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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 30, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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with the ones that you love. see you monday, we will see you monday. ♪ ♪y, ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jason: welcome to the special edition of "hannity." double standards and hypocrisy, the left of us risk over the response. i'm jason chaffetz in for sean and tonight, the white house is in a state of chaos, surprise, surprise. mask mandates, vaccine mandates, possible new lockdowns, schools are going to try to reopen in the fall, or will they? according to conflicting messages from the biden administration, all of these draconian measures may or may not be coming
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this as leaked documents show new panic surrounding the delta variant around the center for disease control. today president biden vowed more restrictions are likely headed our way. have a look. >> reporter: and americans expect more guidelines and restrictions coming up because of covid? >> in all probability.g >> jason: to make matters worse, biden's surgeon general is now apparently recommending americans now wearl masks outside. watch. >> the people we are most concerned about are the unvaccinated. for example, the folks who are unvaccinated, let's say you are a parent like me who has young children who are not vaccinated, that is a circumstance where we are being extra cautious and wearing the mask even if you are fully vaccinated, wearing it outside, when you are in an indoor public location is an extra step to protecting those at home.
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>> jason: so the question tonight is how is this following the science? joining us now, fox news medical contributors dr. makary and dr. nesheiwat. thank you so much for joining us, want to start with you because they are suggesting that as a parent you where a mask indoors with your own children and then go outside with your own children may be in your backyard and then continue to wear a mask? i mean, where is the science behind that? >> there is no science behind it, jason. in my opinion i think it is unrealistic and a little bit absurd. i hate when we put the burden of protection on our children. the adults, the parent should be vaccinated or at least where there mask around their children. i think it's unhealthy, there is no data to support that if you are vaccinated that you need to wear a mask indoors around your own family members, especially around children who are very low risk. if you have a child that just had an organ transplant or is
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undergoing chemotherapy, i understand taking the extra precaution but for the most part, it is not necessary and it does not follow any data or signs that we have. it's not even recommended by the cdc. and as far as outdoors, you do not need to wear a mask outdoors. we have a constant exchange of natural airflow and ventilation. that is sufficient, you will not pick up coronavirus outdoors. that is very low risk. if you're in a new york city subway train packed, that's another reason. y okay, you can wear your mask then but for the most part being vaccinated means you don't need to wear your mask in those situations. >> jason: and dr. makary, address the younger populationse because fortunately, this is not a virus that targets first and foremost younger populations. and yet, you hear about kids going to soccer camp in the heat of the summer having to wear these masks. there are studies that actually say that is not healthy, correct?ea
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>> there are downsides and we forget about that. it's not just the transmission of the virus, it's about value and dignity to kids and their livelihoods and when you take that away, guess what, you introduce other medical problems. there is zero science behind masks and kids just like doctor said. zero. $42 billion a year they have spent each year during covid and not a single study on it. i would love to see the studies on it. they are going to study the so vigorously, give us the data. no data on how many of the 335 deaths in the entire year and a half of kids under 18 were healthy. no data on how many of those kids were hospitalized for covid, not just with an incidental positive covid finding. >> jason: dr. nesheiwat, what i found interesting this week is this administration, why can't they release the data, the underlying data and trust people like yourself to go out and
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analyze it while also issuing new guidance and say, because of this data they are thinking they are going to have to do x, y, and z. when i release the stuff simultaneously? >> we should come up the most part. we doctors like to practice evidence-based money. show me the money come in from of the evidence that says wearing a mask indoors as a person is going to save thousands and thousands of lives. it doesn't really exist. it will protect others who are unvaccinated and immune compromised, those who are vulnerable but they are the ones who should be vaccinated, they're the ones who should be masking up. we're looking at this all wrong, backwards. we need to put our focus on the unvaccinated, the vulnerable, not the low risk people who are already vaccinated and are lowto risk. i think if we shift our energy and our focus then we can stop the acceleration and
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prolongation of this pandemic. >> jason: dr. makary, what is your thought on this? as a parent, somebody who has younger children and some kids that are in their 20s now, what should they be doing? what is the actual science at this point? >> the science on kids is pretty simple. there are select kids with pre-existing conditions and those are the ones at risk. the rest of the kids have a risk of covid far below other infectious diseases thats circulate in society and we are not going to eradicate this infection from society. h right now you are seeing this furious attempt to demonize those who are unvaccinated in search of elimination. we have downgraded this infection and that is what vaccination immunity or natural immunity does. we are probably going to see delta crest in late august or september and we have to recognize it's not going to go away. we are going to live with and for seasons to come like the other poor coronavirus is that
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because common cold-like symptoms each year. >> jason: thank you both, really appreciate it. dr. makary and dr. nesheiwat. amid all the covert confusion, one thing is absolutely clear, the left really wants you to wear a mask is as possible. unless of course, you are a democrat. here is speaker nancy pelosi taking her mask off for a photo shoot. this is days after threatening to arrest unmasked individuals at the capitol. here's house judiciary chairman jerry nadler also not wearing a mask. here's the deputy press secretary of the united states breaking the administration's mask policy two days in a row. and here is her boss, joe biden with something on his chin and as you can see on your screen, an aide wrote him a note saying "sir, there is something on your chin."." biden promptly wiped his face. notably, it is not a mask.
