states. just as a bit of the public safety warning to residents on the ground in la jolla about th migrants being released into th population they said officers also observed that a group of 20 -30 people staying at a local hotel there were out and about, the majority of them without masks. people being detained by border patrol that showed symptoms of the illness or were positive fo covid were being quarantined by the agency and later they were given custody to catholic charities of the rio grande valley to be placed in hotels i the mcallen area as well as la jolla bird that is a public safety notice that they had to adhere to on the ground there, do you have any confidence that joe biden will look at this
10:49 am
situation and reverse course on title 40 to and reimplement som of those trump trump era policies that were working? >> i have every reason to believe that common sense would dictate that. we have been attempting to let the president know that this would be a beginning of what he should do. but once again, this is a political consideration and the democratic party to give as man illegal people into this countr for us to take responsibility for them and they could really care less about the health and safety and welfare of the american citizens in this regard . so the president is choosing to do what he does, and we are deeply disappointed. this will not go away. it will be an issue that will continue until we re- win back the house of representatives an defeat nancy pelosi. >> pete sessions of texas, we appreciate your time, sir. >> thank you. >> seattle making about-face when it comes to policing and i now looking to boost its police force after the city was home t an anti- cop sewn just last summer. why the big reversal?
10:50 am
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>> the mayor of seattle washington who initially allowe a cop freezone last year is now calling on the cd to rebuild it bleat depleted police force thi after six different shootings over the weekend left five people dead and nine others injured.
10:54 am
the end springer is life and seattle with more. it looked like people who bough into this whole idea of defunding the police are lookin for a refund. >> it didn't go as planned and you mentioned the top that that mayor really kind of mean a nam for herself last summer after her police officers abandoned the east precinct and that entire area was then taken over by protesters and she said on cnn that seattle was in for the summer of love and the reality has been just the opposite. five murders over the weekend, and that has seattle on a pace to exceed last years total, which at the time was a 26 year high. drive-by shootings have doubled in the number of people shot citywide is up 61 percent. now, after the city cut its police force by 18 percent the mayor says it's time to hire more cops. >> it is a false choice between community led solutions and
10:55 am
police officers. we need both. >> the frequent protests that were often declared riots and the lack of support from city city hall lead that mass resignations from the police department including the police chief. the interim chief says he's los 250 officers in the last 17 months. the head of the police officers guild says the number is actually 300. mikesell and blames the deadly violence on the severe cup shortage on the politicians who caved to the defund police movement. >> rcd is incomplete lawlessnes in terms of the crime explosion and our community is suffering because of the politicians. >> seattle is trying to recruit new officers, but it's not goin very well. the mayor is not running for reelection, one of the people o the council who's trying to replace one of the leading candidates was one of those people who pledged last year to
10:56 am
defund the police department by 50 percent. >> they didn't see all that coming is me beyond me. dan, thank you. >> out of a second olympic even now citing her mental health, what simone biles absent means for team usa. plus mask mandates are back in many places just as life was starting to feel like normal. now one senator is warning abou crippling our economy for a second time around. those stories and a whole lot more. look at that lineup coming up i a brand-new hour. is the lowest rate in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. these rates could cut thousands off your mortgage payments every year. with their two and a quarter refi, there's no money out of pocket and no upfront fees.
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11:01 am
a covid case on the ride so fears of more government power grab like we saw last year, wil they happen? just that part thought of it sparking major backlash. we've made it halfway through the week,. >> exactly halfway through the week so we are halfway through the show. good to spend the second hour with you. there was even talk about requiring people to carry some sort of health pass proving tha they aren't sick before they ca go into places like bars and restaurants. it went over really well in france the other day. it has protesters in france raising raging in the streets o the last few days bird florida senator rick scott is here with a lot to say on all of this. >> but first, we've got a lot more to get to. i believe that president biden is speaking live now. okay, let's go to the president. >> as they say up in scranton, they don't say yell of there. you do because you have a famil from alabama. you been tireless champion.
