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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 31, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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tonight. thanks for watching the ingraham angle. make sure you have time to visit me on stage answering questions talking about politics and more. go to morning. >> i said early in my comments, science, science, science, and science. on almost every subject you can name, science is the answer whether it's the climate crisis, health crisis, whether it's our preeminence in the world in technology, science, science, science. >> brian: if she says science one more time, she will melt. [cheers and applause]
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>> greg: what a show! here's a perfect friday story that doesn't involve brian kilmeade being locked in a men's room without his pants, again. a man from washington state wearing only a yellow dress stole a bus and escaped from cops in a chase that resulted in him plowing a front end loader through his ex-wife's house. at 39-year-old andrew loud and had just got out of a psych ward, there is a shocker. everyone is getting out these days, that's why kennedy has her own show! [laughter] [applause] he allegedly stole the bus last saturday evening and when the cops caught up with him, he refused to pull over. the sheriff's deputies ended the chase, why? because the new police reforms dictate that, then another
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county deputy started pursuing him but they also entered it because of the law. if i were a jerk, i would say they gave up faster than a gymnast at the olympics. but i'm not a jerk, so i won't say that! after he ditched the cops, he hitchhiked to the city where his wife lived, which raises the question who picks up a crazy mail hitchhiker in a yellow dress, besides bill hemmer. what can he say, he loves company. whoever picked him up, i can only imagine the conversation in that ride, how was the prom? also please don't kill and eat me. it gets worse, he steals a front end loader which is different from a back end loader, that's the guy who delivers my suppository. a front end loader is a machine with a scoop on its front arm for digging up the earth, you can use one for picking up your
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prescriptions. he takes off and uses it to smash into his wife's house, luckily the suspect's ex already fled. he was finally arrested, all in all, no one was killed but really that's just luck. you can see the problem. the police reform laws, it sounds like a good thing, they make things better. in this case they did for the cross-dressing maniac. unlike liberals are classically trained in the art of wordsmith. if you're not for abortion, your pro-choice, you're not a living sack of poo, your chuck schumer. mean jokes always work. they have done the same thing with reform but so far these reforms put people's lives in danger by pretending not to, in this case police are only allowed to pursue suspects when there is probable cause of a violent crime. i guess fashion crimes aren't
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included. the driver has to pose an imminent threat and somehow a bus driven by a madman doesn't qualify. it's not like he was picking people up and taking them to the outlet stores. if he was wearing a make america great again hat, it would've been different. besides, it was a bus, not a maserati committee could set yoa mall cop on a segway. he is now held on charges including theft of a motor vehicle and not wearing an underwire, meaning he will be out soon, we're living in a time where we are told we must reform the police because we are being told everything about the reforms are urgent and good for us, like parents try to get their kids each spinach except the spinach only makes the criminals stronger. the worst reform, no cash bail, once you arrest an offender, you can't hold them because that discriminates against suspects who don't have cash on them.
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the last thing we want to do is hurt the feelings of a broke mugger. i'm willing to bet however that most criminals don't have money for bail, the armed mugging people so they can contribute to their 401(k). bail shouldn't even consider the suspects finances, this is nuts. some of the most recently arrested thugs have racked up prior arrests, think of the victims, some are dead. there are new reforms in california releasing loads of criminals claiming they are nonviolent which is [bleep]. you can't arrest a shoplifter if he steals anything less than a thousand bucks. do you know how far $900 goes at a cvs? that's five bottles of pantene, ten tubes of preparation h and one gillette schaefer, that is the kill mead package. i envied the thieves because they don't have to carry a receipt longer than the tax code.