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just likely a piece of food. apparently we are in the middle of a deadly pandemic unless of course you are a democrat. but fear not because nancy pelosi is a big advocate for personal choice and medical privacy, just watch this. >> here's the thing, we cannot require someone to be vaccinated, that is just not what we can do. it is a matter of privacy to know who is or who isn't. i can't go to the capital position and say give me the names of people who aren't vaccinated so i can go encourage them or make it known to others to encourage them to get vaccinated, can't do that. >> jason: that was from april when she was actually correct. now she's trashing the dnc for not promoting it harder. but through all the hysteria and confusion, let's not lose sighta
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of one important fact, covid-19 originated in wuhan china. the government of china attempted to cover up the outbreak and instead, infected the world. now according to a bombshell new report, dr. fauci was warned early on by a top scientist that the virus appeared to bepo engineered. so why did fauci seeminglywa ignore this warning for so many months? joining us now with reaction of florida, byron donalds along with ranking member of the house oversight committee james comer and fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. thank you so much for joining us. congressman donalds, i want to start with you because you've got to be there on the floor, nancy pelosi, jerry nadler, gift or work with these people. i used to but i threw in the towel.
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how do members react when to the point that you are going to be arrested and then taking it offf for photo ops and nadler doesn't seem to care. >> the members are furious, they are overage. they can understand or we never seem to be able to understand the thought process of nancy pelosi. it is highly tyrannical to go this far and say members of your staff or visitors are going to be arrested is ridiculous and insane. i told my staff that you will be protected, visitors come to see me and if the speaker has a problem with that she can come see me as another member of congress. another thing that is really a problem is she never gave manny data, no information, she just came down from on high like she is queen. but she's not, she's another member of congress like everybody else.
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>> jason: she does only have one vote just like everybody else, i used to be the chairman of that committee, why has that committee even attempted to go dive deep into the origins of the covid-19 virus. why is the committee totally ignoring us? >> i have no idea and the committee did great work and you were surrounded by great work but they've been -- we need oversight to determine the origin of covid-19. they've been working diligently, the republicans are the ones that uncovered the fact that dr. fauci gave 600,000 to the n eco-health alliance, which was then funneled to the lab, dissecting the nonredacted emails and seeing where he has
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had countless flip-flops on covid with respect to the origination, so we have questions, no desire to do anymore oversight that the american people want. >> jason: this is literally effecting every single person's life and around the world you would think that they would have some intellectual curiosity and be able to do something with that, but i feel for you because they have the gavel, they get to make those decisions. gregg jarrett, you and i talk and trade text messages along the way, this administration is just stunning to me that they cannot seem to release the data and the guidance at the same time. >> joe biden simply mimics what the cdc says. makes you wonder who is president here.