11:02 am
helping as pass the tax cuts fo families with children. people who are seeing now in their bank accounts, showing up in their bank account every month. and working with our administration to expand home care for seniors. we've got a generation between the child and the mom or dad needing help. and they need help. provide better. pay for caregivers freight and want to thank bobby casey, a great friend of mine who champions this because in the united states and it eldercare. you know, john mack started thi iconic american company in 1890. things really didn't get off th ground until four years later when he brought his brother william down from scranton. so it goes to show you, you wan to get things moving, ring guy from scranton to get it moving.
11:03 am
you mind if i take my coat off? let me take my coat off. you know, folks, we are getting things moving greatly really are . you are. when i started my campaign, for president, and think of, i apologize, i didn't introduce you coming of the governor of the state and one of the best i the country. thank you. and your good friend. when i said i was running when announced my campaign, and not many people took it seriously's i said i was running for three reasons, one to restore the sou of the country, a sense of decency and honor, but secondly to rebuild the backbone of the country. hard-working middle-class folks who built this country.
11:04 am
i want to point out that unions built the middle class. that's not a joke. unions built the middle class. by the way, in case you regret anything, i just want you guys and women in the union to know, if it weren't for the uaw in 1970 to, i never would have one. near the largest percentage of union workers and any state in the nation in delaware back the including michigan. we were a small state with big plays, so before you get upset, remember, you are to blame. look, folks, i think a lot of u come from similar backgrounds. moms, dads, brothers, sisters, family, people get up every day work hard, raise their families pay their taxes, serve the communities and serve their country, and that's why i moved
11:05 am
so quickly to pass the american rescue plan shortly after i got elected. >> that is president biden and the lehigh valley where he is pushing his new proposal to buy american by increasing the amount of american-made content in order to qualify as american-made for federal purchases it's currently 55 percent he wants to take it to 60 percent and then 65 percent in 2024 up to 75 percent in 2029. we will keep monitoring the speech and if he makes news wil bring it to you. >> simone biles withdrawing fro another event, this one the all-around gymnastics final. >> i didn't want to do somethin silly out there and get injured so i'm glad the girls took over and did the rest of the job. they are olympics over mentalis now and they should be proud of themselves of how well they did last minute having to go in.
11:06 am
it's been really stressful olympic games, i think just the whole not having an audience, there are a lot of different variables going into a. it's been a long week, along olympic process, along year, so just a lot of different variables. i think we are just a little tw stressed out, but we should be out here having fun and sometimes that's not the case. >> that was vials after droppin out of the ten team finals. that was first in the long history of the olympics, citing concern for her mental health recognition about up before the individual all-around meaning for at least the next four years , her olympic dreams are gone. her dramatic move sparking talk about mental health and the pressures that leet athletes face to achieve that perfection. >> it now in the wake of that decision there's been a lot of debate over whether she made th right decision. that is raising from the olympi arena from tokyo all the way back to this country, but where she once hoped she would bring
11:07 am
home the gold. let's bring in arm panel, i kno you both have strong feelings o all of this and your big athletes, big into sports, and we've been watching simone bile in the sports world for quite some time. it appears, brian, that there's quite a debate over whether or not this was the right thing to do once she was already at the olympics. >> a couple of things, i don't think she knew it was coming fo it for example, she's got a track record, she's been competing internationally since she was 13 maybe younger. she's never extreme something like this before that we know what. they features we watched of her they were talking about her making her routine so difficult no one knew how to score a purchase like this is almost to easy for me and the question is is she going to come back in four years when she's 28 years old. i thought that was important. a lot of people treaty and support. if this is tom brady refusing t