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who needs the cops when you can tell the crooks what's unacceptable crime? the people getting the shaft, it's the locals, often minorities who suffer. reform is a fake word to decide like a trojan horse to usher in some seriously warped ideas about justice. what do i know? i think stealing an entire bus and going on a high-speed chase is a crime with pursuing whether you are in genes or the latest from the vera wang collection. let's welcome tonight's guest! fox & friends cohost brian kilmeade! she's still moms her kids and an intersection, host on fox business network, kennedy! while everyone in this panel was
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smoking crack, he was fighting a war in iraq. she always has the last laugh, because anyone who hears it immediately wants to sigh. fox news contributor pat kim. happy friday. >> what about the others? >> greg: you own a yellow dress and a front end loader. >> it's layaway, gradually by the end of the month it should be mine. >> greg: my parents never did that. >> congratulations. >> greg: they always told me it was on layaway. speaking of layaway, how is fox & friends? >> that is the worst opening question ever. >> that sounds again insult but it doesn't make any sense. >> you don't even know we have a morning show, you get it up at noon. >> greg: i said last night
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i've never seen fox & friends. i've been on it, you posted it. what are we talking about! the san francisco d.a., i'm going to go to you kennedy. enough from you, brian. >> i didn't do anything. >> greg: you sit in the corner and i will come back to you after kennedy. sometimes i wonder, when he hears about these shoplifters he wonders if they are just desperate, maybe they might be part of a criminal enterprise but they might be the ones were victimized. >> he's the district attorney in san francisco, doing as much harm to his city is the district attorney in portland and these people are activists. they don't look at data, they don't look at statistics, they don't talk to crime victims and the people who should get out -- they do but the people who really shouldn't especially repeat offenders we talked about in new york city, if you are going to commit felony assault,
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you probably should not be out waltzing around committing further crimes. i disagree, i do think there are a lot of reforms that need to be undertaken in this country in terms of policing and criminal justice. this blanket horrific edict that comes from the d.a.'s refusal to charge really bad people, it is making once great cities crumble. >> greg: it's true. >> i do apologize. >> greg: stop writing it to the adults. there is no such thing as adult -- >> they all should be adults. >> greg: fox & friends hosts says all theaters should be adult theaters. you are anti-kid and pro porn. >> i'm dying to answer a
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question. >> greg: what do you make the reforms? >> they decide to do that in chicago, if the assailant is getting away, they get too far away, let them go. if you don't have a great foot speed, good luck. you pick out a cop who was working a block you know you can out run, anything goes. number 2 when it comes to this, this guy is in a bus and he has to let the bus go. to me that's a perfect example. i understand in los angeles sometimes it got dangerous because the cops got too close but the guy is in a bus. unless it's the partridge family, you have to stop that bus, the partridge family is always late to a gig and they had empty seats, they could have had the yellow -- a big band -- i will say this. on police reform, can i do that? i think they should improve it, just like if you watch baseball and you see the strike zone, you watch football, there is instant replay, you improve the game. they should improve it always.
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they are probably the most apt to say give me two more weeks and training. i'm for that rather than rip them and say now do your job the right way, it's different ways to do it and improve, that's where the money should be going, increasing the academy time, going over past problems making everyone more worthy after six or eight weeks, after 8 to 10 months they go back to the academy for one week where they get paid to work on their skills again, sometimes the first time is the last time they ever work on their policing skills. >> greg: so many people in the partridge family are dead. >> denny partridge survived a lot! >> greg: the manager is dead. >> ruben kincaid is dead? >> greg: zach cassidy died in a fire. in new york, we have catch and release but in california there aren't even catching anymore. >> first of all, what is the partridge family?