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is it dr. rachelle belinsky, the director of the cdc, is she the real president here? these mask requirements for vaccinated people, not based on the science, not based on reason, and the statistics from the cdc itself proves it. if you're vaccinated according to the cdc you have a 0.0035 chance of getting a covid breakthrough including the delta variant and being hospitalized. it is statistically infinitesimal. it is so minuscule, it is really statistically insignificant and yet the cdc has not reversed course after having said you don't have to wear a mask if you are vaccinated and says, you do. they are punishing the vaccinated, 163 million americans for the sins of the
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young vaccinated. 97% of those who come down now with covid in the post-vaccination era are the unvaccinated. 99% represent deaths. unvaccinated individuals. we don't make people during the flu season wear a mask and to get, percent of americans get the flu, a percent of seriously sick and 24,000 people in the last flu season died. and yet we don't wear masks for that. if this is the new cdc standard, we are going to be wearing masks in perpetuity for every virus, every variant, every american and i don't think most americans are going to stand for that. >> jason: it's about power and
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it's about control and that is what it's really about. i got the vaccination, make the determination yourself. what should happen to dr. fauci and i've only got a few seconds. >> he should want to come to the congress. >> jason: my bad, congressman comer, go ahead. >> he should want to answer questions. every republican, every american for that matter wants to know what he knew and when he knewe it. he has a right to tell us. he's been the face of covid-19, he should want to come before congress and answer every question, tell mack that congress has. >> jason: he's been thequ highest paid employee and if you're going to do a cover shot, you'd think he would answer some questions from congressmanwe comer. congressman donalds real quickly, what is the next step with dr. fauci? >> he needs to come and answer questions, it is just that
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simple but nancy pelosi doesn't want to bring him in because he doesn't want to have somebody in front of congress actually have to answer for the idiocy of the cdc at this point. >> jason: yeah, i think you're both right in the other way to do it is fire him. he should be let go. fire him and then bring him into congress and make them ask questions. gregg jarrett, congressman, and congressman donalds, thank you so much for joining us tonight. right after the break the media mob is targeting the unvaccinated and one cnn host even said that people who refuse to get the vaccine shouldn't be able to work or to drive. joe concha will react to this and more as this special edition of "hannity" continues. ♪ ♪
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[swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jason: now as joe biden and the democrats want more covid restrictions for law-abiding
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americans, illegal immigrants continue to stroll across the southern border. ask yourself, if the biden administration really cared about containing covid, why are they embracing open borders? are migrants being asked to show their proof of vaccines along the way? that is something we are going to dive into as we dip into this but i've got to tell you, what m is going on with the media and how they are doing things? that is a real question. tonight, the media, they are ramping up their attacks on anyone who is unvaccinated regardless of whether or not they have natural immunity and claiming they are all out to a kill people. here's just a small sample. >> it's all i have a right to infect my house, to kill my community, that's fine but at some point, you know what, we've got to say you can't work for the federal government if you don't have a vaccine, you can't
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teach school if you don't have a vaccine, you can't work in hospitals if you don't have a vaccine. >> you have to be more direct, more concerted effort to say get vaccinated because you are not just killing yourself, you're going to kill other people. you've got to start telling people if you don't get vaccinated you can't come into this office or this place of business. >> jason: and that is not all, look at one far left lunatic over at vox who is saying that congress should punish the unvaccinated with a 99% tax rate. are you starting to feel the unity?shun remember during the trump era was democrats who were sowing vaccine doubts. remember this? >> we will have a vaccine by the end of the year, is that possible in your view? >> oh, brian, it's another day of potus in wonderland.
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>> experts are sure that is achievable. >> experts warned that timeline is overly ambitious and some have argued it might actually be dangerous. >> will we get the best vaccine in this timetable or will wewe just get a vaccine? >> the vaccine that trump says could come out this year, the happy talk about a vaccine, experts say he would need a miracle to be right. >> let's say there is a vaccine that we need to be approved and distribute it before the election, would you get it? >> well, i think that is going to be an issue for all of us. i will say that i would not trust donald trump and it would have to be a credible source ofs information that talks about the efficacy and the reliability of whatever he is talking about. >> i trust scientists, but i don't trust donald trump. at this moment, the american people can't either. >> jason: joining me now for a reaction, media columnist for a book the hill," joe concha.