11:08 am
coming out of the locker room o peyton manning freezing and nothing in the super bowl you can debate, big moment you got to rise to the occasion, but i think something else is going on , and i think he goes back to larry nasser and the sexual abuse, if something is triggere there, that is out of my league. hugh competed at a much higher level than i did, but her teammate wrote a column today i the new york post who indicated don't quester her toughness, sh competed up the highest level while passing a kidney stone an it might have triggered some of her past trauma, may be she's dealing with red. >> who knows what she's dealing with, but mental health issues you cannot mess around with this . brian, he makes a similar point let's listen. >> we look back at what she's been through over the last few years, there is tremendous stress from her battles with us gymnastics over the larry nasse disaster, being a high-profile black athlete in these
11:09 am
incredibly politically charged times with the expectations, financial expectations, meeting sponsors demands, meeting those on and on and on, and eventuall you put so much weight on the skill come of the scale tips, and she can't do gymnastics fred . >> considering all of that, we know this was an incredibly difficult decision for her to make their. >> absolutely, you train you're whole life, you train for four years, in this case five years because the olympics we're pushed you to covid 19, and you know you're letting people down coming or letting down your teammates, your coaches, your country, there are so many people in so many things at stake. it's important to step back and look at this through a lens of compassion because to echo what brian said, you don't get to this point if your not mentally strong. she has proven she's incredibly mentally tough great you don't win in the 2016 olympics, you don't become the first woman since 1990 to to advance to the finals and all six possible olympic events she has just bee incredible through all of this
11:10 am
and it really is important to realize that there is sometimes more to the story we don't realize is there and then also to pick up on what brian said, tom brady if he decided to quit in the fourth quarter, to be a gymnast and go out there and do these high intensity tricks in the air, eared 10-15 feet above the ground, in the air, if you lose focus at any time, you can be seriously hurt and break you neck. i think it's again important to go back and look at this and really have some compassion. >> and weigh the risks. >> one of those speaking out about this and doesn't appear t really have her back on this saying tom brady doesn't go in for the super bowl for the second half because of mental pressure he feels, lebron james takes himself out of the nba games have been because the pressure he feels, what with th action reaction be to speed to come and she also says i think our standard should be the same for all great athletes regardless of their gender, the
11:11 am
reaction suggest that our standards for women athletes ar for more lenient. you believe there's a double standard at play? >> i will say this, i think the might have a different story next week because they're still the individual event finals, an she still has an option to compete next week. she said i need a couple of days . in terms of what he said, i don't know if this is gender driven i think the thing that throws my calculus off is the abuse she expensed that i can't understand and her past record performing at her best in the biggest moments, so she has a track record like i have been seen before, and now her judgin her. i don't feel like i'm in a position to judge this type of talent, work ethic, and there was nothing leading up to this that ever indicated anything, but shining the brightest and the biggest bear to get you kno who we thought was a really goo voice and all of this speaking of how can we all speak to this level of competition winter at the live olympics, this is shannon miller, a gold-medal gymnast, and she weighed in.