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is this live, does he have to be on the panel? >> greg: that is a booker's mistake, how did he get on? >> it's a cartoon family. >> greg: people in their 50s did watch it. >> back to police reform, i think most people, there are police reforms that need to have an absolutely, we can all agree on that, they're going too far and a lot of these cities. some guy gets out of the loony bin and steals a school bus, the police aren't able to take them, that's going to make me feel more safe. we're going to talk about this law that the criminalizes up to $950, there was this thing that went viral that came out of san francisco, these people basically went stealing all of these close, not rushing or waltzing out, it's like huber,
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they just walked out. people are not feeling like it's going to be any consequences. >> greg: i said they looked like me boarding a plane. i have a theory, would you like to hear it? out of the most radical elements of society get infiltrated this much? i think we have spread ourselves so thinly -- our phone. everybody is so enveloped and everything else that the hard left took advantage of it. >> i also have an answer to your question in your monologue about the guy in the dress. i know exactly how he got picked up. whoever was in that car was super, super liberal. i've got to pick the guy up. it didn't matter if you had a bracelet on or you're like i don't want to be a big it will
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be part of the problem. that's exactly how it happened, exactly how this happened. i have faith that this many people are not this stupid but they are afraid to say this is insane, they are not the one thh that's how they pick up a hitchhiker. >> greg: the woke-of woke back mountain. not for long, we have a special thing coming up later in the show involving her name, what's her name? >> it's been seven years. >> greg: up next, wear a
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>> greg: mask rules are going back in place but rebels say not in my face. the d.c. mayor says the city will impose indoor mask mandates this weekend regardless of vaccination status. this is a city that averaged roughly one covid death a week in july. maybe this is response to the texas democrats coming to d.c. and handing out covid like cups of water in a marathon. nancy pelosi reinstated a mass mandate on the house side the capital. may be to hide the plastic police bulletin announcing that mandates had a busy visitor or staff failed to comply after being asked to mask up they should be arrested for unlawful entry. that same rule didn't apply to
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members of the house. yeah! how is that constitutional? that's not in the constitution! some young capitol hill staffers defined integrity find the order. they socialize, played beer pong with water, and smoked cigars. water. now i am rooting for the masks. they are not the only ones pushing back. the texas home of things that are awesome, greg abbott joined in order prohibiting vaccine requirements are mask mandates. the only people in texas allowed to wear masks of the dallas cowboys. face masks. florida governor ron desantis marked as cdc calling b.s. on covid mandates. took a shot at his new best friend, dr. fauci. >> did you not get the cdc's memo. i don't see you complying. >> it's important that we say
1:21 am
unequivocally no to lockdowns, no to school closures. no two restrictions and no mandates. all americans should be free to choose how they govern their affairs, how they take care of themselves and their families and they should not be consigned to live regardless of which state in the union, consigned to live in a fauci-ian dystopia. >> greg: should the mask nuts admit what they've had in mind? >> hey, you, forget your mask again? >> yes. the cdc says to everyone even though i'm vaccinated, i wish there was a way i could always have it. >> the last masculine or need, a permanent solution to your face covering problems. >> how does it work? >> team of internet certified medical enthusiasts to surgically graft a mask to your
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nose and mouth that will never come off. >> sounds painful. >> let our representative show you how easy it can be. >> what? >> our simple procedure is over in minutes. once attached, you'll never have to worry about being covid compliant again. >> staples? am i bleeding? >> the blood and pain lets you know it's working. too late. get your last mask today. it's permanent. >> greg: it's funny but it's true. i don't know. that's not a question. where do you stand on this? listening to desantis, i think is kind of the right track. >> rob: i think desantis is going to be a great president someday. i live in the great state of florida. i live in the great state of florida right now. he's been on the right track
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every time. look, he's absolutely right. we have to stand up to these maniacs. the thing is, it's got so crazy that what we just saw, that's not outside the realm of possibility. what this is about, the masking, it's all about power and control. it has been about that from the very beginning but the deeper we get into it, they are seeing people that are vaccinated have to wear masks. it's completely ridiculous. some liberals or even standing up against it. >> greg: kat, i feel like the mask debate has been a boon for a certain segment of society who love exercising authority in this realm because they don't have anywhere else. >> kat: how long are we going to do this? i hate the whole attitude of it. like if you're good, and we are all good, no. you are not my sugar daddy. i don't have to do anything for you. it's crazy. i'm over it and i hate when
1:24 am
people say it's not a big deal. it kind of is. as humans living in a society, we communicate through our facial expressions. it's not about just a piece of fabric. it's about emotional intelligence and communicating with each other as human beings, completely changing the culture that we have. i think it's a big deal i'm sick of them trying to gaslight me otherwise. >> greg: face-centric. >> i don't know that that's a thing. how many years do i have left before my face starts to droop and sag? i don't want to waste these years having to cover it up! >> rob: i would have to say that if what she is saying his face-centric, moving the mask people need to stopping so face-phobic. >> kat: that's how you do it! >> greg: all of this division, kennedy. it's terrible.
1:25 am
the capitol police, i guess they were told to arrest people except for the politicians. isn't that -- that piss-es me off. >> kennedy: there are group of droop of republican lawmakers. they have sued speaker pelosi. the way they are taking money out of paychecks is unconstitutional and violates the 27th amendment. they shouldn't be arresting anybody. there shouldn't be mandates. ron desantis is right. it's not that he's antimask. he is and i mandate and that's really important distinction. if you don't feel there are enough vaccinated people out there and you feel you are at risk can go ahead and wear a mask. i don't care. i am so sick because it just empowers people. these floss budgets who want to go around and say "you are not wearing a mask." you're not wearing a mask. the next time it hits the fan and we get another big virus, no one is going to listen.