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thanks for joining us here, it really was the democrats sowing doubt and discord. they said if trump has anything to do with it, don't get it. they can't blame trump. trump is the one that helped create the vaccine and it was done by a very big reputable companies and signing off by thi government. >> operation warp speed and that is a great montage you just played. we actually had fact checks in the spring thing it was impossible for there to be a vaccine before the end of 2020. as if the fact-checkers have 1.21 giga watts and a delorean who could go into the future to fact-check if this could happen or not. it's remarkable. i love the fact that you played cnn and then talking about howul you have to get vaccinated or they would lose their job. the top-rated anchor which is like being the skinniest kid at fat camp broke his own quarantine.
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he had a police report against them for getting into a verbal confrontation with a 67-year-old guy who said what are you doing out, so you want to be talking about how you have chills and fever.d this guy shutting the virus getting into a verbal confrontation and he goes mass close on the elevator's prevaccine to a point where a formal complaint was made against him. and the other cnn anchor that made the argument, don lemon can make that job because he earned seven figures for being the lowest rated anchor in prime time so please, give me a break. the messaging on this has been all over the place and we look at joe biden and you look at his actions, when he wore two masks months after being vaccinated on zoom calls with world leaders or when he is outdoors around nobody, kamala harris, same thing, saying she would not trust a vaccine, only 63% of african-americans have been vaccinated to this point partially because obviously, historically things didn't go well and they hear from family members that are older saying maybe don't take this. 41% of hispanics, 65% of asians
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have been vaccinated that when you say this is a political argument it is republicans, democrats, it's much deeper than that and when you try to shame people into taking this vaccine and when you say like the president said earlier this week, you are stupider than ing thought you were, that is not going to make one person who says i'm not going to get vaccinated because i don't believe in vaccines, i'm not going to get the flu vaccine, i don't get the covid vaccine, i don't trust these things in my body and i am fully vaccinated, but i'm not going to sit here on national television and say if i say it, you're going to do it. now, people are going to make their own decisions and again, the messaging on this has been horrible. rachelle lewinsky was on bret baier earlier and he asked, are you for mandating the
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vaccine, the vaccine level on the federal level, excuse me. and lewinsky said that is something i think the administration is looking into. she then had to tweet out later that she met portions of the federal government.he the press secretary, they need a central spokesperson who is on one message and not four different messages, jason. >> jason: yes, that is not dr. fauci, he needs to exit stage left and say thank you, let's move on because nobody trusts him. he flip-flops on this issue so many times but joe, in new york and they are now talking about adding $100 signing bonus. if you go get your vaccine, you could get 100 bucks. what about all the people who did the right thing, got the vaccine, why don't they get 100 bucks? >> cannot be retroactive? like forgiving student loan debt, okay, all the people who paid their student loan debt 20 years ago, can they get the money back too, here you have for example house speaker nancy pelosi threatening to arrest people who are not wearing masks at the capital but she is not made one comment,
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that scores are staying in the country after testing positive for covid and being released into the general population. it is literally a super spreader event, report is in the press corps for them to mask up, there have been four deaths in washington from covid, city that wants to become a state. meanwhile 11 people have been victims of homicides over the same period, yet everyone should mask up on the press floor when that is a high transition floor. all too often, you see dr. fauci mention it before, he has this sensational exposure appetite, he has never met a microphone he hasn't liked and he's all over the place as a result because he is sharing his feelings and not facts. he said we should wear no masks,
11:29 pm
then one mask, two masks. if you're vaccinated now you should wear a mask because the delta variant is fact. everyone who missing this is crazy, i don't trust these people anymore. >> jason: that is the problem. covid is real, it is deadly, you've got to take it very seriously about the messagingoua coming out of the biden-harris white house is absolutely just stunning in nancy pelosi, wear a mask, then not wear one, it's just unbelievable. joe concha, thank you. coming up, more left-wing hypocrisy from the biden administration, who is begging americans to take the covid vaccine while migrants freely flow over the southern border. we've got answers through texas attorney general ken paxton who will join us next with reaction. why are democrats obsessed with public health that ignore public safety? larry elder and joey jones are coming up next as the special edition of "hannity" continues. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jason: now tonight we are continuing to see the devastating consequences of biden and harris' board ororno neglect as the illegal immigrant migrants continue to pour across the southern border and it's getting worse day by day. ask yourself of the biden-harris administration really cared about containing covid, why are they embracing open borders? are migrants being asked to show their proof of vaccine as they walk across the border? are migrants being required to show proof of a negative test? and now biden's department of justice is suing texas for having the audacity to want to secure the state and wanting to do the job that the federal government is refusing to do. ir and attorney general ken paxton responded to a statement in part "texas won't back down.