11:12 am
>> if your gymnast out there, you know that you hit that mental block, and you use you'r spatial awareness in the air, flying 10-15 feet above the ground, especially doing these high-level skills that simone biles is performing that no one else in the world is doing, you have to have your head in the game, you have to know that not only your body is physically ready to go, but your mental status as they are. for her safety it was probably the best thing. >> i felt like that was really good insight and reaction. real quickly this is michael phelps saying i think athletes and olympic athletes in general he said talking about the weigh of the gold, we need someone we can trust, someone can let is b ourselves and listen allows us to become vulnerable, somebody who's not trying to fix as. we carry a lot of things with a lot of weight on her shoulders he says and it's challenging, especially when we have the lights on us and all these expectations being thrown on to of us so it broke my heart to hear this, but he went on in
11:13 am
that today show interview this morning who said i am somebody who thrives in the face of that challenge and of having the weight of the world on his shoulders fred. >> i think every great athlete does. i'm sure she'd thrives on that pressure as well, i think it goes back to there's probably more to the story and in terms of gender, michael phelps is a guys who i think people had compassion for, he won 23 gold medals, but he came out and sai he contemplated suicide after one of the olympics so again, it's a tremendous amount of weight to be the best, you have to elevate your mental and physical game, everything, so o course that's a facet, but i think we look at a lot of athletes and it's become a conversation on the top level. huge advocate for mental health and the nba, we had the olympic conversation and i think it's a conversation we will continue. >> what about kareem abdul-jabbar had a problem with migraines. ticket you just don't know what somebody else's dealing with. and you, my friend, our going t be holding an event with our
11:14 am
dear colleague dana perino. began going to be able to talk about history and she's going t talk about politics and of course her best-selling book. we'll talk about my five on stage at asbury park, it's new jersey so and it's a lame for me , and hopefully we will deal with a lot of traffic if you want to join us, just go to brian >> three people on the set, we did it. >> people in person. >> john, would you like to weig in on the simone biles olympics situation? >> i would say greetings from asberry park. ends and some my way because i' awfully lonely. people are comparing it to with lebron james it broke bow out, with tom brady i'll outcome you talking basketball and football what are you going to do, miste free-throw, i would more to ski jumping or downhill skiing, if your heads not focused, if your not in the game, and you take off from a ski jumping ramp or you go down the hill at 70 mile
11:15 am
an hour, and you make a mistake it could cost you your life. and what abby was saying, you could break your neck if you come out of one of those somersaults while you're on the vault because you get spatially disoriented. cut her a break, please. >> can i say one more thing. >> brian never jumps in, so let him jump in. >> john, it happened, she was supposed to do a two and a half and she did a one and a half an in the middle of her jump, she watched track of what she was doing great i can't even imagin it. that adds to exacting what you're saying. >> brian, i've seen your double back layouts on me, and you nai it every time. >> can we roll it right now? oh we don't have it. >> it's so great. i'm sorry i didn't bring it. that archive take is so old. >> thanks, guys spread. >> great discussion purred from mask to mandates, the biden administration considering a bi change when it comes to
11:16 am
requiring vaccines, european-style health passes hitting our shores, we are standing by with that. liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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call now. show me the olympics. [ "bugler's dream" playing ] ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the cdc reversing force on its guidance for masking our children. the agency recommending all students now k-12 and staff and teachers wear masks in schools. as the delta variant as causing as pike and covid cases in the u.s. for americans in areas with a high rate of covid infections they recommend folks wearing masks indoors as well. first to jonathan who is live i atlanta, home of the cdc. >> hello, sandra. the cdc new guidance on masks
11:22 am
has reignited debate on requiring them in public schools . in one case literally reignited the debate. look at this video in florida where protesters burned facemasks outside the broward county school board the governo has threatened to call special session to block schools from requiring masks, south carolina passed similar legislation earlier this month. both are among seven states already restricting city and county governments from mandating masks. critics say mask requirements are unnecessary in schools because children are at the lowest risk for severe cases of covid 19. but the director of the cdc say there is still enough risk to warrant extra precautions for children. >> they tend to be more asymptomatic, they tend to have fewer symptoms, but i want to emphasize that if you compare covid desta children, this year compared to flu deaths in prior years, it's about to fold more
11:23 am