1:26 am
>> greg: that's true, especially you, mr. kilmeade. >> brian: that's my transition, thanks. rob, too clever first panel. he feels you can be somewhat of a threat. you play with words. amazed, kat, he made it all about you. >> kat: i have a talent. >> brian: kennedy, great job. a couple things. if someone's coming for you wouldn't you want them to come for the staff first? i know you want to arrest me but take the staff. you're not really against that new phobia. a couple things. broward county is playing pure politics. they said we are democratic so we are going to mandate the masks. really? you're mandating it in broward county? why? the republican governor says you should have a choice. it's all playing out in florida again. how did i do? >> greg: pretty bad. i kind of lost interest will you
1:27 am
were saying. >> brian: you started doodling. >> greg: i was thinking about a joke that involved man, dade, broward. they put the bro in broward because it's a man's date but i realized he didn't make any sense. >> brian: would've edited it out rather than singing out loud. >> greg: i don't mind expressing my errors. i realize they are rare, unlike your error. >> brian: how do you know? you don't watch "fox & friends." >> greg: i go online and see your name pop up every 10 minutes. you won't believe what this guy said. >> brian: you're not lying about that. >> greg: anyway. you are no geraldo. >> brian: thank you. >> kennedy: have you seen them try to grew a mustache? >> rob: is the resident floridian. everything that goes on in florida in broward county is so far. >> greg: up next, frequent
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♪ ♪ >> greg: coffee t, or your groin in my knee. airlines are taking self-defense courses. a new poll reveals more than 85% of flight attendant say they've had to deal with an unruly passenger this year. 17% were involved in physical altercations. they blame the violence unmasked compliance and booze. they are yearning for the old days when their biggest concern was the obese fellow in 17 be and what he did in the laboratory. they are brushing up on moves like the eye gouge, groin kick, bend and snap. flight attendants may be enforcing the new faa guidelines limiting passengers for three alcoholic drinks per flight, the so-called kat timpf rule. it's like my late uncle frank used to say.
1:33 am
travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. he also said lots of stuff about gays and blacks but we don't quote him on that. >> brian: he would hate me. >> greg: kennedy, i talked to a flight attendant. i'm a man of the people. she was in first class and i said excuse me. she told me one of the big problems is that these are all new flyers. they are not working and they're getting money and they're all on the plane. when we landed in florida, it was a two-hour flight. people applauded and the only people who applied on a plane, if it's their first time. it has a lot to do with no one is teaching these people how to behave. >> kennedy: for those of us who've been flying throughout the entire pandemic, last year it was really, really calm because everyone was terrified of catching a virus.
1:34 am
people were scrubbing every inch of their seat and their space. to kat's point, without the mask, i think there is a great deal of emotional and social aggression that people don't know how to talk to each other anymore. they've been shot in for a long time. you have those people who are little aggressive with the newbies, it sucks because flight attendants, really good flight attendant is, what can i get you? bloody mary? foot rub. now they are like "put your mask on. you have to buckle your seat belt." they have to be schoolmarm's and that's no fun for anyone. >> greg: nobody wants to be a schoolmarm. >> kat: the only time you're allowed to have your mask off is if you're eating or drinking something. of course people are going to get crazy. they have to keep drinking or they have to put their mask on. that's why i had five bloody mary's on the plane. it wasn't my fault. all these people should be bailed out of jail by anthony fauci himself.
1:35 am
>> greg: nice. brian, you run a hot air balloon company. >> brian: i thought it was a good idea at the time. >> greg: are you noticing the same kind of thing? >> brian: when the balloon lands, the basket is a mess. i get one of my division i basketball players who took basket weaving in college and they are able to fix it. worked out great. and greg, you kind of gave it away. i was going to pretend like i don't fly but i do everything in a balloon. i can't relate to any of these stories. most people in the basket here themselves. no seats, no tables, no masks. >> greg: do you fly often? >> brian: no one else on the plane. it was the best. eight months later, you can't get this thing from contacting services. i'm hosing down my wheaties every day.