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i will defend governor abbott's order in court and we will work together to keep president biden out of texas' business. and attorney general paxton, he joins us now. thank you so much. the crisis there in texas and across our southern border, the numbers are so stunning and we see this video and people are literally just streaming across but so many of them have covid, evidently. >> yeah, you know it is ironic too, if you are a u.s. citizen coming from another country, you can't get back in if you have covid but if you're coming here illegally you can come across without any testing and walkou across the border and they will send you somewhere in the country, the expansion of covid is not to just protect them, it's going to go all over the country. >> jason: explained to us, they come across, they just let them in the door, don't test for covid but what are these people supposed to do for food,
11:36 pm
shelter, a job? they have no documents, no paperwork, and yet they just tacitly opened the door, literally. you watch that video, they are literally opening, saying hey, come on in. >> that is a really good question, i've been to many of w these detention centers where they are holding people and they don't ever tell us where these people are going and how long they are staying. they are just transported secretly. the media isn't told, we are not told, other states are not told. this is all being done quietly,y the media doesn't complain about it and we have no idea what these people are going with covid and some of the other problems that they take with them. >> jason: my understanding is some of them are bypassing the tsa requirements of showing identification, doing what, again, ordinary citizens have to do. they don't have to do, it's easier for them. >> no, it's unconscionable.
11:37 pm
what's amazing is the cartel is the one helping these people come here. everyone of these these people,c just about everyone of these people has to pay the cartel to get across, that is the only way they can come across and they are also importing more drugs as a result, more human trafficking, more propertytyos crimes, all kinds of crimes associated with this and the biden administration is suiting up because our governor is willing to step up and try to stop some of these harms the federal government is basically just turning their head too. they are inviting it in. >> jason: yeah. good luck with that suit. we will be watching it closely. attorney general for texas ken paxton, thank you so much for joining us on "hannity." as democrats obsessed over counterproductive health guidance, they also continue to ignore the public safety crisis in our major city. if democrats really cared about preserving life then why are they so indifferent and seemingly apathetic towards the lives being lost to senseless violence all across the country? why do they want to dismantle the police and why did they refuse to admit their
11:38 pm
culpability in creating this crime crisis? here for reaction california gubernatorial candidate larry elder and fox news contributor joey jones. larry, let's start with you. you're running for the governor of california, you're doing quite well, the best i can tell, but one of the big issues i think from everywhere up and down the state of california. i was born there, i've lived in northern california and southern california. it does not feel safe there. how do you address that and how are you going to be different than what the democrats have offered for literally decades? >> jason, if i'm lucky enough to be elected governor of california and if enough people go to, that's going to happen. the number one job of government is to protect people andeo property and that is not happening. under this governor, during the covid situation, 20,000 convicted felons have been released. what could possibly go wrong? many of them are going to reoffend based on statistics.