impaired. >> the doctor also points out that the fda has yet to approve covid vaccines for children under the age of 12, and even for kids ages 12-17, only 30 percent of that group has been vaccinated. >> don't jonathan, thanks. >> let's bring in the family an emergency medical office physician and fox news contributor. washing his coat start us off your because this is going to be awfully confusin for people. you are going to have a patchwork across the country pe you've got the national guidance , but it's going to come down to the local level, communities and states will do what they do, it could even com down to individual businesses t each other have different roles great what are people to do? >> that's right, john, ultimately it is left at the stove and local level, based on the number of vaccinations amon
11:24 am
the community as well. for cdc and the american academ of pediatrics, our both recommending that kids in schoo wear masks even though children we know our blue risk there thi is because they are concerned o spreading, but if i think if we focus on those who are at highe risk, focusing on getting those people who are eligible to be vaccinated, that might be a better approach and getting those people to mask up versus putting the burden on our children. the world health organization actually does not recommend masks for children under the ag of five, and they say for children between the ages of si and 11, they can wear their mas if tolerable, but i think what we should be doing right now is focusing on the 100 million americans who are eligible to b vaccinated because that's one o our most important protective defenses against this delta variant that is spreading. >> mark, you are focusing on th people who did go and get the
11:25 am
vaccine, suggesting this is almost punishment for them and if your not vaccinated, there's a lot more things in this world likely to kill you than covid. >> 100 percent, but first, with the doctor just said in that clip you showed, that there are double the number of deaths among children from covid, that is not true and she does not know that. the official cdc data, and ther was a great piece in the wall street journal about this, only three under 35 children in the entire united states of america under 18 who died with a covid 19 diagnosis code in their charts. the cdc doesn't know if those people died of covid, they don' know if they had pre-existing conditions, so the cdc literall does not know because i didn't pick up the phone and call the doctors whether a single american child under 18 has die of covid, so that is false to say that. second of all, the people who are vaccinated, the pandemic is over a. you are more likely to die, there have been only about 849 people who have had breakthroug
11:26 am
infections that have died from covid in a hospital as a result of that out of 161 million people who have been vaccinated you're more likely to die of a lightning strike then you are o covid if your vaccinated. you're more likely to die of th flu. you have a .0005 chance of dyin of covid. you are more likely as dying from sunstroke, choking on food then you are dying from covid i your vaccinated in the same is true of being hospitalized with. most americans, if you been vaccinated, the vaccines are so miraculous they have turned covid from a deadly mortal threat to most americans into something that's a little more dangerous than the common cold. >> that's where we are right no we have to stop telling americans that's not true prett get the push is now to get people who did not take the vaccine, to get vaccinated and as were now seeing renewed mask mean did based on the cdc guidance, we are looking at the possibility of vaccine mandate
11:27 am
spirit here was what the president said about federal workers potentially getting the vaccine. >> one thing we know for sure, if those other 109 people got vaccinated, so get vaccinated. >> there is the president talking about it may come as soon as today, vaccine requirements are testing requirements for federal workers , but he added that tag and said it twice, if you don't get vaccinated, you're not smar as i thought you were. we heard gavin newsom compare the unvaccinated two drunk drivers, we heard bill de blasio compare them to criminals . is that the way to encourage people to get vaccinated? >> no, absolutely not fair that's a bit extreme. i understand we are managing an in the midst of a public health crisis, we are in the midst of pandemic, but i like to use encouragement and education to provide to my patients so that
11:28 am
they can protect themselves and i think for example, we know there's an outbreak at a hospital in california, there was an outbreak in a federal building in florida, so it is reasonable to have healthcare workers, those who are taking care of other high-risk patient to encourage them to get vaccinated, but there are some people that don't need to get vaccinated, there are some people who may be just got over covid and have antibody protection and don't need a vaccine right away. there are people that may have allergies to components of the vaccine. there are various reasons, so w need to make sure we also have exemptions and alternatives for those that can't get vaccinated may be weekly testing, where your mask, and look at the alternatives and try to use education versus aggressive forceful tactics. >> good to talk to you. i wanted to ask about the idea of health passes, but we're out of time. you're comprehensive answer and i kinda blew the clock, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it.