1:36 am
i still haven't brought groceries in from the porch. >> greg: it's true. there was a certain expert on fox who was telling everybody that they should launder their clothes when they went outside and came back in. rob, you flying a lot? have you noticed anything? "fox news @ night" it's awful. this is the thing with flying. flying was awful before the pandemic. it's greyhound in the air. it's like an airbus. the days of pan am are over. if i am waiting. seriously. i get in first. first is fun. nobody looks disgusting. of the angry. then you have this schoolmarm flight attendant. i fell asleep and i think my mask had slid down i was woken up on the peaceful slumber to put my mascot. i was not murderous in iraq.
1:37 am
i felt like i could literally strangle. that's what it is. flying is awful. >> greg: they should have left you alone. >> kennedy: get on a flight a few weeks ago because a woman would not wear a mask and kept fighting with the flight attendants. the flight attendant was like fine, we land and six l.a.p.d. officers get on the plane. i'm nosy and i kind of muscle up next to them as they are fighting. she said "i am wearing a mask now." >> greg: a little late for that. >> rob: giving everybody the delta variant. >> greg: delta air lines should capitalize. >> brian: like corona. really relished that nickname. >> greg: up next
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>> greg: disney made millions streaming, now they are being
1:42 am
sued by an angry black widow. scarlett johansson, that's her real name, suing disney alleging her contract was breached when the company put black widow on disney plus at the same time was released in theaters. the lawsuit claims it negatively impacted ticket sales, costing her 50 million bucks. you know what else negatively impacted ticket sales? the movie. johansson only stands to make a measly 20 million. does anybody know how to start a gofundme? disney isn't having it, saying there is no merit to the filing. the lawsuit is especially sad and distressing in its callous disregard for the horrific and prolonged effect of the covid-19 pandemic. while played. disney knows a thing or two about sad and distressing things. bambi's mom. how dare she ask for more than money disney made by exploding the horrible and prolonged global effects of the pandemic? maybe all this could give
1:43 am
up-and-coming actors a shot at landing some superhero roles. my friend jerry made an audition tape. ♪ ♪ >> greg: brian. i don't know who to root for. >> brian: i'm all for her. here's why. nothing to do with this story. here's the thing, she's 100% right. it's not her fault she is making $20 million movie. she earned it. you can release something on screen and say i get a percentage of the box office. why would you want to mess with somebody who is probably top five female actresses? you're a big company. just say there's got to be somewhere to screen this and somehow be able to do it.
1:44 am
where we are not screwing you on the back end? >> greg: screen you on the back end, that's disgusting. >> brian: i was talking movies. i read the hollywood reporter. they all talk like that. >> greg: she still won't return your calls. >> brian: not yet. i think she is seeing somebody. >> greg: kennedy, whose side are you on? >> kennedy: i am on scarlett johansson side. they've been flirting with this model for a long time. not scarlett johansson. the idea of releasing something and charging a premium fluorite, streams you can enjoy in your home because a lot of people have a nice set up and they don't want to go to a movie theater. but movie theaters are really hurting. they are also chiming in and saying it hurt us as well. we are trying to stay in business. they would never have tried this with iron man. >> greg: that's true. they wouldn't have tried it with any. iron man. >> brian: why? >> kennedy: because they are dudes. >> rob: the thing about disney
1:45 am
plus, they charge that premium, $30, they keep all that money. exhibitors don't keep that. it comes out of what she could've potentially made out of box office gross. i think you're right. it's b.s. of disney to play the covid card and say this woman got $20 million. she's not being cognizant enough of the challenges of covid. they had made billions and billions of dollars. give me a break. >> kennedy: what does chris evans get other than my undying affection and some inappropriate dms. >> greg: kat, this morning before i left for work, i asked scarlett. i said, i said. do you really need the money? >> kat: that definitely was her.