11:39 pm
anti-police narrative that has caused defunding the police, the former senator barbara just got mugged to the other day in oakland and the oakland pd, who happens to be black, the other day gave a press conference where he talks about millions of dollars being diverted from the oakland pd. they've lost $150 million because of deep on the police movement cometh absolutely insane, the people who are hurt disproportionally are the very people left claim to care about, black and brown people. if i become governor i'm going to make sure the number one responsibility of government is going to be enforced. >> jason: you font and blood for this country, your patriotism will nevermore be questioned and yet we just heard -- it is so easy to be here illegally, to cross the border, you don't have to do things americans are asked, how does that make you feel? >> it's sickening it if it g really bothers me, i always quipped that if you want to be treated like a terrorist, lose your legs because then they will -- that is a standard i have to meet a someone who went to war for this country and unfortunately lost my legs, i have to meet the higher standard than the person into my left oru
11:40 pm
right just a fly on the plane because i have to live in a world where certain things are expected of the rule followers but if you are not a rule follower those things aren't expected from you. it feels like that person will pay the ticket, that is the world we're living in now.e democrats have purposefully made it easier for people to not follow the rules and when you call them on it they say, those people are socioeconomically disadvantaged it it's not fair to expect them to do something they could not commit murder or not commit larceny or not steal because they're coming from a bad place in life and we owe them something. listen, i'm all about lifting everyone up but you don't lift people up by telling them theyom
11:41 pm
are not going to be held responsible for their actions. listen, i live in georgia, the community of buckhead is trying to become the city of buckhead because they don't feel safe with atlanta pd being the only way to protect themselves. that is a big problem and it is not something just specific to georgia, so now we are further dividing ourselves in urban areas because people want to be safe and if the cities will keep them safe, they will keep themselves safe. it's not the america we want. it's not the america anybody wants. >> jason: larry, we've been watching videos of people streaming out of walgreens or n target and stuff like that, they just brazenly go in, grab stuff and go out. there is no consequence and they know there is no consequence.eo they don't even run anymore. they just open up the door of the vehicle and stroll away. >> surprise surprise, when you make it easier for criminals to not get caught, not be convicted, not be incarcerated, crime goes up. regarding the order made by the
11:42 pm
texas governor, he's going to be called racist but never mind the generations of hispanics that live in texas, generations of hispanics that have lived in california for years and years and years. they don't want illegal immigration either. cesar chavez, the hero of the united farm workers hated illegal immigration. he was born in america and illegal immigrants pose threats to jobs and put down wages on wages of people who are in the country illegally so it is not a good deal for anybody for us ton have open borders particularly when so many illegal aliens havs covid come it is outrageous. >> jason: i think people are losing faith in their government and the equal application of justice, i've got just a few seconds, what are your comments on that? >> i come from a town that a 70% hispanic inside city limits to let me tell you, people who live in that town, they came here a lot of them legally or are first generation daca and they will tell you that living in theeg shadows is not joining the american life.
11:43 pm
everyone who comes here illegally don't get to be a part of this great country.o we bring in as many people as our country can take and make them a part of our country, don't make them live in the shadows. that is the game the democrats are playing and it is unfair to those people. >> jason: gentlemen, thank you for joining us tonight. joey jones and larry elder, thank you very much. coming up, despite a push from the left to enforce draconian restrictions and schools, florida governor ron desantis says parents should be the ones decide whether their children wear masks. radical idea, parents. john duffy and leo terrell willo join us next with reaction is this special edition of "hannity" continues. ♪ ♪
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>> jason: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." while the covid-19 virus has
11:48 pm
largely spared children, the lockdowns put in place because of it have had devastating effects on their learning, social development and their well-being. kids in some areas have been locked out of their classrooms for months, and with the delta variant spreading, the american federation of teachers president randi weingarten suddenly can't guarantee that schools will reopen in the fall. some places are making the in person return harder. for example in los angeles public schools, all students and teachers will have to be covid tested at least once a week. vaccinated or not. but in the free state of florida governor ron desantis has just issued an executive order banning mask mandates and schools. he says parents should be the ones deciding if their kids wear masks. this comes as texas governor greg abbott signed an executive order yesterday that bands a city and local government from requiring vaccines or mask
11:49 pm
mandates, including public schools.tan here now with reaction, fox news contributor john duffy and leo terrel. thank you both. leo, all things california, all outdoors, breathing the fresh air, it doesn't matter. they want you to be masked and they want you to be tested. how is it flowing for you there? we are going to get you out of there. >> it's flowing horrible. that is why i applaud governor of texas, with a gift to the teachers union, they are making it almost impossible for kids to go to school. with less than two weeks away they are now demanding you get vaccinated and tested. even if you're vaccinated, tested. the thing that hurts me the most, the democrats talk a good game about helping people of color, they are wrecking the lives of young people of color by denying them education. you do not want to go back to school, they want to earn their pay check from home and they are trying to provide an incentive