11:29 am
i will say this, sandra to you, that richelle opened the door this morning to the idea of european like health passes if people want to go into restaurants or nightclubs and things like that, that went ove really well in france, let's roll the tape and see how the french people are reacting to the fact that they might need vaccine passport to go to restaurants and other such things very they didn't like that one bit. >> look, i think everybody's go their opinion on this, i carry my vaccine card in my purse jus in case it comes up, some peopl are more than willing to do this , obviously in this case, you are seeing people who would not be willing to do that. i think one common theme i've heard from doctors in the wake of this new guidance is the disincentive that it creates to tell vaccinated people that the can't go on and live their live normally and will have to wear mask so if anybody were to hold out on getting the vaccine, if they say that those who are
11:30 am
vaccinated can't get back to normal life, it could be a disincentive to get those peopl vaccinated. >> based on what we saw in france as well, if they were to initiate some sort of health pass, you might need a gas mask in addition to your facemask. >> next, senator rick scott in the debate over masking. i believe he has a lot to say o that. why he is saying all the mandates could actually cripple the economy.
11:31 am
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you should come to newday usa first. veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. and you could take out $50,000 dollars or more. >> wilkin we told you we would bring you any news from president biden's remarks, just moments ago he revealed a big breakthrough in the negotiation over infrastructure. >> may have heard in washington i was just on the phone, it looks like a it reached a bipartisan agreement on infrastructure. transit systems, high-speed internet, clean drinking water,
11:36 am
capping the orphan wells, over thousands of them abandoned and abandoned mines, and modern resilient electric grid bill, and guess what, a lot of those abandoned wells are leaking methane, and guess what, the same union guys that dug those wells, they can make the same eugen union wage capping those wells. i'm working with democrats and republicans to get this done because while there's a lot we don't agree on, i believe we should be able to work together on the few things we do agree on . i think it's important. to get let's bring in rick scot for more on all of this further reit lead republican negotiator says it looks like they have reached a deal on this $600 billion in new infrastructure spending, senato schumer may put this to a test vote tomorrow morning paid what you're thinking about this, wil it pass?
11:37 am
>> i haven't seen the text of the bill, we're just learning, we got an overview look today. i think all of us would love to spend money on roads, bridges, and airports, but we don't want to raise taxes on americans, we don't want to raise fees on american so i'm not going to we invested $85 billion and seaports and bridges, but which cut taxes and fees and we paid off a third of our state that, so only half of this bill is paid for, through the different ways they're trying to pay for it, so i want to get more details, but i'm not going to support anything that raises taxes and fees 50 get the next step would be among democrats i this does get past is the human infrastructure built in the budget $3.5 trillion, which the center for responsible federal budget committee, the committee for a responsible federal budge says could be more like five an half trillion dollars, and if you look at the way they've got some subset provisions in this
11:38 am
bill, it shouldn't be allowed t be done under reconciliation because the plus ten year cost would add money to the deficit. >> first off, we've already see as less in prices are all upcoming used ca prices up are almost 50 percent. with the democrats are doing is causing inflation. it's hurting our poorest families come a those relying o social security, so this is reckless, they're going to rais taxes on almost every american, and here's what's interesting, they always talk about what they're going to give you. they don't tell you how they're going to take money from you to pay for these things. what the democrats are doing is reckless and it shouldn't happen . >> let me switch gears with you and go for the mask guidance which is turning quickly into mask mandates at the local level . you said in response to what th cdc director said yesterday, in a tweet commit nope, we cannot cripple our economy again destroy jobs again, just write another year of education again
11:39 am
and destroy small businesses again. american went through this once there is nothing to justify thi approach and americans know what . are you concerned that this could be a slippery slope that we see mask guidance yesterday, we see mask mandates returning, may be a return to lockdowns as well pretty get this is crazy. there just creating fear in the american public. look at what's going to happen, these democratic mayors and governors are going to shut dow businesses. let's say you have a small business and your you to cite outcome at your business wasn't essential, so what happens to your business? what about the mom worried abou their children's education, online education is not the bes in the world and i don't want m kids do that, so they lose another year of education? these mask mandates, they need to explain, just get information . americans are smart and we know what to do. by the way, i got the vaccine, so now they want me to wear a mask after i got the vaccine? what are they telling people? not to get the vaccine because it doesn't help you. how will that help you get more
11:40 am
people with the vaccines out there. i'm afraid this is going to kil our economy again. >> what about the issue of masking children going back to school as well, the governor of florida says he's not going to have it. in a statement they say that governor desanto's believes the parents nosed wets is best for the parents therefore parents and florida are making their ow cases. clearly, the governor can do a lot of what he wants to do in the state of florida, but then there are 49 other states acros this country where masking kids may become a reality again. >> we ought to let parents make choices, make let americans mak choices, americans are smart an they there informed about seed the cdc should put out as much information as possible so people make informed decisions. that's what my mom said growing up, she only has an 11th grade education, and my dad had a sixth grade education they weren't dumb, but they didn't have a lot of education, but
11:41 am
they made logical decisions. >> south carolina, iowa, arkansas, texas, oklahoma, and utah have all introduced legislation that would make it or would prohibit making kids wear a mask in school. senator greg scott out of the great state of florida, thank you for joining us today. >> the conversation were having about just that here on the new desk. the big meeting happening this hour about your money coming from covid concerns to rising inflation and a dire warning that happens moments ago from the fed, we have got all of tha for you and we will discuss it all next.