1:46 am
look, the movie theater sucks. that's the real problem here and i get why teens go there they want to make out. once you can make out wherever you want with whoever you want without getting grounded, i don't know why you go there. >> rob: i disagree. nothing can ever replace theatrical experience. >> kat: my couch. >> rob: you hear people. >> greg: he's. >> rob: . >> greg: you can call it the fall of the usher. >> brian: that's interesting. >> greg: almost an edgar allan poe title. up next, this creates advices
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♪ ♪ >> greg: i feel like i have hosted enough segments. by the time i get to this point on a friday night i just want to go home so kat is going to take this one. >> kat: thank you, greg. we had to stop filming my fox nation show sincerely kat because of covid which has been so hard other fans because i
1:51 am
give the best advice ever. they are so desperate for my wisdom that i even got some handwritten letters in the mail begging for it. let's read some now. one fan writes "i'm a cohost on a very popular late afternoon program and i have a cohost who always puts this really annoying unicorn cup in front of me when i'm trying to make very serious points. do you have any advice on what i should do with this cup?" that's interesting. i wish i had more details on who this might be. it would be great if this person had a dog. that's a cohost -- that the cohost didn't like so they could get an even larger mug of the dog. make the handle like america's dog and weave it in front of the other dog when the coast was trying to talk about, i don't know, serious points about fentanyl or something. >> greg: they be this person just could've told the person sitting next to her that the mug was in the way instead of
1:52 am
writing you this kind of passive-aggressive note. >> kat: i like my thing better. next letter. i'm a former mtv vj and i wear glasses. what is a hot girl summer and how do i get one? sincerely, still cool. rob, i didn't know you worked at mtv. as far as i understand it, a hot girl summer is when you marry crop top and sleep with a lot of guys. what you'll do is you'll take scissors and cut your shirts just below the nipple. to get guys to sleep with you, two steps. go out in public and be breathing. that'll take care of it. guys like that. that's pretty much what they're into. more letters. i'm a tall, attractive man with an amazing hat game. i used to wrestle for a living
1:53 am
but now i work for a munchkin. actually a little know it all munchkin. i'm thinking about killing him. but i can't do it without my cohost, i mean coworker. she knows way too much. or do i kill her too? well, i don't know who this person -- i have certainly never had this sort of conversation with anyone. i would say you should deftly not kill your cohost. definitely, definitely don't kill the cohost. she would never tell on you, tiger. tiger. next one. one more i think. bear with me, this takes a while to get to the point. as a wildly popular, darkly handsome and muscular late-night host with two spectacular lee successful shows on cable, i'm off and in an awkward position where friends and coworkers askd me point blank to be on the show. i don't have a heart to tell them the truth, how do you
1:54 am
handle this? i imagine this is often the person, like a person asking someone out on a date in getting rejected. something nice of you have great experience in. kind regards. pumped and ripped in manhattan. i don't know who this could be. whoever this person is, i've got to say, it sounds like really high standards. if they have any kind of cohost or sidekick, that person must be amazingly talented. truly brilliant. he must really love her. right? >> greg: that was not helpful. >> kat: no matter what the person says, he must really love her. i think this person should extort from the people asking. so when they ask, you say how about you give me this? and then if you feel bad about taking the money, give it to the cohost so that cohost can buy a
1:55 am
vacation home. >> greg: that is not helpful. >> kat: again, must be amazingly talented and beautiful and smart. >> brian: these are random letters from around the country? >> greg: around the building. probably from this very studio.
1:56 am
the covid-19 vaccines can be our chance to get back to our plans. who we are. what we miss. to get back to each other. to life. but... it's ok to have questions like... how were the vaccines tested? in rigorous clinical trials among adults of diverse backgrounds. can the vaccines give you covid-19? you cannot get covid-19 from a vaccine. why should i get vaccinated?
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>> greg: we have time for one final thought. let's give it to a guy who might have just one final thought. >> brian: september 25, going to do something only greg gutfeld has dared to do, go on stage with the great dana perino and provide insight, look at history. interesting george w. bush stories and talk about greg. at least he can't stop us. he will be live on stage two, 25th in asbury park new jersey. >> greg: is it for a book? >> brian: no. we are going on stage. let's talk about our past books.
2:00 am
it might even be on fox nation. we don't know for sure but we'll see. a streaming service that's captured america's imagination. >> kat: i'm going to ask bret baier if he wants to do one of those with me. >> greg: >> we will hear from her at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. and we will go back to the border for that. "the five" starts now. >> jesse: i'm jesse watters along with katie pavlich, richard fowler, shannon bream and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 and that this is "the five." before that didn't take long, covid hypocrite nancy pelosi already breaking her own mask