11:50 pm
to do online training. that is why randi weingarten says she couldn't commit to in classroom training. it's a sham and it's very, very hurtful for people of color. >> jason: yeah, people of color and our kids. they don't put kids first. sean duffy, you and i got to serve in congress together and we also got to serve with a guy named ron desantis who is a pretty good member of congress but he is a really good governor if you ask me and he's out there doing some things, texas is doing some things with this radical idea that parents should make the decision about whether or not their kids wear masks, is that the right policy? >> next time i see leo on tv, he's going to be wrapped in
11:51 pm
saran wrap or bubble wrap, that is the next phase they are going to go to they are so crazy. but thank god for texas and florida. ron desantis with this concept, we want decisions made at the most local level possible. ron desantis stepped in as the governor and stop school boards and cities from putting mask mandates in place. what he realized was that parents are the most vocal plays possible where these decisions should be made. they should decide that their kids go to school, whether they mask or not. that is freedom.ou this is why elections have consequences and it is so great but here's what concerns me about this, when randi weingarten the head of the teachers unions as we will try to reopen schools, let's t terpret that to mean they are going to do everything they can to make sure our schools are shut down. and i care about our kids or their education or their health or seeing smiles and how to read smiles on people's face, they care about the union, so we have to band the union. we have to dismantle the teachers union and what concerns me as a parent of nine kids, did i send my kids eight hours a day
11:52 pm
to be taught by these looney tunes who are antiscience and antichild? what the heck are they being taught. these are crazy people we send our kids to everyday. school choice is the answer. to what leo said, minority kidse are being hurt by these policies because if you have money you are sending your child to a school, in person learning is a charter school, you're getting an education for your kid but if home on zoom and not learning anything. >> jason: i do hope they are paying attention to zoom. what is wrong with self-determination? what is the argument supposedly against allowing a parent to make decisions? i thought the democrats were the ones that said my body, my choice. i don't hear them saying that about this. >> you know what, i will tell you the democratic party, jason, has been hijacked the last eight years.ra t as far as what sean was talking
11:53 pm
about, freedom, liberty, that is the american way. the democrats and we are in the bluest estate. i don't want to use an inappropriate work, i am in the worst state in the country in the bottom line is the progressive wing of the democratic party has hijacked the educational system, theog justice system and it is horrible here. that is why we have a recalled election fear the freedom is in texas and florida. >> jason: what are we going to do, what should parents do? you are up in wisconsin, i'm in utah, not everybody lives in florida. what do you think parents should do to gain control? >> the evidence is people are leaving california and new york, that is what you get a u-haul and moved to new york, it's cheap. you want to go from new york to texas, it is really expensive because everyone is moving there. would i follow politics and this is interesting, when you have an open border or you want toxa attack billionaires and have a green new deal, the relay for a lot of people doesn't affect them. but you shut down schools or you make my little first grader put
11:54 pm
on a mask for eight hours a day, now you've penetrated into my home and there is a seething rage i think with parents across this country who want to make sure they are protecting their little kids and they know the teachers unions, fauci, the cdc, biden are not protecting their kids or their education and there was going to be a massive, political blowback and backlash. that is why republicans are going to take control of the house pressure by a big number and very likely the senate as well because americans want balance and sanity for their kids and in their government policies. >> amen. >> jason: and they want the data to back it up. i think americans would actually do things that they believed and what was being said to them but they don't. when they allow these literally by the tens of thousands of people to cross their border is who we now have covid come a certain percentage of them have covid and they don't have masks, come on in, leo. that is the message in california more than anywhere, is doing that.t. >> it's a mixed message, wrong message, misleading message and it scratches the head of
11:55 pm
everyone in california. they demand all these controls of citizens and they open the door to illegal aliens who have covid who are not wearing a mask. it doesn't make sense and i agree with sean, there's going nancy pelosi and recall gavin newsom. >> jason: i think america is fed up with that. i've got a hard out, i've got to go because more of this special edition of "hannity" will be right back after the t break. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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>> jason: unfortunately that's all the time we have left. make sure to check out my podcast, "jason in the house," you can find it wherever you listen to podcasts. thank you for joining us
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tonight, shawn is back on monday -- "the ingraham angle" is up next. have a wonderful weekend. may god bless you and god bless the united states of america. thank you, and good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i'm brian kilmeade, i'm lucky brian: i'm lucky enoughh to be n for laura ingraham. a week and an hour, the white house confusing itself unmask mandates and the cdc reveals vaccinated people are just as likely to spread the delta variant as an vaccinated people. senator ron johnson is here on that and how he strong told the biden administration accountable for what it has been doing to schools into kids and