11:42 am
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11:46 am
>> fox news alert, a few moment ago federal ritual reserve flee men said inflation could be higher and more persistent than expected. this is highly anticipated, and it's ongoing by the way. this is a live shot of powell here. >> i had to laugh about it. if you cover financial markets like i do, if you report like i do in the sophisticated people in the markets, major ceos, you know that we have inflation. they've been talking about this forever, for him to say this. can keep the pressure has been on him to acknowledge his. also the pressure has been on
11:47 am
the white house to acknowledge the rising price of just about everything, but there are big questions about what does the delta delta invariant mean for minutes, and where the beauty for their shutdowns. jay powell said a few moments ago that the slow pace of vaccination is concerning to hi and the rise of dell fitted, covid risks to the economy. that's right in the face of wha jim saki said at the white hous yesterday. >> there is no significant sign at this point of the delta invariant impact in that sense. it's best that much of the economic impact will be felt in communities with lower vaccination rates, but we don't expect to turn back the clock t what it was in march of 2020. >> gosch for bid we have to com about their concerns very. >> i agree with her, i hate to say it. it's probably the first time in my life. if you talk to doctors about really what's going on on the ground, the delta variance is bad in certain parts of the country.
11:48 am
i'm not saying it's i'm not trying to underplay it, but it' not a crisis here in new york, it's not a crisis in a lot of places that are heavily vaccinated. i just don't think we're going back there. if we have massive mask mandate across the country, that's goin to be hard for people to bring people back to work grade that could hurt the new york city economy. but we might not even have that great i think there's two stories here right now in my view, there is j powell acknowledging inflation, and then the question is, is the pandemic wheels going to hurt the economy. >> but let's not forget, we wer pumping money into the system because of the pandemic. >> i think inflation is a bigge story and here's why, he is still not saying he's going to raise rates, he may have to raise rates, if we do have inflation that keeps going up. are you hearing anything? >> i had dinner, as ceo of a major company who said listen, i'll bite you my bottom dollar
11:49 am
we are going to have higher rates and next year, late this year or early next year because this inflation isn't going away. so why do you raise rates? you have two because inflation is a tax on average people. it's worse than anything else s if you make a few more bucks on your eve got to stop that scum of the only way to stop that is to just force a recession. and the longer you wait, the bigger the recession will be, s he's going to have to do it. and we're going to go through a recession and markets are going to tank and people are going to be out of work and it's all because the fed waited this lon to normalize. that's based on a lot of what-ifs. which is what if? >> if we don't start to raise rates, and we don't start to contain inflation, you're sayin we could eventually see a reall rough ride in the stock market. >> know, if you raise rates, th markets are going to deflate because the economy is going to deflate as well because that's what happens.
11:50 am
>> while all of this is happening, there is still a robust jobs market out there an there are according to the latest may job openings, 9.2 million open jobs available to be applied for, but they are just sitting there and that number hasn't moved and that's record high. >> and that forces, private businesses like restaurants and stuff like that, they are
11:51 am
competing with the government. but it's one thing for two restaurants to compete with eac other for a worker, that's when you get a normal rise in wages, you want that, the government has endless amounts of money it's giving people a lot more, it's offering more than you get paid, and by the way, plus you can sit at home. forget it, you don't have to lift any objects. so that is what's going on here. that is leading to the inflation , that is essentially going to lead to a recession when the fed raises rates and your not going to see those job they are open anymore. >> interesting twitter feed you have going on today. >> it's always when i'm on with you. i don't know, you were telling them how tough you are, look at me in the gym. >> it's with you. >> i'm really impressed. great to see you. okay. >> charlie giving us a lot to look forward too. a ruling could come any time no on whether molly tibbetts murderer gets a second chance a trial, his attorneys say they know who really killed the college student, but that can they convince a judge? that is coming up next. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. these rates could cut thousands off your mortgage payments every year. with their two and a quarter refi, there's no money out of pocket and no upfront fees. newday's holding the line on those low rates so every veteran family can save.
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veteran homeowners, newday just announced their lowest rate ever. the two and a quarter refi. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year. >> john: we're keeping close eye on a judge in iowa for the man convicts of murdering molly tibbets will get a new trial. mike tobin has more. >> as we're awaiting for judge yates to make the written ruling, should be known that judge yates voiced his
11:57 am
skepticism of the contents for a motion for a new trial. the motion the defense laid out is a story that cristhian rivera was framed for the murder of molly tibbets and killed when investigators got too close, killed that the murder could be pinned on a hispanic guy. a couple of prison inmates say they heard the story from another inmate. the story teller was not brought into the courtroom. only arnie mackey. >> he tells you that he killed her. he told you he stabbed her? >> stabbed her to death. >> he told you the guy that they charged is the wrong guy? >> correct. he said he didn't kill him. >> 18-year-old molly tibbets disappeared after going for a jog in 2018. >> john: thanks, mike. sandra? >> sandra: coal towns getting a second chance apparently thanks
11:58 am
to china. that is the crackdown on cryptocurrency. lauren simonetti is live in pennsylvania with a very unique story you're delivering today. hi, lauren. >> hi. this is american innovation at its finest. this is 80 years of coal waste seeping to the soil and now it's being used for electricity for bitcoin mining. you can see how expandsive this coal man is and how desperate the surrounding area is for a new company. strong hold digital mining cleaned up and created jobs that pay $150,000. when china banned bitcoin mining operations in may, that created an opportunity for the u.s. to
11:59 am
take market share. think renewables and hydro and bring it to the u.s. with that comes computing power. states like texas, georgia, south carolina, wyoming and here in pennsylvania, they're welcoming that new economy. back to you. >> sandra: wow, what a unique look at that. lauren simonetti live in pennsylvania. thanks. john? >> john: don't like the idea of her standing on toxic waste though. a follow up in the world's most expensive french fries. turns out a lot of people are willing to pay for them. we told you the fries cost $200 and made with truffles and gold dust. sarindipity 3 has them. you have to weight eight to ten weeks. i don't know if it's a shortage
12:00 pm
of fries, cheese or gold dust but there's a line. >> even if they make them at a loss, it's worth all the advertising. >> john: you going to put your order in? >> sandra: fries are good on their own. i don't know why anybody needs that stuff. >> john: forget the gold dust. put your cheese and gravy. good eating. >> sandra: thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" starts right now with trace gallagher in for martha. >> good afternoon. i'm trace gallagher in for martha maccallum, this is "the story." d.c. police announced an arrest of the shooting death of this little girl. naya courtney shot dead while riding her scooter on the street. mark hargrave has been charged with murder. the suspect is no stranger to the criminal justice system and very possible that he was


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